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#villain x hero
amethystpath-writes · an hour ago
Prompt #156
"You look stressed."
"Of course, I'm stressed, Villain. I always am- because you're always going out and destroying-" Hero stilled. "What?"
"What are you questioning?"
"You're looking at me."
Villain shrugged. "Because you're speaking. It’s a sign of respect to look at the speaker."
"No," Hero fumed. "You're looking at me like I'm cute."
“Is that a crime?”
“For once, no. But...but when I’m mad then yes. I’m not supposed to be cute when I’m angry. I’m supposed to be- stop smiling!”
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a snippet | kiss me | hero x villain
“Kiss me,” the villain said. And so the hero did, tasting of coffee and cinnamon as they slipped a hand beneath the villain’s jaw and pulled them a little bit closer before drawing away, moonlight painting the hero’s skin milky-white as they sat in the window alcove, the silence of the secretive midnight rendezvous not deafening but comfortable.
“No,” they breathed, “kiss me like you’re scared to lose me.” 
“You act like I’m not,” the hero replied, their breath visible in the cold night air, exhaling next to the villain’s ear. “Because I’m so afraid to lose you that it takes my breath away.” 
In the end, it wasn’t the kiss that followed that swallowed the villain. No, it was the hero’s words that devoured them whole.
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heroxvillain where Villain has to help a wounded Hero?
It starts with a gun wound.
Hero sits at Villain’s front door, one leg bent, an arm wrapped around her stomach. When she sees him coming, she lolls her head to the side, looks up at him through her clock-spring lashes. The porch lights kiss her features. Her skin glistens like crushed diamonds. Her eyes shine brighter.
Villain’s throat goes dry.
“What-“ he shuffles, doesn’t know whether to come further or back; he’s holding groceries, hair tied back, in sweats with a hole in the hem and he’s not ready for something like this, not ready to see her- “What are you doing here?”
Hero lets out a shuddering breath. She lets down her leg, removes her arm. Red blooms beneath her uniform like the burst skin of a cherry.
Villain’s breath stutters in his chest. Hero’s smile is tight against her sweaty face.
“How’s that for an answer?” she mumbles, before her eyes roll back and she passes out.
A villain with the ability to heal. Sounds like a paradox. Like the setup to a shitty joke, a punchline that’ll stick to your teeth.
Oil and vinegar. Break and mend.
It shouldn’t work. Shouldn’t mix. There’s bad and there’s good, a clear line in between.
Villain holds Hero close, presses his fingers to her wound and heals.
It’s vertigo, seeing Hero sleep in his bed. Strangeness beneath the well-worn clothes of familiarity. His enemy, in his home. Her enemy, letting her stay.
Hero shifts, tiny pops of awareness. There’s a moment where she goes absolutely still, assessing, categorizing, waking up in a way only a soldier can. Her eyes find Villain and hold on tight.
He had to cut her shirt, to dress her wound. He might have the powers to heal but her wound was severe, the bleeding endless and he could only do so much.
When she gingerly sits up in his bed, the blanket slides off her body. There’s bandages wrapped against her stomach. She still has her sports bra on. She makes no effort to cover herself.
And she shouldn’t, not really. She’s not showing anymore than she would at the gym. Villain’s heart presses against his ribs.
She fingers at her wrap and his eyes catch on her hands, scarred and calloused and strong. He’s seen her crush cars with those hands, hold a detonating bomb between them like a lover. She rolls her shoulder and her muscles flex, whipcord strength held beneath ironclad control.
Like a tiger in a zoo, crouched low and stalking. Eyes keen and glinting even behind the thick plane of glass.
Villain swallows. The distance between them is too close, too far. Warmth crawls down his spine and settles in his stomach.
Her hair falls to the side and reveals the long line of her throat, the seashell curve of her earlobe and Villain turns his eyes away, fingers trembling.
“Why did you come here?” he asks, tired, no playing games.
Hero looks in Villain’s eyes. Her features are pale and drawn tight.
“I don’t know,” she mutters and it’s the truth, “I-“
She looks to the side. When she raises her gaze back, Villain’s stomach twists, his heart drums against his throat. Her eyes are molten, dark and deep and Villain drowns in it, sinking, choking, lungs swollen with the presence of it.
“You were the first person I thought to go to,” she whispers, saying too much and too little and Villain shudders from head to toe.
How is he supposed to interpret that-
“You need to go,” he says, swallowing down the staystaystay that coats the back of his tongue and throat.
“Okay,” she says simply, but the way she doesn’t move speaks volumes.
Villain makes a frustrated noise in his throat.
“Did you not hear me?” he says.
“I did,” she replies.
Villain moves to her, ready to rip her out of his bed, out of his home, out of his head, but Hero just grabs the front of his shirt like her hand was made for it, fingers catching in the grooves of his collarbone. She yanks him forward and their chests bump, his hands bracketing the side of her body and Villain can’t breathe, he can’t.
“Do you really want me to go?” she says and her tone is low, simmering, settling deep in Villain’s bones like honeyed tea.
Her eyes are bright and fiery, lightning in a bottle.
“Yes,” Villain says and he doesn’t even believe himself.
Hero runs her nose up against Villain’s. Her breath is warm against his lips.
“Try again,” she says.
He’s a drop of blood in a ocean. She finds him despite the length, the depth, the vastness in between.
She sees through him and inside him like crinkled cellophane, everything about him caught in the planes of her teeth.
“Stay,” Villain growls and he’s pushing her into the mattress, chasing the taste of her with his lips.
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esperosisdoeswriting · 6 hours ago
Could you write a continuation of Prompt #162?
Sure, can!
Continuation of Prompt #162  Original
Something was nagging at [Villain], like an itch they couldn't scratch. Something about how the knife felt in their hand as they chopped the vegetables, about how the fire danced along the bricks in the fireplace. Something about the look in [Hero]'s eyes.
"Is everything alright?" [Hero] would ask.
"It's perfect," [Villain] would smile back as they hid the photo behind their back.
It was something about how the lighting didn't match the background in some of their photos, about how they could swear the darkened corners hid small cameras.
"I'm so happy I'm here with you." [Hero] would kiss them.
"There’s nowhere else I'd rather be," [Villain] would lie, something nagging them far away, somewhere they couldn't quite place.
It wasn't until one night they had a horrible, wonderful dream. A dream that finally broke their spell in all the best ways. The dream was sharp, so sharp it cut through the fog of love and false memories, a dream of [Hero] and [Villain] when they were so much more.
"Good morning, my love," [Hero] smiled at them as their dream faded and reality slithered back in.
"Good morning," [Villain] smiled, "I just had the most wonderful dream."
"Oh?" [Hero] asked, sipping their coffee, "What about."
"It was about us."
"Only good things, I hope."
"Oh, it was wonderful." [Villain] reached for [Hero]'s hand, gently rubbing it. Poor little [Hero]... They won't know what hit them when [Villain] was done. They'd make sure of that.
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itsleighlove · 6 hours ago
TW: Head trauma, broken bone, abuse, swearing
“I can’t believe we lost again!” Sidekick threw their hands up in frustration and Villain flinched. “It’s your fault, you know!” Sidekick shoved Villain. “If you could just pay attention to the damn fight instead of going off into la la land, maybe we could win for once!”
“Sidekick, look, you haven’t been doing this for a long time, and-”
Sidekick struck Villain across the face and Villain stepped back. A month ago, Villain would have been angry. They would have hit back- or tried to. Now, instead of anger, fear rose in their chest.
“You don’t try hard enough!” Sidekick screamed at Villain. “You think I just want to frolic around the city in a costume and go home every time Hero shows an ounce of resistance?? Hero is the enemy! Just fucking take them out already!”
“Sidekick, I’m doing everything that I can.”
A warm red glow started forming around Sidekick’s hands. “Well your ‘everything’ isn’t enough!”
“Please, Sidekick, just listen- you don’t know-”
Suddenly, red engulfed Villain and they were slammed into the wall. They fell to the floor as the red dissipated. “Don’t tell me what I do and don’t know!” Sidekick was shaking with rage, hands up and ready to strike again.
“S-Sidekick-” Villain coughed, “Why don’t you put 100% into the fights? Y-you’re strong- you could win every time!”
Sidekick snarled. “Because that would give away all my secrets. Besides, I shouldn’t have to.” Red swallowed up Villain’s body again, and they were hurled all the way across the room this time.
Villain tried to push themself off the ground as Sidekick circled closer. “P-please-”
Sidekick kicked Villain back down and red consumed Villain again, lifting them off the ground and then slamming them down again like a rag-doll. There was a sickening crack and Villain screamed.
“This should give you some time to consider how you can push harder. You won’t be fighting on that leg for a while.” Sidekick kicked Villain hard in the temple and Villain’s body went limp
“Villain. Villain, wake up. Can you hear me?” Came a distant voice. “Villain, come on, open your eyes.” Villain struggled to force themself awake as someone shook their shoulder. “Please, Villain, come on.”
Villain’s eyelids felt heavy as lead as they finally managed to open them a bit. Everything was blurred and out of focus.
“Villain!” Someone caught them up in their arms and a jolt of pain shot through Villain’s leg. They tried to yell, but all that came out was a thick, choked sound. The person holding them hushed them. “I know. I know it hurts, but we’ve gotta get out of here. It’s not safe.
Despite the pain, Villain soon found themself drifting back into oblivion.
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amethystpath-writes · 19 hours ago
Prompt #155
"Do you bring that beautiful thing with you everywhere?"
Hero frowned, looking down at themselves. "Bring what? I don't have anything in my hands, and I don't have like...a bag or anything."
The corner of Villain's mouth lifted. "I was talking about that gorgeous smile of yours."
Hero's eyes widened. Oh. Oh. "Um- oh gosh, it's hot outside. Do you feel hot? I feel hot."
"I think you might be blushing."
"Blushing? Wha- no. Why would I be- be blushing? That's"- Hero laughed- "ridiculous. I don't blush." I better not be blushing.
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acids-bases-salts · 22 hours ago
Much to the villain’s surprise, the hero mumbled a sorry and kept quiet.
“What’s your name?”
“Yes, fucking, yes” The villain jumped excitedly before composing himself again.
“I had a bet with my guys. 100 dollars and free pizzas for a month if you turn out to be a girl.”
“Oh, so I’m a bet?” The hero muttered coldly.
What’s with the sudden mood change?
“You work for them?”
“For how many days?”
“1 month”
“Hmm. Probably why you’re so unprofessional and careless as you were the only one who got caught.”
“What gives you the idea that you are the most professional person out there?”
“I wasn’t the one talking about stupid crushes.”
“Well I also wasn’t the one who was acting like a horny bitch” She replied without missing a beat.
“You’re a two-faced bitch, you know that?”
“Heard worse.” She replied with a cold glare.
“So what were you trying to steal fr…”
The villain was interrupted when a few men walked into the room.
“Did I give you permission to enter?” The villain asked calmly.
“Yeah, how dare you people hurt his stupid male ego?” The hero mocked.
“Shut up”
“Not so cute right now, hmm?” The hero had that familiar smirk on their face once again.
“Jungkook, you know what to do.” The villain beckoned the man on the farthest corner.
The hero did not even blink. The villain waited for a reaction.
“You were lying when you said that you’ve worked for just 1 month, right?”
“His name’s not Jungkook. He was the embodiment of confusion when you called him that. Also, the rumors about you are true. You’re really stupid. He’s not even Korean.”
“I want to work with you.” The villain stated as a last test.
“I don’t think that I need to elaborate about the amenities we provide as you were probably informed about it. So here’s a proposition only a fool would say no to. Join me.”
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amethystpath-writes · 23 hours ago
"To Clinging to Which We Cannot Have”
“I cling to which I cannot have. I seek for the stars, too far out of my reach. For the full moon, too bright for my dark eyes.” Villain sighed and raked a hand through his hair, tossing his pen onto the desk. It flipped several times, making a clanking sound which he despised- made his head ache more than it already had before as he stared at his useless scribbles.
“Sounds good to me.” Villain nearly fell out of his seat. The pen, which had been innocently tossed on the desk, was now in the air, and falling towards the floor. Hero caught it with mere ease. “Didn’t realize you were that invested in your writing.”
For once, Villain wasn’t prepared at all. This was the only time he didn’t have the upper-hand when in opposition with Hero. Of course, this was Villain’s home, which should have meant everything- should have been an easy declaration of the victor. Hero didn’t know this home inside and out, but she did have every amount of preparation and predictability. Who knew how long Hero had to figure out the whole floorplan? So far, however, Hero hadn’t made any serious advancements.
Villain regained himself, picking up the crystal glass on his right and standing from his cushioned desk chair. “Writing is my life.”
“I thought you lived a life of crime, not...literature.”
“They go hand-in-hand,” Villain told her, twirling his glass. He needed more of that amber liquor in his glass, but it would just have to wait, wouldn’t it? “There is no story without conflict, so what is life without crime?” He smiled at Hero before tipping the last drop of alcohol back onto his tongue. “The two co-exist.”
“Quite the author,” Hero remarked. The two circled one another in a lazy circle.
“Weren’t you paying attention, you dunce rat? My writing skills are meek. I’m observative, and I note those observations in a...a mediocre way- that’s all I’m capable of doing.”
Having switched places with Villain, Hero sat in the chair by the desk while Villain meandered around his very own study, anticipating what the hero’s plan could be. At least he was closer to his much-desired alcohol now.
“I’m curious,” Hero said, “why you have so little confidence in this”- she gestured to the scattered papers on the polished desk- “when you are so egotistical about everything else. Have I finally found your weakness?”
Villain chuckled, a stale flavor in his throat. “If you can manage to exploit me through my writing, then go ahead and try. It’s all right there in front of you.”
“What if I didn’t exploit you and said instead that I thought your writing was beautiful?”
The liquor cabinet was only steps away. “I believe you already tried flattering me,” Villain said, hand impatiently reaching towards the cabinet for a great big bottle.
“Maybe I’ll keep trying. It’s not often I meet another writer, at least not one so adept at poetry- even if you are a criminal.”
With a hum, Villain mumbled, “Adept.” His eyes twinkled as he poured several gulps worth of alcohol into his glass. “And how do you find your own writing?”
“I think you should be the judge of it.”
“Do you think that will stop my crime-doing- reading whatever you despise of your own?”
Hero shrugged. “I know I can’t stop you from anything, but if I can encourage you to do something else in its stead, then I will.”
Villain chewed on his lip, eyes squinted as he took in Hero’s posture; lazy, careless, arrogant. Usually arrogance was strict and poised, but Villain knew better than that. He knew Hero. “What are you proposing here?” He sipped his drink, awaiting an answer.
“Nothing. Just a distraction.” Hero placed both feet square on the floor and leaned forward, elbows on her knees, one hand holding her face. “I’m exhausted with the fighting, and if crime is a part of life as you say, why shouldn’t I spend my free-time with a criminal author? I’d like to see the mastermind behind the masterpiece.”
Smiling, Villain held his glass up in cheers. “To crime,” he said, to which Hero held up the pen she caught before.
“To clinging to which we cannot have, Villain.”
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Hero Whump #2:
Villain smiled as she practiced her move- one that she had been working on for a while. Sweep Hero's- correction: not Hero's, anyone who happened to attack her in broad daylight (aka Hero)... Villain cocked her head, slightly. This whole idea was not about just hurting Hero, right? Atleast that was the intent. A necessary additon to Villain's array of moves for self-defense.
Villain stopped practicing on her punching bag and leaned against the cool, concrete wall of her basement.
"What am I doing?" She asked outloud. Self-preservation training, that was it.
Despite Villain's best intents, she knew that the real reason for coming up with this strategic battle move was to actually hurt Hero. To land him in the hospital with his arm in a sling.
Villain turned around and rested her forehead against the wall. It was cold to the touch, but she enjoyed the relief from the heat she built up working out.
Later that day, Villain set out to reek havoc. She wasn't really a secretive type like most Villains, so she never wore a mask. Her attire was a simple yet intimidating look: black leggings, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black boots... the list went on. She even did her make up to make her kind face look scarier. She did this by putting on black eyeliner, black eyeshadow (we don't need to continue). Basically when she set out to do her villainous works, she was a black figure of evil.
Or atleast she always hoped.
Villain found Hero by an abandoned warehouse. She sighed. There was no way to sneak up on Hero. None at all.
Villain walked closer, careful not to step on the empty glass bottles littering the ground.
Villain froze. Dangit, Hero saw her. Pushing down the nauseating feel in her gut, she gave Hero a wry smile.
"Hero," she snarled.
"What are you doing here?" Hero asked. Villain felt a twinge of annoyance. Every single time he saw her, he always said those five words. Annoying really because wasn't it obvious? Obvious that she was up to no good?
"Picking flowers," Villain frantically searched around for a dandelion to prove her innocence, but she found none. Well, she thought, Time to put that training into good use...
Villain struck first, punching Hero square in his face. The hero hissed and tried to hit Villain back, but he was sloppy and missed, still stunned from the previous blow. Villain prided herself before slamming Hero into the nearby wall.
"Weak," she half-snarled, half-laughed. "Try harder."
Hero punched Villain's nose.
Blood spurted out.
Villain brought her hand up slowly to her burning nose and wiped the blood off with the back of her hand. That bastard...
Villain swept Hero's leg out from underneath him. It was easy considering that Hero was surprised that he actually summoned the courage to wreck Villain's marvelous face.
As Hero toppled to the ground, Villain pounced on him.
"Gotcha," she teased- no this wasn't childish horseplay, this was an epic battle. No more teasing Villain, uh uh, she told herself sternly.
Hero gasped and wiggled under her weight. He was obviously struggling and something was obviously wrong with him, but did Villain care? Nope. Villains aren't supposed to care when another is suffering. It's kind of in their job description.
"Such a pity," Villain mumured, suddenly hoping that her eye makeup wasn't smeared. It would really put a damper on the effect.
"Such a pity what?" Hero rasped. Villain, for a second, was mildly concerned. She wasn't even choking him (or kneeling on his chest for that matter). She quickly lifted Hero's shirt and...
Absolutely nothing. Not a single bruise or offset rib.
"Got you."
Hero pushed Villain's tinnier body off of him and revealed a dagger in his sleeves. A million bad words rushed through her head, some threatening to escape out her tongue.
A dagger? A hero carrying a dagger? That was unheard of. Hero was bending the rules for his own personal gain.
Villain shoved him. It was not graceful whatsoever, but it worked wonders and Hero tripped backwards and fell.
Villain heart lurched and nearly instinctively she grabbed Hero before he toppled off the just-noticed crevice.
Hero's leg got caught in a small hole. Villain accidently let go and he bent forward causing a horrid snap noise to sound from his leg. Hero screamed in pure agony.
Villain had to remind herself that villains don't care about other's pain. She had to remember that she wasn't supposed to care.
She tried to stop herself from leaping next to Hero and saving him. She tried to focus her mind on the dirt and grim she was getting on her face. It didn't do anything.
Villain scooped Hero up, her muscles burning, and carried him to her house.
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emerqlds · a day ago
prompt #141
“I don’t care about the lives you save, I only care about yours,” Villain huffed, wrapping Hero’s arm around their shoulder and helping them stand up.  
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Please, can you continue the prompt where the villain takes hero out to dinner after hero rescues them?
I sure can! Hope you enjoy!
Continuation of Prompt #164  Original
"How's your food?" [Villain] gazed at [Hero] as they ate another bite of their perfectly cooked steak.
"It's amazing. I have to come here more often." [Hero] smiled as they enjoyed their meal. [Villain] smiled dreamily at their [Hero], glad that their extra steps to bribe the wait staff and replace the restaurant chefs with their own paid off.
"We can go together." [Villain] smiled.
"I... Look [Villain], you're gorgeous and all its just, well... I'm a hero, you're a villain..."
"That's not at all relevant; many hero/villain couples work, for instance [Other Hero] and [Other Villain]! They have three kids." [Villain] waved off their concerns.
"I realize that, but..."
"Why not give it a chance? What's the worst that could happen? A couple bad dates? Some hard feelings? You're breaking my heart here already over, not even considering giving me the time of day!" [Villain] cried as they let their face show their despair before slipping back into an easy smile, "Another date or two couldn't hurt. Why don't we just see how this goes?"
"I suppose." [Hero] frowned, "But you're not going to blow anything up if I call this off... will you?"
"Of course not! I just want to love you." [Villain] replied. They would show [Hero] how much they cared, and [Hero] would return their affections. They had everything all figured out.
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I never play - part 1.5
Villain was in pain.
Oh, it wasn't a physical pain.
It was a dull ache that sat deep inside their chest. It's claws were wrapped around Villains heart and it squezed.
They tried to breath through it. Tried to be fine, to be, just be. But whenever they stoped to take a breath, the lonely alleyway flashed behind their eyelids.
Blood. There had been so much of it. Blood everywhere.
They had struggled with it. Their decision to kill Hero. They didn't know if it would be worth it in the end. But they had thought it the only way.
Hero had always been there to stop them. Never had they gotten close enough for their plans to cause any significant damage.
And they couldn't be turned, they had thought. Villain didn't know how long Hero had worked for the Bureau but it must have been a long time.
But then there was Heros face. There, in the alley. Bloodied and bruised, but still unmistakable.
And Oh, how Villain was regretting their choice then.
Because it was the face of the person they wanted to protect more than they wanted anything else in the world. And they were dying. There, in the street, in the dirt, in Villains arms.
And it was all Villains fault.
Hero was hope and sunshine and their chance at a happy life. They had been all this time. And they were dying.
Villain couldn't think straight.
They called for help. They screamed for help.
They shook and they cried when their henchmen showed up.
Villain knew people. They could get Hero the best private medical care. Still, they didn't know if Hero would survive the transport to Villains hide out. Or if they would survive their treatment. Or if they would survive the night.
Villain didn't sleep that night.
Villain hadn't slept in two days.
At the apartment they worked swiftly, gattering all the important parts of their life. Everything that would fit into a duffelbag.
Heros clothes, keys, documents, photographs and their electronics.
They were plugging Heros computer out and grabbing the carger from the kitchen counter when they hear a sound from the hallway. There was someone else in the apartment.
Villain slowly closed the lid of the bag and pressed themselves against the wall. They waited.
The frontdoor was open. They hadn't bothered to close it behind them. The hadn't had a reason to.
Steps in the hallway, then-
Villain knew the voice. It wasn't a stranger after all. But that didn't do anything to make Villain any less suspicious.
They stepped away from the wall just in time to see someone enter the living room.
John, Heros friend.
Knowing what they knew now, they recogniced Other Hero in him without difficulty. They should have known.
Villain took another step towards the intruder. John wirled around. His eyes were wide. He smiled. But Villain didn't belive it one bit.
"Hey" John said overexitedly. "I was looking for... you guys."
"What do you want?" Villain asked.
John shrugged. His eyes scanned Villain warily. Villain with their dark shadows beneath the eyes and the haunted look on their face and the duffelbag slung over their shoulder.
Villain knew it looked bad. But John shouldn't have been here in the first place.
"Did you fight? Where is-"
"We're fine." Villain snapped.
"Oh, okay. I just... I came by to check in on-"
Villain waited but John just stopped. He was looking at Villain with a strange look on his face.
"You know the wedding-" Full stop. "I just came to talk."
"That's why you barged in here without knocking first?"
John said nothing. Villain watched as conflicted feelings flickered across his face.
Finally, John sighed. Very carefully he said. "I haven't seen or hear from them in two days."
Villain didn't need to ask who he meant.
"You wouldn't happen to know why?"
Villain tightend their grip around the strap of the duffelbag. Then they stepped as close to John as they dared. He was bigger, but they didn't need size to be intimidating.
John swallowed thickly. Villain fixed him with a glare.
"You can tell your corrupt agency that they won't get them back."
They pushed past John to get to the hallway. He didn't try to stop them. Villain had seen his eyes widen - only slightly - in fear.
Villain left him and the appartment behind. They needed to get back. To their work and to Hero.
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kozyisathetuna · a day ago
An Unlikely Pair: Chapter One
March 21 2XXX
I am deeply sorry for abandoning you. It has been grueling, but we the heroes have prevailed. The League of Villains has been conquered! Alas, that was a while ago, but I was heavily injured in the final battle. I had many wounds, as did my classmates. Luckily, though, all of us are still here.
Shigaraki Tomura, despite nearly killing my comrades and me numerous times, intrigues me. Is it wrong of me to yearn to pay a visit to sate my curiosity? Oh, pardon me. His real name is not Shigaraki Tomura, but rather Shimura Tenko. He is the grandson of the late pro hero Sterling.
As I was saying, Shigara Shimura intrigues me. He is similar to Kouta before Midoriya saved him. Many in our class gave up on him only minutes after meeting him. I am ashamed, dear journal, to count myself in that number after he kicked Midoriya. My friend did not give up on him, however, and Kouta no longer detests pro heroes. That time, and in many other instances, I distinctly remember Midoriya saying that it is a hero’s duty to poke their noses where they are not supposed to.
Perhaps I should visit Shiga Shimura. If Midoriya could change Kouta, a stubborn young boy, perhaps I could help Shimura. There’s a low chance of it happening, but that’s the odds as a hero.
My classmates would call me crazy and sleep deprived should I inform them of my plans. Midoriya might be okay, but I will still stay quiet. I must inform Aizawa-sensei, however. I need his permission to leave UA.
Sensei was, understandably, hesitant. Why would a student want to meet a villain after all? Especially one who’s been our nemesis for such a long time. To be frank, I’m not completely sure myself but I’m committed now. He said he’ll talk to the guards at Tartarus. I had forgotten about that before I asked him, though I don’t know how I did. I suppose it doesn’t matter. There is a high chance I won’t be able to see Shig Shimura.
I am not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I think I would be relieved because why do I want to see a villain, especially the leader of the League of Villains? On the other hand, I would be disappointed because I was never given the chance to try.
It is an idea with a low chance of succeeding, should I be able to visit Tartarus in the first place, but nobody else has even entertained the notion. And if I don’t try now that I’ve thought of it, could I be considered a hero?
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professional-idiocy · a day ago
Hero didn’t know how this had happened. It all started with a knock and villain tiredly begging for help, broken bloody and bruised.
"Please, I don't care what happens to me Hero, but please help me" villain had said before passing out leaving hero to catch them.
Hero sighed, they didn't know how to deal with Villain sleeping on their lap. They'd taken care of the injuries, but it was weird having your nemesis trust you this much.
Villain was going to explain everything once they woke up.
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Prompt #22
“Villain, I told you, it’s fine. Seriously, all Supervillain took was a stuffed unicorn-”
“Yes, Hero, I remember. Mr. Snuggles. The same Mr. Snuggles you were given by a twelve year old child you saved from a collapsing building. The same Mr. Snuggles you practice giving your heroic speeches to. He’s your friend, and I swear I will get him back for you, no matter the cost!”
“You’re serious?”
Villain nodded. “I’m very serious. Caring about someone is nothing to be ashamed about, and if anyone’s being rude to you about sleeping with a stuffed animal, tell me, and I’ll suffocate them in an entire swimming pool filled with plushies!”
“That sounds kinda fun, actually.”
“Well, I’ll put that on my list of evil plans to trap and defeat you, then. But first, the rescue mission!” Villain grinned at Hero, then raced off to retrieve the stolen friend.
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@justsomeonewholiketowrite Thanks for the prompt! I was immediately inspired. :)
“I was sent to stop you.“
Villain sighed and answered dryly: “What a surprise.“ Heros response was a crooked grin that couldn’t quite reach their troubled eyes. The last thing Villain wanted was a fight in their own apartment, so they decided not to use their magic for now.
“Have you told them where I live yet?“, they asked. Hero shook their head, staring out of the grand windows, as if the storm clouds outside were a much bigger threat than their nemesis. “If I had, they wouldn’t need to send me all the time.“
“So you like spending time with me?“
Hero finally turned their head again, eyebrows raised. “I’m being nice. Though I have to admit, I do prefer your company to those of most of my coworkers.“
Villain gasped theatrically and put a hand on their chest in mocking shock. “My, my, was that a compliment from you? And here I was, thinking you actually liked working with those airheads.“
Hero rolled their eyes, but the worried look was still there. Apparently they weren’t really looking for a fight either, since they made themselves comfortable on villains kitchen counter and just watched them.
It was a weird situation, Villain realized, because their earlier words did hold some truth to them. Even with all the fighting, the two of them usually held a respectful distance of each others private life. Especially apartments. When was the last time Hero had ambushed them in their home? The stakes back then had been a lot bigger than today.
And how casual their enemy looked! Their shirt wasn’t even buttoned completely, their fingers tapping on their phone case instead of treating Villain like a serious threat. Kind of insulting. Villain stood up. “Why are you really here?“
Heros attention was back on Villain now and to their surprise, answered earnestly: “Because as much as you want to help your friends on the other side of town, I want to help mine even more.“ Villain was taken aback by so much honesty. “But“, they continued, “after my last… mission, I’m kind of benched.“ Villain had heard about said mission. If rumors were true, hero had finally used their magic the way it was supposed to be used: fully and without regrets.
“So no one sent you?“
Hero smirked and stepped closer. “Would you want this to be a friendly visit?“
“Is it supposed to be one?“
“Ah, I wouldn’t go as far as to call us friends.“ There was a sort of playful glimmer now in Heros eyes. “Yet.“
“So your agency finally realizes that you aren’t made out of the right wood to be a soldier and they cast you out immediately? Or did you finally see that I was right all along?“ With ‚right all along‘ Villain meant their countless monologues they had held the hero, about how their power destined them to be more than a mere gear in the agencies machine of control. To their satisfaction, Hero flinched a little. So something must be true.
Villain thought they had gained control of their conversation again, but Hero surprised them again by simply shrugging. “Something in between. There’s a lot to think about.“
“Don’t tell me you’re finally joining me“, Villain said sarcastically.
“Again, I wouldn’t go as far. But we could have a little more fun than fighting this time.“ Villains mouth went dry. They had flirted with Hero before - of course, they were very attractive and quick-witted enough to keep them on their toes as well - but this was way above their usual banter.
“You-,” Villain narrows their eyes, “You’re messing with me.”
“Am I?” Hero muses, tone easy as if they were discussing the weather and Villain’s upper lip curls away from their teeth.
“Yeah, you are,” Villain snaps, looking down their nose at them, “And you need to stop before I make you stop.”
Hero makes an absentminded noise in the back of their throat. They unfasten another button from their shirt.
“Is that so?” they say, and the tips of Villain’s ears go hot.
Despite them knowing better, Villain grabbed Heros wrist and pushed them back against the kitchen counter. “You do not come into my home and make a fool out of me like this.“ Their faces were now only inches apart.
Satisfied the villain noticed that Heros calm demeanor had finally cracked. Their eyes were wide open, pressed against the counter, probably wondering if it had been wise to try and rewrite the rules of their relationship.
“I wasn’t lying. I was sent to stop you from even getting to the scene“, Hero whispered. “However, I’m also not lying now. If I wanted you stopped, I would simply stop you.“ A sad smile appeared on their lips. „But then who would stop me?“
For a second time seemed to move slower. Villain noticed all the tiny details on their opponents face that were usually too far away. Barely visible freckles on the nose. A small scar on their right eyebrow. An uneven breath, still betraying all the calmness they tried to show off. An uncontrollably fast beating heart - though maybe that was just Villains.
It was no use trying to mantle their own desire, as it must have been obvious to Hero. They wouldn’t be there otherwise. So Villain used their other hand to push a strand of hair out of Heros face and said: “If I ever find out you are lying to me…“ The hand wandered from their cheekbones to their throat. Villain didn’t need to say anything else.
They didn’t get the chance to, either, because Hero finally seemed to grow tired of their little games and simply reached up to kiss them.
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amethystpath-writes · a day ago
Date Beneath the Stars P3
Part 2 here
( @nightfrostshadow @whatwhumpcomments )
The Underneath was as smoky and terrible as ever. It would have been fine had there been anyone in there, but it was only Hero and Villain. Neither had cigarettes, or cigars, or even a damn fog machine. But here they were, walking down what looked like the bridal aisle of Hell.
“I want to turn around,” Hero said, and she stopped. She stopped dead in her tracks. This place was cursed in a way she couldn’t say, or even mentalize. It was simply sickening. And what would Hero even do if Other Hero were down here? She couldn’t save him, not if she wanted Villain to think she would truly work with him. But the stopping caused by Hero wasn’t just because The Underneath was a rancid place; it was also because Hero needed Villain’s attention.
“My dearest love,” He did the purr, that stupid purr, the one that always struck Hero’s fancy. It wouldn’t work this time- Hero wouldn’t allow it to. “I know this is new to you. We can come back if you wish, but I think it will be in your best interest to stay.”
Why? How could staying in this dank Underneath be any better than being at home, snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, on the couch, while watching cheesy movies and eating popcorn? “Villain,” she whispered as he laid a hand on her cheek. She hated when he did this, convinced her to do things by soft touches and a gentle ease of the voice. “I don’t want to do this. I know I…I know I said I did, but I’m just not ready for this.” Hero swallowed at the sudden grip anxiety had on her. Her phone was in her back pocket, volume turned as far down as it could be on a phone call. What if Villain knew Leader was listening in on all this?
“You want to leave right this second?”
“Not- not right away. I want to see Other Hero. You said he’s still alive; I want to see him.” That was the mission- save Other Hero.
Villain hummed, like he always did when he was trying to hide his immediate inner thoughts. His gears were always turning, always processing new information and dealing it out as if it were all a deck of playing cards. He was a player- and an excellent one at that, yet no one would expect it. It’s what made him so terrifying.
“Darling,” His voice dropped in a way that should have been soothing, but only unsettled Hero further. She didn’t even know this man. As much as she wanted to say she did- for crying out loud, they had been married for several years- Hero was so awfully aware that she knew nothing about Villain, at least nothing that mattered. “Will you not just take my word for it? If I told you that we released him unharmed, would you believe me?” He added, “As my wife?”
Oh, he knew exactly what card he was pulling by including that. Villain knew how obligated that line would make Hero feel to trust him, but the fact of the matter was this: “You hid this from me,” Hero whispered, in reference to the smoky rooms they stood in. The way she noted the warmth of Villain’s thumb infuriated her. Right now, Hero only wanted to hate him, to spy on him as she came to do with a phone in her back pocket. Hate was the only thing she should have felt, right? But it wasn’t.
“I suppose you feel betrayed by me.” Hero swallowed at Villain’s thumb which pressed ever-so-slightly harder into her cheek. “You hid things from me, too, love. Don’t forget that.”
Hero never imagined there would come a day that she would jerk her head away from her husband’s embrace. Now, though…now she was fuming. “You say it as if I am the criminal with underground workings. As if I am corrupting the streets and everything beneath them!” Hero’s jaw was wound so tightly, she thought it might break if she opened it too far. “I save people from your business, from your co-workers, from you. I should leave you now,” she snapped, fists clenched at her sides, nails digging into her palms. “I should leave you and never come back.”
“And what good do you suppose that would do anyone?” Villain blinked in the dark room. There was no doubt he could see just fine- like a reptile in the night, following trails of heat and pain. Hero only wished it led them to Other Hero.
“You disgust me,” she seethed, “more than anything in this world ever could. You pretended- you pretended for years that you were- that you were…”
“In love with you?!” As he screamed, his face contorted into something like pain- though Hero could never call it that. Villain was heartless. He had to be if he was a part of this underground society of killers. “If I were ever pretending, I would have confronted you long, long ago, Hero- about the Bureau. But I didn’t.”
Stepping back and shaking her head, Hero muttered, “Selfish. You’re fucking selfish.”
Villain stepped forward, matching the distance he had with his wife before. “Because I tried to protect you from this side of my reality? I knew you wouldn’t approve. I knew you wouldn’t, so I kept you from it, for your safety.”
“Protecting me would have been deserting me ages ago! It would have been advising me to move on with my life. You didn’t keep me protected. All you did was keep me, Villain.” A stream ran from her nose to her lip, and she wiped it away with her sleeve. Her voice cracked as she said again, “You’ve been keeping me.” Like a pet, like a dog on a leash. “If you love me at all,” Hero sniffled, “you’ll take me to Other Hero, and you won’t say another damn word about it.”
It took Villain a moment to respond. He clenched his jaw, took a deep breath, and with a shake of his head, told Hero, “If that is what you wish, my darling. Just remember you had every opportunity.”
She didn’t bother picking apart Villain’s words. She was simply happy to know he would finally bring her to Other Hero- who knew how terrible of a condition he was in?
Unfortunate for Hero, Villain never intended on letting her go. After all, she only said that love meant taking her to the Bureau worker…she didn’t say anything about Villain releasing them.
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a snippet | bring it on | hero x villain
heavy trigger warning: blood, guns, shooting, death
The villain’s eyes were black expanses, all darkness, a dash of hell sprinkled in among the nothingness as they held the gun against the man’s head, cocking the trigger loud and clear for him to hear in a room of dead bodies and blood. 
“I’m asking you one. Last. Time. Where is the hero.” Their voice was feral; the whole of them was feral. In all of the man’s experience as the supervillain’s right-hand-man, the villain had never appeared so… undone. Usually they were nothing but sarcasm and sharp edges, the occasional raised eyebrow. But here, now, covered in blood, with a gleam of madness in their eye—here was what laid beneath that collected demeanour: a raging fire that would burn the world down to protect that one person—that one special person.
“I—dunno—” the man kicked pathetically as he struggled to escape the villain’s grasp. “Only—the boss—knows—wher—” 
The villain snarled and fired, cutting the man off mid-sentence. He fell to the floor in a pool of someone else’s blood that the villain didn’t bother stepping over, letting it soak the soles of their shoes instead. 
Good. Let them see who came.
There was another door they’d yet to explore, in the supervillain’s underground cavern hellhole. They’d gone for the most heavily guarded one first—fallen for the easiest trick in the book. 
It’s what I would have done, they thought belatedly, closing the door behind them. 
The rest of the place appeared empty, nothing except the sound of their shoes on the cement floor. They’d let themselves come apart in that room. Sighing, irritated with themselves, they pulled themselves together, tugging on the cold exterior they wore like armour. After all, it wouldn’t do the hero any good if they barged in, waving a gun around. They were already covered in blood, but that would have to do for now.
The villain pushed the slightly-ajar door open wide, gun still smoking, and was met by two towering stacks of crates and a wall of them behind that. Walking between them, they found that it was a  labyrinth of old crates. 
“A game, then,” they said aloud. “So this is funny to somebody. Good to know.” 
Raising an elbow, they smashed the crates in. Somebody popped up from the floor, and the gun fired again. The dead woman fell, her own gun clattering to the ground, which the villain scooped up as it skidded across the floor. They walked through the hole they made and where the woman’s body had hidden their view before was now exposed: the hero was there—bruised, bloodied, a mess, uniform torn in too many places to count—but there, and alive. They  ignored the ropes, the chair, the droplets of blood on the floor; their attention narrowed to the hero, that bright spark dulled but never extinguished. 
And to the person behind the hero. 
Because supervillain was now here, in all their bastardly glory—even more of it than the villain had, and the villain considered themselves high up the list of bastards. 
“Good to see you here, villain. I’m glad this little endeavour paid off.” 
“Shame I can’t say the same to you, seeing as I’d much rather see you six feet under.” The villain forced the tremble in their voice down as they stalked closer to the hero, pulling a pocketknife out. The blade snapped forward of its own accord. 
“So. Still running after heroes, I see. Nothing new from a little loathsome nothing like you.” 
“Cut the small talk, supervillain. We all know it doesn’t mean anything.” The villain sliced through the hero’s bonds, the groggy hero falling limp into the villain’s arms. “Come on, baby,” they muttered quietly, “hold on for me.” 
“And yet, it does.” The supervillain shrugged their shoulders. “For I have more to discuss with  you. I presume the answer to my offer is, unfortunately for you, still a no.” 
“For once in your sorry life, damn right you are.” 
“I thought as much,” the supervillain sighed. “Nothing I can convince you with, I suppose, save for that irritating hero.” 
The villain cocked their head. “No. Because they’d tell me to never bend to a greater evil, even for them.” They scooped the hero up with one arm beneath the crook in their knees and the other against their back. Their heart was pounding. Was the supervillain really going to let them walk out of here? 
“Just so you are absolutely sure,” the supervillain said, back to them, “that you do not want to join: You would have my protection. The hero would also have my protection—if they begged for it, mind you. Walk out that door with your back on my offer and I will never stop hunting you down. And you will both be mine in the end.” They turned around, a satisfied smile on their face. 
The villain was tempted to roll their eyes. The classic, power-seducing monologue. Anyone could pull one of those. Instead, they glared, ice emanating from part of their body—bloody clothes, the limp hero in their arms, eyes as hard as steel and a small smirk forming on their lips—every inch the cold, frozen, bastard they were. 
“Bring it on, supervillain. We’ll see who’s left standing at the end of the game.” 
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I never play
"I never play." Hero said the first time they put Villain into a cell block with special enforced walls. They walked out wistling while Villain yelled curse words after them.
It didn't matter that Villain managed to escape only two days later.
"I never play." Hero said to their Civillian Lover when they asked them to marry them three years into the relationship.
Civillian was starring at them in disbelive. "Is this a joke? Are you playing me?"
Hero kissed them then and they didn't stop reasuring them until Civillian understood how serious they were.
"I never play." Hero said while they were playing poker with the guard in front of Villains cell. Again. They couldn't be sure with the mask but they could have sworn Villain rolled their eyes at them.
"You totally play, all of the time, and I am not taking your shit anymore." Civillian said while they were shopping for a wedding suit with their siblings.
Hero dropped the silly hat back on the stand. They knew their grin was just as silly as the hat had been. But they were happy.
Things changed one day.
I hadn't been an eventful day. Hero had gone to the florist that day to finalize arrangements for the ceremony. Their day job as an event photographer allowed them to work flexible hours and was a perfect cover if they ever needed to disappeared for a few days.
"There is a wedding out of town. They called me just this morning. I'll be gone for the weekend."
Now, however, there was their own wedding to worry about. I was a slow day at the florists shop and Hero had spend a few hours choosing decor. Orange and Lilac, just as Civillian loved it so much.
Later, on their way to get coffee and lunch, their phone had pinged with an alarm from the Bureau. Hero had sighed, but of course they knew to do their job.
They found Villain in an alley. Something was different that day. They didn't know at first.
Hero had attempted banter but Villain didn't seem to have a comeback for them. Instead they had stared at Hero with a cold look in their eyes.
"I need this to be over." They had said.
Hero hadn't understood.
The fight was short and vicious.
Only later, when Hero had found themselves lying on the ground in the alleyway - their blood mixing with the dust and the dirt - they understood. Every breath hurt. They thought about Civillian and the way that they smiled. Heros body was numb. It hurt - it didn't - it hurt.
Villain leaned over them - a fluid motion, achingly familiar.
"Hero. I'm sorry it had to come to this. You shouldn't have chosen the bureau. You know what they do."
"Fuck you." Hero said, but it was a fragile thing.
Villains smile was tense.
"I'm taken. But I will afford you the honour of a truthfull death. One should assume we have known each other long enough."
They lifted Heros head and gently placed it in their lap. Then they touched the seams of Heros mask. Hero had never seen Villain without their mask, even though they knew the prison guards had. Forcing Villain to remove their mask in front of them felt like an invasion of their privacy.
But the same was true for them. It wasn't safe. And it had never felt right.
Blood dripped down the side of Heros mouth while Villain fumbled with the strings in their neck.
Good. Hero thought. At least look me in the face while you take my life.
Hero wheezed. Black spots daced through their vision. They tried to breath and blinked them away.
Not yet.
Strangely, it reminded them that they had left a small bouquet of flowers sitting in the car. It would dry out if noone found the car hidden a few blocks away.
What would Civillian say to the thought of dying flowers?
The back of the mask opened and Villain pulled the fabrik off, carfully. Drying blood made it stick painfully to Heros face. Then it was off.
Villain went perfectly still above them.
Hero grimaced. They knew that their face had to be swolled. They could feel the bruises forming even though the sharp pain in their stomache and side was at the forefront of their mind.
Something dropped onto Heros cheek. They squinted their eyes and tried to figgure out what was going on. But everything was foggy. They probably wouldn't survive.
Villain was - Where they talking? Hero thought - Hero heard-
"NO, No, No, No."
"What is this."
"What evil mind trick is this."
"How did you know?"
"It can't be - No. It can't be you. You're not real."
"You're not real. You're not real. You're not real."
"Tell me. Tell me you're not real."
Hero felt- Hero saw a figure. Hero felt fingers against their skin. Their face. There. There were eyes. A face. They knew- Wide blue eyes and they made them think of flowers. Orange and Lilac. Sunrise and Night in an eternal dance.
They said- they said- they said-
"I never play."
Then there was nothing.
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