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Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks
Text ID: Where can I hide in this January?
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Hope is the last to die: how Nadezhda Yakovlevna saved Osip Mandelshtam’s poems
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If we can still read the Voronezh Notebooks, it’s because the courage and perseverance of Nadezhda Yakovlevna Mandelshtam (nee Khazina) who, for love, learnt by heart every single lines written by her husband, Osip Emilevich Mandelshtam, in order to transcribe them; who, for love, travelled throughout the whole Russia to run away from being arrested and so saving the few manuscripts left (which many of them were destroyed, got lost, or stolen by the Rudakovs), including during World War Two German invasion in Russia; who, for love, was able to spread Mandelshtamks poetry collections via Samizdat and managed to, after several attempts, make rehabilitate his husbands name. A love that in Nadezhda’s memoir seems imperfect but it’s stronger than Stalin’s regime, than censorship, than hunger; a love that overcame death. Love for Osip and his works, for culture, for freedom. It doesn’t seem a coincidence that her name is Nadezhda, which means “hope” in Russia and, indeed, she had never surrendered to fear because she hoped sooner or later her husband’s books could be published officially again. Nadezhda Yakovlevna collected and saved from war and secret police partly for Mandelshtam’s archive, hiding the manuscripts inside pans or sewing them to pillowcases, learning by heart her husband’s verses in the night of during her night shift in a textile factory (where she worked after Mandelshtam’s death, during her pilgrimage to run way from NKVD, and before getting a job as English language teacher). But Nadezhda didn’t only save the poems, she writes in her memoir: «I am now faced with a new task, and am not quite sure how to go about it. Earlier it was all so simple: my job was to preserve M.'s verse aod tell the story of what happened to us. The events concerned were outside our control»[1]. During Khrushchev’s era, she wrote three memoir books, Vospominaya, Vtoraya kniga e Kniga tretya (further a critical book on Osip’s poems, Kommentarii k stikham), first published in the US, the first under the title of Hope Against Hope in 1970, and the second one as Hope Abandoned, in 1974. In these memoirs she tells about her husband, the poetic work, the last years of Mandelshtam’s life with poignancy and much resolution, the horrible years of Stalinian Terror, nor missing to scold those intellectuals who committed to the socialist realism and bureaucrats but understanding the people, who ere in turn victims of fear and poverty. Her memoirs are «a scream of pain suffered for decades», pages that tell not only Nadezhda and Osip’s life together, but that also enlighten the abyss where they fell into. Those pages is a scream of hope after much silence and the continuation of Osip Mandelshtam’s testimony. Nadezhda moved her lips for him, when he couldn’t do this anymore.
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Nadezhda Yakovlevna didn’t limit herself to this: she edited the Samizdat edition of the last Mandelshtam’s works, even though she wanted her husband’s poetry would have been published officially. She realised how huge was the circulation of this clandestine edition and she got surprised, because, despite the education system designed to affirm the socialist realism as the lonely critical canon, despite the censorship, the discrimination against a certain group of intellectuals and the destruction of the intelligentsia, «new readers come into being before our very eyes, but to understand how it happened is quite impossible. All one can say is that it came about against all the odds. The whole educational system was geared to preventing the appearance of such readers»[2]. Poetry can’t die because it’s life itself, because there will be always someone who manages to save and transcribed verses, including during terror, because it’s only in this way we can protect our Ego when everything is divided in indefinite “us” and “them”.
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During Khrushchev era, Nadezhda understood something was changing and several names there weren’t published any longer, got rehabilitated. Osip Emileivich Mandelshtam’s name appeared only in samizdat and many didn’t dare to pronounce it yet; his name too should have been rehabilitated because he was arrested and condemned while he didn’t commit a crime, and so Nadezhda Yakovlevna, in the middle of the 50s, tried to get Mandelshtam rehabilitated, meeting Aleksey Surkov several times, poet and prominent figure of the Union of Soviet Writers. In 1956, Osip Mandelshtam will have been cleared from the accuse of “counterrevolutionary activities” of 1938, but only in 1987, during Gorbachëv’s administration, his name was completely rehabilitated and cleared from all the charges. Still through Surkov’s help, in 50s, Nadezhda tried to get published all Mandelshtam’s works officially. If Surkov was optimistic, many times the Party denied this idea, especially after the “Zhivago affaire”; Mandelshtam kept being a controversial name. Official publication of Mandelshtam’s work happened only in 90s. Nadezhda Mandelshtam died in 29th December 1980; after ten years her death, in 1990, the Voronezh Notebooks appeared in a complete and official edition in Moscow. «My odd experience, that as witness to poetic work, tells me it’s impossible to put a foot in the throat, it’s impossible to put a muzzle. It’s one of the most sublime human expression, bringer of universal armonies, and it can’t be anything else»[3].
Viviana Rizzo
[1] MANDELSHTAM, N.J., Hope Abandoned, New York, Atheneum, 1974, p. 3
[2] Ivi, p. 9
[3] «La mia strana esperienza, quella di testimone del lavoro poetico, mi dice che è impossibile mettergli un piede sulla gola, impossibile infilargli la museruola. È una delle espressioni più sublimi dell'uomo, portatore di armonie universali, né altro può essere», in MANDEL’ŠTAM, N. J., L’epoca e i lupi. Memorie, with an introduction by Clarence Brown, trans. Ita by Giorgio Kraiski, Milano, Mondadori, 1971, p. 221
1. FRISIA, A., “Coraggio e poesia. Osip e Nadežda Mandel’štam” in Gariwo: la foresta dei Giusti, web, 30.10.2014, p. 6, https://it.gariwo.net/dl/201410300557_30%20ottobre%20Osip%20e%20Nadezda.pdf (retrieved 18 November 2020)
2. KUVAKDIN, J.,, “Ulica Mandel’štama. Povest’ o stikakh”, in Bibilioteka Aleksandra Belousenko, web, 16.11.2004, https://web.archive.org/web/20071017204834/http://belolibrary.imwerden.de/books/Kuvaldin/kuvaldin_mandelshtam.htm# (retrieved in 20 November 2020)
3. MANDELSHTAM, N.J., Hope Abandoned, New York, Atheneum, 1974
4. MANDEL’ŠTAM, N. J., L’epoca e i lupi. Memorie, with an introduction by Clarence Brown, trans. Ita by Giorgio Kraiski, Milano, Mondadori, 1971
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derangedrhythms · 5 months ago
to pass through the worlds of dreams and death,
Osip Mandelstam, The Voronezh Notebooks; from 'Eyesight of Wasps', tr. Richard & Elizabeth McKane
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memory worse than usual & couldn't recall the name of the russian city where i used to work so googled "город в котором мандельштам был в ссылке" (city where mandelshtam was in exile) because i remembered *that* from nadezhda mandelshtam's memoirs
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"Then I started slipping out of the world/ And I kept on slipping."
Osip Mandestam, from Voronezh Notebooks|| Camille Norton, Corruption: Poems; The Brado Of The Mind In Contemplation
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Transplant: After Georgia O’Keeffe’s Pelvis IV, 1944 -  William Bearhart // Supernatural 4x20 // Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks; “Rome” // Nicola Samari -  The Limits of Control // Supernatural 7x17//   Eleanor Eli Moss, “THE BOOK OF HORSE // The Void King - Kim Jakobsson // Selections & Redactions from ‘100 Bible Verses About Teeth’ - Lip Manegio 
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western religious themes present in obey me!
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[obey me! from brothers no more chat: hello from the celestial realm 2]
even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me. [psalms 41:9]
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[kiss of judas, giotto]
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[osip mandelstam, voronezh notebooks]
it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment... [hebrews 9:27]
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[obey me! lesson 12-19]
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[sinful indulgence, miura ayme]
when the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good and pleasing to the eye [...] she took some and ate it. [genesis 3:6]
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[obey me! lesson 35-19]
sinful indulgence.
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[obey me! lesson 7-14]
come now, i will test [myself] with pleasure to find out what is good. but that also proved to be meaningless. 'laughter' i said, 'is madness. and what does pleasure accomplish?' [ecclesiastes 2:1-2]
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[me and mr. wolf, the real tuesday weld]
do not let the sun go down on your anger. [ephesians 4:26]
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[close-up of the fallen angel, alexandre cabanel]
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[obey me! lesson 19-20]
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— Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks
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puthers · 6 months ago
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                                             one boy to end the war,   ( like a pig to the slaughter )
sources.   dunkirk (2017) - ilya kaminsky, a city like a guillotine shivers on its way to the neck - aeschylus, the oresteia -  john martin, the destruction of sodom and gomorrah - osip mandelstam, voronezh notebooks - reddit - miriam cahn - the return of black adam (2010) - bo burnham, all eyes on me
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finita--la--commedia · 3 years ago
And snow eyes gnaw like crisp, immaculate bread
Osip Mandelstam (1891-1938), from “The Voronezh Notebooks” (1935-1937), translated from the Russian by Tony Brenkley and Raina Kostova “И снег хрустит в глазах, как чистый хлеб, безгрешен”
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lacunademia · 4 months ago
Where can I hide in this January?
-Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks
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theoptia · a year ago
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Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks; “Rome”
Text ID: Today—angels. Tomorrow—maggots.
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phaeia · 4 months ago
“For Mandelstam, the sky (nebo) most often suggested not some paradise or heaven but sexless, inhuman, asphyxiating emptiness. The appearance of stars in his poetry indicated, as his wife, Nadezhda, pointed out, not a movement toward the eternal but the shrinking away from the essentially human and, therefore, the coming to an end of the poetic impulse. And air (vozduhk)—or rather the lack of it, one of Mandelstam’s greatest preoccupations in the Notebooks—stood in not as an animating principle, not as some cipher for the soul, but as an earthly element. It represented the most insistent of the triad of life’s physical necessities—food, water, breath—and by extension the freedom to move in a physical world.”
— Andrew Davis, “Introduction,” The Voronezh Notebooks
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themusicofwords · 2 years ago
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Voronezh Notebooks
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xemc-blog1 · 3 years ago
"The Tsar's Diary (Notes about evil spirits)"
Author: Andrei Hems
Moscow. Palace. Winter of 1696 The action begins with a masquerade ball, where all the invited retinue carelessly had fun and danced. But Tsar Peter sat on his throne in thought and with his usual stern look watched the fun taking place.
A servant approached the king and said something in his ear. Then Peter got up and left the hall. Walking along the long palace corridor, Peter opens the door and enters the office, where the ministers and generals gathered and nervously discussed something. The room was not so light because the light gave only a few candlesticks and there was a heavy smell of tobacco smoke in the air. As soon as the king entered the room, everyone was silent and stopped. The king, with his usual strict facial expression and silently sits at the table, as if knowing that the news will not be good. There is silence in the office. And then a ringing and commanding voice is heard: “Report!”
One of the generals began to talk about intelligence. Which reported on the increase in military units of the Turks and the preparation of Europe for attacking our country because of the weakening of its military forces. Considering it as a destructive threat against our power.
The general was slowly reporting this news. With each word, looking at the king and waiting for his quick-tempered and familiar reaction to such news. But Peter silently listened without giving any emotion. This silence puzzled the generals and ministers even more, as if the King had already dealt with the coming defeat. And there was no hope of avoiding the collapse of the empire. After the report in the office there was silence, which was heard only the crackling of burning oil in the lamps.
The king stood up. I went to the window and said emphatically:
“By tomorrow morning, gather my crew. And at dawn we go to Voronezh ... "
The generals and ministers were at a loss for the speech and instructions of the king.
As if he had not even heard that he was reported. And then one of the ministers decides to remind and ask about the situation. But as soon as the king began to ask him, he cut him off:
“How dare you, cross the cattle with the royal word. Al, I'm not the king nor any ??? And I don’t know what to do ??? ”Everyone was silent. Peter left the office.
Earlier, dark winter morning. The crew moves on a snowy, forest road. From the window of the royal carriage there was a dim light of candles. Peter was sitting in it and wrote something in a notebook interlaced with calf skin. It was the king's diary. Paper kept in a variety of his thoughts. Peter's record:
“In my soul, there is no peace.” Weaken people and power with him. Give them all joy, debauchery and drunkenness.
They do not think about the future of my kingdom. Prisons are full of prisoners who drunk on stupid things have done rash. The country perishes and the Russian people along with it. ”
March 12, 1696 Tsar Peter I.
After the next recording, the king took off the ring from his little finger, dropping wax on the page and put his own seal. Which was made in a single copy especially for valuable documents and sovereign decrees.
After a long journey, the crew arrived in Voronezh. The city was grim, gray and dirty. Somewhere there were songs of drunken hard workers and laughter of street girls.
The crew stopped near the old hut which was near the river. Peter ordered everyone to stay on horseback while he bent down and walked into the low door of the hut. In the hut at the table under a dim lamp sat a strong, but untidy man. In the house, carpentry tools and a lot of wood chips were scattered everywhere on the floor. Peter, who had come to the hut, was leaning over and leaning slightly on his cane and in a clear, commanding voice said:
“What are you doing when the king enters your house ???” Al you have little light so that you can see me so I can burn this hut to you so that you know better that the Russian sovereign is standing before you !!!! ”
To which the man answered him:
"But what kind of king will burn his people huts ??? What kind of a king will he be then ??? ”
Silence hung in the room ... Then the king’s loud laughter rang out. And he said:
“Can you keep the damn answers ... You still haven't put your finger in your mouth ...”
After these words, he came up and gave a friendly hug to the peasant in a friendly way.
It was Mishka. Joiner. With him, the king was familiar from childhood. When he was still a prince, he loved to play in the stables and watch as Mishka's father repaired carts and carriages for the royal family, and the bear helped his father there. So they became friends since childhood, despite the division of their class differences.
After such a meeting, two old friends, Mishka, cleared a chair and table to put the guest at the table. The king sat down at the table and said:
“I'm not so easy for you to go so many miles to see your old face, to sit at the table. It is up to you! ”
Peter loudly called an assistant, and then a young lad came into the hut with some kind of oblong piece of wood. Peter picked up this item and says:
“See what thing is necessary. Tube called. The paper in it, even after three hundred miles as new ... "
Mishka says: “Aha and Magarych can be stored with lard”
Peter (with a smile): “All this is for you Magarich. Reverent you old "
Peter (with a smile): “All this is for you Magarich. Reverent you old "
He took a huge sheet of paper out of the tube and carefully laid it on the table with care. He speaks:
“Your help is needed! Teach me and my hard workers how to do it ... "
To which the Bear laughed and replies:
“But who to teach? No hard workers. Everyone drank themselves and killed each other drunker. Al you do not know all the prisons shoved. And those who are not in prison are already in a cemetery, and there is no help from them. ”
Then the smile from the king’s face seemed to evaporate. As if she was not. His usual stern look appeared. And in a quiet but trained command voice, Peter says:
“Neither do I order the king for the time being, but as a friend the old one came. Teach I do not ask for myself. The country needs ... hands I will give you! "
Mishka understood that it was really important for the king. And how not to help an old friend? He says:
"Good! Tomorrow morning, I must have 20 pairs of workers and tools. How everything will be ready somewhere in a year, come and take a job. "
Tsar: “Long year. Do not have time. Will you have hard workers. And one more pair of hands. Of mine. But no one from the local people should know that the king is staying with you. Tatters to me what pick up my growth. I will work with you. "
And left the room.
Eight months later, the city was already shrouded in gray and prolonged in the cold autumn, and on the shore stood something big all hung with rafters and woods. It was something like a big hangar. And on the water there were six more ships ready. These were the first Russian warships. The boys ran alongside them and were surprised to see such magnificent buildings. Why are there the boys and the local peasants stood and examined with caution what they thought was unknown before.
The work was in full swing. Most of the construction was attended by inmates of local prisons and local hard workers. Among them, Peter himself labored in gray and out-of-shadow rags. His plan was a success. Nobody guessed that he was among the ordinary people. Yes, and for such hard work. Peter was very responsible in his work and worked like everything, maybe even more. On his hands were already dried corns from planers and saws. And the loin is tied with a belt so as not to rip the back while carrying logs and boards on oneself. Mishka was a responsible manager and himself watched the entire process of creating warships. After all, there was no other attempt to correct the shortcomings.
During lunch, Peter sat and made a new entry in his diary.
“Everything moves with God's help, but slowly. For this and scary. Eight months have passed, and we have only six and a half ships. Hard workers are always lacking. Some people die of drunkenness, some at the hands of their own comrades because of foolish reasons. There are few convicts left in prisons, as they are hard workers. So without massacres and drunkenness does not pass. Peasants do not want to work. They women better in the corners to squeeze yes vodka vyzhrat. Shame and dirt !!! There is a desire to whip everyone away with your own hand and how to make cattle plow. But I don’t have time to reveal my royal personality to me ... ”
November 3, 1696 Tsar Peter I.
And he also took a signet, but not from his finger, but from his pocket (so that the hard workers would not notice and kill him for this shiny knickknack) set his stamp.
After the thought was written in the distance, there was a loud and distinct voice. And all the hard workers leaving their instruments headed for its sound. Peter stopped one of the workers and asked:
“Where is all this? Al fire what? "
Worker: “Dak because the witch trial is underway. Their heads will be demolished now. At least some fun, and then all the backs themselves tore at the toys of the king, but for the joy of his royal. Why aren't you going? ”
Peter: "The court say ??? Well, let's see what kind of trial ... "
Going into the crowd, Peter merged with them. The rags on it were already all torn and darned in the holes. His pants were not in his height and were slightly stitched from slightly differently colored fabrics.
The crowd was hustling and bustling. Everyone wanted to see how the accusations would be made and the execution would take place. In the middle of the square stood a large wooden platform on which, judging by the clothes, three women with bags on their heads, which completely covered their faces, the executioner in his eerie mask from which only his insane eyes and a huge meat ax were visible. With dried blood residues and hair of past defendants. Well, the pompous inquisitor who read the sentence to these women.
“The sentence is being read to three of these women accused of witchcraft and the use of black magic against local residents and the Russian state. They were spotted for their rituals in the old cemetery. At the time of their detention under strange circumstances, several law enforcement officers were killed.
Namely, by self-inflammation three burned.
The verdict for the committed acts of witchcraft in the territory of the Russian state and resulting in the death of soldiers serving the king faithfully. I sentence you to death by cutting off the head !!!!! "
The crowd cried pretty and joyfully that she would finally get those spectacles for which she came. But here joyful hails are interrupted by a loud and painful male cry ... It was the executioner. Smoke was coming from his eyes and blood was running in a stream. It was as if his eyes had burned someone with a red-hot needle and they burst. Splashing thick blood all over the podium and the people standing next to her. Then a voice is heard from the crowd: “Another witch !!!! Here she is!!!! I saw her whisper something when they read the verdict !!!! ”
They throw on the platform another girl dressed in some kind of tattered, dirty face, but with big blue eyes filled with fear.
The crowd screamed at what was happening and shouted:
“Burn them all together !!! Cut off their heads !!! "
But here a loud and expressive voice is heard from the crowd:
“To set aside lynching !!!” it was Peter ...
He removed the hood from his head and slowly headed towards the platform and with each step, taking off the rags that he was wearing.
And here Tsar Peter appeared before the crowd. The whole crowd froze abruptly silent.
Tsar: “What are you, Herods, have staged here for self-justice ??? Al, we all live like savages and are ready to tear anyone to shreds, who we do not like ???
Or did you all want to shackle ???
What smells of evil here is even the beasts smell. Not a single crow is above the square, when at the time of their execution there is as dark here as they circle. Waiting for their production.
We will judge the witches in Europe. As civilized people, not as a beast. I'll take them to court myself. And who against the will of the king will go. I will chop !!!! "
The crowd did not make a sound, but stood silently and looked at its powerful and tall king, who was visible from any point of the square.
The guards began to take away the prisoners, and the king went towards the port. To meet him Teddy.
“So what's the king? All throwing his venture with the ships? "
“Let's go on the water. On the fact that they had time to build. I have one thought ... "
A couple of days later, the king and his crew of sailors set off on their journey. From the diary of the king:
“Vessels assembled, guns delivered. Sailors recruited from the laborers and servicemen. With discipline they have weak, but with the king, they shake like a sheet in front of the wind. So I think we will come without incident. Bear, though a beggar, but copes with the tasks as well as any minister or warriors. Sailors execute his orders and listen. Well, with God!
November 5, 1696 Tsar Peter I.
Putting wax on the sheet again, he set his royal seal.
The first day on the road was calm and without incident. The ships functioned and cut the wave right. The king decided to rest and went down to his cabin. Deep in the night Peter awoke from dead silence. There were no voices of the sailors or the cry of the gulls. The king decided that everyone went to bed. And he decided to climb on the deck and breathe in the fresh sea air. As soon as the king climbed onto the deck his gaze swept over a thick fog that was everywhere.
The king was alarmed by this dead silence. He approached the sailor who was standing at the helm of his ship and asked:
“How can you keep this way in the fog?” You can’t see anything, even if your eyes are poked out .. ”
The sailor was silent. And he continued to turn the steering wheel.
“You are not answering the king to the mob ??? Fell asleep at his post ???
Well answer !!!!
Peter took the sailor by the shoulder and turned him around to face him. From what he saw the king pushed the sailor and whispered: "Blasphemy !!!"
On the face of the sailor there was some sort of shroud, and he immediately attacked the king. Peter fell to the deck, and his cane jumped off by hand and rolled off somewhere in the direction of the mast.
The sailor folded his arms around the king's neck and began to choke him. The power was inhuman, and Peter could not utter not a word to call for help, and attempts to throw him off were spending their air in the chest even faster.
Here the grip of the sailor’s hands weakens and blood begins to flow from his mouth directly onto Peter’s face. The king discards him from himself, but due to the lost forces he cannot rise. glancing at the deck in search of his cane, he notices her in the hands of some kind of silhouette. It was Mishka. He was standing next to a lying sailor, and in his hand he had a sharp and sparkling blade with a handle resembling a king's cane.
“Finish this creature !!! That did not deprive the king of his last breath. ”
Rises and takes the blade out of Mishka’s hands and cuts the sailor with several blows.
Bear begins to calm him down and stops.
“Everything, sir. Everything! No one else will harm him. Dead he ... "
Peter in anger begins to convene all and wake the team:
“Well, the cattle all woke up !!! Are you the antichrists of the death of the king wanted to do ??? Yes, I'll chop you all up now and feed the fish !!! What are you thinking about the plot against the king ??? "
And passing by the sailors kicked in the chest, that he falls overboard the ship. The sailors stand motionless, and behind the cries are heard a man choking with water.
Peter shouted even more severely:
“Stand and listen when the king speaks to you !!!”
Bear took a bag of calfskin, filled with air and threw overboard in the direction of the sinking.
To which the king simply ran wild and shouted:
“What are you bastard doing ??? Tsar disobey decided ??? With rot !!! ”
Peter, enraged, headed towards Mishka. Holding the blade handle tightly in his hand. The bear stood silently and motionless, but without fear in his eyes before the image of the king. Peter approached him and said:
“Do you think that I know from a young age and your hand will not rise on you ??? Break! There were closer people who ruined with his own hand. But you damn old walk under the lucky star. In gratitude for the life of my saved I bestow upon you the royal mercy. Count quits "
The king is brought the second part of the cane which eventually turned out to be a scabbard for his blade.
“Remove this carrion from the deck. And get that poor fellow before he got numb. Be on duty on the deck in shifts of three people. And if something happen again, I'll chop you all up. Even if you have to go further along the sea ... "
After this phrase, the king descended into his cabin.
Going into the cabin, he collapsed on his bed. His hands shook and his breath interrupted. With shaking hands, he tried to pour himself wine, but everything spread to the floor and he took a few sips straight from the jug.
“What kind of evil was that? ..”
Thought sovereign.
After spending several hours in his cabin. Peter managed to fall asleep, but the dreams that he dreamed were terrible and restless.
Coming on deck the king saw that it was already day. The sun in full force
the light of its heat and the sea calmly and not excitingly poured in its rays. The team noticed the king slowed down and began to whisper among themselves.
The king ordered him to set the table and call Mishka.
Bear went to the table and silently stood beside him. Without looking up, the king took a sip of wine and said:
"I suppose you hate me for my trick ???
Do not be king to behave like this. I know.
It seemed to me that the damned fool that my mind had faded ...
Thank you, Bear! You saved my life, and I led myself like a petty tyrant ... "
"A wise thought comes after ...
No offense to you. The sovereign has his own thoughts. You are the king! ”
"What was with the sailor?" What do you think?
Plague? Al another what ailment? "
“Why, there seems to be no sickness here. Before the march of all the sailors, the doctor checked with me. I think evil has tried here. ”
"And where were these magic sorcerers at that time?"
“In the hold closed. The watchman said no where did not go and were silent "
“Strengthen security and increase the sentries. I feel the road will be hard. And today you are responsible for ordering at night. Report in the morning. Go! ”
Teddy bear left unconditionally.
The sovereign, having dined, got up from the table and headed towards the bow of the ship.
And for a long time he stood silently and watched the horizon, as if waiting for at least some sushi.
The sailors sang a sea song:
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Tumblr media
Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks
Text ID: I love a frozen exhalation, / The stream of a wintry confession, / Me—I’m me: reality—is reality...
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Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks; “Me, right now, I’m...”
Text ID: Me, right now, I'm in a spiderweb / Of light—
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Tumblr media
Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks; “Rome”
Text ID: I’ll become / Something completely new,
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theoptia · a year ago
Tumblr media
Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks
Text ID: But perhaps the heart is only startled / flesh?
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theoptia · a year ago
Tumblr media
Osip Mandelstam, from Voronezh Notebooks
Text ID: And they delight and torment me, / those eyes
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