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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Lewis stands in awe, his jaw hanging agape as his eyes stare in terror at what is in front of him and the entire saloon.

Pam is standing on the bar, Gus behind her trying to coax her back to the floor. She has a sway in her step as she holds a half full glass above her head. “I’m tired of this phony!” she slurs, stumbling her way down the length of the bar towards where Shane stands. Even he is staring in horror as she makes her way towards him, ready to tip over and fall at any second. Nobody can tear their eyes away. “I know all of you are too! So that’s why I’ve decided- I’ve-” 

Pam’s eyes go wide for a moment as she trips over her own feet, her body thrusting forward to the ground. Her arms flail, sending her drink to spill all over the bar, seats, and floor. Yet, she balances herself, avoiding near catastrophe. 

Robin rushes forward to reach up and grab Pam’s arm, helping her down from the bar to the ground where she has less of a chance of hurting herself. Emily helps, grabbing a rag from behind the bar to begin wiping up the beer from the floor boards before Pam can slip again.

“I’ve decided to run for Mayor!” Pam announces as the two women behind her clean her trail of destruction. “You’re all welcome! It’s time this phony is no longer in charge!” Pam swings around to point at Lewis. “How long are you all going to elect that moustache as the head of our town?” Pam slams the fist she was pointing at Lewis down on the bar. “It’s time for change!” she slurs. 

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If Sherb decides to move out in my game I’m gonna let him I think. I have a list of lazy villagers I’d be happy to have in my town if he asks. The list includes:

Big Want:

  • Beau
  • Rodeo
  • Drago
  • Zucker
  • Biskit
  • Hopkins

Would be happy with

  • Stitches
  • Bones
  • Erik
  • Lucky
  • Punchy
  • Bob
  • Barold

The reason my list is like that is because I dont want double species? I have Raymond and Judy, so getting another cub or cat is lower priority.

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j.j. grandville // a conjugal eclipse • the dead weather // hang you from the heavens • tracey emin // i dreamt of kissing you over again • jeannette winterson // written on the body • jusepe de ribera // apollo and marsyas • villagers // i saw the dead • francis bacon // two figures • sparks // eaten by the monster of love

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