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Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic (2013), David Quammen

If you assembled a short list of the highlights and high anxieties of that saga [of emerging pathogens] within recent decades, it could include not just Machupo but also Marburg (1967), Lassa (1969), Ebola (1976), HIV-1 (1981), HIV-2 (1986), Sin Nombre (1993), Hendra (1994), avian flu (1997), Nipah (1998), West Nile (1999), SARS (2003), and the much feared but anticlimactic swine flue of 2009.[…]

They are connected, these disease outbreaks coming on after another. And they are not simply happening to us; they represent the unintended results of things we are doing. They reflect the convergence of two forms of crisis on our planet. The first crisis is ecological, the second is medical.[…]

Human-caused ecological pressures and distuptions are bringing animal pathogens ever more into contact with human populations, while human technology and behavior are spreading those pathogens ever more widely and quickly.[…]  

Mankind’s activities are causing the disintegration (a word chosen carefully) of natural ecosystem at a cataclysmic rate. We all know the rough outlines of that problem. By way of logging, road building, slash-and-burn agriculture, hunting and eating of willd animals (when Africans do that we call it “bushmeat” and impute a negative onus, though in America it’s merely “game”), clearing forest to create cattle pasture, mineral extraction, urban settlement, suburban sprawl, chemical pollution, nutrient runoff to the oceans, mining the oceans unsustainably for seafood, climate change, international marketing of the exported goods whose production requires any of the above, and other “civilizing” incursions upon natural landscape - by all such means, we are tearing ecosystems apart.

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Во время разгарающейся пандемии хочу сказать так.

Если есть возможность максимально подстраховать себя, близких,друзей и знакомых-постарайтесь,оно того стоит.

Если вы уже заболели-не думайте о плохом,это просто вирус.Сильное желание жить не победит ни один вирус.

Ну и я верю в то, что и у меня и у вас все будет с максимально минимальными последствиями.Вспыхнуло это все конечно внезапно,но вера в лучшее это главная поддержка всех систем организма,поэтому не бойтесь,все будет хорошо.

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Lutter contre le virus covid19 - Les conseils du Professeur BERNARD.

Les conseils du Professeur BERNARD pour lutter contre le coronavirus. Je rappelle que le Professeur BERNARD est une pointure de la science. Il a étudié à l'université de Saint Julien Molin les Coquillettes de (fin) 1974 a (début) 1975.

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The age of self has passed its peak. We should be pushing each other to life, not to survival. If we have to compete, let us take only what the body needs, let the competition be in the name of life and not in the name of the self. Let us not repent on our deathbeds all the years wasted avoiding the inevitable in vain, let us realize that this is not the end. We were, are and always will be the insatiable life itself in all its forms and shapes. What was never born cannot die.
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