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Pairing - Vinnie x reader
Summary - a piece of cloathing for only him to see
Warning - smut, jealousy, degratation, toy use, word bunny use, sir kink, praising, slapping, orgasm control, rules, oral/male, gagging, spit, squirting
Tumblr media
You were fucked over. His eyes didn't leave you, not a second spent without you in his sight. He looked over your thighs, strapped in the little skirt he liked, when only he was in the room.
Right now you two were standing outside, watching Calvin being made fun of while Connor ran around half naked. Wasn't anything unusual for the Hype House. Until you looked inside, dozens of people swarming the marble floors.
Vinnie was only a couple feet away, listening to a dude, rambling about something from the media. Some chick cheated on some guy, or maybe it was the boy standing by him. The blonde couldn't remember.
Only thing he focussed on was you. He did admit you looked beautiful, shiny hair, bright eyes, golden skin, but the furder his orbs ran, the more he fumed up.
He was the only one to see you in that skirt, to see your ass almost hang out, the slight color of your panties teasing anyone who walked by. And the last straw was when you bent down.
The boy stalked forward, grabbing you by the arm and pushing you to him. Your back straightened, muscles flexing, pulse beating from the scent behind you.
" Y/n, you're coming with me."
You didn't even protest, dragged by the boy who just skated through the crowd of people. Pushing away others to clear a path way for the both of you. You just ran after, tiny steps stomping on the hard ground.
" You think it's funny?" his toungue quickly swipped to lick his lips, the pink pillows glistening in the dark hallway.
You didn't answer, only stood by his side, listening to anything he said. Ready to complete his wishes, " To fucking tease me?"
His actions were rough, hand tightly wrapped around your upper arm, pulling and pushing you to the bed. You landed with a slight jump, ass diving into the soft sheets.
Vinnie moved to the other side of the room, opening your special cabinet.
" Vinnie, I'm sorry-"
" Vinnie," he repeated in a mocking tone, " too late for that, bunny. You wanted to act like a little slut, and this is what little sluts get."
He walked to you, steps slow, carefull to not let you see his full arms, " Remember whats my name-"
" Sir..."
" -Open up," your legs spread, the bright red cotton tight between them, " so fucking pretty. All mine? "
He looked up at you, expecting your anwser, but all he saw was your bottom lip pulled inbetween you pearly whites. His palm lanted on your clothed core, a shriek swarming out of you, " I want an anwser. Got it?"
" Yes, sir."
" Good girl," he again rubbed your clit before his hand pushed your chest down, his teeth sinking into one of your thighs.
A moan spilled over your plump lips, his fingers working magic to your skin. His mouth ran upward, pushing your skirt to the sides his didgets hooked your panties. Kisses thrown on the flesh around your waist band, slowly pulling the skimpy fabric down.
The light material was thrown somewhere in the room, Vinnie's full attention on something else. His fist wrapped around a lush bullet vibrator, hot red sillicone against his palm.
He leaned down, fingers skimming your bottom lips, pushing them away from eachother the vibrator came in contact.
A moan spilled out when the tip pushed in, stretching you out just enough to have you squirming, " Give me your hands."
Looping and turning the rope between the head rest, he reached down to gather your wrists and tie them together, " Good fucking girl."
The boy sat back down, pulling his phone out of his pocket and looking straight in your eyes, " These are the rules. No cumming, no whining, if you're asked something, you anwser, I get to control the speed and pressure. If you break atleast one of these, you're in for the whole week. Got it?"
You nodded quickly, forgetting about his favorate point. Vinnie got up, striking to you and slapping your cheek, stinging feeling warming your whole entire face.
" Bunny, you're braking them. I'm asking again. Do you get it?"
" Yes, sir." smirking he leaned back, pushing the lush bullet further in you, making you slightly move your hips.
The bright red toy started buzzing, your lover on his phone controlling the settings of it. Moving it faster, then turning it off completely.
This continuined for multiple rounds, teasing, stopping. All over again and again.
At this point your nipples were hard as a rock. Perky little tips pushing through you white top, dark circles sorounding them. Your teeth digged into your bottom lip, trying to prevent you from making any noise.
Vinnie was on the side, chuckling at your attempts to let you cum. His own pants getting tighter and tighter by the passing seconds.
Suddenly, the vibrator stopped. Your breath got stuck in your throat, chest heaving up and down when you tried to calm down. His hands were running up and fown your body, ignoring the places you needed him the most at.
He slightly massaged your brusing wrists, hands working against the tight ropes. When they fell down, your hands limped against your sides, " On your knees, bunny."
As fast as you could you got down, heels digging in to the sensitive flesh of your ass. The blonde undid his belt, pants and boxers falling down to his ankles, thick, red, angry member staring back at you.
" C'mon, baby. Suck my cock."
Your head was pushed down, lips meeting the leaking tip.
Your toungue ran across his slit, salty taste swarming your mouth. His neck was craned, thrown back, pleasured noises coming from the bottom of his throat. Your hands came down to play with his balls, molding and pulling the freshly cleaned skin. His own wrapped in your hair, pushing you forward until his tip hit the back.
Gagging, you tapped his thigh letting him know to let you go. Breathing in a full blow of fresh air, your spit dripping down his dick, connecting to your chin.
Looking up at him, eyes glossy, cheeks damp, you got down again. Bopping your head up and down, a random rithm in your mind ticking over and over again.
His hips bucked, your head forced forward, load of sticky paste shooting on your toungue.
He pulled you by your arms, slightly bouncing on the matress. His hand working against him, quickly hardening his member. Vinnie hovered over you, his chain dangling in your face, his curls falling and sticking to his forehead.
Sliding in with no probloms, the boy started to move. Hips meeting yours in fast thrusts. Moaning and groaning in eachothers ears, the building orgasm chasing your mind.
" Sir, I-"
" Let go, bunny. Come for me."
It was all it took. The strong feeling over taking your body and mind, shaking from the magical euphoria. Making a mess all over the sheets, squirting over his dick and your thighs. The boy letting go for the second time tonight.
He fell on your chest, head resting in the crook of your neck, " That skirt, only for me."
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y/n felt asleep waiting for Vinnie while she’s watching his stream. Jett and y/n are siblings. Jett took a picture and sent it to vinnie. Vinnie got all soft and ended stream to cuddle with y/n
Priorities - Vinnie Hacker x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings : Swearing and fluff
Vinnie and reader are 19!
Vinnie's POV :
I groaned as I died again and I slammed my mouse. "Fucking hell, I hate this shit!" Jett laughed in the back and I flipped him off over my shoulder. "I'll be back, gonna go check on something." I nodded and he walked out of my room and my door opened and I heard two pairs of footsteps. "Hey Vin." I smiled at my girlfriend and she smiled back and I quickly muted my mic. "Hi baby."
I watched as she laid in my bed and I unmuted my mic. "Guys both of my best friends are here!" I heard Y/n giggle and I couldn't help but smile. I hummed along to music and nodded my head along to it as I played a few more games and my phone buzzed. "Damn it chat, damn it!" I laughed as I picked up my phone and looked at the message from Jett.
I felt my eyes face soften at the picture of my girlfriend sleeping, cuddling with my pillow. "Hey chat, I gotta go. Something important came up." I nodded as I looked for someone to raid. I quickly gave off a 'be respectful' lecture and ended the stream. Jett left my room and I took my shirt off, so I was left in my white shorts.
Hera stretched before climbing into my bed and I got in beside Y/n and laid next to her. Almost instantly she moved a little and curled up against my side, feeling the warmth from my body. I smiled down at her and kissed her forehead, softly.
I moved so our chests were pressed against each other and wrapped my right arm around her body and my left arm went under her head. Out of instinct she put her leg over my waist and tried to get closer to me and a pout sat on her lips when she realized she was as close as she could get.
I softly rubbed her back with my calloused fingers and put my head slightly above hers. "I love you so much baby. Sleep well, pretty girl." I kissed the top of her head before closing my eyes and falling into my first peaceful sleep of the week.
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A kiss caught on camera - Vinnie Hacker Imagine.
Tumblr media
summary: when you jump on an instagram live, you have no idea about the consequences of your careless actions.
warnings: none just pure fluff
requested: no
"Hey Guys!" You say smiling brightly at your phone screen as you pull away from it after starting the Instagram live video.
"Hello" Your boyfriend Vinnie says from his seat on the hotel bed behind you. You have been dating for the past year, meeting through a mutual friend, Thomas Petrou.
He asked you to move into the Hype House after you started blowing up on tiktok for your song writing and being new to the industry, you decide it would be almost like mentoring.
You both decided it would be a good idea to keep your relationship a secret because you didn't want to receive any hate. You also thought that because the both of you are on the younger side it would be better to wait to announce it so you have a secure relationship and no one could come in and break that.
"So we thought we'd go live for a bit so you can ask us some questions about our lives and stuff, Vinnies new career in swinging his arms…you know, the usual" You tease, 'waving' at some people that join the live.
“it was one time!” your boyfriend groans from behind you and you can’t help but laugh as you give him a pointed look.
Soon enough, at least 80,000 people were watching so you decided that now was the time to turn on the 'Q and A' button.
The question box suddenly got flooded with responses ranging from 'i love you's to 'date already' to 'no one wants to see you, end the live'. You smiled at the dating one, knowing how lucky you are to call the boy next to you your boyfriend.
"Okay first one..." Vinnie says, scrolling through the questions.
"Y/n! Your new song 'Unconditionally' came out last week. Who and what is it about?” he turns to you with that cheeky grin of his you love.
He knows exactly who and what the song is about.
"Um, the song is about a boyfriend of mine, uh an ex, I guess." You start, trying to hide the fact the inspiration for your song isn't in fact an ex.
"And it's about loving someone so much that you know your love for them will have no limits and that even when the person has insecurities and sides of them they hate and think make them unworthy, you will still love them unconditionally" you say smiling brightly at the camera looking at the comments saying supportive things about the song.
When you turn back to Vin, he has an adorable light peach blush spread out across his cheeks which makes you want to smother the poor boy in kisses.
You turn back to the live and find a question meant for Vinnie.
"Ah Okay. Mr. Hacker…" you say looking at him.
"Yes" He says slightly nervously.
"You just starred in a netflix show called the hype house. what was your favourite part of it?” You had only just joined the hype house so you were not featured however you were behind the scenes.
He smiles and looks at the ground, reliving the moment in his head.
"Probably meeting all of the new people that i did, you know? the opportunities filming presented us with but my all time favourite part…the prom bit” he says smiling at you.
Vinnie went with Nikita for the cameras and to escort her there but the rest of night he was with you, it was when you had your first kiss and you danced the night away completely wrapped up in your own little world.
You fight back a sweet smile as to not let the viewers of the live into your little secret.
"Okay, what are your favourite things about each other, considering you've been bestfriends since you met" you say, laughing slightly at the use of bestfriends. That's your alibi.
"I don't know, I can't really think of any. Hang on" you say, stroking your imaginary beard.
Vinnie laughs and playfully glares at you.
"I'm only joking, he's so kind like genuinely I've never met anyone like him before. He would put anyone before himself in the blink of an eye and only has their best interests at heart. He does so much charity work behind he scenes too that no one sees because he doesn't feel the need to broadcast it across the nation because of how selfless he is. He's also incredibly funny, has made me almost wet myself a couple of times…which i don’t know why i’ve shared. And overall, he just makes everything so much better." You say looking from the camera to Vinnie who's eyes hold so much love and awe for you.
“he makes me better” you finish.
You smile at him which he returns.
"F@ck, how am I gonna top that?!" He says jokingly towards the camera, hitting his knee with his fist.
"Y/n is so passionate about everything she does like she puts one hundred and ten percent effort into every single thing she does which is quite admirable. She's also never afraid to stand up for what's right and what she believes in which again, is something not many people feel comfortable in doing. She uses her voice to reassure people that beauty isn't everything and that it's okay to have stretch marks and cellulite dimples and your stomach to jiggle when you walk. She's just an amazing woman and I couldn't be prouder of her even if I tried." He says and you can't help but fall into a trance as you look into his eyes.
You suddenly cup his cheeks in your hands and press your lips to his, kissing him with as much passion as you possibly can, trying to convey in anyway just how much you love him and how much he means to you.
Because of the trance he managed to put you in, you completely forget about the live. The comments flooding in with fans freaking out about your relationship and the kiss you are sharing.
Some fans are saying they knew it and others are complaining because they are saying Vinnie is theirs. All of this goes unnoticed to you as your are still liplocked with your boyfriend.
He remembers first though, as he pulls away and stares at you with wide eyes.
"Okay we are gonna go now" He says and you furrow your eyebrows before realising you just basically confirmed your otherwise hidden relationship to the world.
this one is kind of bad but anyway, i hope you have all had a good day :)
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Tumblr media
You were exhausted to say the least. You hadn’t gone to sleep until like 4am the night prior resulting in only getting like 3 hours of sleep. Then you had to wake up early for a full day of work. By the time you were done for the day you could barely keep your eyes open. All you wanted to do was cuddle up with your boyfriend and go to sleep. As you made your way to Vinnie’s room you could hear him yelling so you knew he was playing Valorant. You sighed, as much as you loved him, that boy literally was glued to the game. Not that it affected you guys that often since you worked full time as well and were pretty busy. But sometimes all you wanted was to come home to him without having him occupied with the game. 
As you entered the room you headed straight towards the bed totally ignoring Vinnie. You dropped your bags on the ground and collapsed on the bed. Vinnie noticed you come in the moment you opened the door and was shocked to say the least. You guys always acknowledged and greeted each other whenever you were together and when you didn’t he realized something was wrong. He instantly paused his game and turned his chair towards you laying on the bed. “Y/N sweetheart, are you ok?” he asks “Mhmm” you mumbled looking at him. Vinnie instantly noticed the bags under your eyes. “When did you go to bed, baby?” he asks, knowing damn well that you didn’t get enough sleep the night prior. You tried to explain to him that you only got a couple hours of sleep but he could see your eyes starting to shut trying to stay awake.
“Come here, love” you’re confused as he picks you up from the bed and brings you back to his gaming chair and sits you on his lap. He holds you tight and close to his body as he readjusts himself in front of his PC again. You place your knees on either side of his hips and let your head rest on his chest pulling your arms to yourself. His arms keep you still and secure against him as he places a quick kiss to your head. “Go to sleep love, I’ve got you.” he whispers. You try to protest “But Vin, you're playing Val” He cuts you off. “Shh baby it’s ok, I’ll be quiet I promise I just want to hold you, that's all” he says. You lay your head back down on his chest and within minutes you're fast asleep and Vinnie is beyond happy with himself. At one point Vinnie screams, and you wake up startled lifting your head forgetting where you were for a moment. Vinnie shushes you and gently places his hand on your head bringing it back down to his chest again. “I’m sorry for yelling baby, go back to sleep” he whispers and you try to protest again but he starts rubbing your back and before you know it you're fast asleep once more. Vinnie couldn’t help but admire you for a moment with you in his arms asleep, his heart swells with love for you. “I love you my sweet girl” he whispers, placing a soft kiss to your head again before going back to his game. 
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Tumblr media
𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: vinnie hacker x fem!influencer!reader
𝘀𝘆𝗻𝗼𝗽𝘀𝗶𝘀: y/n can’t seem to get along with mia, and it divides vinnie and thomas. maybe all they need to do is fight it out…
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: swearing, drama, and some mentions of violence
𝗔/𝗡: here you have it; the first part of the hype house blurbs im doing! enjoy besties. THIS IS FICTION!! I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST MIA <3
interviews/confessionals are in bold! (y/z/s: your zodiac sign)
while living at the hype house was perceived as ritzy clothes and cars with parties and endless fun, the truth is that sometimes it sucked.
like, really sucked.
y/n was a beauty influencer who posted mainly on youtube. whenever she did post on tiktok, it was usually just thirst traps or videos of her showing off her wardrobe, nothing necessarily ‘hype house’ worthy.
in fact, the only reason she was in the hype house was because of her boyfriend, vinnie hacker. after vinnie had joined, he immediately became tired of the constant arguing him and mia would have. she didn’t like how y/n was always there when she wasn’t even a part of the hype house, but when vinnie explained that he needed her there for him to sleep at night, mia still didn’t give a fuck. it wasn’t until he gave thomas an ultimatum, that they let her stay there, and honestly? y/n had no idea that the whole conversation was even going on, so when vinnie texted her saying ‘you are gonna move in with me here :)’ she was completely caught off guard— yet, wasn’t complaining.
“ughhh, i’m too lazy.” y/n whined. she was sprawled down on the bed in vinnie’s room, appearing in the corner of his camera for the stream to see. she wore an unreleased purgatory hoodie and some sweats, and her hair was up in a bun.
she was currently on the phone with her best friend larri, who was begging her to come see him, but she was just not feeling like it. “come on!”
“i will if you buy me a smoothie.”
“girl? what the fuck—okay fine.” y/n cheered at his reply and quickly slid on some slides while hanging up.
“vinnie, vinnie’s stream?” she called, gaining her boyfriends attention. he rolled his chair around to face her.
“i’m going to see larri. we are gonna go get smoothies. i should be back soon.” she wrapped an arm around his side, looking down at the still seated boy.
“okay, have fun.” she leaned down and kissed him before grabbing her keys and saying goodbye to his stream. he was in the middle, or well, near the end of his 24hr stream that he was doing. he had been planing on it for weeks and finally got up to it. having the netflix crew there was definitely difficult while streaming, but thankfully they never really went in vinnie’s room, unless it was for b-roll footage or if someone else was up there.
a camera guy followed y/n out of the house and to her car, cheering about how she finally would get her favorite flavored smoothie after being so voracious about it. it wasn’t quaint for the crew to follow her places. it hadn’t been too long before they decided to join her simple drives late at night. she was a huge fan of late night drives where she could buy whatever snacks she had been craving, or even just walk around some stores while they weren’t busy. it was easier that way for her, and she had less chances of being noticed.
meanwhile, vinnie was streaming when he received a rotten message from mia, thomas’ girlfriend. usually, she was somewhat stern and bitchy, but vinnie had never received a message from her, as nasty as this one. he hurriedly apologized to the viewers, and made his way downstairs to get mia off of his back.
a humorous y/n, stumbled in through the door of the hype house, holding her banana smoothie and her phone that was currently on facetime with larri. after laughing at something he said, she looked over to see vinnie walking up the staircase. she said goodbye to larri and followed her boyfriend up the stairs, confused as to why he wasn’t streaming. the camera man followed her.
when she entered the room, she saw that vinnie had his stream on pause while a ‘we’ll be right back’ animation played on repeat. “hey.”
“why aren’t you streaming?” she observed how somewhat annoyed and out of breath he was.
“mia.” he smiled, frustratedly. his body dropped into the chair as he waited for y/n to reply to him.
“what do you mean, mia?”
y/n wasn’t a big fan of mia.
now, it wasn’t like she hated the girl, but she definitely couldn’t stand being around her at times. they were highly incompatible and never really saw things eye to eye, but she couldn’t say anything about it. everyone had their problems with mia, but only one ever stood up to her for it, and he ended up getting kicked out of the house after mia complained to thomas. every once and a while, mia would piss her off to the point of explosion. like a lie detector test going off, with the little pointer wiggling up and down frantically, until it gets so fast that the whole damn machine crashes. mia was like that. she was a lie in the detector of the hype house and y/n was a liar. sometimes, it felt like if y/n didn’t stand up to her, then nobody would.
vinnie laughed at her expression and pulled out his phone for her to read. she knew his passcode (he had shown her before and she’d borrow his phone to play games on sometimes) so she typed it in and swiped over to his messages and clicked on the ‘mia’ tab, reading through what she had said to him.
vinnie heard her scoff and watched her expression as she finished through the messages. “did you throw it away?”
“no! i went down to do it, i was gonna do it, and then she just freaked out on me so i said fuck this and went back upstairs.” anger fumed out of y/n’s ears and she kept her jaw clenched tight enough to split her teeth. “took away like fifteen minutes of my stream, bro.”
looking up from his phone, she saw vinnie backed up in his gaming chair with his hands behind his head. “i’ll handle this—“
“wait, y/n—“
“no, babe. you-you get back to the stream. i’ll go fuck shit up.” she slid off her shoes, and put on her slides.
“what are you going to do?”
“i’m gonna tell her not to speak to my boyfriend like that.” she could hear vinnie chuckle nervously at her words. “i’m serious, i’m gonna go the fuck off on her, vin. she’s been driving me crazy since we got here, and it’s like, since the cameras are here, i thought she would be somewhat calmer, but she isn’t. fucking ridiculous.”
“be careful!” she leaned down and puckered her lips, signaling for vinnie to kiss her. with a ‘mwah’ sound, he pecked her on the lips, causing his lips to shine from the gloss she was wearing.
“i will.”
y/n sat down on the chair, with a loud and frustrated groan. “so, basically, vinnie is in the middle—or well, no, sorry—towards the end of his 24hr stream that he’s been doing, and he gets a text from the demon downstairs, mia, who was extremely fucking rude to him, and im like…the fuck?” she twirled her hand and kept an amused smile on her face.
“like, how are you going to speak to someone that way, someone who is literally in the middle of something that will help get money to pay for the fucking house, like? it just—it makes no sense. i know that i need to be careful with what i say, but mark my words, netflix; if she tries anything with me, i will fight that bitch. i love her, but i’ll fight her.” she laughed.
y/n stomped down the stairs of the hype house, calling mia’s name. mia was sitting on one of the chairs near the kitchen, watching something on tv. multiple cameras were waiting for y/n, as if they knew some shit was going to go down.
“there you are.”
“mmh.” mia hummed, not even bothering to look at the girl. she pulled out her phone and y/n walked into the kitchen.
“so you yelled at vinnie?”
“no, i didn’t yell at him, but yeah.”
“over this?”
she pointed at a paper plate that was left on the counter. it had held vinnie’s pizza from when they had ordered it a few hours ago. vinnie had to hurry his ass down there to eat one before people took them all, and make his way back to the stream in time. the thing that got her, wasn’t that mia was so pissed off over a paper plate, but the fact that there were two paper plates on the counter.
“yes.” mia stated, her tone laced with annoyance.
“okay, so…” she scoffed, turning back to face mia, “why didn’t you just throw it away? why’d you have to make it this big deal and have vinnie stop his stream for this?”
“because, he needs to grow the fuck up and pick up after himself. you weren’t gonna tell him, so i did.”
“that’s not even your job though, and isn’t this plate your boyfriends?”
“so…but—thomas is outside by the pool right now while his plate is sitting on the counter, so why are you bitching at vinnie for something that your boyfriend is also doing? and vinnie’s working right now, so if anything, you should be yelling at thomas.”
“no, because i keep thomas in check, that’s what you’re supposed to do for vinnie, y/n.”
“they’re not dogs, mia.”
“i know that.”
“okay…” y/n felt like she was getting nowhere and the way mia was speaking to her was pissing her off even more. “so do you want to tell me why you went all freak show on vinnie?” she leaned across the counter, mia seated on the other side of her so that whenever she looked up, she was forced to look at y/n.
“no, i don’t need to because it’s none of your business.”
this bitch.
“it is my business when you call my boyfriend ‘ignorant’ and talk to him as if you’re his mother, because i know vinnie is too nice to say something to you, so what happens is that i have to come down here and get you to listen to me, which you clearly are barely even doing since you haven’t made eye contact with me once and you’re all over your fucking phone.” she kept her voice calm and tried to be as approachable as possible.
but mia didn’t even budge.
fuming, y/n got up and threw vinnie’s plate away, the sound of the trashcan closing broke mia out of her phone.
“did you really just throw that away?” mia raised her voice, dropping her phone on the counter.
“you’re not his mother, y/n.”
“neither are you, mia! yet, you try to do whatever you can to control his life and what he does with it to remind him and remind fucking all of us, how much power you have in this house. it’s just a fucking power game to you, talking to us like we aren’t literal kids and like nothing we do is ever good enough, and then you go and bitch at your boyfriend and kouvr about how everyone fucking hates you and hates being around you— gee! i wonder why?!”
“don’t fucking yell at me.”
“you raised your voice first, mia! you fucking yelled at vinnie when he stopped in the middle of his stream to come please you. you’re the problem!” she pointed at mia, waving her hands in the air to exaggerate her words.
“i’m the problem?”
“yes! yes! you are the problem.”
“now, it’s not like i want to be the ‘big bad monster’ of the house, but…i just can’t not tell someone the truth. especially when everyone else is too scared to say or do something… like i just—i’m gonna be the person and take one for the team.” y/n spoke to the camera.
“y/n, no one in this house ever does anything! i have to listen to thomas cry over how fucking stressed he is because everything is a joke to you all!”
“WE ARE KIDS! everything is supposed to be a joke to us, you just try and make us fucking content machines that you can control and use for profit, when we aren’t! we are human, mia! that’s why you’re fucking trip efforts never work, why people get into cliques, why alex broke his toe— because we are fucking people! with lives! lives outside of this house! and when you attack us for small and stupid shit and make us feel bad about it and then belittle the work that we do get done, it makes it not even worth it! you’re never going to be happy with us if you keep that mindset, never! you act all high and fucking mighty, as if you’ve never forgot to throw away a fucking paper plate, bitch please.”
“you and vinnie don’t do content! this is a content house and you don’t put the work in!”
“we do!” y/n cut her off, “we do make content! it’s just not the content you’re fucking used to! if it’s not a tiktok dance, you don’t see it as content! bro, vinnie just did a 24 hour stream and you don’t even see it as that, you just see it as him playing video games all day and that’s not it! i just filmed a grwm yesterday and it already has almost three million views, yet i haven’t heard a single good thing from you or thomas about it.”
“oh please, y/n! the only reason you’re here is because vinnie is in love with you—“
“the only reason YOU’RE here is because thomas is in love with you! i do more for this house than you do, mia! so don’t even fucking try and act like you do shit, you don’t.”
“don’t talk to me like that—“
“after the way you disrespected me and vinnie? i’ll talk to you however i want, mia.”
“mmhmm, just wait until thomas finds out—“
“oh, go fuck yourself.” and with that, y/n stomped back up stairs, not even caring about the consequences of what she said. as she went up the stairs, she muttered a loud “i hope they got all that shit on camera for the doc.”
“i don’t regret anything i said.” y/n shook her head, looking at the interviewer.
“i mean..over a paper plate? she’s gonna talk to me and vinnie that way, over a paper plate? nah.” she looked down at her nails before speaking again.
“i mean, i just hope that she’s nicer tomorrow and that this all blows over but i can’t promise to keep my hands to myself if she starts shit tomorrow.”
“do you think that y/n meant well?”
“oh yeah, i mean she’s always gonna be there to support me and protect me, even if i tell her not to or don’t worry about it, she’ll do it. i don’t know exactly what she said, but i’m sure it wasn’t anything too bad…hopefully.” vinnie gave an anxious smile at the interviewer.
y/n ran into larri’s room and plopped herself down on the big bean bag, pulling down her shirt and letting her legs swing behind her. larri sat on the couch, playing with his nails.
“oh my god, dude. i honestly feel like thursday was imaginary…like..i can’t-“ she giggled at how larri’s mouth dropped. “i cannot believe.” she put her head in her hands and shook her head, laughing.
“why, why? what happened?!” larri had only heard some of the story from nikita, which she probably heard about from mia so it most likely painted y/n out as the bad guy, knowing mia.
“i went off on mia, like…i..did not hold back.” she made a ‘nope’ motion with her hands and continued laughing. the whole situation was amusing to her and she still couldn’t comprehend how stupid it was. “i went off, like— i was this close—“ she pinched her fingers until they were nearly touching, “to slapping a hoe, for real. like i could not hold back that night.”
“oh…my god, are you serious?” his eyes and mouth were wide open and his whole body froze, all of his attention on her words. they both forgot about the cameras filming them and just gossiped the way they normally would.
“wait, so what happened?” he leaned forwards, his chin in his palm as he waited to hear the story.
“so basically,” y/n took a deep breath, “mia had texted vinnie saying that she was basically sick of his bullshit and like— just completely belittling everything that he’s ever done for this house, and she was like ‘if you’re not down here in .5 seconds, then there’s gonna be hell to pay.’”
“wait, whattt?” larri scoffed, his jaw dropped and his brows lowered.
“and she was mad because he…didn’t throw away a paper plate from when we got pizza…and i’m like..what the fuck? like, first of all, it’s re— you can just get up yourself and throw it away! like—“ she laughed along with larri, “it literally only takes like two seconds.”
“for real..”
“um..but then i went down there and—vinnie did, he did. he went down there to throw it away and vinnie said that she just starting bitching at him so he just..said ‘fuck this’ and went back upstairs.”
“wow..good for him, honestly. mia is on that bullshit.”
“so i went down there and larri, i kid you not..”
“oh god bitch.” he clutched onto his robe and began fanning himself, preparing for what y/n was about to tell him.
“there were two paper plates! and one of them was thomas’ and thomas was outside with…alex and kouvr by the fucking pool, and i’m like…” she scoffed.
“for real?”
“yeah! and it’s like…mia has the audacity to come at him? like..okay, whatever. so i told her…i asked her like what her deal was and she went off about how me and vinnie…do nothing in this house, how i shouldn’t even be here, um…and i basically told her like ‘you ain’t shit.’”
y/n laughed and stood up, grabbing the remote to larri’s tv. “i told her like, you better never talk to me like that again because for real, shits gonna get smacking. okay? i am not in the position to be fucked with. like…for real. and if you come at vinnie first, like…that’s gonna be an issue.”
“mmhm.” larri nodded, “damn girl—well, you better be careful because, you know mia is a leo. that girl can get a little feisty..”
“i know, i know she’s a leo, well i’m a y/z/s.” she muttered, scrolling through the movie catalog on tv.
“i know that mia doesn’t..mean harm. i know that she means well, but she can really come across as just like…the worst.” she let out a small laugh, looking at the interviewer. she nervously played with the strings to her hoodie.
“like..no one ever really wants to have fun with her and i tried to be really close with her and kouvr but…they’re both already so bundled up that it’s like…i don’t feel like—i don’t feel like i can be around them without being ganged up on. and that’s not like me having insecurities or problems, it’s literally that they just talk about things and i have no idea what they are talking about and they don’t make any efforts to include me in anything. they always say ‘oh, well you’re always cooped up in vinnie’s room!’ but that’s because if i’m down there, they’re not gonna invite me to do stuff.”
she shook her head, sighing. “me and vinnie are always left out, i mean, there’s a few other people in this house who are too and it’s just so annoying when one second they really don’t give a shit about where we are or what we’re doing unless it’s making them money, and then the next second they complain that we don’t like to hang out with them. like, i tried to! it’s just frustrating and i think that mia’s situation is that she’s really…caring! so caring! and she feels like thomas needs to be protected and i think that she does whatever she can to eradicate anything in the house that could even remotely hurt thomas and his reputation and his life and where he’s headed..”
the interviewer nodded and motioned for her to continue. “and i think that she feels like it’s her responsibility when it isn’t so i know she means well and that she really doesn’t…hate anybody in the house? she doesn’t see how her actions affect people but i think that that boss mentality of being in charge of things, it’s just not her, like it doesn’t fit her.. and i just wish we could unwire that part of her brain because it’s the worst.”
“i seriously wanna just like..” y/n made a punching action with her fist and grunted. “y’all don’t know but i used to play lacrosse, okay? i was athletic back in the day and trust me, i still know how to rumble.”
“rumble?” larri laughed, making fun of the word she used.
“yes! okay? i can rumble! i just really….i love mia, but i wanna beat the shit out of her so bad.. i wanna beat the shit out of her so bad and i can’t think of a way to do that without getting kicked out of the house.”
“well did thomas say anything about that night?”
“no, but i’m sure if i got physical, they’d 100% kick me out and maybe even vinnie.”
“does thomas even know?”
“yeah! well thomas and vinnie have been arguing. vinnie told me, he was like ‘he wouldn’t even look at me’,” she did her best vinnie impression. “i was just like…what the fuck? but every time vinnie would say or joke about something, he said that thomas would just randomly start arguing with him!”
“yeah, so i feel like..me and vinnie need an opportunity to beat the living shit out of them…in like a way that makes it look not suspicious, you know?”
“mmhmm, like a game.”
“yeah! exactly! a game, something that will let me and vinnie take it out…”
“me and larri have been brainstorming and we found a way for me to fight mia.” y/n showed the computer to the confessional camera, displaying the activity on the screen. “battle beam, motherfuckers.”
“yes, so i was wondering..are the sticks going to be hard?” she spoke to the gymnasium guy who was on speaker.
“no, they shouldn’t get any one hurt, don’t worry.”
“no, but i want it to hurt.”
“WHOOO! triple date night! i wonder what we’re gonna do?!” vinnie played along, watching the confused looks on everyone’s faces as they made their way to the building.
y/n and vinnie had coerced alex, kouvr, mia and thomas to spend a ‘date night’ with them. the nights activity was of course a surprise, so when the door opened and they walked into a gymnasium with a foam pit and beam waiting for them, they were definitely confused.
“BATTLE BEAM! WHOOO!” vinnie cheered. alex cheered with him and leaned over the pit , feeling the soft cubes inside. thomas smiled slightly, yet mia still looked annoyed.
“can i jump in?!” alex asked.
“not yet! you’re gonna have time to play, i promise.”
“battle beam? what are we, seven?”
god, i can’t wait to smack the shit out of her..
“yeah yeah, alright for teams! how about…kouvr and alex, vinnie and thomas and me and mia.” she smirked, watching mia’s expression fall.
“why not girls vs boys?”
“because. are you scared?”
“no.” mia snapped.
you should be..
“WHOOOO! WE WON!! MOST POWERFUL COUPLE IN THE BATTLE BEAM UNIVERSE, MOTHER FUCKERS!” vinnie had y/n on his shoulders. she was holding her joust stick up in the air and shouting in victory.
mia was trying her best not to cry from the almost-broken nose that she received and she waited for the nurse to finish taking her blood pressure.
“you wanna get ice cream?” vinnie looked down at his girlfriend after setting her down on the ground.
“after seeing how hot you were fighting thomas? definitely.” she smiled and leaned over to kiss him on the nose.
before walking out of the building, y/n gave mia a smile and a small kiss on the head. “love you, girl.”
“you too.”
needless to say, mia and y/n were a lot nicer to one another once they got home and mia hadn’t picked a fight with her and vinnie since.
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vinnieslut · a day ago
Imagine that you take one of his shirt after a shower and he is so cute happy and proud about it?!?
this is so cute, ty for the request :)
night routine - v.h.
You practically lived at the Hype House. You had a drawer to yourself in Vinnie’s dresser. Your shower, skin care, and basic necessities littered his bathroom and sink area. Which was once, “I bought you a toothbrush to keep here” turned into you taking over his space. But he loved it. On days you weren’t there, he loved seeing your stuff all over the place.
Tonight was not any different from the nights you spent the night. Vinnie was finishing up a stream, so you showered since you knew he was tired. He smiled as he turned to his bed and saw your open bookbag there, your books and iPad indicating that tonight you had to study for whatever class you were stressing over. You heard faint knocks over the soft music you had playing. “You can come in babe, it’s your bathroom.” You spoke loud enough for Vinnie to hear you. “I know, just don’t wanna scare you.” He said as he came in to the bathroom to brush his teeth and do his skincare. As you wrapped up your shower, you stepped out, grabbing your towel from the clip holding you and Vinnie’s towel. You grabbed your hair wrap towel as you rang out the extra water that your thick ass hair still had on it. “I’m gonna hop in, let you get ahead of your homework.” He said as he quickly pecked you softly on the lips before he stripped to get in. You took the opportunity to brush your teeth, and go get dressed outside in his room.
You put on your night underwear and short shorts you slept in, while trying to find an extra t-shirt to sleep in. You sighed as you realized that all your sleep shirts were in Vinnie’s dirty laundry hamper. You bit your lip trying to figure out what to wear. You opened Vinnie’s t-shirt drawer and found one you’ve never seen him wear. It was an oversized O’Dea High School Baseball shirt with his old number and his last name in bold letters. You smiled at the thought of him wearing this back when he played, and put it on. You quickly ran to the kitchen and filled up you and Vinnie’s water bottles for the night.
As you brushed your hair and made sure Hera had water, you sat on your side of the bed and started your homework. Vinnie came out in a towel and adored his girl working hard on her stuff. “You look cute as fuck in that shirt.” He said as he walked over to his drawer to grab his boxers and sweats he liked to sleep in. “Thank you, I’m sorry I didn’t ask I had no other sleep shirts.” You said as you looked up to see him smiling like a goof. “It’s okay my love, anytime you need to borrow clothes it’s fine. They look better on you then do on me, so please keep wearing my shirts.” He said as he kissed your forehead before getting comfy on his side. Your night routine full of the small joys you both enjoyed so much.
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diorjadore · a day ago
hi bby <3 how do you think Vin would introduce you to his friends? idk i would feel so intimidated bcuz all his friends are pretty asf
I’ve actually thought about this! Okay here goes hehe sorry it took a while :((
You and Vinnie had been dating for quite some time now and even though his friends know about you, given that he talks about you all the time, they’ve never met you. Vinnie had been dropping hints that you might meet them soon and that kind of made you anxious because of course a pretty boy would have pretty friends. You know it’s gonna happen sooner or later but that sooner seems to be nearer than expected.
You were dragged by Vinnie to get boxes of pizza suddenly out of nowhere. “Vin, why can’t you just have it delivered?”
“Y/n, I feel bad whenever I order food because we live far and it’s nice to get out once in a while,” he said, never looking at your eyes. Okay, first of all; he never wants to go out, second; the nearest pizza joint is a good 30 minutes away, third; it’s weird how he avoided eye contact and it was the first time too.
“Okay, isn’t that the whole point of getting stuff delivered? But I don’t care anymore, let’s go,” you huffed past him and led the way to his car.
You knew the route to the pizza place but somehow Vinnie wasn’t taking that road. “Isn’t it that way?” You asked, pointing to the other direction.
“I know.”
“Vin, where are we going?”
“To meet my friends, they already have pizza there.” He looked over and smiled at you but you were just dumbfounded, surprised he blindsided you. He’s literally been so excited for the past few days of the thought of his friends finally meeting you, the person that makes him happy, a better person, and a better friend.
“Dude! I’m not ready yet,” you whined as you lightly smacked him in the arm.
“It’s gonna be fine, baby! I wouldn’t be friends with them if they aren’t kind,” he assured you.
“No, it’s not that. It’s uhm…it’s because they’re all pretty.” You smiled awkwardly at him, your cheeks turning pink.
“What?” He asked in disbelief. “Well you’re gonna be the prettiest in the room when we get there, just see.” He adored how flustered you were getting over something simple and then he started to wonder: were you intimidated? A person being pretty isn’t even a factor for Vinnie to consider when he wants to befriend someone. That’s bananas!
Soon enough, you arrived at Liza’s house. The dread and the uneasy feeling brewing deep in your stomach. “They’re gonna love you,” he said as you both heard screams from the hallway. Vinnie knocked on the door and finally you were greeted by his assistant and best friend, Liza.
“Hey! Come on in. Nice to meet you, Y/n!” Liza ushered you both and then you see the whole group. Vinnie introduced you to each and every one and all of them warmly welcomed you to the space.
“DJ here has a crush on everybody…” Vinnie boasted as DJ scratched the back of his head. “I think he might even have a crush on you too.” You all laughed as you pulled Vinnie closer.
“Sorry buddy, I’m quite taken.” You retorted back and the whole room echoed in laughter, you didn’t even realize all eyes and ears were on you. You then realized that there wasn’t anything to worry about, that it was all in your head. I mean, apart from being pretty, Vinnie’s friends were nowhere near making it their whole personality. You also realized that they’re a lot like your boyfriend. They were kind, funny, and interesting.
You finally detached from Vinnie and went to go talk to Grace. Eamon pulled your boyfriend to the side and whispered: “She’s a keeper, bro. You finally found your match,” he said as he patted Vinnie’s back as if congratulating the boy for a job well done.
Author’s Note: In short, he bamboozled you HAHAHAHA of course he did
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skinnyducky · a day ago
a player’s demise // v.h.
Tumblr media
a/n i modified this request a lil bit since i already did something like this and completely forgot about it (”can’t forget”). so i changed some stuff but the them being in the talking stage and y/n finding out that he’s got a gf is still there. a lil inspired by euphoria. hope you enjoy !!!!!!
vinnie hacker x fem!reader
Word Count: 1441, slightly edited
WARNING: angsty, vinnie’s villain era, language, and that’s all i think.
Y/n groaned, roaming through the fair in search of her best friend. “Bitch, where the hell are you?” She spoke loudly into the speaker of her phone, hoping Y/bff/n would be able to hear her over the loud chatter and ringing coming from the carny games.
“I’m by the Ferris wheel.”
“Which one? There’s two.”
“The one by the carousel. There’s like a funnel cake and pretzel stand across from it.”
“Damn, you’re that far?” Y/n sighed, “I’m on my way.” She hung up the phone and made her way to the other side of the fair. After a few minutes—which felt more like an hour—Y/n finally made it to the Ferris wheel where Y/bff/n stood, munching on a salted pretzel.
Once their eyes met, they both squealed in excitement. “Hey, B!” Y/bff/n said, taking another bite of her pretzel. “Don’t you look delicious, tonight? Give the people a spin.” Y/n did as she order, allowing the girl to hype her up.
“Right back at you, babes.”
“So, whatcha’ wanna do? Hit the teacups? Get a pretzel? What’s the move?”
Y/n shook her head. “I don’t eat carbs,” she said jokingly, looking at her friend as if she was insane. “Besides, I just walked a mile to get here and that’s not even including the walk from the parking lot to the gate. Let’s just chill for a minute and relax.”
Y/bff/n nodded, and the two girls proceeded to wander around the fair aimlessly. As she continued to chew on her pretzel, she noticed a particular boy absent from Y/n’s side. With furrowed brows, she asked the million-dollar question. “Where’s Vinnie?”
“He’s sick,” Y/n said. “He told me he ate an egg sandwich from a gas station, and he’s been puking non-stop.”
“He’s sick…again?” Y/bff/n busted out laughing. “Y/n, this is the fifth time he’s canceled plans with you because he’s sick. Either he’s got a really fucked up immune system or he’s doing this shit on purpose.”
“No…Vinnie wouldn’t do that.”
“You don’t know that,” Y/bff/n replied, “you two have only been talking for a month or so. You’re still in the process of getting to know him.” Whether she liked it or not, Y/n knew her best friend was right. As much as she tried to convince herself otherwise, she barely knew anything about Vinnie. He was like a complete mystery, a case waiting to be solved. And him canceling all their plans, their dates, and hang-out sessions…just made her question if there was something more at play here.
Y/n groaned, “I guess you’re right. I mean, it is a little weird that lately every time we’re supposed to hang out he gets sick. It was understandable the first two times, but now it just feels like…he’s doing it on purpose. Like he’s trying to hide something from me?”
“Have you asked him about it or at least snooped around? I know if I was in that situation, I’d be running a whole FBI investigation. Busting through doors, hacking his phone, everything.”
“I get what you’re saying, but I don’t wanna be that girl.”
All of a sudden, Y/bff/n stopped walking. Y/n hadn’t noticed until she didn’t get a response from the girl. As she looked back, she noticed Y/bff/n squinting her eyes, looking off into the distance. “What? What is it?” Y/n asked, wondering what had her friend so shook.
“I think I’m seeing things.”
Y/bff/n pointed straight ahead, slowly shaking her head. “That’s not who I think it is, right?” As curiosity struck Y/n, she looked to where her best friend was pointing, her eyes landing on the cotton candy stand. At first, Y/n didn’t know who the hell her friend was talking about, but as her eyes scoured around, they landed on the very person Y/n didn’t expect to see. There leaning against the counter of the stand was none other than Vinnie.
“You’re joking.” Y/n muttered, trying her damnedest to convince herself that he wasn’t real. But if Y/bff/n could see him, then that meant it wasn’t just her imagination. That was definitely Vinnie…looking ever so healthy.
“Isn’t he supposed to be sick?” Y/bff/n said, attitude riddled throughout her tone. “He don’t look sick to me.”
Y/n huffed, “That’s because he’s not.” Without hesitation, the girl stomped over to the boy with Y/bff/n in tow. The two pushed through crowds of people, ignoring the glares and profanities being thrown their way.
“Ain’t this a surprise?” Y/n sneered, Vinnie jumping at the sound of her voice. The second his eyes landed on her, he turned pale. “Looks like you made a speedy recovery, didn’t you?”
“Y/n, what are you doing here? I thought—”
“You thought what? That I wasn’t going to show up just because you couldn’t make it? Sorry to tell you this but my life doesn’t revolve around you, Vinnie. Now the real question is what the hell are you doing here?” You asked, staring daggers at the boy. “Aren’t you supposed to be sick?”
Y/bff/n chuckled, “Don’t look sick to me.”
Vinnie shot her a glare before fixing his gaze back on you. “Y/n I—”
“Hey!” At that moment, Y/n noticed a girl out of the corner of her eye making her way towards her and Vinnie. At first, Y/n thought it was just one of Vinnie’s fans hoping to score a picture, but the second she planted her lips on his cheek, she knew right then and there that this girl was something more. “I didn’t know what kind of slushie to get you, so I just got us both strawberry-banana.” She said, handing him the drink.
“Who the hell is this?” Y/n scoffed, looking the girl up and down.
“Excuse me?” She replied, giving Y/n the same look. “Is there a problem?”
“I don’t know”—Y/n turned to Vinnie—“is there?”
Vinnie sighed, “Walk away, Y/n.”
“You know her?” The girl looked to Vinnie, awaiting his answer.
Y/n smirked, “Oh, he knows me very well. Don’t you, Vinnie?”
“Y/n…walk away.”
“No, I’m not.” Y/n snapped, shoving her finger into his chest. “Not until you tell me who the fuck she is.”
“I’m his girlfriend.”
Y/n felt her jaw drop to the floor as those words left the girl’s mouth. “Girlfriend!?” She and Y/bff/n exclaimed in unison. “What the fuck do you mean girlfriend?” Y/n asked, crossing her arms. “You mean to tell me this whole time while you’ve been talking to me, you’ve had a girlfriend? Is that why you’ve been sick? You were with her the entire time?”
“What is she talking about, Vinnie?”
He looked between Y/n and the girl before his eyes landed on the latter. “Kate, it’s nothing. She’s lying. It’s just a fan trying to break us up.”
“I’m just a fan now?” Y/n snickered, appalled at the boy. “So I was just a fan when you hit me up in my DMs? I was just a fan when you sent me all those dick pics? Huh, was I just a fan then?”
“He did what now?” Kate turned to Vinnie, looking at him as if he’d lost his entire mind. “Dude, are you fucking kidding me? Is that what we’re doing now? We’re just throwing away a year-long relationship?”
Y/bff/n gasped from behind you. “A year?”
“Baby, I swear it didn’t mean anything.” Vinnie whined, grasping at Kate’s waist to pull her into him. Though, she wasn’t having it as she ripped herself from his grip.
“Don’t you fucking touch me!” She shouted. “We’re over! I want nothing to do with you, Vinnie! Absolutely nothing!”
“Kate!” Vinnie reached for her but the second he even stepped a foot near her, she threw her slushie at him, covering his face in the pale pink liquid. It was like an artist splattering paint onto a white canvas. Y/n and Y/bff/n couldn’t help but laugh at the boy.
“Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t come by my apartment, don’t even think of me. You’re dead to me.” Kate threatened before she marched off, avoiding the confused glances from all the bystanders who witnessed the scene.
As Vinnie wiped the remnants of strawberries out of his eye, he looked at the giggling best friends. “Yeah, yeah…laugh it up. You satisfied with what you did?”
Y/n shrugged before reaching for the boy’s slushie. Removing the lid, she raised it over his head and lathered him in more of the ooey-gooey substance. “Now, I’m satisfied.” She smiled, tossing the cup to the side. “Asshole.” With that, Y/n and Y/bff/n high-fived each other before making their exit, leaving Vinnie to lie in the mess he made.
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writereleasexoxo · a day ago
Bite That Lip
Warnings: kissing, fluff 
You and Vinnie had been best friends for years now, you had always wished that he saw you in a more than friends way but never wanted to risk the relationship you already had with him. Little did you know though, Vinnie felt the exact same way about you but again would never admit it to you in case it ruined what you guys had. You were currently sitting in the passenger seat of his yellow RX7,a random song by the neighbors playing in the background. It wasn’t uncommon for you and Vinnie to have late night drives with the windows down, it was just kind of something you guys had always done. You broke the silence when you realized that you had bitten your lip too much, so much so that it started to bleed “hey Vinnie, do you have a napkin?” You asked. He looked over to you and saw you had yet again bit your lip til it bled and he sighed and shook his head “you need to stop biting your lips y/n, but yeah, there’s some down your side I think” he said, his arm leaning over you, grabbing a handful of chipotle napkins from the door pocket. His scent always made you smile, he’s worn the same cologne since he was like 15. “Yeah I know” you replied, also agreeing that you needed to stop the habit but you just never seemed to be able to break it. After wiping your lip and stuffing the dirty tissue in your Jean pocket you quietly thanked Vinnie then went back to focusing on the road. “If you want someone to bite your lip so bad, why don’t you just ask me?” Vinnie smirked whilst looking over at you. Only this made you realize you were again knawing at the tender skin that was already broken and chapped. His words make your breath hitch and your jaw drop open slightly, effectively stopping the lip chewing. Vinnie took your silence for rejection “I’m sorry y/n, I didn’t mean to” he sputtered out, panic laced in his voice “no Vinnie no need to be sorry, I just didn’t expect it” you said back, placing your left hand on his hand that was clutching the stick shift. Vinnie looked over to you, a smile planted on his face. “Do you care if I pull off somewhere? We can look at the stars or something” Vinnie suggested “that sounds nice” you replied. A couple minutes later Vinnie had pulled off and had parked on what looked like a hill with a gorgeous view of the city. Vinnie turned the engine off and silence engulfed the car which made you a little nervous. You found yourself biting your lips again. “What did I tell you y/n” Vinnie said as he undid his seatbelt. You instantly released your bottom lip from your teeth and faced Vinnie. He was now staring intently at you, looking between your eyes and lips. He placed his right hand on your cheek and looked back at your eyes, as if asking permission to kiss you. You have a quick nod and then feel Vinnie plump lips connecting with yours. Not to sound like a complete cliche movie character but your whole body lit up, butterflies taking over your stomach, tingles everywhere else. Vinnie's hand moved to the back of your neck as he deepened the kiss, you then felt his teeth start to slowly dig into your own lips. Vinnie used his other hand to unbuckle your seatbelt and then he pulled away, much to your dismay. He adjusted his seat back and patted his lap, signaling for you to sit on him. You tried your best to gracefully move over to his side but that main thing was that you got there. Once seated on Vinnie's lap, he reconnected your lips, you wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to get closer, deepen the kiss, if that was even possible. Vinnie's hands were placed on your hips, grabbing softly between the kisses. You never wanted this to stop, you had wished for this for so long and it was so much better than you could have ever imagined. You pulled away in order to catch your breath a bit and admire Vinnie's soft brown eyes. “Wow y/n, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that” Vinnie said through heavy breaths “me either, I was just so scared you didn’t see me as more than a friend” you replied. Vinnie just chuckled and in a low tone said “why are we so oblivious”
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vincentsbear · a day ago
warnings: fluff, slight angst :)
summary: y/n is struggling at work and vinnie comforts her.
Tumblr media
work has become excruciatingly stressful at the moment. my manager has complained to me that i'm not doing enough to contribute to his company, so he forced me to work more hours. i don't even get a raise.
usually I'm quite a relaxed person, full of life and always energetic but at the moment, I've had the life zapped out of me, as if im tired all the time, which I am.
the work around my house began stacking up like washing the dishes, washing mine and vinnies clothes, feeding the dogs, making vinnie and i's dinner, changing the bedsheets, cleaning around the house, stocking up on our weekly groceries. vinnie helps immensely but i know that it's not fair to keep making him do all of it.
if i tell vinnie about my work, he'll insist that I leave the job just like he did before i even interviewed for the spot. he always said that he never wanted me to work and that he was perfectly capable on keeping us afloat but I complained that I wanted to contribute to us in some way or another.
it's quiet obvious that somethings happened to me because i've been coming in later and leaving earlier. his poor soul must think that i'm cheating on him or something.
it's not just physically draining but it's mentally draining too. like i'm so stressed out that i can hardly think about anything but work, it's just completely taking over my life. I haven't had a proper night out or date night in gods knows how long, I just need some me time rather than serving stupid customers at a restaurant.
i say all this, and yet here I am now, climbing out of bed to get ready for the work ahead of me.
i rub my eyes and yawn, turning to look at noah, who looks peaceful in a deep sleep.
as i begin to stand up, I feel two strong hands pull me back down. i frown as i remember seeing noah asleep not even seconds ago.
"vinnie, i have to get ready for work."
"call in sick." he says, mumbling, due to his face being smooshed against the pillow.
"it's not as simple as that vinnie, i have a job to attend, an income to make, a standard to meet. i don't want to upset my boss." i say sadly, feeling guilty for leaving vinnie.
"i'll do it then. you haven't had a break in ages, i want to spend time, with you for once."
i look down at him to see him looking up at me, disappointment showering his face. i frown, i wasn't a rule breaker that was for sure but i could really do with a day off.
i hesitate for a moment before falling back onto my bed and sighing.
"you're staying?" vinnie says, suddenly propping himself on his elbows to look at me.
"yes, i'll stay. on one condition, you phone me in sick because it sounds more believable." i smirk, seeing vinnie's face light up.
he wraps his arms around me and nuzzles his head in my neck.
we stay like that for a while until he says, "why haven't you been around?"
i look down sadly, feeling horribly guilty.
"my boss made me work extra hours. he said i wasn't doing a good enough job and that i needed extra training, so he's been keeping me for longer."
vinnie brings his head up out of my neck and frown, "why didn't you say something?"
"because we would have that same old conversation again. the one where i know where it will end."
"i just want you to be happy. that's all i want, y/n."
i feel tears gather in the corner of my eyes, begging to spill down my rosy cheeks. i felt so bad for not telling vinnie and work had been piling up on me and i needed to tell someone.
"please, y/n. look at me." i lift my head to look at him and just like i thought they would, tears cascade down my cheeks at a rapid speed, falling onto my chest.
"please just quit that job, it makes you so sad and it's breaking me seeing you like this. i love you so much, too much, that i can't watch you go through this knowing that you don't have to." i listen to his words, and for once, i consider it.
i nod and hug him tight. maybe it was time for me to give up that job.
"this one looks interesting, y/n." vinnie says, picking up a brightly coloured book from the shelf and holding it for me to look at.
"that's an art book, vinnie." i laugh, before going back to browsing at the books.
after our little conversation, vinnie decided to take me out and distract me. he took me to my favourite place on earth, the library.
i graze my fingers over the spines of the books and look up as a poster catches my eye.
i look closer and see an advert for a job at the library. i smile and grab it before shoving it into my pocket to look at later.
i know me and vinnie agreed on no jobs but i've always loved libraries and it sounds great so i don't see why it's a problem.
the library always solves everything.
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xojamiebear · a day ago
Mr. Hacker pt3 ~VH
warnings; toys, semi public sex, oral (fem), fluff
You sat in your chair in the classroom for the parent teacher meeting with your dad sitting on the side of you in a chair. You were wearing your school uniform but with no panties on and Vinnie had the perfect view of your pussy. He was sitting at his desk, talking to another students parents, as it was you and another student left. Vinnie purposely made yours the last meeting so he could stare at your pussy all night. You moved in your chair uncomfortably since he made you put a small vibrator in your pussy before you left school so when you came back, he could control it by sitting at his desk. You bit your lip as you started to feel it vibrate, it was slow at first. You looked up at Vinnie as he was staring right at you as the parent was talking to him. You bit your lip and spread your legs more so he could see your pussy dripping wet around the vibrator. His face turned red as he looked down at your pussy. He cleared his throat as the parent finished talking and he said goodbye. Your dad wasn’t paying attention to what was going on because he was on his phone. The other student and his mom got up walking over to sit in front of Vinnies desk and he started talking to them. You felt the vibrator turn up more, it was right on your spot and you threw your head back biting your lip trying not to moan. You looked back down at him and he was staring right at your core. You looked at your dad as he had his back to you as he was on the phone talking. You looked back at Vinnie and bit your lip as you reached down under your skirt and you rubbed your clit with your middle finger biting your lip. ‘I’m gonna cum.’ you mouthed to him as he nodded and turned up the vibrator to the highest setting, it was sitting right on your spot. You rubbed your clit as fast as you can, your legs shaking as you threw your head back shutting your eyes as you came all over your finger and the vibrator as he shut it off. You gather up your cum and suck on your fingers. You closed your legs tightly as you felt your cum dripping down your legs. Once the student and his parent left, it was now your turn. You turned to your dad tapping his arm, “Dad we are up.” He nodded and got off the phone and you both walked up to his desk and sat down in front of it. You looked at him as his face was red matching yours.
“So let’s get this over with. Y/n is doing good, she has all straight A’s, blah blah blah. Are we done?” your dad said as he was texting on his phone.
“Yeah we are.” Vinnie said.
“Alright, y/n drive yourself home, your mom is here to pick me up.” he hands you the car keys and he walks out of the room. You looked at Vinnie and blushed.
“Meet me at the car in 10 minutes.” he said to you as you got up and walked out of the room.
You sat in the car next to his car and waited for him. When you saw him walk out you quickly jumped into the backseat and waited. He walked to your car opening the back door. He smirked at you as you leaned up against the other door spreading your legs a little. “Let me eat that pussy baby.” He smirked and got into the car shutting the door behind him and he leans over to you and kisses you softly as you kissed him back. He pulled away and kissed your neck as one hand goes down to your pussy pulling the vibrator out of you as he slides two fingers into you thrusting them slowly, “That’s a good girl, taking my fingers so fucking well. You did so good for me tonight, taking your orgasm with your father sitting right next to you." he smirked against your neck biting on it.
“Yes Mr. Hacker I’m a good girl!“ you moaned loudly as his fingers curled inside you thrusting them hard.
“Yes you are baby, my fucking good little girl.” he pulls down his pants taking his cock out as he takes his fingers out of you. He slides his cock inside you as you moaned louder.
“Fuck! Oh my god! Your cock is so big!” you grabbed onto his arms as he pinned you down onto the seats and thrusted into you hard.
“Yeah? You like my big cock baby?” he smirked and grabbed your chin making you look at him, “Tell me you love my cock, you fucking slut.”
“I love your cock, i fucking love your cock! Mr. Hacker please! I wanna cum!” you moan loudly reaching down rubbing your clit. He thrusted into you harder and faster smirking.
“Yes baby! Cum on my cock!” he thrusts got sloppy as his orgasm was approaching, “I’m gonna fucking fill that pussy up baby! Cum!” Your back arches off the seat as you cum all over his cock, he cums inside of you right after. You both breathing heavily as he pulls out of you.
You walk into school with Sophia carrying two books in your hand. You walked to your locker and unlocked it taking off your bag putting notebooks into your bag.
“Oh my god, is that Mr. Hacker?” Sophia said as you turned your head to see him walking down the hallway. You gulped when you saw him and he walked passed you and winked walking to his classroom. “Did he just wink at you?”
You blushed shutting your locker, “What? No! But he cut his hair.” you bit your lip. “Come on let’s go to class before we get into trouble.” You both walked to class and sat in your seats. You looked up at Vinnie who was writing on the board.
“So class, we are taking our exam today.” he put the chalk down and turned around looking at everyone, “This exam will take up all of the class. You will have access to your textbooks and study notes to take the exam but not from your friends. This exam will be half of your grade for the term.” he started handing out test sheets, “If you have any questions throughout the exam, come up with your test paper and you and ask me for help. Other than that. The exam will be begin once everyone has a test.” He walks to the front of the class room and looks at everyone, “Okay begin.”
Half way through the exam, you got stuck on a question, you got up from your seat with your test in your hand walking over to his desk. You stood on the side of him and he looked up at you smirking a little, “Yes, miss y/l/n?” you placed your test on his desk in front of him. He takes one of his hands and rubs the back of your exposed thigh as you leaned forward a bit on his desk.
“I need help with number 24.” you whispered to him to not disturb the rest of the class. He looked down at the test as his hand ran up the back of your thigh and to your panties under your skirt as he rubbed two of his fingers against your slit. You bit your lip hard trying to hold in a moan.
“Do you have your toy in?” he whispered so only you could hear as you looked down at him nodding biting your lip. “Good girl. The answer is Hamilton.” he pulled his hand away and you stood up taking your test back and you walked back to your desk sitting down while squeezing your legs together. You looked up at him as he was staring right at you, sitting back in his chair on his phone. You felt a small vibration from the vibrator that was inside of you. You blushed hard and put your head down biting your lip, your leg shaking a little. You leaned your head onto your hand that was propped up in the desk. You felt the vibration go a little higher, the tip of the toy against your spot. You closed your eyes tightly, your leg shaking more.
Sophia looked over at you and frowned as she tapped your arm, “Hey, you alright?” she whispered. You jumped and turned your head to her and blushed hard nodding.
“Y-Yeah, i just have to use the bathroom.” you nodded. She gave you a weird look then just shrugged and went back to her test. You turned back to your test and finished it quickly. You stood up and walked quickly to Vinnies desk putting the test down on it.
“Finish so soon y/n?” he smirked at you, as your leg started to twitch a little.
“May I use the restroom?” you looked at him.
“Yes you may.”
You leaned back up against the hood of your car as Vinnie attacked your lips, pinning your hips to the hood of your car. You were in the middle of the forest where no one ever came too. Only light was from the stars and moon in the sky. You pulled away and put both of your hands on his cheeks as he smiled down at you, “What’s wrong?”
“What are we? I mean, i don’t mind the sex, it’s great, but…” you looked up at him, “I want to stop sneaking around. After graduation, i wanna be with you, Vinnie.”
He looked at you and smiled, “Y/n, I wanna be with you too. It’s just hard right now to be in a relationship because of me being your teacher, but i would do anything to be with you after graduation.” he pecked your lips as you smiled.
“Thank you Vinnie.”
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vhackerrrrr · 18 hours ago
Vinnie taking care of Y/N while she's sick? and taking her to the hospital or whatever
Stay home...
Pairing - Vinnie x reader
Summary - in the middle of the night, feeling worse than ever
Warning - fluff, headache, bellyache, pale skin, sweat, panic, coughing
Thank you for the request<3
Tumblr media
Your head was pounding, sploches of color swirling around everytime you closed your eyes. Like someone banging your nerves, limbs aching, throat hurting. It was driving you insane.
But all you could do was lay down, one hand tightly pressed against your forehead while the other wrapped around Vinnie. The blond boy was sleeping on your chest, mouth opened, little sounds coming out from his lips. To any normal person the tiny snores were almost unheard from the heavy rain outside, but to you it was ringing right beside your ear.
Groaning you removed his arms, rolling him on his back you pushed off the covers. The cool air hit your hot skin, saving from the hundred droplets of sweat.
Your breath got heavier, pain in your stomach, coughing and wheezing. Clutching it, you didn't realize how much noise you were making. Whines from pain waking the boy beside you.
He looked at the clock, reading 2am sharp. Middle of the night, still sleep in the corners of his eyes, he tried to get up. Boring over his shoulder to see you curled up, sprinkle of light from the stars revealing your pain. Brows forrowed, eyelids tightly shut.
" Baby?" his voice sounded like the softest clouds. Sweet candy cotton in a warm evening sun, melting on the tip of your toungue.
You just groaned in responce, not being able to let any other noise come past your lips. Vinnie quickly got up, arms stretching to hold you closer. His tired, limping body stiffening.
" What hurts?"
" Everything..." another bullet shot through your brain, pounding on its way out.
" Okay, I-uh, I'll get you something," in reality the boy didn't know what to do. He never had to take care of someone who's sick, atleast not to the point where their skin is pale, body just as hot as lava.
He didn't want to leave your side, his mind telling him that something will happen, something will fuck with you. But still, the boy ran, phone in hand ready to call the only person he knew.
Standing by the kitchen counter, his mobile tightly pressed against his ear, listening to the beaping noise on repeat, " Hey, ma..."
" Vinnie, do you know what time it is?" her tone sounded annoyed, tired and grumpy.
" I know! I know. It's just Y/n woke up all sweaty and hot, and her stomach is hurting, she's burning up, ma," in a one shot of breath the boy let go, " What do I do?"
" Take her temperature, make sure she's wrapped up in blankets-
" But she's gonna get even more hotter."
" -she needs to sweat it out. Drop a cool cloth on her forehead, some tea and soup will help too."
" Are you sure? She's not gonna die?" the question to him even sounded dumb, but at the moment he couldn't think of anything else.
" No. It's probobly a normal fever with cramps. That's all," Maria on the other side of the screen wanted to drop off, she was gratefull gor him to call, but not when it was in the middle of the night. Although she couldn't stay mad for long. She saw how Vinnie's eyes sparkled whenever he would talk or look at you, how his cheeks swell up, body language becoming soft and relaxed.
" Thank you. Good night."
" Mhm, night."
His full attention now on making tea, different herbs and greens mixed in one cup. Golden honey spilling into the dark liquid.
" Oh, baby..." now inside the room, light shining from the lamp above, your hair messy, sitting in only your panties, flesh still on fire, " How are you feeling?"
" It feels like I'm being burned alive."
" I know you won't like this, but you have to wrap up. Sweat it out with some tea." whining like a child you laid down, back already wet like from the dark grey sheets.
He walked to his balcony, opening the glass door and letting the drapes dance to their own song. Fresh air quickly swarming the room. He turned around, your eyes closed, blanket pulled to your chin, lips slightly wet from the green tea.
Walking to the bathroom he wet a towell, cold water sprinkling past his palm. Shutting off all of the lights, he dropped the cloth on your forehead. Some droplets running down your hair.
Vinnie laid beside you, admiring your peacefull features. The little bumb on the tip of your noise, lashes touching your cheeks, plump lips, rosy flesh. A full pack for the perfect girlfriend.
His hand traveled lower. Meeting your hot skin of your stomach. His thumb started to rub lazy circles, rest of his fingers running random lines down your sides.
" You feeling better?"
" Still hurts, but yeah," a quiet mumble fell past your mouth, all signs of pain slowly traveling away.
Another painfull cough teared through you, but Vinnie pulled you closer. As long as his girl was safe, he's not gonna let you out of his arms.
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vhackerrbby · 2 days ago
Vinnie planning to propose to y/n
Planning on Forever - Vinnie Hacker x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings : Fluff
Vinnie and reader are 21!
Vinnie's POV :
I smiled as I heard my mom and Y/n laughing in the kitchen and Reggie was laughing with them. "Dad." My dad hummed and looked back at the tv. "Can we go talk?" He nodded and followed me to my room.
I closed my door and found my luggage and grabbed the black box from the bottom of it. "So I need some help." He nodded and I sat in my chair and opened the box and his eyes widened at the engagement ring. "Ask her when we go to dinner tonight. We're going to a fancy place so just pop the question there." I nodded and closed the box and put it back in the luggage.
"What if she says no?" My dad laughed and I looked up and quirked a brow at him. "Vinnie, she's in love with you. That same look she gives you is the same look your mom gives me. If she says no then she says no, just give her time." I nodded and he patted my back.
We walked back to the living room and I smiled at my girlfriend as I walked past her and kissed the side of her head. She smiled and my mom showed her a picture and she began laughing. "Oh god, what is it?" She showed me the picture and I groaned. "I didn't know you were blonde." I shrugged. "Glad I grew out of that shit." She laughed and kissed my jaw, making me smile.
I sat back down with my dad as he watched Football and I occasionally listened but my attention remained on my mom and my girlfriend.
Tumblr media
I smiled as I draped my arm over Y/n's shoulders while we sat at the table in the fancy restaurant. My mom ordered a bottle of wine for the four of us while Reggie sulked and drank water.
My mom poured wine in the four glasses and my dad looked at me and I nodded. I put my hand over Y/n's and gently put her glass back on the table. "You can drink that in a minute, baby." She nodded and I got up. "Fuck, I'm nervous." I nervously laughed and shook my head. "Are you breaking up with me in front of your family?" I laughed and shook my head.
I took a deep breath as I sank down onto one knee and my mom softly gasped as Y/n put her hand over her mouth and her eyes filled with tears. "Y/n, we've been together for three years and within six months I knew I wanted you to be my forever. I smile more when I'm with you, you make me a better version of myself. Will you make me the happiest person to walk this earth and marry me?" I opened the small black box and she smiled at me.
"Yes." I quickly stood up and gently pulled her up and connected our lips. We pulled away and I slipped the ring on her finger and she smiled as she looked at it and we sat back down and my mom smiled at the two of us.
She lifted up her glass and so did the rest of us, including Reggie. "To the future Mister and Missus Hacker." We all touched our glasses together and drank the light, bubbly liquid.
After an hour and a half, we all went back to my childhood home as my parents went to their room in their buzzed state and Y/n and I went to my room. We changed our clothes and laid under the blanket and Y/n smiled as she looked at me.
"Your mom kept asking me if we were engaged today." I laughed and held Y/n tightly as she put her head on my chest. "Thank you for saying yes. I can't imagine my life without you." I felt her lips curl up into a smile and she kissed above my pec. "This is forever Vin, no matter what hardships we go through." I nodded and kissed the top of her head and intertwined my fingers with her left hand and I smiled when I felt the band of the ring.
"I love you." I spoke into the silent room after we lay in silence for a few minutes. "I love you too, Vinnie." I smiled and put my chin on top of her head as I fell asleep.
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tendrness · 9 hours ago
࿐ྂ be brave... | v.h.
          —  pairing: vinnie x reader           —  word count: ~400           —  summary: ...because, what if you fly?
“...I don’t know how to explain it, baby. It just happens...and one day, you’ll realize that even if it seems impossible, you’ll have to just…take the risks. Jump. Just, take the leap.” 
He’s fascinating. 
You’ve known this since the day you met, since the day you were remotely aware of his existence and this art of just being. The way his eyelashes seem translucent, dusted with light and catching his own sun-bleached hair between them when he blinks, but even with your gaze and this radiating warmth of him laying beside you in bed, Vinnie’s smile is blatant. 
But you’re listening to him, fingers toying gently with the necklace he so faithfully wears, knuckles skimming against the heated skin of his clavicle – the bob of his adam’s apple as he swallows with it. But you still listen, because you’d asked the question minutes ago to stir his words:
How do you do it? I swear, sometimes you’re…vulnerable. Reserved. But then…Vinnie, there are times when nothing can hold you back. The way you carve your own path through life, despite what or who gets in your way. So…teach me. Help me. How do you do it…?
And you’re so grateful. Grateful enough that you try to understand. How he does it and why. Those risks he takes, this dance with life he’s always on, beneath a spotlight and scrutinizing audience – swaying off-beat and wild at times, but somehow always in tune – and how he’s willing to be here with you. Within his bedroom, within his space…his life.
“You say that like it’s simple,” your voice is quiet, soughing, eyes diverting from that pressure of his. The chilled silver of his necklace falls from your gasp, and you’re picking at the skin around your nails instead. “Like…you’re not afraid to fall.” 
When he’s so, so high up. So high up it seems like he should be far out of reach, but he isn’t. And so high up that it’ll hurt on the way down, and– 
“No…I was afraid once.”
Gaze lifting to his as he admits this, your chest stirs, thrumming, like a hummingbird hovering for its nectar, and you finally realize: you want that – the brazen look in Vinnie’s eyes, this flaring energy of his presence. Honesty.
To not be afraid anymore. 
He gathers your hand in his. How his inked patterns complement the complexion of your own skin, fingers falling into those odd spaces and fitting.  
“But, then I thought: what if I don’t fall? What if I make it to where I wanna be?” he says, guiding your hand to his bare, tattooed chest where your palm rests, outspread – against that strong, beating heart – and there’s something vehemently inspiring in Vinnie’s words, believing. “And baby...God, I fucking jumped.” 
          “There is freedom waiting for you,                 On the breezes of the sky,                And you ask 'What if I fall?’                      Oh but my darling,                       What if you fly?” 
                     ― Erin Hanson
          —a/n: and take a chance on your dreams. be brave. because what if you do fly? what if you do? because you can, and you’re absolutely worth it...thank you for reading. 
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urpurplelakee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Im really happy he said this cus im already seeing edits about it and I don’t want his comments to be flooded about it
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gingeraleluke · 2 days ago
i better not see ANY fucking fics about what happened to vinnie. his trauma is NOT something to write and fantasize about.
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vinnieslut · a day ago
hey luv <3 imagine the reader asking vinnie for a lighter to light their cigarette while vinnie has one in between his fingers and they just smoke together :)
oooo this is so cute
disclaimer: this will not pertain to everyone! nor am i wanting you to read this and be like maybe i should start smoking - it’s your body do as you please !! kk ty for reading, enjoy :)
warnings: underage alcohol and smoking!
smoke break - v.h.
Vinnie had convinced you to go to the balcony of the house party that you were at. He could see from the opposite side of the room, that you weren’t vibing with the people at this party. You weren’t antisocial, but realized that your mindset was not in the mood to party. But being the great girlfriend you are, you found yourself at a strangers party with Vinnie.
“Thank you, I couldn’t handle hearing another story of how many bitches that guy pulls anymore” you said as you watched Vinnie put a cigarette in between his fingers. “I know baby, I could tell.” He said as he reached for his pockets. “Fuck, did you bring a lighter?” He asked as he looked down at you. You laughed lightly as you pulled out the lighter you always had for your small smoke breaks. “Yup, always have one just incase.” You said as you lit the cigarette in between his lips. He inhaled a couple of puffs and handed you the cig. You took a puff and immediately felt the easing of your brain, but felt the rise of a cough to follow. “Take it easy Y/N, wouldn’t want you to pass out on me.” Vinnie spoke as you handed him back the cig.
“Not too used to it yet.” You responded. Which wasn’t a complete lie, you once in a blue moon smoked yourself. You just enjoyed getting some away time from these parties/events/etc. So you always joined Vinnie on his smoke breaks. “It’s okay baby, only take what you can handle.” As he took more puffs from the cig. “If you want another, take one now I know you hate when it’s almost out.” He said as he passed the cig back to you. You inhaled the smoke, your brain feeling as eased and calmed as you could. You chased the taste of the cigarette with a drink Vinnie made you, as you both didn’t trust any drinks handled by people you didn’t know. The mixing of alcohol and cigarette bringing you to a state of ease. “You’re so beautiful.” Vinnie said as you set the cup down on the ledge. “Not as beautiful as you.” You said as you kissed him sweetly. The taste of alcohol and cig mixing between the two of you. “C’mon, let’s rejoin society.” He said as he put the cig on an ashtray conveniently out on the balcony. You two in a better mood as you spent the night conversing with people you barely knew anything about, together.
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diorjadore · 2 days ago
insecure vinnie not knowing how to tell you how much you mean to him :(
Aww so cute :((
I feel like he’ll be so overwhelmed with his feelings that he just can’t put it into words. We’ve seen at times how his emotions get the best of him and maybe his mind runs above speed limit. Like there’s so much on his mind that he wants to tell you about how he feels for you. Maybe it’ll be silent in the room when it’s just you two and Vinnie will just blurt it out and talk fast that you can’t understand him so you ask for him to repeat it HAHAHAA He’ll finally say it slowly, his cheeks would be red and you can sense he’s nervous as hell but you assure him it’s gonna be fine and really as in really pay attention to what he’s about to say even though you already know what it’ll be about!
“I don’t know how to tell you this properly but I’ve been dying to just spit it out so here goes…”, he starts and you’ll maybe laugh at how jittery he’s getting so you assure him. “Calm down, baby. It’s just me. It’s just us. We have all the time we need,” you say as you take his hand and rub your thumb on it.
“I feel like you deserve to know this because I feel like I’m gonna lose you if I don’t, you know? Okay, okay, I can do this. There’s not a day that goes by that…that I don’t think of you and that might be creepy-is it creepy? I’m sorry if it is but uhm yeah, I do! A lot. Like a lot, a lot bro. Wait not bro, babe. Yeah, babe. Babe. Baby. And you just mean a lot to me, Y/n. I’m bad at showing it at times so I feel like I have to tell it to you and that’s what I’m doing now. You..you make me so happy that sometimes I feel like I could just burst and I’ve never felt that before with anyone else actually. Uhhh what else, what else? Oh! It scares me how that’s even possible, you know the bursting part, but it’s alright because it’s you. Yeah and even if you make me feel that way, you also feel like my comfort person, I feel safe with you, like like like I can sit in silence with you and that would be more than enough, you know? Like I’m me and I don’t have to be anyone else when we’re together. And I’m talking a lot, sorry. I tend to do that, huh? I hope you’re ready to listen to all I have to say because I’m not letting you go ever and I…uhm I love you. I do, so much,” he said, out of breath and his heart light because he finally got to say what he wanted to for a few weeks now.
As soon as he said his whole speech, you grabbed his face and kissed him with so much love and adoration. You know deep in your heart you would’ve interrupted him at the first few sentences but you were so entranced by his openness and ability to express that you got sucked into your own daydream as you just sat there looking at him and listening to him profess his feelings.
“Good thing I talk a lot too because I’m not letting you go either. I love you, Vin. More than words can say…” you giggle at the irony (is it irony? Not sure lol) and of course the cuteness of the situation as you kissed him again and again and again.
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kittygallerie · a day ago
✿왃왂⃨ ꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ 𝗻ᴥᩨɯ 𝗉𝗼𝘀𝘁̲.˖ ࣪⭑🗯ᐝ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Fun and Games (Maybe a part 1/2)
Warnings: man receiving oral, language, degrading language, choking Mia and you were cracking up over the latest tiktok trend of having one of your girl friends dress up like a guy and making a post on Snapchat to make your boyfriend jealous. Vinnie and the guys were all out having a “guys dinner”. “We should totally do this, could you imagine Vinnies reaction” Mia laughed, “i think Vinnie might just kill me, you know how jealous he gets” you joked back but with a hint or seriousness. Vinnie would never admit to you that he got jealous but it was so evident in his actions; his hands wouldn’t leave you the rest of the whole day, he’d  send dagger eyes to person who was causing him to get jealous but the part you loved was that the sex became more possessive and a lot rougher. Just thinking about it made you agree more with Mia’s thinking. “But I mean, I think it would still be fun” you added, causing Mia to cheer slightly. “This is going to be so fun, let me go get some of Thomas’ clothes” Mia replied like an excited schoolgirl. About 10 minutes later Mia came back with a pair of Thomas’ baggy sweatpants on and a plain grey hoodie. She looked absolutely ridiculous seeing as all of it was completely huge on her, you burst out laughing causing her to also erupt into a fit of giggles. “I better text Thomas to not tell Vinnie I’m wearing his clothes or that will give it all away” Mia said pulling out her phone, quickly swiping her fingers across the touchscreen. “Okay, all done! So where are we going to do this?” Mia asked putting her phone back in her pocket. “How about we do it on Vinnies bed, that will piss him off even more!” You suggested, knowing that this will just make Vinnies blood boil, you couldn’t wait to see his face when he saw it was just Mia. “Oh he is going to flip y/n , you will for sure be getting good dick tonight” Mia replied sending a high five your way to which you completed. “Wait, one more thing” you remembered Vinnie had LED lights that he used for his thirst trap videos so you turned them on to red “oh my god, genius” Mia exclaimed. You guys then  situated yourself on Vinnies bed so that you had your head on Mias chest and your leg wrapped around one of her legs, you opened Snapchat and snapped a few pictures until you got the perfect one which was somewhat convincing that it wasn’t just a female in guys clothes and then posted it to your private story which was just for the hype house girls and Vinnie. You had a few texts from the other girls come through first as they were a little shocked at what they were seeing but you told them what you were up to and they agreed that it was hilarious. The next light up of your phone was the one you had been waiting for, a phone call from Vinnie “oh my god y/n, he’s calling” Mia laughed pointing at your phone “I’m just going to ignore it, really get him believing it” you said thinking this was a great idea. Soon after the phone call came multiple texts. 
Vinnie ❤️ - who are you hanging out with y/n? 
Vinnie ❤️ - uhm hello??? 
Vinnie ❤️ - why won’t you answer me? Who are you with? 
Vinnie ❤️ - this shit isn’t funny y/n
Vinnie ❤️ - this better be a fucking joke 
Vinnie ❤️ I’m coming home 
“Oh he’s mad mad” you giggled showing Mia all the texts “I’m just hoping he’s not crying upset as this whole thing wouldn’t be funny” you then thought of the worst case, worry now starting to form in your tummy. “I’ll text Thomas and ask him” Mia said trying to settle you “okay he got back, he said ‘no he’s just pissed, like barely talking to anyone, he stormed off to his car’ so I think you’re good”  you were now relieved, you would hate to think this prank turned into him being hurt upset. You were brought out from your thoughts by hearing Vinnies engine rev in the driveway “oh shit” you said “I guess that’s my cue to go” Mia giggled, rushing out of Vinnies room. Just then I heard the front door slam and then someone running up the stairs. I stood up from the bed and just pretended I was tidying up the room “are you fucking serious y/n?” Vinnie yelled, throwing the bedroom door open, instantly looking around to see who the mystery man was in your snap. You couldn’t help but let a slight laugh out, despite how much you were trying not to, causing Vinnie to snap his head to you. “Who the fuck was here?” Vinnie hissed storming over to you, “calm down Vin, it was just Mia dressed up, we thought it was funny” you said nonchalantly. Vinnie then pinned you against the wall, his right hand wrapped around your throat. “Oh, you think it’s funny, do you? Making me think that some douchebag was in my bed. Nothing about that seems funny to me” you just smiled up at him, knowing this would elicit a further response. “Such a fucking brat, we will see how funny it is when you’re begging me later” Vinnie then moved his hands towards the back of your neck, you went to move your hands to his hair but he grabbed one then the other with one hand and pinned them above you to the wall with his free hand. He brought his lips millimeters from your own but never fully connected them, you tried to inch your face closer but he stopped you by pulling your hair “nope sorry, since you want to act like a whore, I’ll treat you like one, and I don’t kiss whores” he chuckled into your ear, knowing you were a fan of degradation. You whined at him but it went completely unheard. “Get on your fucking knees, don’t dare touch me though, not until I say” Vinnie demands, pushing you down a bit. You complied with Vinnies orders, now just looking up at him. “Don’t fucking move” he said as he walked over to his closet, he came out moments later, bandana and tie in hand, he threw the bandana on the bed and continued walking back over to you “Put your hands behind your back, now” he said and before you could even fully do as asked he already started tying the tie tightly around your delicate wrists. Vinnie pulled his belt from the loops, dropping it down next to you, followed by pulling down his pants and boxers “suck” he said harshly, you immediately got to work taking his whole length in your mouth, swirling your tongue around the tip just how he likes. You pulled off a second in order to take a breath, leaving a long trail of saliva to drip from your lip onto his hard cock. “I didn’t say stop slut” he hissed, pushing you back down onto him. He grabbed your hair again bobbing you back and forth on him, causing your gag reflex to act up, horrid noises coming from your throat. You knew the noises turned Vinnie on though, low moans started to escape his plump lips, his grip on your hair getting tighter. Vinnie was definitely about to cum “you’re going to swallow every last drop, do you hear me?” Vinnie asked, but it wasn't  really a question, you only nodded as a response. You could feel his cock pulsating in your mouth and soon enough you could taste the thick, salty liquid go down your throat and land on your tongue. A little bit slipped past your lips but Vinnie just took his thumb and scooped it off you chin, pushing his thumb past your lips, forcing his cum back into your mouth. 
Would y’all be interested in a part 2???
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