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catchymemes8 months ago
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violetsyrenart4 months ago
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Starting another critical role portrait series. This times it鈥檚 the villains! Beginning with everyone鈥檚 favorite power couple, The Briarwoods.
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smiledog155783 months ago
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I loved 鈥渢he mystic crystal鈥 video so much I had to draw fanart! Tbh necromancer didn鈥檛 really do any necromancy so I drew him rising up an army馃槍鉁岋笍
馃馃徏鈥嶁檪锔廟eblogs are appreciated!馃
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throofa month ago
what villian type are you but the questions and results are dumb
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goddessofcryinga month ago
operator: 911, please hold
percy: stop trying to kill me for a second, we鈥檙e on hold
probably luke, sighing, putting his hands down: okay.
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kaechan4 months ago
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While people over here are thirsting for tall vampire lady D. I am over here thirsting for Resident Evil鈥檚 Magneto!聽
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comeplayandgoaway2 months ago
The way that Nick Goode likely was hype to give Ryan Torres (aka Skull Mask) to the devil bc then he'd have an excuse to get Ziggy to talk to him again (ie him putting the "it's happening again" note in her letterbox)... a true psychopath
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onebadnoodle2 months ago
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Tumblr media
some fox sketches for a character idea i had. also trying to get better at drawing expressions
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catchymemes6 months ago
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scruffpuppy7 months ago
some music if u need villianistic songs
playlist is called atagony! on spotify and apple music, link at bottom
sleepwalk by forrest day
drop dead by badflower
saccharine by jazmin bean
lover i don鈥檛 have to love by bright eyes
burning pile by mother mother
bad bad things by ajj
blood and bones by the blake robinson synthetic orchestra
stalkers tango by autoheart
verbatim by mother mother
teeth by cage the elephant
kitchen fork by jack conte
runs in the family by amanda palmer
why you gotta kick me when i鈥檓 down by bring me the horizon
the fine print by stupendium
the way we get by by spoon
puppet loosely strung by the correspondents
take a slice by glass animals
visitation of the ghost by the brobecks
why鈥檇 you only call me when you鈥檙e high? by arctic monkeys
heroin by badflower
animal by sir chloe
mary by the happy fits
hand me my shovel, i鈥檓 going in! by will wood and the tapeworms
unholy by hey violet
thought contagion by muse
dancing with the devil by set it off
sail by awolnation
trouble by cage the elephant
this is love by air traffic controller
tonight is the night i die by palaye royale
wires by the neighbourhood
partners in crime by set it off
i鈥檓 gonna win by rob cantor
look away by the dear hunter
eleanor rigby by the beatles
copycat by billie eilish
the bidding by tally hall
goodnight socialite by the brobecks
all the good girls go to hell by billie eilish
hayloft by mother mother
happy together by slothrust
volatile times by iamx
rhinestone eyes by gorillaz
necromancin dancin by bear ghost
for the departed by shayfer james
sex with a ghost by teddy hyde
i love you like an alcoholic by the taxpayers
build god, then we鈥檒l talk by panic at the disco
ruler of everything by tally hall
weight of the world by shayfer james
i don鈥檛 wanna be your friend by eyedress
let鈥檚 kill tonight by panic at the disco
absinthe by i don鈥檛 know how but they found me
the dismemberment song by blue kid
do it all the time by i don鈥檛 know how but they found me
bloody nose by jack conte
fuck the bourgeoisie by feral
all the angels by my chemical romance
too late to say goodbye by cage the elephant
loved by fein
& by tally hall
mama by my chemical romance
everybody gets high by missio
an unhealthy obsession by the blake robinson synthetic orchestra
w.d.y.w.f.m? by the neighborhood
cotard鈥檚 solution (anatta, dukkha, anicca) by will wood and the tape worms
dark red by steve lacey
little dark age by mgmt
black sheep by the evil exes
off with his head by jack conte
roots by imagine dragons
blood by my chemical romance
my axe by insane clown posse
a mask of my own face by lemon demon
murders by miracle musical
therefore i am by billie eilish
oh ana by mother mother
choke by i don鈥檛 know how but they found me
little pistol by mother mother
turn the lights off by tally hall
brutus by the buttress
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