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lately, my feelings are messed up because of recent events, so like sometimes something feels heavy inside me. during these times, cheerful songs would be nice. does anyone get it if i describe songs like morning sunshine? that’s exactly the type of song i need right now.

here’s ones that feels like the sunshine on a cool morning ; day dreaming - jack & jack and walking - vixx

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Originally posted by letsvixxravi

It had been two years since Chin-Sun’s bad experience with some haters on Tumblr, and she had thought that she had gotten over everything. But when she reads a triggering comment, she is reminded of her time on the app in the past. But thankfully, her loving boyfriend Kim Wonshik is there to help her get over the trauma. 

• Pairing: Kim Wonshik x (o/c) (original character)

• Genre/rating: PG for just some cute romance, fluff, and a little angst but not thatt much haha. 

• Words: 1,784

Author’s note: this is a request that I got a longg time ago from the lovely @heart-bleeding-autism-angel​, and I’m finally getting around to publishing it haha! I hope it is everything that you wished for and more, angel. Enjoy! :) 

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Im not posting much content on black lives matter on here but i sure as hell am on twitter! Im @/kpopnobiaz on there so make sure to check and retweet guys!

Also, stop posting about kpop. If you care more about your kpop boys right now rather than blm, you are siding with the oppressor. This isnt gonna end with a text chain or one or two retweets.

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n/hongbin : of confined agreements


Modern AU / casual sex / non-explicit smut / business relationship to lovers /light angst

Rating: M

wc: 2k

Warnings: unexplicit sexual content. 

A/N: it has been a while since the last time I uploaded a work. This is something I had in my drafts since 2018 and it was in first draft mode but I ended up changing some stuff and polishing so that it suits my current style. I hope it’s enjoyable even if it isn’t full on E.


Ever since taking a sip of what could be defined as the finest heaven, Hongbin hasn’t been able to drop the habit–and Cha Hakyeon made the lines dividing their business relationship indistinct.

AO3: link

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