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Maria Casarès to Albert Camus, Correspondance, June 21, 1949 [#60]
I’m sorry. Forgive me, darling. Your beautiful, tired face. Sleep, sleep in peace. You can be at peace, you have the right to be at peace. I love you so much. I’m so unaccustomed to love in this way. I’m so overwhelmed by this alternately sweet and violent rage that seizes me more and more each day to drag me… where? I’m almost afraid of it. If I suddenly miss you, if you were to disappear, if I had to live with the idea that you’re gone, what would happen? Tonight I keep thinking about it, and I am so dizzy that, if it didn’t wake you up, I think I would get dressed and go straight to your house; for you are the only one who can soothe me.
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