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4. Send me a universe and two characters in that universe and I’ll answer with a fact about their relationship.

Hm, oddly enough I feel like I have Virgil’s relationship with Patton and Roman more crystallized in my mind than Logan himself. When Logan first joined the crew, he treated it as a job, and kept up a very professional, cordial persona. 

Both Patton and Roman found this off-putting but Virgil understood where he was coming from, and he was the first to break through the firewalls Logan put up, so to speak, and befriend him by engaging with a conversation about earth wildlife.

Get Me Motivated Ask Game~!

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Ft. Liar Princess/Blind Prince AU Patton to help announce

TDLR; Kinnie central. Basically. But there’s more info below :3

I’m making a Sanders Sides based server that centers around Thomas and the Sides as well as AU variations and this is basically just a post to introduce and explain what I have in mind!

So it’d have categories and channels for sharing art, writing, cosplay, and roleplay- BUT what I plan on doing is having personalized sides around! Sounds a bit confusing, but the best way I can think of to describe it is just creating alternate designs/variations for the sides to match how everyone wants to envision them as they play them! Of course you could choose to not have a variation, but I just think it’d be fun to see everyone’s interpretations in action-

Repeats are allowed too, hence the variations, as well as OCs! All that is asked of you is to be respectful of others

For example:


I based my version of Patton around both my Blind Prince AU design and what I’d imagine an average accompanist/pianist would wear since this Patton’s theme incorporates piano music! It doesn’t have to be this specific, but I did get the idea from the focus on piano in the score from the recent video (Selfishness v. Selflessness Redux)

It could also be as simple as Remus having freckles or Roman having a sash with oranges on it, or even as different as Sherlock!Logan or Janus based on foxes instead of snakes!

If you’re interested, drop a comment or msg me! I’ll send you a link!

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Thinking bout,,, analosleep/losleepxiety

I associate these three with night time, when it’s quiet and calm and the night is full of stars and constellations. They go star gazing and stay up half the night with Logan telling them everything he knows about space and stars

Remy likes making up dumb facts about space and astrology cos it playfully winds Logan up and makes him talk More about space and correcting him and his bfs love listening to him talk. There are so many conversations like this:

Remy: Space is full… of giant space whales

Virgil: what the fuck

Logan: No!!!!

Sometimes Virgil will join in with “the moon is fake” theories and Logan’s reaction is always The Best

When they share a bed Remy probably always sleeps in the middle because he is Desperate For Affection. He wants all the hugs. Plus its useful for Tempting His Boyfriends To Stay In Bed morning kisses. It does mean that he has to Climb Over Them when he stays out later that them (which is rare cos Virgil also sleeps late) and most of the time he accidentally wakes Both of them up

Remy likes pulling on Logan’s tie and Virgil’s hoodie for Easy Access To Kisses

Logan was probably surprisingly the one to confess because in the Valentines Day episode he said to be straight forward about feelings. He was probably a bit awkward and flustered about it but Remy and Virgil thought it was Very Cute

Virgil and Remy both like to sleep in and every morning without fail Remy tries to tempt Logan to stay in bed with them - Virgil would also do that but he is Too Tired and is more likely to just fall back to sleep

Logan will never admit it but he likes wearing both Remy’s jacket and Virgil’s sweater

Remy likes to take selfies and all three of their camera rolls are full of Remy selfies and Remy selfies with the other two (sometimes unaware that a selfie was being taken)

They are,,, cute

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Sanders Sides Friends AU

Hey all, this is the season 2 finale so I hope you enjoy it!

TW: mention of guns and gunshot wounds, alcohol mention, and heavy arguing. If I missed anything, please let me know.

WC: 2640


Ch 24: The One Where He is Pushed

P.O.V. Of Patton

“Please… Atlas, I’m okay. You have to let me go check on my friend.” I pleaded with my co-worker who was taking care of me. They were reading over my chart, concern creasing their brow.

“I’m sorry Patton, you need a psych evaluation.”

“A psych evaluation? Come on, i’m fine! I just need to see my friends.” I tried to argue as Atlas did my vitals.

“Look Pat-” they tried to say but I cut them off.

“Look Atlas… Roman saved my life. I need to see him. I need to know if he is okay. I don’t need an evaluation, what I need is to go help my friends.”

Atlas and I locked eyes and the young CNA frowned, eyes softening. They seemed to be considering something, as I could see their mind working away behind their expression.

“I guess I do owe you after everything that you did for me,” they said finally.

“Huh? No, I already told you that you didn’t-” it was Atlas’s turn to cut me off.

“Are you really gonna try and argue this? I’m saying you can go.” I watched as they erased some things from my chart and a smile spread across my face.

“Thank you so much, Atlas… really.”

“Go on, don’t get caught. And if Rhonda asks, you did this all on your own.” They winked and I nodded, leaping out of bed. I changed in a flash and rushed past them.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Good luck on your exam, text me if you need any help.” I said quickly and was gone before Atlas even had a chance to reply.

I walked with purpose down the hospital corridor, knowing that if I acted guilty, like I shouldn’t be going anywhere, that I would be more likely to get caught. I learned from the best, that sometimes it was better to hide in plain sight. I ducked in and out of different areas in search of any of my friends. How could I not find any of them? Alright, it had been a couple hours for sure, if I just managed to avoid the right people, I could probably get some answers. I went into our little locker room and over to my cubby to snag my extra scrubs that I kept at work. Once I was changed, I even put on a surgical mask to help hide myself a bit more from the ever vigilant eyes of the current shift’s charge nurse, Rhonda, as Atlas has so graciously informed me.

I watched the nurses’ station from around the corners waiting for an opening. Rhonda was hovering nearby it, far too close for comfort. I knew that I couldn’t get caught slinking around so I turned to leave, ready to try another place. But then I locked eyes with none other than Atlas. I saw the frustration in their gaze but their eyes followed mine to Rhonda and I could tell that they knew what I was trying to do by the look of exasperation on their face.

“Hey Rhonda, could you help me with turning the patient in room 6A please?” They asked, causing the older woman to look up.

“Of course, let’s go do that now.”

Success! Atlas and Rhonda disappeared down the hall, giving me the perfect opening to approach the nurses’ station. I went over to the charts in search of Roman’s.

“Oh hey, what are you looking for?” One of the LPNs that I didn’t work with often enough to recognize swiveled over to me in one of the desk’s chairs. Hopefully she didn’t recognize me either.

“A patient came in a few hours ago, last name Prince, twenty-six year old male with a gunshot wound to the head, victim of kidnap and torture. Where is he now?”

“Oh, he’s been up in OR pretty much since they brought him in. Dr. Bolin has been working on him for quite a while,” she replied. Dr. Bolin? The neurosurgeon? Oh gosh, this may be worse than I thought.

“Thank you,” I nodded and hurried away. If Roman was up in the OR, then my friends were probably waiting up there as well.

“Hey wait! Who are you?” The LPN called after me. Knowing full well that she had a chart with my name right in front of her, I kept moving, only calling back over my shoulder the first lie that came to mind.

“I’m a radiologic tech from x-ray. I thought we were requested to do a CT, I must be early, my mistake.” I shook my head as I went to the elevator. I am so going to Hell…

As the doors of the elevator opened on the OR floor, I was chilled by how silent it was. I always disliked that about this department. The ED was always busy and loud, which is what I was used to. Any time there was any moment of quiet down there, you knew it was only a matter of time before things went wrong. Up here in the surgical department, one could say that it was the exact opposite, silence until something went wrong and all hell broke loose. However, I always felt as if death lingered here more and I tried to avoid this floor as much as physically possible.

I found Virgil and Remus sitting in one of the waiting rooms, a heavy silence between them. They both stood quickly when I entered, probably expecting news.

“Patton??” Virgil asked as I took my mask off. He came over and embraced me.

“Yes, I’m here. Any news on Roman?”

“No, Logan is asking for an update with Mrs. Prince. What are you doing here?” Virgil cupped my cheek, giving me a concerned onceover. I took hold of his hands in my own, giving them a reassuring squeeze.

“I managed to get away. It helps when you know people.” I said, smiling slightly.

“Still… you’ve been through a lot. You should head home and get some rest. Uh, well… the apartments are kind of damaged so I don’t know how much there is to go back to.”

“You four can stay at my house while the apartments are being cleaned and repaired,” Logan appeared in the doorway of the waiting area, “I don’t have enough individual rooms even if I were to move Thomas’s crib into mine, so you will have to share.”

“That’s fine Logan, thank you.” Remus spoke for the first time since I entered the room and I could immediately sense his pure exhaustion. It set me back and I began to feel my own tiredness encroaching so I had to stifle a yawn.

“Yes, thank you Logan. Did you hear anything about Roman?”

Before Logan could reply, a Roman pushed in past him, set a course for me in an accusatory fashion.

“No, they only tell us that the surgeon is doing his best. This is your fault! I guess your victim complex is finally catching up with you. Oh and look, somehow not a scratch on you!” The woman crowed and I instantly recognized her as Remus and Roman’s mother.

“M-Mrs. Prince please…” I stammered, stumbling backwards away from her aggression.

“Mother enough,” Remus said and Virgil pushed me behind him.

“What did I say earlier? We all need to stay calm. We are not turning against one another.”

“I agree with Virgil, let’s all just try to maintain a shred of humanity here. Patton, I sent Valeria back home to feed Thomas and put him to bed, so the door should be unlocked if you’d like to go rest.”

“You would really open your home to the one who put your partner in the hospital? Maybe you just aren’t right for my Roro,” Mrs. Prince sniffed.

“Diane, I assure you that I care about your son, but I have all my friends’ health in mind. I am doing what I can.” Logan replied calmly, though I could tell that he was as stressed and worried as all of them. I wanted to comfort him but just the reminder that he and Roman were dating made my heart ache.

“Thank you, Logan,” I said. My friend was very clearly trying to avoid my gaze, frowning.

“We’ll keep you posted, don’t worry. Go get some rest.” Virgil squeezed my shoulder and I nodded, heading out.


“Valeria? Hey, it’s Patton. Logan said that I could-” I pushed Logan’s front door open to let myself in and instantly regretted it. I was greeted by the gruesome, heart stopping sight of Malik standing over Valeria’s mutilated body.

“Hello again my love.” He said with a bloody grin.

I gasped awake, panting and in a cold sweat.

“Patton, are you alright?” Valeria’s voice was a soft reassurance to my ears and I slowly came to my senses, realizing that I was safe on Logan’s couch. Valeria was standing by me, a diaper bag sling over her shoulder, holding Thomas.

“Y-yes, sorry.., just a bad dream.” I replied once my breath stabilized.

“Okay… well I need to go grab some more formula. You’re welcome to come along if you’d like.”

“No, that’s alright, I’ll stay here and keep waiting for news.”

“Okay, I’ll be back soon,” and with that, she was gone. Almost as soon as the door closed, I wanted to go after her because in the lonely emptiness of Logan’s home, I felt exposed. The scene of Roman getting shot played back behind my eyelids when I tried to lay back and sleep once more. My friend had told me not to look back but I had… watching Malik put a bullet through Roman’s skull. The image made me dizzy but I had kept running as Roman had told me to, Malik’s haunting voice echoing around me.

“Wherever you go, Patton, I will find you!”

Valeria wasn’t gone for every long when the sound of the front door startled me back into an upward position. It was only Logan that came through the door, so I tried to tell my body to relax.

“Oh, Logan…” I greeted him, trying to hide the relief from my tone, “any news?”

My friend exhaled tiredly, slipping off his jacket before heading to the kitchen. I followed him quietly, waiting for his response. After getting himself a glass of water and downing most of it, Logan glances up at me. Our eyes met for what felt like the first time in ages and even though I could see the bags under his eyes, he still commanded my attention with that air of constant confidence.

“Roman is out of surgery, he is stable but the doctors have him in a medically induced coma to try and help keep any post surgical swelling to a minimum. They aren’t sure how long they will have to keep him under, preferably only a few days,” Logan explained. As I examined him a bit further, I noticed that he was favoring his shoulder that he had injured earlier in the year.

“Are you alright? Is your shoulder bothering you? Let me-” I moved closer to touch him but he pulled away, squaring his shoulders.

“I’m fine and I would really rather you not.”

“Logan come on, you clearly aren’t okay. You have to-” he cut me off again, voice firmer now as he gave me a gentle shove.

“Please. Respect my wishes.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to help,” I muttered.

“Oh believe me Patton, you have helped more than enough.” Logan replied, turning to fill his glass again.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Come now Patton, don’t be foolish. We all know that Roman wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for your poor judgement, J.D. either for that matter. Oh and Virgil and Remus as well, while we’re making a list.”

“My poor judgement?!”

“Yes… you never were good at picking romantic partners. Malik fits all the qualifications of a psychopath,” Logan said in that blasé tone of his and it only angered me.

“Yeah someone else I once loved fits the qualifications for a sociopath,” I shot back.

“I assume that was your attempt at hurting my feelings but if you actually believe me to be a sociopath then you would know that I have no feelings to hurt, unlike you: the king of oversensitivity.” He sipped his water nonchalantly.

“Screw you,” I growled.

“Get upset all you want. You may not like the truth but someone needs to tell it to you.” Logan shrugged.

“You want some truth? Oh no wait, I better not or you might just go drown yourself in alcohol instead of allowing yourself to feel!” I yelled, getting worked up now. I seemed to strike a nerve because I noticed his body tense up.

“You don’t have any right to speak to me like that in my own home.”

“Oh why, because it’s the truth?” I asked angrily, then said the next part mockingly, imitating his flat tone, “You may not like the truth but someone needs to tell it to you.”

This passive aggressiveness received a glare from him and that only egged me on. Emotion from Logan was emotion no matter what kind, so I couldn’t stop myself.

“Uh oh, someone’s walls are crumbling. Better hurry up and put them back so you can continue to lie to yourself,” I snapped.

“Me lie to myself? You are the one constantly telling yourself that you are only ever the victim. You never stop to think about how your actions may affect others.” Logan’s tone rose.

“Wow, really? No, no you’re right… Roman is the victim here, but mainly because he’s dating an emotionally unavailable douche! Oh and you know who else is the victim? Eva!”

“Don’t.” Logan warned, still tense.

“Why? Truth hurting too much? Feeling guilty about lying to Eva for years and sending her to an early grave?! Now you’ve left your son without a mother! Poor Thomas’s I feel bad that he is stuck with you. You hear that Logan? FEEL! I’m talking about feelings, oh no! Are you sure that you don’t have any? How does it feel to be a failure as a father, husband, and boyfriend?!” I spat, only to be startled out of my anger by a loud shatter next to my head. Logan had hurled his glass at me out of anger and was glowering at me with the most scary look I had ever seen from him.

“L-Logan?” I managed to squeak out as he crept closer to me. I backed up against the wall but that helped nothing. It was too late.

“I want you out of my house by the time I return.” He said, voice sending chills down my spine.

“No please, Logan I’m sorry, I just-”

“I don’t care.”

“Logan where will I go?!” I asked, tears stinging my eyes.

“I don’t care,” he repeated, turning to leave, “anywhere but here.”

“Logan please, I love you!” I cried and Logan scoffed before looking back at me with a deadpan expression.

“Malik loves you too. Why don’t you do all of us a favor and go find him. Either that or rid the entire world of your toxicity.”

Logan left me standing there, shellshocked.

What had I done…?

After what felt like an eternity, I willed my body to move. I saw the glass shards on the floor near my feet so I went in search of Logan’s broom, not really sure what else to do.

If I wasn’t going to Hell already for my previous actions I most definitely was now…

And as I stared down at the glass in the dustpan, only one mind numbing thought filled me.

I may as well give Logan and the others what they want.


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Reverse AU



Role: Depression/Morality (Much less Morality at this point)

-Eye color: Sky blue (Rectanglish pupils)

-Age of Existence 27

-Personality: Coward, Anti-Social, Loner

-Benefits: Caring, Open-minded, Tidy

-Flaws: Feral, over-emotional, dynamic

-Animal Counterpart: Blue Dart Frog

-Power: Can make people unstable and very emotional (especially when he himself feels this way), can bring back flashbacks and memories (even the lost and forgotten ones), can cause PTSD and sewere headaches to others, can demotivate people, the embodiment of selflessness - can affect other people/sides.

Flower: Forget-me-not

-“The Sad Froggie-Boy”

[Other Information]

-A Dark Side

-On neutral terms with Logan

-Is scared of Roman, but is still on neutral terms with him

-Seen dangerous to Thomas and his mental health

-Very unstable, can break down at any moment

-Can senselessly attack anything or anyone while he’s in a bad mood.

-Has a very poisonous body, like Roman, yet he’s less deadly ( no one knows how though)

-Hates being poisonous and toxic

-Can’t get a hug D:

-Is terribly scared of being forgotten or thrown into subconscious

-Can hurt people without intending to (Regrets it badly every time)

-Once hurt Roman accidently when he was scared, the other wanted to hurt him back but Logan stopped him. (Avoids Roman from that time now on daily basis)

-Doesn’t wear glasses in this one

-Knows Janus, but doesn’t like him very much

-Is sad almost 24/7

-Hates being a dark side but can’t do anything about it

-Likes Remus (In platonic way)

-Remus once tried to hug him when he heard the other never received a hug since 20 years (That’s the part where he ALMOST died)

-Doesn’t know about Virgil much, except that he exists

-Doesn’t romantically like anyone at all

-JUST WANTS LOVE (But can’t get it cause he’s dangerous and poisonous)

-Became unstable 5 years after becoming a Dark Side

-Thomas doesn’t like him being his Selflessness or Depression but he feels bad for the side anyway

-Is referred to as “The sad Froggie-Boy” by Thomas and the Light Sides (who know him at least) because….Ya’ll probably know by now anyway why.

-Someone should put on metal armour so he can get hugged (If you get the reference scene, you’re golden)

(Thomas actually specially bought armour for that and tried to chase him down for a hug (the other was too scared and confused so he run away)

|Logan, Virgil , Remus&Roman , Janus ____ |















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Ok, we all know Sanders Sides Dark Sides, we love em, we hate em. but I just noticed something and thought it was worthy to share:


We all love Virgil’s smirk, but the others do it too. I’m sure a lot of other people have noticed this and I probably look like an idiot, but i just wanted to point it out. (A little teensy weensie addon: I just noticed how alike Janus and Virge’s smirks are and Remus just looks like a deranged lunatic.Sorry for wasting your time, have a fantabulous day.)

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