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“You are reformed beyond the pale in a place you know as the Void.”
When You Saw The Void, textless version (with text) (mood music)
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THE CALL: Shurima & Void Concept Art by Rembert Montald
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"Young Star Jet MHO 2147" Is the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day of today, January 21, 2022
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🎷🐛 the way this set is viewed on most devices is one of my favorites just look at it. go on you funky little bug and play that jazz so sweetly I am ever so enamored and admiring you with the entirety of my being I am beyond emotional
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I said this already in some post, Ghost in this AU is a bittersweet villain, they are not evil, they get force to be evil, made out of Pale, Shadow and Void but if they can't controll the Shadow, they will corrupted... and going insane.
Finally post stuff about angst
Up Next: Random, random, random
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IM THE ANON THAT ASKED IF I SHOULD MANIFEST ONE THING OR MORE ONCE I GOT INTO THE VOID STATE AND I HAVE SOME NEWWSS I DID ITT AHHH i manifested everything i wanted i didnt have too many things i wanted to manifest but still LIKE EVERYTHING CAME SO QUICKLY ALL DESIRED PHYSICAL APPEAREANCES AND MONEY CAME TO ME SO QUICKLY IM SAUR HAPPYYY ik i couldve done it without the void method but i think i got too stuck in my head abt doing one thing at a time before, i hope this motivates somebody!!! <33
congrats baby!
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giveaway prize for @ gravek (twitter)
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When you stare into the infinite void, does it stare back?
Void No. 4 (The Cosmos)
 2019 commission This room guardian has a citrine crystal heart. The face is a hollow and lined in black velvet to achieve the void effect. Its back stands about 7 inches tall. It has a coat of high quality faux fur and its mane is individually layered with fur, feathers, and iridescent fibers. The neck and forelegs have a fully poseable plastic ball and socket armature. The tail has a poseable wire armature and the ears move on a ball and socket joint. All the sculpted parts are cast in resin. Support me on Patreon to see how it’s made. 
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Rosario Castellanos, tr. by Julian Palley, from Meditation on the Threshold: A Bilingual Anthology of Poetry; “Interview”
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my shadowgod of chaos and their numerous limbs
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Void - Part 7.5 - Jungkook Interlude (M)
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title banner by @rude–jude♡
Genre: Sci-fi with a little angst and a LOT of smut
Pairing: BTS x Reader (yup - all seven)
Summary: You are the only female crew member on a 12 year space mission with seven handsome men. The sexual tension is real, y’all.
Word Count: 3.7k
Part 7.5 / ?
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Warnings: explicit sexual content, poorly negotiated kink, switch!Jungkook (but mostly sub!Jungkook), some slut shaming that goes both ways, slightly dubious consent in the very beginning because she is asleep
Author's Note: So this was originally intended to be the opening scene of Chapter 8, but then it got longer and smuttier than I was expecting, so I thought it would work better as a short stand-alone update. But be warned that it is significantly shorter than my typical Void chapters and Jungkook is the only member we see. I hope you enjoy it!
Crickets chirp and a soft breeze rustles through the grass when something brushes against your cheek. You twist away, rolling over in your sleeping bag. The sounds of a summer night back home fill your ears, just enough to drown out the mechanical noises of the ship. Again, something touches your cheek, running down the side of your face and caressing along your jawbone. You scrunch up your face in annoyance and hear a soft chuckle.
It’s a hand caressing your face, more insistent now. A finger traces around your ear, then glides down your cheek and across your lip. Your lips tickle and when you lick them, your tongue brushes across the rough pad of a large thumb.
You open your eyes to find your youngest crew member floating in front of you in the darkness, illuminated by a sliver of light from the hall, his dark hair fanning out slightly in the zero-g.
“Jungkook?” you mumble, rubbing your eyes. “What is it?” He’s dressed in his sleep clothes: a plain white t-shirt with grey sweatpants slung low on his hips. He smiles as he cups your jaw and tilts your face up to look at him.
“It’s Tuesday,” he whispers. You open your mouth to object about the ungodly hour, but he takes the opportunity to pop his thumb right between your lips. You suck on it automatically, too tired to entirely process what is happening right now.
He chuckles again, pulling himself closer to you. Saliva pools in your mouth as you taste his skin. His body heat is warm enough to reach you even through your sleeping bag. He leans in and places a soft kiss right below your ear, sending shivers up and down your spine. “That’s it,” he whispers in your ear. A surge of arousal courses through you as he pulls himself flush against you.
You gasp as he pulls his thumb from between your lips and drags a wet line over your jaw and down your neck. His hand is warm. “What time is it?” you ask.
He stares at your lower lip, pulling it down just slightly with his thumb. “Almost six,” he answers. Then he kisses you.
Jungkook kisses you like he’s trying to breathe you in, like all the air was sucked from his lungs and you are his oxygen. It’s intoxicating, makes you feel light-headed. He inhales you so deeply, he steals your breath from you.
With the gravity off, your feet float in the air. But Jungkook’s own gravitational field seems to be bringing him closer and closer to you. His whole body presses along you as he wraps you in his arms.
The sleep pod is still dark. All you hear is his deep breathing and then, the unzipping of your sleeping bag. With one arm wrapped around your waist, Jungkook’s other hand begins sneaking its way into the open zipper. His fingers brush across your bare stomach.
“Where is your shirt?” he teases. In the haze of sleep and drunk off his kisses, you can’t remember. Where is your shirt? Where are your pants? Jungkook’s fingers reach your bare thigh. “No pants either…” He laughs softly.
“Oh shit.” Your stomach lurches as you realize where you left your shirt. “Wait.” You break away from Jungkook to catch your breath. “My shirt…”
“You remember now?” Jungkook laughs, pulling a small white bundle out of the pocket of his pants. “You left it hanging over the kitchen camera.”
Your ears burn as you snatch your shirt from his hands. “Sorry,” you mutter.
“Quite a scandalous thing to do, leaving your clothing strewn all over the ship.” Jungkook licks his lips. “Sends quite the message to everyone.”
Your heart skips a beat. The throbbing sensation that rushes through you is a confusing mix of guilt, arousal, and embarrassment all at once. “I didn’t…”
“Didn’t what?” Jungkook asks, pulling himself closer again, arms wrapping around your waist. “Didn’t ask me to fuck you?”
No… you definitely did that.
His hands are back inside your sleeping bag. “Didn’t strip your clothes off and spread your legs right in front of my ramen?”
Nope, did that too.
“Didn’t beg Jin to fuck you on the kitchen table?” He starts massaging the groove where your thighs meet your ass. “Didn’t demand that Yoongi and I stay to watch?”
Everything is too warm and there is a slight ringing in your ears. “Yeah, I did, but… but I’m not…”
“Not what? Not a dirty girl who wants to fuck her whole crew?”
You shake your head, but he continues.
“C’mon…” he urges as his fingers breach inside your underwear. “Tell me what a slut you are.”
“JEON JUNGKOOK!” You roar, pushing him off you so hard he smacks into the door behind him, the zero-g making your repulsion of him appear that much more forceful. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
His eyes are wide with shock as he holds on to the door, staying as far out of your personal space as possible. “I, uh…”
“You cannot speak to me like that! You have no right! What do you think you’re doing?!”
“Oh shit. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He pants, shaking his head. “I didn’t mean-”
“I’m not your personal…”  You wave your hands trying to choose the right word. Not his personal slut. Not his whore. Not his sex slave. You can’t bear to say any of them outloud. Can’t bear that it would need to be said out loud. “I’m not here for you to just do whatever you want with! I outrank you! And I was sleeping! What the fuck?”
“Shit. I’m sorry. I know that. Shit.” His eyes turn shiny as they begin to water. “But Yoongi…”
Rage rolls through you. “Don’t you dare fucking talk to me about Yoongi. He would never. He would never treat me like that. Ever.”
Jungkook straightens his shoulders. “Hold on, now what are you talking about? Cause I saw the video. I didn’t say anything to you that he didn’t.”
And then Namjoon’s voice is in your in-ear. “Gravity powering on in three.”
You and Jungkook stare at each other, breathing heavily as Namjoon counts down. The main overhead lights click on, illuminating the sleep pod in faux daylight. You wrestle your shirt over your head and climb out of your sleeping bag, grabbing your jumpsuit and pulling it up over your bare legs. By the time the countdown is over, you are fully dressed.
The gravity kicks in and Jungkook slides down the wall to the floor. “Fuck,” he sighs. “I’m really sorry.” He rubs his eyes with his hands. “I thought you’d be into it.” He swallows, before looking up at you again.
“Yeah, well, I wasn’t.” You cross your arms, trying to quiet down the little part of you that wants to admit that actually you were into it, until suddenly you weren’t.
Jungkook groans, looking pained. “I’m so sorry.”
You’re unsure what to say. You want to say it’s okay, except it isn’t okay. But you feel much more in control and much less vulnerable now that you’re fully clothed and he’s on the floor. You sigh and hug your arms around yourself.
He stands up and brushes himself off. “I’ll go.” He turns and puts a hand on the door. Without looking at you, he adds “I understand if you want to rescind the HR form.” His shoulders slump and he looks so defeated.
It reminds you of how you found him slumped over his helmet in the airlock.
“Jungkook, wait.”
He looks back over his shoulder, eyebrows raised.
“Can we just talk for a second?”
He nods, turning back around, hands up.
“Why do you keep doing things like this?” you ask.
His brow furrows. “Things like what?”
“All these grand unexpected gestures. Trying to kiss me in the airlock and now sneaking into my sleep pod. Why do you keep assuming you know what I want? Why don’t you ask me rather than ambush me?”
He tilts his head to the side skeptically. “You would just… tell me?”
You can’t help laughing a little. He looks like a confused puppy dog. “Well, yeah…” You lean against the far wall of your sleep pod.
“No, no, no…” he shakes his head. “Don’t pretend you’ve been all straight-forward and easy to understand about this. I confessed my feelings for you and you had a panic attack. You asked me to have sex with you in the kitchen, then ran off and had sex with Jin instead.”
You cross your arms. “I had a panic attack because something I thought was private had been shared with my whole crew.”
“The video…” he grimaces. “And I just threw that in your face again…” He closes his eyes and pinches his brow with his hand. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re just so hot and I …”
“What? You think I’m hot?”
Now he laughs. “Yes, of course, what do you think I’m trying to do here?”
“No, I mean, I know you want to fuck me. But that’s not the same thing.”
“I think you’re beautiful. And hot. And I do want you. But I also think I’m in love with you.”
You are surprised and confused that his feelings seem to be the same that they were weeks ago in the airlock.
“I know you think that’s ridiculous,” he mutters.
“Well…” you stumble over your words, unsure what to say next. “Well, it’s just that you were never interested in me on Earth. So this all seems a bit sudden.”
“You do know it’s been two years since we left Earth right?”
“What’s your point?”
“That it’s not that sudden.”
You frown. He has a point.
“Wait…” he says, staring off into space as he has a revelation. “Were you into me on Earth?”
“Well…” You cough nervously. “I mean… look at you. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t want to jump you immediately?”
“Yes!” Jungkook objects. “You, for instance.”
“Oh no…” you laugh nervously. “I’ve always thought you were hot. I had quite the crush on you our first few months on board.”
“What?! You did?” Jungkook presses his hands to his temples like he’s trying to keep all his thoughts inside his head. “But you never… we could have... why didn’t you say something?”
“I wasn't supposed to be interested in you! I wasn't supposed to be interested in any of you! I’m still not supposed to be doing any of this!”
Jungkook stares wide-eyed at the floor, trying to process everything.
Looking to break the tension you add, “and plus you did eat the last of my chocolate. Not sure I can forgive you for that.”
Jungkook looks shocked, then laughs slightly in relief before collapsing to his knees in mock penance. “I thought it was communal!” he whines. “It was in the pantry. Why would you put it in the pantry?”
“Cause that’s where we keep the food, you idiot!”
The two of you stare at each other again but this time the anger evaporates. You both burst into laughter, you leaning back against the wall of the sleep pod to keep yourself upright, him on his knees in front of you.
As your laughter subsides, his eyes transition from crinkled with laughter to more serious, tinged with a bit of longing. “Would it be okay if I kissed you again?” he asked. “Just once?”
“Just once?” You put a finger to your lips, making a big show of thinking it over, enjoying the shift in the power dynamic. “If I let you kiss me like that again, I don’t think I’d be able to stop at just once.”
He bounces slightly on his heels. “So can I kiss you again many times?”
“No…” you tease. “Not yet.”
“Please…” He clasps his hands together dramatically in front of his chest. “Please tell me what I need to do to kiss you again.”
A mischievous idea runs through your brain as he kneels in front of you. “You want me to tell you what to do?” His pupils dilate.  “Do you want instructions?”
He licks his lips, nods.
A new thrill surges through you. Arousal, but without the usual accompanying embarrassment and guilt. Power floods through you. Power to do what you really want to do in this moment.
“Okay. Take off your shirt.”
He grabs the hem of his shirt, standing up as he goes to pull it over his head.
“Ah, ah, ah,” you correct, pointing your finger down at the ground. “Stay there.”
He kneels right back down and excitement rushes up from your belly again.
“Oh you’re mean,” he whines, but he stays put.
“Maybe you like that I’m a little mean,” you tease.
His face breaks into a wide shocked grin. “Maybe I do,” he admits as he tosses his shirt to the side.
You whistle long and low as you take in the glory of him laid out in front of you. Lean, strong, his perfect six-pack abs tapering down to his thin waist. “See?” you tease. “How could anyone resist that?”
He groans, hands sliding up and down his thighs. “God, I want you so badly,” he mumbles. “Ever since I saw that video, it’s all I can think about.”
“Ah yes, the video…” An idea strikes you. “where I’m naked and blindfolded and you can watch me touch myself.” He squirms in his kneeling position on the floor. Goosebumps spread over his bare chest. “That video?”
He nods, large eyes staring up at you unblinking.
“And what if that’s what I want from you.”
His eyes get impossibly wider. “You mean, I’m the one who's naked and blindfolded?”
You nod. “And I can watch you touch yourself.”
“Yeah, okay.” He nods back. “Do you have a blindfold?”
You look around your pod, but don’t find much. “Close your eyes,” you say and he does so. With his eyes closed, you unzip your jumpsuit and take off your tank top again, leaving you in your bra and panties once more, but much less vulnerable.
You roll the shirt into a tube shape before stepping close to him. He radiates heat as you wrap the shirt around his head, pulling the hem through the armholes to cinch it tight around his eyes.
He inhales, licks his lips. “It smells like you. Smells good.” He reaches out his arms to touch you, but you jump out of his way.
“Ah, ah, ah,” you tease again. “No touching.”
He pouts. “I can’t touch you at all?”
“Only if you’re good for me.” Your heart races with exuberance as he nods again, so eager to do what you ask of him.
“So now you want me to…” His hand slides down over the front of his soft sleep pants, resting over the bulge underneath, already more prominent than it was moments ago.
“Touch yourself.” Your voice comes out all breathless as you say it.
“Over the pants or under them?” he asks. You smile at how badly he wants to be told exactly what to do.
“Over them,” you instruct. “Slowly.” You lean back to enjoy the view.
His breath comes in shallow pants as he grips himself through the grey cloth of his sweatpants. You can see his whole cock now, sheathed in grey. He wraps his hand around it, so you can see the entire length of it. His thumb rubs slowly up and down right below the head. The small wet spot that appears at the tip makes your mouth water.
“Pull down your pants,” you command, unable to disguise your enthusiasm. “I want to see you.”
He pulls them down just far enough for him to be able to free his cock. He has no underwear on, just the sleep pants.
“No underwear?” you ask and he nods. “Now who’s the slut?” you tease.
He groans as a spurt of pre-cum trails from the tip of his dick.
You grin. “You really do like it when I’m mean to you, huh?”
He chuckles. “I really do. More than expected. Keep going.”
“Mmm…” You would really like to slip your fingers into your underwear, but you resist, wanting to keep your wits about you as best you can. “Should I tell you about all the other men I fucked on this ship before you?”
“Oh god…” He pants as he rubs the palm of his hand over his dick, smearing the precum across the head.
“Let’s see…” you continue. “You already know about the video. But you probably don’t know I blew Yoongi in the greenhouse.”
“You did?” He grips himself again and begins stroking up and down.
“Mmhmm,” you answer, smiling fondly at the memory. “It was so good he cried.”
Jungkook groans again, stroking slowly up and down his length.
“Would you like that?” you tease. “Would you like my mouth on your cock right now?”
“Please…” he begs.
“Maybe next time,” you say. The noise of combined frustration and arousal that leaves him makes you pulse with your own want. “It’s too bad. Jimin says I have a very talented mouth.”
He grunts, hand speeding up slightly.
“Slowly, slowly,” you chastise and he whines, but obeys, slowing his pace. “And of course, I fucked Jimin right here. Several times.”
“Mmm…” Every time he strokes himself the muscles in his forearm tense and it does something to you. “I could hear you,” he says.
“Could you?” You step closer to him, so you’re looking down on him. “Did you like listening to me fucking him? Did you get off on it?”
He whines and shakes his head, seemingly embarrassed.
“It’s okay if you did. I fantasized about it, you know.” You lean over him to say this right near his ear. “With him inside me. I hoped you were listening in. I hoped you were getting off to the sound of us.”
He bites his lip, unoccupied hand clenching at his side.
“Did you touch yourself to the idea of me fucking someone else?”
“Mmph…” his hands are trembling and he nods ever so slightly.
“What a pervert,” you tease.
He gasps, letting go of himself entirely. His erection stays straight up, rock hard and desperate. “God, I want you so badly. I’m so close. Could you please touch me? Just a little? Just a finger? Please?”
The way he begs sets your whole soul on fire. “What if I wanted you to fuck me?”
His hips thrust upward on their own and he whines again.
You need him inside you. To watch him fully come undone. “Will you fuck me Jungkook? Please?”
Pleas spill from his lips. “Oh god, please, yes please...” His hands reach out, searching for you.
You straddle him, feet on either side of his bent knees. You pick up his hands and place them on either side of your hips. “Hands stay here the whole time,” you instruct. “If you move them, everything stops.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He nods vigorously.
You’re still wearing your underwear, but you slide the crotch of the panties to the side, just enough to expose your cunt. You place your hands on his shoulders and begin to ease yourself down toward his cock, ready and waiting.
“Wait, wait,” he says, gripping tightly to your hips and stopping your descent.
“What is it?”
He pants. “I’ve never been inside someone without a condom before.”
Your cunt pulses with enthusiasm. “Do you want to stop?”
“No, no,” he shakes his head fervently. “I just.. I might not last very long.”
“That’s okay,” you laugh, realizing this is the third time you’ve had this same conversation with these touch-starved men. “No one does.”
“Yeah, okay, please.”
You sink onto him slowly. His legs tremble as you make him feel every single inch. He’s long and rock hard and fills you so very very well.
“Goddamn,” you sigh, rocking back and forth to feel him stretch you out. “Even your dick is perfect.”
“Shit, shit, shit,” he grimaces. “So good. Shit.”
You squeeze tightly around him, delighting at the way he nearly doubles over in pleasure. You press your heels into the floor and ease yourself up and back down again. His hand squeeze tightly to your hips. You don’t want him to last. You want him to break.
You lean in close to his ear and whisper, “You can come inside me too.” You pair it with another firm squeeze around him.
He gasps and grits his teeth, hips bucking upward again.
You laugh, bouncing up and down again. “I don’t mean right this second…”
“Too late.” He groans, hands gripping tightly to your waist as his whole body tenses. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he moans as he pulses inside of you.
He collapses his head on your shoulder, panting. “I am so sorry I ate your chocolate.”
You laugh with delight, removing his blindfold and tousling his hair. He blinks, shaking his head. Then laughs. He cups your face in his hands and kisses you again. It still feels like he’s trying to breathe you in and it still leaves you breathless.
You both keep laughing and kissing as he slowly slips out of you. When you stand up, you are pleased to discover that it is his clothes that are a mess instead of yours.
“Can I please, please get you off?” he asks. “Anyway you want?”
“Sorry...” You glance at your watch. “I have work to do. This was fun though.” You use the discarded blindfold/tanktop to clean yourself up before slipping back into your jumpsuit. No one needs to know if you don’t happen to wear a shirt today.
He whines, but starts to clean himself up. “Will I see you later?”
“Probably,” you laugh. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”
“Okay,” he tucks himself back into his pants. “I’ll see you later then.”
“See you later, Jungkook.” You give him one last kiss in the middle of his forehead, then step out into the hall, feeling in control for the first time in a long time.
Part 8 coming soon!
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Void playing with bread.
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You know who loves you, and who hates you, and it is beautiful and of no shock. (x)
based off a piece of creative writing my significant other wrote 💖 the entire comic bleeds into and connects with itself - you can see the full image on Patreon (pls view the full thing it’s not meant to be cut up like this)
Patreon | Insta | Twitter | Ko-fi
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