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#victor van dort imagines

I feel like I already did this before, but I can always do more! 

  • He is totally the type to dance with you barefoot in your pajamas at 3 in the morning.
  • He knows how to cook! Not too many things, but he will always make you breakfast. 
  • If you bring him something alive to sketch, like a butterfly or a fish or something like that, he will be so happy.
  • He’s a dog person, so if you ever bring home a dog and ask if you two can keep it, he doesn’t have it in him to say no.
  • He really loves spending time with you where you two are in the same room but each doing your own thing, like you reading while he draws.
  • This boy does not like loud noises. They scare him. So if you tell him you want to move somewhere quiet like a cottage in the woods he would be thrilled.
  • If you can sing, he’ll write pieces for you to sing while he plays piano. 
  • Whenever he has to go out, for work or to get food or whatever, he always brings you back home a bouquet of red roses. 
  • He cuddles you in his sleep like a koala. 
  • He’ll really get along with you if you’re some kind of artist like he is. If you can play music, sing, write, draw/paint, or anything like that, you’re pretty much his soulmate. 

I hope these were good! And feel free to send more, I love doing them! 

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"Are you still worried about your stalker." "That blond wifewolf beat him up." "who" "She shows up at 4 in the morning, Eats the biggest breakfast platter and pie, gives great tips, and passed out in the restroom that one time." "Oh, yeah. She's terrifying."

Victor: [texting Alice] So I just overheard the servers talking about a ‘wifewolf’ that beat up a stalker, and while it could be they’re just exaggerating and giving regulars funny nicknames, in case they’re in the know and this is a werewolf that occasionally comes by –

Well I know they hate vampires but what about ghouls??

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