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Idk why this is so funny to me but how would silco, Vi, Viktor and jinx react to someone walking in on them and their s/o during spicy time
Someone Walks In On You Two - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Warning: Smut and a bit of crack lmao
I love this idea so much, it would be so awkward and weird to be walked in on lmao
Female!Reader, it's just easier for me to write it this way due to me being a girl
Tumblr media
"Oh, god," you huffed out, one of your hands flying to your forehead.
Vi thrusted her fingers roughly into you as she heard you moan out for her. She always loved it when she had control over you in bed. You gasped as you suddenly felt her tongue and lips around your clit, shuddering at the feeling. Vi always knew what she was doing and what buttons to press when it came to things like this. What she didn't know is that she had left the door to your room unlocked. There were footsteps coming down the hall when, suddenly, the door opened, only to reveal Caitlyn talking about how she needed to talk to Vi urgently.
As soon as Caitlyn saw the scene before her, she apologized and left in a hurry. You flushed in embarrassment, while Vi just laughed and reassured you that it was okay and that you could continue later.
Tumblr media
He was stressing the whole day about an attack on the Shimmer shipment, when you asked if you could help in any way, he knew what you were implying and said yes.
So, there you were, him sitting on his chair, behind his desk, while you were down on your knees giving him a stress relieving blowjob. You started going further down on him when you both heard a knock on his office door. It was Sevika, wanting to talk about what happened earlier with the Shimmer shipment. You went to come off of him, but his hand on the back of your head kept your mouth from leaving him, implying that he wanted you to keep going.
Soon enough, their conversation was done, but before Sevika went out the door, she said something that made you burn with embarrassment.
"We'll talk more about this later, Silco. By the way, you're shit at keeping secrets, I know you're here (y/n)," she smirked.
Tumblr media
You always knew Viktor as the type of person to work until he dropped, even if he had a lot on his mind. You could tell he had a lot on his mind by the way he was working and the look on his face, so you decided that he needed a little break, plus you had been missing him ever so much. You pushed him lightly back on his chair, climbing to sit in his lap, careful to avoid putting pressure on his bad leg. He stared up at you with shocked eyes and his face red from embarrassment. You lightly placed your lips on his, but that lightness quickly became very heavy and needy as Viktor got into it more. He placed his hands on your hips, bringing you closer as you slipped your toungue into his mouth.
A minute or two into it, the door opened, Jayce standing there with a book in his hand, just staring at the scene before him. You two were so busy with each other that you didn't notice him come in. Jayce slowly backed out of the room and closed the door slowly, as to not make a noise. While he was scarred for life, ya'll had no idea why Jayce was so awkward being around you two the next day.
Tumblr media
Jinx was feeling in the mood for a whole week when she finally snapped and couldn't hold back from jumping on you. She stomped into your shared room, pushing you backwards onto your bed while she was complaining that you had been teasing her all week. Her hands immediately roamed your body as she dove in for a heated kiss. Her left hand finally landed on your breast and she started squeezing and groping, her right hand on your waist to make you stay still.
It wasn't too long into your session when Silco walked into the room, wanting to ask Jinx about a new mission he had for her. He immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw what was happening. Jinx gave him a warning look, as if to say, get out before I make you.
"Just come to my office when you're done, Jinx," Silco sighed as he walked out of the room, trying to get the image of you two out of his head.
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caitlinsnicket · 3 months ago
˚꒰ you on your period {arcane preference}
╭・characters; jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, silco, viktor.
┊ warnings; reader has a uterus. i tried keeping it as gender neutral as possible. mentions of sex and blood, obviously.
╰・ a/n; ko-fi.
| jinx
is not afraid to go down on you to ease your cramps and to have a good time
happily goes to the store to buy you everything you need, and if someone looks at her weird, she is not afraid to blow shit up
will make you laugh all the time, in any way she can
joins in on your mood swings: you start crying, she joins in, you're enraged? she breaks the whole house. you want cuddles? she'll squeeze you until you're breathless
period buddies!
after a while, syncs her period woth yours
support gf 100%
| vi
rubs your belly until you're cozy even if you don't have cramps, just so you're happy
showers together!!!
washes your hair and your body for you if you're too tired, and massages your sore muscles and kisses your neck softly
absolutely changes the sheets if it gets messy, gets you a new change of clothes, a piece of cake and a fluffy blanket
takes time off to be with you
your periods won't sync (hers barely happen), but might lose her temper simply because it's who she is
apologises immediatly after and hugs you tight
| caitlyn
you'll get the best health products you could want, only the expensive stuff for her pet
has you drinking relaxing tea all the damn time. when you least expect it, she'll pull a tea cup and the hot drink out of nowhere
becomes a cuddle bug and all she wants to do is hold you close and protect you
get ready for a lot of pampering
will innocently offer herself to massage your sore chest, and she swears it's only thinking about your comfort!
praises you a lot, so you know you're doing a good job
| ekko
"you're having your what?"
it's not like he's absolutely clueless about it, but what he knows is inconclusive and mostly incorrect
still, after you educate him on the matter, he brags about it like he's the one having the period
asks what's your pussy size
he's trying ok
get's you a warm pouch if you're having cramps and stays by your side until you fall asleep
arranges towels and plastic sheets so you two don't have to stop having sex
the perfect mixture of a helper and a dummy
| silco
buys you a whole building that he calls "peaceful getaway", which was made specifically for when you need to relax
massages your feet asking you about your day
makes sure you have everything you need all the time
is extra soft with you at times like these, cuddling you as you sleep more often, gives you forehead kisses and holds your face with both hands
respects you a lot more after witnessing your period for the first time
doesn't know how to react to your mood swings, is absolutely terrified
| viktor
brushes your hair when you don't have the energy to do it yourself
makes you an automatic heating water bag that just needs to have a button pressed to start working
educates himself in secret to take better care of you, starts annotating the dates of your period and accidentally starts tracking your period every month
calls you darling more often, asks you to stay around him in the lab, brings sweet treats home so you have a snack
listens to your ramblings all night long, and discusses them with you
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viktorshands · 6 months ago
Soft Viktor Headcanons
Tumblr media
𝓗𝓲𝓼 𝓮𝔂𝓮𝓼
Viktor has the most perfect, luminous, golden eyes. They are like honey, pools of sweetness.
His gaze is always sincere, with curious intent. He loves to watch every move you make and takes mental notes of your cute expressions.
His eyes capture you in an instant. You’re unable to break eye contact and he simply won’t look away either. 
He closes his eyes when he kisses you. (The only downside to kissing him - not being able to stare into those eyes for a time.)
𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓪 𝓫𝓮𝓭 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓱𝓲𝓶
Providing that Viktor doesn’t sleep in the lab, his favorite place is next to you in your bed.
He is a relatively cold person (think cold fingers and toes 24/7) so he likes to have lots of blankets.
He’s either a side or a stomach sleeper, and absolutely has to be covered with blankets. No exposed limbs or feet - ever.    
If you’re a light sleeper and he gets back late from the lab, you’ll wake up the second he walks in the door - much to his dismay because he would do his absolute best not to wake you.
However, he would do his best to quickly soothe you back to sleep with soft kisses to your nose and forehead.
If sleep was still eluding you at this point, Viktor would wrap you in his arms and pull you close to cuddle you until the two of you quickly fall asleep together.
If you’re a heavy sleeper he would want to gently wake you, but not too much, with soft pecks of his lips on your face. Not enough to wake you, just enough so you know he is there.
You spooning him would just make him feel so at peace. He would drift off to sleep quickly and rest so soundly for the entire night. (You cannot tell me this man doesn’t love being spooned. He is touch starved just like all of us.)
If he was spooning you though, he would trail his hand over your exposed skin on your neck, moving down your arm and your side, eventually finding your thigh to give you a squeeze. 
He loves when you play with his hair. Running your fingers through it, gentle scratches on his scalp, he instantly melts. He lets out soft little sounds of content.
He likes to hug his pillow when you’re not there - although even the softest of pillows could never replace you.
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silence-burns · 8 months ago
Viktor: asking you out
Fandom: Arcane 
Tumblr media
Viktor was fully aware that the longer he waited with asking you out, the harder it would get. He thought about it multiple times already, tried to find the most fitting words, predict your answer, prepare for the possible rejection and yet - he was still nervous. 
His hands would shake more than usual whenever his mind circled back to what he wanted to do. He'd known you for so long it felt like a lifetime, and by then the lab never felt the same without you somewhere close. He was (almost) sure that the feelings he had for you were mutual. 
So why was it so difficult to just open his mouth and ask?
Jayce would notice his distress and (if you weren't around to hear them) offer to help. Viktor was pretty sure that getting a wingman would make the whole ordeal even more embarrassing than it already felt. Besides, he wanted to make that move himself. He owed it to you.
Viktor would wait until there were only the two of you in a room (Jayce would wink at him before slipping out with some half-assed excuse) before clearing his throat to pick your attention. 
It worked. And he forgot what to say.
With your eyes on him and that soft smile playing on your lips, all the polished words Viktor had prepared went into the void. For a moment that felt like an eternity, he'd just stare at you, desperately trying to remember how to speak. 
He'd stutter and it would take him a few tries to ask the question right. His hands were ice cold when he waited for your reaction. He has never been more grateful for his cane - it made his panicked grip look almost natural, even with his knuckles gone completely white. 
Viktor would be so relieved once you agreed that he'd sway on his legs. He's never felt so happy, despite his throat drying out and his heart skipping a few beats in his chest. 
You'd opted for a walk, which sounded like a good idea in the middle of the day, and more like a rookie mistake once it got dark, cold and slippery. The thin rain that fell during the day turned into a slippery mess once the temperature dropped. Viktor didn't expect that.
What he also didn't expect was your arm sneaking its way around his and securing him on the side where he didn't use his cane. 
You were warm. Or maybe it was hus rapidly beating heart that made him feel like boiling.
You were close enough to secure him whenever Viktor lost his footing. It made the whole walk much more pleasant than Viktor had anticipated. For once he didn't mind the length of the bridges or the uneven stones of the walkways. 
Deep in the conversation, Viktor didn't even realize how fast the time had passed and he almost regretted not taking an even longer path. 
His regrets melted away pretty quickly when you wished him a goodnight with a peck on his cheek and a promise of more walks in the future.
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cammys-imagines24 · 7 months ago
• NSFW Viktor Headcanons •
Tumblr media
It took Viktor a long time to be comfortable enough being intimate with you.
The scientist being self conscious about his braces, cane and limp, how he isn't as strong as other lovers you could have.
He couldn't ever be the "sweep you off your feet" type of man and that made him feel tentative to go all the way.
He didnt want to disappoint you since he's never viewed himself as particularly dashing.
Viktor views his one asset as his brain, since his ailing body has failed him in so many ways.
He was already seen as a cripple and so he didn't want to undress in front of you, bare his body and soul and for you to only see him as a lanky, debilitated underdog as well.
It took a long time of you reassuring him that you did find him incredibly handsome and it took even longer for him to actually believe you.
But, once this science boy with the sexy accent did finally trust in your genuine attraction towards him...
Then, oh boy, good luck getting his hands off you.
This man is severely touch starved and has longed for a partner to be intimate with for so many years.
And, now that Viktor finally has you then you're going to quickly become the best scientific experiment ever to him.
He will devote so much time to figuring out all the ways he can please you, what types of moans he can elicit from your pretty mouth and how often he can make you scream his name...
Not a fan of quickies. Though Viktor is often busy, he would rather sit in agonizing frustration and wait for the time where he can savor your body properly.
Same reason why he doesn't jerk off. He wasn't a very sexual person before he met you, so why would he wish to take care of his own problem when later he could have the luxury of you doing it for him?
Though Viktor does get hard because of you, a lot. To the point where it becomes problematic.
He could be knee deep in his work, consumed with taking notes but just the arrant thought of you is enough to stop him dead in his tracks.
Be it fantasizing about your lips or how your voice sounded the night prior or when his fingers absently touch the hickey you previously left upon his neck...
He will need a moment to calm down and compose himself.
The most meticulous lover you could ask for. Intent on slow, passionate ministrations that send you into pleasured ecstasy every single time.
He's either a soft dom who praises you, how wet you are for him, how your body makes him feel, how turned on you make him...
Or, a complete sub who loves when you take control. Who whimpers and moans and is so, so needy for you. Who'd let you do anything to him.
Viktor is all about body worship. Your form, your curves, everything about you is like his religion.
If you ever call him "Professor" or "Sir" get ready for a long night. It's definitely one of the easiest ways to turn him on instantly.
Viktor is very big on you pulling at his wispy fawn brown hair when in the moment, the action always elicits shaky whines from him.
He gets so desperate whenever you tease him. You don't even have to do much to make him go absolutely crazy.
Compliment him on his work, run your fingers through his brunette tresses, kiss the beauty marks upon his sculpted face...
Anytime you show him your love, appreciation or how your body reacts to his and he is a goner.
Just imagine that sexy accent of his when he is begging you to touch him, to help him relieve himself, to give him his much needed release...
Will appreciate it more than you know whenever you are happy to go down on him.
He'll never ask you to do it but when you initiate it, he is overcome with love and lust.
"You take me so well, my printsessa. Thank you..."
Often it hurts to have sex in the usual positions, especially when he is on top of you.
So, Viktor is elated whenever you go down on him, he can eat you out or you ride him.
He loves to eat you out. Your taste on his tongue is like an intoxicating delicacy to him.
Viktor rather enjoys the fact that many times he doesn't even need to use what's in his pants to make you come absolutely undone.
Often he'll be more than happy to spend the whole night between your legs, tasting and teasing you; a pillow beneath his bad knee is all he needs.
Despite Viktor's sickly physique, he can go multiple rounds, simply because of how much you excite him.
You know how determined Viktor gets in the lab right? How obsessive he can almost be when figuring out a problem? Well, he is exactly like that when it comes to doing everything he can to bring you pleasure.
He gets tunnel vision in the heat of the moment, with a fervant desire to make you shake, near hyperventilate and see stars.
Very big on aftercare.
Chances are if you're sore, then he is too but doubly so because of his disabilities.
Viktor is so soft and gentle after sex and most times you will take a relaxing, warm bath together before finally going to sleep.
Though while you're quick to doze off, he'll stay awake for a bit.
Sometimes he'll read a book or look over his journal with you snuggly wrapped in his arms.
But, most times, he'll just admire you.
Viktor appreciates you more than you could ever know and the intimacy shared between you two.
He's never had someone to do this with, who he can pleasure and in return who pleasures him back.
It takes a while for sleep to finally take him simply because he is still riding the high of your physical love.
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quacksonbarnes · 7 months ago
Fight or Flight (2.)
Pairing: Viktor x Childhood Friend! Reader
Warnings: Angst, fluff, NSFW, soft dom!Viktor, shower sex (this is my first time attempting full on smut help)
Word Count: 4.6k
Requested: Part 2 of the first request!
Viktor examines the injuries you sustained during the fight whilst reprimanding you (A/N: Readers apartment is a room within the Academy!)
Tumblr media
Your limbs ached with every step you took, your body screaming with exhaustion. The flickering light ahead of you providing just enough exposure to know where you were going. The bridge was always bittersweet to cross, knowing how much bloodshed had occurred over the piece of architecture. A symbol of sorts, bridging two sides of completely different coins.
Stumbling forward, a dull throbbing between your temples caused your vision to blur slightly. Focusing on holding the makeshift ice-pack to your cheek, which once was pressed to your split lip.
The corner of your lip twitched at the thought that once returning to your apartment you could rest easy. Bastian was going to provide the funds for another few weeks due to your victory tonight, and that meant your sister would have food on the table. However, not an education... just yet. 
Gripping the railing of the bridge, your knuckles almost turned white at the force. You needed sleep desperately, and some pain killers. Your free hand fell to your bag that was slung over your shoulder, the one that Bastian had reminded you to grab before you left. You may have kept some in there, the only problem was you had no hydration to keep them down, apart from your own saliva.
Your mind wandered as you tried to distract yourself from the physical toll the fought took on you. You wondered if Viktor was still tinkering in the lab, working tirelessly for the price of progress. He was like that ever since he was a little kid, selflessly caring for others instead of himself. You reminisced on the time he'd shown you his mechanical boat he’d made, as you both ran after it. You had helped him up after he’d tumbled to the ground, losing his invention in the process. 
A couple days later, he showed up with it once again, however he never disclosed to you how he got it back. 
You smiled fondly as you remembered yet another memory. He’d organized an entire picnic for your birthday, attempting to prepare restaurant level food to prove to you that his culinary skills had improved. You thought he was taking a jab at your inability to cook as you’d never learnt whilst growing up.
He’d informed you that his mother had taught him, although he didn’t consider it a hobby. Once she passed, he’d stopped.
Your gaze fell to the cement below you... If only he’d seen you in this state, you couldn’t begin to imagine his distaste. His disappointment. 
You’d gone out of your way to cover up the yellow-brown bruises that decorated your body after each fight, not wanting Viktor to comment on them. The grazes were harder to cover up, so you lied, blaming them on your clumsy nature. He didn’t take much notice of it or so you’d thought. 
It must’ve been past midnight when you finally made it back to the Academy. Roaming through the eerily empty, not to mention dimly lit halls. A tension had risen in your chest, almost suffocating you. Afraid that if you breathed too harshly, something or most likely someone would jump out at you. 
As you continued forward, your attention was brought to the lab and subsequently, Viktor's room. Passing the door, you halted, internally fighting with yourself to check up on him. It’s not like he’d be able to see your injuries in this lighting anyway, but there was always a slight possibility. 
Allowing your hand to hover over the handle, you tried to convince yourself to leave it. Ultimately failing, you winced as the door creaked loudly at your intrusion. You scanned the room briefly, noting how the blue hue of the hex crystals lit the area in a spectacular fashion. Viktor, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. 
You shook your head, he must’ve been so exhausted that he forgot to lock the door. Frowning slightly, you backtracked and pulled the door shut. Not forgetting the bag slung around your shoulder, you dipped your hand into it. Rummaging around you pulled out a set of keys. Squinting, you attempted to choose the right one by feeling around the tip of the key with your fingers. You’d memorized the grooves within the keys and which door they unlocked, it was a skill you prided yourself on. Pressing the golden key into the snug lock, you turned it, hearing a satisfying click. 
“That’s better.” You commented softly to yourself before turning away. Staggering forward a few more steps with a slight limp, you took the next right. Your apartment should be a little further down. Recognising the gold trim on the door, you halted in front of it. Shoving the first key on the chain into the lock, you opened it with haste. 
Stepping forward into the familiar room, you immediately threw your bag onto the quilt covered mattress. Shortly collapsing onto the bed with a huff, you opened one of your eyes, finding yourself staring between the slightly open door of your bathroom. A shower would be real nice right now.
Letting out an annoyed sigh, you rose to your feet. Your hands crossed over one another as you reached for the hem of your singlet, tugging it off in one swoop. Throwing the material onto the ground, you hooked your thumb under the elastic of your tights to pull them down. Inconveniently, they clung to your feet causing you to repeatedly lift your legs so the material would release. 
“I’m too tired for this shit.” You remarked as you stepped forward, pushing the door open and reaching for the light switches on the side of the wall. The light was almost blinding, stunning you for a moment as your vision adjusted. 
The mirror in front of you reflected your reaction, causing you to let out a small laugh at how wrecked you looked. Underneath your eyes were tinted a purple-blue colour, similar to the variety of bruises that decorated your torso and upper arms. Luckily, the makeshift icepack Bastian had gifted you had caused the swelling of your cheek to go down. Your lip however was still puffy, your fingertips traced over it slightly, feeling it tingle underneath the gentle touch. No wonder why Viktor had asked if you’d recently slept, you looked no better than he did. 
Leaning your arms on the marble counter, you hung your head trying not to let your eyelids flutter shut. A slight tapping noise caught your attention for a split second, glancing over your shoulder towards your room. Brow raised, you shook your head. You were probably just hearing things, it wouldn’t be the first time. 
Glancing toward the open shower, you reached your hand behind your back, stretching it uncomfortably to unlatch the hook of your bra. Allowing it to fall to the floor, you softly tugged down your panties and stepped out of them. 
You stumbled right, behind the wall that separated the shower head from the rest of bathroom. Leaning forward, your fingers brushed against the rigid handle forcing it upward to allow for the water to soothe your aching muscles. Closing your eyes, darkness engulfed your vision as you felt the scalding water hit your skin. Turning around on the spot, you tilted your head backward, attempting to run your fingers through your hair. 
“I know where you disappear to now.” 
You slightly jumped, recognizing the accented voice immediately. He sounded close, but not too close. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you poked your head around the wall. His back was leaning against the door frame, using the cane as leverage as he glanced towards your room to avoid eye contact. 
You calmly exhaled, turning back around to lean your arms up against the wall of the shower, “How’d you get in here?”
“Did you forget?” He paused momentarily, ”you gave me an extra key.”
“For emergencies only,” You reiterated, slight annoyance in the tone of your voice. You felt on edge at his presence, along with the fact that you were standing in the shower fully undressed. You knew he had the modesty not to peak.
“You don’t consider this an emergency?” Viktor’s question caused your train of thought to completely cease. This was just further confirmation that he knew what you’d been trying so desperately to cover up. 
You pressed your forehead against the chilling tiles, furrowing your brows and letting out a pained sigh. You didn’t know how to respond, your chest was tightening with every small intake of breath. No matter how this ended, it wasn’t pretty. 
“Let me see,” He demanded, followed by a soft, “please.” 
You crumbled, mumbling a brief ‘okay’. He placed his cane against the wall, hesitating slightly before stepping into the shower. He exhaled slowly, the humidity of the steam caused his breathing to feel uncharacteristically shallow. 
You, on the other hand, held your breath as you felt his presence behind you, refusing to turn around. You didn’t want to see the expression that decorated his features in this very moment. 
“You can breathe you know?” He stated light-heartedly, which caused you to let out a slight chuckle at his attempt to disburse the tension. His bashful awkwardness was endearing. 
Goosebumps began to breakout along your skin as he stepped closer, the water doing nothing to mask your back from him. You felt his warm breath fan against your shoulder as you focused on the tiles beneath you. The pads of his finger tips gently traced over a yellow-brown bruise that decorated your back. You could feel his analytical gaze trailing over your figure, he frowned at each discoloured mark that laid upon your skin. One of his hands ghosted the curve of your waist, aching to touch it but he refrained himself. 
“Why do you do this to yourself?” He whispered softly into your ear, causing you to clench your jaw unable to process his proximity to you in this state. Pushing past the fact that your best friend was seeing your bare body for the first time since you were children, you began to relax under his touch. 
“It’s to support my sister,” You admitted, unconsciously leaning back towards him, following his body heat along with the steaming water. He continued pressing his fingers against your back, softly massaging the bruised area with caution. 
“I thought you said she was alright and safe,” He commented, worry evident in his voice as he continued to work on you. 
“She is...it’s just financial issues with the adoptive family.” You informed him, twisting your head over your shoulder to make eye contact with him as you spoke. His brows furrowed, the corner of his lips threatening to downturn at the information. 
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” You didn’t miss the frustration within his tone, which caused you to shrink underneath him. Forcing your eyes shut, you braced yourself for the reprimanding you were about to get. 
“I didn’t want to burden you with all my family troubles."
He scoffed at your remark, shaking his head slightly. You felt his hand press against the bottom of your spine, causing you to let out a pained hiss at the contact. He’d touched the exact part you had landed on tonight. Viktor immediately retracted his hands whilst mumbling, “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were that tender.”
“It’s alright,” You responded, slightly missing the feel of his soft hands kneading your aching muscles. He took your reassurance as an indication to continue, moving your soaking hair over your shoulder with one finger. 
“This doesn’t excuse the fact you have to look after yourself better,” He whispered softly, pushing his thumb in an upward motion from the base of your shoulder to your neck. You attempted to stifle a whimper, face flushing from the embarrassment. 
You leant your head back, resting it against his shoulder as he basically held you up. You realised he was still wearing his vest, his clothes now soaking due to the water. He didn’t seem to mind, focused on you relaxing underneath his touch.
You let out a soft sigh, “Only if you do it first." 
“An ultimatum?”
You nodded breathlessly, smiling slightly at the humour within his rhetorical question. 
“I can work with that.”
The soft smile on your face began to drop, chewing nervously on your lip as you came to your senses, “Viktor, what are we doing?” 
“I’m showing you how much appreciation you deserve,” He stated nonchalantly, “Turn around.”
You obeyed his command, mouth slightly parting as he stepped closer. Water droplets falling from his shaggy brunette hair that now stuck to his face. You were enamoured by the desire in his gaze. His amber eyes burning into yours. 
You ignored the stinging sensation of the water against the cuts that decorated your cheek, your eyes flickering from his amber ones down to his lips briefly. The corner of his lip twitched at your slip up.
He raised his hand, cupping your jaw softly as he brushed his thumb against the new injuries. You nuzzled into his palm, following after the warmth as he smirked.
“You split your lip.” He remarked as if it was the most obvious thing ever. His comment caused you to unconsciously dart your tongue out to wet your bottom lip. The simplicity of the action made him physically react. 
Surging forward, he pressed his clothed body against your undressed one. The material of his vest brushing against you in the nicest way possible. His lips pressed against yours with fervour, his hand latching comfortably around your hip.
The coolness of the tiles against your bare back allowed a surprised squeak to escape your lips at his abrupt actions. All those years of pent up frustration and tension were being released in this very moment, and it felt perfect. 
You melted underneath him, hands finding themselves pulling at his soaking vest. You swiped your tongue against his bottom lip, coaxing it open to deepen the kiss. He followed your direction before breaking away, allowing you to unbutton the wet material that clung to his torso.
You rested your forehead against his as he helped, ripping off the vest and beginning to pull off his white undershirt that was now see-through.
"Someone's eager," It was your turn to tease, smiling fondly up at the scientist. His gaze softened at your grin, his thumb brushing against your cheek once again before responding, "It's hard not to be around you."
His response caused a blush to rise to your cheeks, becoming almost bashful. However, he couldn’t recognize the physical reaction due to the steam of the shower already making your face flushed. Your arms trailed down the sides of his torso before hooking into his belt, pulling him closer as you unbuckled it. 
His palm cupped your breast, kneading it softly before running a thumb around your nipple. You faltered, a whine escaping your lips as you focused on his repeated motion. 
“So responsive,” He hummed, intently watching your expression change at his exploration of your body. He’d imagined this moment so many times but it was incomparable with reality. He couldn’t comprehend that you were falling apart under his touch. 
In retaliation to his comment, you pressed your hand against his length. Cupping him through the fabric of his boxers in such a way that it made him sharply inhale. You caught your bottom lip between your teeth at his reaction, gazing up at him through your lashes.
His hand gripped your wrist, causing confusion to spread across your face. Shaking his head, he reiterated, “This is meant to be about you.”
A disappointed huff left you at his comment, causing him to respond with, “Next time.” You nodded, excitement coursing through your body at the promise of a next time. His grip on your wrist tightened as he lifted your arm, holding it above you against the tiles. You busied your other hand by placing it on his shoulder. 
His head dipped down to enclose his mouth around your nipple, causing you to let out a pleasured sigh at the sensation. Your impatience was getting the better of you. He swirled his tongue in such a way it nearly made your knees buckle. 
His name fell from your lips like a mantra, something he’d never get tired of hearing. You took it as an opportunity to run your fingers through his dripping hair, brushing it back out of his face. He obviously appreciated the gesture as his hand ghosted between your thighs, almost making you close them together in a desperate attempt for friction. 
Awkwardly, he attempted to get onto his knees without causing his leg any extra discomfort. You held you hands out toward him to use them as leverage, scared he’d hurt himself, especially in the shower. 
Once comfortable, he hooked his hands around the underside of your thighs to pull you closer to him. You sharply exhaled at the sight in front of you. The man you’d been pining over for years, eagerly on his knees for you. 
He teasingly trailed his fingers up the inner side of your thigh, you let out a whine of frustration at his hesitance. Internally, you felt like you were a second away from spontaneously combusting. 
“Viktor, If you don't hurry up-,” Your plea was cut short as he leant forward, pressing his thumb against your clit. He began slowly moving it in figure eight motions, processing the expressions on your face whilst doing so. 
“What were you saying?” He questioned smugly, gazing up at you as he began to tease your dripping entrance with his nimble fingers. Calculatingly, he ran two of them between your folds. You hummed encouragingly whilst gazing down at him, biting your lip to prevent a whine from escaping. 
“I didn’t think you’d be this much of a tease,” You breathily sighed as he continued to glance up at you, a soft smile decorating his features. As a response, he sunk the two fingers into your cunt until they were knuckle deep. Your whimper was cut short by your breath hitching. He began scissoring his fingers in such a way that it caused your shoulders to slump forward. Your fingers found their way into his soaking brunette hair, attempting to use it as motivation to coax him further. He became rougher with his motions, continuing to experiment and observe the way your body reacted to him. 
Your lips parted, allowing a moan to escape as he sped up his ministrations on your clit. The overall stimulation sent your head reeling. Curling his fingers in an almost ‘come hither’ motion, they grazed against your sweet spot. You swore you nearly came undone right then and there. Your head abruptly hit the tiles behind you, wincing slightly at the accidental jerk. 
“Don’t go hurting yourself again,” He huskily remarked, humour in the tone of his voice before leaning forward and replacing his thumb with his tongue. The contact with your clit sent a shiver up your spine, face heating up due to the lewd sounds of your own wetness. It caught you by surprise how attuned he was with your body. Sucking softly on your clit, he looked up at you with hooded eyes. 
He continued to devour you, pushing you to the edge as his fingers repeatedly curled. Heightened by the way he was lapping up the mess you made. You let out a high-pitched whine as your body began to tremble at his touch. Your abdomen clenched as he felt the way you squeezed his fingers so greedily, making a growl leave his lips which vibrated against your cunt. Your release washed over you in waves. 
“Viktor.” You pleaded, the overstimulation almost hurting as he continued to graze his fingers against your sweet spot. Switching back, he placed his thumb on your abused clit before completely abandoning the idea and replacing it with his nose. 
Tugging his hair slightly to pull his face away from your cunt, he maintained eye contact with you. His chin glistened with your wetness as he darted his tongue out to lick you off his lips. Completely and utterly blissed out, you leant back against the wall, “Where did you learn that?”
He smiled at your question, refusing to answer. Slowly rising to his feet with slight difficulty, he used your torso as a stabiliser. Not allowing yourself a moment to rest, you surged forward, pressing your lips against his swollen ones with relentless passion. 
His arms wrapped around your waist, hiking one of your legs around his waist at the motion. You could still taste the remnants of yourself on his lips. Het let out a soft pant as you pressed yourself further into him.
Pulling back, you latched your lips onto the side of his neck. Suckling softly until you heard him let out a breathy moan. His hand reached out to grab your ass, squeezing it in response. You mumbled against him, “I need you Vik,”
He leant forward, grazing your earlobe with his lips as he responded with, “Then take me.”
His demand spurred you on, hooking your fingers underneath the elastic of his boxers, you tugged them down. 
Your eyes widened as you took in the size of him, admiring how swollen the tip was and the precum that dripped down it. Although, you weren’t sure he was going to fit. 
You stepped forward once again, enclosing your fist around his length. He hissed at the contact as you began pumping him in rhythmic motions. Running your fingers over the tip teasingly, he let out a stuttered moan. Pressing you against the wall, his hot breath fanned against your neck before placing soft kisses against it. Focusing on rolling his hips against you for some sort of friction. 
You used your hand to guide him to your entrance, lining him up and letting out a nervous sigh. Viktor pulled away when he heard the sigh that fell from your lips, analysing it immediately.  
His thumb and forefinger caught your chin, observing your wrinkled forehead and furrowed brows. He lifted your head upward so you’d make eye contact with him. 
“I’ll be gentle,” He hushed with sincerity, his amber eyes sparkling with another emotion you couldn’t decipher. He cupped the underside of your jaw, brushing his thumb against your skin reassuringly. In response, you pressed a kiss to his palm. 
He dipped his head, making sure you were alright with continuing before guiding himself into you. You exhaled sharply at the intrusion, mouth parting as he stretched you. You let your forehead fall onto his shoulder to hide the expression you were making. 
The sounds spilling from your mouth made him want to swallow them up. He pushed himself further into you, coaxing more sweet noises from you. The sensory stimulation caused your body to pulse against him. 
You dug your nails into the supple skin of his back as you adjusted to every inch you took, noticing how his skin was hot to the touch. He was filling you perfectly, causing you to feel slightly light-headed. 
“You’re doing so well.” He mumbled, pressing a kiss to your wet hair as you nodded against him. One of his hands gripped the underside of your thigh as your leg pressed him further into you until he completely bottomed out. His stance slightly faltered, causing your brows to furrow. 
“Don’t overexert yourself.” You reminded him, afraid that this was too much pressure on his leg. Although he didn’t seem bothered and continued to rut against you. He dislodged one of your arms from gripping onto his back and instead intertwined his fingers with yours. Pressing your hand up against the wall again, he squeezed your hand reassuringly.  
Pulling nearly all the way out, he teased you by easing in particularly slow. Feeling him drag against your walls, you moaned against his throat. He punctuating his teasing with rough thrusts immediately after, the erratic rhythm causing you to clench around him. The sound of skin on skin contact filled the bathroom, adding to both the pleasure and embarrassment you were currently feeling. 
You pressed your swollen lips against his in an almost teeth shattering kiss, tilting your head to the side as you dipped your tongue into his mouth. Tasting him as well as stray water droplets from the showerhead. He returned the kiss, licking into your mouth as a fight for dominance. Although this time, you ended up winning. 
You arched your back, rolling your hips against his as he continued to rut into you at a consistent pace. The position allowed him to reach deeper inside you, ultimately making you let out a shameless cry as your body shook with bliss. His hand dropped, thumb pressed snugly against your clit as he began to rub it in tantalizing circles. Your hands gripped his biceps to steady yourself. 
“You’re so fucking tight.” His praise sent your head reeling, body tingling at the way the words rolled off his tongue. It took you completely off guard, usually he was so composed. You smiled, knowing that it was your cunt that degraded him to the point of swearing. 
“Viktor, I c-can’t...” You stuttered, nose brushing against his as you maintained eye contact with him. He nodded, pressing his forehead against you in mutual understanding. Goosebumps littered your skin as you felt the coil in your abdomen tightening to the breaking point. His ministrations on your clit continued to fasten as you felt his hips begin to stutter. 
Your lips parted, forming a silent ‘O’ shape as your body convulsed against his. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you further into him as you both climaxed. 
He released inside of you, filling you to the brim with his cum. The warmth travelled from your core to throughout your body. He halted as you nuzzled your head between his neck and shoulder, embarrassed from being unable to control your spasming body. 
You breathed slowly as he slumped forward against you. Using you as a stabilizer of sorts as he regained his energy. Your core ached as he slid out of you, watching intently as his cum dripped onto the shower floor. It began to wash away due to the water. 
He took in your appearance, face flushed, lips swollen and a blissfully dazed expression decorating your features. You looked beautiful in this state, he wanted to see it more. 
“I didn’t even get to wash my hair,” You let out a humoured chuckle at your sudden realisation. Stepping forward slightly, you realised your legs were still shaking from the aftershocks of your orgasm. His hands comfortably found a place on your hips which caused you to smile softly up at him. The newfound intimacy made butterflies erupt in your stomach. 
“Let me.” He offered to which you attempted to decline, crossing your arms over your chest. You shook your head in defiance as he began to step back, turning your body around and inching you backwards into water and further towards him. The heat of the water took you by surprise, gasping and running your hands over your face to rid it of the droplets. Your body temperature immediately dipped once in contact with the cold, yet humid air. 
“You’ve done enough.” You insisted sincerely, a slight frown gracing your features as you followed his movements. He chuckled slightly at your reaction to the water. Patting you on the hip reassuringly, he responded with, “I insist.”
Viktor reached for the purple bottle of shampoo that sat comfortably inside the indentation of the wall. Squirting the liquid on his hands, he began to lather them together. 
He pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder as he massaged your head, protecting your eyes from the suds. You nearly collapsed from exhaustion.
“Your water bill is going to be through the roof.” He muttered disapprovingly.
“And whose fault is that?” You remarked, almost feeling him roll his eyes at your comment. Totally worth it.
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fanficbambiandy · 8 months ago
hi i have a suggestion for a viktor oneshot
the reader could be one of his aquaintances from when he was a child and they meet eachother again
(sorry about my spelling)
A/N: To anyone who is writing to me and worried about spelling, don't be. I'm not a native English speaker either, so simply trying to write, speak and/or read in it is a huge thing. Your spelling is okay, don't worry:) I didn't want this to turn into a basic 'I had a crush on you years ago,' so decided to try something out.
This fic is written in a gender neutral way, but you can always change the pronouns and certain words to match your own identity.
Summary: Someone has been breaking into the academy and stealing valuables. Many believe that the HexTech laboratory will be the next target and are getting more measures in order to protect it. But extra protection didn't stop the thief...
To those who don't know Vytia is a nickname from Easter Europe. It's pronounced Veetia.
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬
𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 !𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
It had happened again: officers unconscious on the ground – snoring, two grenade shells lying on the floor and the formerly locked door open, it’s latch cut through. And just as always, the laboratory looked hauntingly intact: furniture right where it had been left, the cabinets and drawers shut tightly, the papers stacked neater than any scientist would put them… Everything placed precisely as to the thieves needs, the cleaner it looked, the harder it would be to notice what it was they took.
Viktor, alongside Jayce, Professor Heimerdinger, councillor Medarda, sheriff Marcus, some enforcers and doctor Braum were overlooking the remains of the latest break-in. The thief was climbing their way up from the lower, schooling levels, to the actual laboratories, getting increasingly gutsier – closer to HexTech quarters. Doctor Baum’s office was just a couple of doors away from Viktor and Jayce’s lab, and no doubt, the next time the perpetrator shows up, it will be for the real prize.
“Sheriff, what have you gathered about the intruder?” The councillor asked the man in blue beside her, some of his enforcers entering the room to look over, if it’s safe to go in.
“We believe that it’s someone from the Undercity. Most likely they sell off the objects in the black market,” sheriff Markus answered.
“And is there a reason your enforcers fall asleep during the job?” The professor spoke up, rather irritated at what has been happening to his university.
“Our tests concluded that the grenades contain a certain chemical compound that acts as a sedative,” Jayce explained, cutting off the sheriff before he could defend his team.
“It is actually a very sophisticated drug, works in a matter of seconds,” Viktor added, eyebrows scrunched. While he did not enjoy the prospects of their research being stolen, the thief was clearly smart, calculating. Not only did they find a way to immobilize at least twenty fully grown men, but also to get through an iron door without making a noise by- by cutting it? It was astonishing, really.
“I want extra protection around HexTech laboratories, sheriff,” Jayce’s jaw was set. If the thief would get HexTech to the black market no one knows what consequences could follow.
“Of course, master Tallis,” The sheriff nodded, before going inside doctor Braum’s office to look at it himself.
As they were making their way towards their own laboratory, Viktor looked to Jayce, “I believe, we should think about taking personal precautions.”
“What do you suggest?”
“We could install a silent alarm that would signal the enforcers of an intrusion,” Viktor proposed, looking over at his friend.
“Well then, we should better get to work,” Jayce smiled over at his partner.
A couple of months had passed, no break-ins happening during the time, the robber seeming to know that their next visit wouldn’t be so easy. Viktor and Jayce had perfected their alarm system – it was powered by HexTech: after leaving, one of them would type in a code into an unsuspicious looking calculator, which remotely controlled the mechanism. Once triggered, if not turned off in 2 minutes, it would silently inform the on-site enforcers, specifically working this case. Most nights Viktor would stay in the lab, so there was no need for them to really activate it. But considering the fact that the criminal seemed to know everyone’s schedule and to this point only struck when most of the scientists were out of the academy, they couldn’t take any chances.
Viktor was strolling back home. It was an autumn night, stars gently sparkling over the city of progress, the wind reminding of time passing, and how soon they will enter into the next season. He tucked his nose a bit more into a scarf Sky had gifted him on his name day a year or so ago. Jayce had gotten him a ‘lifetime’ supply of sweet milk cookies… apparently a lifetime for Viktor was three months.
As the inventor was lost in thought about life and some equations, he and Jayce had tried to solve during that week, a shadowy figure was hopping from roof to roof, over the sleeping city – the heist had begun.
Roof from roof, they had slung themselves all the way to the academy’s building. It was truly a magnificent architectural piece, but not exactly of any value if it couldn’t fit into a bag. Jumping down from the roof, the criminal landed on one of the lower-level tops. Unclipping a rope from their hip, they flung a metal claw towards the higher-level rooftop, the hook latching onto one of the window railings. In silent rapidness they rose up the towers. Once they reached the second top layer, they took out a little box, adhering it to the glass, before pulling out of it a slim rod. Pressing a button, it started cutting through the glass, making a perfect circle. The glass fell forward making a crashing sound.
“Perfect,” they muttered, stepping inside the building, hiding behind one of the pillars, taking a couple of rough-looking metal spheres. As they heard people rushing up the steps, they smirked under their mask.
Just as the first guard entered the passage, they pulled out a pin from the ball, throwing it towards the entrance; the gas slowly filling up the chamber and the guards falling one by one. Not waiting for every one of them to show, the thief made their way upwards, going straight to the prize – HexTech laboratories. Another gadget found its way into their hands. Clicking a button a red glow emitted from it, the criminal not wasting any second, cutting through the door’s locks. Pushing the iron door open, they rushed inside. This was their last raid, their most important one in fact and the goal was not only to steal but make fun of those pilties. The thief made their way around the lab, stuffing anything and everything that looked of value in their bag: gears, tools, some sort of mechanisms all of it could be valuable on the market, if they said it was from the HexTech creators themselves. As they made their way further into the space, they found a section of drawers that wouldn’t budge. And one thing that every thief knew well, if it’s locked, it’s valuable. Snatching their cutting device, they swiped it through the gap, it popping open and a blue glow emitted from the drawer.
“Ka-ching,” The robber smirked, the sum already rolling into at least the thousands. Pulling the bag closer, they grabbed handfuls of the glowing orbs throwing as many as possible into the bag. However, something felt off, in fact, this entire raid seemed to be going too smoothly for something that should have been the most important part of the academy. They couldn’t name what exactly wasn’t okay, it was just a gut feeling. Picking up the pace they decided not to stick around, gut or no gut, time was priceless.
The enforcers silently made their way up the stairs, stumbling over their peers, quickly checking their pulse to make sure, the criminal didn’t use anything stronger. Continuing their way up, the saw the big HexTech marked door ajar. The leader gave his group a signal – move in.
Bursting through the entrance, guns up and aiming at anything stirring. The only thing shuffling, or rather a figure, was already atop of an open window with a glowing bag on their shoulder. Giving them a two-finger salute, they jumped off from the ledge – bolting.
A chase of a lifetime was happening in the sleeping city: enforcers sprinting down the streets after a gleaming bag, their boots echoing from the white brick walls. The thief cursed out with a huff. ‘Shit. I didn’t expect this to be so heavy,’ they thought, gripping the bag harder; no way are they loosing this. Whirling a sharp corner, they hoped to lose at least half of their pursuers. Turn after turn, they pushed themselves as hard as they could, their thighs burning, lungs begging for a proper gulp of air.
“STOP!” A rogue enforcer jumped in front; a gun trained on them. They skidded to a stop. Shit, shit, shit. But the enforcer didn’t call out for back-up as he came forward towards, what he thought – was his captured prey. ‘He has yet to call for the others,’ the thief thought, a smirk passed their lips, ‘somebody wants the glory.’ He started patting down the robber, starting from their shoulders, going towards their legs. Big mistake. A solid kick to the face, bought enough time for the thief to grip their trophy, again tearing through the streets.
“They ran that way!” The criminal heard a muffled shout, from what they could only guess was now the broken nose enforcer.
Turning the corner again, there were already four officers blocking one of the passages. Turning around the thief looked over another alleyway, knowing if they made a bolt, they could reach a ladder and in turn the rooftops – their playground. But the enforcers were more than ever working as a team, another four caging the criminal between a dead-end and their last chance. Ripping their way towards the street, another pair of officers blocked it. Fuck.
“You have nowhere to run! Hands up!” The supposed leader of the chase called out to them.
“I guess you wouldn’t believe me, if I said that Snowdown came early this year?” They joked.
“Hands!” The officer growled at them. Their brain kicked into overdrive thinking of possible routes out of here and still keeping at least half of, now, their valuables; the thief didn’t put up much of a fight, they needed time, not a bullet wound.
This time six enforcers had their guns aimed straight at the criminal’s head – no way for them to repeat the earlier trick. After the patting was done, and their gadgets were confiscated, a pair of cuffs were slapped onto their wrists, the goods hauled by some other officers.
“You’re a fucking snitch, hope you know that,” The felon hissed at the man with the swollen and bloodied nose.
The criminal was now stuck in a plain, grey interrogation room, feet obnoxiously on the table, leaning back on their chair. The officer in front of them was slumped over in his chair, a cup of coffee near him. Their hands of course were cuffed (rather tightly they might add), hitting a finger on their forearm in rhythm with the annoying ticking of the clock; early hours of the morning, noted.
“Can I get some coffee?” The thief spoke up. The officer threw them a nasty glare, obviously stationed here to wait for someone else to take over, “Fine, I’ll just have some of yours then.” A clang of the wooden chair hitting the stone floors, followed by a quick sloshing of the coffee. Their companion didn’t even have enough time to react before they spoke up again, “I usually like my coffee with more sugar and a splash of milk,” They smiled, continuing with sipping their beverage.
“That’s my coffee,” he growled.
“You aren’t the one drinking it, buddy,” The robber answered, going back to their original position. The enforcer was scowling at them, but before he could voice his disdain, the door opened, three men occupying the entrance.
“Chase, you can go,” The one in the front said, he was wearing that damned blue uniform every piltie bitch had on. “Mister Tallis,” He nodded at the taller of the two men behind him. The pair walked in, the door closing behind them.
The taller of the two made his way in front of the thief, looking down on the criminal, pointedly not sitting down. “Who do you work for?” He demanded, jaw set, shoulders tensed.
He didn’t get a response, well not a verbal one at least. The person in front of them making a loud, over-exaggerated slurp with their drink. Jayce slammed his open palms on the table, almost snarling at the figure in front of him, a ringing silence in the room. “I asked – who do you work for?” The inventor punctuated every word.
“My stomach,” The person grinned swinging their legs back down on the floor.
“You think this is funny? Thousands could get hurt because of what you have stolen over the year,” Jayce continued. Viktor decided to stay quiet, choosing to see how it would play out, before acting.
“Thousands are hurt because of Piltover,” The person smirked, completely unfazed by the accusations. They want to play the morality game? Bring it on.
“You really don’t care, do you?” Jayce asked, shocked and disgust washing over his face.
“Look, fancy-pants,” The thief leaned in, towards the still standing man, “you can try to guilt-trip me all you want, but the only wrong thing I’ve ever done is being born on the wrong side of the city,” a beat of silence, “though, it seems your friend got out of it. How’s the sun been treating you on the uppside, Vytia?”
Viktor frowned, only one person has ever called him that, but they would never…right?
“(Y/n)?” He asked shocked.
“Oh, you still remember lil’ ol’ me? How sweet!” Though the words spoken should have sounded delightful, they were laced with acid, “Can you believe we used to make toys together?” The question was directed at Jayce, a feign dreaminess conveyed on the criminal’s face as they leaned on their palm.
“(Y/n), what are you doing her-?” Viktor asked, still looking confused, but he got interrupted.
“Well, if you’d follow along, you would have known that I was caught by enforcer’s, Vytia.” The nickname they once uttered in adoration, was now a venomous jab.
“I know that,” Viktor snapped back. “I meant, what are you doing stealing valuable parts from the academy?”
“Well, babe, not all of us are so fortunate to live here,” (Y/n) answered with just as much spite.
“So, you resort to stealing?” Jayce cuts in.
“Listen, buddy, I get that you’re used to being Mr. Macho around here, but this ain’t piltie business, it’s between us. Got it?” (Y/n) snarled at the man. Jayce didn’t want to back down of course, but did he really have a choice? It was clear their thief wasn’t going to talk to anyone from Piltover. He sighed backing off, their eyes following his movements. Even in chains they resembled a predator.
“Ashe says hi,” (Y/n) turned they focus back on the shorter of the two, a cold grin atop of their lips. Viktor looked away, a pang of guilt crossing his eyes. Before forcing himself back to their (e/c) eyes.
“So, you’re doing this for her? She wouldn’t want this for you!”
“She’s pregnant, Vytia.”
Viktor’s face went through many emotions: surprise, confusion, worry, guilt…
“She-” Viktor couldn’t even finish the sentence.
“She’s pregnant. Found herself a nice guy. They got married last spring, we sent you a wedding invite, but you never responded…” (Y/n)’s eye that were sharply trained to the inventor’s face before, started looking somewhere far away. “He died. Grey-pox.”
“How-how is she doing?”
“How do you think she’s doing? Her husband died; the father of her kid is dead. She’s out of a job, all I can get are rusted over washers. Life down there is shit, Vytia,” (Y/n) snapped, it was easier for those two to see a villain, than a person. “And you left us.”
Viktor was stunned into silence. They were right, he did leave, but he was doing it for the right reasons… right? He was helping people. He had helped people.
Jayce watched the interaction in silence: it was sobering to hear a person from the Underground sharing their life.
“Go on then, arrest me, I ain’t snitchin’ on anyone,” Their cold voice echoed.
Gears were turning in Viktor’s head, he couldn’t let this happen, not now. The amber eyes turned to look at his partner, asking for help. Jayce gently nudged his head towards the door. A pair or perceptive (e/c) eyes followed them out.
“Jayce, I cannot let them go to jail. They- they have a sister, they have to take care of her,” Viktor explained the moment the door latched close.
“I understand, Viktor. I- I can try to speak with councillor Medarda, maybe she can advise us what to do on this situation.” Jayce promised, holding his partner’s shoulder.
Hours had passed in that stone cell, (Y/n) thinking of happy past childhood memories, a smile would grace their features once in a while. When the clock struck 5PM the interrogation room’s doors swung open: Mr. Macho, Viktor and a graceful woman walking through it. (Y/n) didn’t spare them a second glance, going back to trailing unseen patterns on the table.
“Master Tallis and his partner informed me that you are the thief that has been breaking into the academy,” The woman spoke up. No response. “You realize that you have committed serious felonies.” At this the thief lazily turned their eyes to the woman, “So?” They slurred.
“You can be sentenced to Still Water Hold for at least 35 years,” The woman explained, her nose slightly wrinkling. The thief just pursed their lips and raised their eyebrows.
“(Y/n), we are not the villains here,” The woman sighed. At this (Y/n) scoffed, “Oh believe me, everyone knows that, you people, are saints.”
“(Y/n),” Viktor spoke up, walking towards the seat across from the figure, “we want to offer you a way to avoid jail.” But the thief looked unimpressed, bored even. “To help Ashe,” Viktor tried again, hitting where it truly would pique interest. And though they didn’t say anything, their eyes twinkled with curiosity.
“As we understand you completely refuse to help us track down the black-market shoppers,” Jayce joined in, hoping that maybe? But one raised eyebrow said everything they needed to know, no one was going to learn anything new about the illegal marketplace. “So, considering you have broken into the academy successfully 28 times, we propose a deal of your expertise to help us improve our security measures,” Jayce finished.
A couple of seconds passed before (Y/n) mumbled, “32.”
“What?” Viktor inquired.
“I broke in 32 times, not 28,” they grinned. They looked up from their table, straightening their slouched posture, “will I get paid for it?”
“Yes, plenty, but only after a probation period. We can’t have you running away without helping us first,” The woman explained. The person in front of them pursed their lips, thinking, weighing their options.
“Do I get to bring someone here?” (Y/n) asked again. This was the most important question in taking the deal.
“Of course, but only after the probation period,” The woman explained again.
“Counci-” Viktor started to protest.
“This isn’t debatable, Viktor, I am already pulling a lot of strings for you,” The, now, councillor cut him off.
“And I get my own place?” (Y/n) continued.
“You will be staying with me for the time being. Till the month is over,” he rushed to add. “After that you will be able to rent out your own flat,” Viktor explained, a slight redness on his pale cheeks.
“And all I have to do is tell you how much you suck?” (Y/n) inquired again, though truthfully, they were already sold on the idea.
“How we can improve our security measures, yes,” The councillor rephrased.
(E/c) eyes clashed with gold surrounded hazel ones, “Deal.”
“I tried to clean up as much as I could during that brief time, but…” Viktor explained as he picked up random books and papers lying around his flat. It wasn’t dirty in any sense of the word: it was a three-room residence – a kitchen that was connected to the living room, a bedroom, and a washroom. Besides the scattered notes, the apartment was clean, if not looking slightly uninhabited.
“Viktor really you don’t have to fuss over this, it’s fine,” (Y/n) said.
“I just –” The man began before cutting himself off and starting again, “I’m sorry, (Y/n) …for leaving.”
“Well, you’ve done a pretty good job at making up for it,” They conclude, their exterior still rough. The new head security checker sighed. “Vytia,” they called out to him, for it seemed the first time since childhood, in a caring voice, “Look, I was pissed. The first three years, I was livid, okay? I didn’t understand, wanted to rip you a new one,” they chuckled. “I was hurt…I missed my best-friend,” (Y/n) shrugged their shoulders. “But then I remembered everything you were able to achieve down there, and I just thought ‘If he can do this shit here, what the hell will he come up with up there.” Viktor looked up at them, his amber eyes meeting their (e/c) ones. “I forgave you years ago, Vytia. Once a friend, forever friends or some kiddie thing, I’m too old for,” A grin came up on their face, one that the man returned.
“You probably wish to rest now, considering the night you’ve had,” Viktor asked, turning around to take his own covers over to the couch.
“Just a bit.”
When Viktor turned back to his couch, he saw them splayed out on it, already half-asleep.
“Oh no, no, I’ll be taking the couch, you take the bed. It’s already made,” The inventor rushed over to the person, who was dozing off by the second, shaking their shoulder.
“Vytia, I’m fine on the couch really,” They mumbled.
“Please, I insist,” He persisted. With a grumbled ‘fine’ they made their way towards his bed, collapsing face thirst into the plush pillows and falling into dreamland. Viktor’s eyes widened when he saw a Piltoverian tag on their shirt. They’ll have to work on that.
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returnthelove · 7 months ago
viktor relationship headcanons
Tumblr media
There's a running joke within your circles that Viktor is married to his work. He will choose it over anyone in his life. Not out of malice or deliberate neglect, but everybody knows his scientific pursuits are everything to him. When he was a young boy in the Undercity, all he had was his mind and his questions about the world around him. What makes a boat float? How can a clock tell time? Where does electricity come from? His curiosity kept him alive, and he is thoroughly devoted to it.
What does that make you if he's "married to his work"? There are several answers you give colleagues. Many days you'll give a cheshire grin and reply, "I'm his mistress" with a wink. Or if you're lovesick, "he calls me his muse." On other days, when you're most acutely aware of the long periods of time he's in his lab, you'll roll your eyes and confide that "I'm his glorified maid."
He gives himself little time for any type of relationship. He's only close with Jayce because of their initial professional partnership and need to see each other every day to work on Hextech experiments. He isn't stupid, he knows there's a number of people that find him attractive, including Sky. But, again, he has always been married to his work. It comes first. It's his passion. Anyone who try's to pull him away from his lab is not worth his time.
You never pull him away from his work. That is the moment he begins to notice you. He tells you he's staying in the lab tonight? You offer to bring him coffee and a blanket. He's not making a break through on a certain design? You offer to get some books to refresh himself on what he's studying, where he's still immersed in his work, but he's able to take a step back from frustration. You don't tell him to leave or go to sleep.
You meet Viktor where he is. You don't project a fantasy where you are a saviour. He doesn't need care; he is stubborn and prideful in his intellect. Whatever unhealthy habits he has are his to manoeuvre and no one's to fix. You understand that. You understand him.
He falls in love with that understanding. The fact that there is a person that doesn't attempt to fix him or ignore a part of him in one way or another, proves invaluable. You make feel whole. You tell him you believe in him. But, he believes you deserve better than a cripple from the Undercity. He cannot give you the world, the moon, and stars like you should crave. So he buries his nose in his research and studies. But even Jayce notices his lingering stares when you walk into the room.
When you're beginning your budding relationship, everyone notices the way you come into the lab right before Jayce is scheduled to leave, so you can pull up a chair next to Viktor's workspace and watch him write and tinker and think. Occasionally, you'll ask questions, and he'll give you in-depth responses, explaining what he's currently doing. Other times, he'll ask you how your day was with a softness he never recognised in himself previously. But, most time is spent in comfortable silence between the two of you, sans Viktor murmuring under his breath.
He notices the way you scoot closer to look over his shoulder at times, or the way you casually compliment his intellect or his work or his pretty hands. As long as he pretends to focus, he can pretend to be unbothered. But, often times he'll clear his throat or adjust his goggles in response, leaning closer to his work.
On very special nights, when he can actually realise he needs a break, he'll set his tools down and turn to you, engaging in conversation. The singular light from the moon often hides the blush to both of your cheeks as he rambles about a book about zoology he read during his lunch break, or your talk about your own academic and professional pursuits. Those nights are when you kiss for the first time.
It's gentle and warm. Hands are cupping the others' face, and you both move slowly and deliberately. His lips are soft, they taste like cream and sweet coffee. He traces his fingers down your jawline, to your waist, the small of your back. You both pull away breathless and flushed, panicking as you both silently ask what do we do now?
He isn't bold at at first. He can be a soft-spoken and flustered when he recognises that you are his and he is your's.
But, never forget, this man is a bastard. The closer you get, the more you learn he is a little shit who will get you mixed up in so many activities with dubious legality. And you won't even protest. When he turns to look at you with his sly golden eyes, you are wrapped around his finger and he knows it. Pretty boy privilege for real.
He is eastern european. Which means (despite the sweetness he is capable of) he is blunt and cheeky. He will raise an eyebrow at any act he deems silly or stupid and leave you stumbling over an explanation for antics. He means it teasingly, of course, and considers his quips payback for all the times you've made him flustered.
Not big on pet names. He loves being able to say your name lovingly. He views it as very special, but at other times he'll give you old man pet names: dear, dove, my love are popular. When he's extra sentimental, he'll call you something in his mother tongue which you have yet to learn. The man is very poetic at certain times, so he'll write letters about how you're "a breath of fresh air", "a shot of espresso", "the sparkle on a precious gemstone", "a deity for my worship alone".
Love language is very hard to pin. Sometimes you feel it's quality time, because of the time you two spend simply existing in each others' space. At different time, you consider gift giving or words of affirmation, given the aforementioned letters he'll slip under you door when he's in the lab without you, accompanied with simple wire-wrapped gear or rock pendants.
Viktor has a strange relationship with physical touch. On one hand, if he needs to focus on his work, he may shrug off any attempt to initiate more than a quick squeeze of the shoulder or hand. On another hand, he's very touch-starved. He loves your fingers in his, and he loves being able to touch you. If you pass him, he'll catch your hand and press his lips to your knuckles. Or you can lean into his desk and press a kiss on his temple before carrying on with your prospective tasks.
On the rare occasion that he does go home and does sleep in his bed, he likes you there with him. Being able to have someone else's breath to sync with makes it easier to get out of his own head. Not to mention being able to wrap his arms around you or vice versa. His nose is very cold. And he will nuzzle it into your neck just to make you jump. "What's wrong, miláčku?" He'll whisper into you're collarbone. "You're cold," your whine back just as quietly. "Then, it is your job to warm me up." You feel a lazy smile stretch on his lips.
Can get a little jealous, but he knows it stems from insecurity. He thinks very highly of you, and if you accompany him to events celebrating Hextech, he's quick to recognise how easily you could leave him behind for someone better, physically or emotionally. He's not great at hiding his emotions, but he's adamant about not sharing his emotions. It takes some pushing for him to confide that he's scared you'll find someone else. But, you're quick to take his face in your hands and counter that you love him so much, and everyone else pales in comparison to him. "You're perfect," you tell him, tracing under his eye. "I would not go that far," he scoffs, covering you hand with his own to remove it, but you persevere. "Viktor," you say. "You are perfect to me." He may or may not cry by the end of the night. He's never heard anyone say that.
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nokwisi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Viktor NSFW Alphabet — xf!reader
note; so, uh...I am so ridiculously down bad for this man, and got a little carried away...please enjoy these incredibly self-indulgent headcanons of mine, and apologies for typos/mistakes, tis unedited and rushed. [feedback is dope, also I'm totally open to prompts if that's your thing ^^] wordcount; 3k
A = Aftercare [what they’re like after sex]
In the beginning, Viktor may have been inclined to return to his work as quickly as possible, sometimes leaving you breathless and utterly fucked out on the nearest tabletop, departing with a heated kiss and a rushed explanation. He certainly doesn't intend to abandon you, and you, at first, didn't particularly mind.
You understand the way he works—that being: constantly—and try not to interfere with that. Over time, Viktor will linger longer and longer after your little trysts, opting for lazy cuddles and slow, passionate kisses rather than returning to his work immediately. It's a subconscious thing, a balance he needs to achieve on his own terms, but the wait is well worth it.
It's when he's just as enamored with you, as he is his work, that he finally understands the importance of aftercare; and just like every facet of his being, he is determined to excel at it.
B = Body part [their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s]
Viktor isn't particularly keen with his own body, but if he had to choose, he'd say his hands. Sure, they're dependable when writing out sprawling equations or piecing together a new project, but he finds that he most enjoys putting his hands to work on you: feeling the shuddering rise and fall of your ribs, tracing the notches of your spine, slipping between your trembling thighs to explore your wet heat as he cradles your blissed out face in the other...capable and dexterous, perfect for rendering you to pieces.
As for his favorite body part on you? Oh, Viktor adores every single inch of you. The curve of your waist, the delicate line of your throat when your heads tossed back, moaning his name; he enjoys the weight of your breasts in his palms, and the vise of your thighs around his hips. Your body, in his opinion, is perfection among the imperfect, but what truly strikes him as most enthralling? Your eyes. Viktor has never been subject to such intensity; whether it be the gentle warmth of adoration, or the scorching heat of undiluted lust, Viktor often finds himself lost in the depths of your varying gazes.
C = Cum [anything to do with cum, basically]
Loves cumming inside you, nestled deep with his head buried in the junction of your neck and shoulder. He'll stay there a moment, too, peppering kisses and husky words of praise; how good you feel, how pretty you look when you orgasm, how well you take him.
However, Viktor is well aware of the risks of finishing inside you, and despite how much he thoroughly enjoys doing it, he'll stave off the urge (most of the time.) He settles for painting your soft tummy, or the dip of your lower back; he isn't fond of cumming on your face, though. Something about it being demeaning (and yet, when you ask him to, he turns a lovely, telling shade of scarlet...)
D = Dirty secret [pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs]
He fantasizes about roleplaying with you.
You, the coquettish student seeking extra credit. Him, the professor not above bending you over his desk and making you earn it. The thought of you whining and begging and calling him Professor as he fucks you hard enough you can't see straight is something he's thought of more than once.
Or perhaps you'll be his assistant, offering services that involve you on your knees, between his slender thighs with your pretty lips wrapped around his cock. Viktor imagines wrapping your hair around his fist, gently pushing and pulling you as he groans out something along the lines of 'assistants are meant to be handy, are they not? Use your hands, then.'
E = Experience [how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?]
Not very experienced, but extremely well educated. He's a scientist, naturally curious and always seeking new information. He has absolutely studied anatomy, and puts that knowledge to good use.
The first time Viktor stepped between your legs, you came twice—in five minutes.
He's also a very quick learner, and will file away every little reaction you give as he explores your body, watching you intently. It's no time at all before he's rubbing your clit exactly like you would, pounding into your g-spot with devastating accuracy, sweeping his thumb over your stiff nipple just the right way to make you whine deliriously.
F = Favorite position [this goes without saying]
Viktor wants to see your face, so he prefers positions like missionary; when you're meeting the rhythm of his movements, synchronized, breathing as one between open-mouthed and feverish kisses. You rather enjoy the view of him above you, breathless and wrecked, yourself.
He's also huge fan of having you on top him, letting his hands roam your body as you take what you need from him. Gripping the crescents of your hips, he'll push and pull as you roll your waist against him, crashing your clit against his pelvis, digging your fingers into the hardness of his chest—yeah, Viktor loves watching you on top him.
G = Goofy [are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.]
He's more inclined towards seriousness, but if the mood is right, he won't be opposed to lobbing out a couple jokes or innuendos in the heat of the moment. Albeit rare, he definitely has the capacity to be a little goofy; playful, almost. Most of the time, he is completely immersed in his goal of pleasuring you, and he's very good at focusing on his goals.
H = Hair [how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.]
Viktor is almost always preoccupied with his own thoughts and ideas, and truthfully, doesn't necessarily prioritize keeping a well kempt appearance. It's only after you two become intimate that he actually begins to make it a point. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes!
I = Intimacy [how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect]
Very romantic. Viktor desperately wants you to know how amazing you are, how good you make him feel, and he wants you to feel just as good, if not better. He's a passionate man at heart, and that passion radiates when he's with you.
He has an affinity of kissing you whenever he can, even if your kisses are nothing but your lips touching, foreheads pressed together as you share heated moans and salacious whispers. He'll confess his love for you ten times over, wrap you in his arms and pull you closer until the only thing you can comprehend is him. Viktor cherishes you, and he does everything he can to remind you of that.
J = Jack off [masturbation headcanon]
His mind is always turning, filled to the brim with a myriad of thoughts, ideas, equations and plans alike. His raison d'être is the pursuit of science, which leaves very little room for sexual desire.
That is, until he met you.
Viktor, once upon a time, only masturbated when the stress of his body demanded it. It was more a chore than anything else, but now that he's been privy to you—witnessed the eroticism of you beneath him, experienced the divinity of your tight heat wrapped around his length—Viktor finds himself with his cock in hand and your visage in mind fairly often. He would, however, prefer the real thing.
K = Kink [one or more of their kinks]
Praise kink; he preens under your encouraging words, and returns them with just as much enthusiasm. Whisper how good he feels inside you, how well he's fucking you; fingers threaded through his sweat-dampened hair to hold him close, and Viktor might just cum there and then.
Conversely, Viktor will praise you like it's his job, his voice thick and laced with arousal: 'look how well you take me—like you were made for me', sounding near in awe of you.
L = Location [favorite places to do the do]
Someplace private, ideally. Viktor would prefer to take his time with you, if he can, and likes to have you somewhere you'll not be interrupted. Also, comfortability is a bonus, but not entirely a priority. Beds, couches, the flat-top of his desk—all viable options.
M = Motivation [what turns them on, gets them going]
Not to sound trite, but his main motivation is simply you. Viktor didn't really partake in romantic relationships before you, whatever interest he did have not quite rivaling his hyper-focus on science. But you—you seemed to have pushed all the right buttons for him.
Wearing a scandalously short skirt will get his attention piqued, or grazing your hands over his shoulders in passing will make a slight shiver rattle his frame. Simply reminding Viktor that you want him is enough to get him going.
N = No [something they wouldn’t do, turn offs]
Viktor will never share you, he won't even entertain the idea. Having grown up in the Undercity, Viktor has experienced his fair share of poverty; having nothing to call his own. While he certainly doesn't view you as an object to own, he does harbor a bit of a possessive streak. You don't mind, of course.
O = Oral [preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.]
He enjoys both; Viktor finds great satisfaction in being able to work you to the point of senselessness, and he's very good at it. He knows exactly where to touch you; how much pressure to apply when he's lapping at your clit, how to curl his fingers just right against that electric bundle of nerves deep inside you. He knows how to get your toes curling into the soles of your feet; your fingers gripping at his hair as you writhe underneath him. He likes humming against you, peering up the plane of your heaving chest to watch the way you arch your back, scoring your lower-lip with your teeth...
But just because he revels in piecing you apart, doesn't mean he isn't totally on board for some reciprocation. Taking his impressive length into your mouth with a sly little glimmer in your eyes, you drink in the way his breath lodges in his throat, the breathy, whining pitch his voice takes on. When you ignore his stuttered warning and instead take him deeper, threatening the tight channel of your throat, his expression will twist into something akin to torment; you make it a point to see it, every time.
P = Pace [are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.]
Entirely dependent on his mood.
Viktor has the capacity to be absolutely ruthless should the moment call for it, pounding into you as hard and quick as his body will allow, and even past that. He's no stranger to pushing himself beyond his limits, and if he's feeling frustrated, or perhaps even inspired, that enthusiasm translates to feverish, rough sex. Expect some biting, bruising holds on your hips, and perhaps a bit of hair pulling.
On the other hand, he loves loving you. Gentle, sensual caresses coupled with languid, purposeful strokes, sinking deep and firm and cradling you all the while. Lots of kisses; from the cusp of your jaw, to the column of your throat, and often further—settling with your nipple enveloped in his mouth, humming his appreciation of you as you melt into his touch.
Q = Quickie [their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.]
Viktor has absolutely no qualms about quickies! In fact, quick little trysts happen more often than not. With both your hectic schedules, and Viktor's proclivity to work non-stop, they've become normality. With that knowledge in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Viktor has mastered the art of making you cum in record amounts of time.
You're both prone to sweeping the other from your respective tasks, sequestering somewhere private enough that your moans and his thick, rough groans aren't heard by anyone else. Sometimes, quickies are exactly what Viktor needs to get his head on track—you're more than happy to help out.
R = Risk [are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.]
When the tension between you two calls for desperate (and daring) measures, closets, locked workshops, and the occasional deserted hallway have all been utilized. Viktor has been known to take risks in the pursuit of science and knowledge, it just so happens he's willing to take similar risks in making you cum.
S = Stamina [how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?]
Admittedly, he could not last very long in the beginning. Not just because of the physical limitations of his body, but because he wasn't very sexually active to begin with. He will, however, please you as many times as you wish with his hands, and mouth.
With time and practiced restraint, Viktor can keep going for a couple rounds, pushing himself to the very cusp just so he can watch the breathtaking way you clench around him, and cry out his name.
T = Toys [do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?]
Viktor is not opposed to using toys, and perhaps, if it's something you're interested in, he may actually create toys specially catered to you.
Testing them on you is a favorite of his: having you laid out on a workshop table, naked and splayed just for him as he works the toy against your clit, slipping it into your slick, tight heat. He tests the functions of it just as he would any other creation of his, and it's that stoic, analytical concentration of his that really flares your arousal, pushing you to the edge quicker than you're ready for. Viktor is thrilled if you cum quickly—it means his creation is effective.
As for himself? Viktor is open to experiment, and actually finds being the subject rather than the voyeur is quite a turn on for him.
U = Unfair [how much they like to tease]
Once Viktor fully realizes the effect he has on you, the man evolves into a full blown tease. Say what you will about him, but there's no denying Viktor is mischievous. In moments where it's just the two of you, he'll find ways to get closer; touching you in a manner that is both innocuous and charged, commenting in innuendos but in a tone that denies plausibility. But you're smart—that's one of the things Viktor loves most about you—and you catch on to his teasing quick.
Now, when it comes to sex, Viktor can be absolute torture. If he's feeling roguish, he'll tease you every step of the way, commenting things like 'you seem a bit tense...is there something wrong?', 'you want me to touch you, hm? Tell me where, I cannot read minds', and this one, spoken with a lilt of poorly feigned obliviousness: 'why didn't you tell me you were so wet? I would have helped you sooner.'
V = Volume [how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.]
What starts as small noises of appreciation—breathy grunts, labored breathing, whispers of your name, reverent on his tongue—can quickly grow in volume and frequency. Viktor can (and often) lose himself in the moment, and despite not being a very loud man to begin with, he can be very vocal during sex.
You find that when you're on top, in control, he is the loudest: strangled groans, moans that pierce the air with a sharpness that makes your toes curl, and, if he's completely overcome with you and your relentless desire, he'll default to his mother tongue.
Strings of a foreign dialect that sound so desperate, so absolutely overwhelmed, that you can't help but clench around his cock at the sound of him, wringing him out further.
W = Wild card [a random headcanon for the character]
Viktor is a switch! He has a knack for being a gentle dom, giving praise where it's needed, and lobbing out taunts where it's due. He gets a thrill when you turn all needy and pliant beneath him, and he is definitely not above making you beg for what you want.
On the other hand, Viktor embodies a sub so well it's like he was made for it; his golden eyes will take on a desperate hue, hazed and glossy, pleading with just a look. He can handle what you give him, and surprisingly, he enjoys being edged. You enjoy the way his voice slips into a perpetual whine as he begs you to let him cum.
X = X-ray [let’s see what’s going on under those clothes]
Viktor is very thin; all sharp angles and ivory skin, dotted with perfectly placed freckles. With sinewy muscle and protruding hipbones, you can actually trace each individual notch of his spine when he's hunched over you...
Which, somehow, makes the size of his cock actually startling. The first time he'd bared himself to you, you genuinely worried if he was too big for you. Flushed pink at the tip when he's hard, he's about 8' in length, decently thick, and curved just marginally upwards.
(He most definitely takes advantage of the angle.)
Y = Yearning [how high is their sex drive?]
What started as essentially no sex drive quickly skyrocketed after your first time, and it isn't uncommon for you to be intimate once a day, if not multiple times a day. Viktor finds himself more often than not thinking of you; of how you feel, how you look, how you sound, and despite his lust for you cutting into his work, he would not change a thing about it.
Z = Zzz [how quickly they fall asleep afterwards]
If he's invested in a project, he might not sleep at all afterwards. Instead, he'll ensure you're taken care of, maybe linger long enough to give you cuddles and kisses, and then be on his way. You know it's nearly impossible to get him to sleep when he's like that; no matter how much you implore him to with your best sultry gaze.
But if the sex was particularly intense, and Viktor's been pushed to his absolute limit, he will fall asleep almost immediately thereafter. Make sure to cherish these moments, for however ambitious and determined Viktor is, they're few and far between.
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mang0tang00 · 3 months ago
Scenario: Viktor accidentally walks in on you having a break down in the middle of the night.
Viktor x Nb!Reader
Word count: 2K
Warnings: Angst, description of anxiety/panic attack, crying, overthinking, mental struggle
Tumblr media
Everything was getting bad again. You thought you had been able to deal with all this pressure but you couldn’t. It was too much. The silence of your bedroom buzzing in your ears as you sat in the bed that was colder than usual. The empty spot of where Viktor was supposed to lay with you. You can't get angry at him, it’s his life’s work and you agreed that you’d be fine with him spending a few nights in the lab. You should’ve been more descriptive. The darkness of the room starts to warp and waver. You hear yourself start to breathe heavier, your eyes move only to realize. You have tears. This had been your breaking point.
You’ve bottled everything up to not worry anyone, to not worry Viktor. You knew how concerned he was when he heard you so easily agree to the few nights in the lab he needed for the breakthrough he had. You kept agreeing and didn’t bother asking if you were still okay. Well you can’t expect him to always ask you, it would be annoying. Just like now. It’s annoying you’re crying over everything, you shouldn’t be crying. There is no reason for you to cry. As you wipe your tears away, it becomes heavier. The tears are streaming down your cheeks, your lips quivering. No, you can’t be crying not now. Just because you agreed to let Viktor spend a few nights in the lab doesn’t give you the right to cry even if it had turned into months of him being absent. Just because your classes are becoming increasingly difficult doesn’t give you the right to cry. Being Heimerdinger's assistant and taking on all his projects and chores doesn’t give you the right to cry. The stress you’re facing is something small and that everyone goes through, people have it worse than you. The people in Zaun are fighting for their lives and you’re here crying over small things that shouldn’t affect you. Viktor was able to do it, why can’t you? Why can’t you handle all the pressure, you have for years so why is it now? You’re full on sobbing now, you can’t see, you can’t breathe a full inhale and your hands are desperately trying to wipe away the tears. Your breaths become shorter and make your teeth tingle. You can't breathe, choking and hiccuping for your sobs to come out full force. The silence was now filled with your cries as the dam had been broken. All the stress and emotions you’ve bottled up are rushing all at once. The tingling spread to your whole body, a headache coming on from the sheer amount of force your sobs are. You’re trying to hold yourself- no conceal yourself from the on looking eyes. But there were none. The eyes that you always feel watching your every emotion and interaction.
Your headshot up from the hunched position to look at the end of the bed to see Viktor. He wasn’t supposed to be back tonight or for any night.
“oh shit, hi-hey Vik”
You’re rubbing the tears and snot away as quickly and efficiently as possible.
“Y/n? What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you crying?”
Too many questions for your brain to handle. How did you not hear the door open? How did you not hear anything?
“I’m Fine” , giving a small laugh as you go to cover your face to wipe your eyes and get rid of any evidence of your weakness. Only your response had further worried Viktor, how had he not noticed? He grabs your arm gently to stop you from hiding and he’s now sitting in front of you. Him grabbing your arm startled you. It made you stop wiping your face as you stared at him embarrassed. You try scooting back only to be stopped by the bed frame and Viktor has followed your movements.
“Don’t lie to me”
“I Said im Fine Vik, there’s no need to worry”
There had been a quiver in your voice that Viktor noticed.
“Please talk to me my love”
“You shouldn’t have seen me like this, sorry”
He sees that you won’t make eye contact with him. He looks at you in the eyes directly while yours darts around in the darkness like a feral cat caught in a cage. Why were you so terrified of showing emotions around someone? He gently grabs your chin and guides your face and eyes to him. Your eyes flutter as they stare into his mesmerizing golden hue.
“Please,” he sounded desperate, on the verge of begging,”tell me what’s wrong”
Your eyes darted away again.
“It’s nothing really, just stress and and I honestly don’t even have the right to cry b-because people have it worse than me. Y-you! Have had it worse than me and I shouldn’t even be crying over something so small compared to your problems.”
His eyes softened as he heard your rant. Has no one allowed you to feel your emotions? Even he had those nights where he gave up and let himself digest what he was feeling. You hadn’t been able to. You’ve been holding everything in and pushing forward. You never let yourself have bad days. You feel his presence relent as you let out a small puff of breath. You’d ruined it. You’ve ruined everything because of something small again. You hated your emotions and wished you hadn’t broken. As your thoughts began to brood from your mistake then a soft click was heard. It was the lamp and Viktor had turned it on. A sharp intake of air had you realizing he could now see you now.
You go to try and conceal your face again only for Viktor to weave his hand into both of yours effectively stopping you from doing anything. Your hands were cold… colder than his and you were in the blankets. He got to get a good look at you now. The bags under your eyes had become worse. He noticed when he walked in no dishes were in the sink, no dinner as well. He passed it off as you were cleaning that day and putting the food away for you to eat later but when he checked, nothing was made. He was putting everything together after seeing your shrunken frame as the sobs ripped through your body. You hadn’t eaten, gotten any good sleep, nor had you been hydrating.
“How long?”
“for what?”
“How long have you been struggling, Y/n.”
He saw your eyes turn to fear at the sternness in his voice, the way your eyes told him everything that was happening but he ignored it when it mattered the most. His ignorance was partially to blame for this spiraling out of control. He felt the small tremors as your body was beginning to calm down. You remained silent after his question, terrified of what your response might trigger.
“I’m not struggling,… haven’t been”
You stared him in the eyes this time and the confidence in which you spoke had almost fooled him into thinking you were indeed fine. But the evidence of your sorrows finally rising were evident on your face and in your voice.
“Y/n talk to me”
“About what? That You saw me crying once cause of some stupid reason?” Your Voice becoming hostile.
“What- no no no, I want to know what’s been going on. Your circles are so dark,” his hand unravels from yours as his hand travels up to your cheek and gently rubs his thumb over the area. You unconsciously lean into his touch like a cat by a heater,”when I came in there were no dishes or food in the fridge. You haven’t been eating or taking care of yourself… why?”
“you’ll think it’s dumb”
“the only thing that’s dumb is Jayce and his weird invention ideas”
His small joke had gotten you to laugh softly. You felt so far from him even when you were sitting so close to him. When had the distance gotten this big?
“well I haven’t had time to eat or sleep… I have things to work on like Heimerdinger's project, I need to look over his calculations and his other inventions. Oh wait there’s also assignments due soon in my classes and the projects or I guess essays and-“
Viktor had gently kissed you. He had seen your brain begin to kick back into its routine of working on everything but yourself.
“You’ve been carrying so much by yourself?”
“Well yeah I mean everyone at this academy who has a name plaque has done it all on their own, you’ve done it all on your own”
“I didn’t learn everything on my own Y/n, I had people who helped me and gave me opportunities. Yes I can be stubborn when asking for help but it’s okay to need- no want help.”
“what?” The way your voice sounded so surprised broke him inside a little. You’ve been carrying around all this work/stress and pushed through without a break? He’s trying to think about what could’ve caused this. Then it clicked.
“Did this become worse when you agreed to let me have a few nights in the lab because of my inventions?”
“What- no! Vik, I’d never want you to stop working because of me! Your work is your life and I don’t want you to give that up for me, I don’t want you to lose what you’ve worked so hard for because of me, Vik.”
“Y/n I do love my work but you are also important to me now. My work is something that I would need a break from to clear my brain and help me see it a different way the next day. You’re my number one priority now. You are what’s most important to me and I don’t want to loose you.”
“I thought… I thought it was for a few nights or week tops but then you started saying you’d be back and… you never did. I wanted to tell you about it but I didn’t think it was important because I mean you’re Viktor, a co creator of hex tech. I’m sure there’s things greater and worth more than me. I had feared you weren’t coming back…”
“No , Y/n you are what’s most important to me and always will be. I’d never choose my work over you without telling you or asking you. All the feelings you have are okay to feel.”
“all the feelings you have are okay to have.”
He sees you stare blankly as the words process. The tears start streaming down your face.
“Y/n, you’ve been so strong and always will be. Everything that happened tonight won’t affect how I view you as a person because we all have bad days my love and this is your bad day.”
Viktor gently wraps his arms around you and pulls you into a tight secure hug. He felt you become stiff from the contact but eventually loosen up. The shaking in your body had increased as he felt you holding back tears.
“Don’t Hold it in anymore, you’re allowed to feel weak with me. You’re allowed to feel anything with me, my dear.”
Your sobs had returned. Not for the same reason though. Viktor understands you. He listened and talked to you. He made you feel like it was actually going to be okay. You’re now sobbing in his arms and after a few minutes it died down again. He took a few more minutes to let your breathing even out to know you had fully calmed down. He laid there with you in his arms.
“I’m going to make us something to eat.”
“But it’s so late, I can wait till morning.”
“No, come, we will be in the kitchen together.”
As Viktor got up and helped you to the kitchen.
It was then you realized he had felt like home.
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queenofruneterra · 4 months ago
FINE. Viktor NSFW oneshot.. - 1677 words
Tumblr media
Viktor x Fem Reader
Y/N is power hungry
TWs: None
"Do you know how long you've been sitting there?" your voice, soft and delicate, gracefully penetrates the silence in Viktor’s lab.
He's startled at first, only just now noticing you creeping up behind him. Your arms slowly wrap around him, fingers dancing between strands of coffee colored hair as you rest your chin on his shoulder. "Yes." he states, his gaze never shifting from the apparatus before him. "Is there something you need?"
You roll your eyes at the ignorance of his question.
"It's just like you to be so imperceptive," you whisper into his ear with a mischievous grin and a chaste kiss on the cheek, knowing that you need to play your cards just right if you intend to capture his attention.
Your comment has the desired effect on the man, sparking enough curiosity within him to elicit an inquisitive "Oh?" followed by a slightly amused "what do you mean?".
You release him from your grasp, allowing your fingers to linger on his shoulders for a moment before speaking;
"Are you really that naive?"
The look on his face as he turns to you—confused, intrigued, and slightly entertained— is enough to validate your hunch that you're on the right track.
"If you've got something to say to me, just say it." There's a playfulness to his voice, subtle enough that most wouldn't notice, voiding his attempt at feigning annoyance. "I don't have time for this."
You quirk your head innocently, meeting his eyes, biting back an impish grin. "I don't think I've got anything to say. However," you continue, slowly dropping to your knees, never breaking your intense gaze, "There are some things I've been dying to do..."
You shuffle between his legs, hands slowly smoothing up his thighs. You feel him tense under your touch as your fingers inch closer to the crotch of his pants, and you can't help but smirk as he starts shifting in his seat.
"If you're only here to distract me, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," he breathes, gripping the armrests of his chair as he desperately tries to avoid your eyes.
"Distract you?" you ask, now rutting your hand against his crotch at a steady, agonizingly slow pace. "I'm only collecting what's due."
"This is an extremely inconvenient time to do that." You feel fluttering in your stomach when you catch a glimpse of his now flushed cheeks, and watching him hopelessly try to maintain his composure only makes you that much more determined to break him.
Viktor’s breath hitches as your fingers smoothly unbutton his pants, revealing his boxers and the growing protrusion beneath them.
"I understand you're feeling neglected, but-"
"You don't have time for me, right?" you recite,
your tone seeping with sarcasm. You play with the hem of his boxers teasingly as you meet his gaze.
"I always find time," he mutters, one hand moving to play with his hair. "You know how important this project is."
"But it couldn't be more important than me?" you ask softly, giving a seductive tug on his pants. He looks at you for a moment, then to your delight, relents, lifting his hips just enough for you to shed him of his clothing, his cock lunging forward, rock hard and flushed pink. "Not more important," he sighs, again attempting to maintain his composure. "But much less annoying."
You raise an eyebrow at his shoddy attempt at seeming irritated as you wrap your fingers around his length. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you didn't like this," you purr, circling his tip with your thumb, causing him to sigh and grip the armrests even tighter.
As you lean closer, you begin stroking him, quickly finding a pace that sends tremors through his body. "I would like it, I do like it," he says breathlessly, stumbling over his words, furiously fidgeting with his hair, struggling to handle the pleasure with equanimity. "But I need to, please, I need to work..."
His short breaths gradually become barely audible moans as you quicken your pace. You inch ever closer to him, allowing your lips to brush him as you speak;
"Don't you think a clever man like you deserves some respite every now and then?"
"Time and place," he grits out, one hand untangling from his hair and softly cupping your cheek. His face is red hot and his eyes are low, laden with lust and desire. It's beautiful, but you're still not quite satisfied.
Maintaining eye contact with your lover, you slowly lick a brazen stripe from base to tip, making sure to swivel your tongue around the head. His eyes flutter closed and he inhales sharply, his body shuddering as you begin to lap at him.
"I can stop you know," you tease, speaking between swirls of your tongue. "I wouldn't want you to fall behind because of me."
"It's far too late for that," he moans, desperation lacing his tone. His regularly calm voice is now whiny and needy, overflowing with lechery, exactly how you like it. Both his hands have found their way onto your face now, and he's looking at you with carnality, rolling his hips uncontrollably.
"Don't stop, please, I need this," he admits shyly. A lewd noise escapes him as you oblige and take him into your mouth, allowing him to slip to the back of your throat. You hollow your cheeks, slowly beginning to bob your head around him, humming in response to the uncharacteristic but wildly alluring string of profanities streaming from him as you do.
It's with shame and a tinge of humiliation that he cries "Fuck," slamming his eyes shut as you pull up. You notice a string of saliva connecting the both of you and feel his grip growing tighter.
"So you do have time for me," you murmur wisely, pumping him lazily with one hand and reaching under his shirt with the other. "Whatever happened to your staunch work ethic?"
"My ‘work ethic’ is perennial." his voice is weak, wavering as he speaks. "It was you who mentioned my need for respite." His subtle sass is amplified by an edge of accusation, which majorly clashes with his current state; a slick, writhing mess, wanton and lustful.
"Is that so?" you muse, choosing to ignore his tone as you slowly rise to your feet.
Viktor watches intently as you find a place in his lap, and you hear his breath quicken as you straddle him and press the wet fabric of your underwear against his exposed groin. Rolling your hips smoothly, you grind against him as your fingers once again begin to dance between strands of dark hair.
"Surely you can still spare a little time for your girlfriend." A particularly rough roll of your hips causes him to squirm. "Don't you agree?"
He nods slowly, weakly stammering out a breathless "Yes," before lightly grabbing your waist as he’s overcome with bliss. A coy smile finds its way onto your face as you continue grinding against him, drinking in his lewd expression and reveling in the exceedingly indecent sounds flowing from his slightly parted mouth.
"I knew you would." you mumble, dipping your head below his jaw. You begin sucking bruises onto his delicate skin, causing him to buck upwards and tilt his head to further expose his neck. "That's a specious claim," he whines, still attempting to maintain some control over the situation, slightly discomfited by how easily you've broken him.
You quickly work at the buttons of his shirt, never allowing your lips to leave their spot below his ear. "So you say." you whisper before finally pulling away and allowing him to shed his top.
You scan his naked body and watch as he swallows thickly. "This is a little unfair." His eyes are glassy and stuck on you, observing your every movement. "I'm completely exposed, but you, you..."
He cuts himself off, sighing your name as you pick up your pace. "You're so desperate." you tease, running your hands over his bare chest.
He whines softly and tugs at your skirt. "Unfair," he repeats, now too focused on his own arousal to come up with a witty reply.
"Then take it off," you whisper, standing up slowly. He quickly pulls your skirt down, exposing your underwear and the wetness between your thighs. He hesitates to take them off, his cheeks once again turning red, but seeing how badly he wants you has left you feeling extremely aroused as well.
You swiftly slip your panties to your feet, stepping out of them and back onto Viktor’s lap, hovering above him teasingly. "Is this what you want?" you breathe before lowering yourself onto him. He throws his head back in pleasure, subconsciously grabbing your hand and humming quietly.
You quickly find a steady pace, eager to please yourself and set on seeing his face contorted into an expression of ecstasy. Viktor soon begins thrusting softly, slowly beginning to meet your rhythm. As his pace gradually increases, his grip on your hand grows tighter, and his whines and moans grow louder.
Strands of his hair are stuck to his red cheeks, and you feel yourself growing ever closer to release as you watch his lean muscles contract under glistening skin. You run your hands down his chest, leaning down to kiss his body and revel in the breathy “god”s and “yes”s escaping him.
Suddenly, he grabs your hips, fucking into you roughly, his eyes shut tight. "Viktor," you moan loudly, feeling embarrassed by the lustfulness of your own voice. He only whines, slightly opening his eyes, his swift pace never faltering. You moan again, grabbing fistfuls of his hair as he pushes you over the edge.
He soon follows, his rhythm becoming erratic as he whines uncontrollably. His eyes roll back before fluttering shut, and his nails dig deeper into your flesh. You feel him release inside of you, his face twisted in pleasure, and listen proudly to him moaning your name, telling you how good you've made him feel.
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imajinxnation · 8 months ago
Having a Short S/O - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Just saying this now, the height I am imagining is 5'3 because I'm that height
Warning: fluff
I don't think I put any gender for the reader, but I suppose it is more directed at female readers, but males can still read it if they want
Tumblr media
Honestly thinks it's cute how short you are, of course he'd never admit it, though. I have no idea why I thought of this, but now I just have to say it; he will PICK YOU UP. If you were standing in front of him and he needed to get past, he would pick you the fuck up and move you to the side, he don't care if you don't like it, he gonna do it anyways. Also, I imagine head pats. Like, if you're angry at him and almost to the point of yelling at him, he would just pat your head, like, "Oh yeah, you're SO scary."
Tumblr media
You both kinda help each other; he has a hard time getting things from lower places due to his leg, and you have a hard time getting things from higher places. He always tells you how much he loves your height just in case you get insecure. 100% rests his chin on top of your head when hugging you, and kisses the top of your head while he's at it. Lots of forehead kisses.
Tumblr media
Now, I read somewhere that her official height is 5'3, I have no idea if this is true, but I'm stickin with it. She absolutely loves your height and has mentioned on multiple occasions that you two are "short buddies". Being the same height makes things a lot easier for you both, well, other than high shelves, but I'm sure she'd give you a lift if you needed it. She really doesn't need a lift, but she asks you anyways because she likes your touch. Calls you cute 25/8.
Tumblr media
You cannot tell me this woman doesn't pick you up and twirl you around in a hug! Sometimes she just stares at you with pure love in her eyes, and holds your face in her hands. Because you're short, she feels like she has to protect you all the time, so she does tend to baby you a lil bit. I love the idea of her tilting your face up and slowly leaning down to kiss you.😍
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caitlinsnicket · 16 days ago
Smut prompt 79 + Viktor (arcane) 👀
Tumblr media
most people would think that viktor is a shy man, too embarassed to actually do anything sexual. these people couldn't be more wrong. he's teasing, bold, and daring, going as far as touching you in front of the whole council without them noticing, a smug smile on his face.
now for example, his hand has sneaked itself on the back of your dress, his fingers swiftly teasing your soaking cunt, his face emotionless. you, on the other hand, was fighting against your own voice and nerves, trying not to crumble in front of everyone.
he barely moved, his fingers doing all the work for him.
after bringing you to the edge more than once, he completely removed himself from inside of you, your messy cunt clenching around nothing.
before you could even react, he inserted his wet fingers inside his mouth, liking them clean. a shiver ran through you. he whispers into your ear, his breath tickling your skin.
"you taste like fucking candy"
so, no, viktor wasn't shy. he was a fucking whore.
and you loved it.
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viktorshands · 4 months ago
Arcane Characters x Glasses-Wearing Reader
Characters included: Jinx, Viktor, Jayce, Sky, Caitlyn, Silco. (If there is a character you want added, send me an ask!)
Tumblr media
Jinx, curious as a cat, would snatch them off of your face the first chance she got.
“So, you can’t see without these?” She asks, eyes wide with interest.
“No, I can see, just not well.” You reply, your voice laden with sarcasm.
“Oooooh.” Jinx said, placing the frames on her face. 
Funny enough, she looks great with them on, because - of course she does.
“It’s all blurry, I’m going cross-eyed here!” She feigned dizziness, making large movements with her arms and wobbling.
Taking the glasses back from her and setting them properly back on yourself, you reply, “That’s because you have perfect vision, unlike me.” You booped her nose, making her scrunch up her face in cute disgust.
“I have a great idea!” She jumped in place and grabbed your glasses once more. 
You had no chance to react as she swiftly ran away with the glasses in hand, no doubt to give them a Jinx-ified paint job, her azure braids trailing in the wind behind her.
The astute observer would notice immediately.
“I believe I would be correct in saying this is why you always had headaches before, hm? Because you need to wear these.” He added.
“You are, as always.” You smirked at him, feeling the blush on your cheeks mirroring his.
“May I?” He asked, holding one hand out to you.
Silently you took the glasses off and handed them to him.
“I noticed the right side was tilted slightly,” he paused, tilting his head to the side with his eyes narrowed in concentration, “I’m just going to tighten this screw here.”
After he fixed the screw with a little screwdriver, he handed them back to you and you put them back on.
“Better?” He quirked his brow, anticipating your response.
“I guess so.” You grinned, trying not to laugh.
He had a confused look on his face and asked, “What��s so funny?”
“It’s just, I can’t tell the difference, but it was very sweet of you to fix them for me.” You teased lightly.
“Don’t patronize me, Y/N, I was just trying to be helpful.” He said, pretending to be offended.
You couldn’t help but laugh, making Viktor chuckle as well.
Jayce, being the goofball that he is, would beg to try them on as soon as he saw you with your new glasses.
Upon trying them on he said, “How do you even see out of these things?”
All you could do was watch in horror as his thick head bowed out the frames.
He gingerly held them out to you, rubbing his temples as you placed them back on your face - only to have them slide right off. 
“Ugh, JAYCE.” You exaggerated his name and flung your arms out. 
Recognizing your dismay, he sheepishly held his hand out to you, his eyes like a guilty puppy dog. 
He led you to his lab so he could find a teeny screwdriver to tighten the frames back to normal again.
“There,” he says with a wink, placing them as gently as he could back on your face, “just as perfect as ever.”
Sky would be practically jumping for joy upon seeing your frames resting upon your face.
“Oh, Y/N, your glasses look so nice!” She said fondly.
Her cheeks lit up with a warm, rosey blush as the two of you walked up the steps of the Academy building together.
A clap of thunder jolted the two of you, just as raindrops started to fall from the grey clouds above.
You ran up the steps together and caught your breath in the doorway, both of you giggling.
Sky looked at you with her brows drawn together, “Do you mind?” She pointed at your glasses.
“Oh, um, okay, no I don’t mind.” You took your frames off and handed them to her. 
Sky used the hem of her cotton shirt to clean the raindrops that had fallen on your glasses.
“There we go, good as new.” She beamed.
You smiled back at her, thankful for her sweetness.
“Come in.” Caitlyn called from behind the closed doors of her bedroom.
You opened the door gently and waltzed in, beaming with delight.
As usual, Caitlyn was sidetracked, head buried in a new case she was working on. But, as soon as she looked over to you she sighed softly.
Standing from her chair she held her hand out to you, taking yours she spun you in a circle, “Look at you, love.”
She cupped your face with her soft hand, her dainty fingertips gently caressing your cheek.
“They truly look wonderful on you. Tell me, what drew you to this color?” She touched the frame carefully, so not as to smudge the glass.
“I wanted something to remind myself of you, that’s why I went with the dark blue, it’s the shade of your hair.” You answered her bashfully, blushing as she kissed your forehead in response.
“Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” Silco’s velvety voice sent a shiver up your spine.
“What?” You stopped polishing the glass in your hand, a confused look on your face. Just like him to be cryptic in his questioning.
“Your glasses.” He said plainly, leaning slightly over the bar to get a better look. “They look nice on you.”
At this point you weren’t sure if it was a compliment or not, and you shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.
He drummed his fingers on the bar top, “But, they make you look too smart.”
“Is that a dig?” Now you were irritated, closing down the bar was no longer your priority as slapping the man in front of you started to look more appealing.
“No, you silly thing. Just an observation.”
His hand reached up, almost hesitant, to graze the side of your cheek below where your glasses sat. He adjusted the frames ever so slightly up the bridge of your nose, as they had slid down a bit while you were hunched over polishing glassware.
He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, he drew himself back and turned on his heel, footsteps trailing away as you stood frozen from the intimate contact.
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silence-burns · 7 months ago
Viktor: having a crush on you 
Fandom: Arcane 
Tumblr media
Viktor is easy to read, especially once you get to know him better. Even Jayce is able to tell when something starts bothering him.
Viktor enjoys spending time with you. It doesn't matter whether you're talking for hours about your ongoing projects or the two of you are trying to fix issues in one of Viktor's. He doesn't even mind when the lunch breaks turn longer and are spent talking about some little things.
He doesn't always agree with your ideas, but enjoys the whole process of arguing anyway. 
When Viktor and you are working on different projects, he'd often suggest you use the same lab. Just to cut on energy costs, of course. And it's easier to share the tools rather than to have to borrow them all the time. There's absolutely no other reason for it, and if Jayce doesn't wipe that smug little smirk off his face, he'll be the one who will have to find himself a new lab.
Viktor often catches himself staring at you when he knows you're too preoccupied to notice. He doesn't know why, but the sight of you deep in thought, or cursing quietly in front of a blackboard covered in writing makes him feel warm inside. 
Viktor would listen carefully whenever you mentioned having a particular interest in something. He might not share much with you, but he'd still make the effort to learn a little about it. Watching your excitement is enough of a reward for a short research.
Talking to you makes him happy, but despite knowing you for years, he still gets irrationally nervous sometimes. 
It usually happens when he suddenly finds himself too close to you and freezes. Or when you touch him briefly without paying much attention to it. Viktor notices all the small gestures and appreciates them, but freezes anyway.
His fair complexion doesn't help to hide his blushing, and realizing that only makes things worse for Viktor.
Jayce is having the time of his life. He frequently takes you both to one of the students' bars near the Academia "for a warm cup of tea or a beer at the end of the day", and then once you're all seated in the crowded main room, he conveniently disappears for half an hour. It's truly a wonder how long it can take to put a simple order, but Viktor isn't angry.
It gives him a good opportunity to talk to you in a different scenery. If it's loud inside, it's all the more reason to sit close together. Just to hear each other talk over all the noise, of course.
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cammys-imagines24 · 7 months ago
•Viktor Being Jealous•
Tumblr media
Shame on you for ever making this sweet baby scientist jealous.
Everyday Viktor wakes up he's already insecure, so for you to make him jealous is just adding fuel to the fire.
Everyday he thinks he isn't good enough for you. That you should be with someone healthy.
Someone who doesn't have bad days.
Someone who doesn't have a rapidly deteriorating body.
And, if Viktor's ailments weren't enough to make him feel unworthy of you, he is also busy all the time as well.
You should be with someone who can give you all the time in the world, the time you deserve.
You should be with someone who can sweep you off your feet and who won't hold you back.
Already all of these thoughts are like gnats buzzing in his ears.
The inhibiting droning only held at bay when you tell him you love him.
His self aware worrying only placated by your near constant reassurances and consolations.
So, when Viktor sees you talking politely with a man, a fellow scientist no less, all his doubts come crashing back down onto him.
The weight of his hurt alone enough to make him curl inward, all his body going limp with just his cane keeping him upright.
His golden eyes darken, his lips downturn, his brows knit together as if sewn, his hands tremble...
Viktor will spy on the two of you, despite the shattered heap that is his heart.
He'll see you effortlessly smiling at the new scholar, see how the man leans forward with breath bated at your every word.
The man even warmly places a hand upon your shoulder.
At that point, Viktor is entirely broken.
He won't be able to look anymore.
He'll barracade himself in his office, in the comforts of his books, research and notes but he won't feel a sliver of comfort at the familiarity of it.
He'll obsess over the scene he just bared witness to, replaying every minuscule detail as it festered like an infection in his mind.
He could assess the facts, he was good at that.
Perhaps you were just showing this new scientist around. Perhaps you were just being friendly.
The rational part of him could see that, you being a warm and amiable character, yet he just couldn't make himself believe it.
Your effortless smile from before will haunt him as he remembers all the times when he's made you upset.
When he collapses and has to be bedridden; you getting sleepless nights by staying up with him in the infirmary.
When he coughs up blood and can't hide the crimson handkerchief in his pocket fast enough and he sees your eyes well up with tears at the sight.
Your relationship should be effortless and it could be if you chose that new scholar over him.
He's being compulsive and letting this one innocent scene consume him like a Hextech problem he can't solve.
But, Viktor loves you too much to not fret about whether you chose the right partner for your life.
As heartbroken as he is however, when you go to confront him, he will be nothing but standoffish and irritable.
You know how when a cat wants to be pet but for some reason makes their owner work for said scratches?
That's how he'll act.
You'll tell him that you've been looking for him everywhere.
"Really? I don't know how you noticed anything when you were so encompassed by that new scholar."
Viktor will quip, releasing his not often seen sarcasm.
You know what's up immediately based upon his touchy remarks and scowl.
Viktor is pretty easy to read. His amber eyes tell all.
Now you've got work to do because he's got his defensive walls up.
You'll go to kneel in front of where he sat at his desk and gently run your fingers up his thighs.
You'll be quick to reassure him that you were just showing that newcomer around the Academy.
Which is of course what Viktor rationalized yet it did nothing to blur the sight of you two together.
Youll run your fingers further up his lean body, over his chest, his neck, all the way to his tousled light brown hair.
You'll caress the two beauty marks upon his sculpted face and near his still glowering lips.
You'll have to spend the whole night showering him with affection.
It never an easy recovery whenever he does get jealous.
Others have reactions of jealousy based on feeling possessive or feeling threatened but not Viktor.
He almost just feels guilty about keeping you in the first place. Keeping you from someone better suited for you.
It will take a lot of work to remind him of your love, not that you mind telling him how special he is and why you chose him in the first place.
You'll recap all of your favorite memories together, everything you adore about him, why he makes you happy...
Viktor will absolutely cherish when you tell him things like this.
He appreciates you more than you could ever know and he would do anything to make you happy.
Your reassurances keeping his worries at bay again for a little while.
And, he will return the gesture, cupping your face and kissing your forehead.
He'll whisper how much he loves you as he pecks your cheek, your lips, your neck...
His sweet nothing words fluttering against your skin.
"I love you, printsessa. Thank you for staying with me."
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quacksonbarnes · 8 months ago
Stay with Me
Morning After Headcanons
Pairing: Viktor x Reader
Warnings: a lot of fluff, suggestive themes
A/N: Quick blurb to refresh my mind!
Tumblr media
You'd wake to Viktor pressing warm kisses against your forehead.
The corner of your lips would upturn at his display of affection, causing you to snuggle even more into his side.
"Darling, I have to go."
"A few more minutes," You would whine, gazing up at him with a pout and the biggest puppy eyes you could muster.
He caved in, as he did every time.
You knew he secretly loved lazy days.
He'd trace gentle shapes on your back, nearly causing you to fall asleep again.
That man was a wonder with his hands, decorated with callouses yet so gentle and soft.
You'd press butterfly kisses down his neck, appreciating the soft hums he'd make in response.
He'd run his fingers through your hair, playing with the strands as he did with his own when he was nervous.
"You're so warm," You'd mumble into his chest causing him to let out a small chuckle.
The expression on his face made your heart ache, being filled with so much love.
You'd hook one of your legs around his in an attempt to pull him closer, the skin on skin contact making you feel like you were almost floating.
"How are you feeling?"
You'd respond with a very genuine, "Sore."
He'd become bashful at your response, slightly blushing before apologising, "Ahh I'm sorry."
"Don't apologise, it's a good kind of pain."
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