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I’m back to programming! I had a busy week with other work outside of work, so I wasn’t able to work on the game until now, so thanks for waiting patiently!

I’m like, always thinking about what the next steps are even when not programming, and I had the great idea to reuse my small stat window to preview more of your character’s stats. Looking back at my code, it was a REAL mess, like, wow. I managed to first refactor it into something a lot nicer.

This in turn allowed me to create some functions to control the box’s appearance without having to change variables directly inside the object (which is bad programming practice, control of objects should always be done in a standardised manner through scripts/functions!!)

I also made it so the text doesn’t appear all at once, and the scrolling effect of the text matches my box’s animation quite nicely! I also added some flags which control hiding or showing of different bits like the recruitment conditions, moves/abilities, and the number of part slots they have. I still need to display part slots but it’s close to done!

Please don’t mind the position of the box, it’s temporary… as are so many other things in the gif (and in life…)! I plan to have 2 open side by side when you’re choosing the second unit to swap in/out!

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Which one do you like better? I’m partial to both lol Mermay was fun but I don’t think I can do challenges that require daily uploads anymore. I’ll just do a ful illustration when I do them instead. My stress injury has been getting bad.

This was for a zine host on Twitter by ArtistsOfAskr called Merfeh!

Fire Emblem © Nintendo & Intelligent systems

Art © LotteLabrys

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AION 7.5 RUNE AND ODIAN STONES - New Ingame Systems Explained (Runestone…

With Aion 7.5 Update we are getting many new ingame features but probably the most important ones are Odian and Rune stones! In todays video I show you all you need to know about Odian Stones(Gemstones on NA servers) and Runes Stones,so stay with me for the next few minutes to see why are these stones very important part of new Aion Update!If you like video SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see more videos in the future!Let me know in the comments below how do you like new Odian and Rune systems of Aion 7.5 Update? If you play Aion Korea (아이온) or Aion Russia (айон ) let me know how do you like Aion 7.7 (Aion 7.5) Update on your servers?

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Under Attack - Borderlands 3

I’m back, folks! I took a little break there because the pressure of posting every day was making this fun hobby I’m trying start to feel like a chore. But now I’m back and I’m going to start posting only once a week, maybe more often in the future, who knows.

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Since today is the last day of #mermay I decided to do a #Nami fanart. She’s one of my favorite champions of #lol and I loce this skin which I got from a chest. I drew her along #Jhin since today is also my friend @bloodhuntern ’s birthday. I hope you like it!

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