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howl and sophie have the same energy as victor and yuuri, where the protagonists (sophie and yuuri) both have no idea just how much their partners love them and have loved them for way longer than they actually know. We learn that howl actually met sophie when he was child and thus we get his iconic first line “there you are, sweetheart. sorry im late, i was looking everywhere for you” as adults which was originally thought to be a first meeting and that he was just pretending to be her lover but no- he ACTUALLY meant that. and when victor shows up to the onsen asking yuuri to sleep with him supposedly out of no where, we learn later that victor was actually under the impression that yuuri remembered the banquet and coming onto victor STRONG. victor had been head over heels for wayyy longer than thought.

Basically yuuri and sophie both majorly changed their partners’ lives without even realizing it, and they both have very dramatic husbands who would die for them

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New Series Preview !!!

Just a little preview of something coming on my AO3 account. If you enjoyed Footprints in the Sand, then you’ll surely enjoy this ! ( The start of this series is credited to Akwolfgrl. A comment they posted on Footprints in the Sand inspired me ! )

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I wanted to announce that I am launching a fully fledged Victuuri paint restoration AU! This is my first AU EVER and I hope you all will enjoy it.

To be added to my tag list, please comment, reblog, leave an ask ( @victuurifanartandfanfiction ), or DM me ( @queenwinterofluna )! I highly recommend you join the tag list to stay updated with the story! (I am putting people who commented asking for a continuation on the tag list. If you would like to be taken off, use one of the methods above!)

As of right now, only the writing I have put out is on AO3 and Tumblr. I plan to update this in the future. Because I am a student, I ask that you are patient with me.

Thank you so much for your interest in this AU!

AO3 Link

Tumblr Link


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Katsuki Yuuri has spent the last years of his life inside physics labs, giving his life to have the honor of being placed next to the big names in the history of Science so when his academic life and success is walking on thin thread, he gives his best to fix a  machine which could make history, Not only for the world, but for himself.

Vitka is the Petsk’s Great Hunter, but no matter how many Manak bones hang around his neck as trophies of successful hunts, his Spirit feels empty and he only runs through the forests to bring food to his village and to teach the young. That until the Bright Mother sends her son to his village to guide them through a path of peace and to give Vitka’s life full of happiness again.

Read on Ao3:

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Tacones altos, trajes provocativos, ojos coquetos y bailes eróticos es lo que caracteriza a Yuuri. El juego de la seducción para mantenerse con vida se ha adherido a su personalidad, creyendo que nunca podrá sentir lo que realmente es tener libertad. 

No espera nada, ni un caballero montado en su cabello blanco que lo rescate. La realidad es esa, jamás dejará de ser un omega que vende su cuerpo para saciar los deseos carnales de los alfas. 

Lista de Capítulos

1. Seduction

2. Blue Eyes

❃ 3. Seal the Deal

❃ 4. The Game

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