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here is the same waterfall from 9 days ago! (from higher up, obviously)

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anyway, this is the waterfall I went off trail and fell on my ass to get closer to, enjoy.

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dumb lil vid i completely forgot i made last night but remembered and decided to finish in the morning ^.^

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i’ve already uploaded this too many times to count, but my tag for this cartoon is so cluttered that i’ll always jump at a chance to blab about this again. this has GOT to be some of the funniest bill melendez animation. i’ve always fixated on how GREAT that typography is, but everything about this is hilarious—i’m particularly fond of the ever-hapless porky getting ruthlessly jostled around as he just… takes it like a rag doll. the dialogue is great enough, but the hilarity of the animation is really emphasized if you watch it without any sound.

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