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Wild Cinder Theory For Volume 8

Volume 8 is currently just around the corner and Cinder’s appearance in the latest trailer has many speculating that this might be her most important yet. I for one would like to share one I have had for a few months now.

That Cinder will be given the opportunity to turn against Salem, and will not take it.

As for why I have this theory I go to her inspirations not linked to the Cinderella story, but I will come back to them. Dragon Ball and Avatar The Last Airbender are two obvious inspirations in RWBY and if anything that’s very obvious in Cinder, who could be considered Vegeta and Zuko’s hybrid mutant descendant. Both characters have one thing in common some forget. While main characters in their stories a great deal of time passes before either was truly heroic. And in that time both when the opportunity to face their demons and choose to help the heroes or succumb to them for their own self-interests they chose selfishness. For Vegeta this meant selling his soul to Babidi for the power and chance to fight Goku, for Zuko turning his back on Katara and his uncle to regain his lost honor. And the consequences for both were dire, the ancient monster Buu was unleashed just as a firm lid was about to be put on it, and the Earth Kingdom the greatest military presence facing the Fire Nation fell.

It’s not hard to see the parallels between Salem, Atlas and Ruby in there.

Another thing is that doing so made the things they sold out themselves and the heroes turned out to be meaningless. Vegeta’s power was already exceeded by Goku and the unleashed Buu destroyed everything Vegeta had created a new life with. Zuko realized that his father’s honor and approval was not what he had truly wanted all along. Only then did they turn their lives around and end the evil that they had once helped create.

All in all I believe that Cinder will one day join the heroes to stop Salem. But it’s not this volume and it will have a false start. Now getting back to the Cinderella story. When Cinderella did her Stepmother’s bidding and succeeded against all odds she was still cast down. Something I can see happening to Cinder as despite succeeding in her tasks could be left behind as Salem has something more important to do.

So I believe that Cinder will be given a mission and against all odds succeed by choosing Salem over the Heros but still not gain the respect and validation she wanted and end the volume seeking out the heroes to stop Salem.

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I don’t have a lot of predictions for V8, but there are a few things I would not be surprised by.

1. Someone will get swallowed by the whale, and they’ll meet Emerald and Mercury inside.

2. Amity Colosseum will be used to kill the whale, on Winter’s orders.

3. Ironwood will turn against the Ace-Ops the next time they fail a mission.  We already know that they’re no longer the “Best Huntsmen in Atlas,” but without their unnatural luck, they’re going to be a lot lower on the totem pole than they thought.

4. Robyn Hill becomes the temporary leader of Atlas in the face of Ironwood’s madness, the rest of the council’s impotency, and Winter’s slow recovery.

5. Watts, Qrow, and Robyn are all sprung from jail from simultaneous unrelated jailbreaks, each group of rescuers chooses not to save Jacques when faced with the possibility.

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Without Needing To Be Onscreen: Nuckelavee (RWBY Volume 5) and N-Daguva(Kuuga)


So after a discussion of villains in media, one of the things that interested me is the appeal of villains who, for the most, part, are just chilling for a whole season yet have aspects that make them very likable. 

The ones that come to mind first are the two stated above, each from different shows. Can’t say if they are my favorites or not but going down let’s go through some of the things that make them these villains so impactful…

1. World Building



From RWBY’s, World of Remnant info, we learn how Grimm(the enemy monsters of the show) grow more intelligent the more battles they survive. The Nuckelavee adds to the specifics by having his own den where it sheds off its weapons, something that average grimm do not do. Not too mention the fact that the towns it appears in are so far away, its ability to find the way back shows its impressive senses.



The N in Daguva’s name represents his class, being highest authority of the Gurongi(the main monsters of Kuuga). We don’t understand the reasonings for his villainous goals or actions so we are led to assume that the Gurongi went insane due to the powers they obtained. However, this connects to the main protagonist whose power came from an ancient people known as the Lynt tribe. Since they had no experience in fighting, it explains why their champion, the original Kuuga, had to rely on a similar power that, when used incorrectly could result in him going berserk. 

Also think its nice touch to have Daguva’s own armor as Gurongi power ups rather than some random gems only for him to be pissed off at whoever uses them without his permission. Anyway, this actually leads me to the part of the topic.

2. Implementing Horror Genre in Power Showcase 


Before the events of the series Kuuga, N-Daguva is sealed up and opened again Mummy curse style. He then proceeds with his evil plans but not before killing all of the archeologists himself. With only bigfoot style video images. 

Later he kills 152 of his own kind just for being weak. 

Then, we get to see just how powerful he is….


This is Gooma, entering into deep bloodlust and cockiness after gaining power from one of Daguva’s pieces. 

A thing then really gets me is when a boss person who doesn’t flaunt their power on purpose shows it and takes his underling down a notch. And the show does just that…

Gooma has enough power to come close in killing the main protagonist yet against Daguva…

he gets destroyed so easily by an attack from the N-class Gurongi that can be seen miles away. The current Kuuga and main protagonist, Godai Yusuke, doesn’t come face to face with Daguva but understands, along with the police, the threat they may have to face in the future by simply witnessing Gooma’s corpse. 

Kamen Rider Kuuga is a pretty early show but had the horror genre down probably more so then seasons of Kamen Rider later on. 

Especially, in the last two episodes where it takes out the usual upbeat tense music that usually is. 


Before the eventual  flashback we get, we get to see the Nuckleavee footprint, having a symbol that invokes great impact for Ren and Nora.

In this flashback, Similar to Daguva, the Nucklavee’s first appearances are shrouded, in this case by black smoke. Something RWBY excels in is horror genre backstories. 


It can also be assumed the Nuckleavee just decided to attack on its own and the other grimm just followed since we don’t see other grimm until later and Ren’s father only mention about this grimm invading only.  This shows how despite it not being the biggest grimm, it usually doesn’t require a pack. 

Also this is one of the few Grimm that we really get to seem adapt in-fight against the group, messing with its own body in new ways to attack them. 

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