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sweaterandcoffe · a day ago
Can we talk about how sad s4 will be for Five? Everyone else can go off and start a new life and he can't, he is stuck in his child body and will never be able to make friends that are his ACTUAL age. Five can never start a family or rebuild his life and with the commission gone along with his powers, the two things that have given him meaning in life, he is now stuck with nothing. All his siblings blame him for taking everything they had in the 60s, yet he has lost the most. AND on top of that he is his own worst enemy. The commission who took away his shot at life and made him into a different person AND WELL TOOK EVERYTHING FROM HIM, was created by himself. Everything has been his own downfall and mistakes. He probably blames himself for the 60s time travel mistake and the whole sparrows mess and probably everything and then in s3 we see his own family blaming him for this mess when all he wants to do is fulfill his only purpose of keeping his family safe and somewhat togather. Five is now stuck with no purpose and nothing. His teenage years stripped from him due to the commission, that he created. Five's story is truly tragic.
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bisexuallilapitts · 5 hours ago
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viktorhargreeves · 22 hours ago
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You're very dangerous, Viktor Hargreeves. The decisions you make impact the entire world. So no matter how benevolent they may seem, you don't get to make them alone. You know what they call a superhero who works alone and doesn't listen to anybody? A villain.  I am not a villain, Five.  And, Viktor, I hope to God you never will be. But that remains to be seen. No more going rogue.
The Umbrella Academy 3x07 | “Auf Wiedersehen” 
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cosimad · 19 hours ago
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Karaoke with the boys at the end of the world
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samwilsonstanaccount · 23 hours ago
One of my favorite things about TUA S3 was Diego speaking spanish and just being more in touch with his mexican side.Like his grito at Luther's wedding and him arguing with Ben in spanish😭I loved that💕
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boomthemoon · 19 hours ago
The Sparrows have that whole thing with their numbers and who gets to be number 1 and think that applies to The Umbrellas, when actually the Umbrellas number is just the order they were bought.
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filmmarvel · 19 hours ago
Umbrella Academy Season 4 Thoughts and Theories
I agree with @eddie-dxaz‘s theory that Allison is dead. To summarize, Allison is in the afterlife, which has taken on her form of heaven. Once the siblings realize that, Klaus will attempt to resurrect her (the question is, will she even want to be resurrected?- I kind of doubt it).
Since Klaus hasn’t fully reached this ability, he will spend the season focused on that.
I’ve already seen people theorizing that next season will be his ‘crazy’ season (after Luther, Diego, and Allison). I think his obsession will be attempting to master the power of resurrection- specifically in order to resurrect Dave as well as Allison. People have already pointed out that each season, a character’s obsession stems from trauma and attempting (sometimes) to work through it. Dave & Klaus’ time in Vietnam is a pretttyy big source of trauma (not to mention his most recent source of trauma through betrayal thanks to Reggie). We’ve already seen that his tattoos have disappeared- they were special to him so that could potentially cause a crisis for sure.
The Ben on the train is Umbrella Ben- the Umbrellas AND the Sparrows should exist in the reset timeline. Not to mention, what’s the point in including that as an end credit scene if it is in fact Sparrow Ben? It didn’t serve much purpose beyond showing him, and we already know that Sparrow Ben is alive and with them in that timeline.
Speaking of the Sparrows, since they (presumably) existed in the original timeline (just not the Sparrow Academy) they’ll also exist in this timeline. They just won’t recognize any of the Umbrella Academy members. I imagine this will cause a bit of a crisis for Ben, as we’ve already seen how he bases so much of his self identity on the Sparrow Academy.
Luther of course, will be searching for Sloane- we have no idea what her life is like in this timeline, so that plotline could take several forms.
Diego and Lila, of course, will be starting a family.
And (obviously) the main focus of the season will be on taking down Hargreeves. I think next season has the potential to be a great one, especially now that they’re moving away from the apocalypses plotline. That repetition hasn’t bothered me too much yet just because of how creative the show is in other ways, but regardless I’m glad they’re moving on to a strong villainous presence. This will be an incredibly difficult and personal fight for all of the Hargreeves, and Colm Feore is an fantastic villain, so personally, I can’t wait for season 4.
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ednshtn · 21 hours ago
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“Stop crying on my bedsheets, Emo”
Sir, you Ben Hargreeves you may not remember this but I most certainly do.
Us not getting this hairstyle for TUA s3 is a scam.
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thehandl3r · 3 hours ago
Lila talking about the umbrella academy:
Tumblr media
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multifandomforthemostpart · 13 hours ago
no bc imagine it, the umbrellas walking around New York
random stranger: hey sorry…that’s a really good cosplay of the kennedy six! you guys look amazing
the umbrellas: the WHAT
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kbaycolt · 18 hours ago
if sparrow ben knew about the basement cage that the umbrellas locked viktor in he'd hold it over their heads for the rest of eternity. it's his ultimate trump card. oh you're unhappy with my leadership skills? well at least i've never locked away any of my siblings in a dungeon. we might be assholes but us sparrows would never treat one of our own that way. i'd never let reggie build that for anyone on MY team. leave your family viktor join my emo band
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ezraspot · 23 hours ago
i’m not going to get into it fully right now but what the umbrella academy writers did this season to allison has fucking pissed me off. immensely. her being a villain? FINE! her getting angry at all she’s lost and the racism she’s had to face is perfectly valid. but this?? what she was going to do to luther? seriously? not only was it triggering it felt targeted. let me ask one question to the writers. why did cha cha, marcus, fei, and allison get these stories? these endings? these arcs?
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wingedshoes · 3 hours ago
you're ALL WRONG the umbrella academy can never be riverdale because they have 30 year olds playing 16 year olds and tua has an 18 year old playing a 58 year old
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ednshtn · 6 hours ago
Sparrow!Ben: You have a great family and I envy that
Luther: You’re welcome to share my family
Sparrow!Ben: *looks at Five and Klaus passed out, Viktor dancing awkwardly with Diego and Lila dragging Allison’s body out to the porch*
Sparrow!Ben: I don’t want those.
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stedebonny · 23 hours ago
Something else I love about the way they did Viktor coming out as trans is that they didn’t find out about Elliot and feel like they needed to change the scripts so that there was no conflict or argument or anger toward Viktor at all.
Every single sibling makes it clear they love and support him but you still get the little bickering between Viktor and all of them, and you still get Allison’s anger and hurtful comments to Viktor.
He’s not suddenly untouchable to complicated relationships. But it never feels like even a veiled issue with his gender.
He still gets to be a character so much deeper than “oh he’s trans now”.
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hazelthebasil08 · 17 hours ago
Okay but like just saying, someone had to birth Christopher alsgshalah like imagine randomly becoming pregnant and YOU BIRTH A WHOLE CUBE😭
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viktorhargreeves · 4 hours ago
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Did Harlan do that?   We just got in a disagreement.
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nearlyvvitches · 23 hours ago
all the hargreeves siblings doubt if they’re family, “maybe all we have in common is childhood trauma” like bro viktor said luther used to marry his action figures. diego and klaus used to huff paint in the basement. not exactly coworker energy here
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filmmarvel · 14 hours ago
The Umbrella Academy Character’s Best Seasons
Luther- Season 3 : He was at his most lovable this season, and honestly playing that aspect of his character up is one of the best choices this show made. In seasons 1 he made some SUPER dicey decisions which made me hate him lowkey, and in season 2 I liked him a lot better but there was still the whole Allison thing which I hated. By season 3 he had totally improved and moved on (thank god).
Diego- Season 3: Similar to Luther, Diego just got more and more delightful as the seasons went on. I actually really liked Diego in every season, but watching his relationships in season 3 was really what makes me think this is his peak (so far).
Allison- EASILY Season 2: This one is fairly self explanatory. Season 3 Allison had some questionable morals and did some bad shit, and season 1 referenced more bad shit (not to mention the Luther thing). But season 2?? She was a girlboss, she was badass, she was lovable, she was a great sibling and wife, and she was doing a lot of self improvement resulting in a great character arc.
Klaus- Season 1 or Season 3: Let’s be honest here, every season is Klaus’ best season- I mean he started a cult in season 2 for gods sake. The reason I single out season 1 is largely because of Klaus’ tragic storyline and Robert Sheehan’s powerful performance bringing it to life (seriously, he has incredible range and gave some heartbreaking emotional scenes). As for season 3, I found that this season had some great moments with Klaus because it explored his powers more. Either way Klaus is always a highlight of the show, I just had a difficult time choosing between season 1 and 3.
Five- honestly any of them, his character is pretty consistent: Similar to klaus, Five is delightful every single season. However, he hasn’t had a whole lot of development over the seasons compared to his siblings (which makes sense, it’s been years for some of the siblings, for him it’s been like 3 weeks). Regardless he’s always incredible and Aidan Gallagher absolutely delivers a great performance each season. I will say that season 3 humanized five in a way the other seasons hadn’t, he showed true emotion and love for his siblings, and most notably, he had fun this season. Before this season I would NOT have been able to picture Five singing karaoke but here we are.
Ben- Season 2: I preferred season 2 Ben for a couple reasons but mostly it was just nice to see his relationship with Klaus progress and because of his tragic selfless ending (heartbreaking but good character development for him).
Viktor- Season 2 or Season 3: I think season 3 is pretty self evident, obviously Viktor’s transition plotline was well handled and it was lovely getting to see him being himself (but as i mentioned in an earlier post, I find Viktor to consistently distraught which can be irritating), and that’s why I include season 2. I found his plotline and character more enjoyable in season 2, since he seemed to be consistently at his happiest.
Lila- Season 2 or Season 3: Honestly Lila has been fantastic in both seasons she’s been in. I’m very curious to see how things will go next season, I’m sure watching Lila deal with motherhood will be very amusing.
Reginald- Season 3: His best season is also his worst season, he was entertaining and loveable as well as (ultimately) infuriating and literally the bane of my existence.
Grace- Season 1: To be honest, I considered adding season 2 because I really liked what we saw of the real Grace, however it wasn’t much. Other than that, season 1 had some great flashbacks that showed the caring and loving mother that she was.
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miss-alice-evelynn · 11 hours ago
S3 in a nutshell
Luther: Where's sloane?!
Diego: Where's Lila and Stan?
Allison: Where's Claire?!
Klaus: Where's the amish?
Viktor: Where's the nearest barbers?
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