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#victor von doom
What is it about the new Doom series that's so addictive? It's been so painful every time having to wait a whole month but if it was any other comic I would be fine in waiting.

Probably because Doom is finally being written in a way that highlights all his complexity as a character. When you have a good writer it can feel like ages waiting for more of their work to come out. And now with no new comics until who knows when, it’s going to be an even longer wait until the next one comes out 😭

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idk if this is an accurate read on his character but i just feel like Doom is…not that villainous. like he comes to storm New York and the Young Avengers get a call to be, like, cannon fodder, only kate and eli go up to him all “omg we haven’t seen u in 5evaaa, you will not BELIEVE who Stephen Strange is dating” which segues into them catching him up on their lives and talking about college or interviews or whatever and he’s offering them internships and then they take him out to dinner on the city’s dime and eventually they ask “hey u still gonna attack the city” and he’s just “nah i was bored this was nice tho we should do it again” which is why doom ~attacks~ places all the time. he just wants the hot goss and only the young avengers get that.

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Mira: *slaps Doctor Doom*

Mira: that is for hurting the love of my life!

Charles: *rolls up behind her* she’s talking about me.

Charles, suddenly: I’m the love of your life?!

Mira: I don’t know, I’m still angry at you.

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Fantastic Four vs Doctor Doom

When Mister Fantastic Four gets blasted down by Doom, Thing and Invisible Woman get thrown to the wall. Thing gets the vines growing inside his body from Doom’s magic spell while Invisible Woman is blasted and pinned down by magic. However, Invisible Woman manages to make Human Torch invisible so that he could sneak up behind Doom and use his supernova on him. The supernova blast doesn’t seem to work when Johnny Storm is too exhausted and Doom is still standing. Then, Mister Fantastic is gagged with a magic muzzle by Doctor Doom but he manages to blast him with a weapon. 

- Fantastic Four v1 #500, 2003

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The third and final fic in my Doom/Reed/Sue series is up!

Deliberate Separation Resolution by doomrichards

Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Fantastic Four

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Reed Richards/Susan Storm (Fantastic Four), Reed Richards/Victor von Doom, Susan Storm/Victor von Doom, Victor von Doom/Reed Richards/Susan Storm

Characters: Valeria Richards, Franklin Richards, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Alicia Masters, Jennifer Walters, Kristoff Vernard (Marvel), Boris (Marvel), Namor the Sub-Mariner, Jim Hammond, Peter Parker

Additional Tags: The Richards Von Doom Family Secrets, Franklin and Valeria attempt The Parent Trap, One Mom One Dad Two Dad Blue Dad Green Dad, Latverian Marriage Renewal

Summary: “Renewing vows involves reaffirming a commitment to marriage despite difficulties. When partners state their renewed intentions to one another, it can symbolize a new beginning. Some partners do it after a period of separation and then reconciliation.“

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