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#villain x reader
bozowrites · 5 hours ago
You Left Me
↳ @inniterhq 's 1k event!
Pairing: C!Wilbur Soot x Fem!Reader
TW: talk of blood/wounds, sleep depieved reader who going crazy
WC: 0.6k
A/n: for my darling's event!! congrats darling!! <3
Tumblr media
Wilbur stared her down, trying to belittle her. There’s tension in the air, going along with the smoke and burnt smell of a once beautiful nation. He looked away, to Phil. there was chatter between the two, there was shouts as well. She can’t hear them, the ringing in her ear overthrowing everything else. Someone grabs her by the arm. It’s Fundy. She smiles sadly, holding his shoulder for support on her sore limbs.
A scream. A ripple through the ringing in her ear. It's piercing and hurts just as much as the blast of TNT did, because it’s his scream. With Fundy falling apart in her arms, she looks over slowly. Phil holds a limb body in his arms, crying over it. His sword is through the body, blood dripping from the tip and onto the debri.
Tumblr media
“Ghostbur,” She gulbs, staring into the blank eyes of the ghost. “what are you doing here?” His pale eyes follow a passing bee. “I wanted to see you.” Y/n shakes her head, going around him. She keeps her head down as she walks down the rocky path she made herself for her home.
“What are you up to?” He floats behind her, trying to catch her eyes, having to adjust his falling beanie. She glances at him. The bright yellow is so noticeable, she thinks. “I’m going to see Fundy.”
“Oh.” he looks like him, but he isn’t him. Not really. Being similar, yet so different at the same time. The version of himself he was before he went bonkers (to put it lightly). She stops in her tracks, reaching the point for her visit with Fundy. It’s been weeks, but the pain never settled.
“Y/n.” she looks up so quickly. His voice. It’s his voice. She wants to vent out. She wants to scream at him because it looks like him, it sounds like him. But it’s not him. “Wilbur...why?” he only blinks at her. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t remember.
“You-you left! Dammit! You left me, Wilbur!” she screams, she’s angry. How could she not be? But Ghostbur doesn’t know why. People tell him things, but he doesn’t understand them. He doesn’t know the full story. She sighs, spotting Fundy behind Ghostbur, only a few steps away from them. He goes around Ghostbur, meeting Y/n and giving a hug. They were grieving together.
“Do you want me to leave?”
“You already did.” Fundy glances between the two. He doesn’t say anything, though. She sees Wilbur. He’s stood in front of her with his trench coat and beanie. There’s blood dripping from his gaping wound in the middle of his stomach. It’s sickening. His eyes are dead, he’s dead.
“You don’t get to hurt me, leave me behind, and then come back and pretend like nothing happened!”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“Of course, you don’t. Dammit, Wilbur! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!” Fundy pulls Y/n back from jumping Ghostbur. He holds her in his arms, keeping her fragile self from making a mistake. Ghostbur shakes in his spot. He doesn’t understand.
“Y/n, he doesn’t remember anything, you know that.” she shakes her head. She’s seeing things.The view of Ghostbur and Wilbur look like a glitch in reality as they flicker back and forth. Days of not eating or sleeping much finally caught up, huh?
“That’s not true.” Fundy’s ears perked up from their flattened spot. He still holds Y/n in his arms, scared she’ll break if he let go. She sniffled, wiping tears away. She really was going crazy, seeing someone that’s dead.
“Really? What do you remember then?” Fundy asks.
“That I loved Y/n.”
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vil-dekus-spaghetti · a day ago
Masterlist - Updated 04/19/21
Hello! You’ve found Sweater’s masterlist!
Looking for my current WIPS?
Izuku Midoriya/Deku
Rooftops Prohero!Deku stops reader from a suicide attempt.
Lonely With You Izuku comforts the reader after they had a rough hero shift; songfic.
Izuku x Sad!Reader (Request) Izuku notices reader is sad and offers his support.
How Izuku Would Study and Work Out During Quarantine
Retail Therapy Reader has a bad day at work in retail/customer service.
Izuku and Dogs HC’s
Comfort Character AU Izuku knows he’s your comfort character and tries his best to be there for you - but you can’t physically see him.
Izuku and Reader Go Sledding ft. Inko Midoriya
Reader Has a Relapse With SH
Izuku Comforts His Crying Newborn Includes a fem!reader as Izuku’s wife.
How The BNHA Boys Sleep With Their S/O
Stained Glass Izuku kidnaps the reader before manipulating and gaslighting them into joining the LOV. Izuku is slightly Yandere and more TW’s are in the fic itself.
Soft Reader plays with Izuku’s hair. Domestic setting.
Villain!Deku as a Dad HC’s
Soft Comfort HC’s Just some headcanons of Vil!Deku comforting a crying reader.
Soft Domestic Fluff HC’s
Good Enough Deku treats the readers burn wounds from SH while listening to them vent. More TW’s in actual post.
Poly Villain!Deku x Reader x Dabi
General Relationship HC’s
Poly TodoDeku
Fluffy HC’s Pt. 1
Fluffy HC’s Pt. 2
Panic Attack HC’s
Mornings Deku and Shouto go about their typical mornings off as pros with the reader.
TodoDeku x Chubby!Reader (Request) Reader gains some weight during quarantine and is comforted by Shouto and Izuku.
Self Harm Relapse HC’s
Poly ShinDeku
Day Trip to the Zoo HC’s
General Relationship HC’s
Tomura Shigaraki
The Ways We Say ‘I Love You’ (Request)
Shouto Todoroki
Shouto x Izuku’s Older Sister!Reader (Request)
Retail Therapy Reader has a bad day at work in retail/customer service.
The Five Stages Of Grief - Denial Pt. 1 Shouto and the Reader experience the death of someone extremely close to both of them, and cope. TW’s in actual fic.
How the BNHA Boys Sleep With Their S/O
Shouta Aizawa
Nightmares Aizawa comforts a reader who suffers periodically from nightmares.
Katsuki Bakugou
Retail Therapy Reader has a bad day at work in retail/customer service.
How Bakugou Would Study and Work Out During Quarantine
Bakugou and Dogs HC’s
Just Tired Bakugou comforts the reader who’s having a major depressive episode and suicidal thoughts. TW’s in the actual fic.
How The BNHA Boys Sleep With Their S/O
Shinsou Hitoshi
Home For The Holidays Shinsou comforts the reader after they come home early from a stressful family get-together. Platonic, but can be read as otherwise.
Mirio Togata
How the BNHA Boys Sleep With Their S/O
Hawks/Keigo Takami
“Hey, hey, this is no time to sleep!” Whump. Hawks and his sidekick get caught in the aftermath of a burning building. 
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le-green-lion · a day ago
You said you take headcanons and i wanted to send a easy but kinda fun one if u take platonic/batsibling ask but like one. where the reader was like a big villain (not even like jason who was a anti hero sorta just a straight villain) and, maybe now is going through the redemption phase and feels alot of guilt for hurting all of them.
Do this if it intrest you of course!! i just wanted to send you something that whould be fun or just a little bit interesting to do headcanons about 💖💖💖
we love a good redemption arc
i actually really like this idea so if this does well i might make it a full fic
again i did not edit this so read at your own risk
Tumblr media
it all started with an apology
but the first one wasn’t from you
it was from bruce
you were standing on top of the Gotham clock tower about to complete your master plan when he apologized to you
he said what you did wasn’t your fault and that you were just a kid living out an unfortunate circumstance
he say you could still make things right, all you had to do was take his hand and start over
so you did
you shut down your city destroying machine and went with him to the cave
you met all the gotham heros in their home base and it was really weird to say the least
then the rehabilitation process began
life on the “good” side was waaaaay different from what you were used too
you learned that scheming was generally frowned upon unless it’s in a game of nerf wars
murder was also not an acceptable way to deal with problems
(unless your with jason and damian)
you learned a lot from the heros
like how giving instead of taking feels a hell of lot better
and why The Robin Dictionary: A Complete Collection of Robin Catchphrases and Sarcastic Remarks is a thing
but it wasn’t all fun and games
guilt is a strong emotion and you had a lot to feel guilty for
once you came to terms with who you used to be you had to make things right
jason helped you the most with this part
you made anonymous donation to most of the buildings you had destroyed in your career
most of the things you did were anonymous and the rest were under your new hero alias
there were still hard days when you just wanted to set the world on fire but you had people behind you now
people who truly cared about you despite everything you’d done
being a villain made life easy but being a hero made life worth living
Alfreds cooking was a plus too
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ashlynntodoroki · a day ago
I don't even know you!  (Izuku Midoriya x fem!villain Reader)
(A/N) I'm doing it besties :) the next part, finally. I'm so happy people actually liked it and ignored my terrible mistakes lol, the 4th quarter just started at my school I'm already behind cause I was sick, my birthday is coming up and a lot of mental stuff is going on so I don't know how often I will be able to update but I hope this will Suffice for now lol. this is in y/ns pov so the next chapter will either be mixed povs or just Deku's. this I also more of a filler chapter so sorry its short lmao (I have two more filler chapters after this one, each about the same length as this, after that I will get into the drama and everything else. I am way too tired for tags rn so I'm just doing it in the morning T-T
Part: (1.25/??)
italics are flashbacks as always.
!Series Warnings!
(Angst, amnesia, pregnancy, language, implied sex ig?, Deku being how I think he would be in this situation, lies, fighting, violence, yelling, drugs, witch type lady in this one, I forgot to add kids, not proofed!)
Readers pronouns and quirk: (she/her) and matter manipulation allowing the reader to manipulate any and all matter including cells, DNA, and much more.
Word count: 571
(as its a filler chapter it its as long as the previous chapter)
3 months.
It's been three months since I went into hiding, it only took me half of that to find the island.
Its truly beautiful, I think the most beautiful part is that they don't care, they don't care where you came from, who you were before you stepped foot in its dandelion fields and green hills. Everyone on the island ran away, but that's ok. You can do whatever you please here, they only let in those with good intentions, the islands witch makes sure of that.
I'd be lying if I said I don't miss my old life but at this point what can I do? I feel bad for this kid, having a father who doesn't even know about it or its mother. Damn, I mean my childhood had its issues but to that level?
No way.
But back on topic, the island seems to not mind our presence, despite my history the witch let us in. Its was a confusing act to say the least but no way in hell am I complaining haha. I get to know its gender in two-is weeks, I'm surprisingly excited considering the circumstances.
It seems like I might finally be able to put my past issues behind me (the fact they don't have wi-fi will certainly help)
I made a friend at the health clinic last week she said her name was Makayla. She had an abusive ex-husband and ran away to here with her at the time- infant daughter. She said they have been at the island for four years. She often comments on how its much prettier here than in America whenever we walk to the market together.
well there she is-
I'll get back to you whenever I can.
5 months
Oh I should probably stop writing with such exaggeration whoops. wow. Only four more months then I see his face. That sounds so crazy, I guess it will be easier to keep each other company then. Ive gotten closer with Makayla over the two months since I last wrote. I guess I've just been caught up in helping around the island, geez. I have so much to write about.
My Izuku obsession is worse than before we dated T-T.
I think I might make the baby's name something Izuku would like, I haven't found anything but me and mack have been looking.
Speaking of her I think she's a better friend than anyone was before here, she's been to all of the appointments, meetings with the island witch or as everyone calls her Akasuki. Its meaning suits her more than it should. Bright helper.
She is helpful.
I can't feel my feet half of the time and whoever I complain all mack says is "oh trust me it only gets worse" and giggles. Like what is she hinting at? How am I supposed to respond to that? "Oh thank you so much for scaring me so much I'm surprised I haven't given birth here and now"
The nursery is coming together, my quirk truly coming in handy when creating things.
Every know and then I swear I can see his green hair just beyond the corner, picture his intoxicating smile behind me as if nothing changed and tat scares me. If I could take what I did back I would.
but I can't.
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ilyimagines · a day ago
I made a new thing!
It's a Villain x Hero!Reader.
You guys can imagine who the villain is because I didn't what their identity or gender is so you guys are free to imaghine to your hearts content.
I will post this soon but for now this can only be read in my ko-fi for the time being and also my page had hit 200 page reviews!!
Thank you for checking out my work and supporting I really love you guys so much!!
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starknik22 · 2 days ago
Where We Rot: Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Morals don’t quite apply to people who have nothing to lose. Peter can try to save you all he wants, but there are darker games at play; a bigger shadow that shields you from his warmth.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Villain/Grey!Reader
Warnings: Angst, abuse, depression, possible smut... (More warnings to come)
Status: On-Going 
a/n: hi guys! no notes yet, might have more to say later tho!
moodboard made by @evyzyii (she makes them for free if you’d like one!)
➳ Chapter One: Web Of My Own
Summary: Peter makes a new friend and learns the importance of sharing, MJ is observant, as usual, Ned just loves Star Wars, and (Y/N) probably has Stockholm Syndrome.
Word Count: 4.9k
➳ Chapter Two: The Angels Cry For Me
➳ Chapter Three: It’s Only Blood
➳ Chapter Four: Let Me Let You Go
Moots and Tags: @ptersmj @princessofguineapigs @peterbenjiparker @cherrytholland @itsapeterthing @justapurrcat @thirstiestpotato @kelieah @iovebug @waitimcomingtoo @rosyparkers @parkers-gal @allegra-writes @starktonyx @felicityparkers @hollandcrush @londonspidey @blissfulparker @spidernerdsblog @spidey-sophie @insomniac-nerd-posts-things @juliannaamonroe
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rosatistic · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
welcome to the characters list!
Inserted here are the characters I'm okay and inspired to write about.
Izuku Midoriya
Katsuki Bakugo
Shoto Todoroki
Eijiro Kirishima
Denki Kaminari
Hanta Sero
Mina Ashido
Kyoka Jiro
Momo Yaoyorozu
Tsuyu Asui
Tenya Iida
Yuga Aoyama
Ochaco Uraraka
Mashirao Ojiro
Fumikage Tokoyami
Itsuka Kendo
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
Neito Monoma
Ibara Shiozaki
Mirio Togata
Nejire Hado
Tamaki Amajiki
Hitoshi Shinso
Mei Hatsume
Denki Kaminari + Kyoka Jiro
Itsuka Kendo + Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
Shota Aizawa / Eraser Head
Toshinori Yagi / All Might
Hizashi Yamada / Present Mic
Nemuri Kayama / Midnight
Emi Fukukado / Ms. Joke
Keigo Takami / Hawks
Shinya Kamihara / Edgeshot
Rumi Usagiyama / Miruko
Ryuko Tatsuma / Ryukyu
Yu Takeyama / Mount Lady
Taishiro Toyomitsu / Fat Gum
Mirai Sasaki / Sir Nighteye
Moe Kamiji / Burnin
Emi Fukukado (Ms. Joke) + Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head)
Yo Shindo
Inasa Yaorashi
Seiji Shishikura
Camie Utsushimi
Tomura Shigaraki
Himiko Toga
Jin Bubaigawara / Twice
Atsuhiro Sako / Mr. Compress
Fuyumi Todoroki
Natsuo Todoroki
Eri + Kota Izumi
Inko Midoriya + Toshinori Yagi (All Might)
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misstodorokiurie · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
"I just don`t get it doll," Deku said in a lilting yet furied tone. "I gave you everything for the low, love price of nothing but my love and loyalty, and you turn on me."
You sat in one of the metal chairs in his basement, cold chains binding you tightly to the seat. Though you struggled, you barely managed to move at all. Deku smiled down at you, bloodstains splattered across his chest and hands, as well as the shining blade that he clutched half hidden beneath his sleeve. A wicked shining grin was plastered across his face, filed teeth bared as he cut deep into your arm, the blade tracing up towards your shoulder and neck.
"It was bring you in myself or be locked up in Tartarus in your place," you hissed between gritted teeth. Your eyes were pressed shut, the sharp slicing sending jabs of agony through your body. Deku spat out a laugh as you struggled harder, standing over you, the blade against your shoulder, blood welling from the wound.
"And you didn`t think to find a way we both get out, doll? Oh doll, doll doll...I guess there was some sliver of good left in you after all these months together. Weren`t you happy doll? Was I not good enough for you, was the truth too painful for you to face?"
The blood dripping down your bare arm was hot and wet against your skin, and straining your eyes downwards you watched Deku`s tongue dancing along your skin, the blood staining with mouth red.
"I`m doing what`s right, Deku," you muttered.
"What`s right doll? Do you think what you`ve done is right? They`ll lock you up as soon as you turn me in. I`m the only one that ever did you right, and the only reason you`re alive is because I love you so much, despite you betraying me tonight."
His lips brushed your neck as he whispered "I know you don`t want to do this, doll. I know you don`t."
You strained away from him, but his hands grabbed you, pulling you back to him as his teeth dug in, biting hard enough that it drew blood. Somewhere in your stomach, fluttering butterflies yearned for the touch, but your brain screamed at you to fight, to get away from him, and take him to Tartarus.
"I know every inch of your body, doll. Stay with me, we can go back to what we`re made to do, what we were born to do. Those fake heroes mean nothing to us! We're doing the city a favour by killing them! I love it, and you love it too doll don`t you lie to me!"
Deku`s laughter echoed in the blank grey room, high and manic.
"Deku..." you whispered, but a hand over your mouth cut you off.
"Deku, Deku, Deku. Come on doll, I`m your other half! I`m more to you than some......redemption." he spat the word. "I love you doll, and I`m going to make you believe in what we do again. Who got to you, who got it into your head that you were bad?"
You did love him, and it hurt you to be in this situation. It would be easier for you to side with Deku, but the chance of clearing your name, of blaming him and going back to your family and friends....
Was it worth it?
Everyone you used to know labelled you a psychopath. Your family had disowned you. This was your last chance to be normal, but would you really ever go back to normal?
"What`s on that pretty mind of yours doll? You know I`m right know it`s always been us. Bound by blood, bound by this knife this beautiful knife. I`ll fix you doll, I`ll make you into twice the villain you were," whispered Deku, warm breath tickling your ear.
Behind him, a clock ticked five o'clock, and Deku paused, smiling.
"Four hours, doll. Come back to me doll it`s been far too long since you went all sane, since somebody had to go and ruin our fun, ruin you."
A hand slid under your chin and he tilted your face to look him in the eyes, lips almost touching.
"I don`t want to break you, doll, but I will. Oh I will! And if I can`t talk you into it the nice way, I`ll make you the hard way."
There was a click, and the chains around you fell to the floor, Deku`s fists grabbing you by the front of your shirt and slamming you into the concrete floor.
"I love you doll, I love you I love you so much my little psychopath!" he screamed with laughter, slamming your head into the ground twice, three times. Your head spun violently, and you could taste blood in your mouth.
"You`re a deranged killer, just like me! I watched you drink the blood from your own father`s slit throat! You liked it doll, you liked it!"
You screamed as he threw you from the floor into the wall as you staggered, struggling to activate your quirk, to knock him down.
"You`re mine, and I`m yours, your psychopath doll! I love you, and I want my doll back!" he snarled, pressing you to the wall and kissing his bloodied lips to yours. It was sloppy, his hands tearing at your wrists and hands to keep you in place. You kissed him back, you couldn`t help yourself, bodies grinding against each other in the grapple. Another smash, and you felt your legs give way, sliding. He caught you, tongue raking the blood from inside your mouth. He moaned "itadakimasu...ohhh doll I`ll take the delicious blood from you, I`ll take your whole body! You`re soooo hot like this! I want it, and I want you."
"Deku, Deku stop..." you moaned back halfheartedly. Your hands were around his throat, but you were pulling him back, your brain cloudy and broken into confusing pieces.
"I love you, be my crazy vampire slut again, doll. Take me, take my ugh-" he slit the crook of his collarbone with the blade, throwing it aside and dragging your head to him. "...take my blood, doll."
Your brought your lips to the bleeding wound with a savage instinct. The iron taste, a hint of sweet addictiveness in it`s flavour. You sucked it down, a quiet moan escaping your lips while Deku sunk to the ground with you, crying out and chuckling with pleasure.
"Dooollll..." he moaned. "Oh, doll."
"Deku. Please," you replied, and Deku climbed over you.
"What`s that? My doll, oh I`ll take you alright, my sexy doll. You`re back, you`re back doll...."
He brought your lips back to his, blood mingling with his own. It was like you were drunk, but you were enjoying it. Hands pulling at his jacket you wrapped your legs around his waist.
"Oh you`re gonna enjoy this, doll, the pleasure and pain...I`ll fuck the crazy back into you, doll... doll..." he pulled shirt off, and dived for your buttons, tearing them off.
"I`m going to take you, doll, and there`s nothing you can do! My doll, my vampire slut. Itadaki-uhhh doll. Doll, doll, my doll oh I can`t wait!"
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hajisuu · 3 days ago
Villain Deku + CNC (Housewife Reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I swear this shit is stuck in my head
How’d you end up in a hotel room?...tied up like that? Your wrist..are pain and sore from the tight tie. Look at you now; having sex with a villain. “Is this cute little hero..finally giving up?” The green haired man chuckled. Your back arched and your ass perked up, your ass is numb from all the slapping. His cock was abusing you for hours, and you can’t do anything now,, you can feel his hand groping your ass so tightly that it might leave a bruise. You wanted didn’t want it to stop, it just felt so..good. Your face shoved on the pillow, the pillow’s getting wet from your sobbing and whimpering. Your legs start to quiver, you’re scared that he might carve his name, ‘DEKU’, onto your skin with his dagger. “I-I should’ve...a-arrested you— mmmf...” your voice cracked, and you moaned so loud. “Oh yeah?.then why don’t you handcuff me right now..?” He chuckled, “yeah that’s ARE enjoying this..huh”
Man— sorry if it’s shit
LMAO I JUST WROTE THIS FROM SCRATCH— you can use it idontmind :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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uni-senpai-chan · 4 days ago
Human Too
Warning: Cursing, Small Suggest Content
Paring: Villian Deku x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You dismissed the Amber Alert on your phone, the famous villain Deku once again got away from the Pro-Hero. A sighed escaped your mouth, it was all so pointless; if the hero can’t even catch the villain are they even a hero anymore.
You sat up from your bed, walking to your balcony to close the curtains. You let out a yelp of surprise as a loud bang echoed in your ears, a body crashed onto your balcony.
“Fuck” The person cursed, groaning as they sat up. You knew that face, that green hair, those glowing green eyes.
The number one villain just landed on your balcony.
You look at your phone lingering on your bed. You should grab it, call the police or do something, you pause looking at the villain's arm. He was injured
Without thinking you opened the balcony door, kneeling beside him. “Come inside, I’ll dress your wounds” You place a hand on his shoulder making him flench. The boy just noticed your presence, and was slightly confused on why you were helping him.
“What are you-” he pulls back, an untrusting look on his face.
“Just shut up and let me help you” How bold you were to yell back at a villain, he could kill you if he wanted yet you were inviting him inside your home. Slowly you were able to drag the villain inside and sit him on the carpeted floor; which he was getting blood on.
“Why are you helping me, I’m a villain y’know” He’s watching you, every single move you make. “Because you're hurt, villain or not….you're a human” You yell out from your bathroom, looking for your first aid kit.
The male stays quiet, grunting from time to time. You finally find that damned med kit and rush back into the room. “I’m immune to poison by the way” He still doesn’t trust you, watching you take out antibiotics.
“I’m not trying anything Deku, just let me clean your wounds” You raise a brow at him, holding a cloth in your hand as you wait for him to present his arm to you. His eyes bore into yours as you both just stare at each other.
The boy huffs before removing his hand from his wound and showing it to you. “This might sting a bit” You warn him as he scoffs, “Please” he says sarcastically.
You press the warm towel to his wound as he hisses in pain, you snicker under your breath not wanting to anger him. You focus on cleaning his wound, ignoring the gaze that stare into your forehead.
“What...happened?” You ask, moving the cloth slowly to check if the bleeding stopped. “Do you really wanna know, why not just turn the news on and see for yourself?” His hot breath fans on your face as he speaks, his voice cold.
“I wanna hear your side of the story, the news always over-dramatizes everything” You laugh a little removing the blood spoked towel completely, grabbing rubbing alcohol. “I was just minding my business when the lovely number one hero stopped by,” He explains, looking away from you as you pour the liquid over his wound.
“He exploded that diner huh?” You finish for him, well aware with the hero’s anger issues and tendency to blow things up. “I never did get to finish that milkshake” He mutters, clenching his jaw at the stinging pain.
You start to wrap his wound with a bandage, being very careful not to make the villain mad. Even though you're helping him he could kill you afterwards or even kill you now. Your stomach drops at the thought of him just murdering you after you finish.
“I’m not going to hurt you” It’s like he read your mind, you look up and see his eyes that softened quite a bit. “I can tell your scared of me, don’t be; I like that sassy side in you”
You feel your cheeks heat up a bit as the boy flatters you. His other gloved hand touching your cheek. You tighten the bandage wrap making him retract his hand, “I prefer you not try to seduce me”
He grins, a chucking coming from his chapped lips. “Atta girl,” He praises making you grin as well. You finish wrapping the bandage, tying it. “Done, you should probably get some stitches though” You start to put away the supplies as the male checks out his newly bandaged arm.
“Thanks beautiful” he grabs your chin making you look up at him. You only frown removing his hand from your chin; returning your graze to the first aid kit. “I think I like you” He starts to stand up, stretching his arms out a bit.
“Sorry about your carpet, I’ll pay to fix it” He grabs a cigarette from his front pocket, placing it in his mouth before lighting it. “Is that just your excuse to see me again?” You crossed your arms, hip slanting in a way that made you look even sassier.
“Oh trust me doll, we will be seeing each other again”
Before you could reply, cold lips pressed up against your cheek before his breath fanned on your ear. “But there is no guarantee we’ll both be...fully clothed~”
And just like that, he disappeared.
You're left there, sitting on your bloody carpet with a cloth in your hand. A wad of cash is left where Deku once sat, frozen in place still affected by his words.
That bastard.
Tumblr media
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libidinous-weeb · 4 days ago
Just Because (Bakugou x Reader)
Tags: 18+, dub-con/non-con (but it’s got a lighthearted(ISH) ending), overstim, degradation, mind break (kind of??? i guess?? not really), unspecified gender but reader has a puthy
Summary: Reader is a villain and annoyed that Dynamight won’t get off their ass when they do crime. So they capture him and decide to fuck about it. This started as me just wanting to lewd Bakugou in a discord server, but as per usual, i got carried away.
enjoy. or don’t. your choice ig lol. also not beta’d so sorry the capitalization is stupid.
when you perch your self on top of Dynamight’s lap, he’s confused at first. when you slide so close you’re sitting on his crotch, he starts to get the picture. he wants to ask you what the fuck you’re doing but he’s suddenly tongue tied. he’s confused about what you’re doing as he tries to wriggle away, but you don’t let him up. you have him on a bed somewhere, with his legs bound and his wrists trapped in quirk canceling handcuffs.
you start to grind on his cock, moaning quietly in his ear. he vaguely knows you, and you’re making him so hard, harder than he swears he’s ever been in his life. he vaguely knows you, and you’re making him so hard, harder than he swears he’s ever been in his life. he’s so embarrassed you have this effect on him. he’s Dynamight! a big time hero! he should have control over this situation, and someone like you with your soft lips and even softer thighs and perfect little ass that rubs up against him in the best way shouldn’t be the one that’s able to make him lose his iron like grip on his self control.
when you shove your tongue down his throat, it shouldn’t feel this good. he shouldn’t be moaning like a goddamn girl. he shouldn’t feel so good that part of his mind goes blank when you touch and kiss him. he shouldn’t get so flustered and his face shouldn’t be turning cherry red just because of some fucking extra. he shivers, and tries to fight the urge to tilt his head back as your hands move from his chest down lower and lower...
when you finally touch him through his pants, he bites his lip, hard. it’s just your hand, but it feels amazing. you aren’t even directly touching him, and he feels like some kind of pathetic teenager. he starts hoping you don’t notice how his hips are slowly rolling towards your touch.
“H-Hey! Stop—I said stop it!” he cries out, as your mouth moves from his lips to his neck where you kiss and suck and bite.
“I’m gonna have so much fun breaking you like this,” you whisper in his ear. “You’re not—you can’ thinking you’re gonna—“ you cut him off. “I’m gonna fuck you. Hard. And you’re gonna beg me to let you cum. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long, and I’m finally gonna make it happen. You’re not gonna stop me—you can’t. I’m gonna make you cum over and over again, no matter how much you beg me to stop.” his eyes widen a bit in surprise. “Y-You what? Why? Fucking cut it out! Let me go, you fucking freak!” he feels trapped, panicked. still, he’s not scared of you. he’s scared of the effect you have on him.
he’s kissed before. had sex, even (not often, but he’d die before he ever admitted that out loud), so why does it feel like he’s on fire right now? why does his body want this so badly when he doesnt? you pull his shirt over his head and bunch it up by his hands, which are restrained with the cuffs. then you slide your hand down his pants as your mouth moves to his nipples.
“Fuck, n-not there...” his nipples were sensitive and you sucking and teasing and biting at them makes him feel like he’s going to lose his goddamn mind. you aren’t even jerking him off, just groping his dick while you toy with his chest. he’s trying (and failing) to steady his voice while he yells at you. “S-Stop fucking...touching me already!” his voice is loud but it trembles when it escapes him. the way he lies beneath you, eyes clenched shut, his face hot and red, panting and trying to turn his face away from you as if the sight of you is too much for’s too fucking hot. the way quiet moans slip out between words and the way he’s biting his lip to keep himself’s all too irresistible. you need to have him, now. you slide his pants down and position yourself over his dick. “Don’t fucking—“ you cut him off with a harsh slap to the face, then grab him by his chin. “Shut. Up.” you momentarily stun him into silence as his eyes meet yours.
you hold his cock steady as you slide down on him and his eyes roll to the back of his head as a loud, desperate moan leaves him. “F-Fuck, wait! I can’t—!“ he cums. Dynamight, the pro hero, cums the second he bottoms out for the first time like a goddamn virgin. he gasps as his orgasm rushes out of him, surprising you both. he gets even redder still, something you didn’t think was possible. he keeps his eyes shut, brows furrowed as he tries to catch his breath. you laugh. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Big bad Bakugou’s so pathetic that my pussy makes him cum in under 30 seconds? Not so scary now, are you? Where’d all that attitude go? Come on, let’s see it!”
he still doesn’t open his eyes. he’s made of tougher stuff than this. he shouldn’t be brought to his knees by some extra’s fucking pussy. even with the way you slammed down on him out of nowhere. you’re just so tight and hot and soft and feel so fucking perfect...
his eyes shoot open in desperation when you start moving. “W-Wait! I can’t! I-I really can’t! Do-Don’t fucking—nnhg...fuckfuckfuck, stop fucking moving!” you wrap your hand around his throat and apply pressure. he’s grimacing now, all angry and squirmy, trying to free himself from you. you look him directly in the eyes as you choke him.“I told you. You’re not gonna stop me. I decide when it’s over. I’ve just gotten started. I’m gonna make you cum over and over and over again. And you’re gonna lie there and let me. You don’t have a choice. Got it?” you start gyrating your hips, fucking him in earnest. you keep your hand on his throat, letting him breathe but reminding him who’s in control.
he clenches his hands into fists, legs and body shaking as you take what you want from him. he bites his lips so hard to keep himself quiet that he draws blood. you kiss him and clean it up with your tongue as you run it over his lips. his cock feels like it was made for you, long and curved and thick. he still won’t look at you as you keep fucking him, getting close to your first orgasm. “I’m gonna—I’m gonna cum!” instinctively, katsuki opens his eyes and looks at you. you sitting atop him, back arched, breasts pushed forwards, thighs shaking, head thrown back with bliss written across your face...
“AAAAH FUCK!” katsuki cums again. it hurts but it feels so good. despite the fact that he hates this, he can’t deny how fucking hot you look, perched on top of him, cumming all over his cock. “You-You got what you wanted...right? so get-get the fuck off of-mmmh-off of me.”
you open your eyes. katsuki sees how hazy they look as you regain the ability to form words again. “N-No. Not done yet. Wanna come more.” Your airy, lighthearted chuckle confirms what katsuki had suspected. you’re fucked out but still drunk with lust. your first orgasm made you only want more. you started moving your hips again.
“F-Fucking shit...fuck...”at some point, bakugou couldn’t think anymore. he didn’t know up from down. the only thing that mattered was you, your fucking pussy, and how much your torture hurt in the best way possible. he stopped begging you to stop and started babbling about how good it felt, and how perfect you are. “God, FUCK you feel so fucking good, fuck, don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tstop. Please. Just keep fucking me, pleasegodpleasepleasepleaseyesyesyes—FUCK! Fuck, it feels so good. Love it, I fucking love it, FUCK! I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t fucking stop, please! FUCK, I can’t stop cumming, I can’t! I fucking love you, fucking love your pussy, fucking love, FUCKING YOU!”
when your hips gave out and you slumped over his chest, bakugou slid his cuffed hands behind you and flipped you both over. “Don’t fucking stop, pleasepleaseplease—“ you were in the same state as he was. you positioned his cock to your hole as he forced it inside you. your legs shook as he started thrusting in you, short sharp movements like a fucking dog. he was so desperate he was humping you like a fucking dog, and you loved it. “please bakugou, dynamight, katsuki, please fuck me more. i want it so bad, please! fuck, it still feels so fucking good, you and your perfect fucking cock, fucking me up over and over and over again—“
when you finally decided to stop you had both made yourself cum so many times you lost count. bakugou’s cock hurt. he’d cum so much he’d started having dry orgasms. and you were a mess. your pussy was sore. you’d squirted and dripped all over his cock so much there was a puddle underneath you both. you tried to stand but your legs kept shaking. the cuffs around bakugou’s wrists made a beeping sound and then opened, but neither of you registered it.
by the time both of you had regained some sense, you had sat up, and reached into a bedside table near the mattress in the abandoned warehouse you had him in. you shakily handed him a bottle of water as you grabbed one for yourself and did the same with some vending machine peanut butter crackers or some shit. You didn’t look that closely when you bought them. “Here. This is all I got right now. Take it.” without thinking, bakugou reached out to take them, then froze as he looked at his unrestrained hand dumbly. “How...?” “S’ on a timer. Wasn’t gonna kidnap you forever.” he blinked, then took your offering. you both sat in silence as you ate. you pulled out a large sharp knife from the same drawer and katsuki immediately tensed, worried you were going to attack him. “Hey. Here.” you handed him the knife. he stared at it, then you, then stared back at the knife. “It’s to free your legs, stupid.” he stared at you. “What? I’m a villain, but I’m not a monster, Katsuki. Not my fault you’re so fuckin irresistible.”
“You...You’re not gonna kill me?” “Nah. Just wanted to fuck ya. And it was totally worth it. you can arrest me now or whatever. Oh, and there’s some clothes for you in this drawer too, and some baby wipes. No shower though.” you sniff your armpit. “Eugh. Didn’t think to bring deodorant.” katsuki looks to you, and blinks at you owlishly. he finally speaks. “W-What the fuck was that? Why—How—“
“Reasons.” you say, and leave it at that.
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Class 1-a x New Student Reader
I wrote this to go along with a quirk I made for myself. I'd already made a quirk for a character who's gonna be paired with Kirishima so this is basically just if I was in MHA. It's still an x reader so enjoy. This story is mainly for fun and practice so I can get to know the class 1-a characters for my newest book. It may or may not turn into an actual book.
I just wanna say if I could draw this would probably be in a comic book. But I cannot draw so here we are. Also I haven't read the manga
Warnings? Mineta being a perv
Pairings? Possibly Sero or Todoroki or Shinso... or literally any of the guys I'm in love and i have a problem
Part 1/?
Quirk? It's complicated but based on the chronic illness called Lupus
Tumblr media
You'd heard rumors about how easily Class 1-a attracted trouble. This made you feel better about yourself, but it also made you feel bad. You too had your fair share of trouble run ins. Being sister to the leader of the league villains left you with many watchful eyes in the underground world.
Few heroes knew of your relation and even fewer knew of your quirk. Your mentor, Hawks thought the safest place for you to be was UA. Yes, they'd had a run-in or two with villains, but because of it, they were the most capable to defend and fight with you. And Eraserhead it seemed was a great teacher, maybe he could help you learn to control it.
It was false hope, you knew that. Still, you were excited to meet your new classmates.
"Alright, class we've got a new student. Today's morning lesson will be replaced with you helping her settle in and getting to know her," you could hear Mr. Aizawa's voice from the hallway. He sounded bored and tired almost, but you assumed that was just his nature.
You heard excited chatter and that caused the nerves to worsen.
The principal Mr. Nezu smiled, "Don't worry they’ll like you."
You nodded your head, your fingers pulling at and adjusting your tie. You liked the school uniform, the skirt was shorter than you thought it would be that was an easy fix. Knee-waisted white socks with two red stripes on the top made you feel better.
The door opened and you entered. Aizawa barely glanced at you before nodding to Principle Nezu, "I'm leaving her in your trusted hands." You could hear the door attempting to close behind you which forced you forward. You felt every eye on you.
"This is Y/N L/N," he gestured to you. You'd forgotten your last name was changed, the Tomura sure to drag attention.
You bowed deeply.
"Hello, sorry to barge in your class. Nice to meet you."
You could hear whispers and you unconsciously touched your white horn, one on another side of your head. They were filed down to about two inches, still noticeable in your curly hair. You knew the grey streaks in your hair and in your eyes would cause many questions.
A boy with green hair raised his hand quickly, "What's your quirk?" He asked his eyes sparkling it seemed like.
You bit your lip but before you could answer Mr. Aizawa cleared his throat, "You're all dismissed. I expect her moved in by lunch, you have combat training this afternoon."
A girl with pink hair and yellow horns shook her fist excitedly, "YES! Feels like forever since we've had a lesson like that." Everyone stood up, while Mr. Aizawa slumped into his seat his eyes closing as he rested his head on his desk. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
"Don't worry, he does that a lot. I'm Uraraka," one of the girls said and you immediately put her name to her face.
"Nice to meet you," you beamed.
"She's so cute! I'm Mina," the girl with pink skin and yellow horns yelled excitedly.
"Hi! Thank you," you bowed slightly, causing her to shake her head wildly, "Don't bother we're all the same here! I'll introduce you to everyone."
On the way to the dorms, you found easy ways to remember everyone. Somehow each name fit a person. Plus you'd recognized a few people from the sports festival. You were thankful none of them asked personal questions, instead they choose to get to know you on the surface.
"Is your hair naturally that color?" "Yes, it changed its color when I was 6." "Do you play any instruments?" "Kind of, but I can paint better!" "Are you a good fighter?" "I'd like to think so but I guess we'll see this afternoon."
You also began to piece together the groups of close friends, the rivals, and even those who shared certain hobbies or hardships.
"You look nice in a skirt," Mineta complimented a smirk on his face, his mouth-watering. You knew his intentions, still glaring at him seemed to do nothing until Bakugo stepped in front of him his hand filling with small puffs of smoke.
"Thanks," you mumbled as you adjusted your skirt attempting to pull it down.
Bakugo let out a gruff, "Whatever," and joined his group of friends' hands tucked in his pocket.
"Sorry about him," Tsu stepped up next to you, "Mineta is our resident pervert. Be careful around him."
You nodded in thanks.
Your room had most of your bigger things moved in, you figured that was Hawks doing. On your bed were a few pictures clipped together with some picture frames, and journals.
The only thing you had to do was hang your clothes up, fix your desk and put your pictures up. The girls all volunteered, the boys cleaning around the dorm to make you feel more at home.
You hid the pictures figuring you'd go through them later tonight. Besides, being pictured next to a number 2 hero would definitely turn some heads.
"Your Japanese is good but it doesn't sound like your first language," Momo began as the girls made their way down to the common room, "What is your first language?"
You chuckled, "You're very observant, my first language was English, then Japanese, and then Russian," you explained.
Cue excited boys and curious girls.
Denki grinned, "Wow how did you learn?!"
Before you could answer, the bell rang the dorm common room almost seemed to shake. You decided it was only because it was your first time hearing it.
"Come on Dunce face, you'll get your answer at lunch," Bakugo grunted the first to make his way towards the doors leading out of the dorms.
No one argued with him food also on their minds and stomachs.
I hope I can fit in well, you thought to yourself grateful for Mina and Uraraka both of them explaining different things to you. Whether or not you knew what they were you were happy all the same.
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Announcement: New Multi-Part Fic—Teaser
     Where We Rot: Peter Parker x Villain!Reader
     Life’s not fair. You’ve heard the phrase millions of times. Mostly from your mother. When she was slamming you against the cold mat in the training room, or when she withheld food from you, until you maintained the perfect form, it was always the same,
     “When will you learn (Y/N)? Life’s not fair. The weak will constantly be shit on. Do you want to be weak? Do you want to be dirt beneath my boots?”
     “No, Mother.” You’d say as you wiped the blood from your lips. 
     “Then get back in position.” 
     “Pathetic!” Your mother spat, spitting blood on the ground next to your bruised body. “You need to be faster, stronger. You think they will give up after a measly four hours? You think your father would stop from killing you? He’s not you. He’s strong and determined.” She bent down to your level and grabbed your cheeks, clawing her nails into your flesh, “such a disappointment. Go to bed, no dinner.” 
     You wiped the blood form for lips and spit the rest to the ground. “Yes, Mother.” 
     As you stood, she came upon you again and slapped you, the force spreading across your face like lighting, burning your cheek and turning it red. “Don’t think your obedience will please me. It would please me more when you finally can drive a knife into Tony Stark’s throat.”
moots: @ptersmj @peterbenjiparker @princessofguineapigs @kelieah @allegra-writes @starktonyx @justapurrcat @thirstiestpotato @iovebug @sinisterspidey @spideyspeaches @spidernerdsblog @itsapeterthing  @felicityparkers @asonofpeter @cherrytholland @spidey-sophie @enchantedcruelsummer 
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Your gentle, friendly reminder that its perfectly fine to want one of the nastier Villains (Or just plain hated villains), whether its for raw animalistic sex stuff or because it feels good to be liked and wanted by someone who hates everything else, rather then a soft boi that loves his mummy and will do crafts for you. If you're just not comfortable or attracted to the 'redeemable' ones, that's fine. You're not bad, or over-sexual. This is all about your inner happy fantasies- if you want Freddy Krueger to call you a bitch and tease you rather then have Jason Voorhees give you hugs and save you from drunk teenagers, then freaken enjoy that XD Bitch me too.
Same the other way too of course, but this is for the Villain fuckers that don't get enough signs that they're valid. You are.
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Little Black Dress (part two)
Summary: After three months on the run, Steve finds the reader holed up in a warehouse in New York. Here’s the catch - she wants his help with her former employer - the one who hired her to kill him. Read part one here
Warnings: little swearing, sexual tension, slight cliffhanger bc that’s always fun, kissy kiss (spoiler lol)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader/Hitwoman!Reader & Sociopath!Reader
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, all Avengers mentioned
Word count: 2.2k
Tumblr media
Steve stood at the entrance of the warehouse, his team surrounding it as he finished prepping.
"Cap, we've got eyes on her," Sam said via comms. "Once you get in, take a left and keep on going. She's on the phone with someone, none of us can get close enough without being seen."
"Alright. I'm going in," Steve stated.
"Be safe, we all know how dangerous this girl is," Nat reminded. "The police owe our ass for doing their job,"
"At least we've got the jurisdiction now," Wanda mentioned.
Steve disregarded them and slowly opened the metal door. It made a faint creaking noise that echoed throughout the warehouse, and Steve knew he'd lost the element of surprise right then and there. Despite this, he proceeded to make his way through the cold and dark building.
He noticed the long hall to his left and did as Sam said, making his way down as he donned his red, white, and blue shield on his back. It was silent and the only light came from the abnormally large windows down the side, the street lights giving the room an array of colours.
"I can't see her anymore," Sam announced. "Where the hell did that psycho bitch go?" He questioned, both to himself and the team.
"Steve get out of there, she knows you're in," Tony suggested.
"Exactly. She'll come to me," Steve murmured, continuing to walk through.
"Yeah, or she'll make a run for it and we won't see her again for another three months," Clint chimed in. 
Steve was tempted to turn off the comms but he mustered whatever common sense he could and continued to look around. Once he reached the end of the hall, he saw a small lamp sitting in the corner and a makeshift bed, clothes scattered around it, and half-eaten food and wrappers dispersed.
"I think she's been living here for a little while now," Steve stated. "Her belongings are here. No sign of her yet,"
He crouched down and examined the area, finding a few photographs underneath the clearly used cushion. He furrowed his brows and picked them up. 
"Oh, shit," Steve muttered, his eyes widening as he looked at them. This was a game-changer.
"Steve's cursing, I repeat, Steve's cursing," Tony remarked. "Totally got on a recording. What's happening, big guy?"
Before Steve could respond, there was the sound of a gun clicking directly behind his head. Steve froze and closed his eyes.
"Hey, pretty boy," You greeted. "Long time no see,"
He slowly dropped the pictures and rose to his feet, still feeling the heavy Glock against the nape of his neck. He kept calm, even though his other instincts were racing in a rush to do anything else. After a few moments of quiet, you spoke up.
"God, I am hungry. Aren't you? I could go from some Mexican," You sighed and took the gun away from him.
Steve turned to face you, puzzled as you tucked it away into the back of your jeans. 
"You know, there's a great place on 86th and Lex. Owner’s a little bit of a creep, but he gives me free food," You paused, seeing the expression on his face. "Ohh, you're probably wondering why I didn't just shoot you for vengeance, right?" You casually said, pursing your lips.
He nodded, not saying a word as his eyes trailed over you, noticing your still clean appearance despite your living conditions. You took a few steps back into the centre of the room and Steve followed you.
"I see her, and you, what the hell's going on in there, Cap?" Sam asked.
Steve didn't respond and watched as you clicked your tongue in thought, letting out a chuckle.
"Alright. Thing is... I kind of need your help," You stated. "You and your pals. It turns out we've got a common enemy,"
Steve tilted his head at you, still confused. "The last time you saw me, you promised you'd finish your contract, that you'd kill me,"
"Oh, the past is the past," You waved your hand dismissively. "That contract went to shit the minute my employer put a hit on me. Besides, why do you think I let you and your team find me?"
"Let us?"
"Yeah, I'm not an idiot, Captain. I know how to hide as a fugitive. What do you think I am?" You scoffed. "An amateur? I've been in this business long enough to know how to vanish off the face of the Earth,"
"I'm not here to make any compromises, or help you, Y/N. I'm here to arrest you," Steve told. "I'm gonna give you the chance to come quietly - because we both know with the Avengers and me, you won't be able to get out of this without making it a spectacle,"
"That's cute, Stevie, it really is," You replied.
"Don't call me that," He shot.
You smiled at that slowly strutted forward, you put a hand on his chest and started to walk around Steve. Your hands swept across his arm and then his shield, your finger trailing over the vibranium shield and onto the material of his suit.
He cleared his throat, trying not to react as you looked at him up and down, circling around him.
"Hmm," You hummed. "I gotta tell you, these past few months have been pretty interesting. It's all thanks to you and even though I am one to hold grudges, I've decided not to kill you. Not yet, anyway,"
"I'm flattered," He remarked sarcastically.
"Ooh, Captain America's got an attitude," You mused. "Look, I think we can make a deal here," You leaned in close to his ear. "I might be a bad guy to you, but there is a much worse guy coming," You whispered in his ear. Steve tensed to your gentle touch and shuddered. 
He shook his head hard. "No," He muttered and stepped away from you. "You're going to jail, and my team and I are going to handle whoever it is you're talking about. I don't negotiate with killers and I won't fall for any tricks,"
Steve reached down for the cuffs hanging from his belt, but they were nowhere the be found. He looked back up to you, seeing as they hung from your finger and in the other hand, you held the small emergency gun he had tucked away - one that he rarely used. 
You must've swiped them when you circled him.
"Oh, but you already did, Captain. The moment you laid eyes on me," You smirked at him. "You saw those photographs. You know who I am. You know I could do more damage to you than you could ever imagine, but here I am, offering you a chance to work with me. And then... hey, who knows. Maybe I'll escape, maybe you'll kill me, or maybe I'll kill you. Whatever happens, happens," You gestured between the two of you with the gun.
Steve scowled and you laughed at that, obviously entertained.
"You should give those back," Steve said.
"Why don't you come and get them?" You waved the cuffs around.
He didn't need to be told twice. He rushed toward you but you sidestepped and hit him in the back of the head with the gun, weakly and just enough to anger him to prove you weren't messing around.
"Oops," You smiled.
He glared at you and tried again. 
"Aren't you, like, the nice one? You give people a chance, or some crap like that?" You wondered, tilting your head at him. 
You tossed the gun onto the ground, far away from the two of you and pocketed the handcuffs as far as you could.
"Not people who try to kill me, and not people I don't trust," Steve replied.
You rolled your eyes, seeing how he was growing more serious. Steve went for his shield, and you took that as an opportunity to run. To his surprise, you went straight for the obvious exit, down the hall the same way he'd come in.
"She's running," Steve told comms.
"Yeah, we know. Heard your whole conversation," Tony said. "Wanda's got west exit, right?"
"I'm going after her," Steve said as he began running after you.
Almost at once, you started to pant for breath with the sheer speed you ran. He was in pursuit of you and a quick glance behind you made it clear he was much faster than you. You mentally rolled your eyes at yourself for this horrible idea - racing a super solider? You knew you had to use every second to your advantage.
You shoved the metal door open and tried to lock it behind you, hearing Steve's quick steps from inside. You gave up and spotted Wanda Maximoff on the rooftop of the building, red orbs coming from her hands as her eyes glowed.
You ran down the empty road, further to the busy and bustling street. You heard the metal door break from behind and the sound of energy pulsating nearby. Above you was The Falcon as he tried to find a way to get to you without interrupting the traffic you were coming to.
His shield went into the brick on the corner, close to hitting as you turned right.
You ran across the street, a car pulled out in front of you. The only way to not get hit was to swerve to the right and you found yourself in a dead-end.
Steve would be there within seconds, the Avengers would. You had the most powerful heroes in the world after you. You only just managed to jump onto the top of a large bin in time. 
As Steve made it into the alleyway, not losing any breath, you lept onto him. If you could get him to the ground then you would be able to keep running. The sudden weight on his back made him stumble and fall, but when you tried to get up and run, Steve grabbed you by the ankle.
You struggled and a scuffle followed as you both fought. You barely managed to clamber on top of him, straddling him.
"Usually I like to wait for a few dates before I'm top of a guy, I'll admit that much," You breathed. 
Steve tried to throw you off without success. He noticed Sam flying above, seemingly having lost you in the dark alleyway. 
You smiled and leaned forward. You had to lower his sense of security, and it had worked before, well, not as good as you'd hoped but you were willing to try again.
"Do we have to fight like this?" You wondered. "I can be very persuading, as I'm sure you've read my files. Come on, Stevie, can't you turn a blind eye? Just for a little while. We could... work something out,"
Steve's eyes slipped down onto your lips. He breathed heavily and hesitated. The past three months, he’d tried to discover everything there was to know about you - borderline paranoid, spending his days looking over his shoulder incase you were there.
However, one question hindered compared to the many others. "14 men," He muttered. "Why'd you do it? And don't say for the money,"
You sighed, feeling how he wasn't bothering to fight underneath you anymore, despite how much stronger he was. Your fingers trailed over the side of his face and you unbuckled the helmet he wore. You took it off of him and threw it to the side, seeing his face in its full beauty.
"It was for the money," You whispered. "I was so ready to make you my 15th because doesn't that sound so nice? 15 men. 14 men sounds wrong. 15 is a nice round number and Captain America too, wow. That's just... that would've been an honour. Who knows, maybe it will be,"
He remained quiet, waiting for your real answer.
"If you gave me a chance, just one, maybe I'd tell you," You tried. 
"I can't do that," Steve muttered.
You bit your bottom lip, noticing how he watched the action with a familiar heat in his eyes. You hesitated. "Why don't you tell your team where I am?" You tapped the shell of his ear, feeling his comms. 
He shrugged in response and you took this as an opening. You kissed him and Steve's tense muscles instantly relaxed. He reached up and his hands settled on your waist. You smirked as your lips moved against his, pleasantly surprised by his response.
For a moment, there was nothing else in the world but the delighted passion between the two of you. You opened your eyes to see him looking quite lost in the moment.
You cupped his cheek soothingly, slightly taken aback by the eagerness from him. Before you could close your eyes again, Steve grabbed you by the wrist and latched the handcuff around it. 
You tried to throw yourself back and protect your other hand, but he was quick to jump up and use your momentum to push you to the ground, landing on top of you. He managed to keep you down and fastened the other wrist, no matter how hard you fought. 
"You're under arrest,"
“You can’t arrest me, you don’t even have the legal power too. Why don’t you put those cuffs to proper use, Rogers?"
“Tempting,” He said sarcastically. "We're gonna have a nice long chat, including about those photographs I found. And then we'll hand you over to the police, got it?"
"Ooh, but I was enjoying our little moment there, Captain," You teased. "How long have you been wanting to do that?"
"Be quiet," Steve mumbled. "I've got her," He put his hand to his ear as he spoke into comms. "Bring the van, I'll meet you guys on the corner from the warehouse,"
"Got it. And for your information, we got all of that on video," Tony stated. "Camera's everywhere, Cap, I was waiting for you to notice,"
Steve exhaled deeply, knowing he'd never live this down now. He saw you squirming on the ground and you squealed as he picked you up and threw you over his broad shoulders. You felt like a little kid with your head dangling on his back.
"This didn't go according to plan," You grumbled.
A/N: Okay so.... I don’t know if this is gonna be a series or just a few fun parts, but depending if this does decently then yeah sure i’ll keep on going. I personally just wanted to keep the photograph plot a little secret for now, however imagine whatever the hell you want! Sorry this took so long, I kept on rewriting it with different tropes but then I got a random burst of energy at 1am and this came out so boom. Request or message! x
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queenwastaken · 8 days ago
"You say everyone has a good side, Quackity, and now you're right. You’re right--everyone has a good side--but that good side is only there to help themselves. If you want to really help people, you're going to need power, Quackity. You can make a movement, you can make a resistance, right, you can go out, and you can come back, and they'll give you a ticker-tape parade. They'll cheer for you in the streets, but you will change NOTHING. If you have a revolution, everyone will hate you. You will sacrifice everything, and you will lose everything you've ever had. But you'll come back, and everything will be changed. And Quackity, if you want to change things, you're going to need power. That's what you want, really, isn't it? Look at me. Power isn't gained through diplomacy, and bureaucracy and giant court houses suspended in the sky--blah blah blah. It's gained from swords, Quackity. It’s gained from blades. It’s gained from steel, iron. Even if everyone has this good side that you’re talking about, then anyone who wants to prove it has to show their dark side first. You’re going to have to kill, you’re going to have to torture, you’re going to have to maim. And when I look at you, as a fellow’re not ready for that."
- Wilbur Soot, from today’s lore stream. 
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ahsxual · 8 days ago
Let Me Take Care Of You
Pairing: Kai Anderson x Reader
Summary: Kai is very stressed because of his first meeting with the other council men, so his precious little lamb decides to take care of the dangerous cult leader.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: swearing, "soft" Kai, mentions of sex
A/N: I know, I know... a fic about Kai that isn't angst or smut? Well, I wanted to change things a little bit, because I need a more kind and less stressed Kai in my life. I tried to write Kai in character as much as possible, so I hope you enjoy this! <33 Also: ignore the fact that Meadow is in that gif, it should be you instead ;)
Tumblr media
"Fuck!" you heard your very stressed boyfriend swearing loudly inside his messy room. He was going to have an important meeting with the other council members in a few hours, and since he must have a very precise speech in front of those serious and experienced men, it only made him and his complex mind more nervous, even if he didn't admit it.
"What happened??" you asked worriedly, still trying to catch your breath since you ran from Winter's room to his once you heard him screaming.
Everyone knew how a spitfire Kai was, getting angry at the very tiny details: if anything isn't going how he had planned, he would easily lose his mind. Yet, you're the only one, besides Winter, that managed to calm him down successfully, even if takes a few minutes to do so. You entered the room only to see Kai searching hurriedly for something, and your shared bed covered by all of his clothes. He didn't reply, and for a second you even doubted he heard you at all, so your tried again.
"Kai, let me help you!" you loudly proclaimed while approaching him. He seemed to have heard you this time, so he quickly looked at you with a desesperate expression, and immediately stopped for a moment, before putting his large hands in his hair. "What are you looking for? Because it's very difficult for only one person to find whatever you are looking for in this mess." you said more quietly, looking around while you talked.
"I uhm... I'm searching for my dark-blue tie, but I can't find it anywhere! Goddammit!!" you could tell that his nerves were taking the worst of him, not letting his brain process the situation properly.
"You're just thinking too much about it, ok? Sit down for a moment and I'll search for your tie." you suggested and he obeyed you, trusting you enough to know what's best for him. After a few minutes, you found the object that was giving him a huge headache. He probably must grabbed it along with another piece of clothing, and didn't notice it. "Here you are!" you said while grabbing his chosen tie, only for him to look over at the accessory with a big smile.
"Finally! How could I not find it?" he thought loudly, before taking his tie from your hands and putting it on top of the rest of his suit that was laying on the bed, ready to be worn by him after the shower.
"You're welcome!" you said ironically, waiting for at least a nice thanks from your boyfriend. He then turned to you and smiled, approaching you slowly to take you in his arms.
"Thanks, doll. I don't know what I would do without you." you gently laughed at his response, before receiving a sweet kiss on the top of your head from his soft lips.
"You just need to calm down. We both know how intelligent and persuasive you are, and I'm sure you're going to leave everyone speechless with your statements." he kindly smiled at you, your comforting and supportive words meaning way more to him than you could ever imagine. This time, he decided to give a gentle kiss on your lips, showing you how much he appreciated the fact that you are always by his side, in the good and the bad moments. That was until you felt his strong hands firmly squeezing your butt cheeks, and his lips leaving their way from your swollen lips to your neck while leaving visible love bites in the process.
"Babe, now it's not the right time to have sex. We can do it later when you come back as an official councilman." you commented seductively, not wanting to delay your boyfriend anymore.
"Sounds like a plan." he whispered in your neck, his voice lower and quieter than usual. After giving you a quick kiss on the lips, he walked to the bathroom, undressing himself meanwhile. "You coming?" he said while taking his last piece of clothing, not realizing that you were cleaning up his room by putting his clean clothes on his drawer.
"I'll join you in a minute, just let me clean this mess."
"Come on Y/n, you can do that later. You don't need to do that right now." he tried to convince you, and once you saw the barely noticeable pout in his face and his naked body right in front of your eyes, nothing else needed to be said.
"Ok, I'll go. But you're going to be the one who will clean your room later."
"Whatever you want, doll." he smirked, and you knew he only said that just so you could join him in the shower without him needing to convince you any further, yet you couldn't care less. Anyway, you would do anything for him and vice-versa, because deep down you knew he cared for you as much as you cared for him.
The moment you entered the bathroom, he helped you take off your own clothes, and you couldn't help but laugh at his eagerness to share such intimate moment with you.
"Someone's in a hurry, huh?" you teased, while watching your boyfriend taking your panties from your body in a fast motion, before discarding them into the floor.
"You know I'm always in a hurry when it comes to seeing my girl naked, all of her body vulnerable to me." you rolled your eyes at his dominant statement, but only when he kissed your neck, since he couldn't see your facial expressions. Otherwise, you would be in big trouble since he hated whenever you did that, especially at him.
"Come on sassy boy, I'm sure you don't want to be late for the big event." before you entered the bath, you felt a strong slap in your ass. "Ouch! What the hell was that?!" you looked at him with wide eyes, only to see an angry expression from him.
"Call me that again, see what happens." his dominance always turned you on incredibly fast, and all you wanted in that moment was for him to take all his rage and stress on you... but you had to contain yourself, so you limited to simply mutter a sorry under your breath, before turning the hot water on. When the water was at the right temperature, you both moaned at the relaxing feeling, making you giggle and Kai to smile at you.
"Let me take care of you." you gently suggested. It was more of a question than a statement, because as much as you knew Kai, he was always unpredictable.
You saw him open his eyes slowly, staring at you with a neutral face, like he was thinking to himself if he should let you take the lead for once. After what seemed like an eternity, you noticed him nodding his head, and if you weren't looking so attentively at him, you would have definitely missed it. While you grabbed your shampoo bottle (you knew he always used yours instead, saying it smelled way better than his and made his hair softer), you put a little portion of shampoo on your hand before gently massaging his head. Your delicated hands made Kai let out a satisfied groan, making you smile since you were making him feel good.
When you turned around to grab the bath hose so you could wash out the shampoo from Kai's head, you felt him grab your waist gently, a kind gesture of his that meant he wanted to feel you closer to him. That made you smile to yourself immensely, and feel butterflies flying inside your stomach, since Kai isn't affectionate very often.
"Your hands feel really nice..." you heard him praising you, his tone very soft, yet low.
"I love massaging your hair. You just have to ask me and I'll gladly do it." you felt his hands grabbing you more firmly, while he let a soft gasp from his lips accompanied by a genuine smile on his handsome face.
"Yeah, I should do that..." he whispered with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling way too much and finally starting to relax. It was at that moment you realized how much you loved your boyfriend, even if he's very complicated to deal with most of the time... and how you deeply wished that moment would never come to an end: just the two of you, naked and declaring your love and adoration for each other.
"Let me wash yours now, little lamb." you noticed the dominance in his voice, realizing that he wasn't asking for permission, but instead ordering, like he always does.
The next few minutes passed by you both making out and him washing your hair in a careful manner, which truly impressed you, and both of you helping the other wash their backs. But as you should expect, Kai demanded to wash your whole body, from massaging every so gently your face with shower gel, to your neck, boobs, ass, genitals, legs and feet. You felt incredibly good, having Kai taking care of you, even in the most simple tasks, is the most intimate and submissive experience you ever had. But you couldn't deny that it felt amazing.
You both got out of the shower and dryed yourselves up with a soft towel. He barely dryed his body, before entering your bedroom to start dressing himself up.
"Kai, your hair is dripping! You're going to wet your suit!" you warned him, yet he just shrugged it off like he didn't care about it... because he didn't. You rolled your eyes without his acknowledge, then went to grab a small towel to help him getting his hair dry faster. It was a little difficult for you to do that while he was dressing himself, but you made it work like you always do. You then saw him turning around in your direction while looking at you intensely, and you immediately understood that he was silently asking for you to help him putting his dark-blue tie.
"Oh uh... yeah, sure." you said once you realized what he meant, and immediately started to put his tie on him. The whole process, he couldn't take his eyes off of you, admiring every detail in your face and analysing every movement you did. "What? Why you're staring at me like that?" you quietly, yet nervously laughed.
"Nothing." he answered in a neutral tone. "You're just way more sexy from up close while serving your master." his confession made your cheeks burn in shyness and embarrassment, and when you looked at him, he was now staring at the wall instead, without showing any kind of emotion on his face, like what he said was the most normal thing in the world.
"Of course, sir. Anything for my master." you then helped him doing his hair, by brushing it into a perfect ponytail. You would be lying if his new serious look didn't make you horny... and by your immense stare, your slightly red cheeks and the hard bitting on your lower lip, he could tell that he could make you cum just by ordering you to suck his cock.
"Now get yourself dressed pretty, little lamb. A master must always have their most obedient and gorgeous servant by his side... especially at special occasions like this one."
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angelsofprey · 8 days ago
Why I Hate Strongly Dislike Boku no Hero Academia(‘s story) (also this whole thing doesn’t matter I’ll still write fanfic lmao)
Edit: Alternate Title: Izuku Has Been Done Dirty and It Makes Me Damn Near Uncomfortable
Another Edit: Quirkless!Deku AU Supremacy
You already KNOW who it is: Boku no Hero Academia: What it Could Have Been
Let me preface this for both randos seeing this and my followers: I have written over 100k for this anime, most of it not being posted (and that’s probably being humble), and will never stop and I’ve always felt this way and as you can see it hasn’t affected my writing.
“Why do you write for something you hate-?” Because I’m not weak. I do have ‘legit’ reasons though: I like the characters, but not their stories.
That’s not to say that I don’t like everything that makes them, their actual stories, per say, but how they act in this entire plot of a show and many movies; this is the fault of one person, that this whole anime kicks off from:
Midoriya Izuku
You will not get an entire speech from me about crybabies because that’s dumb as hell, let men cry, dare I say there is no such thing as crybabies.
♡︎ explanation under the cut ♡︎
To back this up before we start for real let me bring something to your attention: you see the hype of the movies? Do you ever truly notice what has people so hyped? Is it what the story will be? No. Is it how it will contribute to the canon? Definitely not. It’s always about one thing, and that’s the characters.
It’s always about ‘blah blah looks so good!’ (as it should be) and not about ‘I wonder what this would mean for the overarching plot of hero society!’ (there is an exception to every rule, though.)
Compare this to something like The Avengers, it’s always about the universe, maybe a ‘yay!’ or two about Spider-man’s new suit or something.
Keep this in mind.
Back to Midoriya, if taken out of context (even and maybe especially if his powers were taken away) I would absolutely love his character; I mean he’d be like many characters I do already! But he, unfortunately, is in context.
I’ll try to briefly explain my issue: Midoriya is born quirkless, things happen, he meets his idol, asks his idol if he can be a hero without being born with something special and All Might says no.
That isn’t even the problem, an amazing call to action in a story is by a big blow of someone, anyone, telling the main character that they can’t do the thing they want to do (their whole thing is proving everyone wrong, especially)! But... it’s what happens after.
You know this, Midoriya is heartbroken but All Might ‘sees something in him’ or whatever and he just gets... handed a quirk.
Now, it could be argued that this is symbolic and that Midoriya being given a quirk is just like other kids being given a quirk when they were born but it doesn’t exactly... execute that. I think of it like this:
Midoriya could have been the one, the true thing that even the villains were practically fighting for, that hero society was really stupid. He could have been the quirkless kid that beat out the ones born special, it could have been a sign that everyone has a chance, that everyone should be given a chance and he could have blazed a path through.
I think my issue is how Midoriya acts, like he’s still so small and weaker when he’s given the quirk of the time’s number one hero... when he’s just not? He’s not weak, he almost kills a few people with no remorse (“he almost hit me with a full powered punch, what kind of hero does that?” —paraphrase of Shigaraki, pretty sure he mentions how he could have been killed).
If that scene with All Might telling him no in the first place didn’t happen, I think I wouldn’t have been bothered, I think I would have gone with it, but it did happen and it set up the thought of another universe where he is a true underdog fighting for the top when it’s practically a joke in the first to second episode that he has to be special in order to get to the top in the world- in that world.
(not to even mention that to even be quirkless and be in the same building as the hero course you have to be a literal genius.)
It’s practically idealized and probably childish to think that if you work hard enough you can go above and beyond anyone you wanted to, and probably a ‘dumb’ story in turn but... it’s something that doesn’t make the back of my head feel weird with this kid acting in a false humbled manner, acting like he couldn’t just destroy the world right then and there if he wanted to, this is my version of a ‘dumb’ story.
There are even other stories that send the same message, in Kuroko’s Basketball a prodigy character known as one of the Generation of Miricles says that another character couldn’t reach the same level as him and others a part of said group, as well as his found-family brother, because he wasn’t ‘born right’ and there isn’t anything wrong with him, he just doesn’t have a special ‘talent’! This actually causes him a lot of pain that he voices to a teammate that was also a part of the GoM, he says that the teammate has something he can’t have.
But! I watch Boku no Hero Academia anyways, write for it anyways, because... it’s like a birthday party! I hate parties... but it has everyone I love inside.
Midoriya Izuku is (an attempt at) the facade of an underdog while being Superman.
I don’t even know why but I needed to say this out loud (or type this out) that the message of BNHA is weird asf- now, saying it out loud that ‘you shouldn’t just have a character only be able to win with having something special’ is childish and the show (especially the manga) isn’t for little kids (even though they’d watch this mindlessly and not gaf anyways) but a message is a message? Even if it doesn’t matter because literally nobody cares what anything says about morals after The Ugly Duckling; some things are still off-putting.
Note: I wonder if people subconsciously feel this and that’s why they’re drawn to Villain Deku?
Another Note: if you wanna argue for whatever useless reason and your thing is ‘write your own damn story’ I will. Like why do you think I’m here? I’m warming up my writing skills foo’. HMPH—
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