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#vincent phantomhive x reader

Greetings!! This is my humans masterlist. If that’s what you wanted do continue, if not head back to my main masterlist for other characters. Also go there for the latest info on requesting (askbox currently open!!). Safe travels! 

Vincent Phantomhive

Wait for it..!



Ciel Phantomhive

Keep an eye out!






Rachel Phantomhive


Edward Midford

More to come!



Be prepared!



Coming soon!


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This story was written by a new writer who has English as a second language . This story involves. A pre established relationship. Hinted  kidnapping and torture. Female Reader. Probably ooc.

Y/N L/n(your name. last name)

B/m B/d(birth month. birth day)

H/c (hair colour) 

if enough people like this ill make more of it

This Story was written by mod Hannah. Story under the cut

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😍😍 I love it. The yandere trope is everything. Oooooh, so many ideas. Thanks for the ask!

Vincent on his own is a very narcissistic and possessive person so adding that on top it make it so much worse.

Vincent & y/n:

You were a friend of Ciel’s

You always noticed Vincent gave you more attention than Edward or Cheslock.

You didn’t mind it, you considered him a friend

One night he cornered you and confessed his feelings

You didn’t know how to react, you did reciprocate it but that’s your best friend’s dad!

You started a relationship and over the course of it he became more demanding and territorial

One night you were asleep and you were never seen again by anyone except Vincent

There was always a rumor that there were hidden rooms in the Phantomhive manor

Depending on his mood he can be gentle or rough with you

He likes to hear you say you want him and you need him

When he cuddles you he holds on so tight he rips your skin


I could so see him isolating Ciel, locking him in his room so no one else can even so much as look at him.

Ciel is his perfect little doll and no one ruining his purity.

As Ciel gets older Vincent becomes more and more possessive because he starts to have a mind of his own

He leaves “love bites”

^he scars his body so if anyone takes a look at him they know he’s Vincent’s

Ciel at first relishes in his father’s doting but in time he wants to go out more and see and do things like his brother

If this was a modern au Ciel would watch a ton of anime and would love Happy Sugar Life, he loves Satou and relates a lot to Shio

Vincent started to let Ciel out more when Ciel’s cousin, Elizabeth, “commited suicide”


When Vincent first saw Diedrich he was his and that was that

He will kill anyone that’s in his way to be with Diedrich

Diedrich is his little pawn

He’s very territorial over him, he disapproves when Dee has s/o

And wow look at that they died


He loves to tease Diedrich but if Diedrich dare teases him for to long and resists 👀👀

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Of course! I am well thank you, I hope you’re keeping safe too.

9] They pulled you close to their chest.

22] “I missed you.”

If anyone fancies requesting something go check out the prompt list;

And as always, I hope everyone is keeping safe.


He was going. Again. The atmosphere throughout the manor had changed entirely to one of dread. Vincent had never told you the details of the work that he did. All you knew was that he was employed by the highest in the land and her jobs were always dangerous. This particular time, you fancied he wasn’t overly excited either, not that he outwardly showed any apprehension.

Vincent came to the living room in which you were supposedly reading. In truth, you hadn’t turned a page in at least half an hour and the book was resting page down on your lap.

“Vince,” you murmured when he gently embraced your shoulders, fear colouring your eyes. “Please don’t go, I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.” You turned to look at him in time to see the earl walk past the arm of the settee and sit next to you. He gathered your hands into his larger ones, kissing your knuckles without breaking eye contact. He smiled lightly, reassuringly.

“If I refused to go to work every time you said you had a bad feeling, I would have lost both our income and position a long time ago. He tried a slight grin at the end of this joke (he’d probably spent to much time with Undertaker) but dropped it almost immediately when he saw how frightened you seemed. Vincent sighed quietly, pulling you close to his chest to try to make you feel protected.

“I will have to go, love,” he told you quietly. He knew everything he needed to do as he went about his business today, and the exact order in which he needed to do it. He was also aware that if he didn’t leave soon, he wouldn’t have enough time to get everything done. “It will be fine, I give you my assurances,” he told you as he gave you a kiss farewell and departed.

As you heard the front door close, you swallowed hard then rushed to the window, determined to at least see him off. You stood there for a long time after the carriage had rounded a corner and moved out of sight, fingertips tapping nervously on the windowsill and forehead leaning against the glass, breaths making small clouds of fog appear.

You stayed there for a long time, before you decided it was time to pull yourself together. Gazing out of a window and running countless scenarios through your head of what he was doing and what might happen to him wouldn’t help anyone.

No less concerned, although outwardly calmer, you went back to your book. At the very least, you thought you could get in some reading to distract yourself from your fears for Vincent.

It got to lunch (as you found out when your butler entered the room with some tea and an enquiry as to whether you wanted some food. It occurred to you then that the earl hadn’t said how long this mission would be. This brought a whole new wave of nausea over your suddenly quaking form. You declined the food.

The afternoon passed in a similarly tense way to the morning and before long, when you looked out of the bay windows, all you could see was darkness. It was the middle of Winter, so night enveloped the world very early, but that did nothing to put your concerns to rest. Tanaka came in again, this time with the intent of lighting oil lamps that had not been needed during the day and starting a fire to warm through the room. Without needing to be told, he left the curtains open so you could see when Vincent got back. He also took away the tea from earlier on and reappeared with a piping hot service to replace it.

The rest of the evening dragged on in a similar fashion. You were quite aware that you should probably start getting ready for bed, but you couldn’t face the thought of doing it without Vincent. You also knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep, even if you tried. Thus, you stayed on the same settee with the same book - not that you really knew what was happening in it, your eyes seemed to just skim over the words without actually taking them in. You had taken to glancing out of the window as well, just in case you were mistaken and hadn’t heard the carriage making its way back toward the manor down the drive, or if the carriage you could hear was actually much closer than it seemed. The longer you sat, the more worried you became. Your mind began to ask What If’s, about your husband’s return. Or in fact if he would return. You were in fact so deep in your paranoid mind that Tanaka was forced to gently touch your shoulder to get your attention. When he did, you jumped up and spun around, your book landing in an awkward pile of pages on the floor in the process.

“I’m so sorry, my Lady,” Tanaka began in that quiet, calm way of his, “I’m afraid there was no other way I could acquire your attention.” Terrified heartbeat beginning to slow again, you shook your head and waved away the question, asking your own to find out what had happened.

“I just received word from the Master,” he paused as you gasped audibly and went to step forward, then tried to school your expression into something less overbearing. “He wished me to inform you that his work has been successful and they should return upon the hour.” This time, you couldn’t contain your grin of relief.

“Thank you,” you breathed, both to Tanaka and any deity that happened to be present, “thank you.”

That last hour passed more quickly than any other of the whole day. In no time, you changed into more comfortable clothing, sorted out the room in which you had spent the whole day and curled back up on the end of the sofa, returning to your book with the actual intention of reading it. You had gone through almost half of it today, but in such a worried state of mind that you found you couldn’t remember any of the events, or indeed who all of the characters were. This being the case, you started from the beginning, finding you were really enjoying the story, so much so that you didn’t hear the carriage coming down the drive. It was, in fact, not until Vincent was standing in the doorway behind you that you realised he was there.

“My love,” he called softly, not wanting to startle you. Your book was discarded and you were standing in front of him in just a few seconds.

“Vincent!” You cried, “are you alright? I missed you!” He smiled fondly, drawing you to him. His arms encircled you and you returned the strong embrace, pressing your cheek against his travelling cloak and inhaling his beloved scent.

“I missed you too,” he murmured, “but you didn’t have to wait up for me, it’s quite late. I appreciate it, though.” Your eyes closed with a wave of sudden exhaustion brought on by the day’s anxiety.

“I couldn’t possibly get to sleep without you.” Instead of replying, Vincent’s hold on you tightened. Somewhere outside, an owl gave a long call through the darkness, soon to be replied to by another.

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