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katiejohnson192 months ago
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big mood 馃嚥馃嚱
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infobaires2418 days ago
Esta es la causa por la que Santilli y Vidal 鈥渘o pueden mirar a los ojos鈥 a los trabajadores
Esta es la causa por la que Santilli y Vidal 鈥渘o pueden mirar a los ojos鈥 a los聽trabajadores
La primera precandidata a diputada nacional por la provincia de Buenos Aires por el Frente de Todos (FdT), Victoria Tolosa Paz, revel贸 el motivo por el cual Diego Santilli y Mar铆a Eugenia Vidal no pueden mirar a los ojos a los trabajadores. Seg煤n la dirigente, tanto Vidal como Santilli comunican al pueblo a trav茅s de escenarios armados, que marcan una importante distancia entre ellos y los鈥
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kemanistkopekler5 months ago
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kate-likes-thisa year ago
Pedro for So It Goes (09-16/16)
By David Benioff 鈥 Photographer: Victoria Stevens 鈥 Styling: Ashley Pruitt 鈥 Grooming: KC Fee聽 Related: photoshoot / list of articles聽
We jumped at the chance to listen in as Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff got the low-down from actor Pedro Pascal ahead of the launch of Season 2 of Narcos on Netflix. The pair let us in on how Pascal ended up on Game of Thrones, walking the line between reality and fiction in Narcos and working on upcoming Chinese epic The Great Wall.
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DAVID: Hi Pedro. So what鈥檚 the best way for us to destroy your career once and for all?
PEDRO: I figured you would know, that鈥檚 why I asked you to do this interview.
DAVID: I feel like some good anti-semitic commentary could do it.
PEDRO: I鈥檒l leave that to you.
DAVID: I can鈥檛 do it, I鈥檓 Jewish! Shall we begin at the beginning, Pedro? Tell me 鈥 how did you escape from Orange County?
PEDRO: Well we moved there in 鈥86 or鈥 87, I was turning 12 and I had to attend Corona del Mar High School from 7th to 12th grade. I don鈥檛 know how else to tell it other than the 7th and 8th grade being truly dark years in sunny Orange County 鈥 聽which inspired a blossoming drama nerd. After the 8th grade, I just didn鈥檛 fit in. My sister did though.
DAVID: I know your sister, she鈥檚 really fun and cool.
PEDRO: I wasn鈥檛 fun and cool. Or I just didn鈥檛 know how to fake it yet.
DAVID: I鈥檓 picturing one of those California schools where everyone鈥檚 beautiful, and everyone鈥檚 tanned and you 鈥 were you a punk rocker back then?
PEDRO: No, I was just the kid crying because, like, Empire of The Sun didn鈥檛 get nominated for Best Picture鈥 everyone was like, 鈥榃hat the fuck is wrong with you?鈥
DAVID: Which is a crime, by the way, it鈥檚 one of Spielberg鈥檚 best movies.
PEDRO: I was the one buying the soundtrack, and people would catch me on my walkman listening to that weird Danish song from Empire of The Sun. So my mom found out about a performing arts programme 鈥 Orange County School of the Arts 鈥 that you had to audition to get in. I ended up going to high school in Long Beach and commuting like 40 minutes every day and essentially spending four years outside of Newport Beach in a more middle-class kind of environment. I got into NYU 鈥 I begged my parents to let me go, and I won that fight so I ended up in New York in 鈥93 and sort of got stuck here.
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DAVID: So what happened in 鈥93? You started getting jobs, did you get an agent quickly? What was the path?
PEDRO: I started auditioning right away and I signed with some representation while I was in school. I graduated and I didn鈥檛 get hired for anything at all 鈥 I was a waiter, I was getting fired left and right. Despite not fitting in in Orange County, it had definitely made me quite sheltered. Seriously, I got fired from maybe 17 places in about a year and a half.
DAVID: All restaurants?
PEDRO: Restaurants, caf茅s, coffee shops鈥
DAVID: Was it incompetence, or being rude to management, or showing up late? What got you canned?
PEDRO: All of the above. Incompetence mostly.
DAVID: And was it around this time that you met Sarah Paulson [American Horror Story]?
PEDRO: Yeah, she was one of my first friends in New York. That鈥檚 where I was really lucky, in New York I made a sort of family of friends right away. It definitely built a great foundation in New York City and they鈥檙e still my friends to this day.
DAVID: So, aside from Christian Bale in Empire, who were the people you were watching and thinking, 鈥楩uck, I wanna be like that guy?鈥
PEDRO: I was watching everything. I started to consume voraciously very early as a viewer and a reader. It鈥檚 funny, as an actor, once you get some exposure people ask you what are your interests? What do you do? And you feel like such a loser, because you鈥檙e like I don鈥檛 do anything! I鈥檓 not athletic, I haven鈥檛 developed any intense interest in, like, scuba diving, or spelunking 鈥 I still just watch TV and read books and that鈥檚 how I was as a kid. When I couldn鈥檛 make friends in Orange County, I started reading and renting videos voraciously. And I got into the classics, I had an early obsession with Marlon Brando, James Dean, and reading American and English playwrights, like Pinter. Which, come on, I didn鈥檛 understand at all. But it was still very entertaining to imagine myself as one of the characters on the stage. So Empire of the Sun was only one of a basket of Spielberg movies that totally shaped my imagination.
DAVID: Are you campaigning for a job with Stephen Spielberg right now, or鈥?
PEDRO: (laughs) Definitely
DAVID: Nah, after he hears the anti-Jewish stuff, it鈥檚 over. Not gonna happen dude.
PEDRO: Just keep trying to force anti-semitism on me.
DAVID: So now, you鈥檙e in New York, getting fired from 17 different restaurants. What was your first big acting break?
PEDRO: That鈥檚 what鈥檚 funny, I never got a big acting break I guess, in the way that that seems to be understood by the general public. I stuck it out in the theatre and wanted to follow in the footsteps of the people I was inspired by. I was attached to the idea of someone who came from New York theatre 鈥 Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, that whole crew. Unfortunately that romanticism kept me in New York, killing myself trying to pay rent. Finally I got an off Broadway play at Theatre Club 鈥 where your wife, Amanda Peet, had her play introduced. I鈥檇 say that I stopped waiting tables by the time I was 30? Kept things going, did all the Law & Orders, all the cop shows, The Good Wife, and managed with cheap rent to keep the theatre thing going.
Listen, David, I become very inarticulate talking to you because I know you鈥檙e smarter than me. It was a big mistake to have this interview. In fact I鈥檇 like to cancel it right now and get someone else. Can we get Dan [Weiss, Game of Thrones]? Wait no, get me one of the kids. (laughs)
DAVID: Anyway, as this is happening鈥 do you have some friends who are starting to succeed or fall by the wayside?
PEDRO: Well, Sarah [Paulson] was one. She got her first job and she never really stopped. She got a guest spot on Law & Order which amazed all of us 鈥 we couldn鈥檛 believe it. To me that was a very early success that I envied and that inspired me, but I bet if you talked to her she鈥檇 say things are finally coming together this year. Which is insane, but I bet that鈥檚 how it feels. My first off Broadway play in New York was with Oscar Isaac, freshly out of Juilliard. He seemed like a comet to me, totally leaving me behind. Shooting with Leo DiCaprio, Ridley Scott, then you talk to him now as well and he鈥檚 like, 鈥榊eah, this year things are coming together.鈥 This is going to sound so corny but it鈥檚 extremely comforting when people you care about are successful. Whether it鈥檚 happening to you or not, it feels good when it鈥檚 happening for someone you love and respect.
DAVID: Gore Vidal said, 鈥楢 little part of me dies every time a friend succeeds.鈥
PEDRO: Yeah, but not the two friends I mentioned. (laughs)
DAVID: Did you ever have doubts? Did you think about going and doing something else?
PEDRO: I think it came down to a very simple thing 鈥 realising that I鈥檇 stuck at something for so long, I鈥檇 made the grind and the uncertainty into a familiar thing and it wasn鈥檛 too scary any more. The desire to do it started to shape my identity at such an early age, starting with that childhood fantasy of wanting to be in a Spielberg movie 鈥 literally lying and telling people that I was the silhouette of Christian Bale in the Empire of the Sun poster. Which is part of why I didn鈥檛 make friends.
I started to realise that I didn鈥檛 know how to do anything else鈥 That I was fated to be that 73-year-old in the Law & Order casting room furiously trying to remember the words for a 4-line role. That still very well could be me.
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DAVID: How did this Game of Thrones thing come about? The people want to know. It鈥檚 an interesting story.
PEDRO: I was helping this kid that I was mentoring, and he put himself on tape for this amazing part on your show, which I was already watching. I was initially curious because the script contained one of the most important spoilers for most of us. Some of us kept punishing ourselves by watching your show to see if something terrible would happen to Joffrey. But I had that satisfaction ripped away from me when I was helping this kid tape and reading for Oberyn. As I kept reading, it鈥檚 embarrassing to admit, but I connected to it so completely that it lit this crazy fire in me. I felt instantly attached to the character so I was totally focussed on my representatives getting me the material and taping an audition. I was pretty convinced that because I wasn鈥檛 known and didn鈥檛 have a European passport, that there was no chance. So I called the first friend I made when I moved to New York and was 18-years-old, Sarah Paulson, one of my closest friends, who is best friends with your wife Amanda. I called her and told her that I鈥檇 just put myself on tape for this part that no one鈥檚 gonna see. She didn鈥檛 even let me finish asking 鈥 she insisted that I send her the audition and she and Amanda showed it to you that night.
DAVID: Even after we hired you, you didn鈥檛 believe you had the part? I kept hearing back from Sarah [Paulson] 鈥 鈥楬e doesn鈥檛 think he has the part.鈥 We were flying you to Belfast for a costume fitting and you still didn鈥檛 believe it.
PEDRO: This is great because it backs up my story鈥 no one had told me! Maybe my agents were nervous, I obviously was nervous and I found it a little hard to believe. Having been in the game as long as I have, there have been a lot of close calls and I could tell the good ones from the bad. And the kind of parts that could change things. It obviously had so much to do with how popular the show is, but it was such a good part 鈥 thrilling and terrifying at the same time to be able to get a part that good. They don鈥檛 come around very often.
DAVID: There鈥檚 no one like Oberyn on the show and he does his own thing. That was something you brought beautifully to it. When you came to that first meeting, you still didn鈥檛 think you had the part and I guess we hadn鈥檛 signed the deal yet but you would鈥檝e had to get up, pull your pants down, and shit on the desk not to get that part because the audition was so strong. I was still hearing through Sarah that you didn鈥檛 think you had it鈥
PEDRO: Come to think of it, I did pull down my pants and shit on the desk.
DAVID: We weren鈥檛 going to tell that story though鈥
PEDRO: When you sent me to London and were pouring goop on my head and making a cast of my shoulders, head, face, I still didn鈥檛 believe 100% that I had gotten the part.
DAVID: You did get the part. What was your first scene?
PEDRO: My first scene was with Peter [Dinklage]鈥
DAVID: I remember we were shooting abroad and I was watching the dailies so I emailed you and you were like, 鈥楾hank god, I thought I totally blew it.鈥 Maybe that鈥檚 your secret 鈥 if you ever realise how good you are, it鈥檒l ruin you.
PEDRO: I still don鈥檛 believe you and it鈥檚 an illness 鈥 a psychological illness. I remember panicking a bit on my first day because there wasn鈥檛 any way I could fulfill the potential of that scene having come to it so early and then you emailed me. You didn鈥檛 say 鈥榞reat job鈥 but I鈥檇 say you鈥檙e a pretty busy man with a pretty large cast and complicated locations and you took the time to write me a very generous note that settled me into the whole experience. I鈥檓 very grateful.
DAVID: Well I know it can be intimidating working with Peter. People don鈥檛 know about his violent side鈥
PEDRO: It鈥檚 tough when he throws benches at you and stuff like that.
DAVID: So moving on into the real life drama of Narcos. How did that come about? Did Eric Newman just see Game of Thrones and think, 鈥楽hit, I need that guy,鈥 or did you audition?
PEDRO: I think someone at Netflix saw the scene that we just talked about. Eric, our executive producer on Narcos, was initially extremely disappointed that I was available. He, anticipating the big fight with the Mountain while trying to cast his show, was extremely upset that I was available to play Javier Pe帽a. A bit of a spoiler. It came at me very fast and it was the first time I鈥檇 been offered something without having to audition for it. There was only about 12 hours to decide whether to do it.
DAVID: How closely does your character adhere to the real life person [DEA Agent, Javier] Pe帽a?
PEDRO: I think he actively keeps his real experience there secret 鈥 whether that鈥檚 because he did more than what we鈥檙e telling? Or less? I want to be able to interpret a character that was actually there on my own terms as much as possible. The things that are the most interesting to me, and the audience, are ways to move through [the story] with more ambiguity; without seeing things in black and white. More than good guys fighting bad buys. With the show, they鈥檙e making a very authentic visual experience. In the playing of it, you鈥檙e very much a piece in this visual landscape and I think you would stand out if you tried to control it.
DAVID: Have you ever gotten feedback from him and he鈥檚 like, 鈥極h, I鈥檇 never smoke with my left hand,鈥 or something like that? Or is he hands-off?
PEDRO: He鈥檚 totally hands-off. We call each other and he鈥檒l be like, 鈥楾his cute girl at the Mac store asked me if I could give you her number when she found out you were playing me in Narcos鈥, 鈥楾his cute girl at Starbucks asked鈥︹
DAVID: He鈥檚 just telling all the girls that he鈥檚 been immortalised on Netflix.
PEDRO: He鈥檚 been very supportive and available at any given moment to talk about it 鈥 he鈥檚 so chilled. I think we could take it in any direction with the character 鈥 put him in a wheelchair, make him a serial killer, and he鈥檇 be like, 鈥榊o man, it鈥檚 just TV.鈥 Cause he knows no one really knows what happened.
Tumblr media
DAVID: So now bring us to China and another director you were very excited about working with. Tell us the story of The Great Wall.
PEDRO: So, as we鈥檝e covered so extensively in my movie nerd-dom, I was introduced to Zhang Yimou pretty young. I saw Raise The Red Lantern and The Story of Qui Ju and Shanghai Triad in the movie theatre. So I didn鈥檛 take my agents very seriously when they brought up the project that was me, starring alongside Matt Damon in this huge Hollywood and Chinese cinema collaboration. I was wrong 鈥 it turned out to be true and they offered me the part. I went to China for nearly five months and shot the movie with Zhang Yimou, Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe, and Andy Lau.
DAVID: Was that terrifying? To be directed by one of your idols?
PEDRO: I was really nervous at first but I wrote him an email. I felt like I had to confess 鈥 it felt stupid to play down that I鈥檇 never imagined I could work with someone I admired to that degree. I think I saw Shanghai Triad like, four times in the movie theatre 鈥 I took my mom, I took my friends. He was a filmmaker that I really studied and prided myself on knowing. It was the 90s and he was making some of the best independent films that are out there. Then suddenly everyone was like, 鈥楬ave you seen Hero?鈥 and I was like 鈥楧UDE, I鈥檝e seen SEVEN movies before Hero!鈥, you know? So I wrote to him and told him, and when I got to China, one of the producers gave me an envelope 鈥 this beautiful envelope and I pull out a response from Zhang Yimou that he had hand written in Chinese characters on this elegant paper. It was like a piece of art. I have it framed, actually. It was him thanking me for my note and for being involved in the movie. The guy鈥檚 a class act. He鈥檚 as kind as he is talented. So he beat you and your email鈥
DAVID: I was going to send it to you in Chinese characters but then I realised I didn鈥檛 know Chinese and it would have just been gibberish.
PEDRO: The only way you could鈥檝e won is by sending a singing telegram.
DAVID: So five months in China sounds almost as good as three months in Belfast. Not quite, but any adventures there you can tell us about?
PEDRO: I travelled around like a tourist whenever I got the opportunity. We spent so much time shooting and I got to pal around with Matt Damon because as everyone knows, he鈥檚 a real jerk (laughs).
DAVID: Yeah, famously terrible.
PEDRO: A notorious bad guy in the industry. He and his wife adopted me into their family and took me through the experience and I had the time of my life. We were tourists together whenever we got the chance 鈥 we went to Hong Kong and I went to see some friends in Bangkok. I can鈥檛 tell you about that weekend.
DAVID: When you鈥檙e talking to Matt Damon, are you ever not thinking, 鈥楬ere I am, having a conversation with Matt Damon.鈥
PEDRO: It took a while. Initially, in getting to know him, the jet lag helped 鈥 I was so out of it. Matt came to say hi, and we were doing all these scenes together so he just said, 鈥楬ey man, let鈥檚 be friends,鈥 and I was just like鈥 Okay sure! Whatever you say!
DAVID: Is it fair to say you鈥檝e supplanted Ben Affleck as Matt Damon鈥檚 best friend?
PEDRO: Yeah. I鈥檒l make room for Ben, I guess.
DAVID: You and Matt need to write an Oscar winning script to really make Ben jealous.
PEDRO: That would be the next thing鈥 To end my career instead of anti-semitism.
DAVID: So when is The Great Wall out?
PEDRO: February!
DAVID: Originally when you were cast as Oberyn, there was controversy that you weren鈥檛 Latino enough. What do you make of the controversy around Matt Damon in this film? Is it about him being a white guy?
PEDRO: Yeah, him being a white guy is very鈥
DAVID: Incontrovertible? No one can deny that Matt Damon is a white guy.
PEDRO: No one can deny that. It鈥檚 not an issue of him not being Latino enough, that鈥檚 for sure. But his being white has very specific context in terms of the plot. I think that the arguments should be made after the movie comes out, instead of a one minute and 20 second trailer. I鈥檓 sure very good arguments can still be made from both sides in terms of ethnic representation but this is a Hollywood creature feature combined with epic Chinese cinema and it鈥檚 ultimately helmed by this visionary director who is Chinese.
DAVID: One of the greatest living directors.
PEDRO: Shall we say, the Spielberg of China?
DAVID: And if he wants to work with the whitest guy in Hollywood, who鈥檚 to say no?
PEDRO: Exactly! (laughs) This is a Chinese crew, and there are big Chinese stars and newcomers playing heroic roles in this movie. What people are given is just a film that鈥檚 called The Great Wall with Matt Damon, and basing the argument on that. But the movie needs to be seen.
DAVID: Yes, that sounds like good reasoning to me. I do think it鈥檚 hard to deny that you鈥檙e not Latino enough though. So you鈥檙e born in Chile and your parents had to flee after the CIA-sponsored coup 鈥 if the coup hadn鈥檛 happened, you would just be Chilean. It鈥檚 almost like the CIA fucked everything up. What do you think about that?
PEDRO: Are we actually giving credit to the CIA?
DAVID: Maybe you would鈥檝e never become an actor and all the things that led to Game of Thrones may never have happened.
PEDRO: I would have made it happen. I would have crawled from Santiago, Chile all the way to you, to knock on your office door and be like, 鈥業 will be your champion.鈥
DAVID: Where is your character from in The Great Wall?
PEDRO: Espa帽a. Which is exactly where my ancestors were from.
DAVID: No one can argue with that. Where鈥檚 Matt鈥檚 character from?
PEDRO: He鈥檚 English.
DAVID: Does he have an accent? Is he speaking Chinese in the movie?
PEDRO: No, he鈥檚 not speaking Chinese. He is English 鈥 it鈥檚 1100 AD so whatever that accent is.
DAVID: He has an Old English accent? This is sounding pretty awesome. I don鈥檛 think anyone would know how that would sound. Probably it sounds just like Matt Damon, that鈥檚 what I think.
So, have we covered all the bases? Have I left anything out that you want to talk about? Your political stance 鈥 does everyone know about your pro-Trump agenda? What鈥檚 it like being one of the few Hollywood actors who supports Mr. Trump, can you tell us about that?
PEDRO: (laughs) My combover is very much modelled on the earlier part of Trump鈥檚 hair career. What are you going to do, David? Are you going to move if Trump 鈥
DAVID: This is a Pedro Pascal interview! No one鈥檚 interviewing me here, buddy. So I鈥檒l be asking the questions.
PEDRO: Do you really think it鈥檚 not going to happen?
DAVID: I really think it鈥檚 not going to happen.
PEDRO: I just got into an argument with a stranger literally five minutes before you called. I was getting coffee and they asked my name so they could put it on the cup and call my name when it was ready. And he was like, 鈥極h, vote for Pedro,鈥 鈥 first time I鈥檝e heard that. Then he was like, 鈥榊o, I鈥檇 rather vote for you than either of the two candidates that we鈥檝e got.鈥 I was like, 鈥楧ude, really?鈥 鈥 this was a mixed race guy making the coffee 鈥 I was like, 鈥楧o you really believe that? Do you dislike Hillary so much that you would consider voting for Trump?!鈥 And that sort of reignited my terror. It feels like such a no-brainer, but here鈥檚 this hard-working mixed race guy at Starbucks who is undecided! That scares the shit out of me.
DAVID: Well I hope you talked some sense into him.
PEDRO: He just kept saying, 鈥業 don鈥檛 know about Hillary,鈥 and I said, 鈥榃hat don鈥檛 you know?鈥 鈥極h, I just don鈥檛 trust her,鈥 but he didn鈥檛 have any real answers about what makes her different from other politicians that you do believe in and do trust.
DAVID: That feels pretty good, I think we covered everything.
PEDRO: I think we covered too much.
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Por qu茅 S谩nchez tiene que indultarlos - Miquel Gim茅nez
Por valiente o por temerario: 驴arde el PSOE? - Antonio Casado
Post hoc ergo propter hoc - C茅sar Calder贸n
Radicalmente moderados - Francesc de Carreras
S谩nchez: inmolaci贸n o subida a los altares - Antonio Casado
S谩nchez 'huye' de Madrid y las encuestas y se envuelve en la bandera de la Espa帽a vaciada - Jorge S谩inz
S谩nchez pide el finiquito - Agust铆n Valladolid
S谩nchez vuela los puentes con Cs y entierra toda alternativa al 'Gobierno Frankenstein' - Jorge S谩inz
Siempre ha sido S谩nchez - Miquel Gim茅nez
"S贸lo creo en Dios; todos los dem谩s, traigan datos" - Juan Carlos Rodr铆guez Ibarra
Ten铆a raz贸n la plaza de Col贸n - Jos茅 Alejandro Vara
Tirarse por el barranco por su presidente - 脫scar Monsalvo
Tres a帽os despu茅s de aquella moci贸n de censura - Graciano Palomo
Un sanchista de primera hora se cuela en las primarias cuya victoria se disputan D铆az y Espadas - Antonio Avenda帽o
Una sensaci贸n de tormenta - Gregorio Mor谩n
Unidas Podemos: una ficci贸n pol铆tica - Juan Manuel Arag眉茅s
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crescentharborrp10 months ago
Tumblr media
Congratulations and welcome to Crescent Harbor! The following characters have been accepted. Please submit your account within the next 24 hours. Don鈥檛 forget to take a look at our checklist and follow the characters on our blogroll.
Felix Blackwood (Timothee Chalamet) played by Yvvy
Hailey Braddock (Julianne Hough) played by M
Lara Christina Winter聽(Sarah Gadon) played by Victoria
Nicolas Maximiano Artiza (Jon Kartajarena) played by Victoria
Serena Vidal-Landry (Nathalie Kelley) played by Gigi
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famososandwags7 months ago
Kids List
Athletic Club de Bilbao
Ibai G贸mez - Ingrid Betancor 鈫 Aiala & Marko
Iker Muniain - Andrea Sesma 鈫 聽Iker & Claudia
I帽igo Mart铆nez - Nerea Gra帽a 鈫 Nikole & Paule
脫scar de Marcos - Ibone 鈫 聽I帽igo
Ra煤l Garc铆a - In茅s S谩nchez 鈫 Vega & 脕lex
Yuri Berchiche - Maddi Alduntzin 鈫 Luka & Mart铆n
Atl茅tico 聽de Madrid
Koke - Beatriz Espejel 鈫 Leo
Sa煤l 脩铆guez - Yaiza Salamanca 鈫 脕frica
Vitolo - Leticia Rodr铆guez 鈫 Daniela & Thiago
CA Osasuna
Adri谩n L贸pez - Alba 脕lvarez 鈫 Carla & L铆a
Aridane Hern谩ndez - Macarena Lozano 鈫 Ram贸n*, Valentina & Ariadna
Enric Gallego - Sandra Ruiz 鈫 Enzo & Daniella
Jony Rodr铆guez - Teresa L贸pez 鈫 Valeria & Daniela
Roberto Torres - Sara Mart铆nez 鈫 Mateo & Claudia
C谩diz CF
脕lex Fern谩ndez - Sandra Jim茅nez 鈫 Alejandro
脕lvaro Negredo - Amparo Moreno 鈫 Mar铆a*, Aitana* & 脕lvaro
David Gil - Cristina Mu帽oz 鈫 David
Jos茅 Mari Rota - Nazaret Curtido 鈫 聽Luc铆a & Marcelo
Juan Cala - ex-wife Xu Caro 鈫 Alma & Gala
Pedro Alcal谩 - Ana Bellido 鈫 Piero & Matteo
Salvi S谩nchez - Sole 鈫 Brayan, Thiago & Mart铆n
Celta de Vigo
David Junc脿 - Patricia 鈫 Gia
Hugo Mallo - Carla Cai帽o 鈫 Luca & Cayetana
Iago Aspas - Jennifer Rueda 鈫 Thiago & M铆a
Nolito - Laura Barea 鈫 Lola, Alegr铆a & Lara
Deportivo Alav茅s
Joselu Mato - Melanie Ca帽izares 鈫 Leo & Lucas
Jota Peleteiro - Jessica Bueno 鈫 Francisco* & Jota
Manu Garc铆a - Noelia Mart铆nez 鈫 Marko
Elche CF
Cifu - N煤ria Serrano 鈫 Jimena
Dani Calvo & Leyre Biarge 鈫 Lucas
Fidel Chaves - Carla Remesal 鈫 Julieta & Fabio
Gonzalo Verd霉 - Bel茅n Serrano 鈫 J煤lia
Jos谩n Ferr谩ndez - Rosa Ruiz 鈫 Valeria & Isabella
V铆ctor Rodr铆guez - Judit 鈫 Astrid
FC Barcelona
Gerard Piqu茅 - Shakira 鈫 Milan & Sasha
Jordi Alba - Romarey Ventura 鈫 Piero & Bruna
Junior Firpo - J煤lia Torralbo 鈫 聽Jannet & Jasson
Sergi Roberto - Coral Simanovich 鈫 Kaia
Sergio Busquets - Elena Galera 鈫 Enzo & Levi
Getafe CF
脕ngel Rodr铆guez - N煤ria Ramos 鈫 M铆a & Lis
Carles Ale帽谩 - Ingrid Gaixas 鈫 Luca
Chema Rodr铆guez - Isabel Belisario 鈫 Mat铆as* & Alejandro
David Soria - Carla Carrascosa 鈫 Adriana
David Timor - Sandra Castells 鈫 Valeria, Vera & Aleix
Francisco Portillo - Reme B谩zalo 鈫 Mateo
Jaime Mata - Roc铆o Irisarri 鈫 Teo
Marc Cucurella - Claudia Rodr铆guez 鈫 Mateo
Xabi Etxeitia - Olatz 鈫 Markel & Jule
Granada CF
脕ngel Montoro - Macarena Naturil 鈫 Jorge & Mart铆n
Germ谩n S谩nchez - Mar铆a Martino 鈫 Carla
Jorge Molina - Aitana Silvestre 鈫 M铆a, Chloe & D铆dac
Quini - B谩rbara Caballero 鈫 脕lvaro
Roberto Soldado - Roc铆o Millan 鈫 Daniela, Enzo & Noah
V铆ctor D铆az - Sonia 鈫 Marta & Mart铆n
Levante UD
Coke - Paula Rodr铆guez 鈫 Alegr铆a
Jos茅 Campa帽a - Paula Abalo 鈫 Cataleya
Rub茅n Rochina - Raquel Hell铆n 鈫 聽Lucas
Sergio Le贸n - Roc铆o Caballero 鈫 Izan & Ana铆s
Sergio Postigo - Rebeca Ros 鈫 Claudia
RCD Espanyol
David L贸pez - Andrea M茅ndez 鈫 Blanca & Noah
D铆dac Vil脿 & Anna F. 鈫 Marc & Gal路la
Diego L贸pez - Iria Otero 鈫 Zoe, Bianca & Flavia
Fernando Calero & Paula Calder贸n 鈫 Marco
Fran M茅rida - Vanesa Arroyo 鈫 Martina & M铆a
Sergi Darder & Mireya Moreno 鈫 Mart铆 & Claudia
RCD Mallorca
Antonio Ra铆llo - Mal茅n Cortijos 鈫 Thiago & Lucas
Dani Rodr铆guez - Cristina Palavra 鈫 Quique, Izan & India
Fran G谩mez & Virginia G. 鈫 Mateo
Manolo Reina & Ana Dur谩n 鈫 Ana, daugther & Manuel
Real Betis
Cristian Tello - Lorena L贸pez 鈫 M铆a, Carlota & Ivana
Joaquin S谩nchez - Susana Saborido 鈫 Daniela & Salma
Joel Robles - M贸nica Garc铆a 鈫 Chloe & Alma
Juanmi Jim茅nez - Lorena L贸pez 鈫 Nicol谩s
Marc Bartra - Melissa Jim茅nez 鈫 Gala, Abril & Max
Mart铆n Montoya - Maite Dom铆nguez 鈫 Dylan, Iker & Valentina
Sergio Canales - Cristina Llorens 鈫 India & Noah
Real Madrid 聽
Dani Carvajal - Daphne Ca帽izares 鈫 聽Mart铆n
Isco Alarc贸n - Sara S谩lamo 鈫 Isco*, Theo & Piero
Lucas V谩zquez - Macarena Rodr铆guez 鈫 Lucas & Macarena
Nacho Fern谩ndez - Mar铆a Cort茅s 鈫 Alejandra, Nacho & Guille
Sergio Ramos - Pilar Rubio 鈫 Sergio, Marco, Alejandro & M谩ximo Adriano
Real Sociedad
David Silva - Yessica Su谩rez 鈫 Mateo
Joseba Zaldua - Amaia Badiola 鈫 Laia
Miguel 脕ngel Moy脿 - Patrizia Ruiz 鈫 Ariah & Dorian
Nacho Monreal - Isabelle L贸pez 鈫 M铆a & Sof铆a
Portu - Judith Vizcaya 鈫 Vida
Real Valladolid
Jordi Masip - Silvia 鈫 脕lex
Kiko Olivas - Andrea Valentina 鈫 Enzo & Marco
Nacho Mart铆nez - Luc铆a Pav贸n 鈫 Olivia
脫scar Plano - Cristina Novella 鈫 脫scar & Chloe
Ra煤l Carnero - Noa Barrientos 鈫 Marcos & Ada
Roberto Jim茅nez - Paula Sancho 鈫 Belise* & Enzo*
Roque Mesa - Elo铆sa Puga 鈫 Roque*, India* & Elo铆sa
Sergi Guardiola - Susana Ot谩lora 鈫 L铆a
SD Huesca
Jorge Pulido - Mar铆a Mayoral 鈫 Enzo
Pablo Insua - Jhoana Su谩rez 鈫 Melissa
Pablo Maffeo 鈫 Valentina*
Pedro Mosquera - Mar铆a Partida 鈫 Gabriela
Sevilla FC
Aleix Vidal - Beatriz 脷beda 鈫 Chloe*
Jes煤s Navas - Alejandra Moral 鈫 Jes煤s & Romeo
Joan Jord谩n - Marta Dur谩n 鈫 J煤lia & Joan
Sergio Escudero - Tatyana Campillo 鈫 Marco
Suso - Alicia Rodr铆guez 鈫 Alessio & Bianca
Valencia CF
Jaume Domenech - Vicky 鈫 Jaume & Valentina
Villarreal CF
Alberto Moreno - Lilia Granadilla 鈫 Carla, Alberto & Leo
Dani Parejo - Isabel Botello 鈫 Daniel & Diego
Gerard Moreno - N煤ria Pulido 鈫 Melissa & Marta
Jaume Costa - Gema Mart铆nez 鈫 Luc铆a & Diego*
Manu Trigueros - Marta Rubert 鈫 Carlota
Mario Gaspar - Patricia Palomanes 鈫 Mateo*
Moi G贸mez - Patricia Gonz谩lez 鈫 Valentina
Paco Alc谩cer - Beatriz Viana 鈫 Martina
Ra煤l Albiol - Alicia Roig 鈫 Azahara, Alma, Romeo & M铆a
Rub茅n Pe帽a - Silvia Somoza 鈫 Enzo
Sergio Asenjo - Laura Moreno 鈫 Claudia
Vicente Iborra - Arantxa Temprado 鈫 Mario, Hugo & Enzo
ACF Fiorentina
Borja Valerjo - Roc铆o Rodr铆guez 鈫 脕lvaro & Luc铆a
Jos茅 Callej贸n - Marta Ponsat铆 鈫 Paula*, India, Aria & Chlo茅
Arsenal FC
Pablo Mar铆 - Ver贸nica Chac贸n 鈫 Pablo
AS Monaco
Cesc F脿bregas - Daniella Semaan 鈫 Maria & Joseph*, Lia, Capri & Leonardo
AS Roma
Pau L贸pez - Andrea G谩lvez 鈫 M铆a, Leo & Zoe
Pedro Rodr铆guez - Patricia Maga帽a 鈫 Bryan, Kyle & Marc*
Javi Montero - Marta Berm煤dez 鈫 Antonella
Boavista FC
Javi Garc铆a - Elena G贸mez 鈫 Amalia, Camila & Malena
Chelsea FC
C茅sar Azpilicueta - Adriana Guerendiain 鈫 Martina, Carlota & Son
FC Bayern
Javi Mart铆nez - Aline Brum 鈫 Luca & Naia
FC Porto
Iv谩n Marcano - Irene Carrasco 鈫 Jon & Giulia
Fulham FC
Fabricio Agosto - Adriana Rever贸n 鈫 Demian & Flavio
Juventus FC
脕lvaro Morata - Alice Campello 鈫 Alessandro, Leonardo & Edoardo
Luis Alberto - Patricia Venegas 鈫 Martina & Lucas
Pepe Reina - Yolanda Ruiz 鈫 Grecia, Alma, Luca, Thiago & Sira
Leeds United
Diego Llorente - Ana L贸pez 鈫 Vega
Kiko Casilla - Rosa Isern 鈫 Ainara & Julen
Pablo Hern谩ndez - Mar Garc铆a 鈫 Eric & Luca
Rodrigo Moreno - Mar铆a Mart铆nez 鈫 聽Daniella
Liverpool FC
Adri谩n San Miguel - Tamara Mariscal 鈫 Enzo & Eric
Thiago Alc谩ntara - J煤lia Vigas 鈫 聽Gabriel & Siena
Maccabi Tel Aviv
Enric Saborit - Janire Martos 鈫 Lucas
Manchester United
David De Gea - Edurne 鈫 Yanay
Panathinaikos FC
Carlitos Majestic - Gema Corella: Alma & Victoria
Fran V茅lez - Andrea 鈫 Vega
Paris Saint-Germain
Ander Herrera - Isabel Collado 鈫 Daniela & Carla
RB Leipzig
Angeli帽o - Roc铆o Galindo 鈫 脕ngel
Sporting Clube Portugal
Antonio Ad谩n - Ana Moreno 鈫 Antonio
Torino FC
Iago Falque - Carolina Araque 鈫 Liam
Udinese Calcio
Fernando Llorente - Mar铆a Lorente 鈫 Fernando & Daugther
Gerard Deulofeu - Mar铆a Casas 鈫 Sara* & Chris
Watford FC
Kiko Femen铆a - wife, Elena Ortiz 鈫 Malena & Daniela
Willem II
Pol Llonch - N煤ria Serra 鈫 Luc铆a & Kai
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Jonny Castro - Norma Fern谩ndez 鈫 聽Jaden & Chloe
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 _____________________________________________
Ram贸n [CA Osasuna] is Macarena鈥 son from a previous relationship.
Mar铆a [C谩diz CF] is Amparo鈥檚 daugther from a previous relationship.
Aitana [C谩diz CF] is 脕lvaro鈥檚 daugther from a previous relationship with Clara Garc铆a.
Francisco [Deportivo Alav茅s] is Jessica鈥檚 son from a previous relationship with Kiko Rivera.
Mat铆as [Getafe CF] is Isabel鈥檚 son from a previous relationship.
Isco [Real Madrid] is Isco鈥檚 son from a previous relationship with Victoria Calder贸n.
Belise and Enzo [Real Valladolid] are Roberto鈥檚 childs from a previous relationship with Marta Dom铆nguez.
Roque and India [Real Valladolid] are Roque鈥檚 childs from a previous relationship with Patricia Blanca.
Valentina [SD Huesca] is Pablo鈥檚 daugther from a previous relationship with Yaiza Soler.
Chloe [Sevilla FC] is Aleix鈥檚 daugther from a previous relationship with Lorena Ma帽as.
Luc铆a and Diego [Villarreal CF] are Jaume鈥檚 childs from a previous relationship.聽
Mateo [Villarreal CF] is Patricia鈥檚 son from a previous relationship
Paula [AC Fiorentina] is Marta鈥檚 daugther from a previous relationship with Sergi Birosta.
Maria and Joseph [AS Monaco] are Daniella鈥檚 childs from a previous relationship with Ellie Taktouk.
Bryan, Kyle and Marc [AS Roma] are Pedro鈥檚 childs from a previous relationship with Carolina Mart铆n.
Sara [Udinese Calcio] is Gerard鈥檚 daugther from a previous relationship with Mari Vilches.
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ladyimaginarium12 months ago
okay so i said that in october, i鈥檒l be streaming a FUCKTON of halloween / witchy themed movies, and i鈥檓 really excited to do all of this with anyone who鈥檚 interested, so grab some snacks and candy! below is a list of the following movies and their dates! however, i must warn you beforehand that although some movies may be scarier than others, these are by no means the darkest or the scariest movies, as i try not to pick movies that are overly graphic due to my own mental health or movies that are simply slasher movies that have little to no meaning ( in my personal opinion, that鈥檚 just a preference ), so beforehand, i鈥檒l add trigger warnings of what to expect from more graphic movies. please keep in mind that some of these movies, aside from blood, gore and jumpscares, do depict or touch on mental illness, psych wards, suicide, spiders, snakes, child death, cannibalism, racism, colonialism, witchcraft and paranormal activities, so if any of these disturb or offend you, please do not watch movies with said themes - do not say i did not warn you. most of these movies are 18+ and thus i won鈥檛 allow minors into movies that鈥檙e 18+, but minors are free to watch the movies that aren鈥檛 rated 18+. additionally, depending on your views on what鈥檚 scary and what鈥檚 not, or on certain plotlines and characters, you might not consider these movies graphic, disturbing, tragic or dark, so please don鈥檛 go around in the chat bitching about how 鈥渢his isn鈥檛 scary鈥 or anything like that - simply stop watching if you don鈥檛 like it. these movies are for the people that aren鈥檛 butthurt. anyway, the movies will be streamed on solcode and all you鈥檒l need is your discord and we鈥檒l be set! however, you MUST let me know who you are beforehand and this is for mutuals only, so if we aren鈥檛 mutuals, then you鈥檒l be kicked from the stream. the mini film festival will start on october 4th, all at 6:30 PM EST ( unless if there鈥檚 some sorta schedule difficulty but i doubt it but if there is, i鈥檒l let y鈥檃ll know ! ) don鈥檛 know what time the event will be held in your timezone? convert your time zone here.聽
additionally, although it鈥檚 not a requirement, it would be greatly appreciated that if you鈥檙e interested in watching any of the movies below under the cut, to please inform me in dm鈥檚 or on discord on what you want to watch, just so i know who to expect will be coming. i would also like to remind everyone that given that this is a public event hosted by me for me and my mutuals, i expect you to behave in the chatroom and be polite and respectful to each other, just as you would anywhere else. i would also appreciate that there鈥檇 be no one spoiling the movie(s) that are picked because there鈥檚 a chance that someone might not have watched these movie(s) before and do not wish to be spoiled. anyone caught being unruly, disrespectful, or disruptive will be kicked from the stream, and if excessively rude and have not changed their ways, will be permanently banned from watching any further streams of mine so please do be sure to be kind to each other, i want everyone to have fun!
now let鈥檚 get down to business and defeat the huns !!
** = rated r / 18+ ; minors are not allowed to watch these movies !!
the harry potter movies ( the philosopher鈥檚 stone, the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of azkaban, the goblet of fire, the order of the phoenix, the half blood prince, the deathly hallows part 1 & 2 ) - october 4-10 || content warnings for graphic depictions of spiders and snakes in the chamber of secrets, racism, classism, child abuse, animal cruelty and genocide, and if you don鈥檛 like magic or witchcraft, don鈥檛 watch! though.. let鈥檚 be honest, who hasn鈥檛 watched the films by now?
the nightmare before christmas - october 11th | Jack Skellington, a being from Halloween Town, finds Christmas Town and is instantly enchanted. The situation becomes riveting when his obsession with Christmas leads him to abduct Santa Claus. | tbh this movie doesn鈥檛 really need content warnings because who hasn鈥檛 seen this?
the corpse bride - october 12th | Victor and Victoria's families have arranged their marriage. Though they like each other, Victor is nervous about the ceremony. While he's in a forest practicing his lines for the wedding, a tree branch becomes a hand that drags him to the land of the dead. It belongs to Emily, who was murdered after eloping with her love and wants to marry Victor. Victor must get back aboveground before Victoria marries the villainous Barkis Bittern. | same as above !
coraline - october 13th | An adventurous girl walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets. | same as above ! unless if you don鈥檛 like dolls ! lmao
the meg - october 14th | Five years ago, expert sea diver and Naval Captain Jonas Taylor encountered an unknown danger in the unexplored recesses of the Mariana Trench that forced him to abort his mission and abandon half his crew. Though the tragic incident earned him a dismissal from service, what ultimately cost him his career, his marriage and any semblance of honor was his unsupported and incredulous claims of what caused it - an attack on his vessel by a mammoth, 70-foot sea creature, believed to be extinct for more than a million years. But when a submersible lies sunk and disabled at the bottom of the ocean - carrying his ex-wife among the team onboard - he is the one who gets the call. Whether a shot at redemption or a suicide mission, Jonas must confront his fears and risk his own life and the lives of everyone trapped below on a single question: could the Megalodon - the largest marine predator that ever existed - still be alive - and on the hunt? | content warning for sharks .... obviously .... animal death and gore ..... and the ocean so if you don鈥檛 like deep sea horror don鈥檛 watch !
** the purge - october 15th | 聽In an America ravaged by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government sanctions an annual 12-hour period during which all criminal activity -- including murder -- is legal. James Sandin and his family face the ultimate test when an intruder drags the vicious outside world into their home. James, Mary and their two children struggle to survive the night while trying not to turn into monsters like the ones they are striving to avoid. | content warning for ,,, well ,,, murder and violent crime lmao
van helsing - october 16th | Famed monster slayer Gabriel Van Helsing is dispatched to Transylvania to assist the last of the Valerious bloodline in defeating Count Dracula. Anna Valerious reveals that Dracula has formed an unholy alliance with Dr. Frankenstein's monster and is hell-bent on exacting a centuries-old curse on her family. Together Anna and Van Helsing set out to destroy their common enemy, but uncover some unsettling secrets along the way. | if you don鈥檛 like body horror and dark fantasy don鈥檛 watch ig !
** the devil鈥檚 backbone - october 17th | 聽After losing his father during the Spanish Civil War, 10-year-old Carlos arrives at the Santa Lucia School, which shelters orphans of the Republican militia and politicians, and is taken in by the steely headmistress, Carmen and the kindly professor, Casares. Soon after his arrival, Carlos has a run-in with the violent caretaker, Jacinto. Gradually, Carlos uncovers the dark secrets of the school, including the youthful ghost that wanders the grounds. | this movie is directed by guillermo del toro, this movie鈥檚 dubbed in spanish but there鈥檒l be english subtitles! if you don鈥檛 like paranormal shit don鈥檛 watch !
** pan鈥檚 labyrinth - october 18th | It's 1944 and the Allies have invaded Nazi-held Europe. In Spain, a troop of soldiers are sent to a remote forest to flush out the rebels. They are led by Capitan Vidal, a murdering sadist, and with him are his new wife Carmen and her daughter from a previous marriage, 11-year-old Ofelia. Ofelia witnesses her stepfather's sadistic brutality and is drawn into Pan's Labyrinth, a magical world of mythical beings. | this movie is directed by guillermo del toro, this movie鈥檚 dubbed in spanish but there鈥檒l be english subtitles! if you don鈥檛 like paranormal shit don鈥檛 watch !
** a tale of two sisters - october 19th | After being institutionalized in a mental hospital, Korean teen Su-mi reunites with her beloved sister, Su-yeon, and they return to live at their country home. The girls' widower father has remarried, and the siblings are immediately resentful of his new wife, Eun-joo. As Su-mi and Su-yeon try to resume their regular lives, strange events plague the house, leading to surprising revelations and a shocking conclusion. | trigger warnings for mental illness, psych wards, murder and talk of suicide! also, if you don鈥檛 like paranormal shit, please don鈥檛 watch ! this movie is dubbed in korean but there鈥檒l be english subtitles!
** the raven - october 20th 聽| In 19th-century Baltimore, Detective Emmett Fields makes a horrifying discovery: The murders of a mother and daughter resemble a fictional crime described in a story by poet and author Edgar Allan Poe. When another murder occurs, also seemingly inspired by Poe's writings, Fields realizes a serial killer is on the loose and enlists Poe's help in catching the felon. Set in 1849, it is a fictionalized account of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe's life, in which the poet and author pursues a serial killer whose murders mirror those in Poe's stories, and the stakes become personal for the struggling author when someone close to him may become the killer鈥檚 next victim. | content warnings for blood and body horror and all that !
** blood quantum - october 21st | Set in the 1980鈥瞫, the dead are coming back to life outside the isolated Mi'kmaq reserve of Red Crow, except for its indigenous inhabitants who are strangely immune to the zombie plague. As the citizens of surrounding cities flee to the reserve in search of refuge from the outbreak, the community must reckon with whether to let the outsiders in - and thus risk not just the extinction of their tribe but of humanity, period. | content warnings for body horror ( apparently there鈥檚 a scene where a zombie eats a baby and where another eats a man鈥檚 genitals. graphic violence aside, there is a ceaseless torrent of profanity, frequent detailed sexual references and discussions and abuse of drugs and alcohol ), disease, animal death, pregnancy and blood and the zombie apocalypse, racism, colonialism, and the very real threat of extinction and genocide that indigenous communities have experienced for generations by the hands of white people ! also, this movie was actually filmed in listuguj, quebec, canada, which is a mi鈥檏maq - my tribe ! - reservation three hours away from where i live and the main cast are all native !
** get out - october 22nd | Chris, an African-American man, decides to visit his Caucasian girlfriend's parents during a weekend getaway. Although they seem normal at first, he is not prepared to experience the horrors ahead. | content warnings aside from blood and body horror, for nonconsensual drug use, antiblack racism and just the overall fetishization of black folx, particularly black men !
the silence of the lambs - october 23rd | Clarice Starling, an FBI agent, seeks help from Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer and former psychiatrist, in order to apprehend another serial killer who has been claiming female victims. | content warnings for body horror and cannibalism ?
** what keeps you alive - october 24th | Jackie and Jules are a lesbian couple celebrating their first anniversary at a secluded cabin in the woods belonging to Jackie's family. From the moment they arrive, something changes in Jules' normally loving wife, as Jackie begins to reveal a previously unknown dark side -- all building up to a shocking revelation that will pit Jules against the woman she loves in a terrifying fight to survive. | content warnings for ... ya know ... murder, minimal nudity, abusive dynamics, nonexplicit intimacy and illness.
** carrie ( 2013 ) - october 25th | Highschool can be tough for many teenagers, but for Carrie White, it's especially hellish. A shy and awkward teen being raised by a religious zealot, Carrie is frequently the target of bullies. But Carrie has a secret talent: she can make things move with her mind. One fateful night, an especially cruel prank at her senior prom pushes her over the edge, and Carrie unleashes her telekinetic powers on all who get in her way. | trigger warnings for christianity and abusive parenting, particularly an abusive mother ! this movie鈥檚 mostly bloodless though !
** jennifer鈥檚 body - october 26th | When a demon takes possession of her, highschool hottie Jennifer turns a hungry eye on guys who never stood a chance with her before. While Jennifer satisfies her appetite for human flesh with the school's male population, her nerdy friend, Needy learns what's happening and vows to put an end to the carnage. | trigger warnings for the whole body horror, sexuality, drug use, and cannibalism and demonic possession thing.
b&b 聽- october 27th | A gay couple return to a bed and breakfast to bait its Christian owner who had previously refused them a room, but the arrival of a mysterious guest begins a battle for survival involving all three men. | trigger warnings for the whole blood and body horror and brief nonexplicit sex thing though apparently it鈥檚 nothing extreme !
** gangsta.: episodes eight-nine - october 28th | Forgotten memories and further hallucinations trouble Alex; the Handymen come to the aid of Twilights caught in a riot; the Cristianos hold a party for the embattled Twilights that attracts the attention of a mysterious figure. - whether it鈥檚 subbed or dubbed is up to the audience | content warnings for body horror and brief mentions of prostitution ! i also don鈥檛 recommend watching this if you鈥檙e not aware of the storyline but it鈥檚 not impossible to watch it if you haven鈥檛 before, the plot鈥檚 pretty straightforward !
** deadman wonderland: episode one - whether it鈥檚 subbed or dubbed is up to the audience - october 29th | Ganta Igarashi and his classmates plan for a class trip to Deadman Wonderland, a privately owned prison that also serves as an amusement park, a mysterious "Red Man" appears, killing his entire class and thrusting a red stone into Ganta's chest. Being the only survivor out of the entire class, Ganta is charged with mass murder and, due to the overwhelming and doctored evidence against him with no way to prove his innocence, he is sentenced to death and sent to Deadman Wonderland's prison. | content warnings for blood, body horror, police brutality and prisons !
supernatural: season one: episode one: pilot & season one: episode four: phantom traveler & season one: episode six: skin: - october 30th | As children, Sam and Dean Winchester's mother Mary died a violent and unexplainable death, which in turn led their father, John Winchester, to teach them hunting skills in search of the creature that took her life. Years later, while attending Stanford University, Sam is forced back into the paranormal world by Dean, who has come to tell him that their father is missing. The two travel to Jericho, California, where unmarried men disappear without a trace, in search of their lost father. // A friend of Dean's calls him up when a plane crashes under mysterious circumstances. Dean and Sam soon discover a flight attendant who was on the plane, but do not realise her full connection to the crash until they are on-board another flight with her. // Sam's friend, Zach, is accused of murder and Sam offers to help out by checking up on his sister, Rebecca. She claims her brother could not have committed the murder because he was with her at the time of the murder, but all the physical evidence points to Zach being at the scene of the crime. Could Zach have been at two places at the same time? | content warnings for body horror, murder, planes, fire, mentions of child death and suicide and obvious paranormal activity !
buffy the vampire slayer: season two: episode six & season four episode ten: hush &聽 season four episode four: fear, itself - october 31st | As a worshipper of chaos, he cast a spell to turn everyone into whatever they were dressed up as. As a result, Buffy becomes a weak, silly debutante in her fancy dress, and Spike, the new head vampire in town, takes advantage to try and kill the Slayer. // Sunnydale residents lose the power of speech as mysterious creatures search the town for human hearts to steal. // Buffy reluctantly agrees to join Willow, Oz and Xander at a Halloween party where they stumble into a real-life house of horrors masquerading as an innocuous fraternity. Meanwhile, Giles is called upon to help out the college crowd when all he wants is to get into the spirit of the holiday. | trigger warnings for ... y鈥檏now ... mild body horror and paranormal activity !
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elcorreograficoa month ago
Diego Santilli: "Vamos a debatir cuando la sociedad defina los candidatos鈥
Diego Santilli: 鈥淰amos a debatir cuando la sociedad defina los聽candidatos鈥
En declaraciones a Ma帽ana Es Mejor por Radio Provincia se refiri贸 a la propuesta de debate presentada por la precandidata del Frente de Todos, Victoria Tolosa Paz, y dijo que 鈥渉oy estoy recorriendo los municipios para estar con todos los sectores, dialogar con ellos y una vez que la sociedad decida cu谩l va a ser el candidato ah铆 vamos a debatir. Hay que plantear el debate de los temas鈥
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infobaires2428 days ago
Tolosa Paz: 鈥淢acri y Vidal podr铆an ganarse un Oscar a la actuaci贸n鈥
Tolosa Paz: 鈥淢acri y Vidal podr铆an ganarse un Oscar a la聽actuaci贸n鈥
La primera precandidata a diputada nacional por el Frente de Todos en la provincia de Buenos Aires,聽Victoria Tolosa Paz, puso en evidencia el nivel de caradurez que manejan los principales referentes de Juntos. 鈥淧odr铆an ganarse un Oscar por su actuaci贸n porque estuvieron guardados toda la pandemia y ahora reaparecen鈥, afirm贸 en referencia a las apariciones en los medios de comunicaci贸n que ambos鈥
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angryisokaya year ago
鈥淚f he was white he wouldn鈥檛 be dead!鈥
Clinton Peterson, Douglas Zerby, Kelly Thomas, Brian Claunch, Zachary Goldson, Cameron Redus, Michael Saffioti, William David Powell, Derek Hale, Donald Scott, Keith Vidal, Eugene Mallory, Christopher Roupe, James Boyd, Mary Hawkes, Daniel Linsinbigler, Michael Bell Jr., Ron Hillstrom, Christian Alberto Sierra, Dillon Taylor, Joseph Jennings, James Moore, Jesse Debusk, Sarah Palmer [an 鈥渆xcited delirium鈥 death], Donald Degraw, William Bowers, Charles Todero, Cody Franklin, Paul Gianelos, Daniel Shaver, Chase Sherman, Michael Tyree, Joseph Hutcheson, Zachary Hammond, Troy Goode, Keaton Farris, David Kassick, Margarita Victoria Brooks, Tony Timpa, idk, there鈥檚 a ton more and reading about unjustified deaths by police hands/in police custody is depressing.
that鈥檚 just deaths, that鈥檚 not even touching the brutality cases.
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dollhouse-rpa year ago
Tumblr media
You are a wonderful pretender. You are the front cover of a magazine that鈥檚 never meant to be opened, your Mother鈥檚 perfect little daughter that knows exactly how to get what she wants. The only difference between you and the other girls in this town with the same beauty is that you also have brains. You have always known how to get what you want and wrap others around your little finger. You have become a genius at manipulating situations to your advantage and coming our smelling like roses, never as ruthless as your siblings but always winning just the same.
It affects you so little that you almost turn over the channel when it鈥檚 announced on television. Vidal may have been a family friend but he was never of particular use to you. It is only when your Mother鈥檚 behaviour begins to change that you begin to become interested in what she is hiding and why she has always worshipped him. What could be so special about that man? Perhaps you want to find out if it runs in his DNA being so addictive when his biological children come to town.
CECILYA. unsure. two young girls so alike and yet you don鈥檛 trust her.
MILES聽& VERITY. interest. becoming an athanas has made them all the more interesting as your own little collectibles.
VICTORIA. sister/npc. you wonder who would of been favoured were she here.
JULY. dislike. you see in him what you are and you never liked it.
BELVA. enemy. you long for all the same positions, self made enemies.
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violet-shadow-wolfa year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
List first, description after:
1. Siara Tanaka } Lego Ninjago OC } Aries
2. Midnight Watcher } Creepypasta OC } Gemini
3. Victoria Wild } The Walking Dead OC } Cusp of the Enlightened (Cancer-Gemini)
4. Kage Satana } Fantasy Sona } Cancer
5. Amaria Cadensa Vidal } Mass Effect: Andromeda OC } Leo
6. Ashley - RK960 } Detroit Becomes Human OC } Virgo
7. Alexis Jane Shepard } Mass Effect Trilogy OC } Libra
8. Lena Rogers Stark [Avengers Assemble] } Sagittarius
9. Lena Rogers Star [Cinematic Universe] } Capricorn聽 ((Yes, their the same characters in different universes who have different birthdays. It was an accident))
10. Marce Willa Fisshback } Youtube Sona } Aquarius
I spent two days making this and love how it turned out! 聽 It was an off the hand sketch idea at first - a warm-up for the most part - and it turned into this! And I actually had a small comic/story idea or an addition to the original story I was going to put these lot in. Also, not all of my OC's are there, these 10 Lassies are the ones I use most often, and have I have a special attachment to, I didn't add a few more. Also, not all of these are full OC's - Only Kage, Lena Amaria, and Alexis are. The others were made for fun and I fell in love with them! 聽 It is also my first YT video in 7 months and a way for me to see how my style has changed and improved over the time of me making the characters vs now. 聽 Anyhow! Supper gun to make and I had a blast designing everyone! I hope you'll like the video!! Video:
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unpensadoranonimo4 months ago
Opiniones sobre pol铆tica espa帽ola (10/5/2021)
Ayuso, ant铆doto contra el covid - Cristina Monge
Ayuso se queda con la libertad, S谩nchez con el caos - Marta Garc铆a Aller
Bares y fascismo - 脕lvaro Petit Zarzalejos
Construcci贸n de sujeto y elecciones - Juan Manuel Arag眉茅s Estragues
Cuando despert贸, el dinosaurio todav铆a estaba all铆 - C茅sar Calder贸n
El fin de las restricciones obliga a Vox a un cambio de estrategia en plena salida del 4-M - Javier Bocanegra
El final de la escapada - Gregorio Mor谩n
El Pablo Iglesias del futuro: universidad, venganza medi谩tica y retaguardia pol铆tica - Iv谩n Gil
El qui茅n es qui茅n del nuevo Podemos "coral y feminizado" m谩s all谩 de Belarra y Montero - Iv谩n Gil
El v铆deo de Bonig o el d铆a que descubrimos que a煤n hay sentimientos en los pol铆ticos - V铆ctor Romero
Errej贸n se quedar谩 con el rosario - Graciano Palomo
Espadas, un moderado que reh煤ye la radicalidad - Isabel Morillo
Est谩 ah铆 porque la despreciaron - Graciano Palomo
La espantada de Iglesias - Rub茅n Am贸n
La otra Espa帽a del 3%: las CCAA donde Cs tendr铆a esca帽os con el mismo resultado que en Madrid - Alberto Sierra
La pol铆tica al servicio de los pol铆ticos - Alejo Vidal-Quadras
La victoria de Madrid impulsa la ofensiva de Casado para controlar la estructura territorial del PP - Fernando Varela
Lo que esconde Isabel D铆az Ayuso - Javier Fumero
Lo que hacen las campa帽as - Carolina Bescansa
Nueve semanas que conmocionaron al Partido Socialista - Antonio Avenda帽o
Pedro S谩nchez se esconde y se esconde - Jos茅 Apezarena
Querido Pablo, Berlinguer era otra cosa - Luca Costantini
Una fuerte oposici贸n y una campa帽a directa: algunas de las claves del 茅xito de M贸nica Garc铆a - Clara Garc铆a
Unidas Podemos afronta una refundaci贸n expr茅s pendiente del alcance del liderazgo de Yolanda D铆az - Jos茅 Enrique Monrosi
Y ganaron los nacionales... a Pedro S谩nchez - Jos茅 Mar铆a de la Riva
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alyssalenkoa year ago
OC Faceclaims
@starsandskies鈥 and @emjs-good-out-here鈥 you have no idea the can of worms you opened with this innocent tag XD I have been slaving away on these edits for TWO WEEKS. I figured If I was going to show them off, they were going to look right. :鈥橠
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some of them are not used very often or have not been used yet but sometimes I wanted to refer to a specific feature so they got face claims as well because my brain just works like that鈥nd since some of the text is hard to read because I made it their eye colors (which thankfully some of these edits were just changing eye colors) and that was a bad idea on my part, from left to right and top to bottom:
Ksenia Solo: Alyss Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko
Clara Lee Kelly: Abigail Shepard LI Jeff 'Joker' Moreau
Oksana Butovskya: Taye Shepard LI Thane Krios
Julie Kennedy: Odessa Cousland LI Alistair Theirin
Natasha Barnard: Elyssia Hawke LI Fenris
Emily Rudd: Victoria 'Tori' Trevelyan LI Cullen Rutherford
Meagan Tandy: Alexis Ryder LI Liam Kosta
Tolle Sommersprosen: Ivi Ryder LI Reyes Vidal
India Eisley: Marlo Ryder LI Harry Carlyle
Taylor Noel Freeman: Nessa Sinclair LI Asra Alnazar
Emily Didonato: Quinn Shepard LI Conrad Verner
Jessica Heap: Phasmi and Phranki Trevelyan LI Cullen Rutherford and Thom 'Blackwall' Rainier, respectively.
Rachel Hurd-Wood: Newti Lavellan LI Solas
Deborah Ann Woll: Celeste Hawke LI Anders
Taylor Swift: Y'vonne Vollay LI Aric Jorgan
Lauren Mellor: Stelloc Merr LI Archiban 'Doc' Kimble
Riley Ramussen: Seyla Vorre LI Andronikos Revel
Courtney Eaton: Tayli Pirrard LI Vector Hyllus
Isla Fisher: Mira Stelloc LI Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Grace Phipps: Raelita Planen LI Corso Riggs
Ana Villafa帽e: Tourmaline and Coraz贸n Deskar LI Archiban 'Doc' Kimble and Aric Jorgan, respectively.
Yanina Studilina: Briar Lavellan LI Thom 'Blackwall' Rainier
Gugu Mbatha Raw: Calysta 'Cal' Shepard (and her twin Grainne, but Grainne belongs to my co-author) LI Kaidan Alenko
Simone Haas: Marina Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko and Jeff 'Joker' Moreau
Mackenzie Foy: Mira Stelloc LI Sirius Black
Chloe Grace Moretz: Seyla Grove LI Brendan Birch
Xenia Tchoumitcheva: Yvette Harrington LI Muriel
Tiffany Withrow: Lorelei Ryder LI Tiran Kandros
Holly Peers: Viola Ryder LI Jaal Ama Darav
Sai Bennett: Carlotta 'Lotte' Payne LI Julian Devorak
Phoebe Tonkin: Nebula Hawke LI Sebastian Vael
Miranda Kerr: Naomi Shepard LI James Vega
Anna Popplewell: Myka Shepard (and her twin Lillith, but Lillith belongs to my co-author) LI Kaidan Alenko
Jasmine Sanders: Winnifred Shepard LI Garrus Vakarian
Odette Yustman: Casey Shepard LI Urdnot Wrex
Karen Gillan: Adrienne 'Andy' Mett LI Thor
Beno卯t Mar茅chal: Blaize Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko
Gigi Hadid: Kayliss LI Master Rahool
Matt Lanter: Stanley Shepard LI Kaidan Alenko and Zaeed Massani
Rita Ora: Hetti of Lyria LI Eskel
Ana de Armas: Molly Shepard LI Liara T'Soni
Jayde Rossi: Default Sara Shepard LI Liam Kosta
Emma Roberts: Victoria 'Phasmi' Graceland
Tagging @auroraborealia鈥 (since you wanted to see the finished product and to share all of yours!) @pikapeppa鈥 @lauraemoriarty鈥 @a-shakespearean-in-paris鈥 @schoute鈥 @kenshi-vakarian7 @foofyschmoofer鈥 @guileandgall @obvidalous 鈥 @briarfox13鈥 @forlornmelody鈥 @joufancyhuh鈥 @vorchagirl鈥 @badwolf626鈥 @rpgwarrior4824鈥 @natsora鈥 @naromoreau鈥 @hawkeykirsah鈥 @amarmeme鈥 @gugle1980鈥 @bardofheartdive鈥 @shretl鈥 @citadelsushi鈥 @seigephoenix鈥 @illusivesoul鈥 and anyone else who wants to play but as always no obligation!
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goldnbrcnzea year ago
Nathaniel had already been thinking about it, but his plan to confront Estelle was exactly that: a plan. He was still working out all the kinks and his exact approach to her. But when he pulled back into their driveway, he saw Estelle鈥檚 car but not their mothers. He鈥檇 wait, he鈥檇 try to figure out the right time to talk to her about the questions she must鈥檝e had answers to.聽
They weren鈥檛 close, Estelle would鈥檝e done close to anything to get him to disappear, for their mom to聽鈥榬eturn鈥 him. He held his keys in his hand, silently telling his feet to keep going, but he turned into the living room instead. As soon as he stepped foot in the room, he felt all confidence melt away, his sister鈥檚 superiority to him always evident. Swallowing hard, he squared his jaw, not backing down.聽鈥淔ancy seeing you here.鈥 He grins. It鈥檚 an act, but fake it til you make it, right?聽鈥淪o. I had a question. A little inquiry, if you will. Nothing huge, just curiosity burning that midnight oil. But Mom鈥檚 been a little quiet lately, not sure if you noticed.鈥 The jab is subtle, but he waits for her to pick up on it.聽鈥淲ell anyway, I got to thinking about what it could be. And Victoria is doing fine, so I started looking at recent events. The one thing that kept coming up was Vidal Athanas.鈥 Nathaniel turns to her, the delivery of his question almost accusatory.聽鈥淵ou know anything about him?鈥 // @estcllle鈥
Tumblr media
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starkiller-story10 months ago
November 9th, 2520, on Al-Aled, an army post in the western sectors of the capital Thel-Vidal falls under attack by Del Tafar militants who kill eleven people. In the IMC, an IMC soldier attacks and kills his commanding officer with an axe before shooting two other military officers and being arrested. On the Frontier, the far-off close collection of habitable worlds and systems controlled by the IMC, the Militia鈥檚 revolution has stalled. The rebel Militia has seen neither a major victory, nor another serious battle since their attack on Demeter. The major refueling point between the Frontier and the rest of the galaxy has slowed IMC efforts to reinforce themselves, yet the majority of the worlds still remain under corporate control. The Tenefir Virus can鈥檛 even be blamed so far out. Today that changes though. In the dark of the early morning, ten starships of a new attacker design, built entirely by the Militia, penetrate into the area of the planet Vardos. These Vigilante fast attack fighters move in and three prepare an attack on an IMC warship in orbit while the rest enter the atmosphere and make for the small industrial city of Kayta. The seven attack the city, bombing and airfield, the town hall, and ground forces patrolling the streets to signal the beginning of a new uprising. The operation, which has been in the planning stages for months, sees hundreds of civilians pour into the streets armed with any weapons they can find as the A-11 Vigilantes bomb the city for the better part of twenty minutes. Outside the city, three artillery guns begin shelling IMC positions. In orbit, the other three attackers destroy an IMC destroyer as a small Militia battlegroup comes out of drift. The battle for Vardos has begun. In the UEG, the vote count on New Pluto is finished and Michael Borden has the most votes, pushing him even farther ahead of Preda Sabaat. Casrolina and New Ontario are the last two planets to not be finished yet, however it is apparent that Borden has won. Nonetheless, Sabaat refuses to concede and his campaign files lawsuits on Gamon, Victoria, New Pluto, Levosia, and Borden-leaning Casrolina, alleging vast election fraud. Also, Sabaat fires the UEG Secretary of Defense, intending to replace him with a loyalist in the wake of the election.
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villagetva year ago
okay聽 yall,聽 here聽 it聽 is聽 !聽 i聽 seriously聽 had聽 such聽 a聽 hard聽 time聽 deciding聽 between聽 all聽 of聽 these聽 apps聽 because聽 every聽 single聽 one聽 of聽 them聽 was聽 amazing聽 to聽 read聽 and聽 so聽 wonderful.聽 i聽 wish聽 i聽 could聽 accept聽 everyone聽 !聽 but聽 seriously,聽 i聽 just聽 want聽 to聽 thank聽 you聽 all聽 for聽 the聽 hard聽 work聽 you鈥檝e聽 done,聽 and聽 for聽 applying聽 at聽 all.聽 i聽 did聽 not聽 think聽 in聽 my聽 wildest聽 dreams聽 that聽 this聽 group聽 was聽 going聽 to聽 get聽 this聽 many聽 applications,聽 but聽 i鈥檓聽 so聽 glad聽 it聽 did聽 and聽 i鈥檓聽 so聽 inspired聽 by聽 all聽 the聽 people聽 who聽 went聽 above聽 and聽 beyond聽 in聽 their聽 applications.聽 i聽 literally聽 loved聽 every聽 one聽 that聽 i聽 got,聽 and聽 it聽 was聽 nearly聽 impossible聽 to聽 choose聽 for聽 me.聽 you聽 all聽 should聽 feel聽 proud聽 of聽 your聽 work聽 whether聽 or聽 not聽 you鈥檙e聽 accepted.聽 again,聽 thank聽 you聽 so聽 so聽 so聽 much聽 <3
below聽 the聽 cut聽 are聽 the聽 list聽 of聽 acceptances,聽 with聽 my聽 (slightly聽 rambly)聽 comments.聽 accepted聽 applicants聽 will聽 have聽 24聽 hours聽 to聽 send聽 in聽 their聽 accounts.聽 after聽 that,聽 i聽 will聽 be聽 going聽 through聽 the聽 remaining聽 applicants聽 for聽 that聽 spot聽 before聽 opening聽 it聽 for聽 new聽 applications聽 !聽 as聽 accounts聽 are聽 sent聽 in聽 i鈥檒l聽 be聽 sending聽 out聽 the聽 discord聽 link. again,聽 i聽 love聽 you聽 all聽 so聽 much聽 and聽 thank聽 you聽 for聽 bearing聽 with聽 me聽 through聽 this.聽
MUSE A:聽NAOMI AHN has been cast in the role of ZOEY LEE聽( mun: zia ! )
zia, you are an amazing writer! when i read your bios for naomi and zoey, i was in AWE at not only your skills, but also the way that every piece of information added something important to understanding both of their characters. to me, they embody the drive and competitive spirit of muse a, but added super interesting twists on the characters. i鈥檓 excited to see where you take naomi and zoey, and i can鈥檛 wait to rp with you!
MUSE B: PALOMA VIDAL聽has been cast in the role of VALENTINA ROMERO聽( mun: izzy ! )
izzy, all of the apps for muse b were amazing -- hands down the best group of apps for any muse, so this decision was super difficult. but for me, your app really stood out because you approached muse b in a different way. reading your biography for her, i felt like you really understood the real person behind the spotlight that seems to shine on muse b. and paloma? WOW. i absolutely love the character you鈥檝e created, and every muse post, headcanon and edit proved that (those promo posters? AMAZING.) overall, you did a fantastic job and i can鈥檛 wait to see where you go with paloma!
MUSE C:聽JUDE MADSEN-WELLS has been cast in the role of BROOKS BENNETT ( mun: b ! )
b, the minute i finished reading your application, i said聽鈥渨e have our muse c!鈥 the bio was so well thought out (and i loved the format, i thought it was beyond cute!) not only do i love harry styles, but i love jude -- and i can鈥檛 wait to see how his personality influences his character and vice versa.聽when writing the bones of muse c, i got a little worried because it is the type of character that can get stereotypical or unbelievable without care or thought put into it, but every detail you brought with the muse posts really solidified to me that you understand muse c. there are no doubts in my mind you鈥檒l play this character beautifully!聽
MUSE D:聽GABRIEL ALEXANDER聽has been cast in the role of PHILLIP LOGAN ( mun: mimi ! )
mimi, reading your application i felt super excited to see what you are going to do next with gabe, and that excitement kind of mirrors his character to me! you gave me just enough to keep me guessing, but within that you gave me a strongly defined character with the little things that make a person who they are. i also really loved your take on muse d and it was exactly what i imagined. amazing job!聽
MUSE F: WILLIAM LAWTON聽has been cast in the role of JAMES CONROY ( mun: amanda ! )
amanda, both(!!) of your apps were incredible. i鈥檓 heartbroken i can鈥檛 accept you for both muses honestly, because the effort that you put in was above and beyond, and i really went back and forth for a long time. however, one thing that was never in doubt was that you belong in this group, and i was ultimately so happy to accept your app for muse f! will is already such a quirky, dynamic character and his backstory was by FAR the most imaginative and original one i saw in any app. and your interpretation of muse f was spot-on! one thing that particularly struck me was the quote聽鈥渏ames conroy is good at heart鈥 because that鈥檚 so essential to his character, and it鈥檚 something that was missing from other apps. thank you so much for your dedication and i can鈥檛 wait to see you on the dash!
MUSE G: PAYTON JAMES HARLOW聽has been cast in the role of HARPER HAYES聽( mun: ali ! )
ali, this app was absolutely the most fun to read because it was so incredibly detailed and thought out. i know you said i didn鈥檛 have to read everything but i totally wanted even more! with the timelines and the family background included, i literally felt like i was reading not only about payton but about her entire universe and that made me scream because i was so excited!! what absolutely clinched your application for me was your interpretation of muse g because it was just so? right? gahhh i鈥檓 rambling but i鈥檓 so happy with this application and so excited to rp with you!
MUSE H: HARVEY STRATHMORE聽has been cast in the role of MATTI JAMES ( mun: riley ! )
riley, the work that you put into this app is astounding to me! everything about harvey shines off the page, and all the details you added made him feel living and breathing. he鈥檚 such a unique character and i鈥檓 really looking forward to seeing where you decide to take him! i especially loved the edits you provided as i thought they were super creative. now muse h is my baby of all the muses, and so i was really worried i wasn鈥檛 going to find anyone who i thought could strike the right balance with him. but your app literally embodied how i feel about muse h, like i had to check i didn鈥檛 write it myself. it was incredible! congratulations and i鈥檓 excited to write with you!
MUSE I: YANG JAEBIN聽has been cast in the role of FLETCHER PARK ( mun: sarah ! )
sarah, i really enjoyed your app and your interpretation of muse i! i think it鈥檚 really perfect and i love the symbiosis that jaebin and fletcher have. looking at your pinterest board really solidified for me that you had a strong grasp on both your muse and the character they play, and i can鈥檛 wait to see what you do with both of them! congratulations :-)
MUSE J: HONOR CLARKE-MONTGOMERY聽has been cast in the role of CASSIE HWANG聽( mun: victoria ! )
this was definitely the hardest decision i had to make tonight, because all the apps were absolutely fantastic. i loved reading every single character you all came up with -- honor is no exception. with her incredibly detailed backstory, stats, and muse posts, i was in awe of how well you portrayed her. but victoria, your interpretation of muse j was just so perfect! it wasn鈥檛 exactly the way i鈥檇 pictured her when i had first imagined the skeletons, but now that i鈥檝e read your app i literally can鈥檛 picture her any other way. you understood her in a way that the other apps (and even me!!) didn鈥檛. and cassie鈥檚 deeper similarities with honor... chef鈥檚 kiss! i鈥檓 so ecstatic that you鈥檝e applied and i can鈥檛 wait to see what you do with honor.聽
MUSE K: KAIA BURKE聽has been cast in the role of LARA LAMBE ( mun: v ! )
v, i fell in love with kaia and lara while reading your app, and that鈥檚 how i knew it had to be you! you really understood the charismatic energy of muse k and brought it to the forefront. i absolutely loved the muse blog you created! reading her backstory was awesome, but then looking at the magazine edits you created? the timeline of all her films? the awards she鈥檚 received? oh my gosh, it was amazing. thank you for bringing this vision to life so perfectly!
MUSE L: ATLAS GREENE聽has been cast in the role of XAVIER HASTINGS聽( mun: deven ! )
deven, i was totally blown away by this app! muse l was definitely one of the skeletons that was most mysterious to me and i was expecting to see a lot of different interpretations. i absolutely LOVED yours (especially all your muse posts! so perfect), and i think in your hands muse l has so much potential. and atlas!! i love him as a character, he鈥檚 completely different from any other app i received and i鈥檓 so excited to see where you take him. but even further than that i can clearly see all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into him, and it paid off. i鈥檓 so excited to see you on the dash!
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