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[Transient Global Amnesia was a part of the exhibit Third Space at Skånes konstförening Dec 14/2020 - Jan 17/2021]

In her installation, Asadi uses 1990s kitschy interior design details, soundscapes, and narration to explore how immigrants become time capsules of our families and of the places we leave behind. About this phenomenon, she explains, “I can be just as old as other Iraqis who came later, but we can’t understand each other, because my Arabic is stuck in the 90s.”

Asadi looks into the tensions of how we develop in our new countries, even as our language, culture, and values feel permanently stuck in that first moment of migration. The work is guided by the vital question: can nostalgia be a tool for future growth?

Ranya Asadi is a dancer, DJ, and artist based in Malmö. She works across media to explore new perspectives and expressions.

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