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i have anxiety so
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rip v :(
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Viktor HD frames / (conversation with heimerdinger) Part 2/4✨
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Viktor: [Gestures to Jayce] um. cut him in half.
Blitzcrank: Hot dog or hamburger style, boss?
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I tried uploading the video here but Tumblr is being a lil jerk.
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Ok, but why haven't I seen anybody talking abt Viktor twirling his hair while trying to figure out how the Hexcore works??
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obsessed over how on one hand we have a straight up greek tragedy and on the other we have Vik and Jayce’s Gay Hextech Adventures. very impressed over how the fuck they made telling these stories side by side work
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#my pretty husband
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Wake up cupcake, new meme format just dropped
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Jayce: We’re going to play a game.
Caitlyn: Ok.
Jayce: It’s called “Jayce or Hexclaw.” I’m going to tell you something Viktor has said, and you’re going to have to guess if he said it to me, his husband, or to his grabber arm.
Caitlyn: That sounds easy. Alright, go ahead.
Jayce: *in a sexy voice* “Good boy~.”
Caitlyn: *throwing her hands in the air* I have no fucking idea.
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Viktor HD frames / (conversation with heimerdinger) Part 1/4✨
Now the conversation with heimer ! small scene but with nice frames of him.
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Viktor's range is literally going to kill me because one minute he's embodying the whole cinammon roll vibe
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And then the next he--
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Like damn boi, he pulls out those fuck eyes and suddenly I dont know what to do with myself
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*.✧Fallen angel skrunkly*.✧
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No one:
Jayce and Viktor after becoming partners:
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Under the Stars
my masterlist | how to request
Pairing: Viktor x afab!reader Word count: 3.5k (~700 plot, rest is smut) Warnings: NSFW, Smut, +18. Minors do not interact with this piece! 🔪 Tags: smut, (soft)dom!Viktor, established relationship, smut with slight plot, fingering, oral (both parties recieving), vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk (I think that's all lemme know if I missed something) Request by anon: Can I order NFSW with Viktor... Well, there isn't that scene where he's running on the docks after injecting the serum... Well and if the reader was with him at the time supporting him, maybe things get heated between them. A/N: This is my first actual smut ever! 🤧 I hope you enjoy it, please do let me know if you find any mistakes or have any feedback, but I do hope you will love it! Y'all made my Viktor NSFW alphabet my most liked post so here you go you thirsty little animals (affectionate, self included)! Love yous! If you like it I can write more in the future! 👀❤
Tumblr media
Your heart was racing in your chest as you approached the docks. When you got home earlier today a note was waiting for you on your desk, you immediately recognized Viktor’s rushed cursive on the tiny piece of paper. Meet me at the harbor tonight. Don’t be late. It said. It was not like him to communicate to you this way, but you felt like he was a bit more secretive recently than usual. The stars were shimmering beautifully on the clear night sky as you fastened your pace, nervous about this unusual attitude of your lover. As you came closer to your destination you saw him standing alone, slightly leaning on his cane. His figure seemed tense and your stomach did a somersault at the sight. He was somehow different.
‘Viktor?’ You called out to him as you approached him. He immediately turned towards you, his soft gaze locking on your eyes, his eyebrows furrowed slightly. He looked happy and worried at the same time. ‘Is something wrong?’ You asked, putting your hand on his cheek, caressing lightly as you searched for something in his eyes. You couldn’t read him.
‘I want to show you something.’ He straightened his back as he touched your hand on his face, leaning into it with closed eyes. You two had a hard time in the past months as Viktor’s condition seemingly got worse each passing day. It was in the back of your mind constantly, but you tried to keep the thoughts away. You both had so much to live for, you couldn’t dwell on the inevitable. He took your wrist in his hand as he pulled you closer into a kiss, his other hand held onto his cane and pulled you closer to him by your waist. ‘I love you.’ He said as he let go.
‘I love you too.’ You breathed and crossed your arms in front of your chest, because you couldn’t quite figure out what to do with them now that you couldn’t hold Viktor.
He turned his back on you, looking at the ground. He clenched his grip on his crutch so much that his knuckles turned white before he let go of it completely. It landed on the ground with a deafening sound. A shocked look spread across your face and you had to fight every urge in your body to hold the yelp back in your throat. Every nerve in your body was on high alert, not having the slightest idea about what he wanted to show you.
Then he took a step. You heard a loud thump as he did, and the sound felt weird in your ears. It was not a sound you would associate with someone taking a step. It almost sounded like – metal? Then another one. Your heart was racing in your chest, fingers digging into your own forearm to calm your nerves as you saw him walk. He looked more confident with each step, but you couldn’t pry your eyes away from his form.
After a few steps he started jogging, and your brain couldn’t handle what it saw. It was happy, scared and unsure at the same time. As you tried to figure out what was going on you saw him trip and you immediately started to run towards him only to stop after a few steps because by that time he was running. It felt like the most natural thing ever, the way he put his long legs after the other, sometimes emphasized his motions with his arms, it was like if he flew through the air. Your heart burst with joy as tears started to sting your eyes, the emotions bursting in your chest as the significance of the situation settled in your brain. His shout snapped you out of your thoughts and you started running towards him, laughing, tears falling from your face. You could only catch up to him because he stopped at the other end of the docks, turning back to you, running a hand through his hair. He was laughing and so were you.
When you finally caught up you wrapped your arms around his neck, but what you didn’t expect was him to hug you around your waist and lift you up into the air. You gasped as you buried your face into the crook of his neck, smelling his skin. You had no idea how this was possible. You felt his hug tighten on you as he put you back onto the ground, his hands immediately moving up to cup your face as he pressed his soft lips onto yours. His kiss was eager, he wasted no time exploring your lips and you happily obliged the nudging of his tongue against your mouth. Everything felt so surreal, your brain couldn’t catch up with what just happened. After a few minutes you broke the kiss to grasp some air, your (and his) lips were swollen from all the kisses and bites.
“How?” You whispered, looking at him, your gaze darting between his eyes and lips as you weren’t sure if you really want to hear the answer or just continue to devour the tall man in front of you.
“I’ll tell you on the way home.” He smiled, leaning down to you and kissing you again.
And he did. He told you about the experiments with the Hexcore, how it reacts to biological matter and so on. You didn’t pretend to fully grasp the scientific aspect of it, all you had to know is that it could save Viktor’s life.
You closed the door of your shared apartment lost in your thoughts when you felt his lean frame press against you, his arms caging you between his body and the door. You turned slowly and looked up at him. His breathing was heavy, his pupils blown wide as he looked down at you, like a hungry wolf at its prey. You felt your heartbeat crawl up to your throat as every inch of your body started tingling. His amber eyes were beautiful in the dim light of the room, and despite your brain knew he was sick, his hungry gaze made him look stronger than ever.
His lips met yours as his hand sneaked up onto your cheek, kissing you with a passion of a starved man. With his motion he pushed you towards the door even more, his whole body pressed against yours. You let out a soft whimper as he settled one of his legs between yours and continued his ministrations on your lip. You felt the heat flood your body, your mind blank, only thinking about his warm touch on your face, the heat of his body against yours.
His hand moved from your cheek and traveled to your waist, under your shirt where he drew lazy circles on your skin, the sensation sent a burning feeling through your body, straight into your core. You knew he loved to tease, but your heart was bursting, your nerves fired up against him. You felt light headed as need washed over your body.
“Viktor” You moaned his name against his lips which made a smirk appear on them. His eyes were glowing with lust as he broke the kiss and removed his hand from you. Always the tease.
“What is it, love?” He said under his breath, moving his lips from yours to your ear, his breath on your neck sent a shiver down your spine. His hands started roaming your body again, this time hovering over your thigh, making you hold your breath in anticipation. He pressed soft kisses to your neck, nibbing and sucking the soft flesh, experimenting, watching your reactions. You moaned when he bit down lightly on the crook of your neck and he smiled to himself, taking mental notes of your reaction before he repeated the motion. His hand caressed your inner thigh dangerously close to where you wanted him most, but never there. He hummed against your skin.
“Cat got your tongue?” He smiled against your neck, while he hovered his fingers above your heated core. You knew exactly what he wanted from you, but you weren’t sure if you could give it to him yet. On one part, your brain was covered in a lustful haze, not being able to form sentences, on the other hand, you just loved seeing him like this. You decided to shook your head as an answer, to which he responded with a dark chuckle. He moved his head from your neck to meet your gaze.
“Use your words, love.” He whispered, his amber eyes piercing into yours. You let out a small whine and threw your head back against the door, closing your eyes as the floodgates opened inside you.
“Viktor, please, please…” you breathed out, his eyes still locked on your face, your eyes still shut. “Touch me.”
The second the words left your mouth his lips were on yours again, and his fingers met your still clothed core. Even such an indirect contact made a moan fall from your lips, which he happily swallowed. He didn’t waste a second and sneaked his long fingers under your clothes, he slowly caressed your folds, avoiding your sweetest spot. You whined under his touch when you felt his other hand on your chin, making you look at him. Your hooded eyes met with his gaze and you felt yourself clench around nothing - a painful reminder that you wanted him so bad it almost hurt.
“All this for me?” He cooed, looking down to where his hand was buried in your underwear. “So wet only from my words?” He grinned at you; his fingers stopped their movement entirely. You cried out in frustration, you needed him so bad. “Come with me.” He said and grabbed your wrist, pulling you with him towards your shared bedroom. When you reached the side of the bed, he gently pushed you back on it, kneeling on top of you, pressing hot kisses on your skin everywhere he could reach.
He slowly started to unbutton your shirt and his lips moved down your chest with his every movement. He started with your neck, then collarbone until his lips reached your breasts. He hummed in appreciation as he raised his head to look at you, and you arched your back towards him in loss. He gripped your waist firmly with one of his hands, pushing you down to the bed. You whined in anticipation, unsure of how long can you take his teasing.
You almost cried out when you felt his thumb run across your nipple, your hips bucking against his grip out of your control. Eyes shut, head thrown against the pillow, you were almost sure you could come undone only from this. But the fire in your body reminded you that it needed more – so much more. His lips found their way to your other nipple, kissing it, sucking on it, swirling his tongue around it and it made you see stars as another wave of arousal dampened your underwear. Your skin was burning, a lustful haze clouding your head. There was only one thought in there – his name on repeat. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor. He smirked against your skin and that was when you realized you moaned his name again. He just couldn’t get enough of the way his name fallen from your lips like a plea.
He wasted no more time as he pushed your shirt from your shoulders and hooked his finger into your pants and underwear to pull both of them down in one swift motion. You helped him, wiggled your hips and legs to make his job easier. His lips never left your skin and you were extremely grateful for that. He raised his head to kiss your mouth again, lips hungrily devouring yours, tongues pressed against each other, small hums and groans vibrated against your lips. His left hand was still continuing its ministrations against your breast, but you felt his other hand snaking down on your now completely naked body. Each of his touches ignited a spark in you, spreading through your veins, making your toes curl.
His fingers ran over your drenched folds again, making you whimper under the sensation. You finally pulled yourself together enough to start undoing Viktor’s tie and shirt, pulling it off his shoulders swiftly and throwing them beside the bed. You ran your hands against his back in a soft caress, going over his back brace and pulling him closer to you. His fingers stopped teasing as he finally pressed his now wet thumb over your clit, drawing slow and perfect circles on it as he kissed you. You moaned against his mouth, bucking your hips against his finger, a motion he didn’t stop now.
“So eager, aren’t you love?” He said as he lowered himself on your body, pressing sweet kisses along the way, on your clavicle, breasts and your abdomen. He then continued to kiss and nibble the flesh of your inner thighs, so close yet so far from where you wanted his soft lips the most. His thumb only stopped working on you when he moved his hand to align his middle finger with your entrance, only pushing in the slightest bit. Teasing.
“Tell me.” He said, leaving a pause. “What do you want.” He looked up at you, his heart full of love and adoration as you laid in front of him, so hungry for his touch. You let out a short whine before you spoke.
“Yes, my love?” He questioned, his lips hovering over your clit and the little blow of air made your head spin and your skin crawl.
“I want you to fuck me.” You finally breathed out and that was all he needed. To hear how much you wanted him. His lips and tongue were on you immediately as his lean finger pressed inside you, and he curled it to hit your sweet spot. There was no room for teasing anymore and he knew it – one more second without his touch would make you explode. The feeling, despite being anticipated for so long felt sudden and you cried out in pleasure when his soft tongue pressed against your clit, gently licking and swirling around it. Your hand found its way into his hair, gripping onto him tightly as he devoured you, his finger pumping a steady rhythm inside, which you met with your hips. Your breathing was heavier every second as he took his sweet time with you before adding a second finger. Your legs trembled as the sweet sensation started to take over you. Low curses and moans filled the air as his mouth and fingers did wonders to you. The tension in your abdomen started to grow as he licked slow stripes on you from where his fingers entered you to your clit. He felt you clench around his fingers and he picked up his pace until you felt your body snap, bliss washing over you as you came on his fingers and mouth.
You needed a second to recover from your orgasm, leaving time for Viktor to climb on top of you and kiss you with insane hunger. You returned the kiss, arms wrapping around his neck as you tasted yourself on his tongue. With his body this close to yours you felt his erection pressing against you, still trapped in his pants. In a swift motion you turned the both of you around, Viktor now lying on the mattress under you, looking up at you in awe.
It was your time to kiss every inch of his body, nipping and sucking on his skin as you palmed his member through his pants. He threw his head back as he groaned. A small smile danced on your lips as you started to unbutton his pants and pushed them down with his underwear. He helped you to get rid of the fabric with a few kicks and he was finally just as naked as you were. Your attention was drawn to his right leg, which was now not covered by his pale skin, but it looked like the perfect fusion of human muscle and metal. You caressed his leg with your fingers, it felt cold under your touch.
Worry ran across Viktor’s face as he looked at you studying his leg. You leaned down and pressed a kiss on his thigh, then shifting your attention to his fully erect member. Just the sight in front of you sent another wave of arousal down your thighs. You licked it slowly from the bottom to the tip, taking your sweet time as he did with you. He hissed at the sensation, gripping the sheet under him with one hand, your hair with the other.
“You’re perfect.” You whispered against him before you kissed and licked his tip with just enough force to make him twitch. You started to pump him slowly as you started bobbing your head, your other hand resting on his abdomen. He tensed under your touch, sharp breaths and moans falling from his lips together with your name. He rolled his hips against your face from time to time as his hand tangled in your hair, tugging on it lightly, guiding you and your pace. Every now and then he would push too hard into your throat which made tears prickle your eyes, but rip a moan from your lungs at the same time. You wanted to make him feel good, loved, wanted. You wanted to know how much you loved him, cared about him. How perfect he was for you, and nothing ever changed that. You suddenly felt a sharp sensation at the back of your head as he pulled you off of him by your hair. You looked at him in confusion, his eyes now locked on you, pupils dark from lust.
“I can’t-, I don’t…” He panted, and you knew exactly what he meant. You climbed on top of him to press a kiss to his lips, then straddled him, trapping his erection between his body and yourself as you started to slowly grind against him. He gripped your hips to stop your movement, eyes piercing yours with need. He lifted you up and aligned himself against your entrance. You leaned down to kiss him as you lowered yourself onto him, letting his cock fill and stretch you inch by inch. The feeling was indescribable even after all these times. Your mouth fell open from the delicious stretch. As he bottomed out, he kept you still for a second, fingers digging into your ass before he nudged you to start moving. Loud moans escaped his lips as you started to ride him, slowly lifting yourself before coming down again. He hissed through gritted teeth, his hands never leaving your hips.
“Fuck.”He growled and he moved one of his hands to your neck, pulling you down for a kiss. You never stopped your movements, riding him so good it made both of you see stars. “So good for me.” He whispered against your lips and you let out a whimper. His other hand crawled across your belly and his thumb swiped across your swollen clit which made you shudder with pleasure, your walls tightening around him which ripped a moan from his lungs. He started to draw slow circles with his finger, driving you crazy. His movements never faltered, he pushed into you like he never wanted to stop. You felt the tension building up in your body.
“So tight.” He whispered against your ear. “Taking me so well, love.” He continued as he picked up his pace, feeling that you’re approaching your high. His words spread across your thoughts like poison, every inch of your body lighting up as he thrusted into you while he pressed sloppy kisses on your lips.
“Viktor, I-“ you breathed out, which made him tighten his grasp in your hair.
“Come for me.” He growled, and as if that was all you needed, the tension in your body snapped, pleasure washing over you as you cried out into his mouth, your muscles clenching around his cock as you came, which gave the last push that he needed to reach his own high. His movements became sloppy as he pushed inside you a few times before stopping, now both hands on your face pulling you into a kiss. You felt him twitch inside you as you leaned against his chest while he caressed your hair, his chest rising and falling in a fast pace.
You climbed off of him and his absence was agonizing already. You cuddled against his chest with your legs tangled together, the cold touch of his leg sent a shiver down your spine. You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, not wanting to leave this moment ever again. He held you close to his body as he kissed your forehead and pulled the covers on top of you.
“I love you.” He whispered. “I will never leave you.” He continued before he leaned down to kiss you.
“I love you too.” You replied and you rested your face against his neck, embracing the peaceful moment of the afterglow.
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biby-24k · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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fanficbambiandy · 5 months ago
hi i have a suggestion for a viktor oneshot
the reader could be one of his aquaintances from when he was a child and they meet eachother again
(sorry about my spelling)
A/N: To anyone who is writing to me and worried about spelling, don't be. I'm not a native English speaker either, so simply trying to write, speak and/or read in it is a huge thing. Your spelling is okay, don't worry:) I didn't want this to turn into a basic 'I had a crush on you years ago,' so decided to try something out.
This fic is written in a gender neutral way, but you can always change the pronouns and certain words to match your own identity.
Summary: Someone has been breaking into the academy and stealing valuables. Many believe that the HexTech laboratory will be the next target and are getting more measures in order to protect it. But extra protection didn't stop the thief...
To those who don't know Vytia is a nickname from Easter Europe. It's pronounced Veetia.
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬
𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 !𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
It had happened again: officers unconscious on the ground – snoring, two grenade shells lying on the floor and the formerly locked door open, it’s latch cut through. And just as always, the laboratory looked hauntingly intact: furniture right where it had been left, the cabinets and drawers shut tightly, the papers stacked neater than any scientist would put them… Everything placed precisely as to the thieves needs, the cleaner it looked, the harder it would be to notice what it was they took.
Viktor, alongside Jayce, Professor Heimerdinger, councillor Medarda, sheriff Marcus, some enforcers and doctor Braum were overlooking the remains of the latest break-in. The thief was climbing their way up from the lower, schooling levels, to the actual laboratories, getting increasingly gutsier – closer to HexTech quarters. Doctor Baum’s office was just a couple of doors away from Viktor and Jayce’s lab, and no doubt, the next time the perpetrator shows up, it will be for the real prize.
“Sheriff, what have you gathered about the intruder?” The councillor asked the man in blue beside her, some of his enforcers entering the room to look over, if it’s safe to go in.
“We believe that it’s someone from the Undercity. Most likely they sell off the objects in the black market,” sheriff Markus answered.
“And is there a reason your enforcers fall asleep during the job?” The professor spoke up, rather irritated at what has been happening to his university.
“Our tests concluded that the grenades contain a certain chemical compound that acts as a sedative,” Jayce explained, cutting off the sheriff before he could defend his team.
“It is actually a very sophisticated drug, works in a matter of seconds,” Viktor added, eyebrows scrunched. While he did not enjoy the prospects of their research being stolen, the thief was clearly smart, calculating. Not only did they find a way to immobilize at least twenty fully grown men, but also to get through an iron door without making a noise by- by cutting it? It was astonishing, really.
“I want extra protection around HexTech laboratories, sheriff,” Jayce’s jaw was set. If the thief would get HexTech to the black market no one knows what consequences could follow.
“Of course, master Tallis,” The sheriff nodded, before going inside doctor Braum’s office to look at it himself.
As they were making their way towards their own laboratory, Viktor looked to Jayce, “I believe, we should think about taking personal precautions.”
“What do you suggest?”
“We could install a silent alarm that would signal the enforcers of an intrusion,” Viktor proposed, looking over at his friend.
“Well then, we should better get to work,” Jayce smiled over at his partner.
A couple of months had passed, no break-ins happening during the time, the robber seeming to know that their next visit wouldn’t be so easy. Viktor and Jayce had perfected their alarm system – it was powered by HexTech: after leaving, one of them would type in a code into an unsuspicious looking calculator, which remotely controlled the mechanism. Once triggered, if not turned off in 2 minutes, it would silently inform the on-site enforcers, specifically working this case. Most nights Viktor would stay in the lab, so there was no need for them to really activate it. But considering the fact that the criminal seemed to know everyone’s schedule and to this point only struck when most of the scientists were out of the academy, they couldn’t take any chances.
Viktor was strolling back home. It was an autumn night, stars gently sparkling over the city of progress, the wind reminding of time passing, and how soon they will enter into the next season. He tucked his nose a bit more into a scarf Sky had gifted him on his name day a year or so ago. Jayce had gotten him a ‘lifetime’ supply of sweet milk cookies… apparently a lifetime for Viktor was three months.
As the inventor was lost in thought about life and some equations, he and Jayce had tried to solve during that week, a shadowy figure was hopping from roof to roof, over the sleeping city – the heist had begun.
Roof from roof, they had slung themselves all the way to the academy’s building. It was truly a magnificent architectural piece, but not exactly of any value if it couldn’t fit into a bag. Jumping down from the roof, the criminal landed on one of the lower-level tops. Unclipping a rope from their hip, they flung a metal claw towards the higher-level rooftop, the hook latching onto one of the window railings. In silent rapidness they rose up the towers. Once they reached the second top layer, they took out a little box, adhering it to the glass, before pulling out of it a slim rod. Pressing a button, it started cutting through the glass, making a perfect circle. The glass fell forward making a crashing sound.
“Perfect,” they muttered, stepping inside the building, hiding behind one of the pillars, taking a couple of rough-looking metal spheres. As they heard people rushing up the steps, they smirked under their mask.
Just as the first guard entered the passage, they pulled out a pin from the ball, throwing it towards the entrance; the gas slowly filling up the chamber and the guards falling one by one. Not waiting for every one of them to show, the thief made their way upwards, going straight to the prize – HexTech laboratories. Another gadget found its way into their hands. Clicking a button a red glow emitted from it, the criminal not wasting any second, cutting through the door’s locks. Pushing the iron door open, they rushed inside. This was their last raid, their most important one in fact and the goal was not only to steal but make fun of those pilties. The thief made their way around the lab, stuffing anything and everything that looked of value in their bag: gears, tools, some sort of mechanisms all of it could be valuable on the market, if they said it was from the HexTech creators themselves. As they made their way further into the space, they found a section of drawers that wouldn’t budge. And one thing that every thief knew well, if it’s locked, it’s valuable. Snatching their cutting device, they swiped it through the gap, it popping open and a blue glow emitted from the drawer.
“Ka-ching,” The robber smirked, the sum already rolling into at least the thousands. Pulling the bag closer, they grabbed handfuls of the glowing orbs throwing as many as possible into the bag. However, something felt off, in fact, this entire raid seemed to be going too smoothly for something that should have been the most important part of the academy. They couldn’t name what exactly wasn’t okay, it was just a gut feeling. Picking up the pace they decided not to stick around, gut or no gut, time was priceless.
The enforcers silently made their way up the stairs, stumbling over their peers, quickly checking their pulse to make sure, the criminal didn’t use anything stronger. Continuing their way up, the saw the big HexTech marked door ajar. The leader gave his group a signal – move in.
Bursting through the entrance, guns up and aiming at anything stirring. The only thing shuffling, or rather a figure, was already atop of an open window with a glowing bag on their shoulder. Giving them a two-finger salute, they jumped off from the ledge – bolting.
A chase of a lifetime was happening in the sleeping city: enforcers sprinting down the streets after a gleaming bag, their boots echoing from the white brick walls. The thief cursed out with a huff. ‘Shit. I didn’t expect this to be so heavy,’ they thought, gripping the bag harder; no way are they loosing this. Whirling a sharp corner, they hoped to lose at least half of their pursuers. Turn after turn, they pushed themselves as hard as they could, their thighs burning, lungs begging for a proper gulp of air.
“STOP!” A rogue enforcer jumped in front; a gun trained on them. They skidded to a stop. Shit, shit, shit. But the enforcer didn’t call out for back-up as he came forward towards, what he thought – was his captured prey. ‘He has yet to call for the others,’ the thief thought, a smirk passed their lips, ‘somebody wants the glory.’ He started patting down the robber, starting from their shoulders, going towards their legs. Big mistake. A solid kick to the face, bought enough time for the thief to grip their trophy, again tearing through the streets.
“They ran that way!” The criminal heard a muffled shout, from what they could only guess was now the broken nose enforcer.
Turning the corner again, there were already four officers blocking one of the passages. Turning around the thief looked over another alleyway, knowing if they made a bolt, they could reach a ladder and in turn the rooftops – their playground. But the enforcers were more than ever working as a team, another four caging the criminal between a dead-end and their last chance. Ripping their way towards the street, another pair of officers blocked it. Fuck.
“You have nowhere to run! Hands up!” The supposed leader of the chase called out to them.
“I guess you wouldn’t believe me, if I said that Snowdown came early this year?” They joked.
“Hands!” The officer growled at them. Their brain kicked into overdrive thinking of possible routes out of here and still keeping at least half of, now, their valuables; the thief didn’t put up much of a fight, they needed time, not a bullet wound.
This time six enforcers had their guns aimed straight at the criminal’s head – no way for them to repeat the earlier trick. After the patting was done, and their gadgets were confiscated, a pair of cuffs were slapped onto their wrists, the goods hauled by some other officers.
“You’re a fucking snitch, hope you know that,” The felon hissed at the man with the swollen and bloodied nose.
The criminal was now stuck in a plain, grey interrogation room, feet obnoxiously on the table, leaning back on their chair. The officer in front of them was slumped over in his chair, a cup of coffee near him. Their hands of course were cuffed (rather tightly they might add), hitting a finger on their forearm in rhythm with the annoying ticking of the clock; early hours of the morning, noted.
“Can I get some coffee?” The thief spoke up. The officer threw them a nasty glare, obviously stationed here to wait for someone else to take over, “Fine, I’ll just have some of yours then.” A clang of the wooden chair hitting the stone floors, followed by a quick sloshing of the coffee. Their companion didn’t even have enough time to react before they spoke up again, “I usually like my coffee with more sugar and a splash of milk,” They smiled, continuing with sipping their beverage.
“That’s my coffee,” he growled.
“You aren’t the one drinking it, buddy,” The robber answered, going back to their original position. The enforcer was scowling at them, but before he could voice his disdain, the door opened, three men occupying the entrance.
“Chase, you can go,” The one in the front said, he was wearing that damned blue uniform every piltie bitch had on. “Mister Tallis,” He nodded at the taller of the two men behind him. The pair walked in, the door closing behind them.
The taller of the two made his way in front of the thief, looking down on the criminal, pointedly not sitting down. “Who do you work for?” He demanded, jaw set, shoulders tensed.
He didn’t get a response, well not a verbal one at least. The person in front of them making a loud, over-exaggerated slurp with their drink. Jayce slammed his open palms on the table, almost snarling at the figure in front of him, a ringing silence in the room. “I asked – who do you work for?” The inventor punctuated every word.
“My stomach,” The person grinned swinging their legs back down on the floor.
“You think this is funny? Thousands could get hurt because of what you have stolen over the year,” Jayce continued. Viktor decided to stay quiet, choosing to see how it would play out, before acting.
“Thousands are hurt because of Piltover,” The person smirked, completely unfazed by the accusations. They want to play the morality game? Bring it on.
“You really don’t care, do you?” Jayce asked, shocked and disgust washing over his face.
“Look, fancy-pants,” The thief leaned in, towards the still standing man, “you can try to guilt-trip me all you want, but the only wrong thing I’ve ever done is being born on the wrong side of the city,” a beat of silence, “though, it seems your friend got out of it. How’s the sun been treating you on the uppside, Vytia?”
Viktor frowned, only one person has ever called him that, but they would never…right?
“(Y/n)?” He asked shocked.
“Oh, you still remember lil’ ol’ me? How sweet!” Though the words spoken should have sounded delightful, they were laced with acid, “Can you believe we used to make toys together?” The question was directed at Jayce, a feign dreaminess conveyed on the criminal’s face as they leaned on their palm.
“(Y/n), what are you doing her-?” Viktor asked, still looking confused, but he got interrupted.
“Well, if you’d follow along, you would have known that I was caught by enforcer’s, Vytia.” The nickname they once uttered in adoration, was now a venomous jab.
“I know that,” Viktor snapped back. “I meant, what are you doing stealing valuable parts from the academy?”
“Well, babe, not all of us are so fortunate to live here,” (Y/n) answered with just as much spite.
“So, you resort to stealing?” Jayce cuts in.
“Listen, buddy, I get that you’re used to being Mr. Macho around here, but this ain’t piltie business, it’s between us. Got it?” (Y/n) snarled at the man. Jayce didn’t want to back down of course, but did he really have a choice? It was clear their thief wasn’t going to talk to anyone from Piltover. He sighed backing off, their eyes following his movements. Even in chains they resembled a predator.
“Ashe says hi,” (Y/n) turned they focus back on the shorter of the two, a cold grin atop of their lips. Viktor looked away, a pang of guilt crossing his eyes. Before forcing himself back to their (e/c) eyes.
“So, you’re doing this for her? She wouldn’t want this for you!”
“She’s pregnant, Vytia.”
Viktor’s face went through many emotions: surprise, confusion, worry, guilt…
“She-” Viktor couldn’t even finish the sentence.
“She’s pregnant. Found herself a nice guy. They got married last spring, we sent you a wedding invite, but you never responded…” (Y/n)’s eye that were sharply trained to the inventor’s face before, started looking somewhere far away. “He died. Grey-pox.”
“How-how is she doing?”
“How do you think she’s doing? Her husband died; the father of her kid is dead. She’s out of a job, all I can get are rusted over washers. Life down there is shit, Vytia,” (Y/n) snapped, it was easier for those two to see a villain, than a person. “And you left us.”
Viktor was stunned into silence. They were right, he did leave, but he was doing it for the right reasons… right? He was helping people. He had helped people.
Jayce watched the interaction in silence: it was sobering to hear a person from the Underground sharing their life.
“Go on then, arrest me, I ain’t snitchin’ on anyone,” Their cold voice echoed.
Gears were turning in Viktor’s head, he couldn’t let this happen, not now. The amber eyes turned to look at his partner, asking for help. Jayce gently nudged his head towards the door. A pair or perceptive (e/c) eyes followed them out.
“Jayce, I cannot let them go to jail. They- they have a sister, they have to take care of her,” Viktor explained the moment the door latched close.
“I understand, Viktor. I- I can try to speak with councillor Medarda, maybe she can advise us what to do on this situation.” Jayce promised, holding his partner’s shoulder.
Hours had passed in that stone cell, (Y/n) thinking of happy past childhood memories, a smile would grace their features once in a while. When the clock struck 5PM the interrogation room’s doors swung open: Mr. Macho, Viktor and a graceful woman walking through it. (Y/n) didn’t spare them a second glance, going back to trailing unseen patterns on the table.
“Master Tallis and his partner informed me that you are the thief that has been breaking into the academy,” The woman spoke up. No response. “You realize that you have committed serious felonies.” At this the thief lazily turned their eyes to the woman, “So?” They slurred.
“You can be sentenced to Still Water Hold for at least 35 years,” The woman explained, her nose slightly wrinkling. The thief just pursed their lips and raised their eyebrows.
“(Y/n), we are not the villains here,” The woman sighed. At this (Y/n) scoffed, “Oh believe me, everyone knows that, you people, are saints.”
“(Y/n),” Viktor spoke up, walking towards the seat across from the figure, “we want to offer you a way to avoid jail.” But the thief looked unimpressed, bored even. “To help Ashe,” Viktor tried again, hitting where it truly would pique interest. And though they didn’t say anything, their eyes twinkled with curiosity.
“As we understand you completely refuse to help us track down the black-market shoppers,” Jayce joined in, hoping that maybe? But one raised eyebrow said everything they needed to know, no one was going to learn anything new about the illegal marketplace. “So, considering you have broken into the academy successfully 28 times, we propose a deal of your expertise to help us improve our security measures,” Jayce finished.
A couple of seconds passed before (Y/n) mumbled, “32.”
“What?” Viktor inquired.
“I broke in 32 times, not 28,” they grinned. They looked up from their table, straightening their slouched posture, “will I get paid for it?”
“Yes, plenty, but only after a probation period. We can’t have you running away without helping us first,” The woman explained. The person in front of them pursed their lips, thinking, weighing their options.
“Do I get to bring someone here?” (Y/n) asked again. This was the most important question in taking the deal.
“Of course, but only after the probation period,” The woman explained again.
“Counci-” Viktor started to protest.
“This isn’t debatable, Viktor, I am already pulling a lot of strings for you,” The, now, councillor cut him off.
“And I get my own place?” (Y/n) continued.
“You will be staying with me for the time being. Till the month is over,” he rushed to add. “After that you will be able to rent out your own flat,” Viktor explained, a slight redness on his pale cheeks.
“And all I have to do is tell you how much you suck?” (Y/n) inquired again, though truthfully, they were already sold on the idea.
“How we can improve our security measures, yes,” The councillor rephrased.
(E/c) eyes clashed with gold surrounded hazel ones, “Deal.”
“I tried to clean up as much as I could during that brief time, but…” Viktor explained as he picked up random books and papers lying around his flat. It wasn’t dirty in any sense of the word: it was a three-room residence – a kitchen that was connected to the living room, a bedroom, and a washroom. Besides the scattered notes, the apartment was clean, if not looking slightly uninhabited.
“Viktor really you don’t have to fuss over this, it’s fine,” (Y/n) said.
“I just –” The man began before cutting himself off and starting again, “I’m sorry, (Y/n) …for leaving.”
“Well, you’ve done a pretty good job at making up for it,” They conclude, their exterior still rough. The new head security checker sighed. “Vytia,” they called out to him, for it seemed the first time since childhood, in a caring voice, “Look, I was pissed. The first three years, I was livid, okay? I didn’t understand, wanted to rip you a new one,” they chuckled. “I was hurt…I missed my best-friend,” (Y/n) shrugged their shoulders. “But then I remembered everything you were able to achieve down there, and I just thought ‘If he can do this shit here, what the hell will he come up with up there.” Viktor looked up at them, his amber eyes meeting their (e/c) ones. “I forgave you years ago, Vytia. Once a friend, forever friends or some kiddie thing, I’m too old for,” A grin came up on their face, one that the man returned.
“You probably wish to rest now, considering the night you’ve had,” Viktor asked, turning around to take his own covers over to the couch.
“Just a bit.”
When Viktor turned back to his couch, he saw them splayed out on it, already half-asleep.
“Oh no, no, I’ll be taking the couch, you take the bed. It’s already made,” The inventor rushed over to the person, who was dozing off by the second, shaking their shoulder.
“Vytia, I’m fine on the couch really,” They mumbled.
“Please, I insist,” He persisted. With a grumbled ‘fine’ they made their way towards his bed, collapsing face thirst into the plush pillows and falling into dreamland. Viktor’s eyes widened when he saw a Piltoverian tag on their shirt. They’ll have to work on that.
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