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You were just a dream that I once knew

I never thought I would be right for you

I just cant compare you with

Anything in this world

You’re all I need to be with forevermore

—Forevermore by Side A

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Another dumb idea (probably worse than before) but I want to see Yuri and Viktor at banquet night and Yuri’s all nervous again so Viktor (being Viktor) is like *yo do you want something to drink* and Yuri just forgets everything that happened last year due to his nerves so he’s like *yeah sure* and then they both get drunk and fuck and it’s even better than last year.

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There’s always a badass blonde bitch with an attitude in anime that’s soft af for the ray of sunshine main character…and I love them all 🥺

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Quick Theory

So in Otabek’s free skate at the Grand Prix Final he is addressing someone (we don’t know who) telling them to live their dreams etc. I think that he may be addressing Yurio. He has confidence in Yurio, admires him greatly and wants him to be able to achieve his dream, even if it means that Yurio wins gold not him . This is backed up by the fact that they keep showing shots of Yurio during the program, especially at the end of the program when Otabek says “now is your time” and it does a full-body shot of Yurio watching him perform.

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So today I decided to binge Yuri On Ice again.

The only problem is is that the song Yuri On Ice is my alarm. So the second the first scene came on that features the song I felt the fear of God surge through me as my body panicked at the sound of my alarm thinking that I somehow forgot something I set an alarm for.

It’s a damn beautiful song though.

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