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your-astro-mami · a day ago
The 1st House Ruler and your identity
The first House or your Ascendant/Rising sign represents your character, your self and everything that is a part of you, including your physical body and appearance.
The planet that rules your 1st House is highly important - what it represents is greatly connected to your identity, its the most influential energy in your chart.
How to find the planet ruling your 1st House?
Look at the sign on your 1st House/Ascendant and the planet it is ruled by:
Aries - Mars, Taurus - Venus, Gemini - Mercury, Cancer - Moon, Leo - Sun, Virgo - Mercury, Libra - Venus, Scorpio - Mars,Pluto, Sagittarius - Jupiter, Capricorn - Saturn, Aquarius - Uranus, Pisces - Neptune.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is the Sun:
You exude courage and confidence. You are warm, inviting, give people the energy you want to receive. Your world revolves around you, at times you may feel like other people's worlds have to revolve around you too. You can be authorative, you were likely very influenced by your father or male figures in your life. You are inspiring ro yourself and others.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is the Moon:
You are emotive, you are likely to face changes quite often, there can be lack of stability, you may be very reactive and sensitive to your surroundings and other people. You are highly empathetic, you like to nurture others, understand them, make them feel better. You are focused on caring about yourself and others, maybe even prioritize others at times. You are a person who feels like home. You may experience a lot of daily travelling or movement (for duties, job.)
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Mercury:
Your personality revolves around your intellect - you are a curious person who wants to understand everything they face. You are intelligent and quick-witted (If your Ascendant is Virgo, you may have a dry but smart sense of humor). You like to talk, share your thoughts and opinions. You like to play the devil's advocate and at times defend others just for the sake of it. You have great memory and good ability to collect information.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Venus:
You exude beauty and harmony, you bring peace wherever you go. You are charismatic and have the ability to make people like you without much work. You are influenced by the feminine figures in your life. You like to see and represent the beauty in life, you like to bring things together, you like to appeal to everyone and visualize the world as a beautiful place to be.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Mars:
You are dominant and assertive. You like things to go your way. You may have a troubled temper, inability to stay patient, you are expressive of your dissatisfaction or irritation. You can be prone to violence - it can be expressed in different ways, it's not always direct. You are very competitive, you are bold and brave, you have the courage to do things others may be afraid of. You aren't afraid to face your fears. You are a warrior at heart.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Jupiter:
You are born with luck, throughout your life you are likely to meet many people who are willing to help you and guide you through anything. You attract opportunities and now matter how hard the situation you're in might be, there will always be a way out. You are wiser than your age, you learn through other people's experiences, you love freedom and knowledge. You receive double the amount of what you give.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Saturn:
While Jupiter represents positive growth from experience, Saturn can show th growth we have from suffering, from hardships and what we've been through. You are a dedicated person who is persistent, unwilling to give up no matter how hard it is. You may feel restricted, limited, blocked from certain experiences in life - like something is holding you back. Despite the downs and sorrow you may experience, you must know that you have the strength of two people combined, you are the person who builds their own life's structure.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Uranus:
You are an innovator, you are a person sent from the future, a stranger in a strange land. No one knows what to expect from you, you are the hidden genius - you may be misunderstood often, people rarely have the same perspective as you. You are an unconventional person, you have a distinctive way of presenting yourself, of being. You live in the future, you look foward to the way things will be, not how they are or were. You are bold, unapologetically yourself and unafraid of how you're perceived.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Neptune:
You represent glamour - but in the untouchable, far-away type of way. You give an illusion about yourself that could be very different from reality - whether it's intentional or not. You are vulnerable and may often view the world and others in a deluded way - you may think things are better or worse than they are. You have a very strong inutuition and are likely to follow your heart.
If the planet ruling your 1st House is Pluto:
Even if you are quiet your presence is always noticed. You may experience things intensely - everything that has happened has influenced you in one way or another. Life feels like a constant transformation - big changes are made quite often, for better or for worse. You are strong-willed, you have tough-skin and the ability to overcome anything.
The House your chart ruler is in and which area of your life has the biggest impact on your identity:
Example: Kim Kardashian has Sagittarius on the 1st House Cusp/Ascendant. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Her Jupiter is in the 10th House.
1st House ruler in the 1st House:
Similarly to the Sun, your world revolves around you. You are a very self-focused person. You are true to yourself. You may be seen as selfish, but you prioritize yourself. You are likely focuse on self-improvement throughout life. You are the face of your own brand. You are very connected to your body.
1st House ruler in the 2nd House:
Your identity is focused on the way you support yourself, your values and what brings value into your life and character. You may be seen and vain or materialistic, because you understand the worth of money. You have a strong sense of self-worth. You can sometimes be passive or avoidant of action. You like having stability, a pattern, you might be a creature of habit.
1st House ruler in the 3rd House:
You are a communicative person with a strong need to express yourself. Your siblings or neighbourhood have influenced you. You are a person who feels responsible for their community. You are creative and have the ability to transform any information in a useful way. You may often have short trips.
1st House ruler in the 4th House:
You are someone who is very connected to their roots, their home and family. Your family has had the biggest influence on your identity. You are a very home-oriented person who looks for parts of their home wherever they go. You may have traditional values or values taught from your family. Your life may revolve around homes, properties, ancestry.
1st House ruler in the 5th House:
They are constantly inspired - a very creative individual. They are great with children. Their life may revolve around anything that brings them pleasure and makes them feel good - relationships, hobbies. They have a strong need to express their creativity, to show off a product of theirs, to be proud of something in their life. They are a person who is very fun to be around, someone that brings out other people's best side and inspires them.
1st House ruler in the 6th House:
Another creature of habit, of routine. Their work and work environment is highly important when it comes to how they generally feel. Happy wife, happy life, but make the wife your work. They can be very health-conscious and keep a steady healthy lifestyle (if they have time). They are prone to health problems especially ones that come from stress (again, work-related) - especially headaches. They are very responsible and reliable.
1st House ruler in the 7th House:
You are very influenced by your relationships with other people. People with this placement tend to mirror other people's characteristics unintentionally. They are very considerate people, very willing to compromise in order to keep a good relationship with everyone. They tend to attract and be attracted to people similar to them. They are very diplomatic and have a natural good sense for business.
1st House ruler in the 8th House:
A very private, secretive person, who can often lack trust in other people. May be very money-focused. They value truth, they have the ability to face everything, every topic no matter how uncomfortable it is. They seek power, validation, to have any kind of impact. They aren't afraid of the darkness of the world.
1st House ruler in the 9th House:
A person very focused on knowledge, education or generally the complex matters in life. These are the people who are focused on gaining experience throughout life, undertaning different perspectives, travelling and mastering any topic that peaks their interest. This is a great position for a guru, a political leader, a professor, someone who has responsibility on a greater level.
1st House ruler in the 10th House:
They can be someone who is well-known, who has a large reputation and is known by a lot of people., especially from their career and what they do professionally. Their personal identity is influenced by their field of work. They are good at self-marketing, how they present themselves, carefully building their own image.
1st House ruler in the 11th House:
Another house that can show fame - more specifically fame from a following, from building an audience, networking. Their identity is influenced by their friend groups. They are a people's person, who seeks support from others. They often think for the good of a larger group of people, they can be very selfless.
1st House ruler in the 12th House:
Possibly the biggest sign of an introvert, someone more focused on their inner world than their surroundings. While it can show that you can be prone to isolating yourself, it can also show that your time alone is your most productive and joyful time (depending on the aspects). There people are highly intuitive, very close to the spiritual world.
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celestial-martian · 3 days ago
Astrology Observations No°2
A random compilation of astrology observations. This is all from my experience with the people around me so it's alright if some of it doesn't resonate with you. I hope you guys like this and can relate to some of these! 💕
Tumblr media
🌼 Aries Mercuries + those with harsh Mercury - Mars aspects tend to steamroll over others when they talk, especially when they’re passionate or excited about something. Their voice really changes with their emotions. When they’re frustrated, they add urgency in their voice. When they’re excited, they speak animatedly. When they’re angry, they're curt and sharp.
Aries Mercury also like to pace or sway when they speak and they don’t even notice it 😂. Uses a lot of fast hand motions too. This is probably the same for Mercury - Mars or Mercury - Jupiter aspects. They like to fidget.
🌼 Capricorn / 10H Mercuries and Mercury - Saturn aspects' words are taken very seriously by others. People trust their opinion and think they have good judgment. They could have an air of authority when they speak that makes people stop, pay attention, and listen.
I have my Mercury in Capricorn and trine Saturn. My brother's Mercury is in the 10H. This is true (and a little strange at times) in my experience. I've noticed it happen to my brother also.
🌼 Leo Moons and IC's may “play dumb” or jokingly tease themselves to entertain their family members. They're probably proud of their family. They love their family’s attention and appreciation.
🌼 This is the dynamic when the fire Moons get together:
Aries and Sagittarius Moon like to tease others, likely the Leo Moon. The Leo Moon enjoys the attention but is the most likely to get their feelings hurt. The Aries Moon can dish it out but can't take it very well, and the Sagittarius Moon wobbles back and forth between letting others tease them and being the person teasing others. They take turns taunting and imitating each other. When these Moon signs get together, it's very interesting, fast-paced, and honestly hilarious. You need to have thick skin because they roast each other hard and nothing is off limits. They love to laugh and joke together.
🌼 Scorpio 5H / Venus in the 8H / Scorpio Venus is very private and secretive about their hobbies and interests. They could be very passionate about them to the point of being obsessive. They probably will keep the same interests for a long time. Could have interest in astrology/tarot.
🌼 Asteroid Karma (3811) in the 7th house probably finds a lot of weird synchronicities in their relationships. Their relationships are highly significant throughout their life and these are probably people they’re meant to meet.
🌼 Aquarius Mars avoids arguments or likes to stay silent during them. The people I know with this placement I rarely ever see angry. Their anger can seem unpredictable and surprising to others.
🌼 Scorpio Mercuries are very, very perceptive. I know a couple people with this placement. They pick up on any inconsistencies thrown their way. They’re the type to tune into others' body language and verbal cues. Their perceptiveness surprises people because Scorpio Mercuries are good at hiding that they’re analyzing someone. They file this information away for later to mention casually and you're left wondering how the hell they even noticed that :)
🌼 Midheaven in Scorpio might work alone the majority of the time in their career. Heavy Scorpio + Capricorn are the type to own their own business.
🌼 Where asteroid Adonis (2101) is in your chart can indicate what type of person you find attractive / our ideal partner. It's the masculine energy of asteroid Aphrodite (1388).
Ex: I have Adonis in Sagittarius in the 6th house at 20° and find it really attractive when someone is in control of themselves but also has a fun-loving side and I can laugh with them. Complexity is attractive to me.
Ex: Adonis in Cancer in the 1st house is attracted to someone who's up front about their emotions. Might like someone sensitive but also assertive. Might find it attractive when people come to them first.
🌼 Virgo / 6H placements (especially Moon) need structure and rules. They feel relaxed and calm when there's order. They're the type to always want to follow the rules and hate disappointing people.
🌼 I've noticed Moon in the 4H like to fix up their house by doing repairs and renovations.
🌼 Virgos with Cancer influence are probably good at gardening. My grandpa has his Moon in Virgo at 16° (Cancer degree) and he loves to garden. His Venus is also in Libra so he has a natural eye for beauty. He's very talented at gardening.
🌼 Aquarius Mercuries are not the kind to mince words. They're very analytical and logical, so if you ask for advice they'll be honest. They're a good voice of reason. Very fixed opinions. Hard to change their mind when they've made a decision. One person I know with this placement absolutely hates being told what to do and will rebel against them, but will later come to the same conclusion lol.
🌼 Those with earth signs in their social houses (3H, 7H, 11H) and if these are generally empty houses in their chart may find they communicate slowly, precisely, and deliberately. They take a longer time to process information but remember it for longer. They like to be thorough.
🌼 I’ve noticed the combination of Libra Moon + Virgo Mars makes someone a little nosey when it comes to people’s emotions. They really want to know what’s wrong, especially if you’re upset with them. It’s hard for them to let this go and will continue to ask you until you tell them what’s going on.
🌼 Leo influence on Mercury makes someone seem theatrical when they speak. They tend to move their body and their head a lot. They also use many hand motions to guide people along with their story. Is probably dramatic about random things. Mercury at Leo degrees (5°, 17°, 29°) like to stress certain words and have a unique style of speaking. They like to exaggerate and want their stories to be memorable.
🌼 Neptune in the 8H / in Scorpio / at 8° or 20° most likely enjoys listening to music with sexual undertones. I have Neptune in the 8H and at 8° and I can attest to this 😁. I have a whole playlist dedicated to sensual songs. I know someone else with a similar placement and they also like music like this.
Aries or Scorpio influence on Neptune might like intense and loud music. Might like rock, metal, or screamo. Aquarius might too.
Neptune at Cancer degree (4°, 16°, 28°) might like to listen to music from their past and childhood.
Neptune at Virgo degree (6°, 18°) may listen to music quietly. My friend has this and she listens to her music so freaking quiet I’m confused how she even hears it 😂.
Neptune at Leo degree (5°, 17°, 29°) might like popular music or maybe musicals? They probably appreciate the artistic side of music. I'm a little unsure about this one so take it or leave it :)
Thank you for reading and I hope you guys like this!
~ Celeste 💜✨
Tumblr media
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sunball · a day ago
Your rising sign (and possibly the planets in 1st house) tells you about your name.
— 1st house is your identity and birth. What happens when someone is born? They get a name.
For example, I have Taurus rising and I'm named after a flower. Flowers are venusian and Taurus is an earth sign.
What is your rising and what's the meaning of your name?
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astrologysucks · 2 days ago
The signs as Greek Gods
Aries: Ares, god of war, violence and courage. 
Taurus: Aphrodite, goddess of love, passion, beauty, sex, and pleasure.
Gemini: Hermes, god of travel, thieves, merchants, and athletics
Cancer: Hestia, goddess of hearth, home, domesticity, family and fire
Leo: Zeus, god of the sky, thunder, lightning, winds and clouds. King of the Olympians.
Virgo: Athena, goddess of wisdom, reason, skill, and war
Libra: Themis, goddess of justice, law and order
Scorpio: Hades, god of the underworld and wealth
Sagittarius: Artemis, goddess of the moon, the hunt, wild animals and archery
Capricorn: Hera, goddess of women, marriage, childbirth, and the sky
Aquarius: Poseidon, god of the sea, water, earthquakes and horses
Pisces: Apollo, god of the arts, healing, prophecy, the sun, and truth
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asstrolo · 14 hours ago
𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐞/𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐨𝐮𝐭 (#1)
Before starting I want to clarify that this isn't trying to put anyone down, some placements are more difficult to deal with than others, and not everybody who has these specific placements is like this, it's a personal observation, please enjoy uwu
✒️ Saturn aspecting the Ascendant; whilst a lot of Aqua/Cap risings are mesmerizing and attract people really easily, they can also be very intimidating, and people won't know if talk to them or not. These people usually don't mind having fewer friends, they probably were bullied or underappreciated when they were younger.
✒️ Pluto aspecting the Ascendant; they intimidate people a lot, they really do. Like Saturnian ASC, they might had been the “ugly duckling” when they were younger, and people didn't pay attention to them. With Pluto in the 1st/or aspecting the Ascendant, transformation is constant, at some point of their lives, they start calling everybody's attention.
✒️ Saturn, Mars and/or Uranus in the 11th house; let me be clear, I'll be explaining each, Mars in 11th house can be very explosive or “too much” for people, in the other hand, they might really enjoy time alone, they can be pushovers around friends, but they are very pleasant to be around, everybody notices them. Uranus in the 11th house makes for unconventional people, very unique, and not everybody is gonna like what they'll like, they can come off as a lone wolf, mysterious or like they don't like being around people, in the other hand, they love to share their weird hobbies with friends that can keep up, won't befriend just anybody, being close to them is difficult. Lastly, Saturn in the 11th house does not like socializing that much, they can come off as very serious to other people, or can be also very intimidating when first meeting them, they are very, very shy, on the other hand, they like hanging around people that have the same maturity as them, no matter the age, they enjoy talking about personal stuff and helping out others with their issues, to them a friendship is a form of helping each other grow.
✒️ Capricorn or Aquarius in their big 3; having either of these signs in your big three (or both) will make you a very independent, self-sufficient person. People might think you are ignoring them or you just don't like them, being alone is very important for you, the need to recuperate from social situations, your friends, or people in general, might become overly reliant on you for a lot of things.
✒️ Aries placements; although it doesn't look like it, Aries likes being alone a lot, they like doing their own thing without anybody's input or needing anybody's approval, their friends might feel like they are replaceable when it comes to them, because they are super super independent, people sometimes get tired of their constant leaving and Aries might end up alone for not being able to prioritize having freedom and friends/partners.
✒️ Virgo aspecting the Ascendant, Virgo in big 3, Virgo in 11th; It's a complicated placement to have, they are the helpful, reliable friend, but people use them for this reason a lot, and Virgo always wants to help others, not realizing they are being used for it, but they are also the best friends you could have, they are very complacent with their loved ones, yes, they are dedicated to helping other people in anything they possibly can, everybody should get a Virgo friend.
✒️ 12th house placements; probably should've added Saturn in 12th house, however, having a lot of this house, or a stellium is very challenging, these people need to be alone at a certain time of the day, they are like sponges that absorb other people's emotions and energies, for this reason they need to take care of themselves and the people they hang out with a lot, these people are very envious of them, very jealous, or they want to take something from them. At the same time, people around them feel the very strong presence they have, how they attract eyes without trying, 12th house people might be very popular for the magnetizing aura they have and this can make people jealous or pull away from them.
Tumblr media
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aeneasx · a day ago
neptune in the houses
Neptune in the First House
People born with Neptune in the first house of their birth chart are only indirectly affected by this planet, so the influences of this celestial body are not quite noticeable in them.
Highly intuitive, they’re always employing their spirituality and transcendental abilities to deal with the everyday life. It’s normal for these people to sometimes feel deceived about themselves, disillusioned and confused.
Neptune in the Second House
While they don’t like to admit it, people born with Neptune in the second house of their birth chart have problems with their wealth and possessions. They tend to spend too much, so their life pretty much revolves around having to pay debts.
It’s like they don’t have any financial judgment, which means they should have someone to do their accounting for them. It’s also suggested they’re not dishonest because this can cause them more problems with money as Neptune in 2nd house wouldn’t allow anything illegal to happen.
Neptune in the Third House
People born with Neptune in the third house of their birth chart are influenced to be intuitive and able to communicate better than others, some even taking that on a whole new level.
When young, they tend to be very undisciplined and to not do a single practical thing. Their youth years will also bring them a lot of insecurity. The older they’ll get, the better they will learn how to focus and how to become productive.
Neptune in the Fourth House
People born with Neptune in the fourth house of their birth chart need security and have a strong link with their mother and their home.
As a matter of fact, their subconscious is strongly attached to everything related to family and the idea of a place that belongs to them. These natives love being near water and when older, it’s very likely for them to be very lonely and withdrawn from the society. It’s possible the home in which they were raised was somehow chaotic, so they don’t actually know who they are or how to stay grounded in reality.
Therefore, when adults, they may look to have a secure home and a partner that’s very nurturing with them. This means they’re family-oriented and want their friends to take good care of them.
Neptune in Fifth House
When in the fifth house, Neptune has an influence over romances, imagination and children. People with this placement have the ability to put themselves in others’ shoes and to know what their loved ones are feeling.
Natives having Neptune in 5th house are talented actors, or they just love going to the movies and the theater. Their imagination is very rich and they are more romantic than many other people with different placements.
Neptune in Sixth House
When in the sixth house, Neptune influences what work environment one is surrounded by and the natives’ need to be of service to others and always healthy.
It may seem people with this placement have a great desire to help others, no matter what they may be doing for a living. At work, they may be very imaginative and the most grandiose people around the workplace.
Neptune in Seventh House
The Neptune in the seventh house aspect has indirect effects over people and their way of responding to others, or their behavior in marriage and other types of relationships.
This planet here makes natives idealistic and completely unaware of what’s real and what’s fantasy. It also brings a deep mental connection between two partners and great intuition coupled with empathy.
Neptune in Eighth House
People born with Neptune in the eighth house of their birth chart have a way with other people’s money because this house is about finances, this amongst other things. Therefore, they may inherit, receive tax refund or share their finances with others.
What Neptune does when it comes to all these things, is to bring deception, weirdness and even hidden agendas. Many of the Neptune in 8th house people will struggle when collaborating with others in order to build something from the ground up.
Neptune in Ninth House
People born with Neptune in the ninth house of their birth chart are usually very educated and interested in philosophy, traveling or religion. It’s easy to influence them because they’re always curious and use only their intuition to find out if things are true or not.
They may be very good with art, so it’s very possible for them to study this subject or to teach it. Neptune in 9th house indicates they may not get along with some of their distant relatives.
Neptune in Tenth House
People born with Neptune in the tenth house of their birth chart are usually very spiritual when it comes to what they are doing for a living and the recognition they get from the public.
They may be confused and have some difficulties as far as finding the perfect job goes. They’re never who they seem because their behavior completely opposes their personality.
Neptune in Eleventh House
Neptune in eleventh house people are very hopeful, dreamy and friendly. It’s easy for them to get together with others and usually have a large social circle formed from all kind of individuals who are somehow strange and unconventional.
These natives are the rebels and conspirators of the zodiac, the people who plan for long-term and rely a lot on their intuition. If they want to see their dreams coming true, it’s important for them to develop good strategies.
Neptune in Twelfth House
Neptune in the twelfth house natives have all kind of fears from their past because this planet here has nasty effects over the unconscious mind. They tend to focus on what’s wrong with their life and when it comes to interacting with others, they only seem to absorb what’s negative.
It’s suggested these people focus more on their own happiness and don’t stress that much about everyday issues. Very intuitive and strong in their heart, people having Neptune in the 12th house can surprise with their easygoing attitude and shyness.
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toastmyrolls · 8 hours ago
Random Astrology Notes & Observations ༘♡ ~
🧚🏻These notes are entirely random and may or may not resonate with every Zodiac sign out there. Feel free to comment and ask questions lovelies! Written with much love, Em. ༘♡
Tumblr media
🌈Uranus in the 10th house individuals are the types of people who would drop out of college to pursue something of their own. These people need to always be mentally stimulated and what they choose to go into may be involved with new age/Modern technology. They think for themselves and could be always making plans even if they have other plans.
🧚🏻‍♀️Scorpio Risings are such fierce and fiery individuals for being such a fixed water sign. They’ll truly try their best to share all of their most beautiful experiences and perspectives on the world with others if they’re willing to be vulnerable. They all have an intense gaze whether it’s weird or good looking.
💫Air Signs such as Aquarius, Gemini and Libras especially Sun and Mercury placements have a thing with staring at people. I don’t care what y’all say. If any of the zodiacs have a staring problem, it’s the ✨Air Signs✨
🌍Can we talk about how Earth Signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo may just have the best fashion taste. (In my own personal opinion) some of you beauties can really show it up and I live for it.
🌺12th house placements can very much have a tendency to have a lot of secrets to themselves. I’ve noticed that generational planets can really take on the habit of portraying different versions of themselves to not reveal who they really are. Not to say that sneaking around is a bad thing, but these people can really get away with a lot. Not spiritually but you know.
🌸Libra placements such as Sun, Moon, Rising or Mercury can really make their way into certain social situations. They definitely know how to navigate socially or at least know how to adapt to the environment. With how charismatic some Libras can be, people may see them as being fake or superficial when they really aren’t like that at all.
⚡️Mars in the 8th house/Scorpio natives usually have a peculiar perspective on death and the afterlife itself. They may have a lot of secrets in regards to their family or themselves in general. These people are VERY sexually driven whether they’re open to most things or how they want to connect with someone deeply.
✨Zodiac Signs who usually smoke weed tend to be Taurus’s, Pisces, Sagittarius’s & Aquarius’s. Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, Mercury.
☀️Leo placements could have often been seen or used as the scapegoat. They may be feisty, but they’re all actually so loving when you’re alone with them.🥺 People will say that Leo’s are usually the main characters of their own stories and while that is very true, they went through hell to get in that mindset in the first place.
📵The Zodiac Signs who don’t usually get too upset if one cancels plans on them are usually Taurus & Aquarius placements because they would rather stay home in their blankets cuddle up watching movies and shit. They’ll have a better time at home.
🥀Lilith in the 7th house natives have a tendency to be very dominant or wanting to be in control of the relationship. They could feel the need to control the relationship out of pure fear whether they know that subconsciously or consciously. Within the natives upbringing, they could have been shamed for wanting or having a different and more taboo perspective on relationships. A lot of the Lilith qualities come out within their most intimate relationships and moments especially if she’s aspected.
🍀Ceres in the 11th house natives could have friends that they refer to or feel as if they are family or brother/sister type of thing. Their families were probably very much involved with each other and within the community, people with this placement tend to have more than one sibling. Sometimes that’s not always the case. They’re more than willing to help people out.
🪐The Zodiac signs that more than likely have commitment issues or attachment issues tend to be Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius and Libras. Don’t come for me😵‍💫 (check Venus and Moon)
🌻Venus Conjunct Mars natives tend to have very intense and fast situationships. These people tend to go through phases and will just become intimate with whoever they desire. Mostly because they know how to work their charm in order to get what they want. They usually have a very cute feature to them whether they have nice hair, eyes, smile or whatever. They will often encounter with a lot of partners or potential lovers .
♦️Natives who have Conjunctions between their Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars have such big personalities. These people’s energies can feel as though it is too much at times because they’re so driven, passionate and excited when they talk about things they love and how they go about their life action wise. When your big three are all in Conjunctions, these people can truly be amazing at speaking their truth and helping others out in tough situations. When they speak, you will hear them loud and clear. They don’t necessarily mind small talk, but don’t prefer it.
🔮Mercury in the 7th house natives will always try their best to be clear and communicate their feelings within relationships if not horribly aspected to other planets such as the Sun, Moon, or Mars. These people can often help others process their own emotions and thoughts, but they can often forget about themselves within relationships. This will be more significant if there are other personal planets within the same house as well.
🧸Every Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius and Gemini I’ve ever met has been a whore for ASMR. Whether it’s no talking asmr or fun tingles asmr videos with talking. It’s just a thing, idk. Just an observation.
🌼Gemini Risings tend to be rather sensitive to very loud environments and the same can be said for Virgo Risings. I don’t know very many Gemini Risings and Virgo Risings that liked super loud environments. If they can’t hear themselves think, it’s too fking loud.
🌜An Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius Moons are the types of people who would literally cringe or actually tear up if they’re falling HARD for someone. They’ll really just sit there like “What in the vanilla Frappuccino is this shit😭”
♥️Ruler of the 7th house in Libra natives can often overlook their own needs and put others as priorities when some just don’t need to be. Some Libra’s either say I love you very quickly within relationships or they don’t. They’re obsessed with love and how they try their best to use it within the collective and their partnerships. If any planets such as as Venus, Moon, Sun or Mars then this house and areas of love will be amplified af.
☔️Mercury Retrograde within a Natives natal birth chart usually shows up as ones life being scattered or unpredictable. They may feel as though they have to learn on how to speak their inner most authentic truth. They could have grown up within an environment where they were often silenced or ignored by others when it came to the native speaking up or simply speaking their own opinion. I’ve also noticed that Mercury Retrograde people tend to stutter a lot or they could have had to go to speech therapy for some, not all.
🌝Sun in the 7th house people can be really cheesy when it comes to love and relationships. They want that perfect ideal relationship but their jokes are cheesy are heck. Sorry 🥰😭
Tumblr media
.· ´𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌☆´¨
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
virgo's organized chaos
- part five of the zodiac series -
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itsmemercurybaby · 2 days ago
Zodiac signs as Ariana Grande's Position lyrics
Aries : I just wonder, baby, if you're gonna stay Even if one day I lose it and go crazy I know this shit kinda heavy I just wanna tell you directly - six thirty
Taurus : I ain't tryna sign no lease I'm just gon' make you my home - Love language outro
Gemini : I want you to keep speaking my love language Baby, talk your shit all night - Love language
Cancer : Hold up There shouldn't be no hold up There's more love if you follow emotions -west side
Leo : You treat me like gold, baby Now you wanna spoil me Did you want a trophy or you wanna sport me, baby? Want me on your neck 'cause you wanted respect -motive
Virgo : I wanna trust me, the way that you trust me 'cause nobody ever loved me like you do I'd love to see me from your point of view - pov
Libra : Good karma, my aesthetic Keep my conscience clear, that's why I'm so magnetic - just like magic
Scorpio : Said I'm gon' give you some instructions That you can't be scared to try I want you to touch it softly Like the way you do my mind -my hair
Sagittarius : I been on my worst behavior But, baby, I don't need no savior I'm way outta line But I kind of like the way I Feel when I just don't give a fuck - worst behavior
Capricorn : Am I too cold? Am I not nice? Might not be quite yet healed or ready Should I be goin' too steady? But I just wanna know is love complеtely off the table? - off the table
Aquarius : This some shit that I usually don't do (yeah) But for you, I kinda, kinda want to 'Cause you're down for me and I'm down too - position
Pisces : Tripping, falling with no safety net Boy, it must be something that you said Is it real this time or is it in my head? - safety net
sorry for the post's length, but the album's worth it hehe 🤍
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Planetary Correspondences
House: First House Domicile: Mars Detriment: Venus Exaltation: The Sun Falling: Saturn Complimentary: Pluto
House: Second House Domicile: Chiron Detriment: Pluto Exaltation: The Moon Falling: Uranus Complimentary: Jupiter
House: Third House Domicile: Mercury Detriment: Jupiter Exaltation: Ceres Falling: Chiron Complimentary: Uranus
House: Fourth House Domicile: The Moon Detriment: Saturn Exaltation: Jupiter Falling: Mars Complimentary: Venus
House: Fifth House Domicile: The Sun Detriment: Uranus Exaltation: Neptune Falling: Mercury Complimentary: Mars
House: Sixth House Domicile: Ceres Detriment: Neptune Exaltation: Pluto and Mercury Falling: Venus Complimentary: Saturn
House: Seventh House Domicile: Venus Detriment: Mars Exaltation: Saturn Falling: The Sun Complimentary: Neptune
House: Eighth House Domicile: Pluto Detriment: Chiron Exaltation: Uranus Falling: The Moon Complimentary: Saturn
House: Ninth House Domicile: Jupiter Detriment: Mercury Exaltation: Chiron Falling: Ceres Complimentary: The Sun
House: Tenth House Domicile: Saturn Detriment: The Moon Exaltation: Mars Falling: Jupiter Complimentary: Pluto
House: Eleventh House Domicile: Uranus Detriment: The Sun Exaltation: Mercury Falling: Neptune Complimentary: Mercury
House: Twelfth House Domicile: Neptune Detriment: Ceres Exaltation: Venus Falling: Pluto and Mercury Complimentary: The Moon
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goddess-mimi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thanks for following my blog 🥺💖
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ukiyowi · an hour ago
⚝ Astro observations (IV) : songs edition ⚝
These are all my personal opinions
𖧵 Pluto trine North Node: Meet Me At Our Spot - THE ANXIETY
𖧵 Venus conjujct Pluto: Saint Bernard - Lincoln
𖧵 Cancer rising: Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored? - Sody ft Cavetown
𖧵 Sagittarius rising: Everybody - Backstreet Boys
𖧵 Libra saturn: Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
𖧵 Sun opposite Moon: Pain - PinkPantheress
𖧵 Pluto trine mars: Jenny - Studio Killers
𖧵 Capricorn moon: Fluorescent Adolescent
𖧵 Sun opposite Lilith: Figure It out - Royal Blood
𖧵 Mars - Lilith: Siren - Kailee Morgue
𖧵 Lilith in 3rd: Desperado - Rihanna
𖧵 Neptune in 4th: Fool - Cavetown
𖧵 Mercury in 1st: Remember Me - Dove Cameron ft. BIA
𖧵 Uranus in 8th: I'm Still Standing - Elton John
𖧵 Saturn in 4th: Older - Sasha Sloan
𖧵 Uranus - Saturn: Funeral - Phoebe Bridgers
𖧵 Chiron in 10th: Are You Satisfied? - MARINA
𖧵 Lilith - Chiron: OLLA - Jhené Aiko
𖧵 Venus - Mercury: Aphrodite - RINI
𖧵 Pluto - Mars: I Threw Glass at My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm on Probation - Destroy Boys
𖧵 Moon - Mars: Dancing With Your Ghost - Sasha Sloan
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berry-babyy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i turned 21 on monday. it was one of the best birthdays i’ve ever had <3
Tumblr media
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reincarnatedpriestess · 2 days ago
Mars in libra - a fight for balance⚖️
Do not steal, copy, reword, or repost my work, for each letter I type is divinely protected⚔️
Tumblr media
“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance, as a divine being you need to understand that balance and respect all other divine beings.”
Mars has officially moved into libra. It is conjunct the sun which is still in Virgo. During this time it’s important to recognize where our time and energy is being placed. Specifically, who our time and energy is being spent on.
My advice is to let go of connections that are not mutual. If you find yourself helping someone more than they help you then it can become a long term problem.
Helping others out of the kindness of your heart during this time is favorable. The energy you have given to others will be returned. Mars in libra is when mars is in its detriment, so if you haven’t been too kind to others (for good reason)…good luck.
Both mars and the sun are at critical degrees. 0° shows a new beginning and 22° shows long lasting effects. Whatever you start now will become a daily habit. Try implementing peace and balance into your routine. Check the house mars is transiting in to see what new beginnings are happening for you.
Virgo - help, recognizing patterns, the healer, daily habits, details
22°(♑︎) - long term effects, critical energy
Libra - other people, justice, balance, beauty (sometimes superficial)
Mars - energy, passion, anger, irritation
0° - newness
-reincarnated priestess💋
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astrologymaniac22 · 11 hours ago
follow me on instagram too: @astrologymaniac_
Capricorn risings are gatherers. They gather people, resources, and connections to build something that gets bigger and bigger over a huge amount of time. Before they start any project, they’re going to be trying to figure out whether it can be sustained for a long period of time. And the number one question that they’re going to be asking themselves is: do I really care about this issue enough to dedicate time to it?
There’s a lot of stuff out there that talks about how Capricorns are all about control but Capricorn is actually a sign that attempts to control the self, not necessarily other people so much. Capricorn risings can be hard on themselves, willing themselves to grow up very quickly even when they’re literal children. With Cancer on the descendent angle, Capricorn risings are mostly looking for tenderness from other people.
Because Capricorn risings don’t necessarily know how to react emotionally in the moment, they may hold meetings around friend dramas almost like they’re at a business meeting. They tend work with their friends as well, starting small projects that really bring people together so business and personal things definitely start to overlap. Within groups, they always try to make sure that things are running smoothly and that no one is doing the bulk of the work. It’s important for them that labor is distributed fairly and with accountability.
This is why is can be actually very surprising when you get to know a Capricorn rising well enough to start to hear about their personal life. Since they’re a bit guarded, it can take a while for your relationship to reach that stage. Even though Capricorn risings are fairly good at navigating relationships where there are responsibilities to be balanced, they can often struggle in relationships where there’s a lot of emotions at play. Capricorn risings are highly emotional but they don’t want to be, meaning that they can often hide behind a guise of only wanting to talk about facts when, in fact, so much is going on in their hearts.
As we mentioned before, Capricorn risings are really good at teamwork. Not only that, they’re also good at making sure that everyone is working towards a goal together. Because their goals are big, they take a lot more than just one person to put into action. Capricorn risings believe in the power of collective action. They know that one branch is much harder to break than a whole bunch. They know that, to go far, that you must go together.
But there’s no way that you’re going to find Capricorn risings be the person working behind the scenes in any scenario. When they create together, they want the group project to make themselves shine. With Leo on the eighth house cusp of building together, they’re the type of leader who doesn’t shy away from having their name and face on the website of the project that everyone is helping build. They want their name out there and they want other people to know that they’re taking people places.
The axis between Aquarius and Leo in the second and eighth house is really about needing their own space when they’re really deep in thought about something, of needing to work in private to actually get things done, and wanting their work to have a social impact and needing other people to acknowledge their work. This can mean that Capricorn risings are always trying to strike a balance between working on a research project in private and trying to figure out how to use the work to connect to community. It can mean that the doing of a project and the sharing of a project are two separate things that they’re always trying to do at the same time.
In a lot of spaces, everyone can start to feel reluctant to talk about politics even when they just have a question. This doesn’t apply to Capricorn rising. They’re not the type to shy away from a hard topic or to filter themselves just because they don’t know how well they will be critically received. When they speak, especially when it’s in criticism against an institution, they’re tough and they’re biting. When they ask questions, they don’t try to filter themselves or to ask the “right” questions. They ask questions that they actually want to know the answers to.
This is important because Capricorn risings aren’t afraid to be wrong. They’re not afraid that someone will take their words the wrong way. They say things that they think will make the entire group grow. While this is an important role in any group, it can create some chaos in terms of interpersonal communication. Sometimes people take things personally even when they’re not meant to be. Sometimes, Capricorn rising may say things that are very thought provoking but accidentally criticize a person who they didn’t mean to criticize.
When everyone is willing to speak with the transparency that Capricorn risings are, this can mean that there are endless discussions of some important topic that is never quite relieved. However, a lot of people like to bundle up their thoughts and save them for another day. This confuses Capricorn risings, who want conversations to be as clear as water. This makes communication murky. Capricorn risings are challenged, in this way, to not only hear what is clearly and loudly said in a room but also to what is hidden and not talked about. This is a little harder for someone who wants everything to be laid out in the open.
From the outside, Capricorn risings look extremely well put together. They’re the slightly younger person in a group of older friends, all of who can’t believe that Capricorn rising is younger at all since they act so much older. They dress well, they look clean and polished, and always put the interests of the group before themselves. On social media, they might have a well crafted image if they post at all. A lot of time, it can feel like Capricorn risings feel the pressure to please other people and this can be something that’s frustrating to them.
However, deep inside themselves, Capricorn risings are just like a little kid. They’re excited about what they’re excited about and they really don’t care that much about this stuff that you’re showing them, even if they pretend to. Capricorn risings spend a lot of their private time at home doing whatever it is they want to do, regardless of the consequences.
What this looks like together is that, when working on something together, Capricorn risings will never put any effort into anything that they don’t actually care about. When they really do care about something, that’s when they give their 100%. You’ll know if Capricorn rising doesn’t actually want to go on a trip that you planned with them, work on a writing project together, or go to an event with you because they’re make it super clear. However, if they are invested they’ll come out and make sure that you have a good time as well.
In other words, Capricorn risings are only selfish about how they spend their time when making decisions. Once they decide to commit to something with you, they’re going to hold a lot back and let you take up a lot of space. When you ask them to do something, they’re secretly thinking “do I really care about this?” before saying yes. If they say yes, that’s when they feel like they have to start putting aside a lot of their own interests to make sure that it really works out in the end.
Okay, when Capricorn risings like you and want to show you love, they’re going to go all out. All class consciousness aside, this is a bougie sign and, even if they’re a leftist, they’re going to try to create abundance in your life if they care about you. If they work together with you on a project, then they want everyone to make money and as much as possible. Capricorn risings are here to create wealth. That doesn’t have to happen in a capitalist way. They can be excellent farmer, plant dads, or just have a lot of stuff.
Capricorn risings want relationships to be full of material abundance, whether that is making and eating rich foods together, investing in really nice furniture in your shared house, buying something cute just because, or creating a beautiful garden together. Because these things take such a huge amount of time and energy, Capricorn risings don’t just share their voluptuous amount of love with just anyone. Before they let you in like that, they’re going to test you and make sure that you’re willing to invest an equal amount of care and attention into them. That’s the Scorpio in the eleventh house. Capricorn risings can seem a bit stringy with their acquaintances. They’re holding out for the people that they really love.
What’s interesting about this is that it can affect Capricorn risings in terms of their ability to craft long term plans. Often, Capricorn risings anticipate scarcity in the future even when they don’t in the present. When making long term plans, they can often plan for the worst case scenario while living their absolute best life in the moment.
This placement can be a little tricky to handle. Gemini in the sixth house means that Capricorn risings are extremely good at making things run smoothly, at figuring out all the details and components of a project, that they might get a little nervous because they put a heavy mental strain on themselves, and that stress affects them right in the nerves. The Sagittarius in the twelfth house means that, because Capricorn risings zoom right in and look into the little details of whatever it is they’re working on, that they can be afraid of actually taking on the big hopes and dreams that they think about when everyone else goes home and the lights go out.
Sagittarius twelfth house makes Capricorn rising a dreamer. They want to change the world and they have the work ethic to do it. It’s just that, when they consider everything about what it takes to make something happen, whether that’s a one time event or even baking cookies, they can start to feel overwhelmed. It’s just so much work. Again, that question comes up: is this really worth it? Do I really care enough to put all of my energy into this?
This is where it comes back to the Cancer descendent. It’s so important for Capricorn risings to get support for what they take on, for them to feel that they’re not alone, because they feel the sheer immensity of the project at hand. And for them to feel really supported, they need to actually let other people take big roles in the project as well. Without that support, Capricorn risings can end up relegating themselves into some very small missions. This doesn’t suit their personality so they then start to resent those who simply start big without worrying why how every single little thing is going to get done.
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Tumblr media
I love this ninja, I love reading about him, I love drawing him, I love dream about him! I love everything around this goddamn non-real man!!
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