inheaven-mad · 2 days ago
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I needed to draw a proper kiss bye
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trashpocket · 2 days ago
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Domestic caitvi pt ??? With vi being money conscious cause i relate so hard
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alienproteinnn · a day ago
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My babies uwu ❤️ Follow me on Twitter @alienproteinnn 🌟
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parme-tan · a day ago
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We Are All Caitlyn Kiramman
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gingerrocketeer · 2 days ago
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Vi: This is where we need to go. Follow me
Caitlyn: That's a sheer dr.....
Vi: *hits every beam on the way to the ground*
Caitlyn: I think I'm in love. I should probably go save her.
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sarawolfbite · 2 days ago
especially that boobs
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lacroixqueen · 2 days ago
i want to talk about sevika losing her arm. (part 1)
Tumblr media
I feel like Sevika losing her arm was probably one of, if not THE most pivotal part of her character arc.
Sevika is someone who values STRENGTH above all else. She expects it of herself, and also everyone she surrounds herself with.
It is an absolutely CRUCIAL part of her identity.
I'd like to think she considers herself a strong person, both physically and mentally.
She builds her body and her mind to become a weapon because she knows she is about to enter a war that will be VERY difficult to win.
In a way, I think she is very prideful about this aspect of herself, hence her arrogance and swagger.
Tumblr media
She must have loved her arm a lot. It was a tool she used to fight, but was also something she worked really hard to strengthen.
It was a part of who she is.
However, she doesn't just expect strength from herself.
She uses this criteria when she selects a leader to follow. Someone who she has enough confidence in to lead the nation of Zaun.
I think this also begs the question of why she values strength so much.
It's because she knows she must have it in order to achieve her ultimate goal, which is the independence of Zaun.
She was willing to sacrifice something she valued so dearly in order to save Silco's life, because in her eyes, he is the symbol of strength that the undercity needs.
Tumblr media
Also can we talk about just how SELFLESS she is out of sheer dedication to this cause. She didn't even have to think about it for a fucking second. It was an automatic, gut reaction.
She didn't know whether or not she would live when she pushed Silco out of the way and used her own body as a barrier.
She was willing to die for her cause.
In a way, it's sort of poetic since she is giving up her strength in order to empower the future of Zaun.
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yangfanbb · 2 days ago
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caitlynxviolet · 2 days ago
CaitVi in Arcane is so wild because it uses all of these tropes I’ve definitely seen before, but can’t pinpoint to any piece of media. 
I’ve seen a character having an angsty moment by themselves, thinking about redoing something over to get their love interest back. A main character being faced with a villain who challenges them to kill their love interest -- to mock how weak they are or to prove whatever point the villain’s trying to make. I’ve seen a character being pushed flirtatiously against a wall as a show of dominance and a way to establish sexual attraction. I’ve seen a character defending their love interest against an assailant, thinking they can’t be heard by the love interest themselves, only to be caught in an endearing way. 
I’ve seen these things before and I’ve loved all of them, which is why some of the moments we got between Cait and Vi felt predictable in a strange way, but so unfamiliar because it’s never two women at the center of it. It’s like trying to recall a memory that was never even there in the first place.
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myomikan · 2 days ago
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Saw two fits on the internet, blinged them up and put them on Vi and Cait. That’s it XD
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wolf-tm · 2 days ago
vi jumps up to slap the doorframe of every doorway she goes through and it pisses caitlyn off
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rachelthegreatchel · a day ago
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There’re no losers in the CaitVi Kiramman household 🧁👀
I’ve always been grossed out by the food/horniness combination, but somehow when it’s CaitVi I don’t mind at all 🤔
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german-demon · a day ago
not me opening AO3 with my 200 favored ship tags thinking “alright what we feeling like today?”
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same-crazy-art-girl34 · 2 days ago
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-> instagram
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sambutnotreally · 22 hours ago
vi, after shitty night: so in the beningin
vi: in the benin- beningin
cait: it's okay, take your time
vi: beningin
vi: you are laughing at me, i can feel that
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gingerrocketeer · a day ago
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Caitlyn: You selling tickets
Vi: huh?
Caitlyn: To your gun show
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sarawolfbite · a day ago
Caitlyn and Vi in season 2:
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lacroixqueen · 11 hours ago
sevika is my muse. and it's so much fun.
Tumblr media
According to the Oxford dictionary definition, a muse is:
"A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist".
Additionally, the verb, to muse, is defined as
"Being absorbed in a thought".
I know that we all love to joke around about "Arcane brainrot" xD
But I feel like my hyperfixation on Sevika isn't rotting my brain.
It's revitalizing it, actually.
I feel like so many other people in the Arcane fandom feel the same way.. like we latch onto a character and they bring out the best parts of ourselves: our creativity, our humor, our enthusiasm.
It makes me so excited to come here and also see what everyone else is writing, drawing, and saying about her.
I love daydreaming and thinking up all sorts of different scenarios about Sevika in my mind.
Tumblr media
I'm almost always brainstorming, jotting down an idea, drafting a fic, blocking out a scene.
I haven't felt the inspiration to write for so many years. It's only recently (like literally in the past few months) that I started to again.
And I'm having the time of my life.
Words flow so freely from my fingertips and onto the keyboard.
Writer's block is a rare occurrence, and sometimes even practically non-existent.
So, thank you Sevika.
For inspiring me again. ;~;
Tumblr media
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excessive-levels-of-gay · 2 days ago
Jayce: Do you mean Vi is in trouble or Vi is the trouble?
Caitlyn: After all this months, she's either in trouble or going to be
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arcane-ish · a day ago
Arcane Parenting Week - Piltover’s Finest
So there is a challenge Arcane's A+ Parenting Week.  I will try to do meta for it. But since I’m interested in the topic, I thought I would try to post some prompts in the hopes that maybe somebody will be inspired and pick them up. There are daily prompts but those are optional. So I’m doing my plot bunnies based on character on the general theme of parents or mentors. This post is about Vi and Caitlyn in that regard. 
Do Caitlyn and Vi want kids? 
Caitlyn: Personally I headcanon Caitlyn’s attitude towards children to be an extension of her character, that she s very rational about it and her attitude is “yes, eventually, but not right now, I want to focus on my career first”. I also somehow imagine that she mostly imagines another single child, like herself. I think that would be a really interesting discussion for them to have if Caitlyn starts to realize that Vi growing up as a family of four kids imagines having a lot of children. 
Vi: I feel like having children would be an insanely emotional topic for her. Like I can also see why brash game!Vi might be “phew, children? never!”, but I feel like Arcane!Vi seems more like she would want kids, but would be afraid to do so? Partly because she was already so parental with Powder and of course that ended in a very traumatizing way for her, but also because she might fear that if she had a child Jinx would be furious and jealous and resentful and take it as an attack on her. 
How does same sex pregancy work in Arcane anyway? 
In case you didn’t know, Amanda Overton has essentially confirmed that mpreg/fempreg is canon in Arcane: 
Another fun fact for you (since I happen to know the “unknowns” in your very thoughtful comment), Caitlyn’s Kiramman name and house is inherited matrilineally. Her mother sits on the council, as you saw in episode two, and that position is one that’s meant to go to Caitlyn, and her joining the Enforcers was seen by her parents as an act of rebellion, despite their superficial show of support. Her mom uses her power to station Caitlyn outside her own tent on Progress Day as a way to try and protect her, which infuriates Caitlyn. As I mentioned on a previous post on this thread, there is no word for gay, or stigmatization against it in Piltover so Caitlyn could marry any gender or race suitor, but they would become a part of her house, much like Caitlyn’s father did when he married Caitlyn’s mother. As for her heirs, well it’s a fantasy world so I would say any and all options are on the table, we are only limited by our imagination!
It’s a charm 
I like the idea that there is just a magical charm that is just a standard export item from let’s say Targon or Ionia. And even though Piltover tries to mostly avoid magic, it’s a standard item you can get on every market. You buy it, you wear it, you spend time with your loved one, bam, pregnant. 
I think it would be a really cute idea for a fic to write about Caitlyn and Vi deciding that it’s time, going to the market to buy it together and presenting it/putting it on whoever is going to wear it. 
(or actually: I could picture that a really fun backstory fic, how Cassandra and Tobias decided to have Caitlyn and they decided that Tobias should be the one to carry her because Cassandra’s job is more important) 
Like a prayer...
I feel like another fun way for it to work would be if you like go to a temple/pray to a specific god or goddess. Like you seal your bond and then together plead with the goddess to give you a child and if your love is true, you get it. 
But compared to the charm there would be the element that you don’t get to decide who gets pregnant. 
Now, let’s face it, from a rational POV, Vi should be the one taking the maternity leave right? Because Caitlyn’s job as sheriff is more important? (okay one could argue that Vi’s job as enforcer is more physical, while Caitlyn’s job could be more easily turned into a desk job and she fights from a distance) 
Anyway, it would be a pretty funny that whoever was secretly hoping not to get pregnant gets stuck with the pregnancy and the other teases them about it. 
(naturally, this idea/plot bunny could be used for basically any same sex couple of your choice)
Cassandra: “about that Kirammann heir...”
I’d love a family dinner where Cassandra has grudgingly accepted Vi. She begins poking them about well, if she can’t stop them, maybe she will have better luck with her grandchild and quizzes them about whether they are thinking about heirs and who is going to carry it (meanwhile poor Tobias is mortified). 
A more understanding view on Cassandra being unhappy about CaitVi
Like I don’t know how Cassandra is typically characterized in CaitVi fanfic? But I would like to see a fic that actually has some sympathy for her wanting somebody to take over her role as head of the house and on the council? 
Like, she can live with the fact that Caitlyn wants to be a cop, but it would be so much easier for her if Caitlyn then at least had married somebody status appropriate to take over Cassandra’s role. Or she could have lived with Caitlyn marrying somebody below her station (again Amanda Overton implied heavily that Tobias was an offbeat choice for Cassandra to marry) if Caitlyn had just agreed to take over duties from Cassandra. 
But the *combination* of neither Caitlyn nor Caitlyn’s future spouse having any interest in Cassandra’s work is seriously depressing to her. (maybe with some last-ditch effort to matchmake Caitlyn with women who actually care about city politics in the “be part of the council” kind of way)
Maybe with a dose of confrontation between Caitlyn and Cassandra “then why didn’t you have more children” and maybe there is some angsty backstory as to why Caitlyn is an only child?
Or Cassandra with Tobias mulling over maybe they should have had more children? (I would be so up for a cute: actually they do decide to have another child and Caitlyn gets a baby brother or sister really late in life)
Caitlyn and Ren
I really, really want to see fics where Caitlyn visits Marcus daughter to tell her the news of her father’s death. Especially with all the insight Caitlyn was implied to have into Marcus’ way of thinking. And I’m pretty sure Ren’s mom is implied to be dead, so Ren is an orphan now? 
Can somebody please write Caitlyn arranging for Ren to be taken care of? Maybe visiting her through the years? (and yes optionally considering adopting her)
Or just having a some thoughts where she ponders the loss of lives Jinx caused and worrying that the responsibility she has to people like Ren will put her in conflict with Vi and Vi’s connection to Jinx? Maybe Caitlyn taking Vi to see Ren and Vi having those thoughts? Or Vi having complicated thoughts to see how Ren lived when he father is the one who put Marcus in that prison? 
Vi, Vander and Kiramman Snowdowns
It’s Snowdown (Runeterra version of Christmas) or some other sort of traditional festivity and Vi is invited to enjoy it with Cait’s family and she sees them be happy and loving and it gets too much and she storms out and Caitlyn goes after her and gets Vi to open up and share some stories about what [insert festivity] was like in the Lanes with Vander and her siblings. 
Caitlyn and Grayson
Would love for a scene where Vi sees the Grayson statue and Caitlyn explains what Grayson meant to her. And maybe them having a conversation about mentors. 
Cassandra screwed up
Now I personally don’t think it is very plausible that the council pulled some really dark fucked up shit, simply because Heimerdinger and Mel are on there and Heimerdinger of course is a League character and we see how Mel handles various conflicts mostly in the end of season 1. 
That said, it would certainly be an interesting topic to explore in fanfic. With the two prime candidates being: 
- The council was aware of in some way that Marcus put Vi into jail without a trial - (imo better potential) that the council was around and ordered the use of force on the bridge/the Day of Ash that caused the death of Vi’s parents
One angle would be Caitlyn finding out and having a really horrible confrontation with her mother about it. 
The other angle would be Cassandra realizing the connection Vi has to those events of Cassandra’s past and angsting and worrying that Caitlyn will find out and will hate her if she finds out. 
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