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vaadalt · 2 days ago
Monster Trio : Seeing their s/o sleep on the floor. [GN]
Tumblr media
Heyooo lovely anon' ! hope you're good , thanks for the request ! Just for a request, it's 3 character per HC :P
TW : softness
Tumblr media
With Luffy, the reason why s/o would sleep on the floor is very simple…
Luffy, he's moving. A lot, a lot. Oh yes… He turns on both sides, then on his back, his stomach. Then, he waves, his arms, his legs… Involuntarily, he kicks his s/o.
Once, twice, three times… S/o just give up. So, s/o decides to lie down on the ground. To sleep. And holy shit, it's nice for s/o
Maybe an hour or two later Luffy wakes up, feeling that s/o's place is empty. He panics a little. Before Luffy pops his head out of bed, to see his s/o sleeping on the floor. Which hurts his heart.
Slowly, he slides out of bed to the floor, laying down next to s/o, before hugging, not wanting to leave s/o alone.
Tumblr media
In the case of Zoro, it is s/o who comes to join him in the lookout. As Zoro trains. it has a practical side to tell the truth. S/o can watch boyfriend while he's shirtless and on Zoro's side, it boosts his ego x10000 to have s/o watching him.
Usually it's silent. Not many words are exchanged, Zoro immersing himself in his training. But… As the day passes, s/o falls asleep little by little, letting slide to the ground. Before starting to snore peacefully.
Zoro realizes this a few hours later. He will then stop, wiping himself with a towel before sitting down, cross-legged. Gently taking s/o's head, placing it on his lap. Slowly stroking s/o hair, letting a big smile appear on his rough face.
Tumblr media
Sanji has this habit of getting up extremely early to start cooking. So, s/o decides to get up as well, to spend some more time with Sanji.
Sanji appreciates this small gesture, we're not going to hide it. He has a busy schedule, just having his s/o while he cooks fills him with joy. While the two lovers were in the kitchen. Sanji was talking, s/o starts to have heavy eyelids, the sweet voice of his lover and cooking noises… it's better than asmr.
S/o lies down on the ground, without Sanji noticing him. Using a tea towel as a cushion. Sanji turns to rummage through a fridge before raising an eyebrow, stepping forward a bit to see his s/o sleeping peacefully.
The first reaction of the cook is: KLFZNGLKNKLGZN K.?Z NGKZ NGJZO CUTE. Because, Sanji is a simp.
The second is to take s/o gently, without waking they up. Carrying they in bridal style, to come and put s/o in their bed. Passing by, Zoro who smirks seeing Sanji being so attentive.
Sanji tucked , getting his s/o into bed, pulling up the covers before planting a tender kiss on the forehead.
“Good night, my love. ''
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Monster trio+Law
Pov you gather your waxing kit to take a seat on deck and begin working on your legs
Tumblr media
Luffy- “What is that? Candy? It looks tasty!!” Wraps his arms around your neck from behind and drools at the variety of colorful wax beads. Slumps down when you tell him that it’s not candy but continues to hang around your neck while watching with big curious eyes. His curiosity got the best of him and the idiot dipped his hand in the hot wax and burnt his fingers. Would get bored halfway through it and falls asleep on your back.
Zoro- You sat next to him while he was napping, he opened his eye to see who was making noise next to him and found you getting comfortable on the floor, ready to begin your unbothered leg waxing session. He smirks and tries going back to sleep but starts sweating nervously as you don’t even blink or flinch while ripping your hairs out. “Women are insane.” Zoro has been slashed many times, but he believes that getting body hair waxed has got to be more painful than battle scars. (You tried it on him once and he teared up a little.)
Sanji- Sees you preparing to take a seat on the floor, and runs to get a pillow for you to sit comfortably on. Sanji, of course, rushes to grab a plate of fruits and glass of juice for you. He offers to help you with the other leg but you decline telling him that one leg at a time was more than enough. Feeds you with a big smile on his face, more than happy to be any help for the love of his life. Caresses and kisses your legs after to “soothe the pain.”
Law- Frowns at you so hard that you begin thinking of everything you’ve done wrong in life. “You have your own room for many reasons and this is a part of them.” He speaks but takes a seat next to you, folding his arms against his chest with closed eyes. Winces at the way you carelessly rip it off. “Don’t pull it so harshly, idiot!” Yells at you and begins waxing your legs for you, since you seem to not care much about how unintentionally you’re hurting your skin. Gives you stuff to help relieve the irritation and prevent ingrown hairs.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Something I started a million years ago…
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itskaashi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nurturing-bagel · 2 days ago
Just started watching the One Piece movies since I’ve caught up on the episodes and…
Tumblr media
Can y’all
Tumblr media
Stop simping
Tumblr media
For each other
Tumblr media
For five seconds?!
They aren’t even near each other and are busy fighting and they’re still thinking about each other
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Tumblr media
prettiest men alive
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zashiyumada · a day ago
Zoro: Why do you think I don’t like you? I do. I would kill for you. Ask me to kill for you.
Sanji: First of all, calm down-
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ev0u · 2 days ago
Hello! Can I get this but with Kid & Sanji? I mean like the other version of it if you don't mind. Thank you!
a/n - oh my you all rlly like these- :0 I might just make this a series lmao- so I guess this is part 3 :D I’ll be sure to make a list of them later, but tell me which characters you want next <3 tysm anon!
Warnings ⚠️ - fem reader, I bully kid a lot (sorry) and you have a simp love cook 👍 click on the link for the song that goes with it :D
Wind it all around <3
(The song isn’t on Spotify, so I’ll link it here)
Tumblr media
- he is WELL AWARE of how pretty you are
- but the angry man has trouble complimenting you :/
- So, kid doesn’t really compliment very often </3
- you kinda just have to know that he thinks you’re the most gorgeous girl in the world
- He gets jealous extremely easily 👍
- He will beat the shit out of anyone who stares at you
- please get this man a leash so he doesn’t end up killing every single guy who even makes eye contact with you or looks in your direction 💀
- Since he knows your pretty, he’s also aware that other men think you’re beautiful
- Angry and jealous protector man ✨
- Marines wouldn’t even dare to try and capture you before they knew how you were affiliated with him
- Kid won’t let a single person get away with even trying to put a finger on you 🗿
- I don’t think you’ve ever seen a man walk out in “decent” condition if they’ve angered Kid in any way
- you are literally his treasure
- if someone touches it? They’re goners
- marines won’t capture you? Good.
- But they look at you with flirty gazes? Bad.
- let’s just say they’re gone lol
- If you are EVER uncomfortable with the way they’re looking at you (I don’t think they’ll even get to look at you-)
- But Kid will turn around, slam his metal arm into the man’s face, walk back to you, and wrap his bulky arm around you to make sure everyone knows who you belonged to
- Scary dog privileges when you walk with him 👌
- If you’re ever not confident in your beauty, I don’t think Kid would know what to say
- Obviously he should compliment you and say that you’re absolutely gorgeous
- but that’s just not how this angry guy works :’)
- He’s supposed to be big and scary he can’t say those cute things lmao
- If you are looking at yourself in the mirror, and criticizing what a specific part on your body looked like, kid would instantly take notice
- (let’s say you were thinking your stomach was kind of chubby, or your thighs completely touched, etc.)
- “are you stupid? Or just blind?” -kid 2022 (bitch be nice)
- “… Huh???”
- “Nevermind.” Man just walked out of the mf room 💀
- But, he made silent efforts to help you regain your confidence
- When you two were cuddling, he’d always keep a hand on your stomach, and kiss the body parts you found not as beautiful as the rest
- He’d pay more attention to those parts of your body than usual, and he’d tell you that your thighs are comfy to lay on 🥺
- then he turned the same color as his hair when he realized what he just said
- man just embarrassed himself 💀
- If you have any insecurities, don’t expect kid to be the romantic type and compliment them directly
- He’d do really subtle things to make sure you felt confident and comfortable in your body <3
- he’s too shy and has too much of an “I’m scary and will kill you” vibe to him
- But he really does think you’re the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen and ever will see in his life 🥺
- he loves you sm and desperately wants to protect you with his entire life 💜
Tumblr media
- Oh this man is a romantic
- like. romantic af
- (side note- tumblr if you don’t let me make Sanji’s name yellow istg-)
- he’s a mega simp for you <3
- He is so loyal, like he won’t even look at other girls
- How could they even hope to match you?
- you were literally able to turn him into stone with one glance just because of your looks
- Your personality only made him fall deeper in love with you 🥺
- Since he knows you’re absolutely stunning, he knows how to protect you in public
- He’s like a knight in shining armor 👍
- Whenever men start to gaze at your body, eyeing you up and down with that look in their eyes that always made you feel uncomfortable
- He will offer his arm, letting you take hold of it gently
- He’ll also turn around, looking back at the gawking men with a harsh glare
- He’ll breathe out smoke so menacingly the men couldn’t breathe for a second
- Then he’ll be back to his normal self, asking if you were alright and if your feet were tired from walking
- Forgot to mention that this man will carry you if you walk for a little while or if your feet hurt 🥺
- Unlike Kid, Sanji always tries his best not to fight in front of you
- He thinks it’s rude to focus his attention on something else other than you
- And also, he doesn’t want his sweet y/n to witness violence!
- So he’ll never ever beat up someone who’s just gawking at you
- They’ll get quite a harsh stare from him though-
- If they actually start touching you in any sort of way, no, that’s an absolute no
- He’s willing to beat the guy up then
- He’ll ask you to move away or look away though, “Close your eyes y/n, this’ll only take a second love.”
- Once you open your eyes, he wouldn’t let you look back on the crippled bodies of the men
- Man’s a gentleman 🥺
- Marines don’t even want to capture you! That’s great news, but he doesn’t particularly like the reason why
- It does make him a bit uneasy when they stare at you like that
- He doesn’t like it when other guys stare at you that way, so he’ll always try to make sure you were making contact with him in some way
- Whether that be holding onto his arm, holding his hand, or just his arm around your shoulders
- He just wants people to know that you’re with him and not by yourself
- If you’re not confident in your looks? Prepare to be showered with compliments and random ass poems about how gorgeous you are 👌
- “My love, the most beautiful girl in the world is standing right in front of me. And her name is y/n l/n.”
- He’ll also kiss you soooooo much like it’s sometimes overwhelming lmao
- What really made you feel better is when he traced his hands along your body, and whenever he touched a place you were insecure about, he’d say everything he loved about it 🥺
- Man I’m about to cry why am I so lonely 💀
- this guy NEEDS you to feel at least half as beautiful as what he thinks you are
- Bec even half of what he thinks is leagues better than thinking you’re the most gorgeous girl in the world <3
Tumblr media
a/n - I’m so glad you guys like this series 💜 I like it too lmao 😭 the specific version of Wannabe was only on YouTube :’) so it’s linked above in the first desc :)
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xkotaro16o · 2 days ago
Oh! How about some HCs about Zoro, Sanji, Law, and whatever other OP men you have in mind about their fem S/O being a Neko for a week? Or does this count as beastality? If so, I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and you can ignore this request!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝙾𝙿 𝙼𝚎𝚗'𝚜 𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚂𝚎𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚛 𝙵!𝚂/𝙾 𝚃𝚞𝚛𝚗𝚎𝚍 𝙸𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝙲𝚊𝚝—
Summary: Headcanons where a few OP men seeing their S/O turned into a cat for a whole week.
Pairing: Roronoa Zoro x F!S/O, Vinsmoke Sanji x F!S/O.
CW: Fluff, grammatical error, OOC.  
A/N: AHH IM SRY BUT I DON’T WRITE 4 LAW JABGGBAWGBAWG (╥ᆺ╥;) This isn’t bestiality at all ehehe ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡) I HOPE U LIKE THIS-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝚁𝚘𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚊 𝚉𝚘𝚛𝚘—
There's an accident which turned you into a... Cat. Thank goodness Chopper is trying his best to cure you, but it takes time to turn you back into your real form.
If it's someone else beside the crew did this to you (accidentally or intentionally), Zoro will give them a threat and ask them to turn you back. If it's someone from the crew (accidentally or intentionally), he'll tell them to turn you back into your real form NOW.
Look, this is adorable yet funny, BUT HE TRIES TO TALK TO YOU SEVERAL TIMES AND YOU JUST, "MEOW," AT HIM (without Chopper's help because it's the time for the two of you cuddle). He'll bring you everywhere as well!
If someone tells him that he becomes a soft person to you or a cat, he'll leave you alone afterwards BECAUSE HE'S TOO EMBARRASSED ABOUT IT. But it's alright, he'll cuddle with you again in private.
There are times where... He asks Chopper about what're you saying. Ah, another note, he let you cuddle on his... Chest. You want to stay beside him while he's training? GO ON! Since you couldn't fight in that form, the swordsman will protect you at all costs!
"Oi, you can't go out alone in that form. Lemme go with you- O-oi! Stop squirming!!"
Tumblr media
—𝚅𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚖𝚘𝚔𝚎 𝚂𝚊𝚗𝚓𝚒—
There's an accident which turned you into a... Cat. Thank goodness Chopper is trying his best to cure you, but it takes time to turn you back into your real form.
Sanji will find out who turned you into a cat! Like Zoro, he'll give a threat to those who did this to you, except if it's his crew mates, then he'll tell them to turn you back to your real or original form.
Have you ever seen a person who loves their cat more than anyone else? They give the cat the best things they can afford? That's Sanji right there, because no matter what, you're still his lover.
Not to mention he becomes possessive towards you as well. Protect you at all costs! You still need to be groomed well, you still need the best food for your health as well!
Also, he talks to you like it's a normal conversation. Later on, Chopper helps him to translate what're you trying to say. Man, he's still a super simp towards you. It's alright, he still praises you here and there.
This is a cute one but once you snuggle or lick him, he'll melt immediately and cuddle with you!
"S/O-chwann~ Here's your special snack, my love~"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bluskye-27 · 2 days ago
Hi! May I please submit a request for Zoro, Sanji and Ace? Something along the lines them reacting to Y/N when she comes to them crying, and sharing that she's in a toxic relationship (they thought she was happy in it) and what they'd do?
Tumblr media
Zoro, Sanji & Ace with Fem!Y/N in a Toxic Relationship
Summary: They learned about your toxic lover and they decided to do something about it.
Tumblr media
Roronoa Zoro:
- He expected something like this would happen. He knew about it when he laid his eyes upon your lover.
- He sensed bad vibes from them but chose not to comment about it since you looked happy with them.
- Now, he's starting to regret staying quiet when you came to him sobbing.
- You told him how abusive and toxic your lover was and was too afraid that they'd hurt you if you ended your relationship.
- So, Zoro went with you to end your relationship with your now ex. They were mad at you for breaking up with them and tried to hurt you.
- Luckily, Zoro was there to protect you, he beats them up and threatened them that they shouldn't hurt you anymore.
- Scared, they ran away with their tail between their legs.
- Zoro watched over you ever since that day.
Blackfoot Sanji:
- Sanji was mad when he learned about your toxic lover. He almost exploded when you told him how abusive they can be.
- Luckily, you calmed him down or else he'll kill them with his infamous strong legs.
- He tried his best to comfort you, Chef Zeff told him it's a huge blow to a gentleman's pride to see a lady cry.
- He keeps asking if you're okay and if you need any help to deal with your lover.
- You turned down his offer and went to end your relationship with your toxic lover by yourself.
- They tried to kill you. Sanji appeared, saved you and beats them up ofc.
- After his multiple death threats, your ex ran away, screaming.
- Sanji makes sure you're happy by making your favorite food. He even volunteered doing your chores and shopping for you. Lucky you.
- You thanked him by kissing his cheek. He fainted with a nosebleed, as usual.
Portgas D. Ace:
- Just like Sanji, Ace was mad. So mad he lit up in flames.
- You calmed him down, after all, you don't want Moby Dick to be burned down in the middle of the sea.
- Ace keeps glaring, growling, teeth clenching when you told him all the details about your toxic lover.
- He hugged you to comfort you, whispering encouragements and telling you how you deserve someone better (someone like him, but he didn't told you that :P)
- He went with you to confront your lover but he stayed far away, knowing that you wanted to talk to them by yourself.
- He wore a shit eating grin once he saw you slap the fuck of your now ex. They were stunned by your sudden fierceness, holding their reddened cheek.
- They tried to talk, wanting to salvage your relationship, and that's when Ace decided to step up. He gave them a heated glare, scaring them away.
- Fire Fist was known for his flame devil fruit after all.
- Ace went to get ice cream with you to cheer you up. He even asked if you wanted to ride his Striker with him. You said yes ofc.
- Who are you to turn down freckled boi's offer?
Tumblr media
Hello, Anon! Hope you like this! Also, if you guys started to see toxic behavior from your lovers/friends, leave them immediately!
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izysartblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Trying to work more on backgrounds 🥴 Love Cook shenanigans
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fishfishfruit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
fits perfectly!
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the-old-witch-writes · a day ago
“whole lotta love” (part 1) - 18+ [monster trio x afab!reader]
title: “whole lotta love” (part 1)
fandom: One Piece
pairing(s): monster trio x afab!reader, implied frobin+jinbe, usona x OC
summary: one night, after realizing you’re unable to sleep, you go up to the crow’s nest to tire yourself out with some weight training or something. what you witness there ends up forever changing your life and the dynamic between you and three of your crewmates.
rating: Explicit (mdni)
content warning/tags: group sex, anal sex, oral (male & fem receiving), mlm pairings, polyamory, aspec luffy, reader is touch starved and finds it difficult to sleep alone, no character here is straight, just thought you should know
Tumblr media
when franky introduced you to your new bedroom after the construction of the sunny, you couldn’t help but dread it, at first. 
granted, you had known it was coming. you were a new crewmate who came after robin—you had met the strawhats over in mock town, already on the run from your other life—so it was pretty obvious she wasn’t going to move out. nami had been with luffy from the beginning, so she wasn’t going anywhere fast—so when franky mentioned a second bedroom for the girls during his design of the sunny, you knew that it would be for you and whoever else would join along the way. just made sense.
so when you walked inside the room for the first time, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread—one that was unwarranted, of course. even two years ago, the room was and still is gorgeous. 
because of its position on the ship, the room's shape was circular. on one side of the room was a curved little bookshelf and a desk for you to work/write in. on the other side was a dresser for your clothes (with a mirror hanging on the wall) and a place for you to hang and maintain your weapons. 
then, right in the center that completed the circular shape—in front of the three windows that peek out at the ocean’s depth, the sway of seaweed and the movement of fish—was the bed. it was huge, so much that it took up space from one end of the first window to the last. atop the mattress was a huge dark purple comforter that could cover probably five of you, and at the top were a series of pillows in black and purple pillow cases so soft looking, you worry they might disappear with the briefest of touches.
and despite everything, you stepped up and sat on the edge of it. even just sitting and running your hands along the comforter, you were ready to absolutely melt into the bed. almost angry about it, your hands clenched around the softness. it’s perfect. 
god, why did it have to be perfect?
“hey, kid. is, uh. everything okay?” franky asked, a bit awkward. nervous, maybe?
(you totally understood. it took you weeks to get used to life here. the last thing you wanted to do was make life for a new crewmate difficult.)
so, with many conflicting emotions twisting your insides, you looked up at him with a smile.
“it’s great, franky! just perfect.”
franky then grinned, and did his usual pose. “super~! let me know if you need anything.”
you nodded and watched him leave you to get used to it all.
and that was that.
so looking back, you always knew your issue with sleeping alone would come back to haunt you one day—but this was never how you expected it to go.
first, let’s set the scene:
tonight is one of those nights where you struggle with sleeping alone the most. while robin, jinbe and franky are out on the island, spending the night in a room they rented, nami is spending the night with usopp and a nice girl she picked up from the island, so she likely isn’t going to sneak into your bedroom for you two’s semi-regular sleepovers. chopper is sleeping like the dead, the way he usually does after having warm milk before bed. 
and brook?
uh…actually, you don’t know what he’s doing. you’re kind of afraid to think about it, considering everyone else listed above (except for chopper, the sweet winter child) is—busy. but he’s somewhere. you just don’t know where.
(which is plenty fine, he’s not one of your usual snuggle buddies anyway)
point is, the usual people who usually help lull you to sleep with their company can’t tonight, leaving you to deal.
and on most nights, you usually can deal with sleeping alone, resulting in at least a decent amount of sleep—just not tonight.
you spend some time frowning up at the ceiling of your bedroom. each of the glow in the dark stars are shining brightly and beautifully as always. the rocking of the ocean outside your windows, with the occasional bubbling from a fish swimming by and the muffled sounds of oceanic life your windows are as soothing as ever. your huge bed is soft and warm, with the pillows behind your head feeling like a cloud as always.
but as it turns out, as lovely as your bed and bedroom are, none of it is enough to calm your mind tonight.
so, with a huff of frustration, you kick away the dark purple sheets and get up from the bed. you walk over to your dresser and pull out a pair of shorts and the sports bra you usually wear to work out. then you remove your pajamas.
once you’re dressed, you walk out of the room and head towards the deck. with a few leaps here and there, you manage to make your way up to the crow’s nest. maybe lifting some weights in the gym will help you finally feel tired enough to sleep.
this leads you to the present: you’re standing in the doorway of the crow’s nest, a small towel slung over your shoulder. you are staring at the scene before you with wide eyes, your hand frozen around the doorknob and your heart beating several hundred miles a minute—and you haven’t touched a single weight yet.
they don’t notice you at first.
luffy is still pulling on sanji’s hair from behind, bending the cook’s neck at an angle so he can bite and mouth at the side of his neck and a bit of his shoulder. sanji is staring upward at the ceiling with glossy blue eyes and his back is arched into luffy’s chest, his mouth parted to release strained groans. and right between sanji’s spread legs, his tan hands hooked under pale knees is zoro, relentlessly fucking his cock inside like he intends to make himself and sanji one being. 
oh god, you swallow hard, a raging heat seeping inside your blood and rushing just about everywhere. the pupils in your eyes are dilated, soaking it all in like the greedy little bitches they are. oh GOD.
how long do you stare? honestly, about a minute. to you, though, it might as well be an hour because you see way too much in this small minute of watching three of your crewmates going at it like animals, like monsters.
when it comes to battle, the three of them are a force of nature within their own right. but together like this? they are a mass of sweating muscles and groans and murmurs of pleasure of push and pull and hands upon hands and those smirks.
(mean, you think when you see how the sides of luffy’s grin curl as he wraps his hand around sanji's pretty cock, a hot shiver going down your spine, and then again when you hear how zoro chuckles darkly at the absolutely fucked out expression sanji begins wearing. mean mean mean—)
that’s about the moment when you lose it.
the sound that comes from your mouth is not a scream, exactly. more like a soft squeak that trails off into something like a moan. either way, it’s still enough to make all three men jolt and freeze in place. their eyes go wide as plates and they slowly turn to finally see you standing there.
they stare at you; you stare at them.
suddenly, luffy beams. 
“hey, bunny!” he says, using your usual nickname.
“s-sweetness!" sanji cried, his face a bright red and his eyes frantic as he waves his hands in front of him. “i swear, this isn't what it looks like—”
zoro snorts. “cook, she can clearly see that i'm like balls deep in you—this is absolutely what it looks like,” he adds to you.
an odd giddy feeling bubbles up from your stomach, and you honestly feel like giggling madly because seriously, what the fuck, how is this my life.
instead, this comes out of your mouth instead.
“y-you all realize this is the gym, right?"
once again, in silence, they stare at you.
“…the one w-we're all supposed to use? as a crew? did…did any of you think about that b-before…?” 
they blink. then they look at each other.
“huh, now that you mention it,” zoro says, his brow furrowing as he looks around.
luffy bursts out laughing. “we really didn't, shishishi!”
“kinda takes the romance out of it, actually,” sanji lets out a rather despondent sigh. 
“can't rent a room either, the witch would never give us the extra money…”
“ah? what about the galley?”
“no, you dumbass! not only do i cook there, we eat there!”
“okay, but imagine all the fun stuff we can do with food in there—ow!”
“you just want an excuse to steal from the pantry—!”
as the arguing goes on, you watch them all closely. although their voices raise, there isn't really the heat you usually hear. you watch how luffy laughs at sanji's anger, how his hand gently strokes through blond hair all the while. you look at zoro's bored expression, then how one hand rests on luffy's shoulder while the other is tangled with the fingers of sanji's hand. and you realize, the fighting aside, what ties these men together is undoubtedly love—and that's enough to melt your heart.
this is when you start to get The Idea—the one idea that makes you realize you might have lost the plot entirely—and you press your mouth closed, as if to repress it. is this actually happening? are you doing this?
after all, your crewmates—these three men you love deeply enough to fight for them, die for them—are in love. who are you to stand in the way of love?
fuck it, i'm doing it.
“i mean…you can always use my room.”
once again, all three of them freeze and look at you. they seem to pause a moment, their minds needing to catch up to what you said.
“wait, seriously?!” luffy exclaims first with a wide grin, his cheeks a bit flushed.
“i-i get to finally see my sweetness's bedroom?" sanji says, mostly to himself, his face completely red and eyes full of that adoration he always directs to you and women in general. a bit of blood begins dripping from his nose. “her special, personal bedroom? covered with her scent? all her things?”
“no offense, bun," zoro says dryly, raising an eyebrow. “but have you completely lost the plot?”
haha, probably.
despite your thinking, your brow draws downward to make your expression flat. you lift your hands to silence whatever else might come out of their mouths and—amazingly—they pause to wait, their eyes wide and all full of…something as they regard you.
“look, i already have insomnia on a semi-regular basis. i struggle with sleeping alone, this isn’t a secret,” you say. “most times, i either go up here to work out and make myself tired, or i head down to the library to read a book. either way, i’m usually gone for like an hour or two. so i’m thinking that occasionally—let’s say, once a week—during these moments, you three can borrow my room and use it to do…well, whatever you three do together.”
zoro’s eye flashes, with a noticeable twitch of his jaw. he looks over at luffy, who is nearly bouncing on the heels of his feet, his grin a little too wide and eager at this piece of information. luffy looks at zoro, then at sanji. sanji looks ready to faint from sheer happiness.
“a bed,” you hear him murmur, in a way that sends a pang of sympathy through your chest. “an actual bed. and it’s where my sweetness sleeps a-and—”
“sounds a little too good to be true,” zoro says, ever the skeptical one. with a narrow of his eye, he asks, “what’s the catch?”
fortunately, you already have the answer. 
“no catch, just three rules,” you tell them, before starting to list off your fingers, “one: if you need to use my room, you need to let me know ahead of time. two: any messes you leave, you clean up. and i mean, clean. whether it’s a wipedown, bleach, whatever—as long as my room looks like it did when i left it, in some manner. 
“and three: you have to change my sheets before you leave my room. not my pillowcases, of course, but maybe my quilt and bed sheets—essentially whichever is on my bed when you three…do your thing. and you have to wash them the next day!”
those are your terms and conditions, and you are determined to stick with them. so, folding your arms, you stop there and look at them. 
the three stand there, looking at you and then looking away to think. then suddenly, after a thoughtful hum, luffy taps sanji and zoro’s shoulders and draws them into a huddle. they start talking in whispers and murmurs that you can’t really hear from your place at the door—but you find the situation rather comical. sanji’s still barely clothed, his shirt practically hanging off his shoulders and his dick (which you totally aren’t staring and drooling over; obviously) still out and his legs still bare to the world. zoro is basically in a similar state, although his pants are still somewhat on, just hanging a bit low. luffy is actually the most put together—still wearing his cardigan, his denim shorts, yellow sash, and of course his straw hat—which kind of shocks you yet doesn’t, somehow. 
part of you wonders the details about their dynamic. just as quickly though, with a hot blush in your cheeks, you shake it off. 
not my business, you tell yourself. i’m just a friend helping my three friends out. nothing more, nothing less.
after about a minute, the three men seem to come to a sort of consensus. with a nod, all three of them turn to face you, each wearing expressions full of determination and—be still your insane heart—anticipation.
“bunny,” luffy says, stepping forward. there’s something dangerous in his crooked grin before he stretches out his hand. “you’ve got yourself a deal!”
welp, fuck. no turning back now.
despite the trembling that starts from within your body, you lift your hand to clasp his in a firm handshake. 
“we’ve got ourselves a deal,” you confirm.
smiling, luffy stares into your eyes a bit more, his dark gaze boring into you as your hands stay connected. you’re not certain what he’s looking for, but when he finds it, he tips his hat over his eyes—and then begins to laugh.
“this is gonna be fun!”
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darkskinsanji · a day ago
Sanji: this is the goddamn restaurant, whatdya want?
Luffy: 100 Mcchickens
Sanji: this is a fucking restaurant not a massacre
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odaijustwannatalk · 2 days ago
Nami: Zoro, you have to apologize to Sanji! Zoro: No Nami: ...I'll take 100,000 berris off your debt Zoro: FINE Zoro, turning to Sanji: Unfuck you or whatever
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The stars shine brighter when I’m with you 💫💫💫
Beautiful art by ACET4444th on Twitter
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Some One Piece Minks drawings I've been accumulating (technically I know some of them don’t fit under the mink category but lets just say they are still all minks).
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