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#virtual bundles
100hearteyes · 2 years ago
The last place Clarke wanted to be for New years eve was smack dab in the center of Times Square and yet somehow that’s exactly where she is. It’s supposedly on everyone’s bucket lists- all her friends included- which is why she has been freezing her tits off in a sea full of strangers and no alcohol or bathrooms for the last six hours and there are still two more hours to go until midnight. (1)
She pulls her coat tighter around herself to try and preserve any remaining body heat, burrowing her nose further into her scarf as the breeze whips through the crowd. Her eyes are watery from the cold and she can’t feel her toes anymore, but if Clarke is one thing, it’s stubborn. She will not let this defeat her. The entertainment isn’t bad, they don’t have the best view from where they are, but the speakers lining the streets make it feel like they’re in the front row. (2)
It does make the time go by faster though and before Clarke realizes, there are only fifteen minutes left before the ball drops. Glancing around, she does a head count of her friends to make sure none have been separated by the ever pulsing crowd. It’s easy to mistake someone else for one of her own when virtually everyone is bundled beyond recognition and adorning a similar festive hat and noise maker, but she spots Raven's homemade device (which was a fight to get through security) - two heads in front of her and from there Clarke can pin point everyone else in her party as she elbows her way through a new line of people.
Before she has the chance to huddle into her group something solid crashes into her and she lands on the concrete with a groan. The fall adds more aches to her already stiff body and if she didn’t think she needed her energy to make it through the rest of the night she would be ready for a throwdown. Probably. Maybe. She’s done it before. (3-4)
Okay, so she accidentally elbowed someone in the face once and felt bad about it for a year, if it came down to it, she would do it again.
A hand is offered to her and she looks up with what she hopes is an intimidating glare only to have her jaw drop open at the sight in front of her. Clarke doesn’t remember hitting her head, but that’s the only explanation she has for the celestial being before her. 20bi-teen must be here early, because the gods have certainly blessed her. (5)
“I am so sorry! I was too distracted taking everything in I didn’t notice you,” the heavenly accented voice of the angel says.
“You can take me anytime,” Clarke mumbles before groaning again. Yep, definitely a head wound.
“Pardon?” It seems the raucous crowd may have played in her favor, that or the girl is being polite ignoring her slip.
“I said it’s fine. Something like that was bound to happen with the amount of people here.”
Clarke finally accepts the outstretched hand and pulls herself to her feet with a small wince.
“Are you okay?”
“Well I can feel my butt again, but I think I’d rather it just be numb like the rest of me.”
“It certainly is colder than I expected it to be.”
For the first time, Clarke lets her gaze stray from the stranger’s face, taking in the lack of weather preparedness. From the small peacoat and thin mittens, to the lack of a hat and only converse on her feet. “First time in New York?”
“First time in America.” (6-7)
“And you pick Times Square for New Years eve? What are you crazy?”
“I was thinking the same thing myself up until a moment ago.”
“Nothing, like you said it’s cold, you would think with all of the people here it might be warmer.”
“You just need to cuddle up to someone.”
“Are you offering?” the stranger asks with a lifted brow.
“Just stating a fact.”
“I know of other ways to warm up.”
Clarke’s throat catches. Suddenly they feel a lot closer than they did a second ago and the girl's voice seems to have dropped to a new level of sultry.
“Oh yeah? Like what?”
“Tell me, do you have anyone to… what is it, ring in the new year with?”
“I’m here with my friends.”
“But no one to start the year off with a bang? No one to share a kiss for luck with?”
“Would you like one?”
"You don't even know my name."
“Nor you, mine.”
“That doesn’t bother you?”
“What, kissing a beautiful girl? No.”
“You seem confident.”
“Hopeful.” (8-9)
The actual fireworks going off around her are muted by the ones going off in her mind as she’s kissed senseless into 2019. (10/10)
Tumblr media
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ygotravelzine · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
What kind of souvenirs would you like, Travelers? Perhaps.... bookmarks?
Presenting our lovely 6x2 bookmarks!!! Each bookmark has a soft matte finish and will sport matching ribbon and charms according to the bookmarks’ themes!
With our amazing ASH @whitepearlreaperart doing the millennium item themed bookmark, and our enchanting Emmy doing the millennium puzzle themed bookmark, you’ll be sure to find one of your heart’s desires in the United States or Atlantis bundles, or snap up both in the Egypt and Virtual World bundles!
Hurry to pick up your souvenirs Travelers, before our flight takes off!!
Pre-Order your Copy of the Zine Here!
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ygotravelzine · 8 days ago
PRE-ORDERS for Wish You Were Here: A Yu-Gi-Oh Travel Zine are OPEN until September 15th!!!
Virtual World Bundle Highlight!!
For $40, our Virtual World Bundle is a merch-only bundle that includes two postcards, two stickers, two bookmarks, two keychains, one button, one magnet, one sticker sheet, one mini notebook, and one custom necklace!!
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