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today’s shape: tummy

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today’s shape: teef!

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today’s shape: Who Dares Disturb My Slumber

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today’s shape is: proximity without violence!

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today’s shape: tgif

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today’s shape: I guess this is comfortable? somehow??

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Dnd update: My character is so officially done that she’s punched 3 ghosts in the face with her flaming fists and felt nothing

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tagged by @altumvidetur !

Favorite Anime: Ooh it’s hard to choose just one. I guess FMA Brotherhood is a classic, the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is really good too, D.Gray-man got huge point for nostalgia! There’s so many good animes in general, hard to choose.

Least Favorite Anime: I don’t really have any? Generally if I don’t like something I just stop watching and let it slide toward being forgotten. I guess Sword Art Online went from something I enjoyed to something I got strong Eh :| feelings about.

Last Anime You Watched: I’ve been watching Jujutsu Kaisen recently, trying to keep up to date with the episodes, alongside So I’m a Spider, so what?. Now the last one I watched beginning to end was Lupin part 5 I think, either that or The Great Pretender.

Favorite Anime Movie: The Boy and The Beast! By Mamoru Hosoda. Second favourite is Princess Mononoke from Ghibli studio. As a rule I generally love Mamoru Hosoda’s movies though.

Anime You Cried Hardest at: Violet Evergarden! I cried like, ugly sobbing at every episodes. Yep. The end of Wolf’s Rain did make me cry quite a lot too. Most Mamoru Hosoda’s movies got a tear from me as well. Uh I guess I do tend to cry easily.

Your Comfort Anime: I do more comfort movie than anime, and it would be either Ghibli or Mamoru Hosoda. Generally Princess Mononoke, The Boy and The Beast, Summer Wars, occasionally Kiki’s delivery service, Your Name. Depends on what I feel like watching.

Favorite Anime Character: I Have A Huge Stupid Crush On Kaitou Kid. It’s the stupid grin. I’m just terribly horribly weak to character grinning. Beside him Naruto is my sunshine baby and I’ll die for him.

Shoujo or Shounen: Generally Shounen, but occasionally you can see me enjoying some Shojo anime.

If You Could Shift into an Anime Universe, Which One: I have been on a big My Hero Academia phase recently, but my little weeb heart wants to say Naruto. Else would be Pokémon.

Tagging @idontonlytalkaboutdcmk @soniclozdplove and anyone else who might want to do it I guess! (Feel free not to do it if you do not want to as well.)

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ever since i got interested in sanrio stuff i reblogged some stuff about it on a side blog nd now tumblr is recommendin me sanrio blogs nd !!!! it’s pog :D

#fun fact !! sanrio is a japanese company based thingy so not everything made by sanrio is one thing! cuz that one cartoon about the angry re#red panda was made by the sanrio company nd i’m p sure that swears !! so that wouldn’t be mixed with hello kitty nd my melody nd stuff like#that !! sanrio also owns the rights to the Peanuts in Japan :0#so like !! charlie brown nd snoopy nd lucy nd sally nd linus nd the others !!#i dunno much about anythin else tho cuz i just did a quick skim of a lil article :0c#i rlly like kero keropi nd my melody- simply because they are cute djjdjdjdjjd#i think pusheen cat is under sanrio too !! i’m not 100% sure but yeah !#sanrio owns a lotta cute stuff#i found a hello kitty cartoon on youtube a few months ago— i hope it’s still there cuz i wanna continue watchin it !!#there’s also this one thing with my melody nd i rlly rlly wanna know what it is but i can’t figure out what it is#it looks like it’d be from some sort video gameee#i wonder if the banana cat anime is also under sanrio :00#i dunno if it would be- but it’s cute so i wouldn’t doubt it#i think it was called bananyas?#i dunno- there were around ten episodes when i watched it nd all of the episodes were p short !!#i got my friend Katelyn a plushie for it two (??) years ago for her birthday ! i wish i got myself one D:#the void randomly rambles#i dunno what type of mood im in other than i rlly like sanrio nd cute things hdjdjdhjdbndh#am cuddlin my three big plushies :0 i have a shark nd a unicorn nd a frog !! they’re all big nd are soft
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I’m just sitting in a mostly empty target parking lot, eating my salad, and two cars just pulled up next to me!

Each one also has a girl eating their lunch. I am both angry and enjoying it a little. We’ve all locked eyes.

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