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villanelle x reader

not a native speaker so some sentences can be weird, i’m sorry

It was a V’s idea to spend your vacation in Monaco. It was nice and cool at the start, but that turn ugly very quickly. Someone sends a hitman to kill you and Villanelle wasn’t happy about this. She tried interrogate him, but lose patience very quickly so she shoots him. After this incident her possessive and protective side shows up even more. You can’t go to work alone, some meeting or shop, you think she enjoys the last one. In a few words your life was entire control by V, even if she means the world to you this was way too much. The only way you can have this time is in the bathroom, but even sometimes V wants to join you.

You two were in a peaceful silence, when she starts to speak.

- I think you should leave your job, I can support you financially. she said with a dreamy smile.

- I don’t think that’s a good idea, I need communication and I like my job. you don’t want a fight, but you will start one if she continues to be like this.

- You always say that’s stressful. she still has a smile on her face.

- Well, you smile looking her in the eyes, your job is even more stressful, but you don’t quit it because you enjoy it.

- They will try to hunt and kill you. she says, being sullen.

- Well, I date an assassin, find and kill them.

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It’s actually ridiculous how good Jodie looks in this outfit

(Also her leg muscles what the actual fuck)

(It’s been weeks since this episode aired but I still think about this at least once a day)

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Okay. Maybe this is just a me thing. But the way she says “I didn’t know you had it in you. Good for you” like— I’m obsessed with it for some reason and I truly don’t know why. Am I crazy or is there just something about that line that hits different?

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3. What episodes from s1 are your favorite?

Ep 1 definitely because it was the perfect pilot / intro to a perfect show. & Ep 5 for the entire kitchen scene 😍

11. What do you love most about Eve?

Idk I kinda love her chaotic energy sometimes & how impulsive she can be because same 😅

25. The dynamic between Villanelle & Konstantin?

I lovveee their dynamic. They have such father daughter energy and when she’s with irina in s1 they could totally be like sisters. Both highly intelligent & street smart & yet so childlike.

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begging | villanelle blurb


Originally posted by danasoupchef

pairings: Villanelle (Oksana Astankova) x F!Reader

a/n: as per request to the anon who requested more villanelle, here’s another blurb. I promise I’m working on some one shots it’s just taking me a bit of time bc I keep scraping sm paragraphs 😭 this does contain smut so please only 18+!! anywho, I hope you guys enjoy!

warnings: edging, dom!villanelle, daddy kink (yup), bondage, masturbation, strap-on mentioning and filth


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