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Word of the Day: смочь

смочь /smot͡ɕ/ verb, perfective – to be able, to manage

Я захотела и смогла сделать то, что раньше у меня не получалось. I wanted and I managed to do what I couldn’t before. 

С- is, among other meanings, a prefix for “having something done”, for executing a task, exhausting the problem to its limits 

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“Please start paying attention to these slogans, because they have a meaning and purpose.

Notice that Trump NEVER tweets, “RULE OF LAW!” Only “LAW & ORDER!” Why and what’s the difference?

“Rule of law” means that the law is the bar, and it is above EVERYONE. That includes looters, the police, the rich, the poor, politicians, the President. *Anyone* who crosses it is accountable.

“Law & Order,” by contrast, is about hierarchy. There are people who are disorderly, and it is the job of those in power to put them “back in their place.” In an “Law &Order” framework, people with power/authority can’t, by definition, be “disorderly,” because they are restoring order

So if LAW & ORDER is about hierarchy…which hierarchy is that? Hey, remember MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? Let’s see…when was it “great,” according to Trump & Co.? 🤔 Yeah it’s that hierarchy

The “Law & Order” framework and accompanying hierarchy also allows for selective exceptions to be made when they clash — e.g., pardons. In other words, with, say, Roger Stone, the authorities overreached: In his case, the FBI were jackbooted thugs who got out of control

That is consistent when you view Law and Order as reinforcing hierarchy: Stone has power and is close to authority, so obviously “order” being imposed on him is a mistake. Get it?

A Rule of Law framework implies *equal* justice, and it’s why Trump and his ilk don’t like it — you can’t make exceptions for your friends or reinforce a vision of an ideal, hierarchical social structure

So basically when Trump tweets LAW & ORDER, he’s engaging in Pavlovian conditioning to allow him to tag the people (blacks, Democrats, etc) who need to be “locked up” and also where his pals and others get a Get Out of Jail free card.”-Asha Rangappa

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português español

0. zero - cero
1. um - uno
2. dois - dos
3. três - tres
4. quatro - cuatro
5. cinco - cinco
6. seis - seis
7. sete - siete
8. oito - ocho
9. nove - nueve
10. dez - diez
11. onze - once
12. doze - doce
13. treze - trece
14. quatorze - catorce
15. quinze - quince
16. dezesseis - dieciséis
17. dezessete - diecisiete
18. dezeoito - dieciocho
19. dezenove - diecinueve
20. vinte - veinte
21. vinte e um - veintiuno
22. vinte e dois - veintidós
23. vinte e três - veintitrés
24. vinte e quatro - veinticuatro
25. vinte e cinco - veinticinco
26. vinte e seis - veintiséis
27. vinte e sete - veintisiete
28. vinte e oito - veintiocho
29. vinte e nove - veintinueve

From here, numbers follow the same format as the 20′s for Portuguese and as the 30′s for Spanish

30. trinta - treinta

31. trinta e um - treinta y uno
32. trinta e dois - treinta y dos

40. quarenta - cuarenta
50. cinquenta - cincuenta
60. sessenta - sesenta
70. setenta -  setenta
80. oitenta - ochenta
90. noventa - noventa

100. cem - cien

please let me know if any mistakes

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十 –shí


  • 我妹妹今年十岁 –wǒ mèimei jīnnián shí suì

My younger sister is ten years old
Mi hermana menor tiene 10 años

你康复了, 我十分高兴 – nǐ kāngfùle, wǒ shí fèn gāoxìng

I’m very pleased that you’ve recovered
Estoy muy contento de que te hayas recuperado

  • 这个小伙子干劲十足 – zhège xiǎohuǒzi gān jìn shízú

This young man is full of energy
Este muchacho esta lleno de energía

  • 人生很难会有十全十美的 – rénshēng hěn nán huì yǒu shíquánshíměi de

It’s hard to be perfect in life
Es difícil ser perfecto en la vida

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Learn Basic Geography in English: Rivers

Learn lots of English Geography Vocabulary relating to rivers! Check out my channel and subscribe for lots more useful content! 

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вникать /vnʲɪˈkatʲ/ verb, imperfective – to delve into a problem, to dive into details, to go to the heart of smth. 

Он вникает в самую суть этих проблем. He goes to the very heart of these challenges. 

The prefix в- means “into”, “inside”. Вникнуть - to understand something to the core, do delve into it. 

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las vidas negras si importan black lives matter
los Afro-Americanos African Americans
la comunidad afroestadounidense the African American community
las personas de color people of color
la protesta protest (n.)
protestar to protest (v.)
los manifestantes protesters
la marcha march (n.)
marchar to march (v.)
luchar to fight
las pancartas signs
el movimiento movement
los derechos civiles civil rights
la paz peace
el disturbio riot
la violencia violence
la vida life
la muerte death
morir to die
la justicia justice
la injusticia injustice
el racismo racism
la gente, el pueblo people
la policía police
la brutalidad policial police brutality
las armas guns
la seguridad safety
la herida injury
ayudar to help
gritar to shout
llorar to cry
sentir to feel
los medios sociales social media
la influencia influence
la audiencia audience
I hope this is useful for helping, supporting, & educating the people in your community, regardless of a language barrier. This list should also help in understanding and translating Spanish-language coverage of protests
Stay safe everyone! With love from Baltimore. 🖤

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九 – jiǔ

  • 三三得九 – sān sān dé jiǔ

Three times three equals nine
Tres por tres son nueve

  • 你的九九表背熟了吗?- nǐ de jiǔjiǔbiǎo bèishú le ma?

Did you learn the multiplication table?
¿Te aprendiste las tablas de multiplicar?

  • 美国人难忘九一一  měiguó rén nánwàng jiǔyīyī

Americans will never forget what happened on September 11th
Los estadounidenses nunca olvidarán lo que pasó el 11 de septiembre

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обрадоваться /ɐˈbradəvət͡sə/ verb, perfective – to get excited, to rejoice, to be glad, to be happy

Я так обрадовалась, узнав, что ты возвращаешься. I was so happy when I heard you were coming back.


Prefix о(б)- shows, among other things, that the action naturally reached its peak. Without this prefix, the verb would be imperfective and mean a lasting emotion, not a spike of happiness.  

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