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Prompt #77

When a supervillain gets amnesia because of a car crash, they forget everything about the past twenty years. Therefore, they don’t remember getting powers and becoming a villain. And since no one knows the villain’s secret identity, nobody comes looking for them.

So they live a normal life until they rediscover their powers one day. That day they decide to become a superhero.

Things get complicated, when the new superhero starts to remember their past…

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What defines a hero?

As defined by Oxford Languages, a hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. However, in mythology and folklore, another definition of hero emerges, again defined by Oxford Languages as “a person of superhuman qualities and often semi defining origin, in particular one whose exploits were subject of Ancient Greek myths”.

So: Why is there a difference in definition?

As society expands and modernizes, people’s view on things often change. Something that was socially acceptable before is now a crime, but then again, there are old traditions that are lost to time. An example can be found in Ancient Greek traditions where even if your enemy was sleeping under your roof, you could not harm them. In theory, that principle remains today but under the umbrella term of murder, but, people still have the liberty to do it under their own roof without getting attacked by the gods from breaking the laws of hospitality.

That sounds really bad.. wait..

Never mind that, I hope what I’m trying to convey in understandable.

Yet, even if there is a difference in the definitions, all heroes go through the same cycle, some a little easy to detect than others. This cycle was first defined by Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand faces.

In simple terms, the cycle is as follows :

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Writing Prompt 49


“You’ve been so quiet. Is everything all right? I understand that sometimes you come over here and we chat comfortably and talk, and you have some wine and.. stuff, but you seem off.” The villain said, and the hero’s significant other looked to them in shock.

They thought for a moment, studying [Villain] with a thin line across their face. Nobody ever asked if they were okay! Let alone [Hero]..

“Am I nice?” They asked, looking to the glass of wine in their hand. They weren’t even half way done with it, and they already wanted more.

“Well, you always have really nice manners when I kidnap you, which is a little suprising actually.. but I’ve gotten used to it, so yes, I would say you’re very kind. You’re always very polite to me, I appreciate it!” The villain smiled, looking like a child as they clasped their hands together.

“I don’t know. Maybe I did something wrong? Or, was I not good enough?” The s/o asked themselves, suddenly looking to the villain. “Sorry, alcohol is getting to my head.” They apologised suddenly, proceeding to look back down to their glass and saying: “I feel funny..”

[Villain] never had any time to sit with [Hero’s S/O] and chat, but this time they felt a bit obligated. After all, they actually warmed up to [Hero’s S/O] after a period of time, and they considered them a friend, or just really nice company that they enjoyed at that.

Suddenly, there was crying. Loud sobbing and shrieking as [Hero’s S/O] put their glass onto the table and cried into their hands. “They cheated on me [Villain]! It’s all my fault, I just want to go back and change it! I want to say sorry but I can’t tell them how I found out!” [Hero’s S/O] cried, as the villain moved over to the couch and quickly wrapped their arms around the poor [female/male/person].

“Shhhh, shhh, it’s okay.. come on, talk to me.” They whispered, now taking full control of counseling [Hero’s S/O]’s feelings. But it didn’t last long, as the hushed talking quickly turned into anger and insults, all directed at [Hero].

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✴️ Qualche giorno fa Charles Murphy ha dichiarato che Evan Peters (X-Men Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix) ha firmato per un “ruolo chiave” in WandaVision. Murphy ha detto che Peters “ha ottenuto il ruolo alla fine dell'anno scorso” e ha “filmato le sue scene poco dopo”. Tuttavia, i dettagli del suo ruolo sono ancora sotto controllo. Sicuramente vestirà i panni in un ruolo completamente diverso, magari il villain della serie ? Visto il suo passato convolgimento in “American Horror Story”. Dato il legame molto forte con il secondo film dedicato al Doctor Strange che secondo i Marvel Studios dovrebbe essere a tratti “spaventoso”. Dimentichiamoci di Quicksilver ruolo che ha interpretato egregiamente ma che sicuramente non tornerà in WandaVision. Voi cosa ne pensate ?

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Writing Prompt 200

“(Villain)! (Viiilllain)! Where aaaree youuu?!” (Hero) called out in a sing songy tone, taking a right past a simple wooden crate.

(Villain) breathed heavily, eyes wide as they pressed themselves close to the inside of the crate.

“Come out, come out, where ever you are…” (Hero) whispered, tapping their bloody baseball against the concrete floor. “I promise I won’t kill like I did your (Spouse) and (Child).”

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Sidekick sniffled as she walked into the base, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Sidekick, you here?” Hero called. Sidekick quickly finished wiping the tears from her eyes, then called a response.

“I need you to patrol for me, me and Partner have a date in a while, and I need to get ready,” Hero called. He walked into the room, seemingly not noticing Sidekicks tears.

“Sure,” Sidekick replied, feeling a sudden wave of anger and hurt. Ever since Hero got married, he never seemed to have time for her.

Hero grinned and patted her head. He didn’t even realize today was her nineteenth birthday, and her day off. She honestly couldn’t remember the last time her and Hero had even patrolled together.

“Thanks kid, see ya later.”

As soon as Hero was gone, Sidekick grinned to herself. She would just have to take care of that pesky partner.

Then she could have hero all to herself again.

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