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#voice from beyond
“You have to go!” From Malekith
Muse A is trapped in rubble and Muse B is has to leave them to die.
Tumblr media
It’s not fair. It’s not fair.
Then again, when was life ever fair, Emily thought. Just as she had her only family again, she would lose it. What was worse is that she was so useless, not able to save the man she called Father.
But if she died, Malekith would never forgive her and she knew that. One of them had to survive. One of them had to make sure that the Time Lords, even if he denied he even was one, still clung on.
Who knew, maybe he would regenerate and they could meet again.
“I’m sorry.” she didn’t bother to hide her sob “I’m so sorry.”
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ultra-violet-heart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kimetsu no Yaiba Fanbook Two, The Demon Corps Info Book, Two Specially-Drawn Manga, Part I  Interview with the Demons from Hell: Voices from Beyond the Sanzu River 
Thanking N for the commission and cleaning. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. Part II will be uploaded either tomorrow or this week.
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sunforgrace · 8 months ago
I neither find that it’s okay or necessarily believe the theory that the ending we got was a result of malicious compliance with the network, because putting effort into creating the best send off you possibly can for the ending of a 15 year long show in order to allow it to finish respectfully and demonstrate effort and appreciation for fans and it’s legacy trumps creative feelings of pettiness. I understand it could be frustrating if this was the case, believe me. But it’s not confirmed by any creative (who are all in the majority of praising the ending/pushing back against fan criticism [aside from Bobo ❤️]) and ultimately doing the best they possibly could for this story and for fans matters more than a potential “fuck you” to the network (again not at all confirmed) that in the end reads as a “fuck you” to fans. If this was a case of the CW blocking creative input in order to meet market quota, then the creatives should have endeavored to do the best they possibly could with what they were given. I highly doubt that the CW demanded that Dean specifically die on a rusty nail from being shoved by a Vampire extra, or that Cas couldn’t be mentioned more than two times, or that John must be included in Heaven, or that Dean should tell Sam, “I’m fading fast” or even demonstrate a lack of significant emotion expressed for both Cas’ loss and return that he displayed not two seasons ago (maybe the network IS that homophobic and DID shut down any potential reading of bi Dean, maybe the writers did. The ultimate result is that it was out of character and did a disrespect to both Dean and Cas). Those were story problems. Jensen confirmed the story did not change due to covid, and that when the ending was first pitched to him it “didn’t sit right with [him].” Frankly, I’m done giving credit where it’s not earned. Bobo, Misha, and Jensen clearly gave immense respect and dedication to the story arc presented in 15x18, what happened from that point on was very clearly a mess. And the argument that it could possibly be malicious compliance doesn’t make me feel assured or supported in any way.
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gorewhore-bitchboi · 3 months ago
have a comp of some nice woobie noises from Crawford. just the noises tho, if you want a suffering comp just watch the movie lol. i just wanted the noises for totally innocent reasons, really,,,, 👀
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beyondevilbestdrama · a month ago
Since this is becoming a thing on Twitter, let me try it here too 😁
Tumblr media
Mine is
10% Beyond Evil
10% Signal
10% The Guest
10% Strangers from Hell
10% Voice 1
10% Nobody Knows
10% Hot Stove League
10% Life on Mars
10% The Good Detective
10% Watcher
So, how similar are our kdrama preferences ? 🤔
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dis--parity · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
New Alex ref sheet!
Here’s a wonderful new visual reference sheet for Alex done by Mori ( @roskaarotta / @/forteangoria on twitter!) !!!!
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“I won’t leave you!” Jamily
Muse A is trapped under rubble and Muse B has to leave them to die.
Tumblr media
"James, GO!"
Her leg was trapped beneath a large piece of ceiling and from the burst of pain at each attempt to strain, Emily guessed her leg was broken at the least. There was no way she was getting free quickly. Yet, as the building continued to shake and rumble, dust falling and promising a repeat of what had happened to her, her husband refused to abandon her.
She would be touched if this wasn't so dire.
"Listen to me," she told him through teeth gritted in pain "this place is going to come down. You'll either end up trapped or I'll just slow you down. If you leave now you can still get out."
Emily didn't want to die here. If James didn't leave then they both would and she didn't want that on her conscious. Not when it would leave their children orphans.
So, she made the choice for them both. "I love you." With a scream as Emily strained with all her might, fingers splayed as she produced a shield, slamming it down hard and causing another piece of ceiling to come crumbling down. Just as she predicted, it landed squarely between her and James, cutting him off from her.
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polarcell · 4 months ago
A joenicky modern au inspired by ”I wanna learn a love song”... joe (either a single dad or in an unhappy marriage with a shitty dude like in the song) hires a penniless guitar teacher nicky to teach him how to sing and play guitar so he an sing to his kids but always gets distracted and ends up wanting to hear nicky play and sing instead every time... and then.... They fall in love...
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good-beans · 5 days ago
I just gotta say you should listen to Achilles Come Down by Gang of Youths if you get the chance
It's about someone talking someone down from suicide so if that's not for you then don't -- but wow it's just such a breathtaking song and I highly recommend it
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dis--parity · 2 months ago
well!!! i’m gonna b vibin for the rest of the night bc Just got some Good news!
basically my doctor contacted me saying that they noticed I was trans on their system and pretty much just. invited me to a consultation to a new service in my area called CMAGIC! It’s basically a service that hopes to expedite the process for people still on the gender clinic waiting list (which spans for years.....) and help them (meaning me) get things like hormones, voice feminisation, surgery referrals and hopefully name / legal gender changes!!!!
they’re gonna get back in contact with me probably soon-ish but god. i just... feel so fucking lucky omg???
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“I’m not going to leave you behind. If need be, I’ll carry you.” Mal acting like a dad what?
Tumblr media
Emily swayed on her feet. Every inch of her body seemed to ache and not for the first time she reflected that her usual method of charging in head-first was probably not the best idea. Still, Malekith was there to steady her, to pull her out when it seemed that she was going to be overwhelmed.
Perhaps there was something in him that could be a father after all.
All she could do was nod in consent to that, her knees buckling slightly. Pride told her to stand and walk herself but she also knew she couldn’t. Maybe she had to learn something about letting herself rely on others.
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bananonbinary · 4 months ago
i hope it confuses people when i mention my lutheran upbringing AND my evangelical pentacostal upbringing, because it sure confused ME to go to the pentacostal church on sunday mornings and wednesday nights and also a private ultra-conservative lutheran school where i had to memorize the catechism every day.
anyway i can confirm that basically all american protestantism is the same, it literally doesnt matter if u sing hymns or dance around with flags if u still use religion as a tool to uphold the status quo and hate minorities lol
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