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theraddestpotato21 · 5 months ago
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nav-ye-ah · 4 months ago
this made my day!
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braindamaged1004 · 4 months ago
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love4astrology · 6 months ago
🖤 South Node - planets In Synastry 🖤
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🖤 (before we start please know that i am a beginner in astrology and these are just things i’ve studied really hard for along the way) 🖤
🖤 1. South Node - sun 🖤
- deeply felt soul connection (literally soulmates!) 😍
- this connection works great if the sun is female and the male is south node
- instant familiarity and comfort in this union
- the sun person could’ve been an authority figure or some sort of teacher to south node in a past life
- strong attraction
- sun may feel like they owe the south node
🖤 2. South Node - Moon 🖤
- deep emotional connection
- this bond can last a lifetime 🥺
- similar emotional reactions
- spiritual growth
- past life connection of a mother and child, siblings, neighbors
- this bond is literally a psychic communication connection!!!!
🖤 3. South Node - Mars 🖤
- South Node is EXTREMELY attracted to the Mars person 😏
- physical chemistry
- this may end quickly unless other aspects are helping it
- both had a some type of war or argument in a past life you may or may not have forgiven each-other
- some intense arguments between the two
- instant familiarity
🖤 4. South Node - Mercury 🖤
- starts off easily communicating about any subjects
- intuitive connection 👥
- both find familiarity and comfort in each-other
- same interests
- this isn’t good if you want a long term relationship because the connection can die down very quickly :(
- you can learn from this connection if it lasts long
- siblings in a past life
🖤 5. South Node - Jupiter 🖤
- positive connection!!
- spiritual connection
- Jupiter is very generous to South Node
- both inspire each-other and love talking about philosophy
- this connection can last a life time 🥰
- Jupiter gave good luck to south node in past life they were either married or were like a teacher-student
🖤 6. South Node - Venus 🖤
- teaching and learning in this connection
- this isn’t good for a long term relationship
- starts off as mutual attraction 😋
- spiritual/friendship connection
- lovers/partners in a past life which resulted into this life time to close that chapter
🖤 7. South Node - Saturn 🖤
- serious connection (feeling like a karmic relationship)
- fear of getting involved with one another which can cause separations between the two but within time if the two reach out more and more the separation can diminish and the fear of being together is gone once its gone the feeling of commitment is very strong and you will be un able to separate from each-other i find this very adorable tbh!
- Saturn was an authority figure to South Node in a past life
🖤 8. South Node - Ascendant 🖤
- this is a strong indicator that you two are most likely to be SOULMATES!!!!!!
- feeling of a “we were totally meant to be together!” type of thang
- both are very attracted to each-other since you first met!
- sense of familiarity when you two meet
thats all i have for now! comment if you want me to do north node- planets in synastry! have a wonderful day :)
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tastefullyoffensive · 10 months ago
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Seems fake but we did the fact check and this is 100% true. via
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brielledoesastrology · 6 months ago
Flower asteroids to check in your astrology natal chart
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Petunia (968) - resentment and anger
Geranium (1227) - happiness, good health, good wishes, and friendship
Tulipa (1095) - perfect,deep love
Sunflower (19019) - loyalty,adoration and happiness
Tiger Lily (17768) - confidence,pride and wealth
Lotus (429) - purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth
Viola (1076) - innocence, modesty, and decency
Clematis (1101) - mental acuity, wisdom, aspiration, travel, and mischief
Aster (1218) - love, wisdom and faith
Magnolia (1060) - endurance, longevity and perseverance, dignity and nobility
Crocus (1220) - rebirth,innocence,joy and new beginnings
Campanula (1077) - gratitude, humility, attractiveness and everlasting love.(But maybe also associated with death because this flower often been planted on graves)
Iris (7) - faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration
Rosa (223) - romance, love, beauty, and courage
Lilium (1092) - devotion or purity
Azalea (1056) - love and gentleness
Jasmine (28494) - love, beauty , sensuality, purity or modesty
Begonia (943) - this asteroid in astrology symbolize cautions and warning
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leglitastrology · a year ago
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jonathantaylorthomas · 4 months ago
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theveteranlines · 9 months ago
Conflict between me & me( ̄︿ ̄)
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theraddestpotato21 · 4 months ago
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Me going to post this somewhere then realizing I'm not out
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nav-ye-ah · 3 months ago
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oddlouies · 5 months ago
Today on Louie Twt, this Dad's being amused !
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Update 😭
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Also he liked the tweet with the Spotify link for This is Louis Tomlinson playlist 🖤
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braindamaged1004 · 4 months ago
Thanks daddy Satan 🥰
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evilmiratsuyo · 9 months ago
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butlersandvillains · 3 months ago
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I really can’t with this account
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brielledoesastrology · 3 months ago
Mini astrology observation ✨
I've seen that people with black moon lilith conjunct pluto will do really bad or problematic things once they have huge power or influence among people.
Example :
- dream from the dream smp minecraft ( i don't know what he did but i heard that there was rumors that he cheated on his minecraft speed runs when he was in the peak of his fame)
- vladimir putin ( do i need to explain? )
- kim kardashian ( gaining fame and power through her segg tape but i am fine with that tbh but other people think that that is not a good thing )
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eternalhotspace · 4 months ago
It's really sad when you don't get the same energy you give to a certain someone.😔
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jonathantaylorthomas · 9 months ago
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