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in astrology, the quintile is a minor aspect that indicates a special talent, which you have the ability to nurture in order to make the most out of it. it’s like a combination of trine and opposition: not totally good, but not bad either.

having the planet of mind, logic and speech quintile the planet of impulse and originality, you stand out for your original mind. you probably come up with innovative ideas, and you have the power to start a revolution just with your words lol. you see a solution where others don’t, you’re very adaptable. actually, you might even prefer to improvise instead of following a fixed schedule. that’s because your mind is constantly filled with new thoughts and ideas, and you have the urge to express them to the world. you might have an unique voice tone, especially if these two planets are in contact with taurus/venus. when people first meet you, they remember you for your original, out-of-the-box way of speaking: you could be the type to spice your conversations up with a few jokes, or even create entirely new words. you have this open-mindness to you that makes you believe that anything is possible, and that looks even naive at a certain point. the negative side to this aspect is that you may be too impatient and quick-tempered. you could experience arguments frequently, especially when people disagree with you. also, you get bored very easily; you’re the type to start reading a book and then drop it after a few pages, when the story started going in a way that wasn’t challenging enough for your active mind. you tend to procrastinate as well, as it’s hard for you to focus at one thing at the time. also, a little career insight, as I find this aspect really interesting!! you have the power to guide and lead people with your words: you could be some sort of educator or teacher, or even an activist. you may feel very engaged into current humanitarian movements, like blm or feminism. you could also write music, books or poems to express your thoughts. in addition, this placement gives you the ability to make something look and sound fresh and new. if you have some taurus/libra placements, I would suggest you to also try designing clothes or even interiors, as you’re a trendsetter: every idea of yours electrifies those who surround you, captivating them. who knows, you might become really successful thanks to your ideas! overall, if you see yourself in some of the negative traits I’ve said, I would say it’s a good time to work on it, especially with the energy of the full moon lunar eclipse. it’s an opportunity to let go of unhealthy habits !

hope this reasonated with you !! :)

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Daily Tarot Card #49: Nine of Pentacles (Upright) - Ethereal Visions Edition
Luxury, rewards, fruits of labor, self-sufficiency, abundance, independence, wealth, prosperity, elegance, grace, birth, pregnancy, success, achievement, material security.

We find enjoyment in the finer things in life today. Our day is full of abundance, grace, elegance and beauty.

The Nine of Pentacles is astrologically associated with the Second Decan of Virgo, ruled by Venus and Saturn (Capricorn Triplicity).

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Horoscopes, 7.4.20

Aries: A weathervane marks the highest point in the building. It is durable, able withstand unmitigated storms and inclimate weather but swivels with the wind. This combination of endurance and flexibility is a good one to contemplate today. You may be feeling particularly tested or like your trials are on display but as long as you maintain this hardy grace, you will be more than okay.
Taurus: Would the wandering poets of yesteryear seem indolent if they lived today? All the Hafiz’s, Basho’s, Rumi’s; would their journeying seem pointless, their poems lost in time? We can’t know but what you can do is know the power of venturing out, walking slowly, doing nothing productive but noticing the patterns of leaves on the tree. To do your own thing, to follow the courage of your own timing is its own commitment, even if not always seen by others. Trust yourself.
Gemini: We have all of these imaginary ideas about the sewers; colonies of rat scurrying along, an alligator emerging from the waters, whole cities of mutants found beneath the ground. Perhaps it is easier to imagine some far-off threat than to look at the creature breeding inside of ourselves. They only grow the more you ignore them. Simply looking, bearing witness to your insides again and again, though humble work, is what keeps the pipes clean. Let whatever arises today arise.
Cancer: “If you live through this with me/I swear that I will die for you” Cancer sun and moon Courtney Love sings on “Asking for It”. Love can feel contradictory in that way; it gives one the ability to endure great hardship, to stare directly at a person and to let them stare back at you. But it also can lead you to sacrifice anything that gets in your way of the feeling, of the person who holds it for you. Consider your boundaries today, and consider if the people you let into your walls would return your devotion. Sacrifice does little if the other isn’t looking.
Leo: You lift weights, garden, play guitar enough, you’ll start to develop calluses. Your non-dominant fingertips begin to peel, become red and painful, then hard and rough. If you just succumbed to the pain of the first few weeks, you would have stopped ages ago. You haven’t though. What keeps you going, repeating the same task even if it’s difficult? Think about the ghost in the machine, the spirit in motion today. Let it propel you.
Virgo: A roller coaster is most terrifying on the way up; the ominous cranking of the track, the body lifting from vertical to horizontal, the mind’s idea of the drop. But you chose to ride, and will relish the fearsome drop after it’s over and the adrenaline hits. Perhaps it was not fear you felt on the ascent but excitement. Do they really feel that different? Today I suggest noticing these two sensations, perhaps turning fear into happiness just by noticing.
Libra: They say that twins have some sort of special bond, a telepathic language that only they speak or understand. I would extend this notion to the whole of one’s family, regardless of blood relation. You grow your own lexicon, series of references, shared memories to draw on that no one outside the unit will understand. This intimacy can be comforting; it can also become a prison. Yet we have our stories. Notice how these past memories and patterns show up, are still alive today; the better and the worse both.
Scorpio: A sundial is able to transmit information because it changes. While the object itself doesn’t move, the sunlight of the day dances shadows around the dial’s flat surface, ostensibly telling time. But would you even notice how the shadows change if the sundial didn’t track it? Keep some sort of measurement of your moods and preoccupations today; see how much you can change without trying to.
Sagittarius: Architects, painters of a certain era, will spend hours applying gold leaf to the fixtures of large rooms, to the nimbus around Jesus’s head. Of course the gold leaf cannot hold a building or cover up a poor painting job. All that you make today is dependent on you doing the work and how you feel doing it; the gilding is vital but don’t mistake beauty for the only thing.
Capricorn: If you’re in the woods at the right time, you see the same cat. He is grey and has a collar, but you know of no one who lives nearby. He mostly skulks around, killing tiny animals and nosing through the grass. Borges said cats are Zen creatures because they have no sense of linear time. They live in an eternal present. You, too, may experience moments of this bliss today, but the cat is just one part of the woods that lives and dies. Don’t rely on being just one sliver of yourself when you have a whole forest to honor.
Aquarius: They say when you hiccup someone is thinking of you. They say if you have an itch on your nose someone is thinking of you. They say if you think of someone and the phone rings, they’re thinking of you too. Sometimes we need these little superstitions to feel like we’re not the only one who fixates, especially if you aren’t speaking to the person you can’t stop thinking about. Worry no more and trust that your little messages are reaching through their own hiccups, phone rings, itches. Let what is said be said to all even if it feels like it’s only in your head.
Pisces: A twenty-sided die would be a useful possession for anyone. Drop it every so often and watch chance at work, watch the numbers change and patterns form. We can never quite know why things click into place, even when we put in the necessary effort. As things arise today, let the die roll on. If it doesn’t land on your number today, trust that the right pattern will form eventually.

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the houses

so when i first started learning about astrology, i found it super difficult to keep track of what each of the houses means. understanding the house system is a huge aspect of understanding your natal chart, so let’s discuss.

angular houses: 

ruled by the cardinal signs, these houses indicate the action you take in life - the first foot you put forward.

1st house - aries - appearance, outward personality, self expression, essential vitality, “mask”

4th house - cancer - home, family life and parents, emotional/psychological foundation, stability, subconscious patterns

7th house - libra - partnerships and relationships, marriage, business interactions, interpersonal conflict or harmony, legal matters

10th house - capricorn - career ambitions and aspirations, public life and recognition, material acquisition, success and goals

succedent houses: 

these houses are ruled by the fixed signs, speaking to what you already have, and what you desire to have - what you value.

2nd house - taurus - possessions, money, material things, material values, skills and earning abilities

5th house - leo - pleasure, entertainment, sex, creativity and creation, procreation and children, recreation

8th house - scorpio - the supernatural/occult/mystical, death and regeneration, legacies, the resources of those around you (think inheritance)

11th house - aquarius - global awareness, humanitarian ideals, group projects and goals, friendships

cadent houses: 

ruled by the mutable signs, these houses can be interpreted as the thought that occurs before action - the analyzation of your self and surroundings.

3rd house - gemini - mental activity, communication, early education, relationships with siblings and cousins 

6th house - virgo - afflictions of the body, health and nutrition, employment, work ethic, injury and illness, service

9th house - sagittarius - higher thinking, religion and philosophy, foreign cultures and customs, expansion of the mind, far travel

12th house - pisces - retreat from the world, isolation, suffering bottled up, the subconscious, karma

quadrant 1 (houses 1 - 3)

  • self development
  • “who am i?” “what do i value?” “what do i think?”

quadrant 2 (houses 4 - 6)

  • self expansion
  • “what do i feel?” “what do i will?” “what do i analyze?”

quadrant 3 (houses 7 - 9)

  • self expression
  • “how do i balance myself with others?” “what do i desire?” “what truth do i seek?”

quadrant 4 (houses 10 - 12)

  • self transcendence 
  • “what will i use?” “what do i know?” “what do i believe?”
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Some words of encouragement for those who are fighting for a cause, no matter how big or small, or even just feeling stuck or not realizing that they’ve lost their drive to fight. Please read the following messages. You are all worth it, never give up your fight. Peace and blessings. <3

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Astro Observations

part three

👤 cancer individuals usually look more like their mother, while capricorn people resemble their father.

🦋 sagittarius placements can make one either the most or least open-minded person you’ll ever meet. no inbetween.

👠 in bed, a person with taurus mars is usually a switch, but probably prefers being a dom.

🪐 capricorn placements love retro stuff. they probably have a 70s/80s/90s aesthetic, watch old movies etc.

📚 a good mix of virgo and pisces in a chart make one an excellent writer. pisces gives the individual creativity and empathy to come up with stories and characters, while virgo gives them the ability to express their thoughts properly and rationally.

🐠 from my experience, pisces and libra are the fakest signs of the zodiac, not gemini. they both lie, but for different reasons: pisces tend to hide their real feelings because they’re afraid of the consequences. libra, on the other hand, tries to sympathize with everyone, as they always want to have a good impression on others.

❤️ in my opinion, a positive synastry chart consists of 7th, 9th, some 5th and a little bit of 8th house overlays. even though 8th house is quite infamous in synastry charts except for mars, I think it’s important to feel attracted to one another. you might become obsessed with each other but, if well balanced with the other planets, it will only strenghten the relationship.

☁️ neptune/pisces in the 2nd house makes one dream about material possessions a lot. they may relax by thinking about living in the house of their dreams, or maybe having infinite money to spend in their favourite things. they detach so much from reality that they sometimes start confusing it with their reality world.

🌸 venus - ascendant aspects, especially conjunctions, trines and sextiles, make one physically attractive. they may have big, full lips with a pronounced cupid’s bow, pale and soft skin, doe eyes, button nose… also, their face tends to be more heart shaped and on the longer side. they also care a lot about the way they look and go out, especially if backed up by virgo, leo and libra placements.

✨ leo venus people LOVE black. they have a flamboyant, diva-ish style with black as the main attraction of the outfit. they usually love heels, tight clothes, sunglasses and designer brands in general. with scorpio/8th house placements in the same chart, these people also match black with bold prints such as leopard, zebra etc.

💸 people with sagittarius/jupiter/2nd house ruler in contact with jupiter were most likey spoiled during their childhood, or come from a wealthy background.

🌙 people with moon in the 1st can seem really naive and sometimes they are, especially if backed up by libra, sagittarius, pisces or cancer.

🐚 in a woman, your venus sign embodies the quality you’d love to have. for example, a scorpio venus wants to be seen as charming and magnetic; a pisces venus like being considered soft and dreamy, almost like a baby, someone people can count on. virgo venus women prefer being seen as smart leaders, sometimes even as the beauty-with-brain type with libra and/or leo placements in the same chart.

🌷 libra risings are amazing at making friends. even if they’re shy and/or introverted, they’ll always attract people that would love to befriend them.

🌑 people with capricorn/saturn in their 2nd house have really strict voices. it’s hard for them to convey emotions in their words, and their tone of voice sounds really severe. they constantly sound like they’re judging you, even when they’re happy/excited. this energy is emphasized even more with scorpio/aquarius placements in the rest of the chart.

🌿 there’s an interesting theory about past lives: if you have the same sign in both your 12th house and 1st house, it’s said that you might have died before fulfilling your life purpose in your past body. maybe, you followed your south node’s purpose, or you might have even died by accident before achieving your goals.

I hope you found these interesting!! if you wanna read more, follow me <3

- @libramc

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