skaldish · 2 days ago
Here's a fun story:
On my trip to Scandinavia, I visited the Lom Stave Church in Norway, which is famous for its runic writing that says, "This is as high as I could climb."
While I was there, I learned that when the church was built sometime around 1170, the Norse people weren't convinced God was powerful enough to protect the church and listen to prayers and such, so in order to get the pagans to trust going to church, the Christians decorated the interior of the church with dragon motifs.
(I was not able to find a cleaner photo online, so here's a shitty one I took myself. You can see the light of the round window shining on one of the dragon heads.)
Tumblr media
They did this because dragons were considered very powerful protection spirits, which is why you also see them outside the Lom stave church and on the prows of viking ships.
But here's the interesting takeaway I got from learning this:
The concept of an all-powerful deity—or at least a deity that was powerful enough to protect a church while being receptive to prayers and such—didn't seem to factor into pre-Christian Norse Heathenry.
This says something interesting about how the Norse people might have viewed the concept of "gods;" that they were limited, fallible, and couldn't wear all the hats, and encountering a religion that claimed their god could was highly suspect.
(This also makes me think that the idea that "gods choose our destinies" was something introduced into Heathenry by Christianity, which we see in the whole "dying in battle to go to Valhalla" thing.)
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pixalry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Northman - Created by Joseph K. Roman
You can follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter.
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underragingwaves · 2 days ago
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Happy birthday, @grimeundglow! 🔆💕 Hope the new year of your life will bring you many blessings!
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jadelynlace · 23 hours ago
Either #12 or #21 from the smut list (but if you pick #21 can you make it fluff as well please?)
Thank you!
Hi anon. #21 is the bathtub one, which has already been requested twice in different context, and it will be up soon.
But #12: “It’s 4am, how are you still horny?” just screams Ink Ivar. Screams.
Through the snap of his hips, the creak in the bed, and Ivar’s heavy panting in your ear, you knew the night wouldn’t end quickly. It was as if your sole existence and only breathing was enough to make him pitch a tent. He came on to you when he got home, pushing you up against the wall as he held onto your chin to get his fill of your lips. Once you were dizzy from the kiss, you caught up with yourself as he backed you into the bedroom.
Through the take-out in bed; clacking of chop sticks as you lay against him as you eat your fill of Thai food; his right arm slung around you to keep your naked body pressed against his. He came back on to after throwing the garbage away, after your eyes watched his naked back, traced the tattoos and the swell of his ass. It was slower this time, filled with teeth and tongue and slipping out in the last final seconds to come on you.
By midnight you were spent; hips that ached after your rode him. Watching his jaw tighten as you bounced, his abs quiver as he filled you up again. But something had set of a fire inside of him and he was still after you.
“I’m just content if I get to rub your back,” Ivar hums against your hair and if you had just met him, you might have fallen for it. Might have.
“That’s my ass, not my back,” You correct with lips plastered against his chest. Ivar’s only response is a snort from his nose as his fingers fondle, grabbing your backside roughly before a clap echos back through the bedroom. “The neighbors are going to hate us,”
“They’re asleep,” Ivar replies.
“Not with how loud you are,” You mumble. Dragging your leg in your favor, you push your weight through your knee and attempt to move, climb off of him but he frowns. “Ivar, I’m sticky and I want to shower,”
“Let’s shower,” Ivar says, starting to rise through limbs that creak and you put your hand in the middle of his chest and push him back towards the duvet.
“Alone,” You say sternly. The thought goes around Ivar’s head but makes no evidence of even getting close to his brain. “Ivar,” And his eyes flick from your chest to your face.
“It’s 4am, how are you still horny?”
“Uh��” Ivar trails off. “I’m Scandinavian?”
find the full prompt list here!
more ink drinker here!
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thesmartartslibrary · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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vikingsbifrost · 2 days ago
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serasvictoria · 2 days ago
This is my first contribution for @deans-ch-ch-cherrypie’s Hot Summer Challenge. Congratulations again on your milestone!
The prompt for this one is “Mediterranean Sea” and I picked Ivar as my character. I think that everyone knows by now that I am unable to make just one moodboard so I tried to center the three moodboards around three different countries (Greece, Italy and Spain).
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All images from Pinterest.
Tagging @punkrocknpearls @quantumlocked310 @youbloodymadgenius @istorkyou @adrille88
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realifezompire · 2 months ago
there are many benefits to being a Naval Salior
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it used to be pretty common for there to be cats on boats. they'd take care of any rodents who would chew on ropes or wires and spread diseases. sailors were also superstitious and believed that having a cat aboard would bring good luck! this belief passed on to their wives, who kept cats - especially black ones who were believed to be extra lucky - at home in order to keep their husbands safe when at sea.
another popular superstition? that if a cat came aboard it was a sign of luck, but if it only boarded halfway and then left, it was a sign of bad luck.
most ship's cats are only found in modern times on private vessels, but they have roots going back to early history. one such example is the Vikings, who took cats with them on expeditions.
Sources: Ship's Cats, @Manglewood
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perioddramasource · 4 months ago
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Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson VIKINGS: VALHALLA (2022–) #1.01 “the greenlanders”
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vinceaddams · a year ago
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The Welsh Viking is pretty cool! 
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kinschi · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Time to share my piece for the @broadsandbroadswords zine!
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catherinesvalois · a month ago
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dwellordream · a year ago
“Consider the Vikings. Popular feminist retellings like the History Channel’s fictional saga “Vikings” emphasize the role of women as warriors and chieftains. But they barely hint at how crucial women’s work was to the ships that carried these warriors to distant shores.
One of the central characters in “Vikings” is an ingenious shipbuilder. But his ships apparently get their sails off the rack. The fabric is just there, like the textiles we take for granted in our 21st-century lives. The women who prepared the wool, spun it into thread, wove the fabric and sewed the sails have vanished.
In reality, from start to finish, it took longer to make a Viking sail than to build a Viking ship. So precious was a sail that one of the Icelandic sagas records how a hero wept when his was stolen. Simply spinning wool into enough thread to weave a single sail required more than a year’s work, the equivalent of about 385 eight-hour days.
King Canute, who ruled a North Sea empire in the 11th century, had a fleet comprising about a million square meters of sailcloth. For the spinning alone, those sails represented the equivalent of 10,000 work years.”
“...Picturing historical women as producers requires a change of attitude. Even today, after decades of feminist influence, we too often assume that making important things is a male domain. Women stereotypically decorate and consume. They engage with people. They don’t manufacture essential goods.
Yet from the Renaissance until the 19th century, European art represented the idea of “industry” not with smokestacks but with spinning women. Everyone understood that their never-ending labor was essential. It took at least 20 spinners to keep a single loom supplied.
“The spinners never stand still for want of work; they always have it if they please; but weavers are sometimes idle for want of yarn,” the agronomist and travel writer Arthur Young, who toured northern England in 1768, wrote.
Shortly thereafter, the spinning machines of the Industrial Revolution liberated women from their spindles and distaffs, beginning the centuries-long process that raised even the world’s poorest people to living standards our ancestors could not have imagined.
But that “great enrichment” had an unfortunate side effect. Textile abundance erased our memories of women’s historic contributions to one of humanity’s most important endeavors. It turned industry into entertainment.
“In the West,” Dr. Harlow wrote, “the production of textiles has moved from being a fundamental, indeed essential, part of the industrial economy to a predominantly female craft activity.””
- Virginia Postrel, “Women and Men Are Like the Threads of a Woven Fabric.” in The New York Times
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teenage--fantasy · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Northman (2022)
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gloomystorm · 8 months ago
Me: *sees an attractive, broken,selfish,beaten down, villainous, with a sprinkle of madness and a dash of homicidal tendencies person, that could kill me in a second*
Also me: Ah, is this love that I feel? I shall devote all my time thinking and loving this one person.
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mysharona1987 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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unasked-for-opinions · 10 months ago
how to train your dragon can be classified as a horse girl movie. misunderstood child is a misfit and is disliked by peers, doesn’t do well in school. child finds solace in company of a four legged animal which child then trains secretly in a secluded environment. there’s an edgy love interest and comic relief friends. parent disapproves of this animal due to past experiences, but animal/child prove themselves to family and receive affection/heartfelt confession. 
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tessas-thompson · 8 months ago
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ALEXANDER LUDWIG ━ Flaunt Magazine (October 2021)
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hedgerowdevil · 8 months ago
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Danish photographer Jim Lyngvild has created a gallery of female Danish public figures and family members dressed as Völva - shamanic Norse women - based on archaeological studies and findings in Viking graves. The headdress of wolf and cubs' skulls is incredible.
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