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Gotham Lockdown 2020

Part 14b

Summary: Patching things up!

Warning: Roman being stubborn, blood

Roman, off his mask. “Victor tie this around my arm. Can’t believe the fucker shot me.”

Victor, went over to the one he shot. “Oh, it was Benny no ears! You’d think he would have listened,” A bark of laughter came from him. “when they cut off his ears. His brother Larry is the one who shot you.”

“That’s a good one Victor, come here already.” Victor knelt beside him then. He quickly tied both around his arm, Roman winced as he knotted them. They were quickly soaked with Roman’s blood.

“Lean towards me boss.” Roman, did so. Victor smiled and then eased him back. “The bullet is in the wall.

“Damn, that’s good.” His voice was heavy with his pain. “Holster, my gun Victor.” He handed his gun to Victor.

Victor grimaced at him. “We will just have to sew up.”

“Oh is that all?” Roman groaned. “Help me to my feet.”

Groaning and he leaned against Victor as he stood up. “Walk me over to the engagement ring case.”

“Roman, I think now you are being excessive.”

He looked at Victor. He rarely ever disagreed. “I didn’t get shot to not get the ring.”

Victor gave an sigh of resignation. “I guess you have a point. He walked Roman over. “Though, we had better head back and like now rather then later.”

“I’ll call the doctor.”

“Fine.”His blood scarlet dripped in and was soaked into then white velvet of the case. Roman, looked over each ring, then he saw the perfect one. Without thinking he used his bad arm. “Fuck.” He muttered, shifting he then used his good arm.

Victor, came back. “Doc, said he would patch you up. Let’s go.”

“Grab me a ring box.” Victor, gave him a look then went around the counter.

“I’d do it for you and your girl.”

“I know.” He found one and opened it Roman slipped the ring in. Victor then handed him the ring box.

Roman, slipped the ring into his pocket. “Victor…” everything was hazy then…and stepped and tried to hold on…then blackness enveloped him.


Going to Victor’s floor, you found Victor’s girl in their gym.

“Where are the boys?”

She stopped on the bike and looked away.

You walked over to her. “Your expression speaks volumes.”

“Damn. I can’t hide from you or Victor.” She dabbed her face with the towel.

“Roman, got shot.”

“What?!” The words ripped through you. Feeling like your knees were going to give out, you held onto the stationary bike.

“Some punk did it. They got him and his brother.”

“And Roman??”

“Victor, took him to the doctor to get patched up.”


Roman, moaned and groaned as a burst of pain filled him. Snapping his eyes opened he watched as Doc held a needle and Victor had been holding him down.

“What the fuck, doc?”

Doc, grimaced. “It’s a booster and a sedative. I have to sew you up.”

He sighed and calmed down, Victor eased his hold on him. “How does it look?” He managed.

“You’ll live. Sionis, out of all the Rogues in Gotham, I am honestly not surprised that you are the one who comes to me with a bullet wound.”

Roman, narrowed his eyes at the older man. Sometimes, his dry talk really irked him but he swallowed it. But he knew how much he needed him, so he let it go. “When should I come back?” He watched as the man threaded his needle.

“In one week.” He knotted the thread.


When you realized, Roman was no where to be found you went to find Victor. Taking the elevator down, you found his girl in their gym.

“How are you working out?”

She looked away.

“What happened?”

She chuckled. “This is why Roman cares for you. You slice right through any bullshit.”

You happily smiled. “Thank you, but where are they?”

She stopped peddling on the stationary bike. “They went out.”


“Roman got shot.”

You grabbed the stationary bike as you felt as if your knees were gonna give out.

“He will be ok. Doc is patching him up.”


“Yeah, he takes care of us. We can’t go to a hospital or a regular doctor.” She shrugged. “He’s a decent guy.”

“Should I call.”

“No. Roman didn’t want you worrying. I wasn’t supposed to tell you.”

You grimaced. “Thank you.” You met her green eyes. “I’m glad Victor is ok.”

She nodded me. “Me too.”


Once upstairs, you went to the bathroom and threw up. You both had fought. You should have know better or something. Damn alcohol and feeling sometimes like he could do better. You slammed you open hand on the marble floor. “Ouch! Damn it.” You shook your hand.

Getting up, you brushed your teeth and washed your face and freshened up. This is how, you would make amends. Damn it, what if he had died. “I can be so fucking stupid.” You muttered to yourself. You slipped out of the dress you had worn to dinner. You slipped into something more comfortable but then grabbed his blue and black robe he had worn earlier.

You over to the sofa, you curled up where he had last sat. Checking your phone, you checked to see if any calls or messages had come in. There were none.

Now, you played the waiting game.


“Do you need me to come to the penthouse with you?”

Roman shook his head. “I’ll be alright.” He looked at Victor and nodded.

“You know I always have your back.”

“Damn straight.” He finally smiled. “That’s why you would be Uncle Victor.”

He chuckled. “We’ll see about that.”

Roman, then went over and was soon going up in the elevator. He patted the pocket that held the ring box.

The elevator opened and stumbled a few steps back as he felt your soft warmth crashed into his. He was relieved that, he was not shot in his side.

“She told you huh?” He asked softly into your hair, the soft scent of his hair made him feel home. Glad it took away the sterile smell of Doc’s apartment.

Moving with you, the two of your left the elevator.

“I could read it all over her face.” You looked up at him, your eyes were so open and shiny.

He let go of the ring box in his pocket and cupped your chin. “That’s my girl.”

You beamed.

“I will say one very important thing, Y/N..” he took a breath. “You may be mine, but know this, you have my heart. Something about you grabbed a hold of me, in a way I never thought I wanted or even cared for to be honest. I’m not too fond of attachments. It’s why I only have one right hand man.”

“Roman, its ok! I understand.” Your eyes pleaded with his. Something, you didn’t have to do. He would do this now. Not really where or even how he wanted to. A part of him wanted to scream it from rooftops. “Sometimes, I don’t…” Your voice trailed off.

“Stop right there.” His voice was more rough then he intended but he was being honest. There were no airs. “I am do my fucking best by controlling my sliver of Gotham and I used the means that I see fit. Sometimes, I enjoy what I do more the other times. I do not…do not want to hear that you don’t think you are worthy of me.”

He looked at you. “You are exactly who I want at my side.” Taking another breath, there was no going back after this. He carefully went down on one knee. He reached into his pocket and took out the ring box. “As long as I breath, Y/N I want to come home to you. Whether, I’m bandaged up or making sure there is a good fucking beat in the music or I am taking over a new slice of Gotham for my own.”

He could feel you trembled above him. He opened the ring box, “Want to show everyone in Gotham you’ll be mine forever?”

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Victor as a good guy, his life completely opposite of the life he lives as a villian…. or hmm… maybe him going under cover? This could have been him in the past if he had made different life choices too.

Just imagine him being told to dye his hair now and actually wear nice clothes. 🤣 That wouldnt last long.

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Gotham Lockdown 2020

Part 14a

Summary: Gotham even on Thanksgiving is a rough city.

Warning: Blood, gunshots

Once you got your breath as you continued to hold onto the cufflinks. You remembered when Those animals had drugged you. You had never felt so horrible in your life. Things had grown so black, and you had not been able to stop throwing up.

Somewhere in the darkness he had appeared out of no where, he loved on you. He had even said it. New tears fell then.

“Oh…Roman…I am sorry.” You sobbed. Getting up, you rubbed your face with one hand while you still held onto the cufflinks.

Things had been different. He remembered how you met when you were both younger…you trying to find your persona with that purple hair. You chuckled remembering that day when he threw all his dancers out because they made you angry. He had even told that one to spit out her fucking gum. She chuckled again.

“Roman…Roman…where are you?” Silence greet you.


“Which store should we go to?” Victor looked over at him.

Roman, considered things. It was different sitting in the front seat. He could really see things. It also meant leas time for him to think. Time to decide.

“Victor, let’s go to Brixman Family Jewelers. They always had the best things.”

Victor, kept an eye on things and parked a block away.

With masks on, Roman and him stuck to the shadows. “We should go in the back way, I will bribe the guards if they are there.”

Once it the ally way, the snow had been trampled away. Broken glass, and light shone from the open door.

“What the hell happened do you think boss?”

“I don’t know but I didn’t go this far and not get the ring for Y/n this is the best place in Gotham.

Roman, unholstered one of this guns as he crept over to the door.

“Oh damn.” The two guards were dead. “Whoever, is here they killed the guards.” That’s when Roman spotted a man raiding a drawer for the loose jewels.

A loud crack and a scream was ripped from Roman’s mouth. Without hesitating, he raised his good arm and shot in the direction of the crack. Another scream filled the small room. The large man in a mask was thrown back clutching his chest. A spray of red splattered at the wall behind the man and lifeless he fell onto the ground.

Victor then with no hesitation, shot the other guy.

Roman, slid to the floor holding his arm. Blood poured between his fingers.

@darling-i-read-it @spn-obession @vintagemichelle91 @xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx @ewanfuckingmcgregor @zodiyack @angel98624 @starwarsprequelfangirl @nebulastarr @emyliabernstein @thepeachreads @itsknife2meetu @whyisgmora @theblackmaskclub @omghappilyuniquebouquetlove @nomnomnomnamja @poe-kadot26 @top-rumbelle-fan @primadonna-girl23 @hazel-nuss @vcat55 @feelthemadnessinside @rosionis @queenofgotham800 @brookisbi @peachthatdrinkslemonade @johallzy @foreverhockeytrash @frostypenguinoz @impairedmuse

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Originally posted by harleyquinnandpuddin

According to, Warner Brothers is in talks for Harley Quinn’s next movie.  It is unclear if this will be a solo film or another female team-up.  While Birds of Prey performed below expectations in the box office, it has performed well in the auxiliary market and is currently a top 10 rental on iTunes.  Additionally, Harley Quinn on DC Universe is the fourth most in-demand streaming series out right now. You can next see Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

Are you excited for more Harley Quinn, and should it be a solo film or team-up.

IMDb PRO stats

Box Office

Budget $84,500,000

Opening weekend $33,010,017

Gross (US & Canada) $84,158,461

Gross (World) $201,858,461

Ratings Breakdown

6.2 / 10  |  114,311 votes

Female 6.8

Male 6

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DC confession: when I first saw Victor Zsasz in a comic book I had no idea who the fuck he was and deadass thought he was another edgy version of Calendar Man

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Ok listen…. Roman making him get suits to wear because he gets tired of the clothes he wears. Worst thing to do honestly. LOOK AT HIM. ATTENTION will be on his guard dog. Attention he wont know what to do with…. and of course just to piss Roman off I can see him getting blood all on this suit, getting it dirty.


Oh! And dont get me started on this! He loves to flaunt and show these off but dont make the man wait to tally his kills. It will drive him insane making him wait to correct the count on his skin. For those If I get any that may ship Roman with Victor… or anyone really I can see it as very erotic for him letting someone he trusts cut into his skin adding Mark’s, to places he cant reach. AHHHH!

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