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Kakashi took it upon himself to perch at the foot of the bed, working the laces from Sakura’s boots. He pulled them from her feet, letting them drop to his floor with a muffled thud.

“Thank you,” she said. “Where will you sleep?” She looked around his quarters, spotting a chaise lounge in front of his fireplace. Two bookshelves framed the stone hearth, each packed to the brim with worn leather-bound tomes. There were weapons there too, Sakura noticed. Knives and daggers, swords and axes.

Kakashi noticed the direction of her gaze and sighed. He rose from the bed and pulled the blankets to her torso.

“Did you… kill him, Kakashi?”

He met her gaze, watching her eyebrows pinch above her eyes. “No,” he said.

Sakura’s chin quivered. “Then I will kill him.”

“Rest first,” Kakashi told her, walking towards the fire.  

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‘Vikings: Valhalla’: Netflix Spinoff Reveals its Cast Members and Characters!! Check It Out!!

'Vikings: Valhalla’: Netflix Spinoff Reveals its Cast Members and Characters!! Check It Out!! #Vikings, #VikingsValhalla, #Netflix, #SamCorlett, #FridaGustavsson, #LeoSuter, #BradleyFreegard, #JohannesJohannesson, #LauraBerlin, #DavidOakes, #CarolineHenderson, #PollyannaMcIntosh, #AsbjornKroghNissen

Grab a helmet, get your shield out of storage, and prepare your pagan effigies: Vikings are back! The beloved History Channel series, which followed the exploits of Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok, has an upcoming Netflix spinoff series about a new crew of well-known vikings called Vikings: Valhalla. And now, we know the cast and character list for this anticipated show.
Our own Steve Weintraub…


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In S6 ep 21, Floki dies… of boredom (after spending an hour with Ubbe). Then he joins IVAR in Valhalla and they laugh and laugh. The END.

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i was thinking about doing a short video to expose the violence (queerbaiting, killing, shaming) against queer people on Vikings but now i’m so? cause if my vídeo get a shitty edit i won’t forgive myself

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Harald & Halfdan brotherhood

Requested by @lisinfleur ❤️ thank you my friend for the requests and support.

I know Harald and Halfdan are not very well liked in the Viking fandom in comparison to Ivar and Hvitserk but I think their relationship was important and the closest to a intimate relationship either would experience. That’s just my two cents…


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El creador de “Vikings” prepara una mirada más diversa a “The Great Gatsby”

El creador de “Vikings” prepara una mirada más diversa a “The Great Gatsby”

Los Ángeles (EE.UU.).- El creador de “Vikings”, Michael Hirst, está trabajando en una serie limitada que será una reinterpretación más diversa de la icónica novela “The Great Gatsby” de F. Scott Fitzgerald.
“He soñado durante mucho tiempo con una versión más diversa e inclusiva de Gatsby que refleje mejor los Estados Unidos en los que vivimos, una que quizá nos permita a todos vernos en el texto…


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6b - locations

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Harald is a creep but I’d love for him to raw me.


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Lol @ the French princess once she figures out she’s married to a hot Viking

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