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itsbuckytm · a month ago
Tumblr media
A sleeping partner | Five Hargreeves
Summary : Small Prompt : In which the reader is sleep deprived and often sleeps when can even during the day.
Enjoy 🤍✨
• Sleep. A word none of the Hargreeves have been heard for probably a decade from now and so did you. After meeting the Sparrows, saving the world and with a god awful need of an appetite, technically finding a shelter to relax was the priority before going to paranoia. Thanks to Klaus’s help in guidance when he admitted knowing a place where it required a matress, a shower but most importantly a buffet and a bar. The hotel Obsidian it was.
• When checked in and with a god awful way of seducing the hotel’s clerk into thinking a nice watch could possible rant the family two rooms, with full beds. The family somehow find it rather peaceful to be able. Even if it meant to be stuck in an not so elegant place. After all, if it meant to decompress just for one night it wouldn’t kill anybody right?
• Five on the other hand for once, loved the idea of staying. In fact, his retirement felt quite nice for once. A nice shower, a bed and you what else could he ask for more. Not that he would’ve love to share a single room with one matress and without his brothers intertwining in his way, but seeing you so vulnerable while you slept next to him made him forget everything. So easily that he himself found himself at peace by embracing you closer into his warmth.
• During missions, Five glimpse at your direction at times to times to make sure you were okay. Often thinking that if he did leave you for at least two minutes, were to found you sleeping in whatever god’s forsaken place with no question asked. Either way, he knew that dealing with someone who required sleeping a lot was not only oddly and yet with the family he had, nothing surprised him at this point.
• Sometimes, when needed when for once required a break could found Five sitting in the lobby’s couches reading or working on whatever had come to his mind that day. A coffee in hand now cold by the slow drinker you are sat down to join him and silently admired him working. Weirdly enough he did enjoyed seeing you admiring him or even curiously glancing at time to time at the amount of work he did. Not that this was a sign for you to nudge him into spending more time with you, but also seeing your eyes sparkles every time you learned a new word got him to think he had never fell in love this hard. Not even with a damn mannequin.
• A busy Five also meant having to be patient. Which in contrary you weren’t. Mind you were also sleep deprived by the events and so, staying awake for even just a little while turned out to be nightmarish when out of boredom end up sleeping next to him. Heck sometimes, laid your head on his shoulders and leaned to have a petter position not trying to irritating him too much by his concentration.
• Five noticed right away. Often when he could not so long before seeing your eyes closing, smiled to himself into thinking how adorable you were. He would often also leaned to press a few kisses making sure you were comfortable before any of his siblings could catch him being lovey dovey. And if to happened, he made it damn sure that his siblings or anyone were to eat their own shits. As for you, at the end of the day when the work finally done, were to found sleeping calmly in each other’s arms finally able to relax without a mess in the world.
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bitesizedgremlin · 4 months ago
How Arcane Characters Flirt
A/N: Hi, so, I know it’s been awhile. Sorry for not posting, I just haven’t had a lot of time to write between assignments and having to cope with life in general, y’know? Anyway, I hope these make up for my absence! lmao
Tumblr media
- You’d think he’d be kinda bad at flirting but surprisingly, he’s pretty good at it
- Loves playful banter and teasing
- Lots of sass
- If you quip back at him with something witty, he just about proposes on the spot
- Gets kinda flustered when you flirt back but recovers quickly and matches your energy
- Knows how to fluster you and takes full advantage of it
-You have his undivided attention whenever you’re speaking
- Jayce and whatever he has to say can wait, he’s listening to you ramble about your favourite book right now
- Asks questions so you know he’s interested
- Does a little bit of research about your favourite things whenever he has free time so that he can better contribute to the conversation next time
Tumblr media
- He’s a little lost but has some idea of how to flirt
- Tons upon tons of compliments
- Compliments your outfit, hair, eyes, etc.
- Talks your ear off about anything and everything
- Brags a little bit about his accomplishments to impress you
- Nothing over the top. Just casually mentions something he’s done every so often when the opportunity arises
- Makes you coffee every time you come visit the lab
- It’s become such a habit that he has it ready for you by the time you get there
Tumblr media
- Good god
- Okay, so you’d think he’d be pretty good at flirting, right?
- W r o n g
- When he genuinely likes someone, he clams up completely
- The man is emotionally constipated and has no clue how to flirt with you
- He’ll compliment your outfit every so often but he’s kinda stiff and awkward while doing it
- Lowkey endearing tbh
- (Dw, though, he gets a lot better at it as your relationship progresses)
- Another one that will listen to you talk about anything
- You know he likes you when you’re talking about something you like and he actually takes the time to listen and takes an interest in it
Tumblr media
- Holy shit she’s such a flirt
- Compliments and flirty jokes all the time
- So smooth about it too
- You could slip and fall off of a building and she’d make some cheesy pick up line about you falling for her after she catches you
-Gets so flustered when you flirt back
- Goes beet red
- Finds a nickname that suits you and calls you by it 24/7
Tumblr media
- She flirts with you all the time
- Jokes and pokes fun at you a little
- VERY careful to never makes fun of anything that actually bothers you, though
-It’s all in good fun
- She finds any excuse to touch you as long as you’re good with touch
- does anything that can be played off as platonic affection
- She’ll grab your hand and just fiddle with your fingers while you’re talking or maybe lean her head on your shoulder.
Tumblr media
- SO smooth
- Compliments out the wazoo
- Always makes a point to compliment something about you whenever you talk to her
- She’ll buy you little things every so often just because they reminded her of you
- Paints you small pictures of things she knows you like
- Always stops to talk to you whenever she spots you in the halls
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visuos-art · 7 months ago
he is living in my head rent free
at this point this account has became Viktor's fan account I guess💀👍
Tumblr media
don't repost without permission
Twitter: @visuos.art
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rinzis · 7 months ago
arcane characters meeting their topsider soulmate !
includes ; viktor , jayce , ekko , silco ! from this request.
notes ; i apologise i’m absolutely dreadful at writing soulmate aus, so i went simple with the first words tattooed on wrist prompt :] i’m on mobile rn so cant add the read more option oopsie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
; viktor !
+ poor, sweet viktor.
+ he never believed that he would find his soulmate in piltover, seeing as his roots lay in the zaunite lanes, so with time he grew to ignore the words tattooed eternally on his wrist, although occasionally he would catch himself tracing over the words, thinking: what if?
+ “not one for the spotlight?” — what was that even supposed to mean? he had questioned the words over and over in his head, but never came to a definitive conclusion. it could be anyone. was it with malicious intent? inquisitive? comedic? the man hadn’t the faintest idea.
+ you, a daughter of close friends of house talis, were given special permission to be in the stage wings for the best view of jayce’s progress day speech. you had heard jayce’s rambles about the hexcore, and all about this viktor without ever having actually met him. the pair were practically inseparable and shared a brotherly bond, but internally you wondered whether jayce was fit to take all the credit for the hexcore.
+ you often found yourself staring absentmindedly at your own words on your wrist. so simple, barely 5 words. “never have been.” you were given little to work with, so had put off the idea of finding your soulmate for a while - but there was always that little sliver of hope in your belly.
+ as the time came around, the lights shone down on jayce stood centre stage, what seemed like all of piltover erupting into a cheer as he dazzled the crowds with his charisma. in the process of applauding your friend, another figure caught your eye from the side where you were stood. scanning over him, you recognised him as jayce’s partner by his cane and leg brace. must be viktor, you thought.
+ mustering up the courage, you approached him from where he admired his friend on stage. “not one for the spotlight?” you chuckled, coming up behind him. he visibly stiffened, before turning to look at you with an almost stunned expression. he swallowed thickly, all rational thought coming to a halt. is this really happening? after all this time, his soulmate was this close to him?
+ viktor cleared his throat, turning to make eye contact with you. a half smile graced his features as he rolled up his sleeve tentatively, holding it out for you to see, and letting out a soft chuckle at your starstruck expression. “never have been.”
; jayce !
+ as an academy student, jayce had pondered over the curious ink on his wrist more often than he would like to admit. he’d spend sleepless nights running his fingers over the words, head filled with a thousand thoughts as to who they could be.
+ but alas, the duty of being a counsellor eventually took over the life of the young man. he rarely paid attention to the tattoo anymore, his suit sleeves covering it the majority of the time. only the occasional glance would be directed towards the message: “it was bound to happen at some point.”
+ working as a higher-up medic for the enforcer army, you would always steal moments away from treating the soldiers to trace your fingers over the ink on your wrist. you were well respected amongst the enforcers and the citizens of piltover, more for your stern yet caring approach to your work, but your firm heart was always made to melt upon imagining the meeting with your soulmate.
+ following the incident in the undercity, you ended up with more work on your hands than usual when none other than counsellor talis wound up in the ward, amongst various other soldiers harmed by the fight against silco’s shimmer beasts. after seeing the other enforcers off, you turned to treat jayce. he was sat with his head hanging in between his knees, facing away from you.
+ you were aware of the death of a young zaunite boy during the conflict, and could only guess that jayce was feeling the guilt from it. sighing softly, you gathered some warm water and a rag to clean up the cuts on his face. pulling up a stool, you placed your hands under his chin to tilt his head up so you could treat him better. his eyes were filled with a deep grief you had seen in many enforcers coming from conflicts with casualties.
+ “it was bound to happen at some point, counsellor.” you muttered, offering a small smile to the man. he huffed softly. “i didn’t expect it to hurt like this.”
+ you stiffened, the hold on the damp towel loosening. you had heard those words all too well repeated to yourself mindlessly before. the rag dropped into jayce’s lap, and as you both reached to grab it at the same time, he spotted the words inscribed on your wrist and faltered, realising the words you had spoken to him before were painstakingly familiar to him.
+ you didn’t need to ask to know what jayce was thinking. despite the heavy atmosphere previously, he let out a breathy laugh, taking your wrist into his hand and running his own fingers over your words, before reaching to unbutton his sleeve to show the words you had uttered to him before.
+ “well, this is a surprise.” you chuckled, a faint blush dusting your cheeks. “a pleasant one, i hope?” he responded, not letting go of your wrist. “how could i say no, counsellor?” “it’s jayce to you, now.”
; ekko !
+ our firelight king <3 im so biased help
+ similar to viktor, ekko would spend an unhealthy amount of time questioning the words written on his wrist. “does this belong to you?”, inscribed in little neat letters across his skin. as someone who endured the rough times in the lanes, the idea of a soulmate was a little light in the darkness of zaun life.
+ what ekko didn’t expect was that this soulmate was someone from topside. however, the sentence “didn’t think a piltie would dare touch one of those” left little to your imagination, and you figured it might not be best to think about those words until the time came.
+ and so, one fateful morn had the strings of fate pulling you together, although not in the ways you both might expect. having pilfered some goods from a store topside, a handful of firelights had entered into a scuffle with enforcers not far from the bridge between zaun and piltover. despite the majority coming out unscathed, scar had suffered a sharp blow to the back of his knee and thus making him struggle to walk.
+ you had always been curious of the so-called firelights. as an aspiring researcher yourself, the small creatures were fascinating to analyse - but the humans who named themselves after the insects were even more so. as you ventured out in the early morning to collect some weather data, you had stumbled across an abandoned hoverboard, which you had picked up to look into on return. not far away stood a trio of firelights by the bridge.
+ the tallest was visibly injured, being slung along by another. he had clear vastayan elements in his identity, judging by his bat-like features. interesting, you thought. the next-tallest was in the process of ushering the two, both carrying similar hoverboards to the one you had found, out of the piltover territory and across the bridge, and you heard the words “i’ll be back soon. i gotta find it.” slip.
+ signing internally, you knew that what you had discovered before also belonged to the firelight. as the other two headed off leaving him alone and pinching the bridge of his nose in thought, all rational thought flew out the window as you approached him with the hoverboard in hand.
+ glancing towards you, ekko’s eyes visibly lit up upon seeing the object in your hands. clearing your throat, you inquired “does this belong to you?”
+ ekko let out a huff of relief, moving closer to you. your humble expression and genuine interest let him know that hopefully you meant no harm. “didn’t think a piltie would dare touch one of those.” he scoffed.
+ on hearing his words your breath hitched, and you scrambled to pull your sleeve up to reveal those fateful words. “hold on, before i give this back,” you stuttered, “what does your wrist say? i mean, not that it means anything deep heh, i just— what does—“ “i figured as much.” he replied, moving to take the hoverboard from your grasp, but not without letting his fingers brush against yours ever so softly.
+ you were speechless. your stunned expression made the man chuckle as he turned, giving you a half wave. “wait! you’re just going to leave?! will i… will we meet again?” you called out to him. he looked back over his shoulder, eyes glinting mischievously.
+ “depends, how many stores are there to rob up here, piltie?”
; silco !
+ now, silco was and always has been a denier of the idea of soulmates. how could two people’s fates be intertwined so intricately through something so simple as words? it was absurd. the words on his wrist ended up being forgotten and covered by a watch silco wore. much more worth his time, according to him.
+ that was, until his beloved jinx had strayed too far away from the pack on a mission topside and ended up injured and alone on the streets of piltover.
+ you had always sympathised with the people from the undercity. despite coming from a privileged background, a top-tier education, and benefitting from the bountiful lifestyle of piltover, you were always unconventionally generous to those from the undercity, and you firmly believed that they were as worth as much as someone from topside. alas, you fully understood the hatred that zaunites harboured towards topsiders, and thus accepted that your soulmate could only be from piltover.
+ the day you stumbled upon the blue-haired girl bleeding in a side alley, you immediately recognised her as a citizen of zaun. the gaunt features and sickly pallor were a telltale sign. you took jinx back to your home on the outskirts of piltover, near the bridge to the undercity. having explained to her that no, you weren’t going to feed her to the enforcers and yes, you were fully prepared to face silco’s wrath lest you hurt her, she finally allowed you to patch her wounds.
+ the girl insisted that you take her back across the bridge, claiming that she had to give you proper thanks for helping her. you escorted her back over as promised, two hooded figures sauntering towards the undercity, before jinx insisted that she introduce you to a friend. “hold on, i gotta go get someone real quick. he’s gonna love ya! don’t go disappearin’ on me now, piltie! just wait a couple mins!”
+ after a short wait she returned, dragging a man along with her. she introduced you as “the lady who patched me all up n protected her from the bastard enforcers”,and you discovered the man with her was named silco. he nodded respectfully at you, a sign of gratitude, before clearing his throat. “miss, you have zaun’s deepest thanks.” he said, voice smooth as wine. “it was no trouble at all, really.” you replied as silco turned, before your neutral expression faltered, a look of shock overtaking it. it couldn’t possibly be—
+ “wait! could you…” your voice trailed off, catching the man off guard, the corners of his lips turning up. “could you… show me your wrist, please?” you asked. he scoffed quietly, and you didn’t miss the subtle eye roll. “if you were truly thankful, silco.”
+ taken aback by your newfound confidence, he obliged by rolling up his sleeve, revealing the words you had first spoken to him. now it was his turn to be shocked, and you didn’t miss the glint in his untainted eye. silco offered you his hand, before turning to head back into the depths of the undercity. “how about we discuss this… phenomenon in a more private environment, hmm?”
— arcane requests are open! <3
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honeydazai · 6 months ago
hot things the Arcane characters do
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Sevika, Ekko
warnings: suggestive, some nsfw mentions
requested?: yes!
Tumblr media
For some reason, VIKTOR simply loves to tease you. An amused smirk curls his lips upwards as you scoff, slightly embarrassed, after a mocking comment he made about you. He enjoys responding to you with rhetorical questions and taunts you with sentences like “Oh? What are you going to do about it, dear?” and “Ah, is that so? Prove it then”. You can't help but blush every single time.
While Viktor himself is quite intense, his gaze is even more so. It doesn't matter if you're sat directly in front of him or if you're across the room — the second your eyes meet, you're unable to look away. The heated eye contact has you squirming in your seat, a whimper nearly escaping your lips.
What gets you wet almost immediately, however, is the way he often rolls his sleeves up for practical reasons. The sight has you rubbing your thighs together subconsciously and you can only hope that Viktor doesn't notice the way you're staring.
“Correct me if I'm mistaken, dear, but I was under the impression that openly staring at someone was considered impolite. Ah, look at you, blushing this adorably — hm? Whatever do you mean, I should stop teasing you? Make me then.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE doesn't see any harm in expressing affection through physical contact, which is why it has become a habit of him to suddenly hug you from behind, strong arms wrapping around your body as his large frame towers over yours. His head is either resting on yours or, if he bends down a little and therefore unintentionally draws more attention to your height difference, laying on your shoulder, his warm breath against your neck making you tremble.
The sight of him loosening his tie with one hand has you staring unashamedly — well, or perhaps you're a little embarrassed, but there's no reason for him to look this good while doing it, with his head tilted back and his eyes closed.
Another thing that makes Jayce unfairly attractive is that he insists on carrying heavy bags and pushing doors open for you. The gestures are caring and gentlemanly in the best way — and that you get to watch his muscles flex whenever he takes a heavy box out of your hands is an added bonus.
“Oh, let me take that for you, babe. Don't want you hurting yourself, do we now? Oh, by the way, you look really pretty today.”
Tumblr media
You're not sure why, but the way SILCO sits in his office chair, all calculated calmness, and talks to his subordinates in a stern tone has you squeezing your thighs together more often than once. The way some of his goons are shaking in their boots, despite him not lifting a finger to threaten them, is just so effortlessly dominant that you're fighting the urge to drop to your knees right then and there.
Him smoking those cigars is a similar story — he simply looks unfairly handsome, pretty even, whenever he tilts his head back to breath out circles of smoke.
Each time his voice drops a few octaves lower, you can't help but tremble visibly, because, god, that tone just does something to you. Silco notices, because of course he does, and his condescending smirk has you whimpering.
“Are you quite alright there, dear? I tend to forget you're not used to the way I occasionally need to talk to my subordinates yet. Ah—, even though it doesn't seem like you minded it particularly much. Don't tell me this actually got you wet.”
Tumblr media
VANDER isn't trying to be hot when he wraps an arm around your waist while you're walking next to him, it simply feels natural for him to pull you close with his hand resting loosely on your hip, occasionally squeezing it a little.
Similarly, it's not on purpose that he randomly decides to praise you with a warm smile, even if it's only for something insignificant you've done. The words send a wave of arousal down your spine nonetheless.
If you're ever in any kind of dangerous situation, Vander is quick to shield your body with his own — which isn't difficult, given how much bigger he is than you. It shouldn't turn you on, it really shouldn't, but it's just so obvious how much he cares about you that your chest suddenly feels too tight.
“Ah, darl, I noticed you already cleaned up for me. Thank you, appreciate it. You're always such a good girl for me, can't believe I got this lucky.”
Tumblr media
Whether it's done subconsciously or on purpose, VI often flexes her arms a little, giving you a golden opportunity to see just how good her muscles look in this lighting. The sight has your cheeks flushing red, and if Vi notices why you're embarrassed, she only chuckles.
Ever one to tease, she likes to gently tilt your chin up to meet her gaze with her fingers, a smirk on her lips as you swallow visibly. The tension is thick enough to cut through, though Vi backs away a moment later, quietly laughing to herself.
Another thing she likes to do is wipe the sweat off her face with the shirt she's wearing, especially after she just finished working out, and the glimpse you get of her abs is simply heavenly.
“Hey, doll, ya should gawk at me a little less obviously. I was worried you're gonna start drooling.”
Tumblr media
JINX often has some residue of paint or soot on her face and, once you tell her just that, she uses the back of her hand to wipe it off, which usually only results in it smudging more. You're unsure why, but the sight of her looking all messy, perhaps with bright colours on random spots of her hands and face, has you absolutely enamoured with her, your cheeks feeling hot. She often raises an eyebrow when you point the paint out, and a second later, you're covered in the same colours.
Since she enjoys messing with you, she likes to randomly appear behind you and whisper into your ear — no matter if it's a teasing pet name or something truly dirty, you flinch and tremble every time. Her warm breath against your ear is entirely enough to do that.
After sitting bent over a new invention for hours, Jinx likes to stretch excessively, her arms raised above her head and back bent until you're able to see her hip bones peak out from beneath her trousers. You can't help it as not entirely pure thoughts pop up in your head.
“Hey, sugar, wanna make out? Oops, did I scare you? Didn't mean to. Or, well, maybe I did. Whatever. Come on, entertain me, I'm growing bored over here.”
Tumblr media
SEVIKA's whole aura has you willing to drop to your knees in an instant; the way she carries herself is simply oozing confidence and dominance. You immediately feel safe when you're with her because, honestly, who'd willingly dare to go up against Sevika?
She also makes you sit on her lap a lot, even in public, and, god, the action has your cheeks flushing red, especially when the guys she's currently playing cards against stare at you with curiosity. One of Sevika's hands rests on your hip, occasionally moving down to squeeze your upper thigh, and you can only hope no one notices the way you're grinding your hips against hers.
Whenever Sevika pins you to a wall, her face close to yours and a teasing smirk on her lips, your knees suddenly feel a lot weaker than a moment ago.
“Damn, you're blushing. What, are you embarrassed? Why? 'cause of these guys? They're only staring because they too want a piece of you.”
Tumblr media
EKKO likes to sit with his arms crossed behind his head, and you're honestly not sure if he knows just how much the position shows his toned biceps off, but by the way your eyes are basically glued to his arms, he has to be aware of what he's doing.
He's pretty protective of you, given how he couldn't possibly bear to lose you, and your cheeks flush a little every time he steps in front of you and defends you against a stranger, no matter if the conflict is a verbal or a physical one.
Another thing that leaves you gasping for breath whenever he does is the way he often pushes his hair back with one hand, his eyes closing, lashes fluttering against his cheeks, and his head tilted back to reveal the expanse of his throat. It's so effortlessly attractive that you can't help but gawk at him.
“Hey, babe, what's happening here? This guy bothering you? I'll take care of it, don't worry. Go ahead already, yeah? I'll catch up to you.”
Tumblr media
notes: viktor with rolled up sleeves viktor with rolled up sleeves i repeat viktor with ro
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zaunitearchives · a month ago
Here is part 2! Sorry for the delay, was on vacation and now I'm sick. I hope yall enjoy it! Shout out to @mischievous-piltovan for the AMAZING header image! Love you stinker <3
Just A Peek Part 2 [NSFW]
Tumblr media
Pervert Viktor x F!Reader
Word count: 1.6K
Tags: Cunninglus | Fingering | Not practicing safety on ladders | praises | Overstimulation | Someone get these hooligans out of the library!
Viktor is a stuttering mess beneath you, eyes blown wide, hair raised at its ends, brows raised comically high enough that, if possible, they'd go to his head. You don't often throw him for a loop, but whenever the rare moment occurs, you relish it, especially now. For what felt like weeks, all you've done is drop hints of your feelings for the man; at this rate, perhaps you misinterpreted his kind nature and timid gestures for something else.
Of course, just when you thought about giving up, you stumbled onto something so delectable. A discovery that plays on repeat within your mind. It's no secret Viktor often stayed late at the lab, the man wholly devoted to his work. You had several questions about an upcoming Hextech showcase; you could've easily waited till morning, but Viktor was more than likely awake and at the lab; what's the harm? 
How should you have known that the man would be taking himself in hand, shamelessly moaning your name into the dimly-lit lab that echoed into the hallway? 
You initially thought he was hurt, mistaking his sounds for groans of pain. Then, it clicked as you neared the door, hand hovering above the frame.
You should leave; it feels wrong just standing there, hearing his breathy moans followed by the sultry sound of his husky voice chanting your name like some mantra. Leaning against the wall, a book clutched tightly onto your chest, feeling the warmth rush to your cheeks and toward the tips of your ears. 
As quickly as you made your way to the lab, you found your way back home. Racking your brain over the scenario you just overheard. Viktor, in the lab late at night, shamelessly moaning out your name.
Your name.
Has he been doing this every night in the lab? Can he not wait till he goes home, and that's if he even goes home! Did you genuinely have this effect on him and of this magnitude?
And here you are, exposing yourself to him as he becomes a stuttering mess, golden eyes frantically darting around the room.
You can feel his fingers tense against your soft skin, an audible gasp eluding his parted mouth. Viktor's whiskey eyes quickly pry from your gaze, presumably looking around to ensure nobody is watching. Strands of his hair bounce with each motion of his head, cascading down his forehead as he quickly whips his head back toward you.
His eyes meet yours, a sense of wild laced deep behind them.
"Here? Now? A-are you sure?" Viktor steadies his faltering voice, a deep inhale followed by a nervous exhale. "What if we get caught?"
It's cute watching him in such disarray, how his eyes are blown wide as sweat beads at his temple, the methodical tapping of his index against your searing hot skin.
"Then don't get caught," You chuckle, repositioning yourself on the ladder, fully turning your body around toward Viktor, spacing your legs just far enough to give him ample room to work. "I can keep quiet."
"It's not you I'm worried about..."
"Are we gonna keep playing twenty questions, or are you gonna do something?" You sigh, swaying your hips at the man. "I'm sure this is one of the many things you've thought of in that lab late at night."
Viktor stutters, his face turning several shades of pink. "How did you-, w-when did you…." After several moments. "You knew?"
"Are you always that noisy? Or only when you think of me?" You wink.
Viktor's embarrassment quickly fades into unbridled carnal desire, sensually rubbing your lower leg as he places his cane against the bookshelf. "Only when you're on my mind."
"Oh? And how often is that?"
"I think you already have an idea on that." Viktor teases, running his hand along the curvature of your leg, stalling just at the base of your ass. Again, you see the hesitancy, his eyes looking up toward you, a silent plea. "Are you sure?"
"Since when did you ask for permission?" You tease.
A bashful smile unfurls across his face, shades of pink painted across his defined cheeks. 
"Well," nimble fingers slowly ghost along your skin, following the swell of your ass, a reaffirming squeeze. "I do believe this qualifies as a scientific discovery…."
It takes everything you have not to crumble under his touch, how perfectly well those dexterous fingers mold your pliant flesh, his sultry groans that raise every hair on your body. Your knees threaten to buckle as you brace yourself against the ladder, 
"Fuck," he mutters, a teasing swipe between your folds. But, of course, such a feather-light touch could elicit a profound sound from you. "You don't have the faintest idea how long I've thought about this."
"You're not the only one, Viktor." You retorted, biting your lip to stifle another moan.
A euphoric exhale eludes his parted mouth, helpless gawking at your wetness, trailing along your trembling legs as he swipes another teasing finger between your folds, parting you. Deep red stains his cheeks, feeling the warmth of his flushed face down to his chest as he continuously parts your folds, admiring the way you whimper, such an intoxicating sound that clouds his mind.
Without hesitation, Viktor flattens his tongue against your clit, greedily lapping away at your wetness, groaning with each squelch. At that moment, with tremendous regret, Viktor realizes just how little justice his imagination of you has been. 
Sweet, he hums.
Oh, so sweet.
Your hands bunch up your skirt, half-lidded eyes observing the man below mercilessly devour your aching cunt, golden eyes lock onto yours, ecstasy glimmering deep within.
There's no rhyme or reason to his pattern; he is entirely erratic and inexperienced, not that you mind. There's room for training later. But now? You're doing your damnedest not to scream his name as he mercilessly devours you. Viktor's groans only exacerbate your pleasure, shuddering from the vibrations of his voice against your cunt, feeling faint whispers against your skin, nothing you can reasonably make out.
His movement stalls as he elicits another keen from you, running another kitten lick at a new spot, earning another trembling sigh. You can feel him smile against your skin before he licks again, causing another uncontrollable groan as you begin to shake, clinging onto the railing as he experiments. Flicking his tongue and running languid strokes against your slit, a pleased hum for every groan he elicits from you.
Damn him—a scientist in and outside his work.
You can feel the swell of annoyance accompanied by your pleasure, a rather complicated mixture of sensations. "Viktor.." Your plea, feeling his tongue stall at your proclamation of his name.
A curious hm meets your words, and you feel him smile against your skin.
"Don't be such a tease- Ah!" Your protest is cut short by a muffled moan, biting feverously into your knuckles as you whimper at the sensation of his deft finger plunging into your cunt, whimpering as he experimentally curls and pumps.
You had half a mind to berate him for teasing you.
Perhaps you were the tease, and maybe he's just returning the endeavor.
Well, it certainly feels that way with how relentless he is with each pump of his finger, a delicious curl of his dexterous finger, an audible sigh with each squeeze of your walls around him, desperate for more.
Your knuckles will surely bruise with the intensity of your teeth against them, stifling every keen as Viktor below you continues to make you his next little project. A prod here, a gentle flick there with an occasional swipe here. You're steadily growing accustomed to him, around his finger.
You grasp onto the ladder railing, a whimpering mess as Viktor relentlessly devours you, his groans only amplifying your pleasure. His other hand bunches up your skirt, exposing your lower body, wincing at the frigid air against your sensitive skin. It's too much, the combination of his tongue flat against your clit, the sensation of his deft fingers pressing against that one spot, curling so deliciously. 
In a breathless gasp, you exhale his name, your knees growing weak as the wooden rails creak under your firm grip. Then, your climax crashes against you, damn near knocking you off the ladder, desperately clinging onto whatever sturdy object that'll prevent you from toppling over and onto the man beneath you. 
If nobody heard you earlier, they definitely heard you now. Them and half of Piltover. How Viktor's name rolls off your tongue with each clash of ecstasy against you, hips rolling in tangent with his tongue.
"Viktor," You exhale, your pleasure bordering too much. "T-t-too much." You grunt through gritted teeth.
He ignores you, continuously lapping away at you as he groans, his hands firmly grasping your thighs, locking you in place.
"Ah!--Viktor!" You exclaim, hands finding purchase in his soft hair, pulling at them. Only then does he relent.
Taking a step back, Viktor lets your skirt fall, covering up your exposed lower half. 
"Come," Viktor smirks, offering a hand.
You can't help but laugh at the ironic wording; you'd make a sarcastic quip if you weren't using all your strength not to fall. One step at a time, you place your hand in his as he helps guide you down, his hands resting against your waist, pulling you flush against him.
"What do you say," Viktor plucks his cane from the side. The handle creaks under his grip as his free hand run along your back's curvature. "We take this matter elsewhere?" 
"What do you have in mind?"
"Well," Viktor pauses, wiping his face against the inner part of his elbow. A sheepish grin finds itself on his well-defined face. "I always wanted to do it in the lab."
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silence-burns · 8 months ago
Viktor: asking you out
Fandom: Arcane 
Tumblr media
Viktor was fully aware that the longer he waited with asking you out, the harder it would get. He thought about it multiple times already, tried to find the most fitting words, predict your answer, prepare for the possible rejection and yet - he was still nervous. 
His hands would shake more than usual whenever his mind circled back to what he wanted to do. He'd known you for so long it felt like a lifetime, and by then the lab never felt the same without you somewhere close. He was (almost) sure that the feelings he had for you were mutual. 
So why was it so difficult to just open his mouth and ask?
Jayce would notice his distress and (if you weren't around to hear them) offer to help. Viktor was pretty sure that getting a wingman would make the whole ordeal even more embarrassing than it already felt. Besides, he wanted to make that move himself. He owed it to you.
Viktor would wait until there were only the two of you in a room (Jayce would wink at him before slipping out with some half-assed excuse) before clearing his throat to pick your attention. 
It worked. And he forgot what to say.
With your eyes on him and that soft smile playing on your lips, all the polished words Viktor had prepared went into the void. For a moment that felt like an eternity, he'd just stare at you, desperately trying to remember how to speak. 
He'd stutter and it would take him a few tries to ask the question right. His hands were ice cold when he waited for your reaction. He has never been more grateful for his cane - it made his panicked grip look almost natural, even with his knuckles gone completely white. 
Viktor would be so relieved once you agreed that he'd sway on his legs. He's never felt so happy, despite his throat drying out and his heart skipping a few beats in his chest. 
You'd opted for a walk, which sounded like a good idea in the middle of the day, and more like a rookie mistake once it got dark, cold and slippery. The thin rain that fell during the day turned into a slippery mess once the temperature dropped. Viktor didn't expect that.
What he also didn't expect was your arm sneaking its way around his and securing him on the side where he didn't use his cane. 
You were warm. Or maybe it was hus rapidly beating heart that made him feel like boiling.
You were close enough to secure him whenever Viktor lost his footing. It made the whole walk much more pleasant than Viktor had anticipated. For once he didn't mind the length of the bridges or the uneven stones of the walkways. 
Deep in the conversation, Viktor didn't even realize how fast the time had passed and he almost regretted not taking an even longer path. 
His regrets melted away pretty quickly when you wished him a goodnight with a peck on his cheek and a promise of more walks in the future.
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daphnedirose · 7 months ago
Just Call My Name
Viktor x gn!reader | NSFW +18 | wc: 2.2k| After an exhausting day and a glass of wine, Viktor decides to relieve himself to the thought of you.
A/N: I BLAME @arcanescribbles FOR THIS BECAUSE IT'S INSPIRED BY THEIR ART (aka the fucking masterpiece below... and all of their paintings). Anyway, enjoy in horny jail <3
Tumblr media
The door closed behind Viktor as he leaned back against it, a heavy sigh leaving his lips, exhausted. It was a tiring day and the lack of sleep he gathered throughout the entire week wasn't helping much, but he knew he couldn't pull another all-nighter in the lab if he wanted his brain to function properly.
He didn't bother turning the apartment's lights on and went straight to the kitchen, guided by the faint silver moonlight that slipped through the windows of the place. Initially, he intended to pour a mug of sweet milk and lay in bed soon after, hoping to get the proper sleep his body so desperately needed; even if he knew all hopes would be useless. He might be tired but, when trying to rest, his body opposed his wishes as his mind began scheming ideas of possible inventions or uses for the Hextech Gemstones. However, he remembered he kept a fancy bottle of wine you once gifted him inside the kitchen's drawers.
"I know you don't drink, but maybe a glass can help you sleep better." Was what you told him after giving him the bottle, a kind expectant smile on your face as you did.
Viktor chuckled before opening the drawer where he had it hidden, taking it out along with a glass to pour it in. He didn't drink much, you were correct, but he had nothing to lose by trying just once. In the worst-case scenario, it'll be another sleepless night for him.
He stepped into the living room, glass in hand, and laid his body down on the large couch next to the window, resting his head on one of the comfortable armrests it had. He held the glass of red wine —filled more than it should have been— before his eyes, which were adorned with a curious look before taking a generous sip of the drink. Both its scent and taste were not as strong as others he had drunk before, it was rather sweet, addictive once given a taste of. For some reason, it reminded him of you, especially the aura you projected in the lab today while working on the blueprints for the Hexclaw: that concentrated gaze focused on the papers, eyes glowing by the thoughts that flowed inside your mind as you wrote them down, biting your lower lip until it blushed as red as the wine...
No, his mind was wandering again on thoughts that shouldn't be keeping him awake. He chugged down the remaining wine before he could regret it, expecting the dizzy effect to strike him soon due to his lightweight persona. He moved a little on the couch, but the friction between the furniture and the tightness of his attire wasn't very pleasant, resulting in him undoing his tie, which fell discreetly to the floor before unbuttoning both his vest and shirt. He took off the vest and it soon accompanied the tie, but he felt adequate to leave his red shirt on, completely opened and exposing his chest to the cool air that filled the room, giving him subtle goosebumps but adjusting quickly to the room's temperature.
He was doubtful about unzipping his pants, but who cared anyway? He was at his place, alone, and it's not like anyone could see easily through the windows. His hands reached for the zipper and lowered it open. His body felt lighter, freed from the pressure from the clothing, and maybe it was the wine acting, but he felt more relieved than he should have now that clothes were off.
The couch was cozy and soft enough for one to fall asleep on, but once again his mind turned its back on him when he tried to fulfill the task. His eyes became stuck looking at the ceiling as his thoughts began to wander again: The Atlas Gauntlets' blueprints he and Jayce were working on, the number of miscalculations that he could possibly find on them tomorrow morning, the Hexclaw you were working on... He closed his eyes shut as he placed the back of his hand on his forehead, trying somehow to cover his thoughts.
Maybe it was the lack of sleep that made him so distracted and lazy-minded today. Even when he tried to focus on his blueprints and prototypes, he couldn't help but look your way while you were working: so concentrated and passionate about what you were doing, a crooked smile appearing on your face when your calculations were correct; Viktor was observant even when he didn't mean to, so he couldn't help but admire the way your hands gracefully worked on the prototype, so meticulously and delicate at the same time. For a second, he wondered how the touch of your fingers would feel like against his skin: probably soft, tender.
He felt his cheeks starting to burn, and a warm feeling began to take over his body. It's probably the wine, he told himself. However, unconsciously, his fingertips began to travel slowly down his neck to his chest, leaving a tingling sensation behind every brushing movement on his skin. It's the wine, it must be. But it didn't matter, not when the fingers tracing his body weren't his anymore.
His eyes closed dizzily, remembering what else happened a few hours ago.
He recalls how his heart almost dropped to the floor when you caught him staring at you mesmerized. Those siren-like eyes he so much adored were finally staring at him, but he didn't decide whether it was a perk or a disadvantage; if there was something Viktor loved about you it was your eyes, even when he felt you could see right through him. You stood up and went over to his desk, hands in your pockets as you walked like you owned the place, forcing him to quickly turn back to the blueprints, although his lost expression gave him away.
"Need any help, Vik?" You asked him, your velvety voice messing up with any possible coherent thought he had formed before.
"Ehm, well-"
His body tensed up when he felt your hands softly being placed over his shoulders, squeezing softly before your body leaned over one of them to peek at the blueprints. If he was tense before, he was now completely stiff. Your face was right next to him, close enough to notice the scent of your perfume: a freshly sweet scent he became fond of long ago.
"Seems like you're struggling, Professor." You mocked him playfully like you usually did since he told you he sometimes substituted for Heimerdinger, unaware of the effect that simple word caused on him.
There, on the couch, Viktor could still feel how the word left your mouth so assertively, giving him a false sense of dominance when you were the one holding the ropes. The tone of your voice, softer and lower specifically to tease him. Fuck. The hand that rested on his forehead began to softly play with his hair as you sometimes did to him when bored, while the fingers that danced on his chest continued their way lower, dangerously close to the waistband from his underwear as his mind continued remembering, too lost in thoughts to mind a certain pressure on his lower half.
You grabbed the pencil he was holding and began correcting the blueprints over his shoulder, close enough for him to notice the steady rhythm of your heartbeat against his back. Why were you so calm when he was nervous by your proximity? He looked at your face through the corner of his eye once again, and there you were, softly biting your lower lip as you amended some of the most noticeable mistakes written in the papers.
What would it feel like to kiss you?
When you finished with the blueprint, you gave Viktor back the pencil with a victorious smile glowing on your face. "Call my name if you need me, Vik." And with that, you returned to your desk, while his eyes couldn't stop looking at you for a few more seconds.
His lips started tingling but he couldn't blame the wine anymore, not when those memories already caused a reaction that left his entire body burning. His hand stopped playing with his hair and his fingertips softly brushed his lips, which fancied to touch yours for longer than he could tell. He had no doubt your lips would taste sweeter than the wine he just drank, starting pressing them against his while your hands clenched to his hair, wanting him closer and closer as seconds flew by. You'd probably drag your fingertips down the sides of his neck, he could even picture the cocky smile appearing on your face when you notice his neck was one of his weak spots, right before leaving open mouth kisses as the warmth of your tongue clouded his mind and made him tilt his head to the side, sighs escaping his lips while your lips and teeth left marks that claimed him yours.
It was useless to keep those thoughts away, so he decided to take care of the growing erection that hardened in his underwear, taking it out and softly wrapping his right hand around the tip that was already dripping wet, beginning a calm up and down motion as his head rested back on the armrest, making his sharp Adam's apple stand out, an unconscious lazy grin matching his blushing cheeks as his mind was messed up with thoughts of you.
He imagined you on top of him, sitting on his lap, the moonlight contrasting on your skin while those siren eyes would be focused on him, and only him. He could feel the delicious heat of your body against his, both naked, vulnerable to each other's touch. His hands would trace a path from your back to your waist, taking the necessary time to enjoy your feathery skin against his palms, feeling and hearing you react to his caresses. The thought of your voice, which often came out in a justified confident tone, melted into faint moans as he kissed the crook of your neck, enjoying your intoxicating scent mixed with sweat and desire made him hasten the pace his hand marked on his dick.
Call my name if you need me, Vik.
"Y/n..." Your name left his lips coated in needy delight, picturing the hand that jerked him off belonged to you.
Oh, how your touch would feel on his dick. You'd love to torture him by slowing down your pace when you perceived his orgasm coming close, probably a sarcastic comment would come out of your mouth that included the word Professor in it, followed by pure praise and worship as you rubbed your hips against his length, driving him to the edge as another kiss was placed on his lips.
Viktor's groans and heavy panting filled the room, calling your name as he drowned in the pleasure your image provided him. Some locks of messy hair that fell on his forehead were coated in a thin layer of sweat, so he lazily pulled them back, noticing the rest of his hair was damp as well. A husky chuckle peeked out in between whimpers, he couldn't believe the effect you had over him even when you weren't in the room.
But damn he wished you were.
He was a mess, the unbuttoned red shirt all wrinkled by his moves, drenched in sweat just as the rest of his body was. Burning hot body and flustered red cheeks, but the lazy dreamy smile never left his face while his hand continued to please him along with his undeniable hunger for your taste. He was close, he knew, but he wasn't letting his fantasies fade away so quickly. If that's how he was when lost to desire, what would you look like while the same burning passion flowed through your body? Blushed red cheeks as you moved your hips on his lap, looking for the contact he was denying you but longing to give you...
Just the ghost sound of your voice moaning his name in desperation turned him on completely. You, his assertive and brilliant lab partner all lost in sensation because of him and his touch, your grip slipping from the control you were used to having and begging him to fuck you, those siren eyes barely opening to stare at him: a lustful masterpiece he was the only beholder of. He'd slide inside you with ease and he almost came to the thought of your walls tightening against him. You'd tried to take control back ridding him, rocking your hips masterfully on top of him while he was hypnotized by the view of your every move, bouncing faster on his cock as your orgasm formed inside. He'd help you, of course, thrusting right in your sweet spot while letting you lead the way. His hand couldn't compare to you, nothing could.
Picturing you moaning his name before coming undone on top of him was enough to cause the same effect on him, bitting a bit harshly his lower lip as the divine dreams of you made him cum on his hand. He tried to even his breathing, but how could he? His mind just gave him the most pleasing images he never felt able to fantasize about until now, leaving him yearning for you, all of you, every part of you being marked by a path of his kisses. Being his completely.
A soft laughter left his lips as a satisfactory smile appeared on them. Fuck, he had no clue how he was gonna face you tomorrow, but all he knew was that, for the first time in weeks, he'd be able to get some proper sleep.
Taglist: @scorpio-echo @hpapyrus @senha-fraca @helloyellowsheeps
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simpscripts · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Working Hard (Viktor x Reader)
Warnings: 18+, Nsfw
Prompt: You absolute love how flushed and embarrassed your boyfriend can get. You decided to push it to the limit by giving him a blowjob under his work desk when Jayce happens to show up.
Viktor got such a cute shade of red every-time you managed to fluster him, leaving you with the devilish craving to do it as often as possible. Little pinches to his ass in public, moving his hand onto your thigh under tables, and many dirty little secrets whispered into his ear just before he was going to talk to someone. His breath got uneven so quickly, face flushing, and a quivering shutter as he spoke. God he was fucking adorable and you just wanted to push him as far as you could.
Which is how you now find yourself kneeling under his desk, looking up with him with sin spilling from your eyes, and caressing his thighs forcing them to spread wider for you.
“Darling anybody could walk in and I am trying to work.” His voice was already taking on a slight lilt of a needy whine. He was looking at you eyes lost for words and you leaned in to it.
Unzipping his pants, you kept steady eye contact with him, taking your precious time and making a show out of your own facial expressions. Biting your lip, extending your breath so it exaggerates your chest movements, pulling your eyes away just brief enough to glance at how much he was straining in his briefs. You just can’t help the smile that breaks over your face.
Your staring up at him through your eyelashes as you work to remove him from his briefs. His breath is shaking and as you go to lick up his length he quickly brings a hand forward to curl into your head.
“Fuck” He is whispering out little curses all ready, so much pleasure building already with the added height of fear of being caught.
“Love, Fuck!” He was never one to be quiet during sex, always so touched starved. “Dear what about my work or” His sentenced is cut off with a gasp from him as you take him all the way down and hold him there. His hand grips tighter and he relaxes his body back, leaning his head back over the chair.
From this new angle his eyes make contact with the door to see the knob starting to turn. He snaps upwards immediately, hand pulling you off him, and tries scooting more into his desk.
“Viktor! Just the man I wanted to see” You could hear Jayce’s booming voice echo throughout the room as he announces his arrival. Now is where the real fun begins.
You sit back for a minute, giving Viktor a short breather, all the while luring him into a feeling of security that you would hold off in the presence of not only another person but your friend.
“Ahh Jayce, I was expecting you would be out with councilor Medarda?” You try to suppress your giggles as you listen to him try his damned hardest to sound normal and not like a shaking flustered mess.
“Hey you all right there buddy? You look a little flushed.” You could hear the larger mans footsteps drawing closer to the desk. With baited breath you start prepping to jump back in at the perfect moment.
“Oh no I am fine I promise, just very distracted by... work.. is all” You can see him sneaking a peak down at you, his eyes pleading for mercy.
“I am worried about you Viktor, you work yourself too hard.” Bingo, you take him back in your hands to suckle on the tip lightly. Running your tongue along the heads edge, torturing the bundles of nerves.
“Ah” He gasps out quickly before coughing to cover it up. “I appreciate it my friend but I promise I am quite all right.”
You refuse to hold back now, taking him as far down as you can, sucking every inch. You swiped your tongue along the veins and full let yourself enjoy his taste beading onto your tongue. You should applaud Viktor, sure he is a trembling mess huffing out like he just ran a marathon, but he has managed to keep the screams you know are bubbling in his throat down.
“You really don’t sound too good, why don’t I get you some soup or something? It’s the least I can do.” Jayce was begging, concern evident in his tone.
“Please” You honestly aren’t sure if his words were directed at you or Jayce but you carried on your rhythm up.
“Yea yea of course, just wait right here!” Jayces footsteps jogged out of the room.
With the slamming of the door Viktor quickly pushed back his chair, pulling your mouth of his cock with a pop.
You can’t help but grin at him as you watch him heave for breaths, glaring you down in his stare.
“You vicious little void creature.” You beamed under the nickname. “Well you started this mess, you might as well come over here and finish the job”
He was trying to take control, to feel some semblance of keeping it together but the second your tongue reached him again he was lost. Curses and praises alike spill from his lips as he surrenders to your ministrations. You thought he might have a stroke as you sucked his spit covered balls into your mouth, rolling them around as softly as you can as your hand stroked him in randomized paces.
“I will get you back for this darling.” His words are panted out in between heavy breaths.
Removing yourself briefly you lock eyes with him. “Is that a threat?” You lightly scrape your teeth just on the cluster of nerves along the head and looking back up at him with a devilish grin.
“Its a fucking promise” his hand laced back into your hair pushing you back down on his length.
You can tell he is starting to get close and once more take him down, feeling his heartbeat pump along your tongue as he empties himself down your throat. You let him finish out his high before pulling back slightly, giving little kitten licks all around to clean up every little bit of cum still attached.
“Umm I am just going to set the soup down here” Both of your heads snap over at the door watching Jayce’s body quickly retreat back out the door. Both of your faces burned bright red as you slowly looked back at each other.
“So.... soup?”
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coffee-with-bucky · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Unnamed and undefined, you don’t know where your relationship with Viktor stands. But, when you mention that Viktor’s moles are signs of where his past lover would kiss him in his past life, you two slowly push your relationship across that threshold and put an official description.
Pairing: Viktor x Reader
Words: 1.6K
Genre: Fluff
GIF Credit: @solidago-sempervirens​
A/N: I’m so down bad for Viktor lmao. Anyways, I had fun writing this! (Reader is kept gender-neutral)
To others, the glances were mere looks – nothing more.
But deep down in your heart, you knew what they meant. And Viktor knew just as well.
There was no label as to what this was.
Friendship? It was much more.
A romantic relationship? No official stamp of approval. It was in limbo.
But what you did know was the connection that you and Viktor forged was unspoken. Fleeting glimpses with glints in his golden eyes, which practically glowed when the sun’s rays hit them.
It was when no one was looking – the lightest of touches upon the tips of fingertips brushing across hands and arms. Sometimes your hands would find themselves trailing up to his shoulder, a gentle squeeze that you swore made all the tension in Viktor’s body dissolve. 
You treaded on a fine line – your hands itched to drift higher, wanting to linger on the sides of his neck, maybe even place a kiss where his pulse point laid.
And that was the bigger issue – you wanted to kiss him. Kiss every inch of skin he would allow. Those sharp cheekbones, his forehead where those baby hairs rested, those lips that spoke of scientific theories and ideas of hextech inventions, but more notably, the two moles that speckled his skin.
One under his right eye, the other above the corner of his left lip. You found yourself gazing at those moles almost as much as admiring his stunning eyes. A desire to kiss those moles consumed your thoughts to the point where you would get so distracted –
“…Hello? Eh, are you still with me, duck?”
Brought back to reality, the handle of Viktor’s cane waved in front of your face. Viktor smirked as you blinked, heat rising to your cheeks. You were supposed to be listening to Viktor’s explanation of the new hexgates that were in development since you asked him.
Well, half of that was true. You did want to learn about the hexgates but, it was also an excuse to spend more time with him and temporarily ditch your duties as Heimerdinger’s assistant. It was a slow day and you had justified to yourself that you could slack off for one day.
You narrowed your eyes at him, sitting up straighter in your stool, “Will you stop calling me that?”
Viktor laughed, an almost baritone quality blended into his tone, “Never.”
“Why do you call me that again? You could have given me a cuter nickname instead, you know, like dove.” You huffed.
Viktor leaned forward from his stool with a gleam in his eye, “It’s only because you pout like a duck.” As your brows furrowed, you intuitively pouted your lips, “See!”
Crossing your arms, you stuck your tongue out at him.
Viktor playfully rolled his eyes, “You never cease to amuse me, my duck.”
A bashful grin laced your face. As much as you pretended to be annoyed at Viktor’s nickname for you, it secretly made your heart race.
“Besides, a duck is cute. Therefore, a cute nickname… For a cute individual.”
You swore your heart was going to combust inside your chest.
“Now about your attention span…” Viktor hummed. Holding the middle of his cane, he softly tapped the handle of his cane to your forehead.
A gentle bonk.
“It appears something is causing a hindrance to your concentration.”
You rubbed the back of your neck with a sheepish smile, “Yeah, something like that.” Your eyes flickered to the mole above the corner of his lip.
“What’s distracting you?” Viktor tilted his head as he nudged your knee with his.
You sighed, “I was looking at the moles on your face.”
Viktor’s eyebrows raised, “Oh? And what about them?”
You smiled, remembering the myth your friends and family relayed to you many, many years ago.
“They reminded me about a myth I learned about growing up. I was told that the moles and birthmarks on your skin were indicators to where your lover from your past life kissed you the most.” You nudged his knee back.
A light flush sprinkled his cheeks. Viktor hummed, leaning his cane against the workbench, “And… You believe it?”
“Mhm, yes. But also no.”
“How so?”
You tapped your chin, “I find the sentiment behind it adorable, sure. But I think it makes the reason to kiss someone all the sweeter for the next lover in the next life.”
Viktor nodded. Pulling his chair closer to yours, his knees now brushed against yours.
“So, you’re telling me, a lover from my past life liked to kiss me… Here and here.” Viktor pointed to the moles on his face.
You smiled and nodded back, softened eyes flickering to his moles, “I think your lover knew what they were doing.” Viktor raised a brow. “I theorize that the lover from your past life kissed you here,” You softly tapped the mole under his eye with a finger, “And here,” You tapped the one above the corner of his mouth, “Because they were the most optimal spots for kisses.”
“That’s certainly a… bold theory.” Viktor smugly smiled, eyes darting to your lips briefly. “Maybe… You could test your theory?”
Your eyes widened, a quiet gasp catching in your throat at the mere image of you kissing his cheek. 
“I-I mean yes, I could, theoretically.” You bit your lip before shrugging. “But... I’m going to need a participant.”
Resting his elbows on his knees, Viktor leaned forward so much that his face was just inches away from yours.
“You have a prime contender right here.”
You cleared your throat, “Well, as the researcher, I’m going to need to ask the participant for verbal consent, which coincides with ethics, confidentiality and confirms that they want to participate in the study–“
“Yes. I consent. Now will you stop stalling, my duck?” Viktor chuckled.
You gave a single nod, biting the insides of your cheeks in an attempt to stop smiling. Taking in a gentle breath, your fingers floated under his chin, hooking it between your index finger and thumb. Leaning forward, you planted a soft kiss under his eye, letting your lips linger for a few moments. You heard Viktor’s breath hitch as your thumb grazed against his skin.
Gravitating towards his other mole, you kissed it with just as soft of a touch. Your lips were dangerously close to the corner of his lip – if you had moved just a hair-width below, you would have met a sliver of his mouth.
Pulling back, you chuckled at the sight before you. Viktor’s cheeks were drenched in pink, the tips of his ears turning almost as red as his tie.
“So as the main participant in this study,” You smiled as you stood up and sat at the edge of the lab table, “Is my theory correct?”
Slightly loosening the tie around his neck, Viktor chuckled with a widened grin, “W-Well, you’re going to have to note that I will certainly have a bias in the results,” Viktor smirked up at you, “But you’re correct. My lover from my past life knew where I liked to be kissed… except I think they forgot a crucial one.”
Before you could deliver a question, you realized that Viktor’s golden eyes burned with something behind them as he stood up. You didn’t have time to react as Viktor placed his arms beside you, caging you in as he leaned against the table. Cupping your cheek, he brought his lips to yours.
You sat there frozen, your mind short-circuiting at the feeling of Viktor’s lips on yours. Fluttering your eyes closed, you pressed back tenderly, slowly, and gently, moving your lips against his. Your lips perked into a tiny grin against Viktor’s mouth, reaching up to gently hold Viktor’s wrist as he caressed against your cheek.  
When you two pulled away, Viktor stammered, “I-I apologize if I overstepped–“
You cut him off by grabbing his tie, lightly tugging him forward so you could kiss him again.
“Oh.” Viktor chuckled, stumbling slightly as you kissed him with more passion, one hand still holding his tie while the other snaked into his hair. Viktor stood in between your legs, his hands landing on your waist while a quiet sigh emitted from the back of his throat. The hand in his hair soon traveled down, you gently held the side of his neck as your thumb caressed the side of his jaw.
A mischievous thought passed your mind. You lightly gave a playful bite to his lower lip, making Viktor’s breath hitch. His hands at your waist tightened, his lips pressing firmer and more feverish than ever, making you sigh into the kiss.
Pulling away, Viktor pressed his forehead to yours, deep breaths mingling as smiles reached both of your faces. Viktor let out a giddy laugh, the corners of his eyes crinkling in delight as he brushed the tip of your nose with his.
“So…” Viktor sighed, languidly rubbing circles with his thumbs at your waist, “I forgot to ask, do you think my moles are optimal placements for kisses?”
With a big smile, you cupped his cheeks and kissed his moles again.
“Does that answer your question?” You laughed, running your thumbs across his cheekbones.
“Yes, it quite does,” Viktor closed his eyes briefly, leaning into your touch, “One last question.”
Sliding your hands down, you draped your arms over his shoulders, “Shoot.”
“You also said that my moles give a reason for the… next lover to continue those kisses,” Viktor avoided your eyes as the flush on his cheeks deepened, “So I ask, will you be that person? My… lover?”
Warmth bloomed in your chest, diffusing across your body, and traveled up to your face. Your face felt like it was set ablaze, particularly in your cheeks.
For the longest time there was no label. And now with his kisses and touch burned into your mind, imagining your relationship to be officially defined–
“I would love to.”
Viktor grinned, capturing your lips once more.
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dicax-asina · 2 months ago
Okay, so I just read your "Keep Going" ficlet of pussy-drunk Jayce. First of all, never gave Jayce a second thought when I watched Arcane cuz I don't usually like buff dudes. However, how you wrote him in your fic actually makes me start to reconsider him lol
Second, now that we have pussy drunk Jayce, what about pussy drunk Viktor? 🧐🤔
First off, I’m so glad I can get to spread my Jayce enjoyer agenda to as many people as possible, and that it’s working. Look. At him. Second of all, yes, 100% yes. I’ve been thinking about this ask for a while, and the moment I got an idea of how to do it justice, I got to work. Without further ado, enjoy!
Viktor x afab Reader
tags/warnings: oral (reader receiving), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, hair pulling
“Vik— Viktor!” You writhe under the steady grip of his hands on your hips. It’s inescapable, vice-tight in its certainty; he is not intent on stopping anytime soon, not even with the hand you’ve buried in his hair, desperately yanking at his roots.
“I know,” he replies, his hot breath running cold against your slick folds.
Viktor treats your pleasure like an experiment, and, thus far, that had implied his unstirred focus on you, on your body, on what makes you moan loudest, what makes you writhe the most.
“Let me continue,” he breathes, gliding his thumb between your folds, from drenched hole to puffy clit. He draws his hand away when you moan at just the grazing of his thumbprint against the bundle of nerves.
It takes you a moment. Maybe two, until his breath fans the cold wetness that coats your sex and you know for a fact you want his mouth back on you. You spread your knees wider, raising your hips. “Okay.”
Now, you come to understand the other aspects of him taking your enjoyment so seriously— he is intent on prolonging it until you have nothing left to give. His licks are careful, almost shy, but tactful as he guides you out of the lull that wants to set in after your first orgasm. The sounds his mouth makes every time he sucks a kiss to your cunt, or curls his tongue into your entrance are audibly — and palpably — wetter, soaked with the evidence of your delight, which he laps up like it sustains him.
In a way, you suppose it does. Viktor is anything if not keen on figuring out what brings your body on cloud nine, and what keeps it there, too.
By the time your hips stop messily jumping at every gentle lick he lays on your folds, but, instead, cant towards his mouth, he smiles. “There you are,” he breathes, closing his lips around your clit. Much to your dismay, the gentle suckle he gives still feels like it’s fraying your nerves, but, you know for a fact you don’t want it to stop. If anything, you need more, more of the pain-pleasure, more friction, more of his tongue, more of him.
You never thought you could be greedy after being spoiled with all that he can give you.
It turns out you can.
“Open up,” you say, your hand threading itself into the curls on the back of his head. He does, of course he does, his lips parting with a wet click. If there is anything he loves more than experimenting to figure out what pleases you, it’s being explicitly told what exactly to do. “Tongue out.”
The moment he figures out what you have in mind, he lets out a shaky exhale. “Yes,” Viktor chokes out, eyes sliding shut with anticipation. “Use me.”
You smile when his tongue flattens against you. “I intend to, my love.”
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itsbuckytm · a month ago
The Umbrellas reacting to your mental health :
Tumblr media
The Umbrellas reacting about your mental health, when you accidentally spilled it out by making a few jokes until one day they realized the matter is more serious then they thought.
Enjoy!! 🤍🍒
Luther :
Tumblr media
Poor boy. Not only does he have daddy issues but being separated from the world to go live on the moon, for god knows how long. Luther wasn’t the best at noticing people’s emotions, even helping or comforting others. Until one day, drunk as a skunk while everyone was doing whatever they did to relax. Jokingly admitted about your depression. At first, he thought to himself he might’ve been hearing just complete nonsense but when he glances knowing you weren’t joking this time. Luther became the big ol’ bear he once and always was, it was the best decision to take care of you no matter the consequences. For him, seeing his siblings or anyone close to him in that kind of state devastated him more than anything else. So Luther the big ol’ bear to service it went.
Diego :
Tumblr media
Awkwardly enough with public gatherings or even expressing any emotions. Once locked up in the asylum he had seen crazy. Not that his family was either, but he did not take the information in surprise or shock. Almost to think that he was the one depressed until he found Lila. You on the other were more impacted by Ben’s death than anyone else. Seeing him now back alive and more of an asshole than he truly was, you never left the hotel since. Often making rude remarks when your siblings were asking you a simple question. Having no little interest in helping, Diego noticed it soon enough. Not making a fuss about it, to worry the others he tried when he could steal food at the buffet and sneaked into your room, offering his best cuddles. Seeing you in this kind of state, killed him more than he thought. And would do anything to help. Even if it meant using a few knives on anyone who dared to come your way. Or worse, bring your trauma with disrespect. 
Allison :
Tumblr media
Being the mother she was and still is. The mother figure of Allison took it upon her more than she could. Noticing your odd behaviours, she quickly took you under her wings. Not being able to see her own daughter killed her more than anything else, so seeing even one of the youngest acting in such a way, devastated her even more. You remembered of her daughter, she once said. And since then, every morning, when could got your favourite food in order to cheer you up. Making a hot bath during thought times, letting you cry into her arms before falling into a deep slumber. Aside from the motherly figure Allison took on you, you enjoyed the care and admittedly said to Allison that she was the mother every kid would love to have. Which weirdly, impacted stronger your bond as siblings.
Klaus :
Tumblr media
Being chaotic as he was, mental health was not his forte. Not that he tried to be sober once, forming a cult even, but deep inside Klaus, he did have a heart. Unlike his father’s treatment seeing or witnessing one of his siblings acting in such a manner alarmed him right away. He knew however, he wasn’t the best at comforting and often laughed in union when you took a couple of drinks, to decompress and confront about you two’s mental state. Knowing the family’s event he was aware of mind you the state of mind. Not that you were showing any symptoms of course but many signs did show slowly which grew a silent concern on Klaus. Often asking “are you okay” or “do you want to talk about it?” was enough for you to feel better, at least and not to be judged when listened to.
Five :
Tumblr media
Out of everyone, Five have seen it all. So seeing you or any of your siblings in such a state got him to think he wasn’t doing the best when it came to comfort the one he loved. And yet, when you admitted your depression, his features hardened the cup of wine in hand as he glances in your direction. You knew you were laughing about it, but deep on the inside sadness filled your whole energy. Often hidden with alcohol when can, but Five made it clear that it wasn’t going to help. Heck, awkwardly enough, one time he witnessed you so drunk you could barely manage to stand up. When brought to your room with the help of Five. Every day he made sure you were eating, and getting lots of sleep and when everything settled down, he tried to look out for a psychiatrist to help. Even though he wanted to do anything in his power to at least see that beautiful smile of yours again. Seeking for professional help was the least he could do. 
Ben/Sparrow!Ben :
Tumblr media
Ben knew about your depression ever since you were kids. He was the one who noticed your scars when you were changing into your uniform with the help of Grace. When growing up and being the phantom that he was, couldn’t do anything and it killed him. He knew however, Klaus was the only option in other to make sure you weren’t doing anything so stupid. And when Klaus saw you drunk one night, faintly admitting that Ben was what you all had, how you missed him so much. Forgotten that Ben had possessed him at just the right time and he said “You’re the only one that matters to me. We can work together.” Since that night, Klaus made damn sure you got sober and ever since helped you heal properly.
Sparrow!Ben is another story. Being an asshole already and having to take care of his family, he knew he did not have the time to notice your state of mind, nor how you were feeling. Not that he gave a crap, but one thing for sure is when Fei saw you crying one night, she had to confront Ben. “And it’s not the first time.” She would say, making him suddenly more worried that he was so oblivious by it. That is, when one day he decided to talk to you consciously about it as you broke down in front of him. And since that day, not only protected you from the negative stuff but made it sure that no one were to bring your trauma, and took any god awful tips from the internet as advice for self care.
Viktor :
Tumblr media
Poor boy had seen it all too, almost even ending the world that his own trauma not only were never understood, but knew what it felt to be in that situation. So seeing you like this at first got him so uncomfortable thinking he wasn’t the at least the only one feeling like this. And he listened the best he could when the two of you were spending time together. In fact, one day you ended up ranting about how messed up people were sometimes, to judge you constantly and since then you two met for a coffee shop. Ranting became a sort of expression for you both and when you admitted about feeling any symptoms of anxiety he wasn’t so sure if he was ready to be in such position with someone. To take care of you when necessary. To both of your surprises, cuddling sessions turned into comforting sessions and when you were to face an anxiety attack, he was the first to intervene.
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bitesizedgremlin · 5 months ago
How Your Arcane S/O would (Lovingly) Annoy you
Oh, how the turns have tabled with this one >:)
- Whenever he wants you’re attention at home and you’re busy, he’ll go into the kitchen under the guise of “going to make dinner” and purposely bang the dishes around as loud as physically possible without breaking them
- Does it as long as it takes to get you away from whatever you’re working on
- Blows raspberries into your neck
- You’ll be laying on the couch together, your head on his lap
- He’s running his fingers through your hair, caressing the side of your face, all that soft shit
- And then out of fuckin’ NO WHERE, he leans down and blows the fattest raspberry into the crook of your neck.
- He laughs at you when you shriek and squirm and swear you’ll get him back cause he’s 99% sure you will not.
- Jokes on him, cause you definitely will at some point-
- Purposely leaves things on high shelves just so you’ll have to ask him to get them for you
Viktor, smirking like the absolute menace he is: Oh? Can you not reach, darling?
You, looking at him incredulously: You’re kidding, right? 😀
- He tickles you
- All.
- The fucking.
- Time.
- Randomizes the time between tickle attacks to give you a false sense of security
- Strikes when you least expect it
- Steals all the blankets so that you’ll have to snuggle up as close to him as possible to get underneath them.
- Doesn’t do a whole lot to annoy you on purpose, tbh.
- H o w e v e r
- He does move his things to your desk frequently
- Always leaves something behind when he comes into your office
- It’s like everything on his desk is slowly migrating to yours.
- Pokes your face to get your attention
- Pinches your cheeks while she tells you how adorable you are in the most overly dramatic babying voice she’s capable of producing
- Also honks your nose whenever she’s bored
- You could be hyper focused on whatever you’re doing and all of a sudden your nose is being squooshed with a high pitched “hONK” from your girlfriend
- it never fails to make you laugh, though
- I wholeheartedly believe she was a theatre kid.
- Belts show tunes at the top of her lungs 24/7
- Does it at the most inconvenient times, too.
- You’re working on something important with a tight deadline? Time for a live concert featuring your wonderful girlfriend, Jinx!
- Doodles on the pages in every single notebook you own.
- Makes sure to avoid doodling on whatever you’ve written, though
- She’s kinda petty, ngl
- Whenever you leave your laundry on the floor, she’ll do the same and “forget” about it until you find it and put it in the hamper
- Makeup e v e r y w h e r e
- Seriously. You found an eyeshadow palette under the kitchen sink once.
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inkinflux · 7 months ago
Side Effects
Viktor x f!Reader x Jayce Talis | 3K | 18+
You’re a chemist at Piltover University, with your main focus being on the invention of new painkiller medication. As Viktor and Jayce’s friend, you’re always roping them into being your test subjects, since Viktor could use the relief, and Jayce is always sore from working himself too hard physically. Your newest trial has some unexpected side effects.
A/n: there’s D.P. in this so pls don’t read if that doesn’t appeal to you!
You waited patiently in your chair, tapping your pen against your knees. Viktor and Jayce sat across from you; Jayce massaging the sore muscles in his shoulders as if it would urge the drug to start taking affect quicker; Viktor extending his leg, staring at it intently.
“Anything yet?” You asked, checking your watch. It had been a full ten minutes since they’d taken your new concoction.
Jayce shrugged, then grimaced. “Nope. Still sore.”
You turned your attention to Viktor, who just gave a sorry shake of his head.
You sighed, leaning back in your chair. You twirled your pen once, twice, antsy to do anything to fill the empty time. You scribbled an unnecessary observation into your note pad: 10 MINUTES – NO EFFECT.
“Wait,” Viktor spoke up, “there is something…”
You slid forward onto your seat, hands on your knees in excitement. “What? What is it? What do you feel?”
Viktor frowned, then looked to Jayce.
“You got that weird heat in your stomach too?” He asked Viktor, and his friend nodded. They both started to worry.
“Don’t worry,” you attempted to calm them, holding your hands up, “I’ve tested it in the lab vigorously. There should be no dangerous side effects.”
“Should be?” Viktor’s browed furrowed, “That is not exactly comforting, (Y/n).”
“There won’t be!” You stressed, getting to your feet, “And if there is, then I have the antidote right here,” You plucked the vial from your lab coat pocket, a neon blue liquid contained in a small dose. “Well, it’s more of an antacid, but it will definitely work.”
Jayce groaned, and you flinched, hurrying to kneel before him, looking up into his face. “Shit, are you okay? Jayce?” You tapped your hands on his cheeks gently, trying to rouse him from the pained look that had shut his eyes.
“It’s… fuck.” He mumbled, eyes fluttering open. His pupils were blown so wide his eyes looked black. “It’s like I’m on fire. In a good way?”
“Do you need the antidote?” You pressed, retrieving the vial again, only to have it slip from your fingers in your haste, tumbling to the ground.
The three of you watched as it bounced, a high-pitched ting sounding off, and for a moment you were relieved when it rolled to a stop, fully intact. Then when you reached for it, it shattered, the contents spilling out onto the floor.
“Shit,” you cursed under your breath. You stood, hurrying over to your workbench. “It’s okay. This is fine. I can have a new antidote created in a jiffy.”
“You might want to hurry,” Viktor advised, his nails digging into his thighs, “The drug is certainly working now.”
You fumbled for the solutions kept in your drawers, flipping through your notes to double check the chemical makeup of the antidote. You got to work making a new dose while Viktor and Jayce whimpered behind you, guilt creeping up your neck. They had always been such good friends, willing to undergo your test trials, and you had always ensured their safety throughout. If anything happened to them and it was your fault…
You turned to check on them, but a hand caught your chin.
“Everything’s fine,” Jayce spoke, his voice strained, “We’re okay.”
“What’s happened?” You asked, feeling Jayce’s hand linger on the small of your back. He squeezed your waist before letting go.
That was strange. Jayce liked to touch his friends; he was very affectionate in this manner, but he had never touched you there before.
“Keep working on the antidote,” Viktor said, and you could hear how heavily he was breathing, “We will remain in our seats, won’t we Jayce?” Viktor gave Jayce a pointed look, and he returned to his seat.
You turned, frowning at the way they both had their hands in their laps, overly polite. “Are you alright?” You asked, “Is it working now?”
Viktor rolled his neck, a red tinge growing upon his cheeks. “The pain is still there. It is just… covered by another sensation now.”
Picking up your notes, you set the chemical combination you’d mixed to spin in your machine, which would take at least five minutes to complete its cycle and provide the finished antidote.
“Tell me everything you’re feeling,” you urged, leaning against your workbench. Both Viktor’s and Jayce’s eyes lowered to your thighs as they pressed flush against the edge of the counter. Jayce licked his lips.
“My muscles are still sore from using the forge, but it’s like it almost feels nice now.”
You jotted that note down, unaware that the way you were biting your lip was driving the two men crazy.
“Anything else?”
“I feel a, uhm,” Viktor’s fingers skipped across his bottom lip in a nervous show, “heightened awareness.”
You frowned at that. “Elaborate?”
Jayce cleared his throat, giving Viktor a pointed look.
“I don’t understand it enough yet to make conclusive comments,” Viktor said, and you could tell he was being purposefully vague.
“That’s fine,” You said, “I have a range of stimulants that can help you find the words.”
His eyes widened as you retrieved an intimidating looking device, the metal attachments glinting in the light.
“Come here,” you instructed, unaware of how that phrase caused Viktor’s cock to twitch. Jayce let out a deep sigh through his nose.
“Ahem, I would rather not, at this moment,” Viktor said, pushing his crutch in between his legs before pressing his forehead to the handle. It looked like he was trying to hide.
You turned to the other man, who was squirming in his seat. “Jayce? I need to test at least one of you to see how your body reacts.”
“I’m good,” Jayce replied, giving a curt nod.
“What’s gotten into you two?” You complained.
“Nothing!” they said simultaneously.
“I should get back to work,” Viktor said, standing. You stepped forward, placing a hand on his chest. Viktor’s heart beat erratically under your fingers, and he seemed to lean into your touch, his face hovering close to yours.
“I can’t let you leave. I need to supervise you until I know the drug has worn off. The antidote will be done in just a minute if you’re patient- mm!” His lips surprised you, large hands wrapping around your arms.
Viktor jolted back. “I apologise. I do not know what came over me.”
Jayce made a small sound from where he was sitting, his hand palming himself through his pants. Suddenly he couldn’t focus on anything other than the thought of watching Viktor fuck you.
You looked between the two men, noting their heavy breathing, the bulges in their pants, the way they seemed magnetised to you.
“Oh,” you squeaked, “Oh! I knew I shouldn’t have put so much dopamine in.”
Viktor’s thumbs were drawing lazy circles into your biceps, the white fabric of your lab coat shifting against your skin. He wasn’t letting go of you.
“What do you suggest we do, (Y/n)?” He asked, “Technically, your drug is working. I don’t feel any pain right now. All I feel is…” His fingers drifted to the lapels of your coat, playing with them, “desire.”
“I’m sure we can be professionals about all this.” Jayce tapped his boner as if it would make it go away. “We can stay for the rest of the trial period.”
Viktor shook his head, a moment of clarity making him aware of what he’d been doing. He pulled his hands back sheepishly. “No. We would be endangering her. The urges I am feeling right now are not appropriate.”
Jayce stood, “You’re right, Viktor. I can’t stop picturing… you know what? It’s not important.” He rubbed his face over his hand. “Let’s get out of here before we do something stupid.”
“Wait!” You burst, “Please, I really need this breakthrough. Let me just take a couple more notes on how you’re feeling. When the antidote’s done I’ll give it to you right away. Just, please,” You begged, “Stay.”
Viktor’s eyes darted to your lips, and he had to physically hold himself away from you, his hands pressed flat against your stomach. You looked into his eyes as something snapped at the pleading way in which you were looking at him. His hands twitched before they slid up under your shirt, calloused hands running atop your bra before squeezing.
“Tell me to stop,” Viktor breathed, his voice husky as his lips brushed against your ear.
You couldn’t. Not when your body was reacting so desperately to his touch, your core already activating eagerly. How long had it been since you were touched like this? How long had it been since you’d taken a break from work to enjoy the fruits of life?
“(Y/n),” Jayce gripped the back of his chair where he stood behind it, physically distancing himself from you, “I am so, so sorry about picturing you naked right now. Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m trying so hard not to. Normally it’s easier to ignore.”
“Normally?” you uttered, and Viktor smirked, pressing a hot kiss to your ear before whispering.
“Perhaps your drug reveals the true desires of the taker,” he teased, “Take note of that.”
“Or you’re just really hot,” Jayce interjected, “And you just never noticed before how much Vik and I would like to-“ He bit his lip. “Thinking about that isn’t helping. Viktor, stop touching her like that.”
“I- I can’t,” he whimpered, looking truly apologetic.
“It’s okay,” you murmured, still not sure if this was such a good idea, “For the purposes of this trial I need to know the extent of your… side effects.”
“In that case,” Jayce stalked over, rubbing his erection on your hip as he stole a kiss, hot and heavy, his tongue consuming your mouth.
Viktor removed one of his hands from your breasts to reach down and touch himself. He began kissing your neck while Jayce’s hand went to your ass, kneading touches sending sparks of arousal to your core.
“Stop,” you said, shoving them both back.
The two men immediately ceased, panting and standing by awkwardly. Jayce, wrapped his large arms around himself. Viktor placed both hands on your workbench, taking deep breaths.
“Okay,” you smirked, “Continue.”
“Wh-“ Jayce pointed, “You- You want us to keep going?”
“She was testing to see if we had the power to stop,” Viktor mused, smiling at you, “Smart girl.”
The praise went straight to your desire.
“Take your clothes off, both of you,” you ordered, your power over the situation going to your head, “I need to examine you physically now.”
Your eyes followed the flurry of hands as Jayce and Viktor hurried to rid themselves of their clothing, vests and button-downs falling into a neat pile before you, their trousers quickly entering the mix.
Viktor’s hands tugged at your coat. “May I?” He asked, and you nodded.
The both of them worked to get you naked, Jayce leaving a kiss on your shoulders after he rid you of your shirt, Viktor’s fingers brushing against your bare hips after your skirt was off.
Jayce stroked his tan cock, taking a step closer so that he could let it flop against your back. Viktor’s fingers lowered to your front, watching your face carefully for any protest. His long digits slid underneath you, and he groaned.
“You are very wet, (Y/n),” he hummed.
“How does that make you feel?” You asked, “I need to be taking notes on you, remember?”
Jayce growled into your ear. “It makes me feel like I need to shove my dick into you right now,” his hips bumped into your back, his length rubbing against your spine. His fingers dug into your waist.  
“For me, I feel…” Viktor contemplated, slowly pushing two fingers into you, “I feel like I want you to touch me, too. I feel like I might explode if you don’t.”
Your hand hovered over his cock, a teasing glint in your eye as he frowned at you, shoving himself into you, his knuckle tickling your clit. You moaned, fingers wrapping around him. Viktor shuddered, having to reach out to the workbench to hold himself up.
Jayce was planting kisses down your back, lowering to his knees. Your breath hitched and your body jolted forward, Viktor catching you as Jayce’s face pressed underneath you, his wet mouth hungry. He was moaning against you, evidently enjoying how you tasted.
“I- ah! I thought you wanted to shove your dick into me?” you taunted, craving more. You needed to feel them inside of you the moment you saw how hung they both were.
Jayce got back to his feet, wrapping an arm around your chest. He kissed your cheek before he whispered, “I don’t want Viktor to feel left out.”
Viktor kissed your other cheek, annoyed, “Yes. Jayce is too spoilt. You should have me first.”
“That’s not what I meant!” Jayce argued, “I meant… maybe she could have us both at the same time.”
They both looked at you, waiting for a reaction.
“Yes,” you nodded, melting against Jayce’s chest, “Yes, I’d like that.”
“Say please,” Viktor said, wrapping his hand around yours, stroking his warm cock as he pressed his forehead against yours, “I want to hear it.”
“Please, Viktor,” you whispered, and he grunted, “Please, I want to feel your cock inside of me. Fuck me, please. Jayce?” you reached your other hand up to his jaw. He turned his head, kissing your palm. “Jayce, I want you.”
“Hold on, baby,” He murmured, strong arms wrapping around your mid-section. You gave a surprised squeak as he lifted you effortlessly, readjusting until his arms were wrapped around your folded legs. “Vik?”
Viktor took his cue, lining himself up with your pussy.
“Please, Viktor,” you said again, “I need you. Please. Oh, yes yes yes,” the word tumbled from your mouth on repeat as he pushed himself into you, your soaked walls quivering around him.
Jayce reached around to his own dick, tapping it against your ass. Viktor squeezed your cheeks, holding them apart as Jayce licked his fingers before pushing them into you, prepping you for his thick length.
The dual sensations made you shake, moans wracking your body as Viktor’s dick and Jayce’s fingers trusted into you in sync.
“You ready for me, babe?” Jayce asked, and you whimpered, nodding. He readjusted his hold on you before shoving you down onto his cock. You dug your nails into your thighs, your head falling back onto Jayce’s shoulder.
He took the opportunity to kiss you, letting out a shaky breath against your lips as he began moving your body up and down onto both their dicks. Jayce’s hands slipped against the sweaty underside of your thighs. You rested your feet on Viktor’s shoulders, and he turned his head, pressing a sweet kiss to your ankle.
“H-how’re you feeling now?” You asked, your hands taking hold of your own bouncing tits.
“I can’t feel anything but you,” Viktor said, pressing forward to place a peck on your lips, “and you feel, hmph, incredible.”
“You’re so fucking sexy,” Jayce muttered against the back of your head, “You’re so perfect. You take us so well, princess. Gorgeous. Fuck.”
“Really?” You coaxed, feeling your orgasm closing in quickly with the aid of their words.
“Better than I expected,” Viktor blew out a hot breath, his hands sliding up and down your upper thighs as he fucked up into you, “You are warmer than anything I had imagined.”
“Look at what you do to us, (Y/n),” Jayce kissed your jaw, nipping with his teeth, “We were respectable scientists before we met you.”
You could feel them both flush against your walls, massaging you so thoroughly with their long cocks. Your thighs were shaking violently in their hands.
“Are you close, darling,” Viktor asked, “I can feel you, unf, clenching around me.”
“I can feel Viktor’s dick so close to mine,” Jayce groaned, his body moulded to yours as he thrusted up into you, “I can feel both of you. It feels so fucking good.”
“I-I’m going to cum,” you didn’t know if you’d even said it aloud, so delirious in your state of utter pleasure.
Jayce and Viktor sped their paces, and you felt yourself unfurling in their arms. Your body jerked against them, milking every delightful drop of your orgasm. Your lower half pulsed so hard; you could feel your heartbeat in every inch of your body.
Viktor and Jayce slowed their pace then eventually halted when you fell limp against Jayce’s chest. You could still feel their dicks twitching within you, desperate for more.
“Good girl,” Viktor praised, kissing down your calves.
“You look so beautiful when you cum, babe,” Jayce complimented.
You wondered why they hadn’t. Viktor read your mind.
“I believe the drug has, uhm, increased our stamina.”
Jayce gave a low whistle, “I feel like I could go all night.”
You caught your breath, your brain feeling scrambled. “Give me a couple minutes. Then we go again.”
“Really?” Jayce smirked.
“How long is this going to last?” Viktor asked, an excited glint in his eye.
“From my calculations,” you sighed, “at least five more hours.”
“You don’t want us to take the antidote?” Jayce asked. “If it’s too much for you-“
“I’m dedicated to my study, Jayce. I want to see this through.”
Viktor caressed your flushed face before pressing a lingering kiss to your lips.
“We have already cleared our schedules for you, darling. You have us for as long as you want us.”
That was a dangerous thought. You didn’t think there would ever be a moment onwards when you didn’t want them.
“I’m ready,” you said, “Let’s go again.”
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nokwisi · 5 months ago
hi hi !!! idk idk this has been done before, but imagine the day Vik augments his leg with the hex core and does his sprint, he comes back home to the reader with a rush of adrenaline and has really rough sex with her since he’s finally able without his weak leg…. ;) love ur work! <3
whatever it takes—viktor x fem!reader note; hi hello! thanks for sending in such a lovely prompt! As per my norm, I got carried away. it's rough, it's emotional, it's maybe a little self indulgent...but I hope you like it nonetheless, anon! warnings/tags; nsfw, 18+, cunnilingus, biting, hair pulling, little bit of choking, rough sex, smut and angst, porn with feelings wc; 5.3k
Check out this amazing VA accompaniment by the lovely, talented, @kikorenart! Buy the full version, treat yo self.
Tumblr media
He's running.
I am running—
—and although the throbbing ache that had ailed his leg his entire life has finally, finally been abated, there lingers a phantom pain in every single nerve of his remaining flesh-and-bone body; as though the evolution of a piece of him has in turn magnified the faults he carries elsewhere.
His back is throbbing, the metal embedded into his spine grinding against the bone as though whittling it away; he has never put so much strain on it before, he dismisses it. His head is pounding, exhaustion and dehydration hitting him in stacked waves; he knows he hasn't been taking care of himself—why care for a sanctum that has fallen to ruin?
But, there is something that transcends the physical, manifesting behind the cage of his sternum like an amorphous mass of everything he's ever regretted; everything he's held back, bottled up, kept buried. It swells within him, pushes him to push himself, like he could simply outrun the weight of it now that he has that option, but he can't.
It's infuriating, because he cannot diagnose the root of this problem. He cannot apply medicine, or science, or even his meager knowledge of the Arcane—and it rises up his throat, unbidden and out of his control, exorcised from his being with a shout; a long, agonized cry that is a coalesced purge of triumph, despair, and every single possible micro-emotion between.
It slices through the rain, shatters the preternatural silence of the docks, and Viktor finds there in the heady taste of catharsis on his tongue: dreams, goals, and desires. Things he has simply never been capable of accomplishing, now shining under the pulsating, purple light of possibility.
He thinks of you.
His heart thrums quick, like a chord struck and reverberating through him with the tonality of anticipation. He's riding a tidal-wave of a high, pushing him out of the realm of logic and into the depths of something baser—wants that have always come second to his work.
Friend, companion, lover, bystander to tragedy, future mourner; has he been selfish, in taking you, in keeping you? Viktor knows the answer to that already—knows that you deserve more than what he offers, that he has pushed you into the shadows to watch from afar as he tries, and fails, and tries again to save himself.
He was preoccupied with chasing down the end of his rope, grasping blindly to stop it from going abruptly taut, but now...now, he can root himself in the soil, keep himself grounded on this plane...and now, he can run to you.
Viktor is almost tempted to leave his crutch on the docks, abandoned and shunned as a part of him cast aside, much like the blood and sinew and bone of his leg, but he takes it nonetheless. If there is a sense of disdain in doing so, he pushes it down—a method he's also beginning to abhor, but he is not entirely without reason.
Should the infamously crippled half of the Hextech partners be seen suddenly galivanting around as though magically cured of his ailment, he may never have the opportunity to fix the rest of his crumbling body. In that, he may never be able to grasp all those buried, now bursting through the seams, dreams and goals and wants—never be able to show you just how desperately he wishes to give you everything he never could.
No, they wouldn't understand.
Viktor believes—knows, that you will.
Tumblr media
It's well past midnight, and the worry that had started prickling under your skin earlier—when you'd gone to find him in his lab, and he was not there; and you'd asked Jayce, and he said he didn't know—is reaching a crescendo in your chest.
You're sitting in your shared apartment, center of the sofa in your living room that, admittedly, appears more like a workshop than a place of living. You both prefer it that way. Warm tones, ornate wood often graced with well-used parchment; bookshelves teeming with journals and the gold-embossed spines of thick academic books from years ago. Diagrams and schematics are tacked onto the wall, flickering with yellow light at the lanterns you'd strung from the ceiling six months prior in an effort to 'liven the place up'.
It feels distinctly desolate without him, however.
Normally, his prolonged absence wouldn't be a problem. Viktor is well known for stretching hours until they roll into days, and you never fault him for it—his drive and passion are integral to him, and the very reason you fell in love with him, in the first place.
This is not a normal time; the diagnosis he received days prior made sure of that, tainting everything with a looming shadow of dread.
Having bitten your nails down to the quick, you're nearly vibrating with the urge to jump from inertia and go seek him out. The only thing keeping you here, waiting and restless, is the very viable concept that he simply wants to be alone.
You would never consider Viktor to be a selfish man, but disappearing without a trace, leaving you to turn over worry and anxiety until it nearly aches—you can't help but be frustrated.
You sigh deeply, tugging your lower lip between your teeth to chew it with contemplation and uncertainty. His well-being, fragile and tenuous as it is, is far more important than his ego, you decide.
With that, you push yourself off the sofa, and into action.
Serendipitously, the door to your apartment swings open just as you venture into the bedroom, seeking out a jacket to shield you from the gentle down-pour that pelts against the gilded windows. You startle and pivot, and your heart feels as though it's been released from a vise-grasp of dismay, fluttering in relief at the sight of him.
"Viktor." You sigh, and then a knot forms between your brows, "you had me worried sick. You can't just disappear right now, not when you're—"
"I want to show you something." He cuts you off, and it's with an urgency and eagerness that immediately stuns you into silence. "I want to show you a great many things, and I hope you'll forgive me for the worry I've caused—for everything...but this...this is insurmountable."
Your prior worry melts away, and in it's stead, a tense curiosity.
"You've reached a breakthrough, haven't you?" Baited and waiting, you can discern the glimmer of thrilled excitement in Viktor's amber eyes, far away as he is. "Viktor, did you...did you find the answer?"
"I've found...an avenue. It is a dangerous one to venture, but my choices are limited." He steps into the apartment, the door closing behind him, and he swallows thickly and squares his gaze firmly with yours. "Whatever it takes. Do you remember?"
Of course you remember.
You'd whispered those words against his mouth naught days ago, bodies intertwined and trembling, grasping onto one another as though he may simply vanish in the span of an instant. It was after he'd received his diagnosis, both of you functioning with a desire that far surpassed anything physical. You told him you couldn't lose him. You begged him to save himself...whatever it takes.
There's a palpable tension in the air now, brought in with Viktor's presence, solidified with the recollection of those words—spoken with despair-charged passion and desperation then, but as this moment unravels, a sense of harrowing anticipation wraps itself around that invocation; around you.
"I remember." You whisper.
Suddenly, there is an urge to drag your attention over his body, scrutinize, seek out discrepancies; find the change. Something that would answer the question that rings in the back of your head, without having to voice it: what did you do?
Viktor appears no different than last you saw him. Frail, pallid, all hard angles stacked upon one another with a steadily shifting, off-kilter foundation—tragically beautiful.
"I've done nothing to afford such a request...but, I ask that you never forget what you said. No matter what the future has in store. Can you do that for me?" A tremor rattles his usual refined cadence; your heart quickens in the cage of your ribs.
Fraught—he sounds nearly fraught, and pleading, and you come to the conclusion, devastatingly quick because there is no other choice in your mind, that you never will.
You feel as though you're standing before an abyss, blind to what's before you, but for Viktor...you will gladly step into the unknown.
"I won't." You state with conviction. "I won't forget."
Viktor's gaze softens marginally, as though relieved, and just as quick, it hardens—like amber solidified to stone. Without another word, he lets his crutch fall free. The hard, metal clang as it hits the floor startles you, and before you can instinctively go to his side to aid him, he straightens out, and he goes to you.
Your breath catches, stunned and rendered inert as Viktor closes the distance between you two with a purposeful, undeterred, steady stride. His brows are knit, a sharp determination in his eyes, and coupled with the barely there curve of his lips, you cannot help but feel suddenly weak.
"Viktor—" is all you manage, the myriad of questions on your lips snuffed out as he presses his mouth against yours with a harshness that knocks your teeth together; cupping your face in a way that spans his touch to your neck, as though trying to hold as much of you as possible.
Your mind is reeling, questions rapid-firing and sizzling out just as quick with the way he kisses you; frenzied, packed with so much passion it makes your legs weak. Viktor holds nothing back, licking eagerly against the seam of your lips, delving in when you gasp at the way his hands venture up, combing through your hair to give a neat little tug, angling your head back.
"Let me have you." Viktor exhales hotly, coaxing your lashes to flutter, resurfacing from the daze his touch induces to connect with the molten gold of his eyes. "Please."
"Have I not answered that question already, Viktor?" Reaching up, you cradle his sharp jaw in your palms, stroke your thumbs from the corners of his mouth, outward. "You hardly have to ask, but I...I have questions, as well."
His lips curl into the faintest, wry smile. "Of course you do, and they will be answered...but, I still live on borrowed time, my love." He's searching your face, now; earnest, full of tenacity that simmers beneath the surface of his cool countenance. "I would be remiss not to take advantage of this, to not please you in ways that I have only imagined of doing."
"Advantage of what?" You push, curious, contrary to the lance of arousal that shoots through you via his words.
In response, Viktor closes the distance once more, kissing you hard, nipping at your lower lip to draw out a surprised, pleased whine from your throat. He's derailing you, and you hardly have the will to be frustrated about it. You can't remember the last time Viktor's been this emboldened, and you find yourself sinking into the embrace once more, your arms resting on the angled shelf of his shoulders; fingers dragging through the small hairs on the back of his head.
"I will show you." He supplies, close enough that his lips graze yours, and suddenly, he's pushing you back; herding you into the bedroom.
His kisses trail from the corner of your lips, to the cusp of your jaw and over, searing hot and open-mouthed down the column of your throat. Gasping quietly, you cling to him, follow his guidance, and internally question—theorize, hypothesize—just how he's managed to become the anchor, the stability, in a familiar dance where you always led.
This change, wherever it may root from, is enough to push you into a state of astounded compliancy, like nothing else matters except for him—letting him purge himself of this intense need with an eagerness that casts all your doubts and questions aside.
With the backs of your legs brushing against the bed, routine and familiarity has you shifting, tugging Viktor in a silent beckon for him to lay down, do as you've always done and slink your way atop him; take the lead. But Viktor remains rooted where he is, and instead, he lets his hands fall from where they are buried in your hair, to firmly push against your shoulders.
"No—not this time," he breathes, "on the bed, please." His tone is an intoxicating composition of steely demand, and searing desperation, and who are you to deny him?
So, you do as he bids; you let yourself drop down, sitting at the edge with anticipation, and the way Viktor lowers himself to kneel between your thighs—easy, fluid, not an iota of pain on his face—makes your heart leap with both joy and inquisition.
"I have always been plagued with the guilt of depriving you of what you deserve." Viktor states, his hands smoothing up your thighs, further still to your waist, where he deftly works the button of your pants through the eyelet, "there is not enough time left in the world for me to pay you what is due, miláček."
Swallowing thickly, Viktor's admission steeps into you, fills you with adoration, sentimentality, and the overwhelming urge to dissent.
Reaching for him, you brush the wayward hairs that've fallen in his eyes back, feel the skip of your heart when he leans into the touch. He gazes up at you beneath the lust-addled weight of his lashes, you say with sincerity: "You've always been enough for me, Viktor."
He huffs out a laugh through his nose, "a sentiment I truly cherish, but...I may have to disagree with you." He tugs on your pants, you raise your hips on instinct, a static warmth blooming on your skin as he catches your underwear as well; shucking them down your legs to leave you bare.
Viktor's attention drops down, a shuddering exhale leaving him at the salacious vision before him; the arousal that wets the inside of your thighs, which tremble just enough beneath his fingers as you part your knees that you're positive he can feel it.
Bashful and coquettish, you whisper, "I suppose we'll just have to agree, to disagree, then."
"I suppose, so." He whispers—it's distant, listless nearly, and it directly contradicts the sudden and zealous way Viktor glides his hands to the backs of your knees; long, spindly fingers digging into the sensitive skin as he hikes your legs high enough to rest on his shoulders. His breath billows onto your heat, "or perhaps, I'll change your mind."
A shiver weaves it's way down the track of your spine, bursting inside you like an electric jolt when Viktor closes the sparse distance, parting your slick with a broad, heavy swipe of his tongue. You curl your fingers in his hair, moan, and steady yourself with a shaking arm behind you.
Viktor hums against your cunt, caresses his hands from your knees, all the way up your flanks, before grasping your waist tight enough it aches; giving a firm tug that nearly has your ass hanging off the edge of the bed. You fall onto your back with a punched-out gasp, he doubles-down on the deadly precision of flicking his tongue against your clit, effectively thwarting whatever sense you have left.
It doesn't take long before you're riding the cusp of your orgasm—it never does, with him.
He moans against you, shedding any modicum of his signature decorum in favor of fucking you relentlessly with his mouth; lewd, wet, heavy breaths that roll over you in waves of heat. He sounds just as blissed out as you feel, follows eagerly when you pull his hair, willing him impossibly close—and you're so, so close—
"Viktor," you whine loudly, begging for something you're not entirely positive of; you just know that you need more, trust in that he will fill in the blank spaces of your lust-drunk plea, "please, oh—"
And he does, he knows precisely what you need—a perfect synchronization where you haven't the faintest means of knowing yourself. Viktor vocalizes a response that registers as nothing more than a bone-shuddering vibration; circling your clit in perfect little spirals with his tongue in tandem to two deft, long fingers pushing into the clutch of your heat.
The stretch is divine, the prominence of his knuckles felt acutely when he spreads his fingers, works you open, honing in against that hypersensitive bundle of nerves with an expertise that he's since mastered.
Viktor anticipates the responding buck of your hips, pushing down against you with the hand that brackets your waist—iron clad, unmoving, and you distantly picture the bruising he will leave; the intensity of him, imprinted on your skin like a brand—before he immediately picks up a steadfast, perfect piston of his fingers.
You're reduced to stuttering out his name, voice pitching higher and higher as though Viktor is tuning your body to his own preference—that being: coarse; piteous; debauched. Tightening around his fingers, blindly tugging his hair, you writhe and squirm against the tension threatening to snap within you, the pleasure reaching a fever-pitch.
"Come for me," he murmurs directly against you, sounding wicked and depraved.
Every muscle in your body spasms, going taut and rigid as you fall over the edge with a shattered cry; a frisson of euphoria throwing you into a stupor of utter bliss. You're helpless to the way your toes curl, legs drawing inward, back curving with an arch that pushes your head into the bed—contorted, thoughtless, neither here, nor there.
"You don't know how beautiful you are." Viktor muses breathily, his voice sounding far away, through the depths of ecstasy and the hum of your afterglow.
He eases his fingers out of you with an audible slickness that makes you shiver, immediately mourning the loss of him inside you, before he begins kissing against your hipbone, continuing upward from there. Pushing your blouse higher and higher, he presses his lips in a hot line up your heaving chest, and it's with a haste and need that fans the ember of desire inside you.
You move as though hypnotized, raising your arms, letting him strip you of your remaining clothes before he brings himself down and kisses you again. You taste the distinct bitterness of yourself when he licks a line along your tongue, firmly bracketing the underside of your jaw in the curve between his thumb, and forefinger.
It's a distinctly possessive hold; you find yourself thrilled by it—enough so to take his lower lip between your teeth in a borderline vicious bite, drawing back and tugging hard enough to earn a strangled, throaty groan in response.
You let go; he quickly chases you down, "yes—do not hold back, I want you to be rough."
"Only if you promise to return the favor." You rush out, aiming for cheeky, but landing somewhere in the realm of indigent.
"I intend to." He all but growls, kissing you again. It's harsh, all teeth and tongue with an underlying rumble of a moan in his chest.
You've almost forgotten Viktor's cryptic words from before, the mystery that lingers in the background of this embrace; the keystone that is fueling this entire moment. You're reminded when he brings himself closer, shifting you higher on the bed, kneeling so effortlessly between your still-trembling legs.
His right thigh is unyieldingly hard beneath yours; thrumming with a strange, pulsating type of warmth that you can physically feel.
Viktor, ever astute, breaks the kiss and presses his forehead against yours, panting against your mouth. "Whatever it takes." An aide-memoire, lilted in such a way that it nearly sounds solemn.
Your heart kicks into higher gear, compelled to impatience as anxiety and uncertainty fester behind your sternum. You cup Viktor's face for a brevity of acknowledgement, craning to kiss him quick before your hands start working haste on his tie, tugging it free; the buttons of his vest then; his dress shirt thereafter.
"Show me."
Viktor doesn't hesitate in shrugging off the layers of his clothes. You don't meander any longer on his chest say for a hastily reverent drag of your fingers over the front of his brace, down to the hem of his pants. It's a fumbling series of maneuvers; Viktor settling back, you leaning forward, tugging open the fastens—a shift, a trade in movement, and he's leaning over you, pushing his pants and briefs down, and he makes it no less challenging with the way he consistently chases down your lips with his own.
Stripped down, bare and exposed, you break from his kiss and glance down between the chasm of your bodies.
Your breath catches.
Viktor's attention quickly flits to your face; searching, anticipating, and perhaps disquieted.
The bedroom is shrouded in dark now, but the tracery of winking light embedded in Viktor's now-adamantine leg is enough to cast a violet glow across the room; highlighting and shadowing the dips and curves of your bodies. You reach out, and you touch him. Tentative at first, just the curious drag of your fingertips over the synthetic, wiry musculature. You feel the warmth he emanates, the eerie hum of something inhuman and yet, so very strangely alive.
"The Hexcore." Finally breaking the silence with an awed kind of wonder, you slant your gaze to Viktor. "You did it."
His brows arch, as though he is relieved, as though he ever doubted you to begin with; and he is quick to caress your face, an ardor of fondness and adoration softening his amber eyes before he bows himself over you, and kisses you firmly.
"For now...but I do not want to focus on such a grim topic." Viktor breathes against your mouth, "I have much more pressing matters to attend to."
Your legs are pushed higher beneath his thighs with the movement, the steel-hard plane of his augmented limb echoing heat into you, and coupled with the tantalizing way his cock presses against you, you're inclined to agree.
"I'd never stop you from achieving your goals." You whisper, equal parts playful and genuine as you wrap your arms around his neck, holding him close.
You have questions, but now...now you've got time. However fleeting it remains, it's more than what you had before. Enough time to indulge in this—to indulge in him.
Viktor huffs a laugh against you, "I know," and with a hand deftly disappearing between you two, he presses his cock flush against your throbbing heat. You hiccup a surprised moan that he eagerly swallows, kissing you breathless before pulling back just enough that your lips graze, "my goal is to pleasure you beyond anything I've ever been capable of. I want to hear every moan, every cry of my name that I have yet to earn."
You shudder, barely manage to lob out, and with a warbled tone that undermines whatever teasing you're going for: "quite the ambition, Viktor."
"Intention, my love." He parries easily, and proceeds to push against you, inexorable, stretching you out and filling you in one smooth, seamless thrust that chokes out whatever response you have.
Viktor barely stifles a groan, exhaling sharply as his hips press flush against you. You're trembling, clinging to him as you adjust to the size of him—always a feat, always a process—but it seems he doesn't intend to give you that reprieve.
But, he isn't entirely without clemency. "Should you reach the point of begging—I will stop." And it's with such a distinctly Viktor brand of self-satisfaction, that you can't find it in you to be anything other than aroused.
It's become such a rarity, this brazen confidence he's exhibiting, and you want nothing more than to kindle it; to give him this, take what he's so eagerly offering; feel what he's promised. You push your fingers up and through his hair, grabbing a fistful of wild, chestnut waves in either hand, and you pull him down with a force that makes him grunt in his throat.
"Perhaps you should let actions speak louder than words." You say, locking your gaze with his; and you watch as his eyes sharpen, seizing your explicit permission with a harsh kiss and a throaty moan.
Viktor wastes no more time. He brings himself low, braces his weight with an arm above your head, his other hand snaking around your throat in a grasp that is both gentle and grounding, pushing his tongue in your mouth as his hips roll smoothly against yours.
The friction is there, the heat and pressure of him inside you, the stretch and the drag and the depth of his thrusts making you moan and rock back, but you want so much more—you want to see him baser, driven to carnal want.
"Harder." You urge, feeding into his flame, "fuck me like you've always wanted to, Viktor."
Viktor groans, unabashedly effected by your words, tightening his grasp on your throat just enough to deliver a pleasant, hazy daze. "I want to fuck you until you cannot think straight." He admits in a rush, and you clench around him in response, bring a hand down to wrap around the taut, wiry muscle of his forearm—a silent consent.
"Want to—ah—to see you ruined by pleasure...I want to be the one to do that to you." His pace has picked up; hard, unrelenting thrusts that spear you deep enough it nearly aches, desperation lacing not just his tone, but his movements.
"F-Fuck, Viktor!" Digging your nails into his ivory skin, curling your legs around his waist, the metal and fastens of his brace chafe against your inner thighs, but you couldn't care less—you've never been able to do this; to put that weight on him with him above you, to drag him close and remain blissfully carefree on whether or not you're hurting him.
"Oh gods, yes—fuck...you feel so good." Moaning the words out best you can, you grind your hips against him with each forward stroke, will him deeper with the lure of your body; chasing down the intoxicating catch-drag of your clit against his pelvis.
Viktor visibly shudders at the praise, releasing his hold on your throat. You inhale raggedly, immediately reverting to whining; sweet, pleading little noises that spur him on.
"Louder." He hisses it in demand, finding purchase with his hands behind your knees, pushing your legs up to your chest. "I want to hear you."
The position has his cock slide impossibly deep, your breath snagging in your throat, hands scrambling to hold onto him by way of tugging his hair. Sound returns to you in the form of a reedy, trembling moan. The way he's fucking you is seismically different than anything you've ever done with him—raw, harsh, bruising. He hasn't faltered once, the steadfast, borderline brutal way he thrusts against you frying any coherence you might've had.
Nothing matters but him—the sounds he's making, the familiar and comforting scent of him, the way his body is pressed so tightly against yours that you feel every hard angle; every shift of bone; ripple of muscle, and the newfangled, bruising press of his steel leg colliding with the back of your thigh. He is all-encompassing, pounding pleasure into you that sings in your veins like magma, permeating you down to the marrow.
You're not going to last much longer.
Through stilted moans, Viktor leans in close enough to latch onto the soft palette beneath your ear; hot, heavy breath dampening your skin. A shiver racks your frame when he bites you sweetly, coalescing with your pleasure like a personalized dose of euphoria.
You wrap your arms around his head with a half-garbled cry of his name, and Viktor huffs out an amused breath, "have I truly been enough for you? Have I ever—mmph—f-fucked you to the point of speechlessness?"
How you can't even form a response is all the answer Viktor needs.
"I wanted to," he grits out, his grip on your legs fierce enough that you know you'll be bruised—you'll have a collection by the time he's done, and the concept makes you clench tighter around his cock, eliciting a sharp groan from him that vibrates against you, "always—every time I have been inside you, I have craved this."
As though charged with that declaration, he slows his pace, backs his movements with a force that rockets knife-sharp pleasure right up your spine, carving it into a radial bow off the bed, pushing your chest into his. The hard protrusions of his brace press into you. You don't care, you pull him closer, voice your pleasure with a keening moan every time his hips collide with your thighs.
"You...you are going to come again—hm?" He envelopes you in his arms, holds you with one hand buried in your hair, the other winding around the nape of your neck. You whine, delirious and broken and vaguely affirmative, and Viktor kisses your throat once more, "do it, so I can push you over the edge again, and again. Until I am satisfied with the mess I will make of you."
He's speaking rushed, quick and hot, and he punctuates his urgent statement by way of sinking his teeth into the sensitive apex between your neck, and shoulder.
Silk walls clench so tight around him that his hips stutter, that he groans against your skin and it ricochets a wild flourish of tingles throughout your entire body, that he has to grip you harder, hold you in place as you writhe and arch and shriek through the hard-press of your teeth.
Your orgasm hits you with cataclysmic force, and all you can do is hold on, ride it out, shiver and tremble in his arms as he chases down his own release. He bucks against you, his seamless movements pulling apart, short and choppy and desperate, Viktor groans and bites you harder.
You pull his hair hard enough to tune that throaty noise of his into a whine. Shivering with the heavy pulse of his cock, nestled deep inside you, you can feel the blooming warmth of him filling you to the brim, washing you over with a wave of pleasant goosebumps.
He relents from digging his teeth into your skin, gasping out foreign swears embellished with the reverent invocation of your name. Everything—his movements, his voice, his vise-grip, winds down in tandem, until it feels like time itself has reached a standstill.
With your lashes wetted with involuntary tears, leaden with post-orgasmic bliss, opening your eyes feels like resurfacing from the depths of rapture; catching your breath feels just the same.
Viktor rests his head against your collarbone, his body loosening, unraveling from the tense pressure he's put upon himself, allowing your legs to drop down on either side of his waist.
You can both feel and hear the rattle in his lungs as he chases down a steady inhale-exhale, spurring you to gently comb your fingers through his hair, soothing him; coaxing him silently to recuperate. As though he senses just that, finding the challenge as he's always had the proclivity to, he breathes in deep, and pushes himself up on trembling arms.
"Viktor." You croak, voice hoarse and lilted with concern. "You should rest." Cupping his face, you stroke beneath his eyes, which have sharpened once more with that zeal of determination.
He shakes his head—your heart swoops with both admiration and concern. It's so painfully obvious, so cuttingly worrying: he genuinely believes he has something to prove, burdened with the guilt of not being enough for you; driven to right what he believes is wrong. He's healed a fraction of himself, and in doing so, finds the mistakes he's left unchecked, and Viktor, always so headstrong, is convinced he can solve it with the fleeting strength he's been given.
But an augmented leg does not cure the sickness within him.
"No." He says, with a sense of finality. "I told you...time is precarious for me. If I cannot have this now—give this to you now—I may never have another opportunity."
Your brows knit, and you steady your hold on him; force him to look at you. There, in the depths of his gaze, glints something like despair. You pluck it easily from his obstinate front; you've spent enough time looking into those amber eyes to discern the cracks beneath the surface.
"You promised me, Viktor." You remind him, firmly. "We will find another chance...find more time." Gently pulling him closer, your tone slips into an imploring lilt. "Do you remember?"
Viktor's breath shudders, his expression softening with a telling gloss. He reaches up, overlays his hand over yours and leans into your palm. The smile on his lips is faint; sad, loving, grateful.
He echoes those words again. This time, they are weaved with a thread of forlorn optimism; saccharine and bitter; a multitude within five syllables.
"Whatever it takes."
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honeydazai · 6 months ago
when their s/o wears lingerie for them
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika, Jinx
warnings: nsfw content, thigh riding, praise, dirty talk, pet names
Tumblr media
The moment you decide to surprise VIKTOR by showing him your new set of lingerie, his cheeks flush slightly, a smile curling his lips. He's absolutely smitten by you — not only by your beauty, but by your whole presence and by the fact that you've bought lingerie while thinking about him.
He's actually quite good at complimenting you and he truly does his best to keep up a gentlemanly composure, but he soon finds himself unable to keep his hands off of you — not that you want him to do that, either.
Viktor has you lying on your back with him between your legs, from where he slowly kisses his way up your thighs; honestly, he just wants to worship you. You're squirming and mewling beneath him, the thin fabric of your panties drenched as you press against him with need, and he's soon thrusting into you, because he's secretly just as impatient as you are — how could he not be when you're beneath him, looking picture perfect with lace draped over the curve of your hips and tits? Oh, and also, the fantasy of you wearing lingerie beneath your normal clothes to the lab now never leaves his mind anymore.
“Your beauty knows no bounds, dear. You look truly ethereal right now; especially when you're spread open on my cock like this, mewling like a slut. Ah, apologies, I didn't mean to be crude — even though you seemed to like that name given how you just clenched around me.”
Tumblr media
Honestly, JAYCE is absolutely in love with everything you do — and this is no exception. The second you join him in bed while wearing some skimpy lingerie, he's a blushing mess and stumbles over his words as he tries to compliment you. It's not that he's particularly embarrassed; he's simply so enthusiastic that his mind works faster than his mouth does.
He's on you immediately; pinning you to the bed with one of his big hands holding both of your wrists together, and, god, he can barely contain himself — he grinds his hips against yours, already impatient and needy and obviously excited if his hard-on is anything to go by.
Only a few moments later he's thrusting into you, so so eager, and he can't stop staring at your gorgeous body as you moan and writhe beneath him, your head thrown back and your nails digging into his back. He's not particularly possessive — well, most of the time at least, because right now he's sucking hickeys into your skin and littering your throat in bite marks to show everyone you're his.
“God, I can't believe how pretty you are, princess. So gorgeous, I'm so glad I can call you mine. You're the prettiest thing I've ever seen, really; 'm gonna make you feel so good. Gonna mark you up so no one thinks they'd ever have a chance with you.”
Tumblr media
The second you enter his office wearing a huge coat, SILCO knows something's up. He simply raises his eyebrows in question and, as soon as you open the coat to reveal your body clad in nothing but tiny lingerie, hums in appreciation. His gaze is intense as it's fixed on you from his position on his office chair, and he's not opposed to you doing a little twirl to show your outfit off.
Then, he beckons you forward and you're soon propped up on his lap, one of his thighs between yours as you grind down against it, tiny needy whimpers leaving your throat.
It's evident in the frantic way you move that you want more, though Silco only chuckles at your impatience. His hands guide you to rub your cunt against his thigh again, and by the mischievous glint in his eyes you already know it'll take a while until you finally get to have him inside of you.
“Ah, this is certainly a surprise, dear. Did you come all the way to my office looking like this? How very naughty of you. Really, just imagine if someone saw you in these skimpy panties, especially when we both know only I get to look at you this way.”
Tumblr media
VANDER isn't shy to immediately rip your clothes off of you the second he sees the lace of garter belts peek out beneath your skirt — though he tries to be careful if you complain to him about your destroyed clothes. It's not his fault he's this excited, really; he just wants to touch you so bad.
His hands are on your ass, shamelessly groping your soft skin through the fabric, and even though he's the one who's dick is straining against his trousers just because of how pretty you are, he huffs out a teasing laugh as you gasp against his lips.
He doesn't even bother taking the lingerie off — honestly, the fine hooks on your tights are too delicate for his big fingers anyway — and instead just pushes your panties to the side so you're able to ride him.
“Fuck, baby, you're so god damn gorgeous. If I wasn't this hard I'd have you sit on my face right now — god, you're so hot. 'm so lucky you're mine, hope you know that.”
Tumblr media
VI gives an appreciative whistle as you drape yourself over her lap, all dressed up in pretty pink lingerie that wraps around your body. She can't help herself; her hands start wandering almost immediately, even though she had just been focusing on something else a moment ago.
Calloused hands grope your tits through the fabric of your nearly translucent bra, kneading soft skin until you're moaning and grinding against her, your eyes fluttering closed at the sudden pleasure.
Vi quickly scoops you up in her arms and carries you over to your shared bed, spreading your legs for her as she pulls your panties down your thighs. Her warm breath fans against your wet folds, making you whimper — and her laugh. Still, she doesn't feel like teasing you right now and instead swirls her tongue around your clit until you're squirming.
“Damn, doll, all dressed up for me? You shouldn't have. Joking, of course. You should do this way more, like, just look at how good your tits look in this! Fuck, c'mere, baby. Lemme touch you. I'll be damned if I don't eat you out while you're looking this pretty for me.”
Tumblr media
When CAITLYN spots you wearing some lingerie she's never seen before, she's excited and doesn't hesitate to tell you just how pretty you are immediately. When your cheeks flush a lovely red, she chuckles and presses a kiss to your lips.
She's definitely not opposed to go lingerie shopping with you now that she knows you enjoy wearing it — and you could even get matching colours, too!
Caitlyn is quick to move this over to her bed where she positions herself between your legs, a teasing smile on her face as her fingers rub over the already slightly damp fabric of your panties, making you squirm.
“You're so pretty like this, dear. I had no idea you enjoyed getting all dolled up. If only you had said something, we could have done this sooner. Well, anyway — I better show you just how gorgeous I think you are right now, hm? Come on, spread your legs a little wider, love.”
Tumblr media
The moment you enter the bedroom with nothing but sheer lace and frills covering your body, MEL smirks, her expression equally as curious as intense. She's already sitting on the bed, her back against the headpiece, and all you have to do is lay down between her legs to already be in the position you want to be in.
Though Mel doesn't let you get away this easily — she's quick to order you to lay down on your back and takes her sweet time appreciating your pretty underwear and your gorgeous body. She definitely insists on buying you more lingerie in the future.
Her lithe fingers push into your panties to rub tiny circles around your clit, her lips first meeting yours in a kiss before she bends down lower to close them around your nipple, revelling in your whiny mewl.
“You're so pretty, baby. Ah, I how about we go and look for a new set of lingerie for you together tomorrow, hm? What do you think? Because, honestly, I won't go around making promises that this one is going to survive this night.”
Tumblr media
SEVIKA is another one to wolf whistle as soon as she sees you, her eyebrows raised as she smirks. She immediately grabs your hips and lazily pulls you down into her lap, her hands roaming over your body and curiously touching the fine fabric that's draped over your hips and chest.
She's usually not overly fond of lingerie — lace rips way too easily, especially under her mechanic arm —, but she does appreciate it when you get all dressed up for her.
Her lips quickly find your neck as she sucks a visible hickey into your skin, too high to cover it up with any clothing, and two of her fingers move underneath your thin panties and slowly push into you, making you squirm at the stretch, even though you're wet enough for it not to hurt. Quite the opposite — it's simply not enough for your greedy hole, and Sevika huffs out a laugh at how desperate you already are.
“You know, 'm not usually a fan of these fancy topside lingerie sets, but you look as delectable as ever. Hm? Wanna ride my fingers, baby? Come on then, show me how desperate you are.”
Tumblr media
When JINX looks up from her tinkering to glance at you, she can't help but raise her eyebrows in surprise. Then she's smiling and quickly moving towards you, already cooing at you about how pretty you look right now.
She wraps her arms around your body and pulls you closer, her body pressing against yours, and only a few moments later you're both kneeling on the bed, one of her hands fondling with your breast and one teasingly rubbing along your wet folds. She's good at multi-tasking with her hands, and even better at making you whine and whimper beneath her touch.
Jinx might want to add some colour to your lingerie though; it's just so horribly topside-like and boring with it's pastel colour — by the way, are you up for some sexual body painting sessions?
“You're so gorgeous, darl! I love that look on you! Where did ya get it? Ah, come on, you didn't even cum once yet, sugar. I bet you can still answer me properly. Try again, yeah? For me? Then I'll even show you that new toy I've been working on, promise!”
Tumblr media
notes: i've started playing Twisted Wonderland and they're all hot
if you liked this, consider tipping me on ko-fi! it'd mean a lot!
tags: @my-awakened-ghost , @afidiofobia , @helloyellowsheeps , @yuuotosaka3, @sccarymonster @satoruislove @pastelsbaby @artsyxabbyx @cyan-skulls @arboranimus @marina-and-the-memes @vislovelywife
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zaunitearchives · 2 months ago
This is for the anon that requested a reader without panties while climbing up a ladder. I just HAD to make this man perverted in this one, seriously, thank you for that specific ask anon, I loved it. Also just publicly posted my ko-fi, teehee
Just A Peek [NSFW]
Tumblr media
Pervert Viktor x F!Reader
Word count: 1.6k
Tags: Pervert behavior | Masturbation | Cunninglus | Oral(M! Recieveing) | Some praises? | Sir, this is a library
Viktor can feel his heart skip a beat as he watches closely at how your skirt swishes with each step on the ladder. Hungry eyes devouring the sight of your bare legs, he knows he should look away, that it's crude--but how can he? 
It's a fight to prevent himself from burying his head underneath, to ravish you in the Academy library. Would you hold onto the railings of the ladder? Or maybe you'd cling onto the bookshelf as he'd mercilessly run languid strokes of his tongue on your clit.
He could hear it now, the faint echoes of your moans within the lonely room. Delicious keens of his name as his tongue would skillfully lap away, your wetness dripping from his chin.
"The books, please?"
"Oh," Viktor stutters, his cheeks subtly changing to pink. "Right. The books."
Viktor hooks his cane around his arm, turning to grab the pile of books on the table beside the ladder. He knew you'd help him; it's why he coyishly planned the order of books you'd be putting up. In particular, one would require you to raise yourself on your tippy-toes, a valiant effort to sneak a glimpse underneath you when you weren't looking.
Shame begins to pool within, it's wrong, and he knows it. Yet, even now, his cock twitches at the idea. The rush of getting caught makes it that much more invigorating. You've festered within the man's mind and laid waste to him, tearing apart the once sophisticated person he once was. So it used to be when you shared a room with him; at least then, he could function somewhat. Instead, he curses himself at every waking moment, finding it impossible to keep you from his imaginative mind.
Lecherous thoughts find their way into his mind, vivid scenarios unfolding before him, all centered around you. Yet, despite the inner conflict, Viktor continues to surrender to his desires, taking himself in hand each night, groans of your names eluding his lips within his bedroom.
The tasteful idea of you under his desk, struggling to fit the entirety of his cock into your mouth. A gentle purr of your name off his lips, tender calloused fingers ghosting your cheek as you’d sloppily take him in entirety. Such a good girl, he’d coo, taking me so well. A gentle swipe of his thumb at the tears that’d swell up, but you’ll push through, desperate to have him deep within your throat.
If only it were your mouth instead of his hand wrapped firmly around his cock. Precum beading with each lethargic stroke, roping from the tip and onto the floor, glistening in the dimly lit lab. He can’t even make it to his dorm anymore; the thought of you all too overbearing on the man, he despises what he’s become. 
Sweat pools at his temples as his pace quickens, shamelessly groaning with each pump. Viktor leans back and watches his hand as he works himself, imagining yours instead, how your eyes would look up at him, pupils blown wide with lust. 
Yes, he groans out. 
Viktor can hear you call his name out, praising him as he’d lay chase to his climax, feeling his cock twitch with each stroke.
He whimpers, the tight grip around himself borderline painful.
Almost there, Viktor.
“Viktor!” You yell out, waving your hand in front of him from the ladder.
The man shakes his head, his soft brown locks bouncing with the motion. “Yes?” He responds.
“The books.” You reiterate as both hands reach out. “Please.”
Viktor nods, a soft chuckle eluding his once pursed lips as he places each book into your hands. He was pushing away his intrusive thoughts, doing his most damn to maintain his composure in front of you. That is until you begin to pry.
“Viktor, what’s going on?” You ask, glossing over the shelves, beginning to place them in proper order.
There's only one option, feign ignorance. As he always did.
"What do you mean?" Viktor grabs the last stack of books, sneaking glimpses of your legs as you methodically place each book on the proper shelf.
As quickly as he glimpses, he tears his lingering gaze from your legs. Then, watching your fingers gloss over the spine of each book, brows knitted in concentration.
"You seem distracted today; everything all right?"
Ah, of course, you'd notice.
"Eh, –rough day at the lab. Tired." He lies.
Viktor raises a brow as you giggle at his response.
"I wasn't aware you got tired. Mark me as surprised."
Oh, how very much he wanted to do so. Preferably your inner thighs.
"Yes, well, I believe there is a first time for everything. No?" 
He loathes the way his brow twitches at your lulling giggle, cursing himself as he hands you another book, fingers grazing against another.
You stop for a moment, locking eyes with the man, hovering above him on the ladder.
"I suppose there is, isn't there?" You tease, quickly plucking another book from him.
Viktor despises his cock strains against his pants, clinging to any attention you dare toss at him. 
Are you flirting? He thinks to himself. No, of course not. 
A soft, I suppose so, is all he can muster. 
An amused chuckle is all you respond with, quickly returning another book to its proper place.
"How many more?" You ask, taking one step down the ladder.
Finally, the book that'll grant him what he so desperately craved.
Nimble fingers grasp the book, holding it triumphantly, a smirk across his face.
"Last one." He says, handing you the book. "Be careful, though; I believe this one is on the top shelf."
Viktor feigns concern, watching as you turn your head up to see where the book would go, bearing a disapproving look.
"To think you were going to do this on your own. You know you can always ask me for help, Viktor."
The man nervously laughs as you snatch the final book, steadily climbing the steps, higher and higher.
"Well, I'd hate to put you in such uh..." Viktor's voice falters, and eager eyes trail up your bare legs as you climb higher. "A position." He mutters, feeling the tension build within his shoulder and among… other places.
"Er–predicament. I'd hate to put you in such a predicament."
Viktor can feel himself falling apart at the seams, eyes trailing higher with each step, eagerly wanting more, feeling his greediness swelling within, thrashing about, desperate to claw to the surface.
"It's fine, Viktor," you giggle. "I quite enjoy being in predicaments with you." You add, stopping at the top of the ladder.
Tantalizing eyes trace along your bare legs, starting from your ankle, shifting up ever so slightly, wishing desperately to commit each minor detail to memory.
You grunt in frustration, doing your best to reach the top shelf to place the book; if only it weren’t so damn high. However, as you curse the damn bookshelf, unbeknownst to you, Viktor is immensely enjoying the show below, eyes honed in on you and his lip tucked between his teeth. 
He is fighting every fiber in his being to not whimper. 
More Viktor thinks. I must see more.
“Oh, careful.” Viktor points out, coyishly stepping at the ladder's base, gently wrapping his hand around your leg, stroking your soft skin with his thumb.
Another shudder courses with him, so soft he thinks to himself.
You huff out. “Almost got it.” You raise yourself, standing at the tips of your feet as you grunt.”Just a little more!”
Any ounce of shame within him has dissipated, excitement and curiosity brimming within him.
“Just a little more!” Viktor encourages, a sly smirk tugging at the corner of his lip.
Viktor glances around the room, ensuring that nobody may bear witness to the heinous notion he is about to commit. Then, another quick peer at you, still struggling with the shelf. Then, timidly, Viktor lowers his head, carefully lifting the edges of your skirt as you continue to work.
Days of questions that ruminated deep within his intricate mind, such crude questions that desperately required answers. What color do you like to wear? Perhaps you wear something more, risque? 
Nothing could’ve anticipated him for such a sight before him, something that only existed within his wild fantasies. An image that stalled every sense within him, how his hand remained frozen on your skirt, mouth ajar as he glared.
There’s nothing!
You’re entirely bare underneath, wholly exposed to the man.
Viktor swears under his breath, his fingers tensing around your leg as he keenly analyzes your exposed cunt. How could he not stare at such a beautiful sight? Is this all for him, he wonders? Perhaps, you did this strictly for him, knowing he’d have such a perfect view? Temptation swells deep within, struggling to stop himself from swiping between your folds, or better yet, climbing behind the ladder and devouring you there and now.
“Viktor,” Your voice rings within his ears, taking several moments for it to reach his senses finally.
Entirely transfixed on you, the man hums absentmindedly.
“Enjoying the view?”
Panicked eyes are meeting yours, an inexplicable emotion festering behind them, noting the smile across your face.
“Well?” You tease, swaying your hips.
Shades of pink graced his face, half-lidded eyes darting between you and your core, feeling drool begin to pool within his mouth.
“Y-yes.” He mutters, shrinking under your gaze.
You giggle, such a pleasing sound he wishes to indulge, like that of a savory-sweet, all for him.
“Well, then-” Viktor gasps as you take a step down, lowering yourself, offering an ample height and angle for the man.
“What are you waiting for then?”
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