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#virgil sanders

Here’s my drawing of Arcticfrost’s WOF!AU Virgil design for her dtiys!!

Tumblr messed it up a little but the quality’s better if you click on it.

Sorry if I forgot anything or added stuff I wasn’t supposed to (it’s been a minute since I read the fic he was in).

Also sorry for the weird watermark. My pen died right at the end and I had to use my finger lol

Original design by @arcticfrostdoesthings here

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A traditionally drawn and lined drawing of the Sanders Sides Bois on A6 sized paper~!!

If you like what you see, you can purchase your own fancy A6 drawing for only £10 on my Etsy shop as I’m currently selling commissions~


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I tried to draw some of Thomas’ friends as the Sanders Sides, but like from memory so it may not have been perfect

also I may or may not have exaggerated a bit with the height difference ssshhh

Left to right:

Joan – Logic/Logan @thejoanglebook (they had long hair last I saw them and I liked that so that’s what I drew lol)

Gavin – Princey/Roman (Thomas has said that he keeps growing so he may be taller now idk)

Quill – Morality/Patton 

Talyn – Anxiety/Virgil @tallykat3 (I know they don’t have purple hair anymore but come on it’s Virgil he has to have purple hair)

Adri – Deceit/Janus @cool-moves-bro (idk what happened with their eye ignore that lol)

Cam – Dukey/Remus

also tagging @thatsthat24 because why not :P

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MENTION OF DEATH AND VIOLENCE Virgil steps out in his old outfit

Virgil: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Roman: I’m going to faint now.

Roman faints and is caught by Janus

Virgil smiles: One down, five to go.

Logan: EYES

Remus: What does that even!

Logan: His eyes! They are pink!

Remus/Janus: PINK?!

Remus: SHIT!

Patton: What does Pink eyes mean?

Janus: Jealousy.


Patton: WHAT?

Janus: DUCK

Patton: Where?

Everyone ducks and Janus pulls Patton down.

Patton: Oh, thank you.

Janus: Not a problem.

Virgil strikes hitting Remus

Janus: REMUS!

Patton: DUCK!

Patton and Janus try to duck but are hit, Logan is the only one standing.

Virgil: I thought you were smarter than to trust outsiders.

Logan: Why are you doing this?

Virgil: Because I want too.

Logan: I love you, please don’t do this.

Virgil: Virgil may have loved you back but Jealousy doesn’t like you one bit. Goodbye Logic, I wonder where they send robots after they die.

Logan is struck and the screen goes black. Virgil shoots off the couch landing on the floor with a thud.

Patton: Whoa, kiddo. Are you okay?

Virgil hugs Patton: You’re alive! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too.

Patton: Virgil, you had a nightmare. Everyone is okay.

Janus and Remus pop up, Virgil hugs them.

Virgil: I still hate you guys, but if ether of you die I would lose it. I’m so sorry.

Janus and Remus look at Patton who just whispers nightmare

Janus: I |don’t| appreciate it Virgil.

Remus: I’m pretty sure, I’m immortal.

Roman comes down the stairs and Virgil hugs him.

Roman: What the heck?

Virgil: If you die, I will bring you back to life just to kill you myself. Please don’t die.

Logan walks out from the kitchen and Virgil jumps into his arms Logan catches him and just holds him.

Virgil: I’m sorry, I love you.

Logan: Virgil, it was just a nightmare, we are all okay. I am okay.

Virgil: I love you.

Logan: I love you too, Virgil.

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Virgil is a tech and Roman is a new actor in the show he is working on

Roman: wanna maybe hang out sometime?

Virgil: 30 minutes in and you want a date?

Roman: yes, if you want

Virgil: sure

Hands Roman his number

Logan: 40 second emotion break

Virgil: turn off your headset

40 second emotion freak out, Virgil and Logan freak out together, Both clear throat and go back to work Virgil and Roman are dating but the time the production ends, they go on a date after every rehearsal

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Virgil: Ow.

Patton: what happened last night?

Remus: I feel stinky.

Logan: Virgil, you have a hickey!

Virgil: Do not! You do!

Roman: My stomach hurts, I feel like I ate a dress.

Janus: I’m totally fine.

Virgil: Holy Shit!

Patton: language, but what?

Virgil: Why is Roman’s name inked on my stomach?

Roman: Why is your name inked on my royal arm!

Remus: marriage.

Logan: not the time Remus

Remus: no, someone tied the knot! I’m verified and I had he book pulled up.

Patton: Virgil, when did you and Roman make friendship rings?


Virgil: I want a divorce!

Roman: Someone kill me.

Virgil: someone kill him.

Logan: You married my boyfriend?

Roman: Your dating Virgil?

Virgil: I’m dating Logan! I don’t want to marry Roman! I want a divorce!

Logan picks up Virgil and takes off the ring and throws it at Roman.

Roman: ow! Bitch!

Logan: I may be holding Virgil but I can still kick your ass.

Patton: we are being summoned!

Thomas: I hurt and I’m emotional what the heck happened

Virgil: that’s normal tho!

Janus: Logan and Virgil are dating, Roman and Virgil got married, Patton is trying to keep things together, Remus is a certified wedding person and I have a very persistent headache!

Thomas: Virgil and Logan are dating but Virgil and Roman are married?

Logan: no they are not married. I found the so called certified letter and it is I’m invalid.

Virgil: oh thank god.

Virgil kissed Logan

Virgil: I wanna be married to you if anyone

Logan: good *places ring on ring*

Virgil and Logan: October 28!

They kiss again

Remus: what the fuck just happened.

Roman: they just got engaged.

Patton: Logan you hurt him I’ll kill you and make it look like an accident.

Logan: okay then.

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Mention of alcohol + drunkness 

Roman: you’re drunk

Virgil: you’re insecure

Roman throws Virgil over his shoulder and Virgil giggles

Roman: Time for bed

Virgil: okay, will you stay and cuddle?

Roman: will you cry if I don’t?

Virgil: yup

Roman: then yes.

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Go ahead teach

Virgil walks into the kitchen and grabs cheesezit’s

Logan: you shouldn’t eat too many of those.

Virgil: Why not?

Logan: You really want to know?

Virgil: No, I don’t; however I know that it makes you happy to lecture people so go ahead.

Logan: Really?

Virgil: Enlighten me teach!

*28 minutes later*

Logan: so that is why you need to be careful when eating cheese it’s.

Virgil: I’m going to grab a bowl.

Logan: How much will you fill it?

Virgil: About half way like 56%.

Logan: you actually listened?

Virgil: of course I did.

Logan: thank you.

Virgil: anything for you babe.

Logan: babe?

Virgil: oops, sorry I-

Logan: no, it’s alright. I quite enjoy that nickname. May I give you one?

Virgil: Sure.

Logan: Pumpkin.

Virgil: Pumpkin?

Logan: Yes, I like pumpkins and you like Halloween. And I find there are some pleasantly adorable pumpkins and you are exceptionally adorable. So yes Pumpkin.

Virgil: I love it.

Logan: Virgil, I feel very pleasant when I am around you. I don’t feel this way around the others, I want to hold you and hold your hand and just be in your presence. Do you feel the same way?

Virgil: Are you saying you have a crush on me?

Logan: I suppose. Do you like me?

Virgil: Yes, I do.

Logan: May I hold you?

Virgil: Yes please.

Virgil and Logan embrace before Logan pulls Virgil’s chin up, and silently asks Virgil to kiss him and Virgil nods and the two kiss.

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Roman: We need a distraction.

Patton: Virge! Do the thing!

Virgil: What, no! That was one time and it was for your birthday!

Patton: Please!

Virgil: Fine…, but if anyone laughs I will kill you.


Virgil: Logie!

Logan: Yes, Virgil!

Virgil: Can you I show you something?

Logan: I suppose, go ahead.

*Virgil smiles and giggles*

Virgil: Did I do good?

Logan: Virgil, I dare to say that you are adorable.

Virgil: Thank you LoLo. Would you like to cuddle and watch a movie with me?

Logan: We can go to my room, I have recently acquired a mini fridge that I think you will enjoy.

*Logan and Virgil walk out, Patton, Roman, and Remus run in*

Remus: They are totally going to do it!

Roman: REMUS!

Patton: Totally!

Roman: Patton!

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Idk if ur talking about in general or if u don’t know Roman and Virgil’s names but either way it’s about the DYNAMICS. The PRISSY 👏 PRINCEY 👏 FANCINESS 👏 combined with the RELATABLE 👏 EMO 👏 PESSIMISM 👏. It’s about the CHARACTER GROWTH as they LEARN to LOVE EACH OTHER and their RESPECTIVE STYLES and it’s about the TENDER MOMENTS where they FORGET about their DIFFERENCES and simply EXIST around each other.

I mean, there’s a lot of tropes that go with those character archetypes as well! Sun and moon, dog and cat, and this one is a bit on the nose but the Prince and the Pauper, aaaand some others that I can’t remember but trust me, they’re there.

And! While those type of characters may be as different as the Sun and Moon, they have a bunch of similarities too! For instance, theater kids and goths are both extra as HELL, they both probably do poetry, like makeup, and probably have an obsession with Shakespeare sjsj. After all, opposites might attract, but similarities give you something to talk about :)

Anyways Yeah I really like those kinda tropes can u tell 🥺

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The first meet

Remus: DEEDEE LOOK LOOK!!! I found someone!

Janus: Who is it?

Virgil: Hi.

Remus: Can we keep him! Please! Please!

Janus: Would you hate to stay with us?

Virgil: I would love too, if it’s not too much trouble.

Janus: You don’t understand how I talk?

Virgil: I do, I trust you.

Janus: Why thank you. Your clothes make you look like you were in a storm.

Remus: I wanna name him StormCloud!

Janus: I’m sure he already has a name.

Virgil: My name is Virgil!

Janus: I’m not Janus and this isn’t Remus.

Virgil: Nice to meet you two.

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(Oh boy oh boy it’s my BABIES)

- y’all expect Logan to be the awkward and inexperienced one, but honestly this dude is so blunt

- he’ll just walk over to Virgil, sit in his lap, ask for cuddles, and tell Roman to play with his hair

- Roman is pretty much always fighting with one of them, but it’s usually playful, always ends with a kiss and “but you know I’m right”

- Roman is the MASTER of picking date ideas, whether it be a candlit dinner, star-gazing, or just movies!

- Roman is also a lil bit of an attention-hog, so when he sees the other’s cuddling without him, it isn’t uncommon for him to just drape himself across the others

- Logan and Virgil will both roll their eyes, but of course they invite him to cuddle with them

- Virgil gets cold really easily (factor of being anxiety) so he likes cuddles a lot

- if any of them are fighting, Logan will turn down the heat so they’ll want to cuddle. It’s cold, why not, right?

- Virgil isn’t big on PDA, but on the few times he holds on or both of his boyfriend’s hands outside, it is a WILD ride for those boy’s hearts

- Virgil and Roman are both jealous types and vv protective

- Logan doesn’t see a point in it, but he thinks it’s cute

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Virgil didn’t know why he had agreed to go the imagination with Remus. He always regretted it. There was slime everywhere, random creatures beyond the horrors imaginable that would jump out at any given time, and it certainly didn’t help that Remus swung around his mace with no care in the world, often meaning Virgil would have to stop at a moment’s notice to make sure he didn’t get hit by it. It wouldnt kill him, of course, he wasn’t real afterall, but it’d hurt like hell.

Virgil did his best to keep close to Remus, still trying to stay distanced enough to not get hit by the mace on a careless accident. It was dark in Remus’s part of the imagination. Or that could just be the forest. They never got all the way through it and to Remus’s castle; Virgil always chickened out too early.

It didn’t seem like this time was going to be any different.

Especially when, a few steps later, Virgil felt something hook around his ankle. He tripped and stumbled, hands catching him before he hit the mucky ground, eyes shut for a second before he flipped himself over to look at what he had caught his foot on. Of course, it couldn’t just be a weed, could it? Could never just be a weed. Just Virgil’s luck, right? He probably would’ve spent more time grumbling about it if he wasn’t busy trying to get his foot unstuck from the monster that had grabbed onto his leg.

Remus had heard the other hit the ground behind him, and the other quiet distraut noises that followed. Typical, Virgil was never bit on asking for help. He whipped around, throwing the mace down on the weed-like monster limb, a purple-ish goo splattering from its wound as it retreated back into the grass slowly. “Come on,” he said, holding out his hand to Virgil, who huffed, but took it nonethe less.

“I could’ve handled it on my own,” Virgil remarked when he got to his feet. His ankle hurt more than he’d realized before, definitely bruises, with deep pricks from the thorns digging into his skin. The sudden jerk when Remus had swung his mace definitely cut his leg up a bit more, but he’d live. He tested it with a few light bounces, Remus tilting his chin up then booping his nose with a soft grin.

“Course you could,” he remarked before turning back around and skipping forward. “Come on! The castle isn’t far from here!”

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