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#victor x yuuri

Okay, but can we talk about the fact that Victor’s dog Makkachin completely loves and accepts Yuuri? Even when they first meet, Makkachin accepts Yuuri. Not only does he accept Yuuri tho, he absolutely ADORES him. We see this in the fact that he sleeps next to Yuuri, runs next to him, and generally just chooses to be by his side (sometimes even if Victor is available).

I mean, how many times do you hear ppl say that animals are good judges of character? And that they’ll never date, nevertheless marry, someone that their pet does not accept? For Makkachin to instantly accept Yuuri is such a high compliment and telling indicator.

It just warms my heart every time I see Makkachin at Yuuri’s side

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hello i made this awhile ago for my twitter of all my favorite characters at the time (the list has since grown)

this was like my first edit so please don’t roast me too hard haha a knee way so uhh yeah enjoy

and mayhaps follow me there too @kindlykagehina as well😳

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I am showing my age here but it’s my headcanon that the song that was playing when Yuuri did his dance-off at the banquet was ‘Dirrty’ by Christina Aguilera.

I just picture Victor, dressed in an Armani suit with a smile just as photogenic, telling the story of the gold medal he won this morning which has already blended with the others in his mind, sipping expensive champagne he isn’t even tasting, when suddenly…if you ain’t dirty…YOU AIN’T HERE TO PARTAAAAY

Somebody ring the alarm, there’s a fire in the room. 

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