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Short Prompt #368
"Aww, is this for me?" - the villain asked, pointing to the rose in Civilian's hand.
The civilian raised their eyebrows, unimpressed. "No."
And then they shoved the flower into their mouth and took a bite.
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the-luminol-writer · a day ago
Prompt 96 pt. 2
tw: kidnapping, drugging
[Civilian] drifted in and out of consciousness for hours. Muffled sounds that resembled words occasionally made it to their ears, but they could never fully distinguish what they were. After a while, they stopped toeing the line between slumber and alertness and eventually registered that they were in what looked like a basement, based on the cold, hard floor and bare white walls. They also picked up on sounds of footsteps. The door that was about 20 feet in front of them creaked open. Their former friend glided down the flight of narrow, wooden stairs with a pleasant smile.
“I’m glad you’re finally awake, although you looked so cute when you were asleep. I checked in on you a few times before you woke up.” They said. [Civilian]’s heart rate sped up as they tried to stand up, only to realize that they had been tied to some sort of hook on the floor. They squirmed and writhed with all the strength they could muster as [villain] casually strolled over to them. [Civilian] tried their to hold in their whimper, which resulted in a terrified squeak escaping them. “Hey, it’s okay.” [Villain] assured softly, their voice deceptively soothing as they stroked [civilian]’s hair.
“You… Why?” Were the first words out of [civilian]’s mouth.
“Well, you were trying to leave. I had to get you to stay somehow. Oh sweetie, I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you. I’ve spent so long trying to get you to warm up to me, long looking at how lonely and empty my house was with just me. But now I finally have you…” They whispered. [Civilian] cringed back away from the villain’s touch. They should have never agreed to go to the villain’s house for dinner that night.
“You’re sick! You drugged me, and now you’ve kidnapped me! You can’t just do that and then say that you love me! That’s not what love is.” [Civilian] snapped. They felt dread pool into their stomach as [villain]’s smile fell. They grabbed their captives jaw in a harsh, nearly painful grip.
“Yes. It. Is.” They seethed, “This moodiness better be some kind of side effect, because I do not take kindly to people saying such hurtful things. I’ll come back when you’re ready to appreciate what I have done for you.”
“What do you mean? You’ve done nothing for-”
The basement door slammed shut.
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booberryfun · 17 hours ago
"You're having that dumb grin on your face again."
"Huh- wait waaa no no no you didn't see anything."
"It's okay, it's okay. I like it. You look cute."
"You know, only you make me grin dumbly like that..."
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percys-writing · a day ago
"Why hello there, sleepyhead."
The voice at his ear was a purr and it startled him awake faster than anything else, jerking to his feet only to realise he couldn't actually do that, with the pulling on his wrists where they were tied to a chair behind his back burning as soon as he struggled.
He tried forward next, trying to scramble to his feet because they weren't tied down. He pushed up, the adrenaline fueled by pure fear driving him, and was only successful in landing on his face when something shoved him from behind.
He was not at all embarrassed to say he screamed, struggling uselessly as pain shot through his face, the drip of blood hot and wet below his nose.
Someone clucked their tongue behind him and his chair was hauled back up with alarming ease, making his screaming stop to die in his throat as a choked sob as the masked figure whisked around to his front.
Whinan - why was the city's most notorious supervillain standing in front of him? Why had she tied him to a chair? Why was she looking at him like he'd done something wrong?
Andrew swallowed, his throat feeling incredibly dry as he tried to take his surroundings in with a forced-calming-down that he didn't feel in the slightest and he felt was probably entirely see-through with how the villain grinned at him.
It was not a nice grin, so he turned away from it.
The room was small, clean, and looked like it was a flat of some sort. Everything was very open-plan, from the empty living room he was tied up in, an equally empty kitchen barely six feet away, a door somewhere to his left that might have been the way out, or may have been to the bedroom. He wondered, if he screamed, if anyone would hear him. Surely an apartment complex meant neighbours?
Whinan, in all her ghastly glory, stepped into his space with a very overwhelming presence that immediately stilled his breathing. Her first touch was gentle, a rough gloved hand sliding down his cheek, and then she grabbed his chin and squeezed hard enough that it drew a whimper from his throat. She hummed.
"You can scream, if you like. I don't think anyone would hear you. Nobody who can help you, anyway."
She said it so matter-of-fact, so pleasantly, and the panic turned to a gut reaction that made him tear his head up out of her hands.
She had him by the face again in a heartbeat, harder this time, bruising. She wasn't supposed to be strong. She had been wielding fire the last time she'd been broadcasted, a destructive battle that'd left an entire neighbourhood smouldering and uninhabitable when it'd ended. He remembered turning the tv off and praying that it was never him that had to see it first-hand.
"I'm sorry," he tried next, voice pitching, deciding to not even bother with the faux bravery. He was scared, there was no hiding it. He didn't want to die. He had done nothing wrong. "Please- please, I don't know anything, I don't know anything, don't hurt me."
"For a coward, you lie well," was the reply, still pleasant. "Drop the act and I won't have to hurt you, James Goode. Where is she?"
Hurt- James? Who the fuck was James? His name was Andrew. He didn't think he'd ever met someone named James in his life.
"That's- not me," he managed, squeaked when she pressed in closer, staring him down with those impossibly cold eyes. "I- my name isn't James, I don't know who James is. I swear. I swear."
"Oh? Then what is your name?"
His mouth snapped shut, shaking his head as much as he could with his face still held in her grip. No. Giving her his name was a death sentence, he knew that, everyone knew that. Whinan, after all, was the ultimate authority in 'what's in a name', and what was in a name for her was power. Oh god, it was so much power.
"James Goode," she said, stepped back, eyeing him where he could only stare at her wide-eyed. "Oh, James, you really aren't that bright, are you?"
"I'm not James!" he tried again, this time a plea, throwing as much desperation into it as he could. Her face wasn't amused anymore, it was back to looking annoyed. Something about the twitch of her lip, how empty those eyes were as they stared at him from behind her mask. "I can prove it- if I was James- can't you do something with a name? If I was James you'd be able to control me."
She sneered at that, and he realised a second too late to rectify his words that he'd done something to insult her.
"My powers don't work on weaker people," she snarled, hands balling into fists. "You're right- you don't know anything, and you're no use. Kill him."
She turned away then, stalking for the kitchen, and one of the literal-wall-of-muscle henchmen who'd been leaning against the wall until that moment pushed up and started towards him at her words.
The panic exploded as he was approached, swelling up into his chest, out his mouth in the beginnings of screams. He thrashed against the ropes, trying through the blinding fear to call up the burning in the pit of his stomach, willing it to explode from him, to make sure this man did not reach him with a knife in hand.
He succeeded somewhere in figuring out how to kick his legs out forward, trying desperately to hit him back, hold him away, though it was clumsy and untrained and all it did was make the man step back out of the way.
Andrew missed, and his foot hit the floor with the strength he'd been attempting to put into the kick, and the shockwave rolled out in an invisible ripple that sent the man flying back into the kitchen counter beside where the villain had paused, where the henchman crumpled like wet paper at the force of it.
Andrew drew in a sharp breath, freezing under her look as she spun back to face him. A hand went up and the two who'd jumped up to help their fellow co-worker stopped dead, leaving the room in silence asides from the harsh breathing Andrew didn't seem to be able to calm.
The man didn't look like he was breathing anymore. He looked quite dead, actually, something about the way his back was twisted against the wood that'd buckled behind him. Or maybe it was the definitely-not-blood that was beginning to dribble down the wall behind him. It looked black against the brown, moved slower than water. Andrew tried desperately to focus on that so he didn't have to look at Whinan and her sharp eyes.
"Well," she said into the silence, voice light, "I know for a fact that James certainly cannot do that. And I know there is no hero nor villain alive in this city who can do that either. So, mister not James, who exactly are you?"
Andrew shook his head jerkily, not any more willing to answer that than last time. He'd wanted it to happen- he'd wanted the power to explode, even though he hadn't known how to force it out, but he hadn't considered the fact that it'd reveal his ability to the villain and without a doubt force her attention onto him in ways he did not want it.
She was in front of him before he registered her moving, her touch gentler this time when she caught his face, moving it so he was forced to look up at her. He squeezed his eyes closed tight and to his surprise, she didn't force him to open them.
"You know, hiding your ability from them is a death sentence," she said very softly, and he swallowed.
"I'm not cut out to be a hero," he said, voice rough, small. It was true- the power hadn't erupted until well into his teenage years when he'd already made peace with the fact he wasn't powerful despite the fact his father had been. His brother had been like his father. They'd both died for it, both drafted into the hero academy against their will, because if you had powers, you didn't have a normal life. You worked for the heroes or you deflected and became a villain.
Andrew hadn't wanted that, so even when he'd come to realise that there was something powerful dwelling inside of him, he hadn't told anyone. Leaving the power dormant and untrained meant it didn't manifest often, and certainly not at will. It was safer to pretend it didn't exist than try and train it himself.
Whinan hummed again. She did that a lot, Andrew thought, focusing on that little bit of her personality in an attempt to ignore the feeling of her gloves on his face.
"So you won't give me your name," she said, letting him shake his head a third time in her loose grip. "Then you'd like a name, perhaps, would you? Would that make you feel better? To be named?"
Not remotely. Not even in the slightest. He didn't want her to have his name and he certainly didn't want her to give him a name, because what did that even do? The same thing? Did it mean she'd have control of him anyway? God, he did not want her to have what he had. She'd tear the city apart.
Her hands disappeared and he heard her muted footsteps move, and then abruptly the ropes holding his wrists tight went slack, and he jerked his hands up to his front where he curled them into his chest protectively.
When he opened his eyes she was in front of him again, eyes gleaming.
"Lucky Egg," she said, voice light. "You are a very Lucky Egg. Consider this a headstart. Get out."
He blinked, needing a second to register that and-
A headstart.
He jumped to his feet and bolted, through the door that lead to a stairwell, down those stairs, skipping three at a time, four at a time, desperate to her down. The front doors weren't locked and he burst into the derelict parking lot, heart pounding, spinning wildly to figure out which direction to go, where was safe. Footsteps behind him and he ran without considering it further.
When he finally stopped, lungs burning, legs shaking like he'd collapse if he didn't stop soon, it was at least somewhere he recognised. The sky that'd been blue last he'd seen it was beginning to turn scarlet. He felt like he was going to throw up.
A headstart.
She'd let him go.
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watch-the-magpies · 3 months ago
Prompt 30
Warm hands covered Hero's eyes from behind. They laugh slightly as they drop their keys into their little dish.
"Cute, darling," Hero laughs.
"Darling's a new one," Villain smirked, as a cold stab of cut through Hero. Their breath catching in their throat. "I think I prefer it to your usual insults."
"Say it again."
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writtentodeath · 3 months ago
“It’s not safe for you here, you know,” said a voice behind Civilian. 
They turned, almost tripping over themselves in their haste. 
Villain stood behind them, illuminated by the moon, their coat flapping in the slight breeze, and Civilian half-expected the clear sky to flash lightning behind them, just for the effect. 
“Are you lost?” it came out mocking, and Civilian shivered. They never should have agreed to that damn favor. 
“I’m here to give you a message,” they said. “Hero sent me.”
The smile dropped off Villain’s face. “Hero sent you here, alone, into the heart of my territory?” they laughed, incredulous. “They must really hate you.”
“N-no, it was a favor.”
 Villain snorted. “Some favor. But it doesn’t matter- what’s the message?”
Civilian reached into their pocket, pulling out a sealed envelope. 
“Dramatic as ever,” Villain sighed, taking the envelope. They stared at it for a moment. 
Their eyes flicked back to Civilian, dangerously out of their depth. “You walked here, didn’t you.”
Civilian gave a small nod. “I’m just gonna go home,” they said. “If that’s everything- it’s all Hero asked me to do- I’m- I’m going home now.” 
Villain tucked the envelope into their coat pocket, taking a nonchalant step forward. “It’s rather late to walk home alone through the East Bend. Did you know that? Did Hero?”
“Hero saved my life,” Civilian said. “It was the least I could do.”
Villain gave a wry grin. “Yeah, but saving people is kind of in their job description. You don’t owe them for that.”
Civilian opened their mouth to disagree, but thought better of it. “I’ll get out of your way now,” they said, trying to step past Villain. 
“Not so fast,” Villain said, blocking Civilian’s way with their arm. “Let me walk you back.”
Civilian laughed quickly and nervously, taking a step back from Villain. “No thanks.”
They raised an eyebrow, and took a step forward, forcing Civilian back. “You seem familiar.”
Civilian blanched. “I work at a coffee shop, maybe you’ve come in.”
“No, I don’t think that’s it,” Villain said. They took another step forward, trying to get a closer look at Civilian’s face. “Have I ever tried to kill you before?”
When Civilian didn’t answer, a slow grin spread across Villain’s face. “And Hero saved you from me? Well, isn’t it just perfect that they sent you right back here.” 
They took a step away from Villain, not seeming to care that they were going in the wrong direction. “I don’t want any trouble. I had to pay off a debt, that’s all. I’m not with Hero.”
“Certainly not,” Villain agreed. “If you were, I doubt they would have sent you here.” 
Civilian frowned, eyebrows quivering slightly. “Are you-” they stopped. “Please let me go.” 
Villain reached out, very lightly taking Civilian’s chin and tilting it up to the moonlight. “Of course,” they said smoothly. “But I’m going to walk you out of this part of the city. Can you make it on your own from there?”
Civilian’s shoulders visibly relaxed, and they nodded. “Thanks,” they muttered. 
“Anytime. Let’s get you home now,” Villain said, taking them by the arm and walking down the sidewalk. 
Later, they pulled Hero’s envelope out of their pocket. 
Hello, Villain. 
Hopefully this has gotten to you unharmed. I thought it best to cement our new arrangement with a peace offering- I know how you are about loose ends. Their name is Alexi, by the way. Cute, right? 
If they’ve made it without getting hurt, good. If they haven’t, then you can nurse them back to health. That ought to be fun. Regardless, you’re welcome. 
 Villain grinned.
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watercolorfreckles · 12 days ago
The Villain's Reporter - Part 2
Continuation requested by @creweemmaeec11 and @deckofaces. Thanks to Crewe for helping me brainstorm.
This one is quite a bit longer than most of my stories, I hope you all don't mind. 🥺
Part 1 Here
I'm gonna name these characters. Civilian: Alexia/Lexa. Villain's Civ name: Kieran. Villain's SV name: Shade. These may or may not all come into play yet, but just so you know for now or for later lol
Tumblr media
When Lexa awoke the next morning, her first thoughts were of Shade.
When he'd offered to be interviewed, she was almost positive that he was just making a joke of her. Surely he meant to mock her insolence for believing a supervillain would give her the time of day.
If he had such intentions, would he really have been so...considerate? He scolded her for being unsafe. He walked her home and reminded her to lock her door against the dangers of a cruel city that never sleeps.
Maybe it was just his way of clicking the trap into place. Waiting for her to let her guard down, to watch her eyes spark with hope only to crush it under his boot. The wariness, the anticipation of it all prickled beneath her skin.
A faint tapping sound startled her out of her thoughts.
She slid off of the bed and made her way to the living room toward the source of the sound.
There, on her balcony, stood Shade. Armed with an alluring smile and...two coffee cups. His signature shadows swirled around him in a flowing canopy like an extension of his soul.
For a moment, Lexa could only stare.
"Your coffee's getting cold." Shade's voice was muffled by the glass door between them. He waved it in one hand for effect. "Are you going to let me inside?"
Lexa hesitated. She reached forward to unlock the sliding door and tugged it open enough for him to enter. She fled a step back as he stepped inside. A plume of darkness swept in after him before dissipating.
Shade's eyes gleamed in slight amusement, but he extended one coffee cup out to her. "You're not afraid, are you? And here I was, kind enough to bring you a coffee. Do you suppose I should be offended?"
Lexa chewed on her bottom lip, looking at the tempting warm beverage. "You didn't...poison it?"
That prompted a breathy laugh from his lips. The sound of it was quite beautiful, actually...
"Dearest," he said with a fond smile, "How would poisoning a low-profile reporter in her own home benefit me?"
Fair enough.
She gingerly took the cup from his hand. As their fingers brushed, it sent a spike of heat down her arm. "Thank you," she said softly, taking a sip.
It was perfect. A delicate balance of her favorite flavors with just enough sweetness. Exactly the way she liked it. Her gaze flicked to the supervillain.
Shade sipped his own coffee, feigning innocence, though his eyes still sparked with mischief.
He gave her a once over. "I do have to say. Your taste in sleepwear is simply impeccable. You look absolutely adorable."
Lexa's gaze darted down to her too-large shirt with a writing-pun across it, paired with plush, pink hello-kitty pants. Her body went alight with embarrassment.
She floundered, setting her cup on the coffee table.
"Oh my gods. I'll um, I'll be right back."
She retreated to her room before poking her head back out. "And don't....don't do anything nefarious out there. I still have hope to get my security deposit back." She waggled her finger in his direction.
Shade flashed her a look of mock hurt. "Who, me?"
Lexa gave him a scowl and shut her bedroom door firmly, pressing her hands against her burning cheeks. There was a supervillain in her living room, and she was wearing fuzzy pajamas.
She tugged the clothes off and replaced them with a more sensible outfit and quickly fixed her hair.
When Lexa came back out, she found Shade lounging on her sofa. Somehow even when draped so casually, his demeanor dripped with a monarchic sense of authority.
Awkwardly, Lexa played with her hands. "When you talked about meeting somewhere, I didn't think you meant my house."
He waved his hand in a dismissive flourish, and a few stray wisps of smoke rose from his fingers. "Yes, well, we forgot to discuss a place and you hardly have my phone number. Have a seat."
Lexa sat on the opposite end of the couch, retrieving her notepad and audio recorder from the table.
A tendril of the villain's black fog reached to wrap around Lexa's coffee cup, extending it out to her.
That same billow of power she'd seen choke and smother and kill on tv.
She took the cup of coffee, taking another sip, hoping it would disguise the subtle shake of her hands.
The shadows snuffed out of existence again.
Taking a steadying breath, Lexa set the coffee back down after a final sip and turned the recorder on. She stated the date, time, and location before asking her first question.
"So, Shade. Your power over shadows is your signature weapon and many would say, your defining tribute. Were you born with these powers or did you acquire them somehow?"
"The specifics are confidential, my love, but long story short--I've technically had these powers all my life. I just didn't know that they were being...suppressed."
Lexa leaned forward slightly with interest, already imagining the story slotting into place. "When you say suppressed. Do you mean they were suppressed internally, by say, your own ignorance toward them? Or do you mean that suppression was inflicted on you by an outside force or person?"
Shade tilted his head slightly, watching her as intently as she was him. His laser-sharp attention prickled at her senses.
"The latter," he answered.
Lexa scrawled a note in her notebook.
"Are you willing to comment on who?"
His gaze sharpened. "I am not."
She nodded, easing up on the topic. "And like most supervillains, your identity is concealed by a mask. For the purpose of this question: if we were able to put aside the legal consequences of your actions, would you still wear it?"
Shade raised an eyebrow, his head tilting the other way. "I'm not sure what you mean."
Lexa wet her lips, considering her words. She looked down at her notebook so that her brain could work, away from his piercing stare.
"Aside from the fact that having a secret identity keeps you safe from the authorities, if they weren't a factor, would you still wear it? Do you think that having your face hidden allows you to do things you wouldn't otherwise? That is... Do you separate yourself from your villain persona, or would you be and act exactly as you are either way?"
She glanced back up and froze at the look on his face. Not angry exactly, but something defined and pointed. "I haven't really thought about it."
"In a world where revealing your identity wouldn't mean you'd be arrested, would you do it?"
Shade looked out her window at the balcony and something beyond it. "I have my reasons for doing what I do. It's not always pretty. I wouldn't change it, but I also wouldn't want the people I care about to see me differently. They wouldn't understand."
There was a familiarity to the profile of his face, even with a large portion of it concealed by his mask of shadows. She felt she could trace the contours of it and replicate it on paper with her eyes closed.
The way he smiled, the way he moved... His mannerisms twitched in the back of her memory, but she couldn't place it. It ached, like an itch she couldn't reach. Lexa swallowed.
"Do I know you?"
Shade turned toward her again, sitting up straighter. "I am sitting in your living room, love," he purred.
"How did you know where I lived yesterday?" She studied his face--what she could see of it anyway. "I didn't tell you where to go."
He raised a brow as if insulted. "It's part of the job description to know things people don't expect me to."
"But why me?" Lexa set the notebook aside and sat back down a little closer to him. "You said yourself I'm a low-profile reporter, why would you know where I live?"
He flashed a grin, beautiful and a little dangerous. There was a warning there. "Classified, dearest."
"Do you know me, as a civilian?" she repeated.
"Are these really the questions you want to ask me when I'm being so generous to answer any at all?"
"Who are you?" Lexa reached toward his mask and flinched as Shade snatched her wrist, giving it a too-tight squeeze.
She stopped, her breath catching.
Their gazes locked as he leaned in closer. Shadows plunged the room around them into darkness. It was a living, moving thing, like an entity of its own. She could sense the hunger in it.
"Be careful," he enunciated sharply, "how you behave, Alexia Carter. I am not some tame thing for you to do with what you please."
They stared face-to-face in silence for a few seconds.
"You came anyway," she whispered. "You've been gentle. It leads me to believe that you care. Would...would that be an accurate statement?"
Shade let go of her, searching her face as if she were an unsolvable puzzle. His gaze flicked briefly to her lips. "You ask interesting questions," he murmured.
"That just means I'm doing my job right," she said, her voice quiet.
A smile swept over his features just for a moment as he stood up. "Write your article, Lexa."
Lexa... Most people assumed her nickname was Alex, or Lexi. Only people who knew her called her Lexa.
The shadows parted for him like a curtain being drawn back.
Lexa's voice grew hoarse. "Will you ever come back?"
He opened the glass door and stepped outside. He grinned again, and behind the hard shell of it, it carried the same fondness he'd held for her earlier.
"That's classified."
He disappeared into the shadows.
Lexa stopped trying to hide the trembling in her limbs.
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Thank you again for everyone's support! Every nice comment and reblog makes me SO happy and warm inside. I appreciate you all being so kind so very much <3
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ghostly-prompts · 2 months ago
Prompt #91
Civilian is a very casual individual and enjoys open relationships. Their partners are aware of this and completely fine with it as their respective busy jobs keep them away often. Neither of Civilian’s current relationships have met, though they’re aware the other exists.
Civilian has a problem.
They are currently dating both Villain and Hero—without either knowing the other’s identity. It’s a little tricky sometimes, but so far it has worked.
Civilian has a big problem.
They’ve been kidnapped by Supervillain, and both their partners are attempting rescue missions.
Inspired by @please-i-am-just-a-turtle
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yourheartonfire · 6 months ago
"Well, this is going to be fun," the villain drawled, stretching out in the hard hospital chair comfortably. As if they were the one holding the gun, not the civilian.
"Shut up!" the civilian cried, pointing the gun at the villain with shaking hands in blue and gold gloves. "I'm not the real [hero]!"
"I did figure that out, yes," said the villain, bone dry.
The civilian couldn't stop explaining. "I just wear the costume for parties, bar mitzvahs -"
"In a hospital?"
"I was visiting sick kids!" the civilian half screamed. They caught themselves, lowered their voice. They'd ordered the villain's henchmen away in the initial chaotic panic, frightened them off, but they couldn't be far and any second they would realize it wasn't the real hero who'd grabbed a gun away from one of them, that the real hero didn't use guns. The civilian fought the urge to break into hysterical laughter. They had the city's worst villain at gunpoint and there was no way they were going to survive this. "Why are you here?" the civilian wailed. "What kind of evil are you doing in a kids hospital?!"
The villain shrugged. "Harvesting the tears of the innocent," they said, reached into a pocket. The civilian raised the gun again, but all the villain pulled out was a little flat box of cigarettes. "Tastes great in my whiskey sours." They tucked a cigarette between their lips, smiled. "Aren't you going to threaten me again?"
The civilian sniffed, shoved the knock-off mask further back to wipe their nose. "Well, you're clearly going to kill yourself with those things."
"Ha!" the villain said. "You're very good at this. You really nail the self-righteousness."
And then the window shattered in a flash of blue and gold and the villain pounced. The civilian gasped and flailed - and the next thing they knew they were in the villain's grip, the gun pressed to their own skull, and the hero, the real hero, crouched in front of them both.
"What the hell is this, [Villain]?" growled the hero, respendent in the noon light.
The villain arched a brow, gestured to the civilian in their knock-off hero costume. "What part of this looks like my fault? I warned you, [Hero], you were going to start giving people nasty ideas about heroism." The cold metal of the gun barrel stroked around the shell of the civilian's ear. The civilian bit back a whimper. "So brave, so selfless," the villain murmured. "And for a whole 5 minutes they caught me! That's better than you! How embarrassing!"
Even through their teary eyes and fear, the civilian saw the hero's jaw tighten, saw them wipe the emotion away. "5 minutes, huh?" the hero said with their trademark twinkle. "Just a civilian in my colors was enough to take you? And you with all your anti-magic charms and bodyguards and training - "
"Yes, well, as they say," the villain said sharply, "The best swordsman in the world does not fear the second best. He fears the amateur."
The two archrivals glared at each other so fiercely that the civilian felt they might combust on the spot, caught in the middle as they were.
But it was the villain who gave first. "You realize there's only one satisfactory way out of this," they said, pulling civilian closer. "One way that lets us save face, lets your little mini me here... what was it you wanted again sweetheart?"
"Not to die?" the civilian gasped.
"Yes, that!" The villain smiled at hero.
The hero cocked their head, surprised. Some of the tension eased from their body. "You're willing to let them go?"
The villain shrugged. "No glory in stomping a kitten."
The hero's eyes narrowed. "Or admitting a kitten got the drop on you."
"Or revealing a kitten got closer to taking me out than you ever did!" the villain said cheerily.
"No!" the civilian shrieked, startling them both. "You can't let them go!" they cried to the hero, struggling against the villain's grip. "Don't worry about me, save the kids - hrk!"
The gun bashed across the back of civilian's head, and they dropped to their knees, stunned. In the long silence, they looked up to find hero staring from them to villain, their face taking on an odd gentleness.
"You didn't tell them who you're here for?" the hero asked softly.
"Shut uo!" the villain snarled. "Before I change my mind!"
The hero raised their hands, moved slowly to pick civilian up off the floor, back to their feet. Maybe it was the concussion or the panic, but civilian thought hero looked... proud?
"I promise, nothing bad will happen to anyone here. Including you," the hero said, voice as steady and as golden as it sounded on TV. "But for your safety, no one can ever know you were here. [Villain] is going to go tell his people it was me that grabbed him - for questioning?" they added as an afterthought to villain. The villain shrugged, sure. The hero gave them a dark look, before turning their warm smile back to the civilian. "And I'm going to get you out of here."
"But..." the civilian started, then cut off abruptly with a squeak as the hero swung them up effortlessly into those super-powered arms.
"Find a new side hustle, kid," the villain added, crossing to a desk to pick up a phone. For some reason they'd gone sour again, eyes drifting to the arms around the civilian's body. "Those colors don't become you."
The hero and villain exchanged another inscrutable look, heavy with inside meaning. And then the world blurred and the civilian was flying.
The hero dropped them off at home, lingered on the porch. "I can be reached here," they said, handing over a bland, unnamed business card. And was it the civilian's anxiety or the post trauma that made it feel like the hero's hand lingered? "If [Villain] contacts you, let me know."
The civilian clutched the card to their chest. "You think they'll break their word?"
"No," said the hero with another knowing look, and took to he sky.
The civilian didn't understand until the villain turned up a month later with flowers and a better costume in a box under their arm. "Turns out the kids at the hospital miss you," they said with a feral grin. "Can't let down the sick kids, can we?"
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nixylubouv · 27 days ago
💫Writing Prompt #35
“What the hell?”
“That’s not the person you were supposed to kidnap?”
“Oops. Are you sure?”
“Yes I’m sure!”
“Huh. My bad. They look pretty similar so I thought-“
“You thought? You thought?! Did you really?!”
“I mean they’re kinda cute so I might just keep them-“
“Ohmygod get out! Just go! Shoo! Leave!”
“Okay, okay. Leaving.”
“And put them back!”
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save-the-villainous-cat · a month ago
hi, i love your writing and would love to read a story about a civilian and a villain in a relationship and the civilian being terrified after discovering their partner’s identity, thinking that villain is going to kill them to keep their identity secret, they’re unaware that the villain is deeply in love with them and would never hurt them
The last pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly when the villain gave them the second hickey.
Though the civilian didn’t, they really didn’t want to, they pulled away. It didn’t change anything about how the villain looked at them. Their hands were just as quick to slip under the civilian’s shirt, their touch featherlight and loving.
“No, please stop.” The villain pulled away almost immediately, inspecting the civilian as if they were something fragile which could break just by looking at it.
“Are you not feeling well?”
“No, I don’t.” The civilian stood up from the couch, biting back the tears. This was worse than they had imagined.
They had found the first piece of evidence a week ago and ever since, home didn’t quite feel like home anymore. First, they had noticed how the villain would smell a little singed from time to time. Then, their periodical disappearing at night was more obvious to the civilian. At the end, the civilian had found the suit.
“Did I do something wrong, sunshine?” the villain asked, now getting up, too.
The civilian knew little about the heroes and villains of the city. Why should they engage in such stupidity? Why should they praise the people who caused them to pay for yet another insurance company in case their car got destroyed by the fighting?
Maybe if they had been interested in such things, they would’ve noticed right away.
“Did I hurt you somehow?” the villain asked. They seemed worried, distressed even. But the civilian knew, they knew so well that this could’ve been an act, too. Of course, the civilian understood why the villain hadn’t said anything about this. No one would casually mention they were able to kill someone in 78 different ways on the first date.
It was a shame, really, how the civilian hadn’t noticed sooner. This was the problem and this was terrifying. Obviously, it was possible that the villain had also lied about their past, their family — for all the civilian knew, everyone in connection to the villain could be a stranger who was forced to work for them.
“Did I hurt you, sunshine?” the villain repeated.
“Not yet.”
There was a pause.
And the civilian knew they had said enough for the villain to understand the implication.
The silence gave enough room to hear the civilian’s heart shatter into a million pieces. They had loved the villain unconditionally. But they couldn’t continue to do so when they had to expect to get stabbed and never wake up when they went to bed with them.
“You will have to kill me to protect yourself, right?” It was even worse to watch the villain’s shoulders slump.
“What? Sunshine, no. No, I would never do that. I could never,” the villain answered, taking a step forward, their arms stretched out as if to embrace the civilian. But they pulled back when the civilian flinched. Their face was crestfallen, making the civilian almost believe the villain meant it.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I would lie if I told you I had been searching for a way to tell you. I knew you would catch wind of it eventually, you are clever after all. But, sunshine, I swear I will never hurt you. And neither will I let anyone else ever harm you.”
The civilian sniffled, the closest to tears they had ever been in the whole relationship. Why was the villain’s voice breaking?
“Sunshine, please. I never lied about anything regarding my feelings for you. I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone.”
“I just thought you would have to get rid off me.” As always when the villain sensed perturbation in the civilian’s voice, they cupped their cheeks slowly. The civilian didn’t pull away this time.
“I will set the whole world on fire to save you, sunshine. I will always love you. And I will destroy everything to keep you safe, even myself.”
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Short Prompt #374
"I don't believe in soulmates." - the villain spat venomously, doing their damned best to ignore the painfully obvious glow coming from their wrist.
The civilian crossed their arms, stubbornly glaring as their soulmate mark gave off an identical light. "Well, you're about to."
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seaside-writings · 2 months ago
Prompt #295
“You are my brightest light,”
“And you are my darkest heart,”
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booberryfun · a month ago
Some Villain x Civilian prompts because Tumblr isn't giving me any ;-;
- - - - - - -
1. Hero and Villain both have a crush on Civilian and Civilian likes Villain. They genuinely like Villain for who they are, no love potion, no brainwash, no threat, no anything. Hero is insanely jealous and thinks that Villain must have done something to Civilian because according to them, "No one in their right mind would like Villain". So Hero tries to persuade Civilian, then things escalate to a kidnap attempt to bring Civilian back to their base and "cure them".
Civilian is freaking out and on the verge of breaking down, scared and confused. Villain comes just in time to see their lover being dragged/man-handled by Hero and a fight breaks out.
Bonus points if Villain is overprotective of Civilian and they are livid that Hero dared touch their lover, even worse, hurt them and made them cry.
2. Civilian is Hero's ex and Villain is their new lover. Hero accidentally finds out and they step out to confront the couple. Villain is about to taunt and mock Hero but Civilian speaks first and they just straight up throw a tantrum at Hero for why they've left.
"Call me selfish all you want but I deserved to be loved too. You're always saying that you're on missions, doing heroic work- I know it's important and all but it feels like you've been purposefully avoiding me."
"At least Villain makes time for me. At least they listen, they remember the little things, they appreciate my effort in changing to become a better person. Have you ever?"
"I don't care what they do, I don't care about the fighting thing between the two of you. All that matter is that they treat me nicely as a person, someone worth cherishing, not as a plaything you come to when you need to release stress after work and throw away when you're done having fun."
Civilian breaks down during the rant and Villain comes up to give them a pat on the head, a few kisses under the eye, on the cheeks... They turn to Hero and go "Don't you think you've hurt them enough that you have to find them and ruin them even more? What kind of Hero does that?"
3. We've seen injured Villain collapsing in front of Civilian's house. How about Villain rescuing and nursing a Civilian back to health? Even better when Civillain is injured as collateral damage of a fight caused by Villain sometime after being taken care of by Civilian and they recognize Civilian. Civilian also recognizes Villain. Civilian may or may not know that they are collateral damage, but either way, they end up having a soft spot for Villain for how kind and gentle they are while nursing them back to health.
Bonus point if when treating Civilian, Villain is dreaded in guilt and they try their best to make it up to Civilian. It can be buying flowers, cakes, leaving notes around the house, reading Civilian stories...
4. Civilian knows what Villain does and casually help them out from time to time. It can be pretty obvious like directly telling Villain "Your calculations are wrong here" or through subtle hints in their conversations.
Their daily conversations can be like "You're going to blow up that old building to trap the heroes in? Sure but try not to damage the bookshop 2 blocks away yeah? It's my favourite place in the city."
Or if Civilian and Villain's work are related:
"Made headlines again today. Ah such a handsome man. I can stare at this picture of myself forever." - "Well, don't you think you should thank the photographer for that?" - "Aww, of course, you're the best, darling."
- - - - - - -
Please feel free to add more I'm dying for civilian x villain stuff here 🥺🥺
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gingerly-writing · 3 months ago
Prompt #2900
Their secretary frowned at them. “Boss, are you...alright? You look more worn out every day. If there are any tasks I can take on for you, any home troubles you want to talk about...”
The villain tried for a smile. Judging by their secretary’s expression, it didn’t work. “No, thank you. It’s nothing serious, just [hero] going hammer and tongs with [villain] above my flat every single night. Makes it hard to get a good night’s rest.”
“You could always...come sleep over at my place?” They flushed. “Platonically! Platonically of course.”
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watch-the-magpies · 3 months ago
Prompt 29
"I'm pretty sure jail is the other way."
"I'm not taking you to jail."
"Feeling rebellious, are we?"
"Shut up and keep your head down."
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writtentodeath · 5 months ago
HI! I love your writing and your so talented! I wanted to ask if you could do a villain x civilian prompt? I’m a sucker for those. No worries if you can’t.
“Your secret’s out, Hero,” Villain said, crowding Civilian against the wall. It wasn’t particularly abnormal for them to push Civilian against the wall, but this one was less of a gentle, sociable, wall-pin, more of a rough-and-tumble threat than anything else. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice you rushing away just before Hero appeared every single time? And then after every fight, it’s like you didn’t even try to get away, just stayed and thought no one would see you.”
“...What?” Villain laughed. “Don’t play dumb, Hero. It’s too late for that. In fact, it’s too late for you to-” “I’m not Hero,” Civilian interrupted. “And I run away from fights because I don’t wanna die. Is that why you started hanging out with me? Because you thought I might be Hero?”
Villain stopped for a second, a slight look of confusion crossing their face. “I told you not to play dumb. It won’t work with me.” They loomed over Civilian, too close for comfort- not with that look of stubborn disbelief on their face, anyway.
Civilian rolled their eyes. “I’m not Hero. You want me to prove it? Drag me onto some rooftop and tell Hero you’re going to throw me off. Then boom! Hero saves me, and you know I’m not her.”
Villain relaxed their stance ever so slightly. “That might work.”
“Would you believe it? Say you’ll believe it.”
“Fine,” Villain said, snapping cuffs over Civilian’s hands. “I’ll believe it if it happens.”
-two hours later-
“Thanks, Hero, I’m really sure they’re gone now,” Civilian said. “Thank you so much, I didn’t know if anyone was going to come.”
Hero landed lightly on the roof, setting Civilian down on their feet. She swept into a theatrical bow, planting an easy kiss on Civilian’s hand. “I’ll always come if you call,” she said, straightening.
Civilian smiled, a light blush starting to creep up their neck. “Next time I’ll try not to get tossed off a building.”
“I do hope so,” Hero agreed, and with a wink, she was off.
Civilian exhaled.
“So unprofessional,” Villain said, walking out from their hiding place. “Flirting on the job? Really? Who does she even think she is? All she did was catch you! I’ll bet you she does that with everyone. God, she’s insufferable-”
“You really think she was flirting with me?” Civilian said with a giggle. Then laughed at the wounded look on Villain’s face. “Kidding.”
Villain still looked sullen, but they shrugged. “I guess that proves you’re not her.”
“I don’t even look like her.”
“You act the same! You always rush in to save people! How was I supposed to know-”
“Tell me,” Civilian interrupted, “Is that the only reason we ever became friends? Because you wanted to spy on Hero?”
Villain started shifting from foot to foot, studying the city lights. “I mean,” they started, “I didn’t really… I thought that at the beginning. But then you were actually so nice, I… I was kind of mad that I liked Hero so much.”
Civilian raised their eyebrows.
“But it turns out you’re not Hero! I can’t tell you how infuriating it is-” They cut off.
“How infuriating what is?”
Villain looked up at Civilian, finally. Their voice was quiet. “How infuriating it is to think you’re falling in love with your enemy.”
Civilian’s blush came back, full force. “Well? What now? I’m not Hero.”
“If it’s alright with you,” Villain said, “I’ll take us both back to your apartment.”
“Not even a kiss? Hero gave me one,” Civilian said, straightening out the collar of Villain’s costume.
“I was going to wait for a more romantic place than the freezing top of a building, but if you insist-”
Civilian kissed them. After a moment, they broke away and whispered, “okay, you can take us back to my place now.”
Villain was more than happy to oblige.
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watercolorfreckles · a month ago
Glass Haven Part 2
Part 1
Tumblr media
Civilian's thoughts stirred as she walked down the sidewalk toward her work. It was a dreary day. Rain smudged the world into grey, mottling the skyline into a blur of hazy watercolor.
As hard as she tried, she couldn't keep Villain out of her thoughts.
Roses were a bit cliche, as far as romantic gestures go. (This could hardly be called that, but what else was she supposed to call it?) Yet there was something truly thoughtful in the fact that they weren't severed from their bush only for them to shrivel and die. They were potted deep into fresh soil, roots unmarred with space to grow so that she could cultivate them herself.
Anyone who had given her flowers in the past had plucked them from the ground, or offered her up a supermarket bouquet of $8 roses with sliced stems and a life expectancy of 6 days or less. The fact that Villain of all people had considered that her love of plants extended to her love of nurturing them, left her dazed and a little dumb-struck.
He could have killed her.
It would have been no inconvenience to him to have let her fall. Instead, he fixed her greenhouse. He gifted her something that he knew she would appreciate. It only took a flick of his gaze to assess what would matter to her and act on it.
He saw more of her in a quick glance than most people had her entire life.
The splash of water brought her back to the present as her boot plunged into a particularly deep puddle. She grimaced, pausing as her sock squished inside her shoe.
She had to stop daydreaming about criminals. Well, this criminal in particular--goodness knows this certainly wasn't a regular occurrence!
The soft thud of footsteps behind her prompted her to turn her head. A large man in all dark colors trudged in her direction, his gaze fixed on her.
Unease swirled in her stomach, but she continued walking. Work was only a few blocks further, and how often did her paranoia that someone was following her turn out to be true?
Civilian glanced back again. The bulky man still walked with purpose toward her.
Okay, no need to panic... She turned down another street.
The rain pelted down in a buzz of white noise, muting the rest of the world into a murmur.
Civilian checked behind her once more. The man was still there, and even closer than before.
Cold dread turned her veins to ice.
A black SUV pulled up alongside her, the side doors sliding open to reveal two more men. This was certainly not good.
Civilian broke into a run, skating around corners and weaving through alleyways. Her heart jumped into her mouth at the thunder of footsteps that followed at her heels.
Twisting and turning, she continued on. Her breathing came harsh and ragged, her whole body alight with adrenaline. Rounding a final corner, Civilian skidded on the slick pavement, her feet slipping out from under her.
A yelp left her lips as delicate hands caught her waist, rescuing her skull from cracking against the pavement. Her gaze shot up, locking with a pair of eyes a cat-like green.
Villain smiled leisurely, and even in its casualness, it lit up his artful face. "Kitten. We've got to stop running into each other like this."
"Wha- But you-" Floundering, Civilian stared up at Villain's face as he gracefully pulled her onto her feet again.
His hands remained warm at her sides.
"What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost."
Civilian panted, out of breath and trembling. She looked behind them, but the men were nowhere to be seen. "Did you- Are you having me followed?"
Realizing that she should be incredulous and decidedly not blushing at his gentle touch against her waist, she tore away from him.
"Are you- Are you following me? Are you trying to have me kidnapped or something? I haven't done anything to threaten you, I thought you believed that I--"
"Kitten," Villain interrupted, his voice silken but commanding all at once.
Her mouth closed. He hooked a finger under her chin, giving it a gentle nudge.
"If I was having you followed," he continued, his gaze intent upon her, "you'd have no idea."
Civilian's mouth went dry. She should not have found that reassuring...
She shifted to survey their surroundings again, her movements twitchy and jerking. There was nothing but the ebbing rain that faded to a light drizzle.
She jumped, turning to face the villain again. There was a concerned crease between his eyebrows.
"Are you certain someone was following you?"
"Yes," she breathed. "I tried everything to get them off of my tail, and I couldn't lose them until- Until... I ran into you."
Villain flashed a dazzling smile. "Yes, well, you can imagine I have quite the reputation. Nobody would dare to threaten something that's mine."
Civilian's stomach did a flip.
"I wasn't aware I was yours," she said carefully, wary of how far she might be able to push before he might snap.
He was Villain, after all.
Villain leaned against the brick wall beside them, looking every bit the devilish criminal. Her cheeks went hot. Though it should have done the opposite, some of her panic melted away.
"I haven't claimed you as such, no, but people are keen on their assumptions. They saw me catch you. They think you belong to me."
He said it so simply like such a small misconception didn't determine whether she lived or was thrown into a van and tortured or murdered.
Civilian swallowed past the sandpaper feeling in her throat. "Do you know who they were?"
Villain studied her face.
"Likely some of (Other Villain)'s goons. They may have heard about what happened with Todd and assumed you were involved somehow."
Civilian's breathing hitched. Her vision swam. "They-They know where I live, then?" Her breath quickened. "But I have nothing to do with this, this is your mess, can't you-can't you do something?"
She looked up at him, freezing. How could she so easily forget who she was talking to? She was lucky she wasn't still dangling from the rooftop. Asking a favor of him was a foolishly brazen move.
Civilian diverted her gaze again. "I-I didn't mean..."
"Don't worry, kitten," he purred, reaching out to tuck a damp strand of hair behind her ear while he leaned in closer. His tone dropped, and it plunged ice through her insides. "I'll make it clear they are not to touch you again."
Villain smiled once more, his demeanor diffusing into something softer. "So, tell me, kitten." He straightened again, and she dragged her gaze up to meet his. He looked beautiful and impish and- was there a slight pink to his cheeks? "Did you like the roses?"
Tumblr media
@creweemmaeec11 made the banner for me eeee it's so pretty!
I've been posting more lately! I'm not in love with this one either, though, so I hope my quality isn't declining for it. You be the judge lol
General Taglist: @writing-on-the-wahl , @valiantlytransparentwhispers , @distance-does-not-matter , @redbircl , @lilaccatholic , @crazytwentythrees , @thelazywitchphotographer , @deadlygemuwu , @chibicelloking , @lolafaiy , @thinkwrite5 , @putridghost , @tobeornottobeateacher , @sunflower1000 , @bouncyartist , @thanatoastie , @feyriddle , @yet-another-heathen , @silverwhisperer1 , @distractedlydistracted , @pensivespacepirate , @appleejuice , @deflated-bouncingball @maybe-a-cat42
Let me know if you want to be added or removed! :)
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shywhumpauthor · a month ago
IK YOU JUST POSTED IT BUT CAN YOU DO A PART 3  of civillaim and her ex lover?
Tumblr media
Part two here
Cw: kidnapping, noncon touching, manhandling, blindfolds
“Civilian, calm down,” Villain tightened their grip on their ex-lover, pulling them a bit closer to their chest as Civilian sobbed and squirmed.
“Please Lo- Villain, I want to g-go home,” Civilian hiccuped, fighting against Villain, trying to get one of their arms free. If they could just see-
“Calm down,” Villain murmured once again, pausing in their tracks to adjust their hold on Civilian, pinning their arms to their chest with their own, their other arm tightly wrapped around Civilian’s knees to keep them from kicking.
“Villain, please,” Civilian sobbed, the damp blindfold tightly wrapped around their eyes preventing them from seeing anything as Villain carried them through the halls of their base. “Let- let me go, please!”
“Hush, sweetheart,” Villain murmured, as they stopped walking outside a plain metal door that looked like any other. They punched a code into the keypad, and the door slid open with a hiss, revealing a rather normal looking living room. It was on the plain side, but with a gas fire burning in an open fireplace, it had a homey feel.
The door slid shut behind Villain, locking shut with a click. Civilian whimpered, their head twisting wildly as they tried to dislodge the blindfold.
“Where are you taking me?” Their voice shook, but their struggles were beginning to die down as Villain carried them through the little apartment of theirs, to the guest bedroom, which they unlocked in a similar manner, the airlock breaking as the door opened.
“Somewhere safe,” Villain glanced around the dull, plain room. A bed, a dresser, and a desk were the only furnishing, the walls a plain eggshell, and the linens a light blue. This would work perfectly.
“I- I was safe, Villain, please,” Civilian gasped as Villain gently set them down on the bed, the second the hands were no longer restraining them, their hands darting up to the blindfold.
Villain caught their wrists once more, quickly pulling their hands away as Civilian began to slide off the cloth.
“I can’t let you do that,” Villain’s tone was apologetic, as they transferred both of Civilian’s wrists to one hand, holding them in place as they readjusted the blindfold over Civilian’s eyes.
“Why?” Civilian’s voice cracked, and Villain’s heart seemed to do the same at the sheer confusion and hurt in their voice.
“I can’t let you see me.” Villain bit their lip, gently lowering themself onto the edge of the bed, their long gloved fingers still wrapped around Civilian’s slim wrists.
“Villain, I already kn-ow who you are,” Civilian faltered, their shoulders trembling with withheld sobs. “You- you’re Lover,”
“I know,” Sweetheart,” Villain’s heart twisted as Civilian shuddered.
“Don’t call me that,” They snapped, and Villain’s fingers twitched, but they didn’t say anything else.
“Please, Villain, I have a h-home,” Civilian tried to wrench their wrists out of Villain’s hands, only succeeding in making them tighten their grip. “I have a family! They- they’ll know I’m gone!”
“I’ll deal with your family-“
“No!” Civilian cried, twisting frantically. Villain’s lips pressed together, and they quickly pulled Civilian against their chest, wrapping their arms around them so they couldn’t hit Villain.
“I’m not going to hurt them, dear,” Villain muttered into Civilian’s hair, taking a long breath of their strawberry shampoo, relaxing as they breathed the familiar scent. It smelled like home. Villain had tried for so long to find the shampoo Civilian had used, but they never were able to find the right one. “I’m not going to hurt you. I promise.”
Civilian sobbed, kicking in one last weak attempt to escape Villain’s grasp.
“Please,” They cried, their heart pounding so hard Villain could feel it against their own chest. “I- I can’t, please!”
“It’s okay, Civilian,” Villain muttered, burying their nose in Civilian’s sleek hair. “Everything is okay.”
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villainsandcivilians · 7 days ago
hey! would you like to continue the last story about the villain’s civilian lover? i really liked it
Absolutely, and thank you! 
**Warnings; angst. An awful lot of angst.
Just a reminder that this is not a prompt and requests are open!
Part 1
Villain tilted their head back and allowed their eyes to close for a brief moment.
“God, I wish you hadn’t seen that,” they muttered, eyes peeling open as Civilian replied to their spoken thought.
“So you could carry on lying to me? Yeah, I can definitely see why you’d want to keep that away from me-”
“I was trying to protect you!” It was only when Villain took in the proximity of Civilian’s blown pupils, the terror racing in their pulse, that they realised they had slammed a flat palm down on their desk, shoved their face into Civilian’s. They calmed their own breathing. Straightened and took a step back. “I’m sorry,” Villain tried again, slowly shaking their head, “I’m sorry.” Civilian’s hands were shaking. God, how Villain wanted to curl a hand around the back of their head and pull them into their chest like they always did to provide comfort. Civilian would melt against them, eyes closed, body pliant and trusting. Villain wondered if Civilian would ever let them hold them in the same way again. Villain doubted it would make any difference now, but they would at least try to make Civilian understand before they left for good. “The man you saw me with…”
“The one you killed.” They sounded so frightened, despite how they tried to control their voice to cover it. Why did they have to sound so frightened?
“I didn’t kill him.” Civilian paused. “He’ll recover, he just won’t make the same mistake twice.”
“And what mistake was that? Trying to make you feel inferior?”
“Trying to look into my private life for leverage. The leverage he would have found, had I spent less on security, would have been you.” Villain’s sharp gaze fell on Civilian once more. “I was trying to protect you.” For a moment, Civilian looked torn. For a moment, Villain felt a flare spit up from a ruthless ember of hope.
“Then why bring me into it at all?” There was that catch in their chest again. Why did Villain always have to have a reason for everything?
“Is falling in love not a good enough reason to want to spend time with you anymore?” They managed to keep most of the bitterness from their tone. Civilian, for all their fear, looked… done. Defeated, in a way. Villain’s life was crumbling away in their hands and no matter how they tried, they couldn’t hold on to the fragments.
“You loved me as a false version of yourself. The Villain I know works at a cutting edge medical research lab, has to leave at odd hours when there’s a new discovery or when something urgently needs doing and you’re the only one available to help. The you I know wears some stupid kiss the cook apron, not steel capped boots and reinforced protective gear. You don’t beat people half to death, you don’t kill. Certainly not in the name of protecting me. But the you I know wasn’t real, were they? None of it was. So you know what, keep me here as long as you like. Lock me away with the rest of your experiments and keep your precious identity under wraps. I don’t care.”
“I’m not keeping you here,” Villain bit out, jaw tensing. “Why is it so difficult for you to believe that I fell in love?” They snarled their last words, stalking behind Civilian’s chair and slashing through their ropes with one of several knives they kept on their person at all times. “Go, since you don’t look like you’d trust me to walk to the elevator with you. Henchman is waiting on the landing, they’ll get you home safely.” Don’t go- don’t go. Please don’t go. Don’t leave me. Wordless, Civilian skittered away from the chair and Villain’s angular form beside it. They walked backwards all the way with Villain watching every step, gaze unbroken. I love you. Civilian reached behind them for the handle, swinging the door open and running as soon as their feet touched the hall floor. They left the door to slam in their wake. Villain waited until the door at the other end of the hall slammed too. “I love you.”
Still staring unmoving at the door, Villain felt pressure building behind their eyes, the heat beginning to pool along the edges of their lashes. The first tear fell silent, carving a sleek pathway down Villain’s jacket. Their posture remained stoic as the second and third ran over their cheeks. By the fourth, Villain’s eyes were starting to close. Slowly, almost like they were trying to prevent the inevitable, their head lowered, their eyes squeezing shut and their lips pulling back until their teeth were bared in the agony of their silent, racking sobs. Tremors passed through their shoulders and the lack of air was making their chest burn. Villain’s crying was uninhibited now and they raised a hand to their face to wipe roughly at their eyes, even as more tears welled up to replace the ones they had just removed. Villain didn’t remember wrapping their other arm around their torso in some false semblance of comfort, nor did they remember when exactly their knees had given out to leave them bent double on the floor, chest heaving so badly they thought they might actually be sick.
Villain didn’t know how long they stayed like that, though it was long enough for the coffee on their desk to be stone cold when they tried to take a sip. Somehow it tasted even more bitter when icy, but Villain couldn’t bring themselves to care. They weren’t going to get another cup. They spent another half hour trying to order their thoughts, some dull form of relief pushing against their chest when Henchman dropped them a message to say Civilian was home safe. They didn’t reply. They fell asleep at some point, uneasy, broken dreams filled with twisted forms of Civilian telling them they were all they feared – weak, indecisive. Alone.
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