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#villain x hero
creweemmaeec11 · a day ago
Guys guys I just had a great idea.
Villain and hero make a bet, and all hero has to do is beat the others score in a video game. However, on the hero's turn, the villain starts flustering the other in order to distract them. It starts with the villain staring at them weirdly out of the corner of their eye, but when asked, the villain simply says they're admiring the other. It simply escalates from there. The worst(best) part? The consequence of the hero loosing was a kiss...
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avvail · a day ago
prompt #32
tw: captivity, restraints, brief mention of blood, suggestive (nothing explicit)
“I want to ruin you,” the villain hummed, their voice a dark whisper in the air. “This undeniable desire to see you unravel by my feet. To watch you give in and let me strip you down to nothing but a submissive little shell of who you were."
Hero’s vision was swimming, and the conviction of Villain’s words made them want to throw up, as well as let themselves go. They tasted copper in their mouth, bones wracked with so many aches they could barely fight against their restraints.
“What’s the point in telling me such a thing now?” They wheezed, cheek pressed up against the shards of gravel on the floor. “Don’t you have me right where you want me?”
It was the true, that the hero had been defeated so badly that they couldn’t put up any more of a fight. They found it impossible to dig within their determination, instead listening to the strained pump of their heart and feel the pain shooting through their body.
The villain briefly smirked, before the emotion was snuffed out like a flame. “Oh, no, sweetheart. Not in battle. Battle is far too easy.”
They crouched down beside Hero’s quivering form, fingers tracing the track of dirt against their jaw. The hero couldn’t contain their shudder, suddenly growing hot.
“My desire.” Villain cooed, hot breath blowing against their sensitive skin. “Starts with you in my sheets.”
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Short Prompt #226
"Oh, this isn't good..." - the hero muttered, face scrunching up in stress and discomfort.
Villain, standing beside them, gave them the side-eye. "You don't say..."
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booberryfun · 2 days ago
Late night call (Part 2)
Part 1
After exactly 587 seconds since the call ended, Villain pulled over in front of the city's largest park entrance. Hero was the one doing the counting in a desperate attempt to not break down the third time in the night. At least it worked.
"Hop on."
Through shaky breaths and swollen eyes, Hero obliged.
"So, now what?" Villain stared at Hero in perplexity as their hands subconsciously shifted gears and drove away.
"Just, take me somewhere away from here."
The ride back to Villain's house was quiet, if not, dead silent. They wanted to ask what was wrong, to even find the person having pushed and left Hero in such a state. But knowing that the inconsistent sniffles could break out into hysterical crying any moment... they couldn't. Hero had their eyes looking out of the window the entire drive, leaning against the headrest and fidgeting their fingers every now and then. If only they could read minds...
The engines had stopped and the only sound echoing through the night was the footsteps of the two. Hero trailed after Villain as if they were a zombie. Soulless eyes, blank expressions and a slouching gait. Villain could only let out a defeated sigh as they watched the other walk up the front porch and stand by them. Still, not a sound.
"Come on in."
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meowsikbox · a day ago
Heroes and Villains
When the Hero finally, at long last, has defeated their nemesis.
When Hero realizes that the city isn't the same without them
When Hero realizes that the people that had helped them take down Villain were their former torturers
When Hero realizes that Villain was going good with the money that they had stolen
When Hero realizes that the people that Villain was hunting down were much, much worse
When Hero realizes that Villain had been framed
When Hero realizes that Villain had loved them
When Hero realizes that Villain isn't breathing anymore
When Hero realizes that Villain hates themselves, loathing their own features more than anyone else's
When Hero finally finds Villain again, after searching and searching, and find them to be a hollow, unfamiliar shell of the person they once were
When Hero realizes that they've gone much, much too far
When Hero realizes that Villain had been experimented on against their will
When Hero realizes just how much they had truly missed Villain
When Hero's eyes fall upon the form of the now wounded, bleeding out form of what had once been their most difficult, exciting rival
When Hero is forced to bury their best friend
When Hero finds a picture of Villain in an old facility, restrained, and treated like an animal
When Hero finds a tape of Villain being tortured
When Hero is forced to fight a mind controlled Villain, each punch further destroying their already broken heart
When Hero finds Villain alone, crying in front of a broken mirror
When Hero is taken instead
When Hero is abandoned by their teammates
When Hero is forced to turn themselves in for Villain's sake
When Hero finally deviates to the "bad side"
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letters-unsending · a day ago
no. 20
short bit of villain/hero comfort
“I got ya,” Hero breathes, pulling Villain further into chest, “you’re safe, it’s safe.”
Adrenaline scrapes through Villain’s veins. His fingers are set in a tremor against Hero’s back, but he can’t feel anything beyond the heat of him; his skin is thick with shock, ice-numb. His entire body is buzzing, rattling, and he can still sense the sky. Air rips into his skin. The wind crawls into his ears and screams, whistle-sharp. He's falling. Down down down.
He is frozen exactly as how Hero had caught him, grappling him like a falcon out the air, holding him flush to his chest. Heavy, Hero’s palm weighs down on the top of his spine and it's the only thing that seems stable. The rest of him is adrift, still hurtling towards the pavement, though he is stagnant, safe within his enemy’s grasp — how oxymoronic.
Villain crushes his face into Hero neck. He holds onto him because he’s only thing that gravity hasn’t ripped away from him. He holds onto him because he’s warm and unmoving and his voice is whisper and not a scream.
Hero curls around Villain in turn.
“I’m here.”
Villain can’t breathe.
“We’re safe. There’s not a scratch on a ya,” the palm slides from his spine to his waist and pulls him up further onto Hero’s chest. The grip is so strong that Villain’s ribs ache, but it’s steady; Hero’s arms are tethers; his sternum is still, a proverbial ground. Villain eases like melted wax against Hero and Hero sighs, smoothing a hand through Villain’s wind-torn hair.
Timeless minutes pass and Villain grows hollow, the loss of adrenaline leaving him vacant and boneless. His mind is a fuzzed amalgam of senses: Hero’s fingers, the smell of dust, the terrible cacophony of battle as it rages near. He hides his face against the tense line of Hero’s neck and wishes reality away.
This can’t end.
It is not fear that has him wanting. It is years of faraway stares and glancing fists. It is nights of war, where loyalty and yearning clash so violently he is left aching. It is the slight tilt in Hero’s smile and the earnest light that fills his eyes. It is the sheer fact that Hero had never hesitated in catching him, leaping from the building-top the second he saw Villain was thrown, that has Villain holding onto this moment.
“Another life debt,” Villain talks over the crook of Hero’s shoulder, “I owe you quite a few of those now.”
“Ya already know what I want from ya, Villain,” Hero sighs, “spend any of one those lives with me and I’ll call it even. Just one’s all I need.”
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vigilantetendencies · 9 hours ago
Villain began to monologue, stopping when they saw Hero pull something out of their pocket.
A cube of sorts.
Upon closer inspection, a fidget cube.
"Do you always fidget while I monologue?"
Hero nodded.
"Can't focus if I don't."
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coffeewritesfiction · 21 hours ago
After capturing Hero, Villain challenges the whole city to try and rescue them. Hero tells Villain that no one is coming, but Villain ignores it. To Villain, Hero is the perfect superhero, the absolute peak of courage and morality and hope. Everyone will be desperate to save them
The hours pass.
No one comes.
The deadline passes and still, Hero and Villain are alone.
Hero smiles sadly. "Told you."
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kendardarkmoon · 2 days ago
Just for a Little While
           It was an odd arrangement.
           It started during their team-up against Supervillain. Hero and Villain had spent weeks investigating, preparing, making sure everything was set up just right.  They’d even started both living and sleeping out of Villain’s lair, just to improve coordination and lessen any time that would have been taken away from having to traverse the city in order to meet up. It didn’t hurt that Villain actually had a couple of decent guest rooms (which doubled as cushy cells on occasion, but Villain didn’t tell Hero that).  Still, staying in the headquarters of one’s enemy, even if currently an ally, wasn’t conducive to rest.
           So it didn’t surprise Villain that Hero kept appearing more and more tired.  Stress and insomnia didn’t mix well when you were trying to pull off a joint op like this. What did surprise Villain was when, the night prior to the showdown with Supervillain, they heard a knock on their door. They opened it to find Hero, face pale and drawn, dark circles under their eyes.
           There was an awkward pause, before Villain managed to muster their trademark smarmy grin.  “Something on your mind, Hero?”
           Silence ensued for several seconds, before Hero muttered something.
           “Speak up, o righteous one, I couldn’t hear that.”
           Hero licked their lips before speaking again, their voice a hoarse whisper.
“Please, let me forget.  Just for a little while.”
Villain blinked, their grin fading.  “What-?”
“Just for tonight, Villain.  I know you can do it, and I don’t care if you root around in my head when you do.  Just…” Hero took a shuddering breath, raking a hand through their hair.  “Just do it, so I’m not asleep on my feet when we’re fighting for our lives tomorrow.”
Another beat of silence.  Villain considered Hero’s request.  Indeed, it wasn’t out of their power – temporary amnesia was trivial for a telepath of their caliber.  Still…they didn’t like the idea for some reason.  The larger, louder part of their head justified it as concern that any lingering effects might make Hero less effective in the morning.  Part of them, tucked away, knew it was because the request itself carried an implication of weight and suffering that Hero endured. That small part didn’t like the idea of their Hero hating their life so much they’d wish to forget it all.
Villain blinked again, realizing the silence had stretched as they thought and Hero fidgeted.  They nodded slowly, coming to a decision.  “Alright.  Just this once.  And don’t worry,” they said as they summoned their grin once again, though it felt a bit more fake than Villain could remember it ever being.  “Poking through your mind is too easy.  Much more satisfying to wring your secrets from your own mouth.”
Hero was right – forgetting that night did help them sleep.  As it did the next time.  And the time after that.  Slowly, ever so slowly, the duration of the amnesia was gradually increased.  Villain stopped caring about the consequences. They got to see Hero as they would have been before donning the mask – relatively carefree, without the burden of years of superhero work, with all the mess that entailed, to weigh down their conscience.  The sight was almost enough to make Villain forget exactly who it was they were observing. Until it wasn’t just observing. Until casually glancing at Hero while they were happily slurping on a hot chocolate in a café turned into sitting together, chatting and laughing over coffee or tea or whatever Hero decided they were in the mood for.  After the first instance of that, Villain was careful to remove Hero’s interactions with them as Civilian before they regained their memories, fearful of how Hero would react.
Villain debated with themselves each time after that on what they should do. Wasn’t this wrong? It felt like it. Felt like taking advantage of Hero. Still, Villain couldn’t quite bring themselves to give it up.  After all, villains do the wrong thing all the time.  Surely this once, it couldn’t do much harm.
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corruptedtwibunny · 2 days ago
Prompt #17
Villain decorated the tree with long strands of colorful ribbons. They went down the ladder to get a few ornaments, but then, hero decided to show up.
They gestured villain a peaceful sign. Villain stopped in their tracks, observing the new hero in town.
“Hey.” hero waved. Villain raised a brow, they weren’t here to kill villain or some sort?
Hero grabbed a few animal ornaments and passed it to villain.
Villain was mildly confused but gently grabbed the ornaments from hero’s hand. Hero smiled as they watched villain place ornaments in the tree “I never thought a villain like you would be doing this,”
“but what can I say? I don’t know your personal life so really… I shouldn’t assume stuff.”
Villain ignored the hero’s comments and continued on decorating the tree. Hero felt like villain needed help so they floated to villain, with ornaments in their hands.
“I think these—”
Villain, startled by the hero’s powers, slipped out of the ladder. Hero, without any hesitation, caught the villain before they get hit the ground.
“Are you okay?!” Hero asked, ignoring the pain on their back. Villain sat up and moved away from hero’s grip. “I’m fine..” villain replied.
“Thank goodness…” hero relieved, wiping the sweat off their face.
Villain blankly stared at them. Thank goodness?
Hero’s phone buzzed. They looked at it and then, stood up. “Looks like my break is over, see you tomorrow villain!” hero said with a smile before running off to who knows where.
Villain sat there, dumbfounded of the hero’s actions but knew that this wouldn’t be the last time they’d see hero. Making their heart race.
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animefoodisthebomb · a day ago
Heroes & Villains #6
Tw: Kidnapping
Villain watched as Hero tried to wiggle free out of their restraints, they were wrapped in tinsel and Christmas lights, a wreath around their neck, they were wearing shin-high reindeer print stockings, ornaments hung on their ears, bows tied around their mouth, wrist and ankles, with a finishing touch of a tree-topper star on their head.
Villain looked up at Super-Villain who had just dropped Hero like this on their couch “Uh, what is this?” They asked, gesturing to the still writhing Hero.
“They’re your Christmas gift, I know how long you two have been pinning for each other”
At that Villain started to protest quickly “no no no no” and Hero shook their head back and forth, both of them quickly blushing.
Super-Villain brush them off with a scoff “Oh please, we can all see it, I know for a fact that most of our Henchmen have made bets on how long it would take for you two to get together”
“WHAT? They did?”
“Anyway, I got sick of your little meaningful looks and flirting banter, it distracts you from your missions. So I decided that enough was enough and grabbed them for you, I even wrapped them”
Hero didn’t see it coming, they were making their nightly patrols when Super-Villain ambushed them, decorated them like a Christmas tree and carried them here.
They hoped that one day they would admit their feelings to Villain but they never imagined it would go like this.
“Merry Christmas Villain, hope you enjoy your gift. Just be careful not to break it” Super-Villain said smirking and finished with a wink before they left out of the window.
They took out the bow in Hero’s mouth.
“Are you okay?”
They coughed a couple of times “I’m fine, just shocked I guess”
“Do you want me to let you go? Or...” Villain smirked “...Do you want me to unwrap my present?”
Hero’s face reddened even more.
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fangirlingpuggle · 11 days ago
Concept, people working at a takeaway place and keep getting the same person picking food up or ordering delivery at least once a week. It’s only after one delivery when they aren’t out of costume that they all release that they’re a supervillain but they still tip really well and are polite so... nobody says anything. And they realise that all superhero fights are lead away from the area their shop is.
The villain eventually realises they know and stops trying to hide their identity it’s 50/50 if they’re going to answer the door in pyjamas or in their villain outfit that’s still a little on fire from the fight earlier today and hell they’re even shown up to collect their food in full costume no-one comments
They also notice the small device the villain puts in their shop and how the next time a car is almost thrown at their shop result of separate hero villain fight it is bounced off of the forcefield now around their shop...they’ve also noticed the same forcefield sometimes popping up around a certain coffee shop and bookstore ect. All the employee will just give each other knowing nods.
None of them say anything.
When they see there’s a bad fight and the villains got beat up they’ll slip in extra food or some cookies and don’t say why.
They don’t say anything to when other heroes show up int he area trying to track the villain down.
They also don’t say anything when they’re delivering food and suddenly a certain superhero walks out of the bedroom and then freezes when they see they see them at the door. No-one says anything...but they do text the group chat to let them knowing betting pools over.
And when said villain and hero walk in and pick up food after a dramatic fight, they say nothing and slip them an extra helping of garlic bread.
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avvail · 2 days ago
Could you continue the vampire turns Hero into vampire series? Awesome writing!
writing snippet #17: part four
tw: blood, minor character deaths
The hero didn’t know when they had blacked out. They remembered the journey from Villain’s home, the hot blaze from the sun that had made them feel disgustingly nauseous. There was a blur of civilisation, and then...
The sky had turned black, and the hero was blinking back the harsh winds from their face. They felt the gravel beneath their feet, digging into their knees, and a heavy weight in their lap.
They winced groggily, and tasted metal on their tongue. Their body felt strangely light, and their skin was tingling faintly with a fuzzy sensation.
The voice was precise as it cut them the air, and it rang clear through Hero’s head. They turned to face the voice, and was startled by a shot of fear when they saw Villain standing by the entrance of the alleyway.
They gasped, and tried to make a run for it. The weight on their lap was heavier and they expected, and couldn't quite get themselves off the floor. When they glanced down in frustration to remove it, their blood ran cold.
They shrieked loudly and shoved the corpse away from them, scrambling backwards against the brick wall. They lifted their trembling hands and eyed the fresh blood, quickly scrubbing their forearm across their wet mouth and frantically spitting the coppery liquid away.
“U-Ugh, n-no, no, no—” They sobbed, digging their fingers into their scalp desperately. “Oh god, god no!”
The villain sighed quietly under their breath, and stepped over the trail of corpses sprawled awkwardly across the floor. The hero was wailing already, and Villain drew them into their arms.
“Oh, little one,” they whispered, running a hand through their hair as the hero shook. “What did I tell you?”
Hero’s guts churned, but no matter how much they wanted to throw up, the blood stayed down. They buried their head into Villain’s chest, refusing to the look at the carnage they didn't even remember ensuing.
“I wanna go home,” they begged tirelessly, digging their nails into the fabric of Villain’s shirt, staining it red. “I-I just wanna go home. Please. I'm sorry...”
Villain scooped their newborn off the ground, holding them tightly to their chest. The hero groaned, full from their feast, and pressed their head into their shoulder. Villain stepped into the moonlight, their eyes shimmering at the sight of their Hero glistening from their feed.
Villain smirked, unable to hide their triumph. “Alright, my love.”
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Short Prompt #227
"YO! That looks so cool!" - the civilian exclaimed, looking inside the glass container with awe. "What is that?"
The villain grinned, also admiring the animal. "That's my boa snake! Wanna hold it?"
Civilian gasped, absolutely charmed. "Can I?"
"Well, of course!"
Meanwhile, off to the side, Hero uneasily glanced between the giddy pair and the giant snake flicking its tongue at them.
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booberryfun · 13 hours ago
Late night call (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Yes, yes we do :3 I hope you enjoy~
- - - - - - -
When Villain came out of the kitchen with a mug of hot chocolate and some comfort food, Hero was spotted curled up on the sofa with their face half-buried in a red cushion. What should one do in this situation?
Villain sat down and after a few moments of reaching out and retracting their hand, they finally landed a soft pat on the other's head.
"There there," their hush was soft and sweet like a mother's lullaby. Villain took a deep breath and braced themself for what was to come.
"What's wrong?"
Still, not a sound. But they could feel Hero flinch at the question.
"Do you think I'm weak? Useless?"
"I beg your pardon?"
Hero slowly sat up, face still hidden behind the cushion.
"Do you think I'm... weak? And useless?"
What kind of idiotic question was that? Weak? Hero had strength, albeit not super, but they were still able to put up a fight alright. If we were talking about mental strength, Hero had endured some of Supervillain’s most excruciating tortures without breaking, each time coming back stronger than before. And useless? Seriously the one who asked this question must be a pea-brain. Had they even seen how sharp and quick-witted Hero could be? This amazing person here had saved them both from the master criminal more than once; if not, the Hero Agency itself from said mastermind multiple times. This was ridiculous.
"Who told you that?" Villain scooched in closer and draped their arm across Hero, pulling them in for a hug.
"I'd let them know what it's truly like to be weak and useless," voice soft and caring, but they both knew better.
Hero had once again gone quiet. Villain didn't mind though. They had all the time in the world and as long as Hero felt okay to confide them in, they could wait.
After a while, Hero shrunk themself even more in Villain’s embrace, squeezing the cushion between their arms. They let out a sharp sigh and mustered up all the courage there was left to look at the other in the eyes.
"Villain?" their voice cracked.
"Leader and Other Hero are going to use me as a peace offering to Supervillain."
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nightprompts · a month ago
&. 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐨 𝐱 𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬.
(  enemies  to  lovers?  slow  burns?  say  no  more.  various  sentence  starters  for  all  your  hero  x  villain  ship  needs.  )
❛ i could keep you safe. they’re all afraid of me. ❜
❛ you can’t do this for me. i won’t let you. ❜
❛ it’s not for you. it’s not a favor. it’s the cruelest thing i could do. ❜
❛ i warn you. i’ll break your heart. ❜
❛ i know you better than you know yourself. ❜
❛ i’m replaceable. you’re not. ❜
❛ i hope to be the one you break your rules for. ❜
❛ why am i so fascinated by you? ❜
❛ when i watch the world burn, all i think about is you. ❜
❛ your hands are scarred from murder, and yet i trust them completely. ❜
❛ whatever you do. you’re still my family. ❜
❛ we could be the greatest team the world has ever seen. ❜
❛ how many times are we going to keep meeting like this? ❜
❛ i just wish i could protect you from everything. ❜
❛ enemies make the best lovers, you know. ❜
❛ sleep. i’ll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you. ❜
❛ you know, they’re going to use the things you love against you. ❜
❛ truth is, i didn’t expect to get this attached to you. ❜
❛ you frustrate me incredibly. ❜
❛ love me like my demons do. ❜
❛ thinking of you is a poison i drink often. ❜
❛ please don’t make me do this. ❜
❛ don’t do anything stupid until i get back. ❜
❛ you protect what you love. ❜
❛ my heart scares you and a gun doesn’t? ❜
❛ you bandaged my wound with one hand, and held a knife in the other. ❜
❛ you save everyone, but who saves you? ❜
❛ you kill me and you accomplish nothing. your world as you know it will end. ❜
❛ all we do together is make love or fight. ❜
❛ i love the way your eyes light up when someone says ‘it might be dangerous’. ❜
❛ when is a monster not a monster? when you love it. ❜
❛ it’s pathetic really, how much i hope it’s me and you in the end. ❜
❛ you were right. you break everything you touch. ❜
❛ i would destroy myself to fix you. ❜
❛ i’m not going to kill you. you don’t deserve that. ❜
❛ that’s how you want me, isn’t it? desperate, jealous, and willing to kill for you. ❜
❛ i’m sorry you’re afraid of being alone. ❜
❛ they made you into a weapon, and told you to find peace. ❜
❛ i wasn’t there for you when you needed me, and i’m sorry. ❜
❛ 'all right’ is not a term anyone would use to describe you. ❜
❛ just like old times, huh? ❜
❛ then we fight. together. ❜
❛ oh, i’ve missed this! ❜
❛ i know you. you’re me. ❜
❛ i’ve seen who you are under the mask. ❜
❛ i should kill you. why can’t i kill you?! ❜
❛ i don’t know what i’d do if they hurt you. and that terrifies me. ❜
❛ the world doesn’t need someone like you. the world needs you. ❜
❛ bullet wounds don’t just miraculously heal overnight. ❜
❛ you were fighting to survive. i was fighting to win. ❜
❛ i wasn’t a person to you, i was a weapon, and you needed me to work. ❜
❛ you’re pulling your punches. ❜
❛ i wish things were different between us. ❜
❛ don’t scare me like that. i thought i lost you. ❜
❛ don’t you die on me. ❜
❛ you’re so bad at this. it’s cute. ❜
❛ they don’t know you like i know you. ❜
❛ i broke my rules for you. doesn’t that mean anything? ❜
❛ do you think i’d let anything happen to you? ❜
❛ if i told you about the darkness within me, would you still look at me as you are right now? ❜
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the-modern-typewriter · a month ago
I live for your snippets, I was wondering if I could request an affectionate villian and a naive hero that's has kinda like a praise kink?
“I must say,” the villain murmured against the hero’s ear. “You look almost as dashing in that suit as you do your normal number.”
The hero didn’t squeak at the words, but they could privately admit it had been a near thing. They tensed in the bracket of the villain’s arms, before exhaling a shaky steadying breath. They managed to pull up a smile for the benefit of anyone watching them, turning to face the villain.
Whatever they’d been about to say vanished as they registered the way the villain was looking at them. It was probably fake, for the sake of their cover for the night, but it still left the hero short of breath. The villain looked fond, positively shining with affection as if the two of them were really dating and the villain really was smitten. They looked at the hero like the hero was the best thing they had ever seen.
The hero swallowed; mouth abruptly dry.
“I’d say you’re the perfect piece of arm candy,” the villain continued. “But I think my favourite thing about you is the fact that you could kill everyone in this room in three seconds if you wanted to, and none of them realise it. Of course.” The villain held up a hand for the bartender, gaze still locked intent upon the hero. “I know you would never do that, you’re so deliciously moral and good at heart. But that just makes the potential all the more enticing, you know?” They looked over the hero’s shoulder to flash the bartender a charming smile. “I’ll have another two of these.” They tapped the hero’s nearly empty glass.
The hero didn’t see the bartender nod, or hear their reply, too preoccupied with the way that their heart was roaring in the ears at the words and the devastatingly casual delivery of such a line. “You’re late,” the hero managed, finally. “You were supposed to be here half an hour ago.”
“I had a few unexpected problems I needed to take care of, my apologies.”
The hero’s eyes narrowed.
“No one you know,” the villain added. “Don’t worry.”
“You always make me worry. You’re a very worrying person.”
The villain laughed, like the hero had made a joke. Their arms were still on either side of the hero’s waist, not quite touching. The hero could feel the body heat coming off them, the scent of them even with the crowding of everything else in the room. The power hummed from their skin like a second heartbeat.
“If you betray me tonight-“ the hero began.
“Darling. I’m not that stupid.”
The hero swallowed again; pretty sure they were blushing now. “Don’t deflect.”
“I’m not.” The villain met their eyes again, smiler a little softer. “You simply don’t believe me when I admire you, so you assume it must be a trick or a manipulation. A deflection.”
The hero swallowed again.
The villain’s gaze moved over the column of their throat, following the movement. “On another matter,” the villain said, “I have something for you. Just for tonight. For your cover. Turn.”
“Don’t tell me what to do.”
“Pretty please,” the villain reached in their pocket, pulling out a truly astonishing diamond necklace. “Turn, favourite enemy of mine. Seeing as I am doing you a huge favour tonight and all.”
“I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to have favourite enemies.” The hero did turn though. They shivered at the brush of the villain’s hands around their throat, and the cold stones settling heavy and – admittedly, more in line with the gala than anything the hero had been able to come up with on their own.
It was ostentatious, and hideously expensive, and admittedly one of the most beautiful items they had ever worn. It changed their outfit from 'passing, unless one looks closely' to 'belongs in the room'.
“Does that mean,” the villain deftly secured the jewellery in place, lips against the hero’s ear once more. “I’m not your favourite?”
The hero scowled (flustered), and was rather glad when the bartender brought them their drinks.
They turned to face each other again.
“Cheers,” the villain said. Their eyes gleamed as they took the hero in a second time.
“To a successful mission,” the hero said, and clinked for anyone watching. Just that. Obviously.
“I’d say impress me.” The villain grinned, all teeth and delight, and the hero shivered again. “But you always do. Now. Shall we?”
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vigilantetendencies · 2 days ago
"There's a disturbance downtown. Suspect is screaming-"
Xander pulled his shoes on and jumped into his car, sighing as he heard the description of the suspect.
"Brown hair, lanky, green eyes-"
The police scanner had been a gift from an old flame and, at the time, he has resented it. Now, though, it came in handy when he was trying to help the poweree humans- not Uriah specifically. Of course not.
He pulled up to the scene and found no disturbance, police however were walking from alleyway to doorway to try and find him.
Xander walked around a corner and came face to face with the brown haired powered human covering himself with his hoodie.
"White stuff-" He babbled, flinching as flecks of snow passed by his face.
" so much of a scene the police got called...over snow?"
Uriah stilled.
"Is it deadly?"
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coffeewritesfiction · 15 hours ago
Omg please tell me what happens after nobody comes to save hero. 🥺 what does the villain do?
Let's find out, anon! A reply to my own prompt, found here
Over the skyscrapers, golden light faded into the purple and reds of dusk. The sun long vanished behind the steel and glass towers, its rays still danced off the clouds as the city sunk deeper and deeper into night.
On the tallest building, in the center of everything, Villain stared out over the edge at the vast human hive. Cooling wind flicked at their cape, traced over their face.
Hero sighed.
"You wanna just… call it a day?"
Villain's head snapped to face the other. The exhaustion on Hero's face vanished into a neutral expression. But Villain still saw it. Their teeth clenched.
"I said I wouldn't let you go until you were rescued," Villain growled.
"And I told you, no one is coming to help me." Hero sounded so patient. It used to make Villain wonder about their rival's day job. Now it just made them angry.
"Why?" Villain said.
Hero glanced away, took a deep breath. "I'm sure no one will be surprised if I escaped on my own," they said. "No one needs to know about what happened here. I doubt it'll even hit social media except for the hardcore groupies."
Villain's knuckles were hidden under gloves. Hero wouldn't see the way they went white from Villain's tightening grip.
"I invaded your social media accounts," Villain hissed. "I broadcast your face on every website I could think of. I showed them all you to, how you are trapped and helpless to escape-"
Their words cut off. Hero's eyes now closed, their head bowed down to their chest. They had barely moved in their cage the whole day, but now they drew their legs to their chest.
"They had other things to do," Hero said. The finality of the words turned Villain's insides cold.
"Impossible!" Villain's voice echoed off the structure built on top of this skyscraper, a perfect trap for any that would come for their hero, scenery for a battle worthy of their captive.
"That's impossible," Villain repeated. "What the hell could be more important than you!?"
Now Hero raised their head. They smiled at Villain, and Villain swallowed down the strange pain that flooded through their body.
"Can I go now?" Hero said.
Villain exhaled. They didn't understand. Hero was perfect. Kind and clever, brave and humble. Patient with frightened civilians. Never raised a lethal hand to the minions of their enemies, petitioned the legal system to show mercy and rehabilitate all criminals they were involved with arresting. How could a whole society stand by when one of their best was in peril?
It couldn't be they were too afraid of Villain. That cowardice would not echo through the whole city this way. Something else was going on.
Looking at Hero in the cage, Villain thought about just leaving them in there. Part of them seethed at how their brilliant plan, all their dozens of clues, had been ignored.
But if they did that, someone might actually come and let Hero out. And by now, Villain knew in their core this city didn't deserve such a wonderful soul.
With a snap of their fingers, the cage lowered. Hero's eyes brightened. But before they could say a word, Villain opened the door. Villain's gloved hand wrapped around Hero's arm. Hero looked at Villain, eyes wide in confusion. Villain gripped them tight.
"I told you," Villain said, "I'm not letting you go until someone rescues you."
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"No," the villain gasped, falling to their knees beside the hero's body. "No, no, no."
They pressed their hands to the hero's chest in a pitiful attempt to stop the bleeding. They were shaking from head to toe, trembling as panic built up in their chest. The hero couldn't die. The hero couldn't die. The hero couldn't die.
"Hey, it's okay," the hero whispered, placing a hand over the villain's, intertwining their fingers together, holding them close to their heart.
"You promised me you’d be okay. You promised me you would live," the villain whimpered, a single tear falling down their cheek. "You promised."
The hero only let their eyes fall shut with a final sigh, a soft smile twisting up the corners of their lips.
"Sometimes it's easier to lie."
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