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parsabad · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saffron farm/ Khorasan/ Iran
Photography: seyyed rasoul azizi
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vistattoos · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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icedhoney-stuff · a day ago
She's a literal tsundere for this
Tumblr media
She really went from, "I knew I shouldn't have trusted you!" To--
Tumblr media
"Let her go, I brought her here. It's me you want..."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vi is sleeping in the sofa for this. Caitlyn looks so betrayed ✋
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onceuponalegendbg · 2 days ago
It’s so weird to think that Cait and Vi were like… so close to meeting during the heist.
Can’t imagine it would have gone particularly well but… I’m just imagining tiny rebel Caitlyn seeing Vi and being like… “oh.” And Jayce is like “Cait, please, not now. I’m being robbed.”
Yes, I’m rewatching Arcane when I should be sleeping. What of it?
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Kawakami, teaching sex education: Alright, your partner just texted you ‘I want a baby’. What are your responses?
Ryuji: I want new heelies.
Ann: We’re gay.
Akira: Give me a week. What colour?
Yusuke: Oh, just to hang out with?
Makoto: No.
Kasumi, blushing: M… mine?
Haru: They’re usually chilling in carts outside grocery stores. How fast can you run?
Kawakami: ...
Kawakami: Stop.
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crazyforcococaine · a day ago
Sucker Punch Me
Chapter 3
Vi (League of Legends) x OFC
Everything hurt, my vision was blurry and my ears were ringing like crazy. For a second, I felt as I were falling into nothingness but it must’ve just been the shock from the sudden explosion, because I could feel hands frantically grabbing at my legs.
I heard multiple voices call out my name and when I cracked an eye open, I understand why. I would’ve been screaming my own name too if I saw myself in the predicament I was currently in.
I was dangling on the railing of the patio by my ankle, stuck in between the poles and when I tried to move, my ankle screamed at me to stop. Fuck, and I thought my arm hurt like hell. This was hell, if not worse.
“Amy, pull yourself up long enough to grab my hand!” I faintly heard Vi’s panicked voice, still hearing the ringing in my ears but my vision slowly cleared as I blinked, and finally, I noticed Vi above me, her arm outstretched to me as Claggor held onto her legs.
“Vi…” I groaned out, feeling the blood rushing to my head and shutting my eye when I felt something trickle down my forehead and over my eyelid. I went cross eyed trying to see what was sliding down my forehead and saw crimson. “Oh, Vi- I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding!” I called out to her in a daze, the ringing not gone yet.
“Fuck! Okay, listen to me, buttercup! I’m going to get you up, okay? You trust me? HEY! Look at me, Ames! Look at me!” Vi’s screaming made my head hurt but because I knew I couldn’t die like this, I looked up at her, straining my neck, and holding out my good arm as far as I could towards hers.
“‘Atta girl! Come one, baby…come on.” Vi’s rushed mumbles didn’t reach my ears, and I couldn’t see the others’ surprised expressions, nor could I have brought myself to care if I had. I hurt everywhere. I’d never felt this much pain before.
“Gotcha! You ain’t going anywhere today, cupcake. We’re going home, come on!” Vi tightly grasped my arm, her hold almost cutting off the blood circulation in my arm, but my head was pounding and it looked like I was starting to see two of everything so I couldn’t bring myself to care.
“Vi, where’s- where’s Powder?” I swallowed, a thick ball of saliva stuck in my throat as I remembered her flying near the edge of the balcony too. She couldn’t be in the same position I was in, right? No way Vi or the other two knuckleheads would let that happen to both of us.
“Gotta leave it up to you to worry about everyone but your own damn self, huh? Everyone’s fine, you’re not.” Vi scoffed as she put my non injured arm on her shoulders, her other arm around my waist as she held me up. My ankle flaring up but I could only whimper and hold onto Vi tightly.
My head dangled on her shoulder, and I wheezed, before coughing, “Ow.” I felt a tingle in my side, but was too scared to look down when the boy in goggles spoke up.
“Shit, Vi. Something happened, she must’ve hit something!” Claggor exclaimed, sounding very far away now as I looked up at Vi. Her face hardened when she looked at my side. I put my hand on her abdomen, trying to stand up straighter.
I was about say I was fine until we all froze, the sounds of the horns ringing throughout the city told us we had to run, and fast. They knew people who weren’t supposed to be here, were here.
“We gotta go! I’ll carry her, I got her!” Vi ordered, crouching in front of me and softly tapping the back of my thighs, eager for me to hop on her back.
I grabbed onto her shoulders, and with a nudge of her foot, I softly fell onto her back, my arms immediately locking around her neck.
I struggled to stay on Vi’s back as she ran, but she held me tighter each time she felt my grip loosen even a little.
I gasped as a bola was thrown inches away from my face, and I felt Vi growl more than I did hear as I let out a cry, my side suddenly flaring up the same way my ankle had in the balcony.
“Motherfuckers!” Vi mumbled, looking up at me when she noticed I was starting to doze off. She pushed her legs to go faster as my head dropped onto the back of her own.
If the situation had been different, Violet knew she’d be blushing the way I was earlier today. She would’ve relished in the moment of holding me so closely, safely in her arms, if it weren’t for the life or death situation we were currently in.
Vi was brought out of her thoughts as I gave out a pathetic sigh, my arms nearly limp around her neck. It urged her to rush forward, the thought of me in the Enforcer’s hands making her furious. What would they do to someone like me?
Cute and sweet, short with no muscle. They’d eat me alive on the first day.
Not if Vi could help it.
“Faster! Amy’s losing consciousness!” Vi called out to the group, and they all looked over at her, their eyes angry that something in that apartment had been dangerous enough to injure one of their own so horribly. Little Man had a lot of explaining to do.
They all ran over the bridge. Vi dodging and weaving every bola the Enforcer’s threw at her, and every stuck up rich person out of her way with her elbows as she held onto me.
Vi lead the way into an alleyway and broke a pipe on the way, hoping none of the smoke had hit me. Luckily, for her, I wasn’t even aware of what was going on. My surroundings all looked like a giant blur.
Vi put me down gently against a wall as fast as she could, before moving to open a garbage chute, passing our bags to both Mylo and Powder, seeing as neither of us could carry them. With me injured, Vi couldn’t risk letting me slide through the chute on my own she’d decided to hold me; my back to her front.
If I were the least bit awake, I would’ve blushed and giggled like a child in a candy store, happy as I ever. Sadly, I wasn’t.
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yourgfsgirl · 10 hours ago
If you actually think Silco had no part in Jinx becoming Jinx we must have watched two different shows… Yeah she said it was Vi ‘turning on her’ (for lack of better wording) that was like her ‘villain origin story’. But are you forgetting that happened because Silco was literally trying to KILL THEM?💀✋🏽 Only moments before?? Like we’re just gonna sweep that lil incident under the rug orrr??? Also he’s like a mafia boss of the undercity. You really think her growing up with him had no effect on how she turned out?
Obviously living in the undercity alone had its effects on people. But I think the person she was around the most would impact how a child turns out. Especially hanging with a dude who turns ppl into mutants.
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aniir · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why’s this so hot come on 😩😩
(gifs from @terrapia)
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waifu-anime · a day ago
Tumblr media
Violet Evergarden
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vistattoos · a day ago
i feel like i relate to jinx so much.
in the sense that i need therapy. everyday. really bad. someone get jinx a therapist please
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onceuponalegendbg · 10 hours ago
You know, we’ve had Vi call Caitlyn by her name and Cupcake. I’m waiting for the day Cait uses Vi’s full name.
She knows it.
It was written with Powder’s on that beam.
Give me it.
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highspeedmuro · 2 days ago
*Me who thought its "rude" to call my bffs hot who i know for almost 2 years*
Vi who literally JUST met Cait:"YOU'RE HOT, CUPCAKE"
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crazyforcococaine · a day ago
Sucker Punch Me
Chapter 1
Vi (League of Legends) x OFC
“Dear friend across the river, my hands are cold and bare.”
I cried out as another explosion went off. I held onto Vi’s waist tighter, my right hand seeking for Powder’s as I encouraged her to keep singing to herself. Vi had told her to do so when she decided to run both of us out of the house and up the bridge to seek out for our parents. I knew my father could handle himself just fine, but I also knew looking out for two other people was difficult for anyone in a war.
We were just kids, we shouldn’t have to know things like this. See things like this. We were supposed to kick a ball back and forth outside until dinner time, and get in trouble over bringing in muddy footprints on a freshly clean floor. We were supposed to rebel against our parents and sneak out after lights out and bicker over not eating our vegetables during lunch.
We weren’t supposed to watch a man’s head get caved in by two Enforcers with scary guns, or a woman cry out as a shot went through her knee, bringing her down to her knees as another masked man brought his own knee down on her forehead, rendering her helpless as she lay on the ground, another mysterious man slapping hands cuffs on her wrists. A child clutching her mother’s hand as her father tried pulling her away, limping as one of his legs was gone from the knee down, blood dripping on the child’s dress as she cried and moaned for her mother to wake up.
“Vi…” I whispered, looking up at her as we watched another body fall limp. Why couldn’t things be better? Why couldn’t we prevent this? Who were we if we couldn’t find solutions with words, rather than fists and guns, and death at every corner of every street? It was so human, yet so inhumane.
“Don’t look, Ames. Just- Just cover your eyes.” The usually tough pink haired girl’s voice shook with her breathing and her sweaty hand fell on top of my left one, the one holding her little sister’s. I could tell Vi was just as afraid as I was, if not more. I could see it in her eyes, she just wouldn’t have admitted it if she could help it.
“Dear friend across the river, I’ll take what you can spare.”
“Dear friend…” I harmonized with the younger girl softly, being able to crack a smile at her as she peeked at me through her fingers before quickly shoving her hand back up her face, shutting her eyes when a shot rang out.
I didn’t feel so bad for myself as I did for Powder. Being the kid of the man who practically ruled the underground city, I was bound to see some blood here and there. Vi also wasn’t immune to some stuff, seeing as she was, after all, older than both of us. Powder, on the other hand, had never experienced anything more than a little bullying here and there because she was so chirpy and curious about everything. Why people chose to be so mad about her for being a kid, was beyond me.
“I ask of you a penny, my fortune it will be.”
Another shot, another body.
“I ask of you, dear friend.” I sang along, again.
“I ask you without envy.”
And another, and another.
“Dear friend, I ask of you.”
“We raise no mighty towers; our homes are built of stone.”
“Amy…” Vi’s fearful voice stopped my singing with Powder and I hesitated to look up until I heard footsteps walk up to us. I tensed and held onto Vi and Powder tighter, closing my eyes, preparing for the worst until I felt a little nudge on the side of my head. Vi’s hand cradled my head, and she gently lifted it up.
“So come across the river and find…”
I looked up and into the sad eyes of my father, and back up to Vi. The tears in her eyes confirmed it for me. I sighed, a shaky sigh, and grabbed the hand she’d laid on my head, interlocking our fingers, doing the same with Powder.
Their parents hadn’t survived the war.
Vi fell to her knees, bringing both Powder and I to the ground with her. Powder had no idea what was going on, she was too young to put two and two together, so she simply hugged her sister, feeling her distress. Only wanting to make her feel better, and not yet fully understanding the seriousness of everything going on around us. The war, the death, the loss. I’d been hoping to keep her away from all this, as did Vi, but now we could see that that was just not possible.
I looked up at my father once again, tears in my brown and blue eyes as Vi wrapped an arm around my shoulders, shoving her head in my neck as Powder snuggled into my chest. I tried to keep my tears still. I couldn’t cry. Wouldn’t. Not when my two best friends needed me to be strong. Not when they needed someone to carry their sadness and sorrow for them until they healed.
My father’s eyes shone with realization and I nodded to him. We needed to take them in. We were as close as blood could be, they were our family. They were both smart and strong, but that wasn’t enough to survive down there in that trash bin. We had to stick together.
As I caressed Vi’s back, and Powder’s head as best I could, two loud thuds shook the ground and my father’s arms enveloped all three of us, before I could even see what it was. As he started walking, hushing Powder’s small whimper’s, I looked back and saw the two metal fists he’d been holding. I knew what he’d done with them. I knew who my father was and what he did, but I also knew it was necessary.
We did what we had to, and I understand that but sometimes, I just wished we could all live happily together. No violence, just peaceful living; living side by side, regardless of status and last names.
I knew, now, that that was also impossible.
I looked back up to the heavy boots that passed by the fists and I caught the eyes of an Enforcer. He’d been standing above the bodies my father had just taken down, and was staring at them, most likely being his friends, with such a broken look in his eyes. As if feeling eyes on him, he looked up at me and his mouth twitched, as if he were unsure whether or not he even could smile at me, someone he’d never bothered to even worry about until the start of this chaos.
My eyes teared up, knowing he was only doing what he had to do, too, and he probably was thinking the same thing I was, but Vi thought otherwise, I noticed, as her fists clenched beside me. She’d also caught him staring our way, both hands on his weapon, debating on letting us just leave or not. Her eyes were hard as she glared at the man responsible for so many of our people’s deaths…her parents’ lives taken by his hands, if not, his friends.
“Vi…It’s gonna be-“ I softly spoke to her, as I grabbed for her hand to unclench it, afraid she would draw blood with her fingernails digging so hard into her palms but she shook me off, leaning her head back into my father’s neck. My own head snuggled into his chest, right underneath hers.
“No. No, it’s not.” Vi’s voice held little to no emotion, and if it weren’t for the small quiver in her voice, I wouldn’t have known she was in pain. She was too stubborn to tell me so. The girl wasn’t one to talk about her emotions so openly, it’s just who she was. It saddened me, sometimes, but I only ever wanted her to be comfortable so I let her be, unless she sought me out to vent.
“I know it won’t be. Not for awhile, but we will be. You will be.”
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