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jaga kesehatan tetap waspada
Selalu ada cara dalam pertandingan ini, selalu ada keseruan di setiap langkah, mari bercerita, mari bikin semua senada menyanyikan lagu merah disini .
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How about i play with new makeup products while filling you in with some life updates?
This is a little teaser but you can find the whole video on my youtube channel. Hope you’ll like it
My YouTube is linked in my bio
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Вспоминаю эту речку. Просто отвал башки. Течение настолько сильное, что можно просто сесть в круг и проверить куда тебя унесёт 😂
На видео моя обезьянка сестрёнка,которая не давала мне насладиться плаванием. Пришлось её скидывать как баласт😂
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#mondragoramora #kzn #artmorgana (at Мешинские Усадьбы)

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LEKKER SCHREEUWEN OP HET SCHOOLPLEIN. Dat is fijn. “Maar ik schaamde me wel.” Dat is ok. Ik schaam me ook wel eens.
Jij bent perfect.
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#WuStreams Alert Reposted from @officialwuworldwidedjcoalition #protectyaneckrecords
Catch @johnmookgibbons on the 1st season of @bluchekshow Hosted by @therealfranknitty155 and filmed 📽️ by @morockofilms Mondays starting
May 18th
8pm on
Facebookcom/Blu Chek 9pm on IGTV @bluchekshow
🔌 c/o @trailbreakerc8 @blackchambermusicradio
#showtime #hulu
#radio #vlog #bluchek (We do not own the copyright claim to this footage from @showtime )

We are just proud to be apart of this mans journey. - #WuWorldNetwork #BCMRNetwork #1000Network #NetworkDistribution (at Wu-Tang Clan District)

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Teach me

Summary: Scott catches you dancing with some other guy, he gets real jealous and makes sure to teach you a lesson…

Warnings; angst, smut, jealousy, bondage?, and language.


It was a Friday night, the group all made plans to meet at Saddle Ranch. You were at Scott and Jay’s getting ready so you could all leave together and meet everyone there.

You were in the bathroom, applying the last finishing touches of your makeup while the boys were waiting in the living room for you to be done. You took what it seemed like for Scott, forever, so soon enough he found himself at the door frame admiring his girl while she was getting all dolled up.

“Baby you look fantastic already, are you almost done?” He says as he snakes his arms around your waist from behind you.

“I’m literally almost done,” you giggle , “just let me put on this spray and my shoes and we can go.” You shooed him away. And he was off back to the living room.

A few moments later you finally stepped out, ready to go.

*whistles* “That’s my girl!, spin for me.” Scott records on his phone.

You obliged, and spinned for his camera as he whistled again.

“Alright alright, let’s go.” You blush.


The 3 of you made it to Saddle Ranch, and almost everyone was there. You separated from the boys and mingled with the girls, and since you didn’t pregame, you threw down some shots to loosen up.

For the past 2 hours the only things you have been doing on repeat were dancing and screaming the lyrics to the songs you loved as if someone broke your heart. Hell, you even went on the mechanical bull twice in a row. You were a wild child, especially at Saddle Ranch.

The mood suddenly changed when one of your favorite artists came on and everyone who knew the dance started pairing up and dancing with eachother out of nowhere.

“AHHH oh my god BITCH! I love this song! I wish I could dance with someone who knew it..” you said to the girls.

Scotty saw you from the corner of his eye, knowing you were familiar with it. He remembered those times you’d sometimes randomly dance to it.

You felt bummed out a little from the situation, Scott could tell, and even if he didn’t know how to dance it with you, he still wanted to try. He made an effort to walk towards her but he stopped in his tracks, some dude beat him to the punch.

A tall man appeared in front of you, smiling sweetly.

“Hey, care to dance?” He offered his hand.

“Sure!” You smiled and took his hand as he led you to the floor.

Scott made his way back into his original place, heartlessly. He looked at you but not smiling at all. He felt hurt, he was pissed, but he hid it in his face.

The two of you made it just in time to the dance floor. He placed on hand on your waist, and his other hand holding yours, while your other hand was on his shoulder.

The two of you were in sync to the music. Swaying your hips to the melody, as you complete the round of steps to the left and again to the right repetitively throughout to the song.

Scotty was glaring, he didn’t like the idea of another man having a good time with his girl.

You smiled and mouthed the lyrics you knew by heart, but when you weren’t, you looked at Scott to see if he was okay. You felt the tension coming from him even if he wasn’t near you.

The stranger’s hand was slowly snaking down to your ass, which infuriated Scott even more until thankfully you caught it and brought it back up to your waist with a shy smile.

Shortly the song was over, and immediately Scott headed over to “claim” back what’s his.

You two laugh and hug it out.

“I’m Josh,” he reached out his hand.

“I’m y/n,” you reach out to shake his hand, but Scott beats you too it.

“And I’m Scott,” he wraps his arm around your waist while shaking his hand with Josh’s, a fake smile plastered over his face.

“I had fun, I got to get back to my friends now. Nice meeting you!” He says scratching the back of his head akwardly as he slowly walks away. You nod and wave him away.

“What the fuck were you doing?” He said strictly.

“What I was j-“

“We’re leaving,” he got closer to your ear, “I’ll deal with you later.” And with that he left to wish everyone a goodnight and meet you outside.

After you said your goodbyes to everyone you stepped outside and met with Scott and some random car which you assumed was an Uber.

“Get in.” He uttered while holding the door, not even sparing you a glance since he was mad at you.

The two of you didn’t exchange looks or words throughout the whole ride. It wasn’t until you realized half way through it, you two were on your way to your apartment instead of his place.

You automatically assumed he’d just ride with you to make sure you got home safe and catch an uber back to his. When the car dropped you both off, you grabbed your keys from your clutch and headed to unlock the door.

You got inside and tried to close the door behind you, but before you could realize Scott came in and locked the door. You too made eye contact for merely a second before you tried to walk away to ease the tension.

Before you could, he suddenly grasped your wrist tightly and pulled you back on the spot. He pushed you against the wall, your back colliding against the semi cold wall sending slight chills throughout your body.

You flinched and gulped at the same time, you were lowkey happy that he was so possessive over you, but you were surprised at his behavior.

He pressed his thigh in between your legs so you couldn’t move away from him. He locked you in. You look up at him, he stares down at you, and time is running awfully slow. He flickers his eyes between your lips and eyes constantly.

You sharply exhaled and was about to explain what happened but he doesn’t give you a moment, he bought his lips on your ear and bit them a little, “The fucking audacity, huh?” And you shivered under his presence.

He grabbed you by your ass and pulled you closer to him.

“I’m-“ he cuts you off as he trails sloppy kisses on the crook of your neck. He sucked on the sensitive skin, hard. You quivered and curled your face around his cheeks, his beard rubbing across your face was absolutely stirring.

You quietly moan as you lose yourself. He drags his lips on your jaw and pulls you into a hungry kiss. He presses you hard against the wall again, his nose nudged in your cheeks as he was that deep in your mouth.

Scott rolls you around his tongue as if he were teaching you a lesson. He goes on harder and harder until you feel him finally pull away, he left you insanely breathless.

“You’re gonna regret testing me, I’m gonna fuck you until you remember you’re only mine,” he growls on your lips while resting his forehead on yours.

You gasped at his words, it made you wet the very second, and with that he hooked his hands under your inner thighs from the back and lifted you up and your short dress is riding up to your waist.

You got a grip on his neck and torso while he walked towards your room. Scott is leaving more marks on your neck with his mouth and moments later you found yourself falling on the mattress.

He positioned you to lay arms above your head near your bed frame, then took one of your scarves and tied your hands with them. That way, you had your arms locked, impossible to move.

He stripped out of his bottoms, leaving him only in his tanktop. He knew you loved that, that was your weakness.

“You lost your privileges to touch me,” he clenched his jaw.

You whine, he knows how much you hate not being able to touch him.

“Shhhh,” he shushed you off “you don’t deserve it.” And he hooked his fingers on your panties and slid them down to remove them from your legs.

Scott stares down at you, his eyes darker than before. He spreads you open and crawls down to meet your dripping core. You try to thrust up to connect the two of you, his hands came down to your stomach pushing you back down against the bed while he chuckles darkly. “Needy aren’t we?”

He nips your inner thigh while you whine at his tease. His tongue leaves a wet trail across your thigh, while your cunt is aching from lack of touch.

His continued his slow torture until suddenly it came to a stop, and you look down to find Scott staring at your core. You try to move your hips up again, but his hand pressed on your stomach is keeping you still making you whine even more.

“Impatience isn’t going to get you anywhere, love,” he sneered “if I were you, I wouldn’t move a muscle if you want to cum tonight.”

He continues his torture for a bit more and finally licks a painfully slow line up your folds, savoring every drop of wetness that’s pooling around you.

“You’re so wet. But for who?” He taunted

“You! You, Scott only you! Only you make me wet baby, please lick me.” You rushed anxiously.

Your begging fueled him, and with that you let out a series of light moans as his tongue flicks hard against your clit repeatedly and your breaths get quicker, pleasure radiating through your body.

Scott dips his tongue inside and he groans against you, his nose bumping against your clit. He slides his tongue as far as he can get it inside you, collecting your wetness and slurping it into his mouth. He rests his head on the skin above your clit and moans quietly, his nose still bumping your clit as he breathes against your core.

He lays his tongue flat against your clit and holds it still for what feels like minutes until your trying your hardest to fight every muscle in your body to stay still. He chuckles and you feel the vibrations on your sensitive nub, you’re groaning in frustration. He caves in, licking you viciously.

He assaults your cunt with his tongue and it’s not long before you felt an orgasm build up and your legs start tightening around his head.

He takes his mouth off of you and you whimper, “keep them apart,” he gritted. You looked at him and slowly moved your thighs back in it’s place.

Scott went back to work, he removed his hand from your stomach and used his thumb to massage your clit.

“Scott, Scott, Scott…” you breathed out as he was going at a pace you were incredibly failing to keep up with. Tears form in your eyes.

“Are you gonna come? Do you think you deserve that?” He snarled while going at a very slower pace to drive you crazy.

“Scotty please please please, I’m sorry. Please make me come baby.” You cry knowing he loves when you beg him.

He removed his thumb and wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking so hard you roll your eyes back, curl your toes, and cry out his name as you fall apart.

He doesn’t stop, he uses two of his fingers and slips them in effortlessly and pushed them deep into your dripping hole, thrusting it in, curling his fingers against your walls. He pounds in you to ride you through your high, you squirt around his fingers as you scream out loud. Your thighs quivered, and Scott used his hands after to hold them down to ease you out.

He crawls up to untie you, you felt him on your ears. “Don’t think I’m done with you just yet,” he cooed, sending shivers down your spine, wondering what else could he possibly do.

Suddenly you feel a jerk as Scott pulls you by your leg, pulling you towards the edge of the bed. Before you know it, he’s hovering over you, his face inches away from yours, you feel his hard member hanging over your torso.

“You’ll come only if I give you permission to, understand?”

You nod. And with that he didn’t even give you a chance and flipped you over, and tied the same scarf to both of your wrists behind your back.

You were completely in his control now, under his mercy, it felt pleasant to him.

He grabbed you by your waist, and rubbed his tip on your dripping slit, dragging it up and down, you hissed at the feeling as your cunt was so sensitive already.

He slowly buried his dick in you, both of you moaning at the feeling, he pushed himself in till the base of his dick and you pressed the side of your face into the mattress as he started thrusting in and out of you.

“S-Scott I can’t- shit. It’s too much- ah,” you sob, not being able to form sentences, as he rails into you.

“Yeah!? I bet Jake can’t fuck you this good, or can he!?” He growled as he bought a hand on your ass, hard.

“N-NO! he can’t baby” you breathed out, he was fucking you so good you hadn’t realized he got his name wrong.

You feel another orgasm building up, “I’m c-close.”

Scott held you tight, “No you won’t, hold it. I want more.” He spat out harshly.

“Fuck Fuck Fuck…” you sobbed while he was ramming into you persistently.

You let out sobs and many profanities, you were hanging on by a thread.

He saw you being obedient, so he finally caved in and you heard the words you’d never thought you hear soon enough.

“Let go for me baby,” he said gingerly.

You gasp harshly and let out a scream with trembling legs as you finally got your release. Your walls clenched around him and led him to his. Scott held you tightly as he rode the both of you through your highs and emptied himself inside of you.

He stood up and pulled himself out, immediately freeing you from the scarf and flipping you on your back.

He peppers your face in kisses, “I love you.”

You smile dizzily, you have your sweet caring boyfriend back, “I love you more.”


*next morning*

You woke up to Scotty snuggling you tight in his arms, you smiled at the sight.

‘He’s so cute,’ you think to yourself and kiss him on the cheek. And he smiled, holding you tighter and nuzzling your neck in response.

“Good Morning baby,” you say sweetly.

He yawns and streches his arms, “Good Morning, love.” He kissed your forehead.

“Um… Scott?” You nervously traced his tattoo on his chest.

“Yes baby?” he cooed, rubbing your shoulder.

“About last night…, I just want you to know that I’d never cheat on you. It’s just…, it was an innocent dance that’s all. I just wanted a dance partner,” You blurted out.

Now Scott feels bad for how he acted, his eyes went soft.

“Oh I’m sorry for how I acted last night, I was too hard on you and I didn’t give you a chance to explain. Please forgive me baby, I let my feelings control me.”

“All is forgiven,” you kiss his lips, “plus, I liked a part of how you acted last night,” you giggle.

“Oh yeah?” He whispered against your face, nipping at your bottom lip.

Safe to say the two of you had some fun that morning.


*later that day*

You were in the kitchen with Scott, the both of you finishing the dishes after lunch.

“Alexa! Play (your fav song),” he smiled.

Your eyes immediately darted to him, beaming with joy, “What’s all this? How did you know?” You smiled greatly as the song started to play.

“I had a hunch that it was your favorite, I want to be your dance partner. Teach me baby,” he placed his hands in position.

You almost cried from how cute this was, you giggled and got in position, “I love you.”

He planted a kiss on your lips, “I love you more.”

And before you knew it, you had a dance partner on your hands.


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Social media is like theater, people act in a play, while we watch. What is behind the curtain is often not as desirable as what is seen on stage. You will see rich, happy people in beautiful locations and modern, gorgeous homes but you won’t see them waiting long periods for flights, what their rent costs, what they do off camera and the many hidden things that keep the show going on. Sure, you will get a motivational speech here and a get rich quick plan there, but nothing really helpful. They may tell you to invest in land or do drop shipping and not mention how to earn the money needed to invest in the land or how to do the marketing and advertising needed for a successful drop shipping business. Do not try to be like others, because we may never know how they got to be where they are, instead, be the best you that you can be. The love of Jesus can help you get there.

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To be honest, being forced to stay inside was a blessing and a curse. I am an introvert by heart. My own space gives me comfort and calm. Inside those four walls, I spent two and a half months of my life. It wasn’t productive besides school work. I did not finish the novel I had been working on for almost a year –and I don’t think I will before summer ends–. I didn’t publish anything here because I wasn’t worth to my eyes. I just existed.

I walked around at the university when the stars aligned. Aka, when the weather, the laundry situation and my mental state was coordinated. Besides that my daily walk was going to Park Eat on the campus to get my dinner. I would call my mum at that time. She was doing some cleaning or making food. We would chat or video chat and she would keep me company while I ate my dinner. I think that was the part of my messed up routine that I miss now that I am back home. Walking to the university with the singing birds laying on the trees.

Talking about messed up routine. My bedtime was between 3 - 4 am. I had never seen so many sunrises in such a short time. Most of my night time would be trying to be creative just to fail and sleep all morning. My breakfast was more of a brunch at 1 pm. I had my eight hours of sleep… just a little bit off.

But what quarantine truly gave was the consolidation of two growing obsessions: BTS and star wars. I had been listening to BTS for a year now. The happiness that the band gave me was something else. Musical theatre, twenty-one pilots and BTS were the tunes that kept me company during the lockdown. And Star Wars, this was completely Tiktok’s fault. The amount of cosplay, memes, and Kylo Ren edits made me love the universe more. And my emo virgin boy Kylo.

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