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Prey (2022) dir. Dan Trachtenberg
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i do not regret doing this.
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Deep sea live.
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Look, I've come here for my brother. The last break he had to come home, something else came in his stead.
I know my twin, and pretend as hard as that thing might, it always did things slightly off that only I would notice. Like how my twin likes to pop lips after taking his first sip of cola, or how he flairs his nose at the smell of fresh coffee.
This thing couldn't take me in a fight, and I have what's left of it in the trunk of my car. My twin told me what goes on here, so I know some rules.
He went by the moniker 'The calm one' I want whoever took him to know I'm getting him back, let them know his sister is The Storm.
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One day I’ll fix this so it is actually visually digestible. But today is not that day, besties.
You can see more of my art here on IG or here on RB
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Peace in the valley
Rübgarten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
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Chutney Popcorn (1999) dir. Nisha Ganatra
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love is
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asphodelgame · 7 months ago
A bit angst here... But how would the ROs react to PC who's just entirely lock themselves in their room when things go wrong, and in fact really need someone to be there for them but too scare to ask as they're rather 'friendless' before the Underworld...
I decided to do a bit of a writing warm-up today, with this as the prompt. :)
Pyri frowns, leaning back against the leg of the couch behind them and stretching their legs out in front, so they disappear under the table. "Dio didn't come to dinner," they say.
This is obvious, of course. Everyone else in the room was there, too, and knows it as well as they do. They also probably know that Dionysus always comes to dinner, so this is unusual. And bad. Not that he should force himself, if he doesn't feel good, but bad in the sense that things are just better when he's around.
Hades tilts his head for a moment. "He's in his room," he says. "Perhaps he simply wished for a bit of quiet this time?"
It would be a perfectly reasonable thing to want, Pyri supposes. They know they aren't really conducive to 'quiet' most of the time. Sometimes people need breaks from them. Or used to. Their friends now usually seem happier when they're themself, but that's beside the point. There's nothing wrong with needing a break from people, but…
"Actually I think it might not be that," Hermes says, giving the tone of it something like a hint of admission and glancing towards Hekate.
She sighs quietly, and nods. "Practice today was… not very productive," she explains. "We were attempting to teach him fire magic. I wasn't quite quick enough in responding to a mishap, and Dionysus's spell burned me a little. It wasn't anything significant, and I fixed it immediately, but I don't think he took it very well. We cut matters short, and he left. I think perhaps he went straight there and hasn't emerged since."
That would have been only a couple hours ago, but… "We should all go see him!" Pyri suggests, moving their feet back and forth on their heels to tap their toes together. "He probably feels bad. I know I did, the first time that happened to me."
Maybe they could offer to practice with him? They're completely fireproof, after all.
"I… don't know if all of us is a good idea," Charon says, at the same time as Alekto lifts her hands to sign.
Not all. Too many is overwhelming.
Or something like that. Pyri doesn't have signing all the way down yet.
They puff their cheeks, then release the breath. "Well someone should go," they insist.
That doesn't seem to be something anyone disagrees with. Hades looks thoughtful for a moment, then hums under his breath.
"Perhaps… one of us could go, whilst the rest of us prepare an activity? I think perhaps he is unaccustomed to being around people who wish to help, rather than being averse to the notion. If there were a ready invitation to issue, that might go some way towards convincing him that he is no longer without such people."
"What kind of activity, though?" Hekate asks, shooting a suspicious glance at Hermes.
He grins, more than happy to play into her expectations. Pyri has figured out, with a lot of trial and error, that Hermes says a lot of things just to be funny, even though he might present them as 'serious' suggestions, and they think he's gearing up to do that now.
Alekto seems to recognize as much, too. No, she says, before he even opens his mouth.
He laughs. "Damn, Leks. You're getting quicker on the draw." Even his signs have a playfulness to them, conveying the same teasing that's in his tone.
She rolls her eyes.
Charon clears their throat. "Perhaps something quieter, considering he likely doesn't feel the best?"
"He does like various crafts, as I understand it," Hades notes, turning his attention to Alekto. "Have you any suggestions for one we might all do together?"
She narrows her eyes in thought, then shrugs. Perhaps we could all attempt to paint the same thing, and see how they turn out?
Hekate chuckles. "That, I think would be quite entertaining."
Hades nods, a faint smile playing at the corner of his mouth. "Very well. Then, I think the rest of us will set up the canvases and find a suitable subject. Pyri, would you like to go talk to Dionysus on behalf of us all?"
Pyri startles a little in surprise. "Me?"
It seems like kind of an absurd suggestion. They're not exactly the most thoughtful or sensitive person, and they barely understand what being a deity even is, still. They do want Dio to feel better, but they somehow doubt they're exactly the one who would have that effect, especially alone.
But no one else looks in the least bit surprised. Alekto nods, like the choice was somehow obvious, and Hermes and Hekate exchange some… weird kind of look Pyri can't interpret.
Charon smiles gently at them. "I think Pyri's the perfect choice," they say, the remark infused with warm reassurance.
"Okay, well… if you think so. But I'm badgering you guys with Erebus if I mess up."
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elsewhereuniversity · 27 days ago
Dear Finances,
You recommended that people avoid names that fit them. You chose a boring and unattractive name so that you would not get attached to it. It was a very sensible choice! Your advice was also sensible. And boring. Your chosen name DOES fit you. I'm sorry.
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Scenes from the Papyrus of Tꜣ-šd-ḫnsw (Tashedkhonsu - “The one who Khonsu has saved”), 21st dynasty, 1069 BCE-945 BCE.
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