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nikadd · 4 hours ago
literally never trust anyone who says that mary was worse than john or even equal to him in any way like that woman literally lost both of her children (and her husband, if you still want to count john somewhere) in one night and then had to be reborn and live with basically strangers who just happened to be her children and both had lived lifetimes she could never understand and both were older than her and have built up a sainthood around her and were victims of what her death led their father to become and she was just trying to do what’s best with what she had and what she knew when everything she ever wanted she already could never have!!!! she is as much a winchester as both sam and dean and nothing she’s done that people are mad at her about is in any way different than what either sam or dean ever done. sorry she couldn’t be a mother to the children she lost!!! boo fucking hoo
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be-bi-do-crime · 22 hours ago
i’m thinking about eda and choices.
how her mother chose to abandon her when she needed the support most, under the guise of doing what she saw was best for her. how lilith chose to curse her, chose the emperor’s coven over her, then chose to leave and split the curse with her.
how raine always chose eda, even with her curse, to stick by her side and fight for her all these years without her even knowing they’re doing so. how they chose to let her go because she had a family to go back to. how luz chose to stay at the owl house to learn magic, to be her apprentice, and become her family. how king chose to be a clawthorne, a name dragged through the mud because of her curse, but he didn’t care anyway.
and then there’s eda, who always chooses others before herself, who chooses to forgive and to love and chooses her own family—
and eventually learns to choose herself.
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violentpop · 2 hours ago
i am a blind channel stan first and a person second
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batshit-birds · 3 hours ago
Whenever I'm reading a fic and it finishes with
or anything like that, for some reason I immediately want to take a baseball bat to my phone. I don't know what it is about it that evokes such a strong rush of rage
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violentpop · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
niko's new ig post
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hella1975 · 4 hours ago
Hi, so, like the, the discord link, it's, invalid, so, please?
i have relinked this fucking many many......... it's like a weekly thing............. how are there still more of you wanting to join both flattered and terrified and exhausted.......... i'll do it now love
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bluehairperson · 3 hours ago
I would love to lock Valerius in a basement and force him to clean the dishes or mop the floor. I bet he would cry.
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aloeveragel · 10 hours ago
I always say and I will keep saying this till the day I die... so many people confuse violence with passion
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violentpop · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
full article here: x
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ashintheairlikesnow · 9 hours ago
Yooo, Russia just won the women's team artistic gymnastics. I was just watching since it was on, but while I know the BBU-verse Olympics aren't yet, here's a win for both Antoni and a fun watch for Chris lol.
Although, like the BBU, the commenters kept calling even women in their twenties girls >:(
FUN FACT: In the BBU-verse, Russia and the United States are fairly close allies historically. I don't remember my reasoning for this anymore.
Chris would absolutely be explaining every last detail to Antoni, who will probably not remember most of those details at all. but he will be very enthusiastic and supportive of Chris's interest and knowledge.
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bpdohwhatajoy · 11 hours ago
Annoying mfs: I forgive those who hurt me😁choose forgiveness!!! No grudges!!!!
Me: personally if I get my hands on anyone that has hurt me I’ll rip their throat out with my teeth and gut them like a fish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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levitatingbiscuits · 14 hours ago
For a proud warrior culture the mandalorians sure keep getting their asses beat
By the Sith, the Jedi, the republic, the separatists...
......each other......
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becauseimgabbeh-blog · 19 hours ago
Dragon "I'm not a violent person. I don't like violence or fighting"
Cut to her constantly hitting Ducky with her tail when she's annoyed cuz he likes embarrassing his daughter
Ducky "Sure you are. You'll learn >:3c"
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—Yes. And violently? —Violently.
William Brewer, Voices As Of Lions Coming Down
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thenightwemetnatural · 27 days ago
spn trending for the j2 fallout
Tumblr media
spn trending because misha wished cas a happy pride month
Tumblr media
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keep-ur-head-low · 2 months ago
My eighth grade English teacher will always be the coolest fucking man to ever live and I have a story to prove it. To celebrate the end of the first semester, the teachers took the entire eighth grade on a school trip to the local movie theater to watch the tamest PG movie showing at the time: Ralph Breaks The Internet. Unsurprisingly, no eighth grader had any interest in watching the sequel to Wreck It Ralph, but pretty much everyone went anyway because why the heck not?
So we all walk to the theater and everyone’s just chilling and talking about stuff completely unrelated to the film, just excited to be spending school hours not listening to a lecture. The theater dims and everyone quiets down with a few mumbles here and there. The screen lights up and here comes the logos and-- wait a minute, Sony?! Where’s the Disney logo? And why’s everything all glitchy?! The air is thick with confusion, and what comes on instead of Ralph Breaks The Internet? Fucking Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, hours before its first showing in our area. Turns out our old, mild mannered English teacher wanted to surprise us and checked in with all the teachers on the way there to ask if he could convince the theater to swap out Ralph for Spiderverse. The theater thankfully said yes, resulting in probably the greatest moment of shared confusion and excitement in my life. Shoutout to Mr B for gifting me such a fond experience with one of the best films of all time.
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belovedgamers · 2 days ago
ALSO nothing beats the comedic effect of Fundy going “Tommy remember 30 minutes before the event when you came into the call and said ‘hey guys no matter what happens we shouldn’t rage’?” only for Tommy to say “I just told Sapnap I would knife him”
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