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“if you can only be tall while somebody else is on their knees and you got a serious problem” –Toni Morrison

Examine your fears and history, “take me (black people) out of it”

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Show me your teeth~

The speaker clicks on again, and I’m afraid of what’s next. I look up squinting, and I still can’t see anything. “There’s no need to be so shy, go on use your words baby.”

Hah, like hell. Keeping silent seems like the best option right now, besides, its not like I can do much else…

“Suit yourself, I thought you liked my company?”

I stay quiet and question on weather or not company would be good right now. Ugh, this is crazy. My head is too fuzzy, why am I even considering this right now?

Maybe I’m too far gone… I know I need help though.

Time to decided the lesser of two evils: Give into this twisted fantasy or have more teeth pulled. I dont even know how many I have left at this point. My mouth is numb but I think I can speak, I need to know how long it’s been. “Wah dway ith id?”

“Oh baby, I’m so glad you’ve decided to speak with me. But make sure you ask permission before you ask me anything else.”

I let out a shaky sigh as I feel my eyes flutter shut, “Can I twalk?” I feel pathetic, I can’t say anything without my tounge slipping out of my mouth. The gauze isn’t helping any… There’s a stain going down the front of my shirt, it’s blood I think, probably mine…

“Since you asked so nicely, yes. You look tired so I won’t make you ask your question again. Hmmm, it’s the eighth day of us being together, why does that matter?”

I can’t feel my face anymore, I should have stayed quiet. It hurts to talk, my jaw hurts, my cheeks hurt, but I need to know. “Teethw?”

“Oh yes! I forgot about today! Unfortunately, you only have a few left.”

My face is hot and tears and pooling around my swollen eyes.

“I know baby, it makes me sad too. If only you would have been this nice the first seven days.”

I don’t know if I’m crying from the pain or my newly gained information. There’s something dripping from the corners of my mouth, I dont know if it’s blood or spit.

I’m so tired.

There’s a distant sound of a door opening and a bright light cuts through the room. I feel like throwing up, my head hurts and it’s too bright. I can’t see anything.

“Oh baby… You look so sad. Why are you crying?” I hear footsteps coming towards me… It’s so bright, I keep crying.

What the hell was I thinking, I shouldn’t be trying to talk with this psychopath.

“Answer my question, you’ve been so good today. We don’t want to ruin that, do we?” The footsteps are closer this time. I’m so tired.

I can’t let this creep near me again but it’s so hard to talk. “Yeugh.”

“Come on baby, you we’re doing so well. Why are you crying?” I feel a cold hand touch my face, it feels good…

“pace urts.”

“I know baby but you’re being so nice today, as long as you keep being good I won’t have to hurt you.”

The hand is still there, it feels so nice to have someone there… “O'ay.”

“Baby, do you want me to stay here? Does my hand feel good?”

I want to say yes, I’m so sleepy. This is crazy though, it feels nice… “Mmm.”

“You should use your words when someone is being this nice to you.”

“Now open up.”

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Who used to watch it still watches The Munsters?
A diverse family family in which the father was “Frankenstein”, the mother was a vampire, the son was a werewolf, the daughter a seemingly “average white girl” and the grandfather was basically “Dracula.” But every episode presented a situation of conflict and resolution despite their differences. They were all “monsters” - they were a family!


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Una cálida exhalación expectante, humo de mis deseos.

La fricción entre tus yemas y mis labios, picante color lujuria.

Tu olor pimienta y cajeta, somnífero de mis párpados.

El candado que nuestros cuerpos forman, caricias en cada uno de mis poros.

Y la pequeña lágrima, que se escapó de una sonrisa.

El nacimiento de un nuevo sol,

que es solo una décima parte,

de la billonésima parte,

del brillo que podemos ver.

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