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all the world’s a stage (by braveten), 10/10, complete - Everyone has a guilty pleasure.For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.(And, honestly, on the spectrum of guilty pleasures, he figures that his is on the far, far more innocent side.)

A Very Special Delivery (by CullinanKatsudon), 7/7, complete - Actor Victor doesn’t want to be at Chris’s wrap party…until a special delivery of katsudon arrives, brought by the errant extra he’s been pining over, Yuuri Katsuki.It was not a rent boy on the other side of the door. It was not a barely-dressed, winking, eager young thing ready to jump into Victor’s arms. It was Yuuri Katsuki. Holding a brown bag with Yuutopia Garden To Go! stamped on the side.

Both are actors

lie to make me like you (by cityboys), 9/9, complete - So it’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days are in that month, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up.

life with the dull bits cut out (by thishasbeencary), 1/1, complete - Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katuski have been best friends since acting school. Viktor got his big break early, and brought Yuuri on to every exciting event and premier in his career. As Yuuri’s career takes off, he does the same with Viktor. They do everything together, and act like they’ve known each other for their entire lives.Their fans think they’re in love.

The Secrets of a Successful Rivalry (by Mayonaka_no_Tenshi), 10/10, complete - They are two of the most prominent leading men in the world. Any movie starring one of them is practically guaranteed to be box office gold. Time and again their movies go head to head battling it out among critics and fans.Victor Nikiforov is everybody’s heartbreaker with a smile and charm that can melt the hardest heart. Yuuri Katsuki is quiet and mysterious, a surprising mix of sweet and strong that has people falling all over themselves. And everyone knows the rivalry between them is legendary.For years, their names have been pitted against each other, each fighting to come out on top whether it be at the box office, or the latest top-ten list of which celeb is most awesome for “whatever reason we could think up this week”.Their managers have kept them apart for years, never allowing them to actually meet, but now a studio wants to cash in on both of their success by putting them in a movie together playing rivals and using that rivalry offscreen to promote the movie as well.Everyone knows they hate each other and are eager to see the sparks fly, but no one knows what’s really going on behind the scenes.

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Baby Blue Prince (by Daughter of Vayu (aquaregia)), 6/?, incomplete - When Viktor Nikiforov met Yuuri, he didn’t know that cute guy with awful baby blue tie was actually a real life prince. The one with titles and such.The Modern Royalty AU with Yuuri as Prince Cinnamon Roll.


Golden Chains (by Oilux), 1/1, complete -  Yuri Katsuki came to him in golden chains. He was shaking, a slight form that was hunched over, as though he could reason that if he was small, no one would notice him. Yet he was dragged before Victor in golden chains, meant to be gorgeous and exotic and charming, but all Victor could see was muscle and skin and how he wanted.And how Victor wanted.

Blood and Betrayal (by preciousbunnynoiz), 33/33, complete - When Yuuri was 8 he met Prince Victor and swore undying loyalty to him and vowed to become his bodyguard.Through their life their bond only deepens but almost from the first moment they met forces around them worked against their happiness.Is their bond and their love enough to overcome their enemies plans or will they go down in flames?

Only a Kiss (by TheWaywardSong), 7/7, complete -  Crown Prince of Terra Incognita, Victor Nikiforov is set to take over the throne on his twenty-eighth birthday. When he has yet to find a husband, ten candidates are selected to compete for the prince’s hand in marriage. Among them is Katsuki Yuuri, a commoner from the smallest province in the kingdom who has been in love with the prince since he was twelve years old. His widest dreams have finally come true until an encounter at the Welcome Masquerade leaves him questioning his place in the competition.

Both are Royal

The Dancing Royals (by planetundersiege), 1/1, complete - Yuuri, prince of Japan, meets an old friend at one of his family’s balls.

Prince Mari (by teawithfiction), 3/?, incomplete - The shoes were way too tight on his feet as expected. Yuuri was already starting to plan a letter in his head. Something along the following lines:Mother, father,
I think I might have made a grave mistake.Yours sincerely,Your loving son Crown Prince of Hasetsu Katsuki Yuuri

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about MAPPA and Ice Adolescence and COVID-19;

someone else pointed this out but I’m going to say it in my own words and with my own thoughts

I completely understand, as things are right now, why we probably won’t be getting a release date. a lot of time, effort, and money have gone into making this film and they will probably NEED a successful theater launch, which is impossible as things stand right now. there are probably less theaters open than closed, and people are unable or unwilling to leave their homes to go see a movie anyway.

and as we have no idea what’s going to happen in the near future, let alone the far future, they can’t say for sure when anything will be played in theaters.

I understand even as far as working on it goes, due to social distancing and self-isolating preventing the studio from coming in to work on it (which I 100% respect and understand, I’d rather they all stay healthy than get the movie but knowing they put themselves in danger to make it

that being said, while i understand the lack of information as far as releasing the movie goes, and the pause in production, I am still allowed to be sad at the lack of word about ANYTHING.

we KNOW there is a trailer (even if due to any changes they’ve made since announcing the delay in release last September may mean it is no longer completely accurate), but they played it for theater audiences back in early 2019. we KNOW there is a premise planned, and we know they know who and what it will be about. we KNOW there are sketches and concept arts and frames. we KNOW there are planned costumes for the skaters, and outfits for when they are off the ice.

ANY OF THIS would be more than enough information to share with us. to get us excited, to make this whole thing easier, and to give them feedback and information on what kind of reaction may be had to the movie. 

the day the trailer played in theaters the first time during the showing in japan, only the people who were able to be there got to see it, however the ENTIRE fandom was having a freakout as if we had all seen it. there was an immediate influx of art, of meta posts and ideas of what it could be about, from people who HADN’T seen it. 

imagine how much it would brighten the day of every fan who is also suffering through this pandemic if they gave us something. anything

TL;DR: i completely understand and respect MAPPA’s pause on production of Ice Adolescence, as well as them not giving us a release date or a theater date due to the coronavirus and the unexpected outcome of everything currently. however, i am still sad that despite knowing they have… a lot of little teaser things they could show us any which one of without spoiling everything or needing a date, they still choose not to. 

i respect them and their choices, but still. we just want something to keep us going. 

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Snow White AU

The Snow White Princess is (by Nachuu), 1/1, complete - Katsuki Yuuri is the most beautiful guy in the whole kingdom and it sparks jealousy to others.

Or Just Some Human Sleep (by Duskisnigh), 1/1, complete - “No, thank you,” Yuuri insisted, holding the broom in front of him like a weapon. “I may be fourteen, and I may have lived a relatively sheltered life, but I am not stupid, and I’m pretty sure you’ve drugged that apple.”

Little Mermaid AU

Out of the Sea (by SophiaFrederica), 7/7, complete - “Someone needs to make sure that you don’t go lusting after him too hard and accidentally enchant him with your beautiful voice and get him drowned. The royal family of Russia has no heir at the moment, so it would definitely drive the country into a chaos, and then it would be no use trying to make an alliance with them.”“Phichit!”

Under the Sea (by Linisen), 1/1, complete - Yuuri is twelve years old when Yuuko brings him to the beach to see a human for the first time. The silver haired boy runs in the sand, chasing after a brown furry animal. The boy smiles and laughs and Yuuri longs to be with him, to have legs instead of his light blue tail. Yuuri comes back to the beach often during the coming eight years, hidden from view as he watches Victor grow from a boy to a man. Yuuri himself getting older and more prepared to shoulder the responsibility’s of being born to the rules of one of the sea kingdoms.One night, Yuuri comes to watch Victor only to finds him on a boat. A storm closes in, lighting striking the ship, sending it in pieces down towards the bottom of the ocean. Yuuri can’t stop himself, as he dives to save the one he longs to stand beside.

Beauty and the Beast AU

The Coin, The Stone & The Rose (by Silver_Scribbles), 17/17, complete - Crown Prince Viktor Nikiforov once had the world at his fingertips; he was rich and powerful and handsome, and he had everything his heart desired. Now, he is a Beast, imprisoned by an Enchantress’ spell; hiding away from the world in the never-ending winter of his shame. Katsuki Yuuri is … odd, to say the least. Beautiful, but odd. While the rest of the villagers put one foot firmly in front of the other, Yuuri would rather loose himself to his dancing and his daydreams; always wishing for something more than his provincial life.Each is captive to circumstances beyond their control; trapped by unbreakable spells and impossible dreams. However, an unlikely meeting is about to change everything.Hope makes a final play for their salvation as the sands of time run out; but as Yuuri and Viktor learn to find themselves in one another, they also make discoveries that they’re completely unprepared for … some wondrous, some wretched … and some treacherous enough to permanently tear them apart. For who could ever learn to love a Beast?

with the power of love (by wartransmission), 1/1, complete - “Viktor?” Yuuri says hesitantly, eyeing him with caution.“It’s me, Yuuri,” Viktor says, smiling a heart-shaped smile that he hopes allays Yuuri’s worries. “And you broke the spell!”

Mulan AU

Stronger than ever believed (by Linisen), 5/5, complete - “There is going to be a war, Yuuri,” his mother says calmly, reaching out her hand with her palm up. Yuuri takes it, hoping to find comfort in the contact. He doesn’t. He only feels cold and empty He feels as if he’s left without any means to defend himself. “There will be hard times for all of us. Morooka, he can take care of you. You will be well fed and have a good roof over your head. He has status, and hopefully when the war ends, he will help this town prosper.” “But I—” “Yuuri,” his father interrupts, and Yuuri looks at him, feeling desperation rise in his chest as they lock eyes. His father looks sure, cold and determined. The first tear spills down Yuuri’s cheek. “You have to be honorable. You have to carry this family’s honor. It is your duty as an omega. This is the only thing you can do for our family.” 

Princess and the Frog AU

Kiss (by BunniesofDoom), 1/1, complete - Yuuri encounters a frog named Victor, who insists that he’s a prince with an unusual problem.

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I’ve been dead to Tumblr for years now but if I make a post about anything, it’ll be my constant-questioning that decides to take over and allow myself to make a reappearance.

Now: for months upon months, the few people that remain in the Yuri!!! on ICE fandom ask the same question: “are we ever going to get this Ice Adolescence movie?” I myself have been one of those few people who both remain foolishly loyal and asking these questions. A lot of people have lost hope and given up waiting, thinking that the radio silence us overseas fans have received is the creators’ way of hoping we forget everything while they then drop the news that there is, in fact, no movie coming.

As frustrated as I am and as much as I’ve chided in with these chants of doubt, I can’t help but hold on to a little bit of hope, which is Kubo’s Twitter. You’re probably thinking “yeah, it’s dead, she never posts anymore so how is that reassuring?” Well, let’s take a step back in time all the way to the days where season 1 was coming to a close and the fandom was at its peak: Kubo tweeted CONSTANTLY, her page had numerous updates on her life, the show, etc every single day. Then, when the movie was announced and production (presumably) began not long after, her tweets began disappearing, becoming few and far between. From my perspective, I would take that as a sign that she’s working very hard and is putting her focus towards the movie rather than social media. Even still, her Twitter has remained a desolate wasteland almost for the past year or so. Her last original tweet was in October of last year (2019), and the most she’s been active is retweeting a few things here and there. (And if you ask me, she looks like she’s lost a lot of weight which is a tad bit concerning to me).

Is this proof that Ice Ado is 100% on its way to our screens any time soon? No, it’s absolutely not. Am I trying to hold on to even the slightest bit of hope, even though that thread grows more feeble by the day? Yes. All we can hope for is an end to the radio silence, and that we are absolutely spoiled ROTTEN if/when more news comes out. We deserve it after all. I’m just trying to find ways to hold on to this fandom for dear life.

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I know we don’t have any news on ice adolescence yet, but fuck it. It’s a sad time right now. Let’s talk about some happy and heartwarming things. What are you hoping to see when it’s finally released?

Personally, I am hoping to see 1.) the wedding, 2.) a SECOND kiss (where Yuri kisses Victor), and 3.) makkachin getting a sibling c:

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A question I’m often asked is why Yuri On Ice is my favourite anime. Well not only is the animation absolutely stunning but as someone who’s non binary and identifies as gay I felt as though it represented gay love perfectly. It showed that love between men is soft, pure and gentle. Yuri and Victor support each other wholeheartedly and are not ashamed of their love for each other. Rather than representing mlm as corrupted and sinful like most things it showed that two men can healthily be in love with each other, treasuring every moment they share. It helped me no longer be ashamed of the love I have for men. Gay love is never inherently adult or pornographic or taboo. It is as sweet as honey and as soft as silk it is wholesome. There is no shame in loving men!

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