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You can also change the light Brighter, darker As you want
Skimble pointing to Victoria and Cassandra on the “Brighter, darker” moment is such a nice touch
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rebirth-artblog · a day ago
Ok,so i was talking to my brother about my Cats headcanons and imaginary production and we ended up making a list of how old everyone is, thinking of it as them having similar lifespans as humans. I'm also adding a bit of their personality and relationship with the other Jellicles.
From youngest to oldest:
Ectetera: 8 years old
Electra: 10 years old
Jemima: 12 years old, the three of girls love playing together, but Jemima also spends time with the older kittens because they're a little more mature and she's more perceptive than almost everyone else.
Pouncival: 13 years old, he's old enough to hang out with the bid kits, but young enough to still enjoy being treated like a child. He's also big for his age so it's funny to watch him play with the younger kittens.
Tumblebrutus: 14 years old, he's Pouncival's brother and they get into trouble together, but Tumblebrutus enjoys spending time with the older cats since he's a lot more mature than Pouncival.
Victoria: 15 years old, she loves the younger kittens and playing with them. She's also at the age where her idol and example for the perfect boyfriend is Tugger, but she's still older and more reserved. She's super protective of Jemima because she's smaller than everyone else.
Plato: 16 years old, he's also super protective of the younger girls. He helps Victoria take care of them when they're playing together. He's not jealous of the attention Victoria gives Tugger, instead seeing him as an example to follow.
George: 17 years old, I don't have much for him, but he definitely tries to act more like the adults and prefers spending time on his own rather than with the other kittens.
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer: 20 years old. Their idol is Mistoffelees because he's the closest to them in age, and he's responsible and smart so they try to follow him and do everything he does.
Mistoffees: 21 years old. We already established he's a child prodigy. He's skilled and smart, so he gets a lot of responsibilities around the junkyard. His favorite job is the unofficial care taker of Mungo and Teazer.
Alonzo: 23 years old. He's slightly younger than Tugger and loves playing with the older kittens, but he admires Munkustrap and will go out of his way to help make sure everyone is safe.
Rum Tum Tugger: 24 years old (same as me!). He loves the attention he gets from the younger cats and acts as the leader for the troublemakers, but he always keeps everyone safe. Extremely perceptive of the others' comfort levels, he makes sure to spend time alone with Mistoffelees making them close friends and building mutual understanding between them.
Casandra: 25 years old. also don't have much on her. She's probably good friends with Tugger and Mistoffelees as the second closest friend they have.
Demeter: 26 years old. She's mature and has as many responsibilities as Mistoffelees so they tend to work together a lot in their daily tasks. Because of her past experience with Macavity, she stays away from almost everyone when they gather in big groups (more the three is a bit much for her).
Munkustrap: 26 years old. we all know him, and we all love him. The protector of the tribe and the most responsible out of everyone. He's forced to delegate work by Misto, Demeter, and Alonzo.
Bombalurina: 27 years old. She admits Tugger is a bit young for her, but she also knows Tugger is more mature than he cares to show. She makes sure Munkustrap doesn't overwork himself as much as she makes sure Demeter doesn't do the same trying to help Munkus. She might have started a secret cat spa for them, and the only reason Mistoffelees doesn't know is because he disappears anytime she tries to make him stop working.
Macavity: 29 years old. He scary and a loner. He's mad that Demeter chose Munkustrap over him, but he also knows she would have never loved him. He tries to scare Demeter because he's angry, not because he actually wants to force her into a relationship.
Skimbleshanks: 30 years old. He's one of the oldest cats, and takes his job at the railway seriously, but he's at the point in life where he rather have fun with his time instead of stressing over what might happen in the future. He's the cool, young uncle that plays with the kittens and is the only one who can make the young adults smile and relax for a while. Everyone has fun whenever Skimble is around.
Jennyanydots: 38 years old. She's the mom of the group and can make everyone be quiet and behave with one look. She also enjoys her time and her youth, reminding herself to relax and be an example of good habits for the younger cats.
Jellylorum: 40 years old. I see her as the scary aunt, if she was older maybe the grandma of the tribe. She's strict and a bit of a perfectionist. She takes care of the younger cats, but would rather if they could be quieter. She takes care of Gus because she's the only one who still remembers him in his prime as fondly as Gus himself.
Bustopher Johns: 45 years old. He was, and still is, the flirt of the older adults, like Tugger is now. He's also seen as the responsible dad of the tribe, and everyone makes sure to be in their best behavior when he's around. Especially Mistoffelees because he was chosen as Bustopher's apprentice as the most educated cat in the tribe.
Grizzabella: (was) 50 years old. She was once the most caring, motherly cat around, and the young adult either mourn her exile, or they're still hurt because she abandoned them. Mistoffelees, as I said before, doesn't really remember her, but does feel sad whenever he thinks about her.
Old Deuteromy: 70 years old. Everyone secretly calls him grandpa whenever Munkustrap and Tugger aren't around. They wouldn't mind, but they think it's weird people call their dad "grandpa." He loves everyone single member of the tribe, and he cares for them equally. However, he has a soft spot for Munksutrap, Tugger, and Mistoffelees. Muskustrap works too hard so Old D doesn't have to, and he appreciates everything his son does for him. He knows Tugger is a drama queen, and he encourages it since he was a drama queen in his younger years. Mistoffelees spend a lot of time away from the tribe, so everyone else needs time to include him in the daily activities of the junkyard, but Old D doesn't want Mistoffelees feeling like is being rejected and will spend time telling him about different kinds of magic and praising any improvements Mistoffelees makes, even if it's doing 25 conjuring turns instead of 24.
Gus: 80 years old, maybe closer to 90. He's the real grandpa of the tribe. He loves to tell stories of his acting career to anyone who will listen, which usually ends up being Munkustrap, Tugger, Skimbleshanks, Mistoffelees, and Alonzo, his unofficial Raffish Crew. Jellylorum loves to praise his legacy as a great actor, but the "Raffish Crew" love to act out his stories just to see him smile again. He is also the reason Munkustrap wrote "The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles," he even helped Munkus write the character of the Rumpus Cat as a modern, and nicer, version of Growltiger.
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it's too bad mistoria is the name of like one of my top notp bc it would actually be a p bomb jellicle name for an oc lmao
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victoria: (◡‿◡✿)
victoria: (ʘ‿ʘ✿) what'd you say about me?
victoria: (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ hold my flower
plato: ✿\(。-_-。) kick his ass babe i got yo flower
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victoria: (◡‿◡✿)
victoria: (ʘ‿ʘ✿) what'd you say about me?
victoria: (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ hold my flower
plato: ✿\(。-_-。) kick his ass babe i got yo flower
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alia-ocside-layer · 2 days ago
Selfishly throwing my OCS into my canon: Minashti is the one who taught Mistoffelees and Victoria how to dance ballet.
She was the kittens' ballet teacher in general, but because they were her best friend's (Bustopher Jones) family, she got to spend more time with them and to teach them more.
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Tumblr media
Cats Warsaw director, Wojciech Kępczyński, with actors in full costume
First row (from left to right): Victoria, Kocik le Miau, Bombalurina, Cassandra
Middle row: Bustopher Jones, Fantazja, Tantomile, Electra
Last row: Fraszka, Jellylorum, Sierściuch (I think) and Carbucketty
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general list of my main jellicle ships bc im bored lmao
some of these are going to seem super generic/the-only-two-people-left types of ships but i SWEAR i have good reason/hc behind them lmao
demeter x munkustrap ofc
rum tum tugger x mistoffelees
jennyanydots x skimbleshanks
mungojerrie x coricopat
alonzo x cassandra
victoria x plato
grizabella x old deuteronomy (w a hint of gus back in the Old Days ;) ) (this is more of a co-parenting, cohabitation pair yknow?)
etcetera x pouncival (just imagine these bumbling awkward babies!!!!!!)
tumblebrutus x electra (i have my own personal angst Just For This >:) )
single characters bc lets be realistic:
macavity (doesnt have the best history lets be honest lmao)
jemima (she baby! i hc her as around 14/15?)
gus (old)
asparagus (just not interested)
jellylorum (i know some people hc her as gus's or asparagus's mate, but in my mind gus is her father and asparagus is her son lmao)
bombalurina (despite everyone's expectations lmao - after a few failed affairs she decided to fly solo)
bustopher jones (not rlly interested, though appreciates jennyanydots' admiration lmao)
rumpleteazer (aro/ace)
tantomile (demi)
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Mario Kart night (or whatever game you want). Who wins? Who cries? Who is in charge of snacks? Who is banned? Is there a need for a referee?
gonna do this with the kittens/young adults for a more realistic approach, but if you want i can do a separate post w the adults lmao. let’s do mario kart for the heck of it!
it’s held at victoria and plato’s new home as a housewarming party, ofc. the second it begins, plato regrets it.
the moment the racers are released, victoria and tumblebrutus forget there is anyone else in the room but them. they are immediately ahead of everyone else and FLYING down the track, somehow. theyve obviously had tournaments before. etcetera becomes scared for her own safety and curls next to pouncival (who vows to protect her but then screams and runs when victoria gets That Look in her eye at him).
electra isnt playing and is instead secretly eating all of the doritos in the back, hissing whenever mungo tries to steal some and throws two bags of lays at him instead. rumple is furiously trying to get her brother to focus so that they can win together. the girl’s got a competitive streak!
with so many people and so many emotions literally clouding up the room, coricopat decides to flit in and out serving the occasional drink. since he’s telepathic and empathic, it’s all too much and overwhelms him. tantomile acts innocent but obviously secretly uses telekinesis to mess the others up so that she can win.
plato is suddenly terrified of his new wife and gives his position of referee to jemima, who despite being the youngest everyone respects of course, and things calm down a bit.
tumble is practically on victoria’s back as they try to mess each other up, while she aggressively signs words plato would never repeat to anyone, but in the end, everyone is shocked.
it was tantomile, of course.
victoria and tumble are also banned from any game that involves holding an object.
by that point it’s pretty late so everyone stays over! there’s minimal furniture at the moment so they built a pillow fort in the middle of the living room and fell asleep to princess bride.
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Do you know any cool facts about Warsaw Victoria?
Yup, in fact i do!
Natalia Wojciechowska who played her didn't plan on going to casting. She suffered a serious back injury and after recovering thought about giving up dancing and going to an acting school. There her friend saw the casting announcement and asked her to go with him 'cuz he was really nervous. She agreed, they went together and she got a role while he didn't
She also was 20 when she got it
Victoria was deliberately made to look as not cat as possible. Everything from her wig and costume to make up was more on the imaginary side and as up to the fashion of the day as possible. I have no idea why
At first her eyelashes were supposed to glow in blacklight but they didn't actually use the light so these eyelashes weren't used either. Instead she got silk ones
This is less of a trivia but just a fun thing i noticed: since Victoria is one of the youngest if not the youngest kittens in the tribe, she accordingly behaves as a little kitten most of the time. One of the ways she shows it is by trying to eat fabric at least a few different times and batting at ribbons and other's hair with her paw. I find the former hilarious and the latter adorable
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acatpersonapparently · 7 days ago
Victoria hits earth crying for heaven. Wings crumpling like soda cans smashed under a child’s foot, Victoria meets earth with cruel impact. Victoria picks up her halo and puts it back on like someone will look down and see the mistake they made and bring her back home.
Her halo rests crooked and the white of the winter around her feels like a taunt.
Victoria loses her halo somewhere between a gas station and a cafe, long after her feet were raw and bleeding from walking. It slips off her head and rolls into a sewer grate. She stares at the metal bars between her and her divinity for hours before moving on (That’s what all her brothers and sisters always pointed out about the squirming humans writhing across the earth, their ability to carry on past tragedy)
She curls up under a tree in the park and waits for nature to whisper her a bedtime lullaby. The trees are silent and the flowers turn their back on her, every blade of grass turning away from the sinner/the once-angel/the silly mortal with an aching heart. There is nobody to look her way and no miracle to save her. So, Victoria cries out her loneliness under starlight, her tears boiling on her cheeks and dissipating into steam. So, this is what being alone means, Victoria thinks, having always been apart of the holy We. She reaches for the stars and they don't change the way they shine, not even a wink. So, this is being forsaken
Her feathers fall out in burning clumps: primaries, secondaries, coverts. Each handful telling her louder and louder about how the skies are now forbidden to her. Her pinions fall out, weeping blood., during a snowstorm. She stretches out the skeletal limbs they leave behind and Victoria can’t believe how small she feels without the glory of her wings on her back.
Victoria is trying to remember the sound of her family singing glory on high when she wanders into a bar. The chorus of voices sing to her loneliness and draw her in. She sits at the bar, worrying a feather and its fading holy between her hands.
Are you okay? Someone asks her. She thinks something wrong in her smile scares him away.
You’re in pain. Someone else tells her. Victoria supposes they’re right. They guide her into the pub's dilapidated bathroom. Her body burns as they gently begin washing the blood and half-smouldering ash from her skin, leaving the sink full of filthy brown water. She swears she can see Raphael’s silhouette around her stranger as they wrap her hands just like him when she was just a child trying to dance with supernovas or trying to hold white dwarfs in her hands to take home to her family.
Why? Victoria asks, mortal tongue twisting her jaw when she speaks.
Because you need kindness and I have some to spare. A large coat is dropped onto Victoria's shoulders. She wraps it tightly around herself and calls it a hug.
The stranger shows her eggs and bacon, early the next morning. She watches them watch her, waiting for her to eat. She's a splatter painting of purpling and yellowing bruises under dim fluorescent lighting.
Listen, if you’re in trouble, I can call someone. If someone is hurting you at home or anything, I’m sure I know someone who can help
I fell
I’ve heard that before
I fell and I have no home
Victoria digs into the food in front of her like it will fill the yawning emptiness that seems to be steadily growing inside her.
(Victoria flees the stranger's house that night, stealing as much clothes as it takes to feel warm and a pack of bacon)
Victoria moves, humanity hounding her and moving ever closer. She pets a dog, scalds her hands on hot water, runs through fields of tall grass that make her legs itch. She stares back at the people who stare at her when she walks down the street. She breaks into churches to steal from the offering plate (because the money is kind of meant for her anyways) and tears out pages from the hymnals in the pews.
She doesn’t make friends, or even talk really. The memory of heaven and its hosts make it hard to look at these little people and see them as anything more than the afterimages of something greater and much more divine.
Victoria picks up scraps of other people and stitches them into her own version of human. She copies the way the woman in the nice blazer waves, the fashion the old man with smile lines opens doors for others, the delicate manner that the woman with soft brown curls blows on her tea. She wanders the streets feeling like an imposter, lips still cracking when she tries to smile.
She looks for Uriel's flaming sword and the gate to salvation but heaven left no scent for her to track. Victoria learns the way that man with the stubble on his chin blasphemies, the man with yellow teeth curses someone out on his phone, the woman on the street corner who yells about the end times and her open defiance of God.
(When Victoria gives up on finding the Garden, she breaks into another church. She steals from the offering plate and tears up hymns. She stares at the statue of a man on the cross until something in her, gnawing and feral with humanity, decides she should tear it down. She destroys her Father's house, smashing pews and pouring out holy water. She curses him until her voice is raw and all she has left is nonsensical wailing. She leaves her Father's house, forsaking him the same way he did her.)
Victoria decides home is a town in the middle of nowhere where snow never falls. The people here are gentle and keep to themselves and that suits Victoria just fine. She grows a garden which is nothing like her Father’s, filling the spaces between flowers with the bones of roadkill she finds on the side of the highway when she wanders at night. The boys of the town come to her with wounded birds. Every single one is taken in without a word said between them. Their rapid little heartbeats singing into her palms when she takes them in. She mends their wings and whispers to them about her memories of being skybound and magnificent. She calls it purpose and living. She names their wings love and hope and keeps the feathers they leave for her close by. The ones who never stretch their wings wide again stay with her and they thank her by filling her garden with song.
(Victoria cries for the first time in a long time when she steps outside and they greet her with a rising chorus drenched in sunshine)
One of the boys, cradling a nightingale in his muddy hands under the pink-orange sky of dawn, staring at her with tears dripping off his chin and snot smeared across his cheeks, appears on her doorstep. You’ll help her? Please, you gotta help her.
Victoria smiles, cupping her hands around his, She just needs a little kindness. Don’t worry, I have plenty to spare.
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imdumbandaproblem · 14 days ago
Jo Bingham as Other Cats Appreciation Post
Tumblr media
Obviously I love Jo Bingham as Etcetera, she’s my pfp and everything, but here’s some adorable pictures of her in other roles!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She works so well as Rumpleteazer! Look at that smile! That’s one effervescent Teazer!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This one’s harder to imagine, but here she is as Demeter! She looks so sweet, I wish there was footage of her (if u have a boot .... hmu 👀)
Tumblr media
Also she apparently covered for Phyllida during part of Pekes and the Pollicles, and after looking through the song I think this is her? (it’s the only part without both etcetera and victoria on stage and it looks like her) Not totally sure. She makes a cute Victoria if so.
Edit: upon ruthless investigation (I looked with my eyes) I believe that is indeed Jo
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incorrectjellicles · 14 days ago
Victoria: I have high standards
Teazer: *Smiles*
Victoria: Oh no, she’s meeting all of my standards
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themoonlitjunkyard · 17 days ago
Plato: (Thinking about Victoria and singing Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” to himself)
“She’s been living in her white bread world As much as anyone with hot blood ca-an, And now she’s looking for a downtown man... That’s what I am...”
Victoria: (Having watched and listened to him for about a minute with a grin) Are you now?
Plato: AAH!  (Trips, nervous) H-how much of that did you...?
Victoria: (Giggling) All of it. (Helps him up and gives a nuzzle) Don’t worry, it’s cute.  And rather true.
Plato: (Sighs and nuzzles back) Heh, if you say so.
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scorpiofangirl1109 · 18 days ago
My Cats OC Part 51
part 50-
hello everyone! welcome to part 51 of my series on kiki! this is going to be a cats human au headcanon and i think you guys are going to love it!
kiki is going to be two/three years old in this headcanon!
when she was little kiki loved watching her uncle misto dance. he was a dancer and now taught dance at a dance studio. sometimes her uncle tugger would show her videos of her uncle misto dancing and kiki would watch totally  mesmerized seeing misto dance. 
for kiki’s second birthday, her uncle misto gave her a book called angelina ballerina and a matching doll to go with the book. the little girl loved the book and doll so much. 
now when she was put down for bed kiki needed both her kitty cat and angelina ballerina doll to be in bed with her in order to go to sleep. plus she adored the angelina ballerina book so much. 
she would make munkustrap or demeter read it to her every single day. plus every time misto and tugger would watch kiki the little girl made her uncle misto read the book to her. 
kiki also loved wearing tutus to pretend she was a ballerina in the book and would twirl in the mirror to pretend that she was dancing. 
munkustrap notices this of course so he makes the decision to put kiki in a dance class when she is two and a half at the beginning of the school/dance year. and he also enrolls kiki at the same studio where misto dances. 
when kiki finds out she gets to go to dance class she gets so excited. demeter and her granny jenny take her out to get dance clothes for dance class and ballet shoes. 
kiki gets even more excited when she finds out that she gets to go dance at the place her uncle misto teaches. he si not going to be teaching her class but he will be working at the studio the same day that kiki’s class is happening. 
the day of the first dance class, demeter helps kiki get dressed for the dance class. of course kiki is dressed head to toe in pink, she ahs her pink leotard, pink tights, and her pink dance skirt. plus her pink ballet shoes. 
demeter had to explain to kiki that her ballet shoes could only be worn at dance class and could not be worn outside as they were not outside shoes. plus before they left demeter did kiki's hair in a little ballet bun. 
munkustrap and demeter took kiki to the dance class together as it was on a saturday morning. once inside kiki got help putting on her ballet shoes and of course munkustrap had to take a picture of kiki all dressed up for her first dance class. 
kiki wanted to see her uncle misto but munkustrap told kiki he was teaching but he would take her to see him before they left. the little girl was sad but felt better at the promise of getting to see her uncle misto afterwards. 
in her actual dance class kiki was shy at first because of her personality. but she came out of her shell more as the class went on and she had a lot of fun. 
during the class, besides her main dance teacher, there was a teenaged teacher assistant named victoria helping out. kiki thought victoria was so nice and she was nice. 
at the end of class, kiki ran out to her parents and when asked about how she liked the class kiki told her parents that she loved it so much. and then kiki heard a familiar voice saying her name. so she turned and saw misto smiling at her. 
“uncle misto!” kiki cries out happily as she runs right into his waiting arms. she giggles happily as he kisses her cheek. she tells misto how much fun she had at dance class. 
misto was glad to see his niece so happy right now. plus she looked all adorable in her little ballet outfit, all pink of course. he tells her that she will have to start showing him the dance moves she learns nonce she ahs more classes. kiki loves this idea so much. 
sometimes misto will help munkustrap and demeter out by driving kiki to the studio for her class when they can’t. plus it is not often misto gets one on one time with kiki so this is a nice chance for him to spend quality time with kiki. 
one morning misto brings kiki to the dance studio with him, she holds his hand as they walk in together. her dance class is a bit later in the morning and misto has to teach and because kiki begs him he lets her sit in the studio until her dance class starts. 
misto  has a private lesson with the teacher’s assistant victoria and when kiki sees her, she runs giving victoria a big hug. victoria chuckles hugging her back and kiki then goes back and sits in the chair misto put in the room for her. 
when victoria is dancing kiki is completely entranced  by seeing victoria dance thinking she is the best dancer ever. she watches victoria transfixed on her movements.
victoria takes kiki to the dance class after her private lesson with misto is over. misto even watches with the other parents from the window, smiling at kiki dancing in her class. 
eventually kiki grows close to victoria and is quite fond of her. she is like a cool big sister. and victoria finds little kiki to be a cutie and will enjoy playing with her when misto is finishing his dance class. 
one day misto overhears munkustrap saying he needs to find a babysitter for kiki. and he remembered victoria saying she needed to find a babysitting job. so misto recommends her to munkustrap, saying kiki already knows her from dance and adores her. he knows his brother in law won’t leave kiki with just anyone. 
eventually after meeting victoria properly munkustrap gives her the job of kiki’s babysitter which kiki loves. the times when victoria babysits her are some of kiki’s favorites as she always has tons of fun with victoria. especially when victoria will play whatever game she wants. 
alright that is part 51! i will post a sequel of sorts to this soon! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 52!
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imdumbandaproblem · 19 days ago
Possum pics that remind me of cats characters
Idk either I’m just having fun
Tumblr media
Look at this tired parent and just TRY to tell me it’s not Munkustrap
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Possum!Tugger is so fucking cool (dare I say... tapper?)
Tumblr media
Bustopher Jones having a fancy meal in his fancy hat ... what a lad
Tumblr media
Lil Jem singing her heart out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Both of these are Misto. Wizard man.
Tumblr media
Grizabella :(
Tumblr media
Macavity on his way to break every human law
Thank you for appreciating my shitty content today :)
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