#vii.       you look like you need a little adventure       /       julia  &  wyatt.
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i think we should just stop whatever this is now.
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@honeysuckleds​  said  :   “  i  wish  this  could  last  forever.  ”  /  ☢ send a symbol for a drabble about our muses.     currently  not  accepting.
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i wish this could last forever.   though  it's  fabricated,  she  flashes  a  smile.  she  doesn’t  know  how  to  respond  to  him  without  lying,  and  she  really  doesn’t  want  to  lie  to  him.  as  soon  as  wyatt  looks  away,  her  mouth  relaxes  into  a  frown.  julia  came  here  with  the  expectation  that  in  three  months  she  would  be  out  of  this  hell  hole  and  the  memories  would  be  out  of  her  mind  quicker  than  she  can  down  a  glass  of  champagne.  by  this  time  next  year,  she’d  get  her  trust  fund  and  then  she  wouldn’t  even  be  able  to  remember  she  spent  a  whole,  dreadful  summer  at  camp  evergreen.  if  she  can  recall  it’s  name,  that  is.  and  yet,  it  grew  to  be  much  more  complicated.  wyatt  changed  everything.  god,  he’s  annoying.  he  had  encouraged  her  to  do  things  she  hadn’t  done  before  and  he  was  right  by  her  side  each  and  every  one  of  those  moments.  he  somehow  even  got  her  to  do  boring  camp  activities  because  with  him  they  were  anything  but  boring.  what  was  supposed  to  be  the  worst  experience  of  her  life  turned  out  to  be  the  happiest  one  she’s  had.  she  has  wyatt  and  his  inability  to  give  up  on  her  to  thank  for  that.
it  didn’t  have  to  be  this  way.  it  could  be  simple  again.  julia  has  the  option  of  picking  wyatt  over  her  parents  and  just  letting  the  rest  fall  into  place.  however,  she  still  has  this  little  voice  in  the  back  of  her  head  reminding  her  how  good  life  is  back  at  home,  how  perfect  it  is.  for  a  long  time,  she’s  held  her  past  on  a  pedestal  and  that’s  why  no  matter  how  extraordinary  being  with  wyatt  is,  she  has  to  return  home.  it’s  too  comfortable  not  to.  he  may  have  broken  her  out  a  shell,  but  nothing  can  take  her  from  her  lavish  lifestyle.  she  was  going  to  go  home  and  all  aspects  of  her  world  were  to  remain  the  same.  she  shouldn’t  have  been  so  stupid.  it’s  her  own  fault  for  getting  herself  mixed  up  with  some  random  guy.  it’s  like  she  told  ivy:  this  is  camp,  this  isn’t  the  real  world.  she  got  lost  in  this  daydream,  now  it  was  time  to  wake  up.
except  she  can’t  help  thinking  he’s  not  just  some  guy.  as  she  lay  next  to  him,  an  arm  around  her  shoulder  keeping  her  close,  this  doesn’t  feel  like  she’s  dreaming.  so,  maybe  she  can  reply  without  outright  lying.  she  does  want  to  stay  like  this  forever.  the  only  problem  being  that  she  knows,  deep  down,  it’s  not  going  to  happen.  the  truth  is  unavoidable  and  this  is  going  to  be  their  last  conversation  before  the  sun  rises  and  julia  breaks  the  news.  and  probably  his  heart  in  the  process.  it’s  kinda  sad,  he  has  no  idea  what  is  in  store  for  him  tomorrow  morning.  she  keeps  putting  off  their  goodbye  in  order  to  spare  his  feelings,  at  least  that’s  what  she  tells  herself.  honestly,  she  wants  to  spend  as  much  time  with  him  as  possible  because  she  did––––   does––––  like  him.  procrastinating  and  dragging  it  out  until  the  last  minute  had  been  her  plan  since  she  realized  how  she  felt  about  him.  and  also  a  little  part  of  her  believed  that  maybe  he  would  get  sick  of  her  and  finish  it  for  himself.  no  one  else  had  put  up  with  her  for  a  whole  summer  and  it  would’ve  made  their  situation  much,  much  easier  for  her.  but  considering  the  fact  they  were  currently  falling  asleep  next  to  each  other,  that  wasn’t  the  case.  it’s  going  to  be  awful.  sure,  hurting  others  is  second  nature  to  julia,  but  not  with  wyatt.  hurting  him  is  different.  although,  that  wasn’t  going  to  stop  her.
“     me  too.     ”
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my muse tells your muse that they need to break up.   julia  didn’t  get  any  sleep  that  night.  she  spent  most  of  it  staring  at  the  ceiling.  the  thought  of  what  she  was  going  to  tell  him  in  a  few  hours  was  too  much  stress  to  even  keep  her  eyes  closed.  once  she  decided  there  was  going  to  be  no  sleeping  for  her,  she  snuck  out  from  under  wyatt’s  embrace  and  his  cabin.  it  was  far  past  curfew,  but  when  did  she  ever  care  about  the  rules  of  camp?  seriously,  what  were  they  going  to  do?  kick  her  out  on  the  last  day?  no  way  in  hell.  at  first,  she  believed  stopping  by  a  few  of  the  places  with  the  best  memories  would  be  the  best  choice  for  a  night  like  this.  like  most  of  julia’s  ideas,  it  was  a  bad  one.  it  ended  up  upsetting  her  more.  having  been  reminded  of  her  favorite  things  made  the  reality  of  leaving  tug  at  her  heart  strings.  all  she  ever  wanted  since  stepping  foot  at  this  place  was  to  go  home.  now,  not  being  here  seems  impossible.

the  sun  began  to  come  up  over  the  horizon  as  she  gently  swung  on  the  hammock  she  and  wyatt  had  fallen  asleep  at  on  a  few  occasions.  it  also  happened  to  be  the  place  she  very  aggressively  forced  him  to  make  the  first  move  between  them.  ew,  being  sad  is  not  it.  julia  quickly  rose  to  her  feet  and  took  the  usual  path  to  her  cabin.  there’s  no  better  time  than  the  present  to  start  packing.  and  it’s  going  to  take  a  while  to  put  her  ridiculous  amount  of  belonging  in  their  appropriate  bags.  that’s  when  she  reached  under  her  bed  and  came  across  those  shoes––––  the  same  shoes  one  of  the  nasty  campers  threw  up  on.  the  shoes  wyatt  cleaned  and  then  flipped  her  life  upside  down.
the  click  of  the  screen  door  causes  julia  to  jump,  slightly.  she  wasn’t  expecting  someone  to  come  in  so  early  and  the  sound  startles  her.  she  turns  to  see  what  monster  is  up  at  this  hour  to  bother  her.  wyatt,  of  course.  she  forgotten  he  woke  at  the  ass  crack  of  dawn.  when  he  asks  her  where  she’d  run  off  to  this  morning,  she  gulps.      “     i...     ”      julia  cautiously  places  her  jimmy  choos  on  top  of  the  luggage  and  shrugs.  pretending  there  was  nothing  wrong  is  starting  to  eat  away  at  her,  she  can’t  put  this  show  on  for  much  longer.  it  had  to  end  now.      “     i’m  sorry,     ”      any  signs  of  gratitude  disappears  from  her  features  and  she  takes  a  step  back,      “     i  can’t.     ”      there’s  a  pause  as  she  takes  a  deep  breath.  she  has  to  be  as  stoic  as  ever,  or  else  he’d  alter  the  decision  with  ease.      “     i  can’t  do  this.     ”
“     we’re  leaving  today,  so  i  think  we  should  just  stop  whatever  this  is  now.     ”
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smokedfires · a year ago
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it’s still the place that jasmine and i share a cabin with eight-legged bugs who are less scary than what they serve us for lunch. but it’s just, like, i don’t mind being here because you’re here.
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⋆          @𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐋𝐒   𝐀𝐒𝐊𝐄𝐃        :        ‘  maybe we should find the person who stole your positive attitude.  ’   wyatt  x  julia
“  when have you ever known me to have a positive attitude?  ”   she throws her hands up in despair, genuinely wondering how he could answer the question in favor of his side of the argument. julia sits on a worn out beach chair at the edge of the dock. she has been, for a while now, at the request of wyatt. he told her he had something very important to do and wanted her to be there when he did it. and yet when she readily agreed, she didn’t envision the task taking–––– julia lifts her phone from her lap, her eyes fixate to the time flashing on the screen–––– an hour and twenty eight minutes.   “  and i’m sorry, wyatt, but seriously... how much longer do you need me here to watch you land your perfect cannonball?  ”
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smokedfires · 2 years ago
❛ you always pretend you don’t care but i know you do. ❜ and ❛ you didn’t miss me, not even a little? ❜ for wyatt and julia :p
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dinner is the usual; reheated vomit with a side of trash. julia took one bite and it was so hard to keep down that her eyes began to water. a mistake she makes every night, stupidly assuming the food would somehow get better over night. after the taste test, she opts out at finishing and decides to uses her fork to swirl the food around the plate as she listens to wyatt ramble on and on, about something stupid a camper of his did today, with his mouth full, obviously. moments later, out of the corner of her eye, she recognizes a familiar figure passing by. her gaze moves from the tray of food, towards the silhouette, to establish who it is. jasmine. their relationship had become somewhat strained, you could say, after that brilliant  ‘ prank ’  of hers, but julia doesn’t understand why. she truly believes she should be receiving praises and thanks for what she’s done. she did the girl a favor by showing her how untrustworthy her friends are–––– ignoring the paradoxical fact that, in order to do it, she flat out lied. “jasmine,” she calls out, loud enough to be heard by the other. when jasmine turns her head to see where the voice is coming from, julia drops the useless utensil and waves her down with a cordial smile. “over here!” regardless of her effort, jasmine looks away, maintaining an emotionless expression, and keeps walking. she examines her path, until she sees she’s taken a seat with a few of their fellow counselors instead. “ugh,” julia groans, withdrawing the smile she had worn, and flips her hair over her shoulder. she doesn’t address the incident, but wyatt is practically on her lap; of course he saw the whole thing play out.    you always pretend you don’t care but i know you do.    his remark is made ever so softly (and thankfully after swallowing his food) into her ear.
he’s annoyingly right. he typically is, and she hates that about him. she hates how admirable the quality he possesses is; partially due to her constant demand to be right and unwanted habit of simultaneously being twice as stubborn. therefore, when she takes the opposing side, to spite him, she’s the person who is completely and embarrassingly wrong. meaning, either way she loses. and addition to that, she hates it partially because she doesn’t want to admire him at all. yet here he is–––– clashing-colored hawaiian shirt, collar half sticking up and half folded down, disheveled hair long enough to block his vision, and eating with his hands by choice–––– compelling her to think otherwise. it’d be easier to tell him the truth:    yeah, wyatt, you’re right. i do care, a lot, and you know me as well as you think you do. maybe more.    except, she wouldn’t be julia carlisle if she did. alternately, she locks eyes with him and lean in as close as she can without meeting his lips, but seeming as though she just might. before wyatt can react, she peers up at a small lock of his hair that’s fallen against his forehead, and almost in front of his eyes. angling her body away from him once again, julia takes the strand and wraps it around one of her fingers, which is quite literally where she has him. “you don’t know anything,” she whispers in response and then straightens her posture, letting go of any hold she had on him. he’s seen through the act tons of times and he’ll probably see through this act, too. nevertheless, she has no more to say on the topic. out loud, at least. she could go on to tell herself she has found a friend in jasmine, but she’s totally taken that for granted and is scared it’s irreparable. similar to wyatt, jasmine means something to julia, and she knows how important a friendship such as theirs can be. and in the end, the scary truth remains, if that thought didn’t stop her from jeopardizing that with jasmine, what makes her think it will when it comes to wyatt?
❛    you  didn’t  miss  me,  not  even  a  little?    ❜
“what? no… are you doing one of your joke-things?” she turns around, hiding the bright, giddy smile that’s now taken over her face. it isn’t until this moment that she spots his t-shirt on her bed. truth is, julia had missed him. she missed him so much that she wore an article of his clothing to bed the night before. which says a lot about their relationship considering the shirt is not only used, but ugly. she tries her best to grab it sooner than wyatt can notice it there, yet slightly fumbles over her own two feet in the process. julia gracefully saves herself, landing straight up on her bed, and tucks the shirt behind her back. by the smirk displayed on wyatt’s features, he’s clearly aware of exactly what’s happened here. taking a deep breath, she brings the shirt onto her lap and stares down at it. “fine, big foot, you win,” she stands in front of him and slips the shirt on over her head, ruffling up her previously perfect hair in the process. she didn’t mind being uncharacteristically unsophisticated around him, he’s made it obvious that no matter what she did or how imperfect she let herself be, he’d still like her. letting the shirt flow over her white dress, julia shrugs, “i missed you— i missed you, but only a little.”
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