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On March I’ve worked mainly on two projects: ‘The perfect Lullaby’ by the author Brittany Plumeri, and 'Las rabietas de Lois’ (Lois’ huffs), whose authors are Alejandra Campo and Noemia Álvarez.

Both projects are already in the final phase of the illustration process, so I’m counting on that they will be released soon.

When I work I feel happy, I mean… I feel tired, sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes I feel like I’d love to throw away my computer … But at the end of the day (which is an unknown hour when you work as freelance), I feel very, very happy.

Drawing helps me in many different ways. Also during this quarantine, for example. Right now, I don’t know how I feel… I’ve arrived at the end of my working day, and I would say that I am fine, though at the same time, I would say that I feel sad about the situation we are experiencing. Especially because I perceive many things that I don’t like. Especially because this is not a normal, nor real life.

Let’s hope this will be over soon…

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Drawing challenge of the week: design your own stand from Jojo´s Bizarre adventure. My kid asked me to help with drawing practice, so we came up with a weekly challenge. Every week we´ll think of a theme, he is a big fan of Jojo series, so he chose this for the week.I know almost nothing about this characters but I am happy with the result.I even came up with a bulshit anime name for her: Penitenza Corallo
Cheers!! :)

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Hey my friends! I hope you’re all doing good and staying safe! Back with another painting for my Killer series here where we see Dimitri’s brother waiting for someone and kind of getting suspected 🤔!

Approached with a more graphic style and 90% lasso tool. It was born to just be inspired from a photo and ended up being part of my story. Having fun with shapes and lighting. I recorded the whole process and you can find it in my YouTube channel: “TheBusterMonkey”.

Let me know how you approach studies like this!
Thanks everyone for the amazing support as always!!

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