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kinda-sketchii · 11 minutes ago
punching, leaf (kinda), seafoam, AAAAAAAAAAAA <333 anyways hiii bestie
Im going to attack you bestie<3
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thejoyofviolentmovement · 25 minutes ago
Musings: Happy Mother's Day!
Musings: Happy Mother’s Day!
Caption: The Intruders’ classic “I’ll Always Love My Mama” seems perfectly fitting for today. Caption: My mom Robin with me, in Folly Beach, South Carolina in 1980. This is probably one of my favorite photos of my mother. In it, you can tell see a mother’s love for her child. I know a lot of moms, bonus moms, and grandmas and I wanted to wish those wonderful mothers — and my own mom, a very…
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keyzielikesstuff · 48 minutes ago
okay yeah billy had an abusive childhood which is what caused him to act out and have disregard for other people’s lives, and explains his behaviour towards max in s2. sure, fair, explainable whatever
how does this explain his racism exactly?
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herrwagner · 57 minutes ago
"Your cult is dangerous." [I'm sorry, Kurt. T___T ]
Tumblr media
Kurt isn’t surprised, it’s not the first time nor is it likely to be the last time he hears this. yet he doesn’t seem to react. Instead he quietly contemplates how he should react. Was she expecting him to violently defend them? Was he supposed to? Or what if he admitted how far out of hands things were? How he was more their prisoner than their leader at this point, and he truly had no clue how to backtrack.
He had tried, oh how he had tried to handle it. And somehow every single time he tried a little harder it seemed to spiral so much faster out of reach of something Kurt could even dream of having a grip of. They were too many, with too loud voices, it was just too much.
But could he say that out loud? Better yet to an outsider?
Finally turning to look at Tess, lifting his eyes to give himself the chance of eye contact. He almost seemed defiant in his stance, yet he did nothing. He simply stood where he was, hands held behind his back. Robes flowing gently in the light breeze.
“Or is it simply you who cannot progress enough to accept what is happening around you?”
your ___ is/are ___  ||  accepting  ➜  @fiddlingonthetympanic
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leastregrets · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Throughout his life Levi has always known he’s not attracted to women. There was never a lightbulb moment for him where he went ‘I’m gay,’ it’s just something that has been true about him since day one, that he’s into guys, and it’s not something he’s ever had internal conflict about. Levi knows who he is to his bones, and he knows sexuality, no matter who you are, isn’t something to be ashamed of.
Sexuality isn’t something he really talks about with anyone, simply because he really couldn’t care less if someone knew he was gay (nor does he care about other people’s sexualities). It’s not something he hides but it’s not something he feels the need to ever bring up in conversation either. If someone were to pause and go ‘wait, are you gay, captain?’ (if they dared), he would just raise a brow and go ‘yea, and?’
Just as he’s used to people insulting him for his height, he’s used to witnessing homophobia in society. Doesn’t mean it’s right or that he approves of it of course, but throwing a slur at him isn’t going to strike a nerve. However, he does get annoyed if someone starts making assumptions about him over who he sleeps with. If he notices he’s being treated differently after someone were to find out about his sexuality, he would call them out on the spot. 
Also touching on his younger years, as a teenager Levi was hypersexual to the point where sex was a borderline unhealthy coping mechanism for him. He would have depressive episodes, phases where he felt helpless, purposeless, feeling like he had no control over the direction he was going to live his life, and thus choosing his own sexual partners (even if it was multiple a week, even if he wasn’t in the mood for sex) gave him a sense of control.
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herrwagner · an hour ago
♤ for daken to help kurt undress 
Tumblr media
There is always that uncomfortable moment of consciousness before you realize where you are. Where you inhale some of the yolk to realize what you have to do, and can break out of the egg and consider yourself reborn. This time is no different. Being reborn sucks. Truly Kurt didn’t like it for far too many reasons, the yolk and the egg was just the very top of a long long list.
As it where Kurt came out coughing when the shell finally seemed to collapse around him, after he had managed to crack it open from the inside. Spitting to free his throat of the yolk it felt like he was throwing up without throwing up. He tumbled over the edge of the egg as the piece he had put his hand on collapsed under his weight, and the fell like a wet slimy lump to the ground. 
Clawing at his face with both hands to get the worst of it out of his face, especially his nose and mouth. Kurt had enough awareness to realize he wasn’t being crowded. There was a surprising lack of voices, and hands. around him. It made him pause, just long enough to realize he still had no balance and slowly tipped over. 
As he tipped to the left he scanned the area around him, noticing how unusually empty Arbor Magna seemed. There was the expanse of slowly hatching eggs, the remains of his own egg... and Daken.
A firm grip kept Kurt from falling further to his side as Daken was beside him, steadying him. Almost holding Kurt close. Even if he wasn’t, Kurt leaned into the touch to lean on Daken, letting the yolk wet fur stuck to Daken’s skin. It was always a blessing when Zee and Daken managed to keep people from figuring out when he’d be reborn. A blessing to not be crowded from the very moment he could breath again. No doubt Zee was busy around the church, keeping people occupied one way or another, so he’d have this - a moments quiet before it all kept going, spinning out of control.
With his eyes closed he concentrated on the steady rhythm of Daken pulling sticky lumps of yolk from his fur, dumping it on the ground around them with no care. He could feel the sharp edge of Daken’s chin as it rested on top of his own head, using the slightly larger body as some kind of privacy screen for Kurt to cover behind.
As he curled up close, tail curling over his feet with a wet sound as the tuft of hair hit the ground. He finally let his eyes open again, now more ready to take in the visual input than before. His head tilted back, allowing him a better - but not good - view of Daken as he kept steady work with cleaning up Kurt bit by bit. Getting him free from the yolk and eggshell. 
“... Don’t let them know.”
intimacy  ||  accepting  ➜  @goreverine
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matoitech · an hour ago
ratha movie in a style like the guardians of ga’hoole movie WHEN
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uhode · 2 hours ago
someone Needs to psycho analyze my father not because he’s interesting or anything he just really needs to go to therapy 💔
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80hd-tv · 2 hours ago
4 some reason "is the cup half full or half empty" n "what came first the chicken or the egg" makes me unreasonably angry
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herflame · 5 hours ago
im sorry im just thinking about the fight at the mall that rain gets into at age sixteen and how she just totally kicks like two dudes’ asses while she’s all the mall w/ her friends because they’re being creeps and. honestly iconic. i would be her friend even harder at that point
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cake-in-a-tin · 5 hours ago
im so grateful for my headphones because my parents would legitimately think i’m watching someone getting murdered live on stream
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rosebowl · 6 hours ago
I've just now noticed this. But is Jin wearing an earring in the teaser photo? 🥵
he is 😭 big ass hoop in one ear... my urge to yank on it is insatiable
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hornedhell · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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chrisshepherdfilms · 7 hours ago
Okay everyone. I did this great podcast at the start of the year with screenwriter Stuart Wright. It's al about Liverpool on film. I picked five films and talked about the locations. But which five did I pick? Click the link to find out....
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rpdepartment · 7 hours ago
        people shine their вяιgнтєѕт when they're at щая
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