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#vintage vibes
itsqueenalexa · 15 hours ago
this account started growing a little and i am greatful for all of you who are supporting me.
I want to share a little about me with you.
My name is Alexa and i'm romanian. I'm in my 20s and I loved taking pictures and editing them for a very long time. I'm bisexual 🌈
I also have an Instagram page and you can follow me there if you would like:
It started when my sister had her first ok camera at her phone and i would take her phone to take pictures and got scolded.
When I was 15 my mom finally brought me my own little camera, it was a small digital camera a Panasonic. I loved taking pictures of everything and I was always carrying it around.
Sadly I never took any lessons on photography and I don't own a high end camera. I have my new phone a samsung galaxy s21 and I take pictures on it and edit them.
This is the first time I decided to post my photos publicly because I never felt like I was good enough or had anything worthy to show. Until I meet ppl who believed in me and encouraged me.
Photos posted here are also taken with my older phones because since I started this account fairly recently I am posting photos taken over time.
I want to also add that I am not traveling anywhere because of the pandemic so my travelling pictures are taken last year or the years before.
Sorry for the long post not sure if anyone cares or will read this but I'm greatful for you.
Every like and reblog pushes me to not give up on my photography.
Also im very bad at private messages im sorry for that, they make me nervous.
Thank you.
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Tumblr media
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