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dahniwitchoflight · a year ago
Oh wait I have one more thing to say, did anyone notice the logo at the bottom  of the Homestuck2 Website?
Tumblr media
yeah, it’s a heart symbol
and it’s Doc Scratch White.
also Dirk signed a note as 
- DS
and I can’t remember but I feel like Doc Scratch did that once too, but like, as a note to Spades Slick saying “hello guest, have some candy licorice dogs” or something like that
This is gonna be why Doc Scratch types and talks in white isn’t it? Dirk’s gonna get it all into his head that he’s hussie’s like Narrative rival or something or the Hero that takes down the Villain and since the Narrative that Hussie writes in was always black, the natural opposite of that is White.
And it’d be an interesting way to equate White with a Villain and Black with the Hero, even though the default setting is White for Good and Black for Evil which is undoubtably how our Villain-Sona Dirk sees things
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pink-apocalypse · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New villain-sona I made! His names Bread Head! (Original name, I know) He’s for my brother, who INSISTED on having bread as the theme??? So this is what happened. Bread head is in fact the little brother of Miss Deed.
You guys can talk to him in the asks if u want.
Bread head is actually not an Object Head by species, he only appears that way, although I’m sure they exist in this world. The authorities have it wrong. He was human, but he possesses the same healing properties as his sister (and apparently the rest of their family) meaning that they can’t die from external wounds. Apparently that includes decapitation! Whatever magic runs through this family’s veins, it let him continue to live (mostly) normally without a head!
He was decapitated once during a battle very early in his villainy career, when he hadn’t made much of a name of himself. His sister was there to witness it, and thought he had died. Fortunately, after he noticed he wasn’t dead, he just shoved the closest thing to him on as a temporary head and continued fighting. It wasn’t temporary though. He likes his signature bread head, although he can replace it with whatever he wants. Miss Deed likes to call him wheat-for-brains.
He has to eat by lifting up his current head and pouring it down. Somehow he can still taste, see, think, hear, smell and live normally?! ~magic~
He has a flamethrower. He’s a pyromaniac. He toasts people.
He’s witty, silly, easily frightened and a little more emotional than his sister. He really loves her though.
Miss Deed
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ivyprism · 4 days ago
Masterlist 7 (Still Updating)
Suggestive? Kind of? *
Character and AU Information:
Uh. Random Thoughts with H! (The Willows Family)
War Of Hearts thoughts (UT Willows Family)
War of Hearts Thoughts (The Masquerade Mermaid Pirate AU)
Outfits (The Masquerade Pirate Mermaid AU/Mermaid Pirate AU and the Undertale AU University)
If my Mermaid And Not-so-human OCs went to the university (The Masquerade Pirate Mermaid AU in the Undertale AU University.)
Stories Written:
Reunion (The Masquerade Pirate Mermaid AU: Gaster and Dahlia)
I'm Sorry (The Masquerade Pirate Mermaid AU: Hala)
The Ancestor and her Descendant (The Masquerade Pirate Mermaid AU)
Random Headcanon (Horrorfell Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Horrorfell Sans)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Altair)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Felicity)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Jack)
Random Headcanon (The Ito Family: Omari)
Random Headcanon (Mafiatale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Mafiaswap Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Horrortale Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (The Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Delilah)
Random Headcanon (Underswap Gaster)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (The Mafiaskeleton Sisters Diner AU: Carnelian)
Random Headcanon (Mafiaswap Sans)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Gaster)
Random Headcanon (Underlust Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Horrorswap Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Mafiaswap Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Mafiafell Sans)
Random Headcanon (Underfell Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Mafiaswap Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (The Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Ember)
Random Headcanon (Horrortale Sans)
Random Headcanon (The Willows Family: Prism)
Random Headcanon (Mafiafell Sans)
Random Headcanon (The Willows Family: Ivy)
Random Headcanon (Undertale Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Iris and Sparrow: Iris)
Random Headcanon (Iris and Sparrow: Sparrow)
Random Headcanon (The Willows Family: Ian)
Random Headcanon (Dancetale Sans)
Random Headcanon (UF Willows Family: Petra)
Random Headcanon (UF Willows Family: Isa)
Random Headcanon (HT Willows Family: Ivory)
Random Headcanon (The Ito Family: Utau)
Random Headcanon (The Ito Family: Camari)
Random Headcanon (HT Willows Family: Icelyn)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Liam)
Random Headcanons (The Beast Tamer: Valeria)
Random Headcanon (Horrortale Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Mafiafell Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Undertale Sans)
Random Headcanon (The Masquerade Mermaid Pirate AU And Mermaid Pirate AU: Hina)
Random Headcanon (Mafiaswap Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Skelesona: Hydrangea)
Random Headcanon (Underfell Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Sans)
Random Headcanon (Underswap Sans)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Jack)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Altair)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Fellswap Red Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (The Beast Tamer: Haven)
Random Headcanon (Underlust Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (The Mafia Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Basilisk)
Random Headcanon (Dancetale Sans)
Dance Opinions (The Undertale AU University)
Random Headcanon (The Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Shell)
An AU Where Prism Goes Too Far (Villain!sona AU)
Clove's Hugs (Horrortale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Mafiaswap Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Underswap Sans)
Random Headcanon (Underfell Sans)
Random Headcanon (Underfell Papyrus)
Random Headcanon (Horrortale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Undertale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Mafiatale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Underlust Sans)
Random Headcanon (Undertale Sans)
Random Headcanon (The Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Shell)
Random Headcanon (The Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Shelly)
Random Headcanon (The Skeleton Sisters' Diner AU: Horrortale)
Random Headcanon (Mafiatale Sans)
Classes? (Mafiatale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Dancetale Sans)
Random Headcanon (Underswap Sans)
Coffee or Tea (The Undertale AU University)
What their magic tastes like (My Mafia Boys)
What their magic tastes like (Horrorswap and Horrorfell)
Soft Date Headcanons (Undertale Papyrus)
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thepastelpeach · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
shes a lil rotten, but we love that for her
support my work, become a patreon
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pink-apocalypse · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is my Villain-Sona (villainous persona OC) Miss Deed
You guys can ask her questions in the asks if you want :P
She's spiteful, sarcastic and cool-headed, appearing almost emotionless at times, although you do NOT want to make her angry! She does thoroughly enjoy her job, though. She is mysterious, not letting anybody know of her past. All we know is that she is expertly training in many types of combat, and has the ability to self heal, to an extent. She cannot die from external wounds. She is also Australian.
She normally just does her own thing, but can be hired as an assassin or robber if you pay her enough. She gets an adrenaline rush out of this stuff anyway.
Her skeletal hand is caused by an instance when she was fighting a hero, and her arm fell into acid. Her healing powers don't work if there isn't enough of the original body part to heal properly, so it remained skeletal and usable through some form of power. Apparently having a magic skeleton arm that feels no pain and has infinite strength is really useful.
She has a little brother, Bread Head, who is one of the only people she cares about. He also inherited these strange healing powers. They often commit crimes together.
The list of reasons wanted doesn't even scratch the surface of crimes she's committed. And if looks could kill... she'd have another few murders to go to jail for
Bread Head
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ivyprism · 3 days ago
Listening to War of Hearts (Song and Edit Audio) and YOU'RE stuck with my thoughts.
I am imagining some romantic things with Boss and Ivy! Featuring their siblings!
So, while listening to it while being told I wasn't allowed to post, I thought of this idea!
All I see is Ivy performing War of Hearts after an incident with Boss. Boss and Ivy are close friends at this point properly. In an intimate and quiet moment, they kissed and welp. Now both are trying to figure out their feelings. Like it was an awkward separation like "Oh. Uh. SORRY-" "I should go-" and probably both separate for a bit.
Boss is coming home beat red and looking ready to die of embarrassment, Ace and Butch are confused, Slim is concerned, Snipe has a neutral expression of sort of worry, and Bruiser is confused and worried when Boss quickly say "I KISSED IVY-" and now there is that.
When Ivy got home, she broke down into a blushing disaster and shakily told her sisters and brothers she kissed Boss and tried to figure out things.
It's like a complicated thing where they're like "Oh. Um. We'll pretend that never happened." And then oop, both realize they caught feelings. Ivy out here trying to comprehend her feelings and it's the same with Boss.
She's rocking this outfit:
Tumblr media
The mafia boys are back for performance because of Prism to be exact~. Yeah, Ivy is terrible at hiding her feelings when she sings War of Hearts. Boss catches on SO fast when she glances at him when she sings the "I can't help but love you, even though I try not to."
Annd then there is a whole little thing at the end where he confronts her and welp. Feelings are spilled, everything is high, they can either ksis again or not... Either way. His brothers and her siblings are gonna embarrass them.
The Mafia boys were brought to you by @ratsoh-writes
Edit Audios:
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ivyprism · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Isobel meets and falls in love with Mark.
She gives birth to Isla and, five years later, Ian.
Isobel leaves Mark and takes care of both until she meets her second husband, Jax. With Jax, she has Ivy and Ilona. Isla: 15 Ian: 10
Jax passes away with an unknown illness.
Isobel meets a man named Darian and falls in love. She and Darian have a daughter named Isabella.
Darian and Isobel pass away in a car accident. Ages - Isla: 18 Ian: 13 Ivy: 5 Ilona: 3 Isabella: Infant
Isla leaves the family shortly thereafter, leaving Ian to raise his younger siblings at age 13.
Money is tight, so he goes to Madame and Don when he is fifteen with a protection fee. (It is unknown why Madame and Don took the three younger siblings, but it's likely to help him while he gets up on his feet.) Ages - Ian: 15 Ivy: 7 Ilona: 5 Isabella: 2
It is also around the time where Ilona (20) begins to train Ivy to become a butcher.
Ian juggles several jobs, but gets back on his feet and takes his siblings back after an unknown time.
Seth appears in the Willows Family's life. Ages - Ian: 18 Ivy: 10 Ilona: 8 Isabella: 5
Around this time, Seth helps Ian gain custody of his siblings and helps him raise them on occasion a surrogate grandfather.
Ian (21) and Isla (26) have a legal battle over who gets their siblings. Ivy is 13 at this time and in therapy for Isla's abuse. Ages - Isla: 26 Ian: 21 Ivy: 13 Ilona: 11 Isabella: 8
Ian wins the custody battle inevitably.
Ian gets the privilege of owning Seth's bar.
Piper and Prism appear with Fox. Ages - Isla + Piper: 34 Ian: 29 Ivy + Prism: 21 Ilona: 19 Isabella: 16
It is around this time where Ilona and Isabella get mixed up in the wrong crowd and Isabella gets addicted to a substance.
Shortly thereafter, Isabella is put into rehab and becomes clean from her substance abuse.
Later, Briar appears into this universe from her own. Ages - Isla + Piper: 34 Ian: 29 Briar: 28 Ivy + Prism: 21 Ilona: 19 Isabella: 16
A few years later, Isla hands Piper and Ian her children. Ages - Piper + Isla: 36 Ian: 31 Briar: 30 Ivy + Prism: 23 Ilona: 21 Isabella: 18 March: 13 (Isla had her at 23.) April: 12 (Isla had her at 22) March: 11 (Isla had her at 21) Summer: 5 (Isla had her at 31) Fox: 5
Ian and Piper gain custody of Isla's kids after a long custody battle. (One Isla didn't care enough to push into it.)
Isla had Iris when she was 21. ------------------
We are now in the present time!
Current Ages - Isla + Piper: 46 Ian + Perseus: 41 Briar: 40 Ivy + Prism: 33 Ilona: 31 Emiko: 29 Isabella: 28 Iris: 25 Winter: 23 April: 22 March: 21 Fox + Summer: 15 Jay + Robin: 7
Bonus Ages- Illa (HT Isla): 58 Ilon (HT Ian): 53 Ivory (HT Ivy): 45 Ileane (HT Ilona): 43 Icelyn (HT Isabella): 40 Seika (Ito Family): 47 Chou + Utau (Ito Family): 45 Hime + Omari (Ito Family): 39 Kami + Camari (Ito Family): 33 Tsubaki (Ito Family): 27 Isa (UF Isobel): Definitely Old Isalia (UF Isla): 54 Isaiah (UF Ian): 49 Petra + Irena (UF Prism and Ivy): 41 Ilissa (UF Ilona): 39 Idette (UF Isabella): 36 Lynx (UF Fox) + Cedar: 15
(Madame and Don are @ratsoh-writes's characters.)
Iris is listed in Willows Family because she IS a part of it biologically.
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dahniwitchoflight · a year ago
fucking, god, he called his ship Theseus. Oh god im not ready to face this epilogue stuff in actual visual form oh jeesus
Tumblr media
Dirk, Dirk pls. no one can take you seriously now that we can actually SEE your Villain-Sona. 
oh god, the second hand embarassment is real.
Alright so there seems to be like, a tinge of Rose existing as her own person, doing things that Dirk dislikes, but its in conversation only, so it seems facetious.
The other true thing though is the narrative is entirely Dirk’s perspective, and Dirk is exactly the kind of person who would absolutely love and believe he was capable of subsuming another person’s soul and idealogy entirely, but we went through this deceit in the epilogues with John and Roxy as well, with John’s unquetionaing hold on reality and what is canon also seeming to have an unconcious warping effect to whatever John thought was important, but Roxy gave a good point of how do you even know you did this and i didn’t choose it or wouldnt have chose it? you dont
So we could see that being repeated here, either as a parallel of that or a subversion, remains to be seen
“ Speaking of which, I think it's time I started undoing some of the more egregious mistakes this story has been subjected to over the years. Yes, I'm talking about that guy. The other orange one. Remember him? Vriska got stalked by him a bit and it was uncomfortable for everyone concerned. Anyway, the point is that he fucked up big time, and I'm here to clean up the horseshit. It's time to get this story back on the rails, back to what it was always supposed to be. I know it, and you've somehow always known it too. There was something else, some other route that Homestuck was meant to take but then didn't, a way that wouldn't've spent so much time dicking around with stuff nobody cares about. Like seriously, why did we all have to sit through talking about everyone's most intimate and private feelings for two hundred thousand fucking words. That would never have happened in Act 1. Where did it all go wrong? “
lol the andrew hussie is peeking through a bit here, so Homestuck2 is gonna be the exact thing I figured a sequel would be, its going to be a sort of retelling of the story, but its gonna flip the importance for certain things in the opposite directions, so right here its saying Homestuck is a story with a layer of importance on the characters themselves and their mindsets and how they lived in the environment they found themselves in, with the lore and the conceit of the story being a huge creation story more of a backdrop than the focus
so Homestuck2 is going to be a more "creation story” focused more on the sburb lore, buts its going to have less of a focus on the characters (perhaps even to the detrimnet? maybe characters will seem strange and out of character? but he kinda already made that feeling i the audience with the epilogues, thats what that intended effect was)
and neither one i think will turn out to better or worse than the others, theres definitely going to be benefit and downsides for both, but its not hard to see that Homestuck1 is the story that Hussie wanted to Tell, and Homestuck2 is how he’s changing it and telling a different story than he originally would have in the first place
not that hes changing Homestucks orignal story at all, but now hes telling a decidedly different one
Thus far, even though I understand Dirk’s basic mindset being “Hussie’s story sucks im gonna tell a BETTER one” and deciding that he alones gets to decide others will is unquestionably villainous train of thought, like why cant we let the characters just decide for themselves what kind of story they wanted to have and be genuine..
I AM dying of curiosity to see what sort of lore and information were going to get out of this, especially with the twist of that sort of focus being brought more into view, it’s a tantalizing glimpse of something very sexy that im into...
The World of Homestuck to me, HAS always been more infinitely exciting and interesting to me than the characters themselves, even though i liked them fine, they werent the reason why i kept reading the story for sure
Anything little thing we get about sburb or the world system out of this im happy with, regardless of what happens to the characters
(Would that be considered a villainous mindset if I was in canon? maybe ^^; good thing im not lol it does give off very “evil mad scientist morally corrupt experiments” kind of vibe lolol)
“ Look, I know what you're all really craving. I've been studying canon—or rather, what's left of it—and I think I've found it. The critical moment, in the wake of which everything started to take a nosedive into the protracted, endless slog of sheer insufferability we got saddled with near the end. This was the single most crucial error in the process that led to the present situation. The day when the story was wrested screaming from the arms of its readers like a bawling infant and carried helplessly away, from then on to be raised according to the whims of a masochistic menace with no thought for you, the common fan. “
I do have to laugh at this though, because your not wrong??? but also, it was inevitable that a story that started out like homestuck and was written like homestuck and ended like homestuck would inevitably turn out the way it did
it was a communal product of the screaming masses that turned into a singular mans story, it was unfortunately going to lose something to everyone, because everyones ideas couldnt all coexist in one canon at the same time (thats what outside of canon is for)
and then Dirk does something I DIDNT expect him to do
“Channelling my full potential as an ascended player of Heart, I expand my consciousness to commune with the boundless force of collective willpower that is the internet. My mind floods with its divine potency, a million formless cries coalescing into a sequence of discrete, formal instructions. It is a maelstrom as chaotic as it is deafening. And yet from this formless, uninterrupted spate of hard, unembellished data, a single suggestion takes form, as if bubbling up from a vast, infinite ocean of possibility. It is a whispered prayer to a compassionate god whose ear attends faithfully the will of his believers.Ok, let's see what you chucklefucks came up with.“
instead of entirely subsuming other’s will like a villain would, he has instead opened up his heart and conciousness to absorb the ideas, suggestions and wills of the masses, he is literally trying to bring back the act1 flavor of homestuck by taking suggestions, be he is ironically doing something no different than hussie did by curating and choosing which one to respond to
hah! he really does think he is the hero of this universe with Hussie as some sort of villain. 
So Hussie has probably intentionally curated this idea of himself as “Author Villain” who drives the story seemingly into mud by seeming to reject and upend the audiences expectation rather than curate them and bringing forth the best out, 
this happens with the epilogues undoubtedly, 
and this environment has gown a character from inside the story to step out and try to “oust” him from this position and instead tell a “good” story one that “everyone” wants, but is in fact detrimental to the story and world that the characters inside it themselves wants, which is was Hussie curated the whims to in the epilogues instead of the audience
So maybe this will be a “good” story, and hit all the marks for what the audience wanted originally, but there is no benevolent force to make sure a happy ending exists for any of the characters inside of it, because what the characters want doesnt matter anymore, only the lore does
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anime-grimmy-art · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trying to finish a bigger project of mine but I rly just wanted to doodle for a while again. Felt great. Redrew some of my old drawings, made myself a UT-sona bcs why not and drew ainavolagem’s skele-sona(Insta) bcs I rly like the design. Edit: Forgot to add, but the villain Papyrus design is by @villainpapyrus
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ivyprism · 11 days ago
For the ladies dating my boys ;)
Their boyfriend is being extra annoying today. Whether that means he’s being bossy, stiff, or obnoxious depends on the guy. Either way, what does she do to get revenge?
Ivy: She asks Boss to pick her up, if he doesn't, she takes a step stool. She kisses him and begins to flirt shamelessly before running away. Now, he's gotta catch her.
Prism: She ignores him. Ace probably hates being ignored. When he is, inevitably, begging for cuddles and kisses, she leans in, reeeeeaaaaalllll close, and then kisses his nose before walking away.
Piper: Well, for Butch, she doesn't allow him to touch her until he apologizes. For Snipe, she plops herself into Snipe's lap and she's kissing him, cuddling him, and flirting.
Isabella: She pranks him. She owns a cafe. Cash orders a drink, she sabotages it. She wins.
Idette: She doesn't really mind. Bruiser is always annoying, but she ignores him if needed.
Mavis: She "accidentally" releases her hen on Peaches. Now Peaches is dealing with her angry demon hen.
Yuki: She's used to Wine being too much, so she wears the most eyesore outfit until he apologizes. When he does, she lets him dress her.
Utau: She does the same as Yuki. She wants Lord to apologize and she's gonna get that apology. Even if she hates the disgusting outfit, but lets him dress her after.
Sparrow: She wouldn't do anything to Green, but be nice to him. She'd be so nice to him she'd make him feel bad for being too much and annoying.
Iris: She doesn't do anything unless it interferes with her work. She is fine with Charm being a bit much. She writes and does her job either way.
Omari: She pulls a joke on Tempest with her voodoo magic. She, however, is totally loving up on Tempest after though.
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lyntreisback · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As you can see, I rarely finish my drawings.... Welp, hope that’s enough so you can see what I’m like on paper!
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ivyprism · 6 days ago
Out of the Willows Girls, who would do the 2 Phut Hon meme thing on tiktok? With the swaying of hips and all?
You said the girls. So I'll happily oblige. No minors are allowed to be in this answer. I also might as well do the Underfell Willows~.
This list is going from oldest to youngest~.
Isa: Nah man. She wouldn't do that if asked or dared. She's an old lady, man.
Isalia: Would do it sober and with no dare. She's got no shame.
Piper: Absolutely would do it sober and without a dare. She's just that confident.
Petra: Doing it for fun and on a dare. She has no shame.
Irena: No way in Hell is she doing that. She has standards.
Briar: Would do it on a dare or if she's drunk, otherwise no.
Ilissa: Would do it for fun. She's that chaotic.
Idette: Would do it on a dare and then do it for fun after.
Prism: Would do it, but only if she was dared to.
Ivy: Wouldn't do it.
Ilona: Would do it on a dare and to win a bet.
Emiko: Wouldn't do it out of embarrassment.
Isabella: Would do it for fun.
Iris (since she is in the Willows Family technically): Absolutely would not do it unless Charm asked her to.
Winter: No one could pay her to do that.
April: Will do it if asked, otherwise no.
(Charm is @ratsoh-writes's boy.)
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matrioshkka · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“I am THE CONQUEST! Here to conquest your world, your heart and your mind!” - The Conquest, at some point
Why draw Sidestep first, when I can start with her imposing glamorous villain sona, huh?
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snailfen · 5 months ago
i am making a new villain sona because i had a better idea than my initial one
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sibylance · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
my friend sent “bribe” money for me to draw BH and the sona doing nasty. This is all you get. More money to unlock them naked
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ivyprism · 14 days ago
Sometimes charm forgets he’s not in underlust and will get too handsy with people. How do the willow ladies (and anyone else you pick) react to him doing something forbidden like sitting in their boyfriends laps in front of them, or even more scandalous, kissing their cheeks
Hehehe. Certain Willows girls, Sparrow and Iris~, and some Ito Family sprinkled in.
Ivy: She actually doesn't mind at all! She understands that he's from a different universe where affection is given that way! She actually is a bit like him and greets her friends and family with hugs and kisses.
Prism: She's used to it. Honestly, she's seen Charm do it so often with Ace and Utau does it to her so often she's just used to it. Like REALLY used to it.
Piper: She knows all about Charm~ so she isn't bothered at all! Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he showed her affection that way because of how she quickly befriended him.
Isabella: She actually supports it! Her love language is touching so seeing Cash getting held and treated that well by a friend makes her feel a bit more confident in initiating touch. (Charm definitely could help her get some confidence.)
Idette: Unsurprised and doesn't get possessive. She's not a jealous person, but she's definitely gonna kiss and cuddle Bruiser after if he's up for it.
Sparrow: She doesn't get possessive over Green, but she does cuddle Green after. Honestly, Charm has met her through Iris so I imagine they'd mostly get along.
Iris: She doesn't mind it when her boyfriend kisses and cuddles others. She does, however, plop herself into his lap when he's done with his friend and cuddling him. She's like super kissing his cheek and nuzzling him.
Omari: She's kind of shocked that Tempest let him do that, but she thinks it's adorable~. She finds Charm to be interesting and quickly befriends him so fast.
Utau: She's worried that Charm is gonna be thrown by Lord. When he isn't, she is shocked, but she doesn't mind him being touchy because she kind of gets it. She is very affectionate with her friends and family. So they're in the same boat here.
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