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starredforlife · 2 days ago
new quiz y'all! worked on this until 4 am lol. reblog and tell me, what kind of supervillain are you?
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evilbuildingsblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
The I.M. Cooling Tower in Monceau-sur-Sambre, Charleroi, Belgium
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esperosisdoeswriting · 2 days ago
Prompt #352
Tumblr media
I’ve seen this post before! It really is pretty funny @excusemeasibangmyheadonawall​. And, as a Virgo, I have to agree with the horoscope there. I hope you enjoy!
[Villain] held their nose as blood trickled down their chin, cursing quietly under their breath.
"I'm so sorry! I thought you were tying to trying to attack me!" [Hero] pleaded as they dabbed at the crimson decorating [Villain]'s lower face.
"It's your birthday! I'm not gonna attack you on your birthday!" [Villain] sighed as one of their henchmen arrived with a bandage.
"I know it's my birthday! but my horoscope said you were plotting something." [Hero] mumbled, suddenly feeling self-conscious.
"[Hero] you know I don't read that stuff, also what kind of horoscope says those kinds of things?"
"The one in the newspaper!" [Hero] replied.
"Huh?" [Villain] looked over at [Hero], their face twisted in confusion and disbelief.
"It says right here!" [Hero] tried to defend themself as they pulled out the newspaper, offering it to [Villain]. [Villain] took it, smudging some blood on its grey surface, their eyes scanning the page.
After a long moment [Villain] let out a tired sigh, "I knew it was a bad idea letting [Other Villain] get a job at the newspaper."
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Short Prompt #113
Hero stood in an open field, surrounded by a menagerie of flowers and grass. The plants' soft petals and blades fluttered from the gentle summer breeze, their lovely sweet scent filling the air. It was heaven on earth.
Villain was also there, though not really enjoying themself as much as their heroic counterpart. They sneezed, grumbled, and pulled out another tissue from their pocket. "You just had to drag me out here in the middle of pollen season, didn't you?"
The hero smiled. "I asked you if you wanted to come along, and you said 'yes.'" - they started. "You said you had meds for your allergies...?"
The villain crossed their arms, looking away. "...I may or may not have forgotten to take them today...," they admitted quietly, mumbling under their breath.
With a small laugh, Hero kissed their forehead, startling them out of their grumpy mood. "Well, you could've just said so," they said, giggling at their partner's flustered expression.
Villain was silent for a moment before whispering, "...But you look super cute like this..."
Another soft chuckle. "I can look cute in that cafe we wanted to check out too."
"...I mean, if you don't mind leaving so soon..." - the villain muttered, looking up at the other.
"I don't." - the hero replied. "Besides, the flowers won't just disappear overnight."
Taking hold of Villain's hands, Hero began to pull them along and back towards the city, their lover blushing madly all the while.
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mistydragonflyart · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kicking off the next five drawings of some of my favourite musical villains is none other than The Bandit King from The Trail to Oregon. His villain song is one of the best and Joey Richter is perfect for the role. He’s a really fun villain and one of my favourite characters in the musical (which is something I will be saying about every character this week)!
Anyway, I hit a little bit of an art block and so I’m a bit late with this one. I was also struggling with the sketch but I’m really happy with how this turned out. I really like how the hands look.
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variousnerdyshit · 15 hours ago
Why the Winter Soldier was a fantastic villain
He does his job well: The Winter Soldier is the world’s most accomplished assassin, and he acts like it. Everybody else runs into their action scenes and fights; the Winter Soldier strolls in like he has all the time in the world. It’s a subtle difference but it’s an important one, highlighting that he is in control of what’s going on. Once he gets into the fight, he acts realistically as well: no time wasted on evil monologues, he goes straight for the kill. One tiny thing in the famous highway Cap vs. Soldier fight that I loved was how the Winter Soldier only fights Steve Rogers hand-to-hand when he has to. He tried shooting Cap until he ran out of ammo, and then he went for a knife. No stupid decisions here. 
Tumblr media
He isn’t easily defeated: The Winter Soldier is a foe that Captain America simply can’t take down. Throw the shield at him? No problem, the metal arm can catch that. Try for hand-to-hand combat? Hydra is in fact going to attack you with a pocketknife. Dislocate his arm? He’s still got another arm that can hold a gun. Unlike a lot of superhero and action movies, the protagonist has a hell of a time with the bad guy. Steve came very, very close to dying on a couple occasions, which he isn’t used to. Anybody who can go toe-to-toe with Cap isn’t somebody to mess with.
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan’s acting: It’s no secret that Tumblr loves Sebastian Stan’s face, but the man is a brilliant actor. He’s one of the few people who can get across a character’s emotions and turmoil with a single look. The Winter Soldier has almost no lines, but Stan pulled off a haunting, terrifying performance even with half his face covered by a mask. Marvel gave Sebastian Stan a very hard job, and he did it beautifully. 
Tumblr media
And let’s not forget, sheer stage presence: If I saw this guy sitting at my kitchen counter in the middle of the night, I’d probably die of terror before he could kill me.
Tumblr media
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villain-enthusiast · 19 hours ago
anonymous asked: hi, can you do a severely injured villain coming home and having to take care of themselves?
Villain barely made it through the door of their house and into the bathroom before they collapsed, white hot pain coursing through their body. They coughed and the metallic taste of blood filled their mouth.
Panting, they gripped the edges of their sink, slicking up the porcelain red with their own blood, and forced themselves back up with a grunt.
They flipped the faucet on and grabbed the nearest towel, holding it between their teeth as they hastily unsheathed a knife from their belt and began to work their sweat-soaked shirt off.
The last of their top fell away and they forced themselves to look down to assess the damage.
The dagger was completely buried in their side, the handle protruding gruesomely from their skin. Blood pulsed steadily from the wound, trailing down their waist and staining their pants.
Nausea rolled through them, but they forced themselves to swallow it down as they took the towel in one hand and shakily leveled the other over the hilt.
Their eyes met their reflection in the mirror.
A scream through gritted teeth fought its way past Villain’s lips as they pulled the knife out with a sickening rip of metal on flesh.
The weapon clattered to the floor and they pressed the cloth to the gaping wound, gasping as waves of agony and delirium slammed into them without relief.
Unable to contain it any longer, they lurched forward and vomited into the sink.
God it hurt. Why did it hurt so fucking much.
They slid down onto their knees, vision blurring. They coughed again. Felt the throbbing burn embedded in their side. The towel was beginning to soak through with blood.
Stitches. They needed stitches.
With a great amount of difficulty, they hoisted themselves onto the closed seat of their toilet and grabbed the thread and needle. They tossed the towel to the side and grabbed a new one, wetting it before mopping up as much excess blood as they could.
Threading the needle took way too many tries and tying it was a whole other ordeal with how much their hands were shaking. They were just about to poke the tip through their skin before they paused.
“Shit,” Villain hissed and reached over to the cabinet again, this time grabbing the bottle of alcohol. They unscrewed the cap, and before they could think twice about it, promptly poured a splash over the open injury.
They could’ve sworn they were too exhausted to scream, but they did anyway, so loudly their throat scratched up.
The stitching went surprisingly fast, the bandaging even faster.
There was blood everywhere, the red stark against the white of the bathroom, but Villain could care less as they got to their feet, legs trembling, and walked to their room. They’d kicked the dagger under the bath on their way out.
Their bed was so fucking soft.
They lay on their back, staring at the ceiling, their side pounding in time with their heart. Fatigue weighed down on them, heavy and forceful.
“Fuck you, Hero,” they muttered senselessly at nothing in particular.
A brief flash of loneliness was their last coherent thought as they closed their eyes. How many more times were they going to have to do this to themselves? On their own?
Sleep took them mercifully before they could think about it any longer.
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epiclamer · a day ago
Sorry guys, I can’t go out today I’m too busy writing fantasies for random people :)
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
Cw: conditioned whumpee, expecting pain, I think that’s it.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Consequences Pt.5
Villain blinked awake softly as their face was hit with a blinding light. They squirmed under the soothing feel of warmth and pressure, letting themselves adjust to the comfort before opening their eyes completely. The sight of a bed and their legs entangled in the sheets frightened Villain awake.
Bolting upright Villain was greeted with Hero’s exhausted and limp form, collapsed in an arm chair that was pushed tight to the beds side. Villain let out a shaky breath. They hadn’t waken them. Thank god.
Villain slipped themselves out from under the covers. Landing shakily on their hands and knees against the hardwood floor. It creaked softly as they attempted to crawl their way to the open door. Supervillain was coming. They knew it. They were going to punish them. They were going to be helped. They needed fixing. Supervillain would fix them.
They padded closer and closer to the door, to their safety. If they could just make it a little bit farther, they could alert Supervillain and Supervillain could save them from the evil clutches of the heroes-
“Where do you think you’re going?” Hero’s hand grabbed onto the collar on Villains shirt, effectively stopping them in their tracks. Villain screeched and wriggled themselves against Hero’s firm hold on their collar. A futile attempt at escape.
“LETMEGOLETMEGOLETMEGO!” Villain screamed, twisting and shaking against the floor as Hero flipped them over and pressed a reassuring hand on Villains chest.
Hero shushed them quietly and attempted to wrap them in a comforting embrace. “Hey hey hey… Calm down, Villain. It’s going to be okay… Can you tell me why you’re so scared?” Hero asked, to be honest, it had been a question pestering their mind ever since they found them, but they merely assumed it was because Villain was a villain and Hero was a hero.
Villains squirming stopped and their gaze faltered as it fell from Hero’s eyes to the floor beside their head. Villains lips quivered slightly and their lack of guard allowed Hero to scoop them up into their arms, holding them delicately.
Villain took another deep breath, squeezing their eyes tight as they quickly mumbled out something inaudible.
“Hm?” Hero cooed, tilting their head to the side to seem less intimidating to their terrified villain. Another deep breath and Villain was quickly rambling again. Only certain words like: heroes, Supervillain and hurt, made their way to Hero’s ears no matter their close proximity.
“I need you to speak up, please.” Hero pushed, their patience already run dry but they needed to stay calm for Villain. Villain dropped their head, finally raising their voice.
“S-Supervillain says the heroes are g-going to hurt m-me.” Villain stuttered, prying one eye open to see Hero’s expression through their bowed position.
Hero didn’t look mad, or disappointed, or angry or even upset. Hero looked sad. Hero looked pitiful.
“‘M sorry…” Villain whispered, but Hero only pulled them flush against their chest. Carding a hand through their hair as they pressed their lips into the top of Villains head.
After a moment Hero pulled Villain away, tilting their chin up to look Villain dead in the eyes.
“I would never hurt you.”
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nazrigar · 2 days ago
Slasher Villain... vs. a Tiger
I had a weird dream that a slasher villain faced off against a tiger... and the tiger WON. The tiger just straight up mauled the dude.
Maybe for Halloween, I can work something for this for halloween!
Like... Imagine the stereotypical horror protagonists lead the slasher villain into a zoo. The slasher villain has them cornered into a enclosure... Only for the tiger to LEAP from its enclosure...
And put the primal terror of an Apex predator whose kind has survived for MILLIONS of years onto some filthy humanoid with a knife.
Cue the tiger curbstomping the slasher villain.
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plathsbitch · a month ago
I am not the main character and I am not a side character. I am that character that just needs one more push, one more tragedy, to become the villain.
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evilbuildingsblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Took a picture of a church but my camera glitched out and a inverted cross popped up
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Short Prompt #112
Warning: character death, descriptions of harm & wounds.
Darkness fell upon the city as the villain's laughter echoed through the streets. The people - innocent and frightened - huddled together and fell to their knees, wanting to appease the monster. They bowed their heads as the beast walked past them, even though they couldn't see, could only sense the dark presence approach them.
Villain, able to see through their shadows, admired the sight, dazzled by the trembling forms of the civilians. But truly, the most beautiful scene lay at the heart of the city.
In the middle of the plaza was the hero's crumpled form. Cold blood pulled beneath their torn open stomach as they gazed at what was once a bright blue sky with empty, dull eyes.
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were-writes · 2 months ago
Prompt #276
“Hey!” the villain called out, as they eased themselves in through the hero’s window. “I need your advice on an ethical issue.”
The hero sighed. “What is it now?”
“So the government sent an assassin to kill me, which isn’t great, but she’s really hot. So am I allowed to flirt with her, or would that be bothering her while she’s at work.”
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eddie-bruhskin · 10 months ago
me: *hyperfixating on fictional character for hours before bed* wow, I sure hope I’ll dream about them
my dreams: *spider monster chasing me downtown*
Tumblr media
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the-modern-typewriter · a month ago
I love your writing. Maybe one where a villain kidnaps the hero’s sidekick but he finds out the hero poorly treated the sidekick so the villain takes them under his wing?
The sidekick flinched. 
The villain was, of course, used to people flinching away from him. He was a villain. It was in the name and the reputation, wasn’t it? He’d even enjoyed fostering such a reputation, seeing as he hardly had the height and bulk of a man who was automatically intimidating, however useful the ability to go unnoticed could be. Still. He was used to people flinching. 
 He were less used to people flinching when their rescuer walked into the room. 
Before then, the sidekick had been the perfect model of a hero in training. They didn’t immediately squeal answers, they managed a witty retort or two even, one that was genuinely quite inspired. The villain even liked them, in the sense of the sidekick would be the one they’d want to be teamed with on a group project. They just seemed competent. Solid. 
Until the hero walked in, and all of the colour drained from the sidekick’s face. 
Of course, it was a trap, so maybe the sidekick was simply worried for the sake of their beloved mentor, but...
But. The villain had a knack for fear, it was their speciality, and the sidekick hadn’t been afraid before. Not like they were when the hero walked in. They weren’t tracking the villain’s every move, trying to avoid the trap being sprung, they were watching the hero. And the hero...
The hero was the most telling. They didn’t ask if the sidekick was alright. They simply looked disappointed. 
So that was that, really. The pieces clicked together, and the villain had been intended to do their normal song and dance routine, their game, where obviously they wouldn’t cause any serious damage and maybe they’d flirt a little, and drop elusive hints about their plans to see if the hero was smart enough to figure it out. No. 
They pulled a seldom used revolver out of their jacket and fired, once, two, three times. The hero had the audacity to look surprised. Then they crumpled. 
The sidekick went very, very quiet. 
“So, they were a bit of a shit, weren’t they?” the villain asked. 
The sidekick’s eyes flashed to him, more wide-eyed now than they had been first gaining consciousness. They held very still, even when the villain deftly took a pair of scissors to the rope binding them in place. 
“ killed them,” the sidekick said. “Everyone said you were -” Heat rushed to their face, and they didn’t finish. 
“Everyone said I was an easy villain who was no real threat to everyone?” the villain offered. They knew it was true. They were the villain heroes liked to test their sidekicks on, to see if they’d sink or swim. Mostly, they swam, and the villain was glad for it. But sometimes...
The sidekick said nothing, staring at them. 
“Nothing reveals a hero so much as how they treat their team.” The villain reached into the pocket of his jeans, wriggling out a card, handing it in the direction of the sidekick. “And I’ve never seen someone look quite so freaked about the thought of going home.”
The sidekick took it, more on seeming automatic politeness than anything else.
“They’re a hero,” the sidekick said, as if that excused everything. Poor kid. 
The villain kneeled down before them, and met their bewildered eyes.
“Public heroes can still be personal monsters.” They didn’t try to touch, or crowd, none of their usual tricks. They did everything they could to melt back into harmless again, as if they ever had been. “And you deserve better than to make excuses for the bad they have done. That’s where I come in. Why do you think everyone calls me the accountant?”
“Honestly, I didn’t think about it. I meant a villain who called themselves Doctor Evil. You just kind of roll with the chosen pronouns and stuff, you know?”
The villain snorted, not able to hide a smile at that.
The sidekick’s gaze flickered to the hero on the floor, and back. 
“You’re free to go,” the villain said softly. “But if you want, I’d love to offer you a job. My job is balancing the scales, so it’s not for everyone. I don’t fall on any particular side and you may find that uncomfortable-”
The villain stopped.
The sidekick looked down, cheeks hot. “Yes,” they said, softer. “I don’t want anyone to feel like I did again. I thought - I thought it would all be different, you know?”
“I know.” God, did the villain know.
He offered the sidekick a hand. 
The sidekick took it, and it took a while, but they were the best team after that.
And, in time, the villain learned all the details of the hero’s cruelty. 
But the details had never been what mattered anyway. 
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