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#vincent x reader

Originally posted by big-block-of-cheese-day

Hey 👋🏻 thers not enough content for clone high so I’ll go ahead and write it! I do headcannons, gif scenarios, imagines and fics!

Characters I’ll start with :








(I won’t write for especially explicit things but I’ll touch on some (N)SFW)

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Ahead of the caped beauty’s birthday tomorrow, a little scenario came into my head. Happy Birthday Vincent!

Even though you had known him for years, he had never told any of you when his birthday was. When you had asked him in the past, he would simply change the subject. 

Over the last few years since meteor fall, the two of you had become close. So much so that you found yourself falling in love with the red clad gunslinger. You don’t really know how the two of you had become friends, let alone started a romantic relationship, but that’s the situation you found yourself in. Not that you would change that for the world.

Vincent had become comfortable with you, showing a side of himself that he kept hidden from the rest of the world. He was a thoughtful man, who, behind the cold exterior had a devilish sense of humour. There was only one thing he kept from you, and that was his birthday.

You decided to take matters into your own hands. It was time to get Reeve involved. “What can I do for you Y/N?” He asked as you walked into his office at the WRO. “I need to see Vincent’s file.” you said, taking a seat. Reeve looked over at you a bit confused, “Well there’s a small issue of employer and employee confidentiality. What do you need it for?” 

“I just need to know when his birthday is.” Reeve looked a little surprised at your request. “I suppose suggesting you ask him is out of the question. Well that will definitely be in there. I’ll get back to you by the end of the day.” You stood up with a smile “Thanks Reeve.” you said and you turned to leave. Just before you closed the door of his office behind you, you turned back to him “Oh and maybe don’t mention it” Reeve laughed lightly “Of course”

Later that day, you had just put dinner into the oven. You and Vincent had recently moved into a small house on the outskirts of Kalm. The house was a bit of a jobsite at the minute, but you were both slowly working your way through doing up each room. Vincent was upstairs painting the second bedroom when your phone buzzed. It was Reeve ‘October 13th’. It took a you a moment to realise that that was todays date. ‘shit, I wanted to do something nice’ you thought to yourself.

You quickly cleared off the small dining room table you had. You had recently bought a new table cloth that you had yet to open, so you ripped open the plastic covering and laid it out. You had a small garden that was framed by various plants, so you cut a few roses and placed them in a glass of water and placed them next to a candle in the centre of the table. 

You poured out two glasses of red wine and tried your best to make the pasta bake you had made look fancy. The table was ready. “Vincent!” you called up the stairs “Dinners on the table” Vincent made his way done the stairs. His hair was tied up out of his face and there was a small paint stain on his black top. He paused when he got into the dining room “What’s all this?” he asked, a smile ghosting his lips. 

“Come on, sit down. It’ll get cold” you said pushing him to the chair. You sat opposite him and watched him look at the little details you had laid out. “This is lovely, thank you. May I ask what the occasion is?” he asked again, still curious as to why you had put in this extra effort for a Thursday night dinner. “Well I just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful, and to tell you I’m glad you were born.” Vincent’s smile grew a little and he looked down a little shaking his head before looking back to you. “I love you so much Y/N”

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Hello darling!! I’m so sorry this took me a month or so to get to, but I’m glad to be doing it now! I also had an ask for a non-binary!mc but since I feel like all the suitors would treat the two similarly, I’ll be trying my best to fit it into one/accommodate both here :) hope you enjoy, love! Please lmk if anything sounds sketchy/offensive, since I don’t have experience with this myself!

napoleon ; okay. You stare at him dumbstruck bc he’s not taken aback for a moment, he just shrugs and then asks if you want to spar. I feel like he’d treat you v similarly to issac and jean even if you are his lover, bc there’s a v specific respect and care he treats those two with, a way he looks out for them. Would never falter with your pronouns, and if anyone makes a comment he’s like?? Your point?? They’re obv a man/non-binary, idk how you’re seeing a woman. He would also never hesitate to draw out his sword if anyone dared to grow a little too bold/rude.

arthur ; handsome ol’ chap! absolutely slathers you in compliments to validate your identity and make you feel confident, you almost wonder if he likes the way calling you by your pronouns rolls off his tongue. Though he normally was into women, I don’t think he would be opposed to dating you at all, and would grow icy with others who made comments about your relationship. He’s be very vocally supportive, but his teasing compliments will take a softer, more sincere turn if you ever need him to remind you that you’re valid.

mozart ; I see him helping you fix up your appearance ngl? Like not spending a bunch like comte, but silently aiding you in how to appear/act manly/non-binary for the 1800s, such as fixing/trimming your hair into a more “fashionable” look for the times, or nonchalantly informing you that your sleeves should be a little longer. He doesn’t do this to invalidate you at all! He thinks it’s a more subtle way of helping you feel confident navigating their world in your own way. Never hesitates to inform you that you look rather dashing that evening, or to run his finger along your chin with a proud/loving gaze in his eyes.

leonardo ; he’s immortal, he’s heard many a things that haven’t been considered ‘the norm’ for the times. He just kind of nods and takes a step back to admire your face, saying that your features are beautifully androgynous/masculine. If you bind your chest, he’ll frown if you suggest using a kind of corset, and will instead get to work tinkering a more comfortable and safe binding for you to use. Always refers to you as your desires pronouns, and corrects anyone who uses incorrect ones nonchalantly. He likes that he can get away with certain things with you that normal het couples wouldn’t be able to.

vincent ; I think he’d be intrigued and easily adapt to your pronouns; he’d treat you with respect regardless. He’s probably heard of transgender/non-binary before, but I think he, like leo, would spend a lot of time admiring your face and the way you present yourself. Will constantly compliment you, but unlike arthur, it’s not to fluster you or subtly make you feel confident, but bc he keeps finding things about you to be in awe of. You’ll be a very common subject in his sketches and paintings because of the way you hold yourself.

theo ; His brows raise a bit, but they lower just as quickly and he accepts it. You almost think he doesn’t care/remember bc he always calls you a dog instead of your name/pronoun, but he instantly corrects anyone who uses the wrong one, and glares at anyone who gives you shit. If you ever get down on yourself for your appearance not matching your identity, he sternly sits you down and firmly lists everything about you he finds beautiful and fitting to what you want to be. And though it wasn’t his intention, you never fail to grow flustered bc of the little details he’s picked up on, due to the nature of his job rubbing off on his own perceptiveness.

issac ; A little flustered boy. Similar to jean, I think he’d have the right attitude but be a bit clumsy about it. He doesn’t want to offend you! Ofc being trans/a man/non-binary doesn’t matter, he just loves you, but he’s anxious and overthinks how he address you, how he acts around you. Should he not call you petnames? Are those considered feminine? Am I invalidating them by using them?? He just grows stiff and nervous and you have to remind him to breath: just use the correct pronouns and respect you, there’s not much else to it. After a while he relaxes and it comes easier, but he just doesn’t want to lose someone else he loves of his own doing.

dazai ; I will admit he’s a little hard to grasp for me, but I believe that elusiveness is a part of his character anyways lol. Nothing about how he perceives you changes. You’re still you, aren’t you? Doesn’t matter what gender you are, what name you go by, what appearance you have. Maybe his nickname for you will change, but that’s it. I feel like with him you may not even be aware of your gender/it’s impact, bc when you’re with him it doesn’t matter, so you feel light and free from having to think about/act like your identity. You’re just you.

jean ; I think he would be open-minded to it, albeit confused. If you took the time to explain to him what you identify as and what it means, he’ll accept it, not one for many questions. I personally believe he’d be awkward about it a bit?? But would never treat you wrong! I mean in the sense of those clumsy lgbtq+ supporters with the right attitude, if that makes sense lol? So unsurely asking if you’d like to spar…? Or constantly looking to you for confirmation on things you like, what you do, etc etc. Ik jean is supposed to be silent and intimidating, but I imagine him as a clumsy man whose seen too much and doesn’t know how to act bc he was robbed of a childhood, so yeah hopefully this makes sense!

comte ; he’s seen even more than leonardo bc he’s immortal and timetravels; it doesn’t phase him. Tbh he just beckons you to come shopping with him so he can find you the latest male/androgynous fashion, with charming suits and coats and hats. For binding, he’ll try his best to buy you a safe kind, or he may enlist Leonardo’s help or even go to the future to find you one—nothing is too much/expensive when it comes to you. Will always treat you right/like royalty, and remind you that you’re valid and anything you need to feel that way, he will make it so. Gets a v dangerous look in his eye if someone disrespects you.

sebastian ; he’s from the future, so nothing new. Honestly he may even be relieved?? Idk he’s just so formal and polite that I think he’d feel more relaxed with another masculine/non-binary individual from the future, bc he would be able to talk in a certain way he would feel wasn’t as “proper” with a woman, if I’m making sense? He’d have no problem refering to you as your identity, and will always find a way to make you feel comfortable/valid, even if he needs to try and sew his own version of a binder for you.

shakespeare ; okay I’m sorry for those who like shakespeare but I feel like he’d lowkey fetishize it oof. Just like how I think he’d use unrequited love of a lesbian!mc to fuel his plays, he’d think of you as interesting inspiration—at first, at least. He’d run his hand through your hair, down your lapels as he admires you, amused, and it’s only if you grew cross and forced him to see you as your identity/a person, that he may fix his unhealthy perception. After reading Vincent’s route, I’ve come to think that you really need to push against him to reach his actual feelings/past his unstable/dangerous side. Once he’s over that, he would love to cast you as male roles in his plays, bc you have even more conviction than the regular men tbh.

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-Surprise! Micheal would be coming home from a killing spree and you’d jump out at him straight outta nowhere which would’ve startled him and Michael wouldn’t hesitate to give you a nice ol’ punch in the stomach. He wouldn’t apologize cause it’s his birthday, he’d feel a little bit guilty at most.

-A shit ton of cake. He would have the power to eat the whole ass cake In like 5 minutes so you’d have to make an extra small baby cake for yourself, maybe even make some cupcakes and hide them.

-Cake face. Trying to smash Michael’s face into the cake would be a nightmare. There’s no way you’d be able to shove that man’s face into the cake. He’d just grab the back of your neck and slam the cake against your face, you’d hear a low chuckle so you’re fine with it.

-Presents. Micheal wouldn’t really care if you got him a present but assuming you did, he’d very much appreciate a new sturdy kitchen knife or a knife sharpener. 


-It’s also bo’s b-day.  You’d also have to include bo unless you want an upset whiny brat. So you have to go out of your way to include him.

- You and Lester planning.  Since you don’t want to ruin the surprise for bo and Vinny you’d have to get Lester’s help to plan it and to drive you out of town for supplies. It would be a great way to get to know the stinky boy. 

- Presents! Homemade gifts! For vincent, if you gave him a little wax figure you made yourself (no matter how badly its made) he would cherish it so bloody much and getting bo some new tools or something.  

-  Birthday cuddles. Getting some end the day with some cozy cuddles from our favorite boi Vinny. 

Sorry for it being so short~ Kyrios 

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Dating Vincent headcanons(male reader):

  •   Confusion. Vincent would be slightly confused about his feelings for you. Being raised in Louisiana isn’t exactly the best place for same-gender couples so his parents didn’t exactly teach him about different sexualities besides heterosexuality. You would probably have to explain to him that it’s ok to like someone of the same gender. 
  •   Bo’s reaction. Bo is most definitely homophobic growing up in a small town in Louisiana. Bo is the type to ask dumb questions such as “whos the girl in the relationship?’’ and other dumb shit. There would be an adjustment period, for both bo and vincent, Lester probably wouldn’t care and just be happy that Vinny found someone. 
  •   Protective.  Vincent would be protective of you when “Visitors” arrive but especially protective when the homophobia ones come by, he would set up some especially special traps for them. 
  •   Being Vinny’s model. He would sculpt and paint you, making you feel like a Greek god. Little baby boy Vinny would love drawing you, even before you’re in a relationship. He would probably try to hide all his drawings from you, but one day you find his work and he would just be all embarrassed his ears would turn bright red if he’s still wearing his mask and if not you would get to see this shy boy try to hide in his hair. 
  •   Iced coffee runs. There would be constant driving to get iced coffee. I imagine it’d be pretty hot in the basement especially during summer. Vincent honestly wouldn’t mind, you were the one who introduced it to him. You taught him how to hold it the classic gay way and how to walk with his cup in hand. S a s s y 
  • VINNY WITH HIS HAIR UP. xncwebavbefbvfffhfn just imagine vincent with his hair up. Erbyerrbbccbbcbccjsjs as said it would pretty hot erbvbuibuir pretty boy with his hair up.
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This story was written by a new writer who has English as a second language . This story involves. A pre established relationship. Hinted  kidnapping and torture. Female Reader. Probably ooc.

Y/N L/n(your name. last name)

B/m B/d(birth month. birth day)

H/c (hair colour) 

if enough people like this ill make more of it

This Story was written by mod Hannah. Story under the cut

Keep reading

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Always up for writing a bit of NSFW ;)


NSWF Headcanons Vincent

·       Vincent was extremely confident back before his transformation, though his confidence hasn’t changed much. His attitude has due to the trauma.

·       He’ll like to be facing you during sex, he’ll want to see how he affects you. Staying quiet so he can enjoy your noises and watch your expressions.

·       Vincent didn’t used to be dominating, but since his transformation he does like to be slightly dominating. He’ll make you aware of this and understands if you are not into this.

·       He’s quite shy of his body, the scars bother him. So, he’ll undress you first, leaving tender kisses across your body as he does. He’ll maybe give you a nip here and there. He loves to listen to your sighs and whimpers, so he knows he’s doing it right. Being gentle.

·       Vincent sometimes doesn’t realise he’s teasing you as he pleasures you, especially with Oral. It’s often not until your begging that he’ll engage with you properly.

·       Unfortunately, since his 30-year slumber… he won’t last long, and so he’ll try and get you to finish at least once before he enters you.

·       His pace will be slow at first before he’ll hook a leg over his shoulder and quicken the pace. As mentioned above he wont last long doing this.



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Hey! I’m good! hope you are keeping well :D and of course!

  • Even though he was a bit of a ladies man back in his Turk days, it’s been a while since he’s been with someone.
  • It was a lifetime ago, so at first he’s very in his own head about the whole thing.
  • It takes some coaxing for him to actually get naked. He’s self-conscious about his scars, but he finally figures that if he expects you to be comfortable being naked in front of him, he should trust you to see him.  
  • Unlike when he was younger, if he’s sleeping with anyone, it’s got to be someone he has strong feelings for. 
  • This will show in the way he touches you.
  • His hands would smoothly caress your skin and his soft lips will plant unhurried kisses down your nack and collar bone.
  • On your first time together, he’ll want to keep to positions where you’re facing him. He’ll keep it as intimate as possible. 
  • He’s really into eye contact. He loves watching you resist the urge to shut your eyes as he pushes into you for the first time. 
  • He’ll hold your face in place as his thumb rubs over your bottom lip as you moan. 
  • He’ll go slow for a while, reveling in the feeling of you.
  • He only speeds up towards the end. He wants you to be satisfied but he knows, having not had sex for such a long time, he wouldn’t last long at anything above a moderate pace. 
  • He isn’t very vocal on your first time other than the sweet words he’ll whisper in your ear as he takes you.
  • His breathing picks up as he reaches his finish and will let out a few low moans and grunts as he finishes.
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haha! YAAAAAS! enjoy!

  • He is sensual. He will take his time on you, delighting in every moan that passes your lips.
  • The first time he went down on you, you were a bit nervous, but Vincent was having none of it. 
  • He’s a quiet dom, so when you tried to cover yourself from him, he said nothing. Instead he just simply overpowered you, just enough to force you to submit. 
  • His face was dangerously close to where you needed it most and the blush of your face was obvious. He licked his lips slowly before moving his eyes to lock onto yours. Once your gaze was captured he slowly ran his tongue up your core. 
  • He is quiet and slow at first, driving your senses wild. He brings you right to the point where you feel you can’t take it anymore before he lets loose on you. 
  • He’ll bury his face into you, hooking your knees over his shoulders, to give him even more access.
  • He knows just how to curl his fingers to make you cum, so it’s almost as if he has you on command. 
  • When he does decide to make you cum, don’t think he’ll just pull away because he won’t. 
  • He will lick up every last bit of your arousal from your folds before coating his cock in the wetness now on his fingers before pounding into your oversensitive pussy.
  • Once you get a bit more comfortable with the idea of him going down on you, he’ll move you into different positions.
  • The first one he tries is pushing your knees to your chest.
  • He also loves bending you over and eating you out from behind.
  • Once he’s sure you’re confident, he’ll definitely ask you to sit on his face. This is one of his favorites. He loves it when you grind down on his face, using his mouth and getting so wet that it drips down his jawline.
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Hi Anon

I hope you like this, sorry its a little short.


You look at yourself in the mirror and whimper, each pot mark, each spot was so glaringly obvious to you it was like a tiny stab to the gut. You reach up and take down the cream from the cupboard, this was supposed to help get rid of the spots. You reluctantly look back in the mirror and start to apply the cream. 

A knock on the bathroom door made you jump. You say nothing and continue to apply the cream hoping Vincent would just go away. He hadn’t seen you yet without makeup. 

“Y/N…. you’ve been in there along time, are you alright?” 

“Y-yes Vincent I’m fine just… Just fixing my self up,” you reply trying to keep the sadness out of your voice. You were convinced that he’d hate the way you looked without makeup on. 

“I’m coming in alright….” 

“NO DON’T!” you cry out.

The door opens, and you try to cover your face. Vincent slowly raises an eyebrow and walks over, taking your wrists and pulling your hands down. He smiles a little seeing your face, then frowns noticing your tears. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I’m …. Ugly,” You whimper. 

“N-no you’re not… Why do you say such things?” 

“My spots… my acne scars,” you whisper looking away. 

Vincent slowly let go of your wrists and sat down on the edge of the bath. He wasn’t good at this part of relationships but still he wanted to see you smile. With a soft sigh he muttered “Why would you think such things bother me?” 

You look at him and sniff slowly “but, I’m so scarred, people…” 

“What about people? People’s opinions aren’t worth worrying about, it’s your opinion that matters,” he says waving a hand around. 

You sit down on the floor, cross legged and hugged your knees slowly. You sniff and wipe your tears away, looking down at your feet. Vincent sighed heavily undoing his shirt and opening it. He shut his eyes.

“Look at me…” He whispered. 

You slowly look up and gasp seeing the knot of twisted scars all over his torso. So many scars. You stand stepping closer and run your hand down them feeling them. He flinches slightly, you both haven’t gotten very physical in your relationship yet. 

“I have scars… do you like me any less?” He asks. 

“N-no I… I don’t like you any less,” you reply.

“Your Acne will pass; your scars will fade but they don’t bother me. So, they shouldn’t bother you,” he says holding your chin. 

He plants a small kiss on the end of your nose. 

“I feel better now,” You say and pull away from him. 

“Good, I’m glad,” he says smiling at you.


~ Ao3 ~

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I’m surprised that this is my first smut request tbh! But okay this concept was hot and v v fitting for him 👉🏼👈🏼 I hope you enjoy!!! I see him as a switch/sub, but can work as a service top? So lmk if you ever want me to write more sub content!!


smeared skin | vincent

Paint and colors smeared along the expanse of your spine, staining the new sheets of Vincent’s bed as he pushed you back into it with his lips pressed heatedly to yours.

When he had suggested painting on your back, it was innocent enough—an opportunity for an intimate bonding experience. But by the time he had finished the art piece, he was leaving open-mouthed kisses against your shoulder and his hands dug into the small of your bare back. Maybe he enjoyed the thought of the art being fleeting as he ruined it now, his fingers dragging through the wet paint and tracing it along your ribs.

He sat you up in his lap as you both separated with loud gasps, your chests pressed together snugly as you both panted for air. You met his eyes to find his gaze hazy and lidded, but the moment didn’t last for long for he dipped his head down again to mouth at your jaw, tilting your head back while he nipped and kissed at the skin. Your hands found purchase in his messy blonde hair, and he let out a low moan as you pulled at the strands. His own grip tightened around your waist, and his paint-slick hands slid upwards to tweak at the peaks of your breasts, coloring your torso in swirls of blue and green. Your eyes fluttered shut in pleasure at his touch, and your thighs twitched on either side of his lap when he took one of your pert buds into his mouth.

Vincent lowered you back down onto the bed after giving your chest sufficient attention, and you managed to muster enough focus to open your eyes. He had a few love bites littered across his collarbones to match your own, and there were pops of color along his torso—yellows, muddy browns, pretty lilacs and baby blues. Heat swept over you when you realized the color was from you, from your bodies pressing against each other, the touch of your skin to his. It sent you spiraling into an ever deepening lust that you were corrupting the sweet and innocent Vincent, and the thought was only solidified as his eyes looked up at you now, his clear eyes blown wide in arousal.

You didn’t hesitate to reach out to help him undo his belt and ease out of his pants, you shimmying out of your own while you did so. With no more layers, you cupped his cheeks and drew his mouth to yours, clashing your lips, teeth, tongues. You felt the hint of wet paint on the tips of your fingers, and you traced his cheekbones in cobalt blue while he caresses your hips and guided them to his own in shades of titanium white. And though you had mixed with the man before you in bouts of passion, it was maddeningly divine to do it in devilish colors and sweet release.

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of course! I’m so glad you liked it; I hope this is just as enjoyable to read!

vincent ; he would want to paint you dancing, hands down. I’m imagining Edgar Degas’ ballerina paintings, but vincent would ask you to always let him know when you’re going to practice because he’d like to be by you and watch. He admires your passion and thinks you’re the most beautiful when you’re so focused and having fun. He likes to sketch you a lot, from vague outlines of pencil to the most detailed paintstrokes.

issac ; he didn’t even plan to tell you he knew at first; he had stumbled across you in the ballroom and lingered for a few seconds, but then he awkwardly closed the door and shuffled away. He didn’t know if it was something private, a secret talent or skill you were practicing—what if he embarrassed you by bringing it up? But when you shyly asked for him to watch, he softened instantly. He paid very close attention to your turns and graceful steps, and he feels very touched that you wanted to show him a passion important to you.

comte ; knowing him, he probably took notice of your natural grace early on, even before you were together. He’s very perceptive and generous, and he’d hint that the ballroom is always open to you, and you would find yourself telling him about your love of ballet before you’re even aware of what you’re saying. He would often sit and watch your perform (you wouldn’t mind and would even ask him to sometimes), and though he may not be a talented ballet dancer, he offers support in your movements however he can; he even offers to teach you ballroom dancing in exchange.

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Originally posted by retroetic

  • I write for a lot of slasher movies and the list grows every month, so; feel free to request any of the characters from any of the horror movie genre, main characters or side characters or any underrated 💕!

** means nsfw content

𝚁𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢 𝙼𝚎𝚎𝚔𝚜

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Me: babies are gross, pregnancy is creepy, I will jump off a building on fire as a political statement if I did not have access to birth control or abortions. I will save a puppy from a burning building before a baby. I fear nothing but the possibility of motherhood, pregnancy and a baby coming out of me. 🤮🔫🔥

Also: ✨Imagine having twin girls with Vincent Sinclair uwuwu💕✨

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